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4 Learning and Development Resume Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Successful businesses around the world recognize the importance of training their workforce to become their most important asset. to do so, they need a learning and development expert. a learning and development individual identifies and curates flexible training regimes to improve the productivity and performance of any organization in this guide, we bring you 4 learning and development resume templates to help you create your resume in the same profession. you will also find tips to make your resume stand out from other applicants..

Hiring Manager for Learning and Development Roles

Landing a new job means going through a training program that equips you with all the necessary tools, skills, and information that you will need to perform your tasks adequately. If you’ve been through such training programs in your career, you’ve received services from a learning and development expert. As part of the HR team, these individuals are there to recognize and fulfill skill gaps within employees so the workforce can be as productive as possible!

For a Learning and development expert, recruiters are searching for a mix of qualities and skills. Educational background with a bachelor’s degree in HR or Education is preferred along with the hard skills of knowing the instructional design, learning KPI management as well as understanding human behavioral sciences. 

On the other hand, you need to be an effective communicator who has an encouraging and healthy attitude towards employees. This makes for a well-liked learning environment within an organization. Let’s look into the learning and development resume templates we have to see what makes a successful resume in this profession!

Learning and Development Resume Templates

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  • Learning and Development Specialist
  • Group Learning and Development Specialist
  • Learning and Development Executive
  • Learning and Development Manager

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Learning and Development Resume Tips

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Get advice on each section of your resume:

Template 1 of 4: Learning and Development Specialist Resume Example

To be hired as a learning and development specialist, you have to look through the lens of a recruiter. They are seeking an individual who elevates the workforce productivity through their personable training. Having an educational background and experience within HR or training is considered a bonus point as it highlights your sound knowledge and familiarity with the industry itself. Once you’re working as a learning and development specialist, your tasks will be to evaluate the current skills within the workforce through focus groups, surveys along with feedback and the future skills that are needed to achieve business goals. You will also be tasked to create effective training programs that are suitable for employees. Now take a look at this successful learning and development specialist's resume:

This learning and development specialist resume template is an example resume to land the job you want.

We're just getting the template ready for you, just a second left.

Tips to help you write your Learning and Development Specialist resume in 2024

   include important related work experiences involving learning, training and development..

Recruiters love to hear that an applicant knows how the industry works. Show off your knowledge and expertise through relevant work experience in other companies so the recruiter knows you’ve already got the skill set needed to excel as a learning and development specialist at their company! This takes other experiences to play a positive role in helping you get hired.

Include important related work experiences involving learning, training and development. - Learning and Development Specialist Resume

   Add technical terms related to your profession.

The trick to show and not tell your technical skills is to use the language that does the work for you. Including specific technical terms to show you understand industry-related terminologies. Some of these examples can be found consistently in the templates in this guide, so keep an eye out for them!

Add technical terms related to your profession. - Learning and Development Specialist Resume

Skills you can include on your Learning and Development Specialist resume

Template 2 of 4: group learning and development specialist resume example.

Much like the learning development specialist, a Group L&D Specialist is responsible for training programs for a company’s workforce. A Group L&D Specialist is responsible for tailoring and delivering employee training programs for a company and can easily transfer their skills into multiple sister industries as training remains mostly similar. This position requires the specialist to work towards training employees in a group setting rather than focusing on each individual separately. You will need soft skills and a handful of work experience that shows a team-working attitude and leadership qualities! Here’s a Group Learning and Development Specialist resume template you can view to see what a successful application should show:

Read our group learning and development specialist resume template that highlights important elements that an L&D resume should have.

Tips to help you write your Group Learning and Development Specialist resume in 2024

   include important training certifications and achievements in your resume..

Since a group learning and development specialist has a job that requires great interpersonal skills, mentioning your achievements through previous work experiences can be a great way to show you have what it takes! Enroll in training courses in the industry and use those certifications to signal your growing abilities to recruiters.

Include important training certifications and achievements in your resume. - Group Learning and Development Specialist Resume

   Mention techniques that show your expanded skill set and knowledge.

Never shy away from writing down all the important skills you possess that help you excel as a Group L&D Specialist. These can include technologies and frameworks that are needed in your industry as well as your employee engagement and training techniques. It helps recruiters know that you can do the job better than other applicants.

Mention techniques that show your expanded skill set and knowledge. - Group Learning and Development Specialist Resume

Skills you can include on your Group Learning and Development Specialist resume

Template 3 of 4: learning and development executive resume example.

Learning and development executives are not entry-level HR employees, so they require a much more carefully crafted resume to succeed in the hiring process. Having a specialized degree in education and training can boost your portfolio in this case. Proving work experience will also help you get ahead as it will show you are capable of performing as an executive. A typical job description of a Learning and development executive includes monitoring how effective learning sessions are for employees as well as clear application of adult learning theories. An L&D Executive will be tasked to administrate user training and content management amongst other L&D specialists. Look at the resume we have provided below to visualize an A+ Learning And Development Executive:

This is a template resume for a Learning and Development Executive with all necessary information that makes for a great resume

Tips to help you write your Learning and Development Executive resume in 2024

   talk about your training successes in detail.

Differentiating yourself from other applicants can be done easily if you impress potential employees with your work record and mention milestones that you achieved in those positions. You can qualify those successes by mentioning the positive impacts on a business's productivity and the costs that your training had. You can also mention if you were awarded for performance excellence.

Talk about your training successes in detail - Learning and Development Executive Resume

   Hint at your lifelong learning attitude by mentioning certifications

Industries such as the L&D critically commend the ability of a peer who is able to have a learning attitude towards life because that will make them a trainer who adapts to the never-ending changes in an industry. The best way to do so is completing courses, online or through local academies that show your interest in learning and hence, in spreading that knowledge.

Hint at your lifelong learning attitude by mentioning certifications - Learning and Development Executive Resume

Skills you can include on your Learning and Development Executive resume

Template 4 of 4: learning and development manager resume example.

An L&D Manager is an individual responsible for creating and introducing effective training strategies and designing them into courses, workshops, and plans for employees to engage in. They are also responsible for maintaining budgets and costing such programs, whilst coordinating with consultants and experts. Recruiters are looking for managers who can deliver cost-effective plans that show great learning results for employees. Training entry-level L&D specialists also come under the wing of a manager and you’ll need many technical skills, previous work experience as well as familiarity with training theories. Here’s how to write an impressive Learning And Development Manager resume:

A Learning And Development Manager resume template for 2023 shows what a successful resume looks like to land a job

Tips to help you write your Learning and Development Manager resume in 2024

   highlight your managerial skills in the resume.

Managers need to be well-liked and thoughtful of their actions to do well at their jobs. Mention successes that your team had under your leadership and don’t be shy of putting in work experiences that are closely linked to the one you are applying for, so the recruiter knows they can trust you.

Highlight your managerial skills in the resume - Learning and Development Manager Resume

   Introduce statistics to your learning outcomes

Numbers can quantify your ability as an L&D Manager, allowing a recruiter to think statistically and find you more attractive than other applicants. You can talk about how much cost reduction you resulted in a previous managerial position through percentages as well as the number of L&D Specialists you had in your team. Tiny details like that can make a positive impact on your resume!

Introduce statistics to your learning outcomes - Learning and Development Manager Resume

Skills you can include on your Learning and Development Manager resume

As a hiring manager who has recruited top talent at leading companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon, I know what it takes to create a compelling Learning and Development resume. The following tips will help you craft a resume that stands out and showcases your skills and experience in the field.

