How Does a GoPro Work?

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GoPro cameras work like any other camera, such as a digital, DSLR, mirrorless, or phone camera. You can simply turn it on and start recording videos and taking pictures. However, GoPros are unique because they are built explicitly to film action content.

Hi, my name is Larry. I’m your neighborhood GoPro expert who’s been using GoPro cameras for nearly a decade. After buying my first GoPro HERO4 Black in 2014, I now use my GoPro HERO10 Black daily to record videos of my outdoor adventures.

In today’s comprehensive guide, I’ll explain how a GoPro works and how it’s different from other cameras.

Let’s dive right into it!

What is a GoPro and How Does It Work?

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A GoPro is a compact, portable, and durable camera that can be mounted to your chest, helmet , surfboard, bike handlebars, and much more. GoPros are popular among action enthusiasts and athletes because of their portability, strength, and convenience.

Rather than holding a bulky DSLR camera as you go on adventures around the world, you can fit your GoPro in your pocket and pull it out whenever you want to shoot a video or take a picture.

Furthermore, GoPros offer high-resolution recording and photo-taking capabilities, so you don’t have to sacrifice much quality for comfort.

GoPro cameras work just like any other camera. They have a power button that allows you to turn the camera on and off. They also have a shutter button that allows you to record video.

Furthermore, the majority of GoPro cameras (there have been over 20 models) are equipped with an LCD touchscreen that allows you to play back your footage and change your camera’s settings.  

Overall, GoPros are extremely easy to use, and it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to get the hang of all the settings and features.

Most GoPro cameras have an external battery that you can take out and replace. In addition, all GoPros use a microSD card that saves and stores your footage.

GoPro cameras are classified as action cameras. They are the most popular brand of action cameras and are used by millions of action enthusiasts and athletes around the world. 

This is because GoPros are incredibly lightweight, compact, and durable. As I mentioned earlier, you can fit a GoPro inside your pocket. The newest GoPro model, the HERO10 Black, is 2.8 inches wide, 2.2 inches tall, and 1.3 inches deep. It’s exceedingly tiny and can fit in the palm of your hand.

Furthermore, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different GoPro attachments and accessories. So no matter what sport you’re playing or adventure you’re filming, you can find an attachment to use your GoPro without your hands.

For example, I went skydiving last summer and attached my GoPro to my helmet using a GoPro helmet attachment. 

Isn’t that awesome?

Most GoPro cameras are also waterproof. Since GoPro released the HERO5 Black in 2016, each GoPro model afterward is completely waterproof out of the box. You can check out my guide on Are GoPros Waterproof to see the complete list of waterproof GoPros and how deep each model can go.

Water sports enthusiasts that want to record footage need an action camera because other types of digital cameras are not water-resistant. So I always bring my GoPro with me whenever I go snorkeling or surfing. 

In essence, action cameras are built for vloggers, cyclists, divers, and anybody else who plays sports or enjoys outdoor activities. 

GoPros are best used to record action content that requires movement. This is because GoPros have image stabilization features that automatically stabilize shaky footage of your recordings. 

In addition, GoPros feature a wide-angle lens that allows you to capture more of your surrounding environment while still being close to the action.

However, GoPros aren’t exclusively used to record action content. GoPros are popular among casual vloggers that want to film their vacations or daily lives because of how portable these cameras are.

Not everybody wants to carry a massive camera with them when they shoot vlogs, so a GoPro acts as an excellent compromise. Although you can adjust your video and picture settings, such as the exposure and aperture, GoPro’s automatic settings work perfectly in most situations.

This means that beginner and expert videographers can use GoPro cameras effectively. Once you’ve finished a filming session, you can easily upload your footage to your phone using GoPro’s mobile device Quik, or transfer it to your computer with a microSD card adapter.

Then, you can either share your videos with your friends or edit them to create beautiful sequences and montages. 

Here’s a list of activities you can record using a GoPro:

  • Skateboarding
  • Snowboarding
  • Wakeboarding
  • Mountain biking
  • And much more

If you recently got a GoPro and have no experience using cameras, you may be totally confused about how to get started. 

The latest GoPro models feature:

  • Mode (Power) Button – A button on the side of your GoPro that powers off and on your camera.
  • Shutter/Select Button – A button on the top of your GoPro that allows you to start recording video or taking pictures.
  • Camera Status Light – A light that flashes red which indicates your camera is currently recording.
  • Camera Status Screen – A front screen on your camera that shows what camera setting you’re on and how long your current video has been recording.

Here’s an in-depth look at all the components of the new GoPro HERO10 Black.

gopro homework

This graphic explains each feature and component the GoPro HERO10 has and where it’s physically located on the camera. 

Check out this video for an in-depth tutorial on how to use a GoPro HERO10 Black:

If you have a different GoPro model and want to learn how to use it, go to YouTube and type in “ [Your Camera Model] Guide ”. For example, if you own a GoPro HERO8 Black, type in “GoPro HERO 8 Black Guide”.

Now that you understand how does a GoPro work and what it’s used for, I want to answer a few additional questions that may be lingering on your mind. This will help to clarify any confusion you’re facing about GoPro cameras.

Although GoPros are best known for recording video, they can take pictures too. Most GoPro cameras allow you to take JPG pictures or RAW pictures if you want better post-processing and editing capabilities. However, since GoPro’s have a wide-angle lens, the pictures will look slightly different than what you’re used to seeing on your phone. 

GoPros can usually record for 50 minutes to 150 minutes, depending on which resolution you use to record. You can check out my guide on How Long Can a GoPro Record for more information on how long your specific GoPro and resolution records.

All GoPro cameras have a built-in mic that can record sound. This means you don’t need to purchase an external microphone to record audio with your GoPro. However, don’t expect the best audio quality with the built-in mic. If you want clearer audio, you’ll need to purchase an external mic which ranges from $10 to $100.

The one item that you absolutely need for your GoPro is a microSD card. Unfortunately, GoPros do not come with a microSD card unless you purchase a bundle that specifically includes one. You won’t be able to record or use your GoPro without a microSD card so make sure you purchase one that’s compatible with your GoPro .

One of the best features of GoPro cameras is how easy they are to use. Even without any prior camera experience, you can pick up a GoPro and begin shooting amazing content right away. As such, GoPros are extremely beginner-friendly and allow you to record your favorite moments conveniently.

GoPros are outstanding compact action cameras that are durable and offer high-resolution recording. I hope you enjoyed my guide on how a GoPro works and now truly understand why they’re so globally popular.

But now I’d love to hear your thoughts on GoPro cameras: Do you own a GoPro camera? If so, which model do you own, and what type of content do you record?

Do you have any further questions you’d like me to answer about GoPros? I’m all ears, and I am happy to assist you with anything related to GoPro cameras. Leave a comment below and let me know!

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gopro homework

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Scott Gilbertson

Which GoPro Hero Camera Should You Buy?

If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more . Please also consider subscribing to WIRED

GoPro Hero 12 action camera

Best for Most People GoPro Hero 12 Read more

GoPro Hero 11

Last Year's GoPro Still Shines GoPro Hero 11 Black Read more

GoPro Hero 10

Best Budget GoPro GoPro Hero 10 Black Read more

GoPro Hero 11 Mini

The Tiny GoPro GoPro Hero 11 Mini Read more

It used to be easy to buy a GoPro. Grab the latest one, and you're good to go. But as GoPro has diversified its lineup, adding features that you may or may not need, depending on what you do with your GoPro, the answer is not so simple anymore. To help you out, we've put together this guide to all the currently available GoPro cameras, as well as a few notes on some of the older models you may see on eBay and other auction sites.

I started using GoPro cameras with the launch of the Hero 5 in 2016 ( 8/10, WIRED Review ) and have used every model since, most side-by-side with their replacements. In the end, the best GoPro for you depends on how you plan to use it and what you want to do with the results. Read on to find our top picks for every type of action camera user.

If you're not set on a GoPro, be sure to check out our Guide to Action Cameras for our take on cameras from DJI, Insta360, and other competitors.

Special offer for Gear readers: Get WIRED for just $5 ($25 off) . This includes unlimited access to , full Gear coverage, and subscriber-only newsletters. Subscriptions help fund the work we do every day.

Best for Most People

The Hero 12 Black ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ) is our top pick for anyone just getting started with a new GoPro. It's the latest model and has the best battery life, as well as some nice new additions like smarter stabilization and a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount. The Hero 12's stabilization is hands down the best stabilization I've used, which is why this is not just our top GoPro but also our top Action Camera.

The biggest reason to get the Hero 12 over the Hero 11 is the much improved battery life and better thermal performance. The Hero 12 is the only GoPro in years of testing that has yet to overheat on me. There is one reason you might want to go with the Hero 11, however: GoPro removed GPS support in the Hero 12. The company claims that less than 1 percent of users were actually using GPS, but if you want GPS support, then you'll want the Hero 11.