   Highlight your instructional design expertise

Emphasize your experience in designing and developing learning programs that align with business goals and engage learners. Include specific examples of your work, such as:

  • Developed a blended learning program for 500+ sales representatives, resulting in a 20% increase in product knowledge retention
  • Created an e-learning course on diversity and inclusion, completed by 95% of employees within the first month of launch

Avoid generic statements that lack context, like:

  • Experienced in instructional design
  • Created training materials

   Showcase your facilitation and training delivery skills

Demonstrate your ability to effectively facilitate training sessions and engage learners. Provide specific examples of your experience, such as:

  • Facilitated leadership development workshops for 200+ managers, receiving an average participant rating of 4.8/5
  • Delivered virtual training sessions on project management best practices to a global audience of 150+ employees

Avoid vague statements that don't showcase your impact, like:

  • Conducted training sessions
  • Experienced facilitator

   Highlight your expertise in learning technologies

Showcase your proficiency in using learning management systems (LMS), e-learning authoring tools, and other technologies relevant to the Learning and Development field. Provide specific examples, such as:

  • Administered and optimized a Cornerstone OnDemand LMS for 10,000+ users, resulting in a 25% increase in course completion rates
  • Developed interactive e-learning modules using Articulate Storyline 360, receiving positive feedback from learners and stakeholders

Avoid simply listing technologies without context, like:

  • Proficient in Adobe Captivate
  • Experience with Moodle LMS

   Demonstrate your ability to measure and analyze training effectiveness

Highlight your experience in evaluating the impact of learning programs and using data to drive continuous improvement. Include specific examples, such as:

  • Implemented a Kirkpatrick Level 3 evaluation for a leadership development program, revealing a 15% improvement in key performance indicators among participants
  • Analyzed LMS data to identify trends and gaps in learner engagement, leading to targeted improvements that increased course completion rates by 20%

Avoid generic statements that don't demonstrate your analytical skills, like:

  • Experienced in training evaluation
  • Tracked learning metrics

   Tailor your resume to the specific role and company

Research the company and the specific Learning and Development role you're applying for, and tailor your resume accordingly. Highlight the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the position and align with the company's values and goals.

For example, if the company emphasizes innovation and technology, focus on showcasing your experience with cutting-edge learning technologies and your ability to drive innovation in learning programs.

Learning and Development professional with a proven track record of designing and delivering innovative learning solutions that drive business results. Experienced in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create engaging and effective learning experiences for diverse audiences.

Avoid using a generic, one-size-fits-all resume summary, like:

Experienced Learning and Development professional seeking a new opportunity to utilize my skills and knowledge.

   Showcase your ability to collaborate and partner with stakeholders

Demonstrate your experience in collaborating with cross-functional teams and partnering with stakeholders to align learning initiatives with business objectives. Provide specific examples, such as:

  • Partnered with Sales leadership to develop a product training program that contributed to a 15% increase in sales revenue
  • Collaborated with HR and IT to implement a company-wide onboarding program, resulting in a 25% reduction in time-to-productivity for new hires

Avoid vague statements that don't showcase your collaboration skills, like:

  • Worked with different departments
  • Experienced in stakeholder management

Writing Your Learning and Development Resume: Section By Section

  header, 1. include your name and key contact details.

Your header should include your full name, phone number, email address, and optionally, your city and state or LinkedIn profile URL.

Here's an example of a well-formatted header for a learning and development resume:

  • [email protected] | 555-123-4567 | New York, NY |

Avoid cluttering your header with unnecessary details like:

  • 123 Main St, Apartment 4B, New York, NY 10001
  • [email protected] | 555-123-4567 | |

2. Showcase your learning and development specialty

If you specialize in a particular area of L&D, consider including a brief title or tagline under your name that highlights this. Some examples:

  • Jane Smith eLearning Specialist
  • John Doe Corporate Trainer | Leadership Development

This helps recruiters quickly understand your focus area and sets the stage for the rest of your resume. However, avoid using generic titles like 'Learning and Development Professional' that don't differentiate you.

3. Keep formatting clean and simple

Use a clean, easy-to-read font like Arial or Calibri, and keep the formatting consistent with the rest of your resume. Avoid using multiple fonts, colors, or graphics in your header.

Make sure your name stands out and is slightly larger than the rest of the text (18-24 pt font size usually works well). For example:

Jane Smith [email protected] | 555-123-4567 | New York, NY

Steer clear of hard-to-read fonts, distracting colors, or logos like this:


A resume summary for a Learning and Development position is optional but can be a valuable addition, especially if you are a career changer or an executive with extensive experience. It provides context and highlights key qualifications that may not be immediately apparent from the rest of your resume. However, avoid simply restating information already covered in other sections. Instead, focus on providing objective, measurable achievements and tailoring your summary to the specific role you are targeting. Keep it concise, ideally no more than a paragraph, and avoid generic soft skills or corporate buzzwords.

How to write a resume summary if you are applying for a Learning and Development resume

To learn how to write an effective resume summary for your Learning and Development resume, or figure out if you need one, please read Learning and Development Resume Summary Examples , or Learning and Development Resume Objective Examples .

1. Highlight your most relevant experience

When crafting your summary, focus on your most relevant experience and accomplishments that align with the Learning and Development role you are seeking. Consider the following examples:

  • Experienced professional with a background in various industries seeking a challenging role in learning and development.
  • Results-driven individual with a passion for helping others grow and develop their skills.

Instead, showcase specific experience and quantifiable achievements:

  • Learning and Development Manager with 5+ years of experience designing and implementing training programs that increased employee productivity by 25%.
  • Instructional Design Specialist with a proven track record of creating e-learning courses that reduced onboarding time by 30% for new hires.

2. Tailor your summary to the specific role

While it's essential to highlight your overall Learning and Development experience, make sure to tailor your summary to the specific role you are applying for. Research the company and the job description to identify key skills and qualifications they are seeking.

For example, if the role emphasizes e-learning development, you might include:

Learning and Development Professional with expertise in creating engaging e-learning modules using Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. Collaborated with subject matter experts to develop interactive courses that improved learner retention by 20%.

By customizing your summary to the specific needs of the employer, you demonstrate your understanding of the role and your ability to make an immediate impact.

3. Showcase your ability to drive business results

Learning and Development professionals are increasingly expected to demonstrate their impact on business outcomes. In your summary, highlight how your initiatives have contributed to organizational success, such as:

  • Developed and implemented a leadership development program that resulted in a 15% increase in internal promotions and a 10% reduction in turnover among high-potential employees.
  • Created a sales training curriculum that contributed to a 20% increase in revenue and a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.

By emphasizing your ability to drive measurable results, you position yourself as a strategic partner who can contribute to the company's bottom line.


Your work experience section is the heart of your resume, where you show hiring managers what you've accomplished and the skills you've developed in previous roles. Recruiters and hiring managers will often skim your work history first before reading the rest of your resume in detail, so it's essential to get this section right, especially for L&D roles.

1. Focus on L&D accomplishments and impact

Instead of listing your day-to-day responsibilities, emphasize your L&D achievements and the impact you made in each role. Quantify your accomplishments wherever possible.

Compare these two examples:

  • Delivered training sessions on various topics to employees
  • Created training materials and facilitated workshops

Instead, showcase your impact like this:

  • Developed and delivered 25+ training sessions on leadership, communication, and diversity & inclusion, resulting in a 15% increase in employee engagement scores
  • Created a comprehensive onboarding program that reduced new hire time-to-productivity by 30%

2. Highlight your L&D skills and tools

Showcase your proficiency in key L&D skills, methodologies, and tools that are relevant to the job you're applying for. This helps demonstrate your technical expertise and ability to hit the ground running.

Some examples:

  • Proficient in instructional design methodologies such as ADDIE, SAM, and Kirkpatrick's evaluation model
  • Experienced in eLearning development tools like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Camtasia
  • Skilled in learning management systems (LMS) such as Cornerstone OnDemand, SAP SuccessFactors, and Docebo

3. Demonstrate career progression and leadership

Hiring managers love to see candidates who have progressed in their careers and taken on increasing levels of responsibility. If you've been promoted or have led L&D projects or teams, make sure to highlight this in your work experience section.

Here's an example of showcasing career growth:

Learning and Development Specialist, ABC Company (2018-2021) - Developed and delivered training programs for 500+ employees across multiple departments - Led the implementation of a new LMS that increased training completion rates by 25% Senior Learning and Development Specialist, ABC Company (2021-Present) - Promoted to lead the L&D team of 5 and manage a $500K training budget - Launched a leadership development program for high-potential employees, resulting in a 20% increase in internal promotions

Action Verbs For Learning and Development Resumes

Having strong action verbs can modify your resume into a grander appearance. L&D requires you to train individuals to do their tasks with more proficiency and since it is training-focused, words such as “trained” and “taught” can be quite useful to hint at your abilities.

Here’s a list of action words to subtly place in your resume:

  • Implemented

For more related action verbs, visit Teaching Action Verbs .

For a full list of effective resume action verbs, visit Resume Action Verbs .

Action Verbs for Learning and Development Resumes

Skills for learning and development resumes.