Last Year's GoPro Still Shines

The Hero 11 ( 9/10, WIRED Recommends ) is nearly identical to the Hero 12. The two cameras share the same sensor, processor, and basic features. The Hero 11 lacks a few new features, notably the better battery life, improved stabilization, and pro-level GP Log video support found in the Hero 12, but in terms of the results you get, it's every bit as good and often on sale for $100 less than the Hero 12.

The Hero 11 also has something the Hero 12 doesn't: GPS support. If you want to use GPS to track your rides or get velocity data, this is the GoPro to get. The current list price is $350, but expect that to go down during big sale events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday , which would make this camera an even better deal.

Best Budget GoPro

When the Hero 10 ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ) was released in 2021, the standout feature was the new GP2 processor. The camera was dramatically faster than previous models and allowed for higher video frame rates. The GP2 processor introduced with the Hero 10 is still in use in the Hero 11 & 12.

Compared to its successors, the Hero 10 now lacks the larger sensor. That's not to say its sensor isn't good, but it isn't capable of 8:7 video. You can, however, still pull 19.6-megapixel JPG stills from your 5.3K video, a feature I use all the time. The Hero 10 also introduced a water shedding lens cover, which helps get the drops out of those surfing shots. The Hero 10 sells for $250, which is a good deal. We've seen it dip down to $200 during sales, at which point it's a steal.

The Tiny GoPro

Last year GoPro released a shrunken Hero 11, dubbed the Mini ( 7/10, WIRED Recommends ). The Hero 11 Mini has no screens, but it's smaller and lighter, which makes it ideal for mounting on helmets and other places where you aren't looking at the screen anyway. If being lightweight is your number one criteria, this is the GoPro to get. That said, I found controlling the Mini through the phone app annoying, and I don't really recommend this one except in the specific use of helmet-mounting or other similar situations.

Here Comes the Flood of Plug-In Hybrids

Aarian Marshall

Our Favorite Garmin Smartwatches Are on Sale

Brenda Stolyar

The Best iPad to Buy (and a Few to Avoid)

Eric Ravenscraft

Image may contain Cell Phone Electronics Mobile Phone Phone and Stereo

If the Price Is Right

The Hero 9 Black ( 9/10, WIRED Recommends ) was the first GoPro capable of 5.3K video and offering a color front screen. It also set the form factor that GoPro has stuck with ever since. That means that accessories that work with later models will also work with the Hero 9. While it's still a good camera (we use one to shoot videos here on the Gear Team), GoPro has officially discontinued it, and Amazon appears to be the only major retailer with any in stock.

I would only recommend buying the Hero 9 if it's significantly cheaper than the Hero 10. The current retail price of the Hero 9 is $220. The Hero 10 retail price is only $29 more and well worth that extra money. The only time I would suggest the Hero 9 is if you can score one for under $180.

gopro hero 8

There Are Other GoPros Out There

GoPro doesn't sell anything older than the Hero 10, but there are plenty of Hero 8s and even Hero 7s still trading hands on eBay and other auction sites. That said, unless you can score one for less than $100, I would suggest avoiding them. They may work fine, but modern accessories designed for later models won't work, and these camera have likely been through the wringer. (They are action cameras, after all.)

GoPro Max

What About the GoPro Max?

What most people call a “GoPro” is in fact the Hero Black camera. GoPro makes a few other cameras as well, most notably the Max. The Max is GoPro's attempt at three cameras in one. It can shoot 360 footage and Hero-style video and photos, and it works as a vlogging camera. While the 360-degree time lapse feature is awesome, and the sound is pretty good, it's been a while since GoPro updated it, and there are better 360 cameras. I would recommend Insta360's X3 ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ) for most people. The Max is a more durable camera, but in nearly every other way the X3 bests it. Hopefully, GoPro will update the Max in 2024.

GoPro Media Mod accessory

Best GoPro Accessories

Should you buy a bundle? Generally, I say no. Get the camera, figure it out, and see how you end up using it. When you find yourself trying to solve a problem, start looking for an accessory. Here are some of my favorite things that I've tested and used, but if you have favorites you think I should try, drop a comment below.

  • Extra Enduro Batteries and Charger for $60 : While battery life on the GoPro has improved over the years, you're still going to want more than one battery and a way to charge more than one at a time. This pack has you covered on both counts.
  • GoPro Media Mod for $80 : By far my most used accessory, the media mod does add some bulk, but in most cases this is more than made up for by the fact that you can plug in a real microphone (I use mine with a Rode Wireless ). Sound quality is radically improved with this one. This may be less necessary if you get the Hero 12, since it has support for Bluetooth mics.
  • Joby GorillaPod for $45 : There are hundreds of ways to mount your GoPro, but this is the one I use the most. I've put it on my dashboard and my paddle board, and I’ve used it as a (short) selfie stick and wrapped it around countless tree branches, signs, and whatever else I could find.
  • GoPro Tripod Mount Adapters for $8: Unless you have the Hero 12, which has a tripod mount built-in, you'll need a few of these to mount your GoPro to a tripod like the GorillaPod above.
  • GoPro Floaty for $30 : If you're getting anywhere near the water, grab one of these. Trust me, you will drop your GoPro and when you do, you will glad you have this (unless the water is clear and you're a good free diver.) GoPro also makes a Floating Hand Grip ($25) , which not only floats but has a leash for diving or surfing.
  • GoPro El Grande Selfie Stick for $47 : This 38-inch extension pole collapses up surprisingly small and isn't very heavy. It's the best selfie stick I've used. I rarely use it for selfies, but it makes a great monopod on soft ground, like a sandy beach.

gopro homework

Nena Farrell

The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

Louryn Strampe

Hasselblad’s 907X 100C Has a Film Soul With Digital Smarts

Sam Kieldsen

33 Great Deals From Amazon’s Big Spring Sale


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Storyteller Tech

How to View GoPro Videos: 5 Ways to Watch/Edit Footage

By: Author Bryan Haines

Posted on Last updated: September 18, 2023

Categories GoPro Tutorials

GoPro cameras are incredible for capturing adventures. But what’s the best way to review GoPro footage? Here’s how to view GoPro videos, both in the field and when you’re back home.

Here’s how to view videos on GoPro: You can Playback on GoPro (using the camera itself), via the Quik app, on a television, on a computer, and inside editing software. Aside from the first, each method requires some basic gear or settings.

Here’s what you need to know about viewing GoPro videos.

how to view gopro videos

Checking your footage in the field can help you determine which ones to keep and which videos to delete .

Table of Contents

Programs to View and Edit GoPro Videos

There are five platforms where you can view and/or edit GoPro videos.

  • Windows 10/11
  • Quik Mobile App (Android/iOS)
  • GoPro Player

More on these options below.

How to View GoPro Videos: 5 Ways

Once you capture footage of your adventure, it’s time to view and share with others.

Here’s how to view your GoPro videos. I’ve ordered them from the easiest to the most complex. But all these methods are pretty simple.

1. Playback on GoPro: In Camera

The easiest way to view your videos is via Playback on your GoPro camera. And this is a great way to ensure you got the clip you needed.

Here’s how to view videos on your GoPro camera.

  • With your GoPro powered on, Swipe up on the rear touch screen.
  • Now you can swipe left and right to view your photos and videos.

Your video clip will begin playing right away. As you would expect, tapping the center of the screen will toggle the Play/Pause button.

Inside of Playback on GoPro , you can also edit, delete, and view clip information for each photo and video.

  • View thumbnail grid (upper left corner)
  • View image/view info (upper right corner)
  • Delete clip (lower left corner)
  • Edit clip (lower center)
  • Toggle sound (lower right corner)

You can see each of these five navigation options in the image below.

playback on gopro

2. Via Quik App

Once you pair your camera to the Quik app, you can view your GoPro videos on your phone . This is a great improvement to viewing directly on your GoPro. Your photo has a larger screen with better resolution.

Inside of Quik, you can view photos and videos that you’ve shot with your GoPro.

Here’s how to view GoPro videos on the Quik app.

  • On your phone, go to Quik App > Media .
  • From this tab, you can select either App, Cloud, or Phone .
  • And as you’re viewing the media, you can edit with the Studio function of the Quik app.

If you are a GoPro subscriber, you’ll also be able to view footage in the cloud. This includes footage from other cameras and from past years.

view gopro videos on quik app

Once you get back home or in your hotel, I recommend connecting your GoPro to a TV. This is an easy process and will help you see your footage in actual UHD.

This is especially important if you want to share a clip with a large group of people.

To connect your GoPro to a TV, you’ll need two things:

  • Micro HDMI to HDMI cable adapter
  • Media Mod (for Hero11 Black back to Hero8 Black)

If you don’t have these, you can also screen mirror or put your microSD card in a USB card reader and insert in the TV.

Here are 5 ways to connect GoPro to a TV .

how to watch gopro videos on tv

4. On Computer

Viewing footage on your computer is a great idea. Once you have your footage uploaded, you can share and edit your adventures.