When you’re talking about your skill set in your resume, ensure that you are putting your best foot forward. As L&D personnel, you should have a greater range when it comes to training employees of an organization. For that, your skill set should show variety in terms of training methods and technological adaptability. 

Mentioning authoring tools that can create courses or the use of project management tools to show you are a team worker can be great skills to put on your resume! Organizational skills are always a plus on the resume to impress your employees as well as showing a lifelong learning attitude through certifications and acknowledgments!

  • Training & Development
  • Training Delivery
  • Employee Engagement
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Learning & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Leadership Development

Instructional Design

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Employee Relations
  • Organizational Development
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Vendor Management
  • Management Development
  • Learning Management
  • Blended Learning
  • Facilitation
  • Change Management
  • Succession Planning

Skills Word Cloud For Learning and Development Resumes

This word cloud highlights the important keywords that appear on Learning and Development job descriptions and resumes. The bigger the word, the more frequently it appears on job postings, and the more 'important' it is.

Top Learning and Development Skills and Keywords to Include On Your Resume

How to use these skills?

Other other resumes, business development.

A well-structured resume for a Director of Business Development highlighting strategic initiatives and leadership skills.

Software Tester

A resume for a validation specialist with a degree in business analytics and experience as a test analyst and test engineer.

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sample resume for learning and development manager

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sample resume for learning and development manager

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Learning And Development Manager Resume Examples

Writing a resume for a Learning and Development Manager position is a challenging task, but it can be made easier if you have a clear understanding of what the job entails and what experiences and skills employers are looking for in a successful candidate. This guide is designed to provide an overview of what to include in a Learning and Development Manager resume, as well as some tips and examples to help make your resume stand out from the competition. With a well-crafted resume, you can increase your chances of getting the job you want.

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Learning And Development Manager

123 Main Street | Anytown, USA 99999 | Phone: (123) 456-7890 | Email: [email protected]

Dynamic Learning and Development Manager with 8+ years of experience in designing and delivering educational content in a corporate setting. Proven track record of developing and implementing effective strategies to drive organizational growth and improve employee performance. Experienced in leading multi- disciplinary teams, deploying innovative methods to promote employee engagement and skill development, and crafting effective training programs. Committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in developing and curating educational content.

Core Skills :

  • Content Design & Development
  • Training & Development
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Budget Management
  • Team Leadership & Mentorship
  • Performance Improvement
  • Learning & Development Strategies
  • Change Management

Professional Experience : Learning & Development Manager, XYZ Corporation, New York, NY

  • Developed and implemented training and development plans for corporate employees throughout the organization, ensuring that objectives and goals were met
  • Facilitated training workshops and seminars to promote employee engagement and knowledge transfer
  • Created and managed learning curriculums, ensuring that content was relevant to the company’s objectives
  • Developed strategies to assess the effectiveness of training and deliver feedback to the executive team
  • Oversaw the budget for training programs and managed projects within budget parameters
  • Spearheaded the successful onboarding of new employees, monitoring their progress and providing timely feedback
  • Mentored and coached team members to ensure that they remain motivated and productive

Education : M.A. in Education and Human Resources, ABC University, New York, NY B.A. in Human Resources Management, XYZ University, New York, NY

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Learning And Development Manager Resume with No Experience

Hardworking and highly motivated Learning and Development Manager with no experience in the field. Possess strong leadership and communication skills, as well as a strong commitment to providing strategic and comprehensive learning and development solutions.

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to train and motivate employees
  • Analytical and problem- solving skills
  • Knowledge of current learning trends
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office


  • Develop and implement learning and development strategies that meet the needs of the business
  • Identify and evaluate training and development needs for employees
  • Design, develop and deliver customized learning solutions
  • Conduct training sessions and workshops
  • Develop and maintain relationships with external training partners
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of learning solutions
  • Oversee the implementation of learning initiatives
  • Develop and manage a budget for learning and development activities
  • Keep up to date with current trends in learning and development

Experience 0 Years

Level Junior

Education Bachelor’s

Learning And Development Manager Resume with 2 Years of Experience

A highly experienced and motivated Learning and Development Manager with 2 years of experience in creating and delivering innovative learning solutions. Possess expertise in designing, developing and implementing educational materials and programs. Adept in creating learning and performance solutions to meet organizational objectives. Demonstrated ability to plan and coordinate various learning programs, events and activities.

  • Educational Material and Program Designing
  • Training Needs Analysis and Development
  • Learning Program Implementation
  • Training Delivery and Assessment
  • Performance and Learning Solutions
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Project and Time Management

Responsibilities :

  • Developed and implemented learning strategies, materials and programs to meet organizational objectives.
  • Assessed training needs and developed training solutions for organizational objectives.
  • Conducted training delivery and assessment for the organization’s staff and employees.
  • Developed performance solutions such as job aids, e- learning modules and other training materials.
  • Adopted a collaborative approach to work with the organization’s management and operations teams.
  • Coordinated various learning events and activities to enhance employees’ knowledge and skills.
  • Maintained up- to- date records and documents related to learning and development activities.
  • Monitored the effectiveness of the learning and development initiatives and provided feedback.

Experience 2+ Years

Learning And Development Manager Resume with 5 Years of Experience

A highly motivated, results- driven Learning and Development Manager with 5 years of experience in leading the design, creation, and implementation of learning and development programs. Proven track record of enhancing the skills and performance of teams by providing learning opportunities and creating a culture of continuous improvement. Experienced in developing and delivering virtual training programs, facilitating workshops, and creating assessment tools to ensure the effectiveness of the learning and development initiatives.

  • Organizational Development
  • Staff Training
  • Client Relations
  • Instructional Design
  • Training Delivery
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Developed and implemented effective learning and development strategies to meet organizational goals.
  • Coordinated with stakeholders to identify L&D needs and create appropriate learning solutions.
  • Designed and developed a virtual program for internal and external clients, including materials, learning objectives, and assessments.
  • Facilitated workshops and training sessions for teams and individuals.
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of training programs and suggested improvement plans.
  • Conducted research to identify industry trends and best practices.
  • Monitored staff performance and provided feedback to improve performance.
  • Managed Learning Management System (LMS) and updated with new training materials.

Experience 5+ Years

Level Senior

Learning And Development Manager Resume with 7 Years of Experience

Dedicated and experienced Learning and Development Manager with 7 years of expertise in developing and managing innovative learning solutions for large and small organizations. Proven ability to design, develop, and launch multiple successful learning solutions, programs, and events. Possesses excellent communication and organizational skills with the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders.

  • Experienced in creating learning solutions for multiple departments and organizations
  • Knowledgeable of learning management systems and software
  • Exceptional communication and organizational skills
  • Skilled in developing learning strategies
  • Ability to collaborate with stakeholders
  • Proven track record of executing successful learning programs
  • Excellent project management and problem- solving skills
  • Developing learning strategies, programs, and solutions to meet the needs of learners and organizations
  • Designing and developing a variety of learning programs utilizing various technologies
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to ensure that learning solutions are relevant and effective
  • Evaluating existing learning solutions and making recommendations for improvement
  • Managing the implementation of learning solutions and programs
  • Maintaining relationships with vendors and suppliers for the effective delivery of learning solutions
  • Assessing the learning needs of learners and developing strategies to meet those needs
  • Monitoring and evaluating the success of learning solutions and programs
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies related to learning and development

Experience 7+ Years

Learning And Development Manager Resume with 10 Years of Experience

Experienced Learning and Development Manager with 10 years of experience in designing and delivering training programs, workshops and seminars. Possess expertise in coaching, mentoring, and helping organizations to build a corporate culture of learning, growth and development. Proven track record in developing and implementing successful learning programs that improve performance and increase employee satisfaction.

  • Training program design and delivery
  • Learning and development management
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Facilitating workshops and seminars
  • Change management
  • Knowledge of Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Stakeholder management
  • Performance management
  • Designing and delivering training programs to meet the needs of the organization
  • Developing and delivering workshops and seminars to support learning and development initiatives
  • Facilitating workshops and seminars to improve employee performance and development
  • Managing and evaluating learning and development programs
  • Working with stakeholders to ensure that learning and development initiatives are aligned with organizational goals
  • Developing and implementing a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Using performance management tools to assess the effectiveness of learning and development programs
  • Analyzing trends in learning and development to identify areas for improvement.

Experience 10+ Years

Level Senior Manager

Education Master’s

Learning And Development Manager Resume with 15 Years of Experience

I am an experienced Learning and Development Manager with 15 years of experience overseeing the development and implementation of learning programs, managing teams of instructional designers, and driving employee engagement initiatives. I have a proven track record of developing and delivering successful learning programs that are cost- effective and meet the needs of the organization. I possess strong leadership and communication skills and have the ability to build relationships with stakeholders at all levels. I am passionate about maximizing employee engagement and creating a positive learning environment.

  • Employee Engagement
  • Learning Program Development
  • Performance Measurement
  • Team Management
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Developed and implemented learning and development programs to meet the needs of the organization
  • Managed teams of instructional designers to create and deliver successful learning experiences
  • Coordinated with stakeholders across the organization to ensure the learning needs of employees are met
  • Monitored and evaluated the effectiveness of learning programs and provided feedback to stakeholders
  • Developed and implemented performance metrics to measure the success of learning initiatives
  • Coordinated with internal and external partners to provide the best possible learning experiences
  • Provided leadership and guidance to instructional designers, while identifying areas of improvement
  • Facilitated training sessions and developed associated materials
  • Developed strategies to drive employee engagement and maximize the learning experience

Experience 15+ Years

Level Director

In addition to this, be sure to check out our resume templates , resume formats ,  cover letter examples ,  job description , and  career advice  pages for more helpful tips and advice.

What should be included in a Learning And Development Manager resume?

A Learning and Development Manager is a professional responsible for training and developing a company’s employees. They work with senior leadership to create learning plans and set goals for employees. To be successful in this role, one must have strong skills in training, coaching, and communication.

A Learning and Development Manager resume should include the following items:

  • Professional Summary: This is an overview of the candidate’s skills and experience in the role of a Learning and Development Manager. It should be concise and explain why the applicant is the right fit for the job.
  • Education: All relevant educational qualifications should be listed here, such as diplomas, degrees, certifications, etc.
  • Experience: The applicant should list out all the relevant experience they have in the field, such as previous roles in the L&D role and any other related jobs.
  • Skills: This section should highlight the applicant’s skills and expertise, such as training, coaching, and communication.
  • Achievements: List out any awards or recognition received for successes in the Learning and Development Manager role.
  • Interests: It is good to add a section about the applicant’s interests and hobbies, so the employer can get a sense of their personality.

Having all of these elements on the resume will make sure the applicant is well prepared for the role of a Learning and Development Manager.

What is a good summary for a Learning And Development Manager resume?

A Learning and Development Manager is essential to any organization, as they are responsible for conceptualizing and developing strategies to effectively train and educate employees. As such, an effective summary for a Learning and Development Manager resume should focus on the candidate’s ability to develop and implement training solutions, their experience in creating learning programs, their knowledge of instructional design, and their expertise in the areas of coaching and assessment. Additionally, the summary should also touch on the candidate’s knowledge of the latest trends in learning and development, their ability to collaborate with stakeholders, and their passion for leading and motivating teams. By highlighting these skills, the summary should demonstrate the candidate’s ability to be a successful Learning and Development Manager.

What is a good objective for a Learning And Development Manager resume?

A Learning and Development Manager is a professional who is responsible for creating and managing training and educational programs for individuals and organizations. As a Learning and Development Manager, you will be required to have a strong knowledge of instructional design, pedagogy, and adult learning theories.

A good objective for a Learning and Development Manager resume should highlight your ability to create and implement effective training programs, your experience in instructional design and adult learning theories, as well as your commitment to professional development.

  • When crafting your objective statement, make sure to include the following:
  • Ability to create and implement effective training programs
  • Knowledge of instructional design and adult learning theories
  • Commitment to professional development
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Experience in developing learning plans and materials
  • Familiarity with e-learning tools and platforms
  • Ability to assess and monitor the success of training programs
  • Ability to stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices

How do you list Learning And Development Manager skills on a resume?

When you’re putting together your resume as a Learning And Development Manager, there are certain skills that employers want to see. To ensure that your resume stands out and makes a good impression, it’s important to highlight the specific skills that you’ve acquired in your career which make you the perfect candidate for the position.

Here are some of the key Learning And Development Manager skills you should consider including on your resume:

  • Organizational Skills: Learning And Development Managers are responsible for developing and implementing learning and development plans. As such, they must be highly organized, able to plan ahead and prioritize tasks.
  • Technical Knowledge: Learning And Development Managers must be well-versed in the use of various technologies such as webinar platforms, Learning Management Systems, virtual classrooms, and other related tools.
  • Communication Skills: As the liaison between employees and the organization, Learning And Development Managers must be able to communicate effectively, both in person and in writing. They need to be able to explain complex training concepts in an accessible and easy-to-understand way.
  • Problem Solving: Learning And Development Managers need to be able to anticipate and resolve problems that may arise during the development and implementation of training programs. This means having the ability to think quickly and strategically in order to find effective solutions.
  • Analytical Skills: Much of a Learning And Development Manager’s job requires the ability to analyze data and draw meaningful conclusions. This includes interpreting learning metrics and making recommendations based on the data.

By including these core skills in your resume, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful Learning And Development Manager.

What skills should I put on my resume for Learning And Development Manager?

A Learning and Development Manager is responsible for overseeing the learning and development activities of an organization. To stand out from the competition, it’s important to demonstrate an array of skills that show off your ability to manage training, assess employee needs and create effective learning initiatives. Here are some skills to include in your resume for a Learning and Development Manager role:

  • Instructional Design: The ability to create courses, workshops, and other learning materials that are effective and meet learning objectives.
  • Facilitation: The ability to lead successful meetings, workshops, and seminars with confidence.
  • Training Delivery: The ability to deliver learning materials to employees and assess their understanding of the content.
  • Employee Assessment: The ability to use assessment tools to determine employee needs and provide appropriate training.
  • Adaptability: The ability to quickly adjust to changing conditions and environments.
  • Communication: The ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, stakeholders, and employees.
  • Project Management: The ability to create and manage timelines, objectives, and performance goals.
  • Knowledge Management: The ability to collect, store, and disseminate knowledge and information.

By including these skills on your resume for a Learning and Development Manager role, you can show employers that you possess the necessary qualifications for leading a successful team.

Key takeaways for an Learning And Development Manager resume

As a Learning and Development Manager, you are tasked with creating effective learning opportunities that help to improve employee knowledge and skills. Your resume must demonstrate your expertise in this field and your ability to manage complex learning initiatives.

Here are some key takeaways for creating an effective Learning and Development Manager resume:

  • Showcase Your Experience: Your resume should demonstrate your experience in the field of learning and development, highlighting specific initiatives that you have successfully managed. Include examples of how you have implemented innovative solutions to improve employee performance.
  • Highlight Your Qualifications: Outline your qualifications and certifications, such as a degree in instructional design, training and development, or a related field. Include any specializations or certifications, such as SHRM CP/SCP or ATD Certified Professional.
  • Demonstrate Your Leadership Abilities: Showcase your leadership abilities and how you have worked with executive-level management to develop and implement training initiatives.
  • Quantify Your Achievements: List relevant metrics that demonstrate the impact of your efforts, such as increased employee engagement, improved customer satisfaction ratings, or decreased employee turnover.
  • Emphasize Your Communication Skills: Express your ability to design and deliver effective training programs in a variety of formats, whether in person, web-based, or virtual.

By following these key takeaways, you can create an effective Learning and Development Manager resume that showcases your talents and experience in the field. Your resume should be an accurate reflection of your accomplishments and qualifications, helping you to stand out to potential employers.

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Learning and Development Manager Resume Examples

Writing a great learning and development manager resume is important because it is one of the first things a potential employer will see when they are considering you for a position. It is your opportunity to make a good first impression and sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Create your resume Select from 7 professional resume templates

If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to drafting your own learning and development manager resume, look no further than the samples below. These resumes will help you highlight your experience and qualifications in the most effective way possible, giving you the best chance of landing the learning and development manager job you're after.

Learning and Development Manager Resume Example

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Essential Components of a Learning and Development Manager's Resume

A resume for a Learning and Development Manager serves as a critical showcase of the candidate's expertise in designing and implementing employee training initiatives that enhance productivity and foster a culture of continuous learning. It should highlight their strategic approach to performance management, leadership development, and talent retention.