While the Quik app will edit video, I still prefer to upload all my footage and edit on my desktop computer.

Here’s how to connect your GoPro to your computer . And here’s some help if your computer isn’t recognizing your GoPro .

In addition to just uploading your footage, you can also broadcast your GoPro video feed via livestream and as a webcam .

5. On Editing Software

If you want to get the most from your GoPro footage, you’ll probably want to use a decent video editor.

Some of the best video editors include GoPro Quik, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro .

Over the years, we’ve also had good success with Magix Movie Studio and Magix Video Pro .

Here are our picks for the best GoPro editing software .

While it’s nice to share some raw clips on social channels, it’s worth taking the time to learn some video editing skills. It is surprising how some basic edits will improve your footage. And then incorporate some storytelling and you’ve got a winning recipe.

Cutting out slow spots and telling a story with your footage means more people will view, share, and enjoy your edits.

While these methods will work for most GoPro models , there might be some model-specific limitations.

How do you like to view GoPro videos? Did I miss a good method? Let me know in the comments!

  • About the Author
  • Latest Posts

gopro homework

Hey, I’m Bryan ! I’m a content creator and co-founder of Storyteller Tech .

Experienced GoPro Videographer: I’ve been shooting with GoPro cameras for over 11 years. My first GoPro was the Hero3 Silver, bought for a Galapagos work trip in 2012. Today I own 20+ action cameras, including GoPro, DJI, and Insta360 cameras.

Professional Creator: Dena and I have developed video and content marketing plans for numerous international travel brands. And we also run several content businesses.

Bryan also creates at  Storyteller.Travel  and is co-founder of  Storyteller Media , a Canadian-based publishing company.

  • GoPro Operating Temperature: Max/Min Temp Tolerances
  • GoPro Keeps Powering Off? 8 Reasons and How to Fix
  • GoPro Volta Review (4-in-1) Battery/Remote/Grip: 7 Things to Know

hero profile

Trusted Reviews is supported by its audience. If you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn more.

GoPro Hero 13 Black: What to expect from GoPro in 2024

A few months have passed since GoPro announced its latest action camera . the GoPro Hero 12 Black , back in September. 

With the new year on the horizon, you might wonder what the ever-popular action cam brand has in store for 2024. You’ll be especially curious if you’re considering upgrading to the Hero 12 Black but are unsure whether it’s worth holding out another year in the hopes of a major upgrade. 

Keep reading to learn more about the GoPro Hero 13 Black, including a potential release date and price, along with what features, specs and image quality we expect to see on the next GoPro. 

Release date 

GoPro typically announces a new flagship camera every September. We’d expect the GoPro Hero 13 Black to arrive in September 2024 based on past launches. 


The Hero 12 Black launched with an RRP of £399.99 – £100 less than the £499.99 Hero 11 Black . Hopefully, the Hero 13 price will retain this lower price. 

GoPro Hero 12 Black Creator Edition

What we expect 

It’s only been a handful of months since GoPro launched the Hero 12 Black in September, meaning that rumours regarding its successor have yet to pick up speed. However, we do have our predictions for what the Hero 13 Black will look like.

HyperSmooth 7.0 

GoPro updates its HyperSmooth stabilisation technology once a year, meaning we’re very likely to see HyperSmooth 7.0 arrive alongside the GoPro Hero 13 Black. 

HyperSmooth has undergone some major upgrades in recent years. In 2022, GoPro launched HyperSmooth 5.0 which featured updates like AuoBoost and Horizon Lock. AutoBoost automatically determines how much stabilisation you need based on your speed and movement, while Horizon Lock ensures your horizon line remains level even if you tilt the camera while shooting. 

The most recent version of the image stabilisation tech is HyperSmooth 6.0, which includes next-generation AutoBoost and horizon levelling even in full 360-degree rotation with the Linear + Horizon Lock digital lens. 

GP3 processor 

Next on the list, we have the GoPro GP3 processor. 

Where HyperSmooth 7.0 is an almost certain occurrence, 2024 might be too early to see a major processor upgrade in the form of the GP3. 

GoPro announced the GP2 in 2021 and the GP1 four years before that in 2017. For this reason, we suspect it’ll be another year before we see the GP3 in action, though it is certainly possible that the next-gen processor could power the Hero 13 Black. 

8K video 

It’s also possible we could also see an increase in video resolution. 