The resume must also demonstrate proficiency in creating engaging learning materials, managing budgets, and evaluating the effectiveness of training programs. Let's delve into the essential elements that make up a Learning and Development Manager's resume, including the structure, importance of each section, and tips for making your resume stand out to potential employers.

1. Contact Information

As a Learning and Development Manager, your contact information should be prominently placed at the top of your resume, ensuring it's accurate and up-to-date for potential employers to reach you.

Learning and Development Manager Resume Contact Information

Include your full name, phone number, professional email address, and LinkedIn profile link. Ensure your email is professional, ideally incorporating your name, and avoid using casual or unprofessional addresses.

For international job applications, include the appropriate area or country code. If you're open to relocation, mention it here. A LinkedIn profile can provide additional insights into your professional network and endorsements, but ensure it aligns with your resume content.

While full addresses are no longer necessary due to privacy concerns, including your city and state or country is sufficient for location-related job application requirements.

2. Professional Summary

The Professional Summary is a concise overview of your qualifications, skills, and experiences relevant to the Learning and Development Manager position you're targeting. It should be a brief, impactful introduction that showcases your key strengths, such as strategic planning, program development, team leadership, and e-learning expertise.

Emphasize your ability to create and implement training programs that meet organizational needs and any significant achievements from past roles, such as improving employee performance through effective learning strategies.

Customize your professional summary for each job application to align with the employer's requirements, demonstrating why you're the ideal candidate for the position.

"Experienced Learning and Development Manager with over ten years of experience in developing and deploying employee training programs. Proven track record in creating learning strategies that align with business objectives, enhance performance, and promote ongoing professional development."

3. Skills and Competencies

The Skills and Competencies section is where you list your relevant abilities and expertise. Highlight essential skills such as leadership, communication, analytical abilities, project management, knowledge of learning theories and instructional design models, technological proficiency, creativity, coaching, interpersonal skills, and adaptability.

Always tailor this section to the specific job you're applying for, ensuring you meet the unique requirements of the position.

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4. Work Experience in Learning and Development

Your work history should outline your experience in developing, implementing, and managing training programs. Begin with your most recent job and include the position title, organization name, location, and employment dates.

Describe your responsibilities and achievements using action verbs, and whenever possible, quantify your successes to provide a clear picture of your capabilities.

Also, highlight any specific skills or tools you've used, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) or e-learning software, and soft skills like leadership, communication, problem-solving, and project management.

Quantifying achievements, such as "Reduced training costs by 30% through efficient e-learning strategies," can significantly impact your resume.

5. Education and Certifications

A Bachelor's degree in human resources, business administration, psychology, or a related field is typically required for a Learning and Development Manager role, with some employers preferring a Master's degree. List your degree, institution, and relevant coursework.

Professional certifications, such as CPLP, SHRM-CP, or PHR, can enhance your resume. Include any additional training or workshops you've attended that are pertinent to the job.

As a Learning & Development Manager, showcasing your commitment to continuous learning through ongoing education or planned certifications can be advantageous.

List your qualifications in reverse chronological order, including completion dates if possible.

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6. Achievements and Awards in the Learning and Development Field

Include any significant accomplishments or honors that demonstrate your expertise and commitment to excellence in learning and development. Whether they are internal recognitions or industry-specific awards, these achievements can set you apart from other candidates.

Quantify your accomplishments and include any honors that validate your professional contributions to the field.

7. References

References can be a powerful endorsement of your skills and experience. Choose professional contacts who can vouch for your abilities as a Learning and Development Manager. Always obtain permission before listing someone as a reference and ensure they are prepared to speak on your behalf.

Include the reference's full name, title or relation to you, company name (if applicable), contact details, and a brief note on your professional relationship.

Some candidates opt to state "References available upon request" to save space for more pertinent information on their resume.

While not all employers will check references, having this section prepared can be a deciding factor in your favor for a Learning and Development Manager position.

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  • Learning and Development Specialist
  • Research and Development Engineer
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Finance and Administration Manager
  • Assistant Food and Beverage Manager
  • Learning Consultant

Learning & Development Manager, Learning Resume Sample

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Work Experience

  • Champions the mission, culture and objectives of USC Auxiliary Services
  • Performs effectively as a team player
  • Manage the L&D Operations Team to the successful achievement of FTI strategic priorities across a variety of modalities including classroom training, virtual training and e-learning self-studies
  • Work closely with and oversee the work of the Learning Operations team, focusing on the planning, budgeting and delivery of the curriculum
  • Liaise with the Curriculum Lead, who is responsible for program design and development
  • Collaborate effectively with others to identify synergies, leverage resources, and achieve goals7871170413
  • Collaborate effectively with others to identify synergies, leverage resources, and achieve goals7872170413
  • Identifying and implementing improvements in service delivery processes and techniques for training assignments
  • Managing the coordination and development of internal and external training programs and projects
  • Setting and executing training objectives for the team members to build talent bench strength as well as enhance career development and the overall employee experience
  • Ensuring training is innovative, engaging and on the cutting edge of training technology
  • Lead development and design of curriculum for both classroom based and online training
  • Leading team members throughout the year, setting performance expectations, measuring performance results, and providing continual coaching, feedback and guidance
  • People Manager Responsibilities: Managing assigned staff including hiring, performance and salary management, resolving issues, addressing disciplinary actions and recommending dismissals (as warranted), and interpreting and ensuring compliance with related policies and procedures
  • Manage the L&D Operations Team to the successful achievement of FTI strategic learning priorities across a variety of modalities including classroom training, virtual training and e-learning self-studies
  • Instill a customer service mindset into our Learning operations team focusing the planning, budgeting and delivery of the learning solutions
  • Liaise with the Learning Solutions Lead, who is responsible for program design and development
  • Develop creative curriculum for CSIS learning and professional development programming (e.g. leadership training, skill-building workshops, foreign policy speaker series, etc.)
  • Design professional development initiatives and leadership trainings for CSIS staff and interns (e.g. management fundamentals, technical skills training, career development workshops, workplace conduct, etc.)
  • Build and facilitate learning and development programs for external groups (e.g. crisis management simulations, seminars, creativity in leadership workshops, etc.)
  • Oversee existing personal and professional development opportunities for CSIS young professionals
  • Research and stay up-to-date with best practices for instructional design and adult learning theory
  • Monitor and evaluate programming impact
  • Work with L&OD senior managers and team members to ensure high quality deployment of FWL and region-specific curriculum across EMEIA FSO, generating quality deliverables that are leveraged as leading practice across the Firm
  • Project manage, including budgeting responsibility, for a variety of learning programs at different stages of maturity that reach employees at all job levels, across all service lines and markets
  • Support the development, delivery and evaluation of new learning that meets the changing needs of the business

Professional Skills

  • Consulting skills and the ability to influence leaders, experience creating leader-level presentations
  • Strong business and L&D acumen, including problem solving skills, critical thinking, and willingness to be vocally self-critical
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to communicate to varying audiences
  • Strong consulting skills with the ability to interact with internal clients at all levels
  • Excellent consultative, problem solving and interpersonal skills required
  • Demonstrated stakeholder management and partnering skills
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills. Delivers clear, concise and influential messages, both verbally and in writing

How to write Learning & Development Manager, Learning Resume

Learning & Development Manager, Learning role is responsible for leadership, learning, development, business, research, consulting, training, facilitation, organization, retail. To write great resume for learning & development manager, learning job, your resume must include:

  • Your contact information
  • Work experience
  • Skill listing

Contact Information For Learning & Development Manager, Learning Resume

The section contact information is important in your learning & development manager, learning resume. The recruiter has to be able to contact you ASAP if they like to offer you the job. This is why you need to provide your:

  • First and last name
  • Telephone number

Work Experience in Your Learning & Development Manager, Learning Resume

The section work experience is an essential part of your learning & development manager, learning resume. It’s the one thing the recruiter really cares about and pays the most attention to. This section, however, is not just a list of your previous learning & development manager, learning responsibilities. It's meant to present you as a wholesome candidate by showcasing your relevant accomplishments and should be tailored specifically to the particular learning & development manager, learning position you're applying to. The work experience section should be the detailed summary of your latest 3 or 4 positions.