The GoPro has supported resolutions up to 5.3K since the GoPro Hero 9 in 2020 and it currently stands as our favourite camera for shooting in regular lighting. However, it’d be great to see that image quality increase further in 2024.

A growing number of mirrorless cameras and smartphones can record in 8K these days and we’d love to see the GoPro join that list – especially with rival Insta360 having launched the 8K Insta360 Ace Pro action camera in late 2023.

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GoPro Webcam Information And Troubleshooting

Nov 10, 2023 • block, information, instructions for mac users.

  • Download and Get Started (Mac)
  • Preview Webcam

Camera Orientation

Using the gopro webcam in your program.

  • Adjust Resolution
  • Adjusting the Digital Lens
  • Popular Tools that Support GoPro Webcam
  • FAQ and Troubleshooting
  • Release Notes

Instructions for Windows Users

  • Download and Get Started (PC)

Getting Started with GoPro Webcam for Mac

Step 1: Update your HERO12/11/10/9/8/ Black (the only compatible cameras) to the most current firmware via GoPro Quik or by  manual update .

Step 2: Install and launch the GoPro Webcam app.

Download GoPro Webcam desktop utility here or here (mirror link) and install the software on your computer. (Mac OS v10.14 or newer required).

In the Status bar, you'll see a [GoPro Icon].

User-added image

Step 3: Connect your camera.

  Power on your camera and connect it to your computer via a USB cable.

Using a USB 3.0 port on your computer provides the best results to ensure battery life.

In the status bar, the [GoPro Icon] will display a blue dot to indicate a successful connection, and your camera will be in USB Mode.

User-added image

  Preview Webcam

1. Click on the [GoPro Icon] in the status bar and select [Show Preview]. This allows you to preview your Wide field of view before going live. 

User-added image

If you rotate your camera to portrait orientation, the streamed image rotates automatically.

1. Open your webcam application and select GoPro Camera as your preferred camera ( see below for supported programs ). If the app is already open, you might need to quit and restart that application for the GoPro Camera option to be visible.

User-added image

Adjust resolution

User-added image

Adjusting the Digital Lens to affect the Field of View (FOV)

User-added image

Here are some popular tools that support GoPro Webcam on Mac

  • YouTube Live - Using Chrome
  • Zoom - App/Chome
  • Webex - Using Chrome 
  • Slack - Using Chrome 
  • Google Meet  
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype - Using Chrome
  • Twitch  - via OBS
  • BlueJeans - App
  • GoTo Meeting
  • Facebook Rooms - App/Chrome 
  • Discord - Using Chrome
  • Snap Camera

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Close the platform/app you are using.
  • Unplug the camera from the computer.
  • Turn your GoPro off and then back on again.
  • Reconnect the GoPro to your computer. If possible, try using a different USB port on your computer.
  • Open the GoPro Webcam Utility.
  • Reopen your platform/app.
  • If you still don't have success, restart your computer and redo steps 2-6.

My camera isn't being recognized?

  • Unplug your camera from the computer.
  • Select [MTP] if you want to use file transfer.
  • Select [GoPro Connect] to use GoPro Webcam.
  • If the GoPro still isn't working as a webcam, jump up to the "I'm having trouble connecting the GoPro" section and perform those troubleshooting steps.
  • Using a GoPro as a webcam is only offered through the HERO12/11/10/9/8 Black.
  • Wireless connections are not supported for the webcam function. You must use a USB cable to connect the camera to your computer.
  • The GoPro must be in an upright, horizontal position.
  • Not at this time.
  • Not at this time. 

This could be caused by an active firewall or attempting to use a USB 2.0/3.0 cable into a USB 3.1 port on your computer. 

Getting Started with GoPro Webcam for Windows

  • Download the GoPro Webcam desktop utility here or here (mirror link) and install the software on your computer. (Only Windows 11/10 are supported).
  •   Power on your camera and connect it to your computer using a USB cable. The camera will go into USB mode.

1. Open your webcam application and select [GoPro Camera] as your preferred camera ( see below for supported programs ). If the app is already open, you might need to quit and restart that application for the GoPro Camera option to be visible.

User-added image

Here are some popular tools that support GoPro Webcam for Windows

  • Zoom - App/Chrome
  • Webex - App/Chrome
  • Slack - App/Chrome
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams  - App/Chrome
  • Skype - App/Chrome
  • Facebook Rooms - App
  • Discord - App/Chrome

  Frequently Asked Questions

Release notes:.

  • Fixed user-reported crashes at startup
  • Fixed compatibility issues with VPNs that blocked certain port ranges
  • Windows 11 UI Update



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