Representative Learning & Development Manager, Learning resume experience can include:

  • Uses effective training methods to ensure employees have a good understanding of guest satisfaction and can demonstrate guest satisfaction skills
  • Mature with excellent communication skills and experience in working with senior leadership
  • Exceptional public speaking skills and strong facilitation and stage presence
  • Excellent planning, pres entation, time and project management skills
  • Excellent documentation and written communication skills (SOP Manuals, workbook updates, support tickets, job aids)
  • Strong MS Office skills (Word, Excel, PPT)

Education on a Learning & Development Manager, Learning Resume

Make sure to make education a priority on your learning & development manager, learning resume. If you’ve been working for a few years and have a few solid positions to show, put your education after your learning & development manager, learning experience. For example, if you have a Ph.D in Neuroscience and a Master's in the same sphere, just list your Ph.D. Besides the doctorate, Master’s degrees go next, followed by Bachelor’s and finally, Associate’s degree.

Additional details to include:

  • School you graduated from
  • Major/ minor
  • Year of graduation
  • Location of school

These are the four additional pieces of information you should mention when listing your education on your resume.

Professional Skills in Learning & Development Manager, Learning Resume

When listing skills on your learning & development manager, learning resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Include the Skills section after experience.

Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical learning & development manager, learning skills:

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills, including demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with a broad range of audiences
  • Prior experience as an organization effectiveness consulant at a major consulting firm
  • Previous experience effectively communicating with all employees and all levels of management required
  • Prior work experience in the field of organization development/ organization effectiveness
  • Strong analytical/problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent customer service orientation and relationship building skills. Understands that the business and employees are HR’s customers

List of Typical Experience For a Learning & Development Manager, Learning Resume

Experience for learning & organizational development manager resume.

  • Develop and implement highly effective learning & feedback programs to improve leadership skills
  • Experience in engaging multiple stakeholders and driving to alignment and action Experience in planning and managing large, cross-functional efforts
  • Experience in a Technical Training Management Role with implementation and design experience preferably in a Technical environment
  • Experienced and an effective user of (LMS) Learning Management System software (Success factors)
  • Through the use of interviews, focus groups, surveys etc., assess current and future skills needs for a World Wide, cross-functional population of leaders
  • Strong facilitation and training program delivery experience
  • Proven experience with development tools, such as Storyline, Captivate and InDesign
  • Learning industry experience

Experience For Manager of Learning & Development Resume

  • Demonstrated success developing training using adult learning principles and design theories
  • Analytically sound with experience creating a framework for assessing, measuring and tracking development ROI
  • Leadership Development, current and emerging leaders, experience with increasing responsibility of scope
  • Develop enduring, trusted relationships internally and externally to pave the way for a strong future; trusted advisor for the business
  • Current experience in delivery, instructional design, and/or technical writing

Experience For Learning Development & Talent Manager Resume

  • Entrepreneurial-minded with proven ability to identify opportunity and launch original learning solution(s) with real impact
  • A good problem-solving, attention to detail and the ability to work to tight deadlines
  • Experience in learning solutions and strategy
  • Experience in project management and facilitation of process improvement initiatives across business operations and technology
  • Create effective reporting on L&D KPIs for senior management
  • Experience in Human Resources,

Experience For Learning & Development Apprentice Manager Resume

  • Monitor and analyze sales team performance to evaluate the effectiveness of training
  • Design innovative and transformative learning programs and experiences
  • Experience in design and delivery of programs and processes that build leadership bench strength
  • Develop and maintain good relations with key government investment agency and Economic Development Board (EDB) for scholarships, sponsorship, and grants
  • Experience designing and developing leadership and professional development programs for global deployment
  • Experience working for globally dispersed organizations across Asia Pacific Region (Singapore, India, Japan, China)
  • Demonstrated capability to be creative, innovative, high energy and enthusiasm
  • Being strategic, analytical, critical and creative
  • Understanding and ability to work in a multi cultural environment

Experience For Manager Canadian Banking Learning & Development Resume

  • Training levy distribution
  • Learning design expertise
  • Partnering with business leaders and their HRBPs partners to create the roadmap for change in key areas that have the need to build capability
  • Oversee MD&I budget for all capability development funding. Respond to reporting-related taskers and track spend on a monthly basis
  • Partner with clients to develop business cases and position learning solutions to gain support of the approving bodies

Experience For Learning & Development Delivery Manager Resume

  • Oversee the channel training operating budget - review budget/forecast vs. actual and take necessary actions
  • Partner or lead special projects, such as targeted leadership development planning and programming for high-growth areas of the organization as assigned
  • Identify, develop, and recognize the internal technical training facilitators to help deliver high quality training solutions (non L&OD employees)
  • Architect learning solutions that are innovative and durable leveraging best in class content, methods and solutions
  • Trains and trouble-shoots Mylearning for property MyLearining Coordinators
  • A formal training qualification or relevant industry / vocational training (essential)
  • Oversee execution of plan, working with operations and delivery teams as needed
  • Ensure alignment of training initiatives and outcomes to service level agreements with leadership

Experience For Asset Management Associate Learning & Development Project Manager Resume

  • Multi-task as required and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment ensuring successful and accurate deliverables are met
  • Analyze existing system and determine areas where we can gain efficiencies and natural integrations
  • Design training solutions to bridge gaps in performance, compliance, and other business needs
  • Develop online courses, documentation, and support materials to support these training solutions
  • Provide maintenance to existing courses to help keep them evergreen
  • Manages the activities related to various learning and development strategies for the CFCs
  • Primarily responsible for innovative learning solutions to support the development and growth of frontline leaders

Experience For Global KYC Learning & Development Execution Manager Resume

  • Provide thought leadership on best methods to develop our current and emerging leaders
  • Manage all global L&OD roll outs of various initiatives including performance management, engagement, retention, leadership, and employee development programs
  • Manage a sub-team of 3 learning professionals within the University
  • Research and implement new technologies and product/service offerings that improve the learning process and meet the needs of the University
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously and serves as team lead for ongoing project management
  • Creates and maintains current protocols for all learning related workflows and processes
  • Serves as primary point of contact for University team on all change-initiatives collaborating with HRIS

Experience For Program Manager / UHN Learning & Development Resume

  • Introduce new frameworks, practices and KPIs able to strengthen adidas’ culture while becoming a healthier, more resilient and agile organization
  • Companywide & Senior Leadership exposure as the demand for learning & development increases
  • Creativity / Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Knowledge and understanding of integration concepts and tools (flat file, APIs, webhooks, connectors)
  • Highly competent using Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Understands adult learning principles and their successful application

Experience For Learning & Development Talent Manager Resume

  • Work in a rapidly changing, fast-paced environment
  • Travel occasionally (4-5 per year), including US and Canada
  • Be a self-starter, innovative thinker, and problem-solver in a fast paced, ever changing environment
  • Intermediate or above proficiency with Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • A basic understanding of technological resources such as the Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel) as well as iPads

List of Typical Skills For a Learning & Development Manager, Learning Resume

Skills for learning & organizational development manager resume.

  • Excellent business judgment and analytical skills
  • Strong program management skills with responsibilities for multiple, broad based initiatives
  • Excellent written communication and presentation skills required
  • Navigate Ambiguity – Effectively work through situations and formulate solutions when things are not certain or the path forward is not clear
  • Flexibility and ability to work effectively with a wide range of personalities
  • Three years of experience as a human resources professional or three years of experience at an Administrator level
  • The ability to collaborate effectively with internal partners to identify commonalities, use resources, and achieve goals

Skills For Manager of Learning & Development Resume

  • Working experience as an administrator of a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Learning and development and/or organizational development experience
  • Experience designing and deploying learning portals, learning management systems, as well as social, mobile, and micro learning solutions
  • Successful experience determining goals, building innovative employee and learning programs, and successfully executing strategies
  • Experience in working with instructional technology, distributed learning solutions, and learning management systems
  • Analyze existing training and make recommendations for improving effectiveness / consistency
  • Develop methods and metrics to evaluate learning programs’ effectiveness as well as quality of training program delivery
  • Experience in training development and knowledge of instructional design concepts including assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Demonstrated excellence in oral, written, reading, and listening comprehension abilities

Skills For Learning Development & Talent Manager Resume

  • A proven understanding of access and reimbursement including Specialty Pharmacy providers and Buy and Bill
  • Pre-Opening experience in a Starwood/Marriott hotel in a training role
  • Work with business stakeholders to understand their learning and talent requirements, understanding business drivers and plans and current skill gaps
  • Effective at leading cross-functional teams to complete projects
  • Experience with learning and development, curriculum, and human capital
  • Experience and/or interest in working with a diverse audience
  • Experience managing other professional level employees required
  • Previous experience developing teams and individuals through motivation, team processes and performance management required
  • Field learning advisor experience

Skills For Learning & Development Apprentice Manager Resume

  • Strong business acumen with the ability to think strategically and to understand a customer’s underlying business and organisational needs
  • People management experience within a customer service/call centre environment managing a large team within multiple sites
  • Experience as a training manager in a Starwood or Marriott hotel (preferably both)
  • Utilize political agility and effective cross-functional relationship building to gain key leader buy-in for current and new initiatives in Supply Chain
  • Experience of manufacturing or engineering Industry (essential)
  • Experience in Human Resources, Talent Management, Learning & Development, Training,
  • Solid business acumen and strategic thinking with ability to see and connect to broader business needs and opportunities
  • Strong strategic thinker, while able to dig into issues and solve tactical problems
  • Experience in managing projects

Skills For Manager Canadian Banking Learning & Development Resume

  • Able to develop and maintain effective working relationships with others
  • Experienced facilitator whom can captivate participants from new to leadership to executives
  • Trained and experience in Lean to Six Sigma
  • Experience as an HR or L&D Business partner for an Operations focused organization
  • Influence leaders at all levels to understand their role in employee development and help build their skill
  • 1 of year experience in online courseware development
  • Experience in various aspects of organizational development and training

Skills For Learning & Development Delivery Manager Resume

  • Able to define and track measures of effectiveness for learning and development
  • Experience in Professional Pharmaceutical or Biotech Sales required
  • 5 – 10 years of relevant work experience required
  • At least three (3) years of experience in professional Pharmaceutical or Biotech sales
  • Sales experience in the Oncology therapeutic area
  • Ales experience within the medical products industry, preferably in medical disposables and capital equipment
  • Experience with online curriculum development, evaluation programs, and classroom facilitation to include virtual (e.g. webinars)
  • Training plan implementation: budget follow up, sessions scheduling, administrative support (OPCA collaboration)

Skills For Asset Management Associate Learning & Development Project Manager Resume

  • Understanding of instructional design principles, learning architectures
  • Promote our learning brand by leading and aligning development professionals on team and across the organization
  • Serve as a change management practitioner representing and supporting any change impacting the CFCs
  • Maintain course budgets and organizational investments in designing and delivering learning
  • Participate in recruiting and hiring for team
  • Foster the development and growth of Amazon employees (i.e., mentoring, teaching, etc.)
  • Conduct assessment debriefing sessions in teams and individually from the suite of assessment offerings in the Citywide Learning & Development Strategy
  • Point of contact for pre-opening hotels, liaises with NBT Team and new Hotel GM/HRD/Training Manager

Skills For Global KYC Learning & Development Execution Manager Resume

  • Works with Head of L&D Team to prepare Required Training Needs, Training Budget, Annual Calendar and Catalogue
  • Coordinates property compliance training programs such as CPR, PAR, Business We Do, Harassment, Fire Safety, Food Handling, OSHA, etc
  • Knowledge of adult learning theories and emerging trends in the industry
  • Adept at forecasting and managing expense budgets, and project management expertise in a sales environment
  • Provide individual/group training, seminars, and computer Web-based training
  • Perform regular system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of the system

Skills For Program Manager / UHN Learning & Development Resume

  • Manage training calendar and tracking of all trainings and events
  • Be a contributing member of fabs’ senior leadership teams and advise on all learning, talent and organizational development
  • Responsible for creating and updating key performance indicators (metrics) to track and communicate progress throughout the Firm
  • Manage relationships with Partners and HR Business Partners ensuring alignment between business objectives and learning strategies
  • Oversee functionality and reporting of learning technologies

Skills For Learning & Development Talent Manager Resume

  • Build a plan to address these needs working collaboratively with stakeholders from the business, experts in Learning and more broadly across HR where needed
  • Utilizes creative thinking in the workplace and thinks outside of the box when it comes to training
  • Oversee onboarding and assimilation of new team members
  • Design, implement and evaluate Citywide Organization Development initiatives targeted at improving performance in one of more key work streams: Performance Management, Change Management and Employee Engagement
  • Partner with HR Managers and OD Specialists citywide to support the overarching Learning and Development delivery strategy in their respective agencies
  • Execute ongoing needs assessments of key capabilities and business gaps and leadership competencies required to deliver on business strategy

List of Typical Responsibilities For a Learning & Development Manager, Learning Resume

Responsibilities for learning & organizational development manager resume.

  • 2) Collaborate with the Director of Talent Development to create the overall strategic vision, goals and curriculum for learning and development that are in the appropriate context of the company’s overall strategy, growth objectives, and market positioning
  • Work with sponsors to identify needs for new or updated learning assets, and serve as an advisor to the business on the most effective learning architectures for the specific need. Develop workplan to drive activities forward and enable status reporting
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Accenture-wide and L&TD strategies, and communicate a vision of how those strategies impact area of team responsibility to other team members and stakeholders
  • Excellent consulting, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills
  • Proven ability to effectively manage and complete multiple tasks concurrently in a fast-paced business environment
  • Superior communication skills and good judgment
  • Systems thinking and a strategic perspective to effectively develop and deploy learning & organizational development programs
  • Shows a strong passion for learning development and enhancing the learner experience
  • Experience in Human Resources and Learning projects. 5-7 years of experience

Responsibilities For Manager of Learning & Development Resume

  • Strong and deep experience designing global programs and content that have delivered measurable impact and results
  • Results oriented with a proven ability to meet both short-term and long-term business objectives
  • Ensure team projects provide high quality, cost-effective learning opportunities that address clients’ needs and are completed in a timely manner
  • Passion for retail, ideally previous experience of working in retail
  • Evaluate effectiveness of interventions

Responsibilities For Learning Development & Talent Manager Resume

  • Work with various business units within Southern Glazer’s to identify and prioritize training needs when needed
  • Works closely with Management in the CFC Leadership Team to determine skill set and areas of need
  • Efficient at multi-tasking, including prioritization, responsiveness and keeping others informed
  • Stellar initiative and results orientation. A strong sense of urgency and a driver of change
  • Provide effective team leadership for direct reports and the team to meet or exceed business KPI targets
  • Progressive experience in organization development/change management/leadership development

Responsibilities For Learning & Development Apprentice Manager Resume

  • Prioritize, organize work assignments and follow up
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully lead with a servant leader approach
  • Quickly understand and adapt to an organization’s business priorities
  • Outstanding eye for creative design (interface, layout, flow, and all sensory aspects)
  • Manage L&D budget including planning, accruals and actual expenses to determine tuition allocation
  • Deliver on short and long term learning initiatives in support of business unit’s objectives as directed by the Senior Relationship Manager, Learning by

Responsibilities For Manager Canadian Banking Learning & Development Resume

  • Design learning strategies and programs that are in line with the Accenture-wide capability strategy and L&TD overall strategy
  • Track expense trends, costs associated with training courses as well as individual budgets
  • Oversee the management of attendance, course records and individual records in FTI’s learning management system
  • Maintain training catalogs, course descriptions (prerequisites) and global calendars
  • Manage all aspects of curriculum delivery; drive and monitor credits and compliance; review, process and track training approvals
  • Oversee the delivery of the global onboarding process for FTI new hires
  • Overseeing instructional design and content management in a fast-paced, hyper-growth environment
  • Work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders and driving development timelines

Responsibilities For Learning & Development Delivery Manager Resume

  • Minimal guidance when determining methods and procedures on new assignments or changes in the offices
  • Think creatively and conceptually, synthesize information, and implement solutions exercising flexibility and sound judgment
  • Assimilate complex information from varying sources
  • A willingness to work closely with Engineering staff and the rest of the team to achieve project aims
  • Manages, provides support and Super User of MyLearning for the MEA Region

Responsibilities For Asset Management Associate Learning & Development Project Manager Resume

  • Sets up Regional courses on MyLearning, follows up enrollments and completions
  • Provides reports, analysis and recommendations to hotels based on Mylearning reports
  • Point of contact for elearnings hosted on MyLearning
  • Delivers virtual instructor led trainings, in particular Training Manager Orientations
  • Coordinates with L&D Delivery team for delivery of hotel pre-opening trainings

Responsibilities For Global KYC Learning & Development Execution Manager Resume

  • Work with L&TD team to make build/buy/customize decisions or recommendations
  • Participate in HR/L&TD initiatives, pilots, and other new programs; give feedback and advocate on behalf of your team and stakeholders
  • Maintain a focus on innovations in the technology and learning space, such as new learning architectures, and integrate a Design Thinking mindset to the team’s approach
  • Supports Driving Results and Division’s Business Performance
  • Partner and build close and meaningful relationships with key senior business leaders and functional groups associated with a trusted advisor role
  • Lead the needs analysis, assessment, design, development and measurement of programs to close performance gaps, realize required behavioural change and develop key competencies aligned to delivering the business strategy
  • Liaison between Business and Learning & Enablement team with an accountability for the strategic planning of learning solutions that ensure continuous individual and organizational performance improvement

Responsibilities For Program Manager / UHN Learning & Development Resume

  • Lead quarterly reviews with channel leadership to provide training performance reports and consult to identify gaps and areas of opportunity by continually monitoring feedback on respective training programs
  • Solid planning, organizational, and time management skills; ability to anticipate problems and opportunities, and develop effective strategies with clear objectives
  • Demonstrated ability to coach, motivate and performance manage in an extremely high-paced environment
  • Work with the PR manager to build relationships with local schools and colleges to increase awareness and promote Amazon’s apprenticeship program
  • Create and own the stakeholder communication strategy and plan to ensure all those involved in the successful delivery of Amazon’s apprenticeship program are fully informed and supportive of the program’s main aims and goals

Responsibilities For Learning & Development Talent Manager Resume

  • Manage training operations, including teaming with leadership on strategic practice planning, delivery and evaluation
  • Adhere and comply with all NASBA requirements for course development, delivery and record retention
  • Work with the Events Coordinator on negotiations and contracting learning venues and conference centers that meet the business needs and program needs within budget
  • Serve as liaison between the segments and participants while adhering to L&D policies and procedures
  • Lead the vendor management process in support in partnership with the Curriculum Development team

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  • Supports the Sr. Manager of Talent Development on the company performance management program, employee engagement program and HiPos development
  • Assist with the development and implementation of customised training of the leadership and management development programs
  • Support performance management processes by teaching the organization about our performance management philosophy
  • Proactively provide feedback to employees and managers in relation to individual and group learning events to encourage performance improvement
  • Develop interim Learning Management System (LMS) workaround until full system procured in future years
  • A core area of focus will be development of the Customer Service training programs to improve departmental performance and efficiency
  • Annually reviewing vendor quality and accessing and sourcing new providers through an extended Learning and Development professional network
  • Manage the onboarding and role training creation, roadmap and development calendar
  • Manage internal and external curriculum partners to a high standard of quality
  • You enjoy helping and developing other
  • Monitor employee and manager feedback results and build or continuously update training material to support our business goals
  • Develop readiness materials that prepare employees for product launches, promotional activity and updates
  • Own the online training sections of our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • You love our products and believe in our brand You lead by example and take pride in your work
  • Develop both web-based and classroom (virtual and in-person) training as well as job aids, reference guides, and other performance improvement tools
  • Works with functional leaders and L&D team to create training plans, develop training modules, coordinate and administer training for team members
  • Manages multiple stakeholders to establish clear objectives outlining behavioral and/or performance expectations,
  • Manage the product training roadmap and development calendar
  • Collect feedback from employees and make necessary curriculum updates and improvements
  • Identifies and drives continuous improvement through metric analysis and improvement
  • Provides leadership to execute the organization’s people strategy; implements learning projects and activities
  • Proficient organizational skills to manage multiple projects at once, and work at a fast pace for an extended period of time, while being extremely adaptable and flexible
  • Working knowledge of eLearning and web authoring software: Captivate, Articulate, Flash, Camtasia, etc
  • Understanding of SCORM and proven ability to generate SCORM compliant content
  • Advanced verbal communication, initiative, and solid judgment abilities/skills
  • Proactive way of working with ability to work independently
  • Knowledge of training theories and principles, including applied behavioral science, adult learning theory, and/or established industry models of evaluation
  • Strong work ethic, sense of integrity and commitment, and desire to succeed
  • Experience and ability to train/facilitate
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, specifically Project, Outlook, and PPT
  • Excellent collaboration and cross-cultural skills

15 Learning & Development Specialist resume templates

Learning & Development Specialist Resume Sample

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  • Collaborate closely with Management to assess head office and department specific L&D needs
  • Provide change management and knowledge transfer support as needed (impact / gap analysis, identify resistance areas, develop and execute change management and L&D strategy)
  • Develop integration plans for new hires and oversee all new employee on-boarding training
  • Analyze employee satisfaction survey results and facilitate action planning sessions with Managers and employees, ensure follow-up
  • Maintain and continuously improve the Groupe Dynamite Leadership Essentials training program offered to both head office and Sales Managers
  • Develop and implement a Phase 2 to the Groupe Dynamite Leadership Essentials training program
  • Contribute to the development of the head office L&D intranet knowledge center, including designing and building E-learning courses
  • Design, develop and facilitate training or team mobilization activities
  • Ensure training compliance with government competency law
  • Recommend optimal communication strategies to maximize comprehension and learning
  • Contribute to L&D metrics development and reporting, including evaluation of the impact of L&D initiatives
  • Stay abreast of L&D trends and best practices through benchmarking, research and networking
  • Bachelors degree in Human Resources, Organizational Development or a related discipline
  • 5-7 years of relevant experience in L&D and Organizational Development, retail industry experience an asset
  • Member of a Human Resources Professional Association or an association in a related discipline
  • Proven ability to deliver on initiatives
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and facilitation skills (written and spoken, English and French)
  • Ability to multitask and manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong problem solving and planning abilities
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work closely with US partners in localizing global training programs with a good understanding of cultural differences
  • Collaborate and consult with team members, clients and subject matter experts in the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation process
  • Schedule and implement training classes. Coordinate training venue, prepare training materials, reschedule and reconcile attendance for classes
  • Facilitate classes including regulatory training, Disney culture training, soft skills and elementary leadership programs
  • Translate training materials and training notification in bi-lingual proficiency
  • Amend and revise training program as necessary, in order to adapt to changes occurring in the work environment
  • Partner with business areas to provide learning solutions in solving the problems and improving operational efficiency
  • Explore new learning solution and meet the needs of learners at Shanghai Disney Resort. This includes, but is not limited to Instructor-led, eLearning, blended learning offerings, self-directed, mobile learning, and other emerging technologies
  • Demonstrated skills to facilitate classes in an engaging, energetic and culturally sensitive manner
  • Demonstrated strong partnering and feedback skills
  • Demonstrated strong written and verbal presentation and communication skills
  • Proven time management skills, follow through, and ability to deliver on multiple tasks
  • Demonstrated ability to be a self-starter with strong attention to details
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt to change
  • Demonstrated ability to share creative and new ideas
  • 4-5 years of working experience in Learning and Development
  • Managing relationship with external training providers
  • Coordinating training sessions and other learning event in cooperation with external vendors
  • Providing advice and support to line managers and employees in terms of development opportunities and company policies and rules
  • Organizing, administrating and optimizing the tracking and reporting of our education and development activities
  • Supporting in conducting training sessions and other learning events
  • Select or develop teaching aids such as training handbooks, demonstration models, multimedia visual aids, computer tutorials, and reference works
  • Partner with our business units to customize and deliver program content and systems based on needs assessments
  • Execute on comprehensive project plans
  • Develop, implement, and maintain training tools and materials
  • Training content design and development, including: e-learning, ILT, tools, job aides and knowledge base articles (resources), which deliver blended learning and support application of learning, approximately 20-30% of the time
  • 2+ years of experience in a training related role with instructional design and delivery experience
  • Prior experience with writing, editing, presenting, facilitating, planning, organizing all aspects of training and project management initiatives
  • Financial Services and/or call center experience a plus
  • Experience in technical support call-center a plus
  • Experience working on a minimum of 2 service center queues or in 2 operational areas highly preferred
  • E-Learning design experience and use of Captivate, Articulate, Brainshark, and Adobe Creative Suite a plus
  • Microsoft Office required, other software a plus (Siebel, Beta, etc.)
  • Exceptional communication skills, energy and drive for results
  • Exceptional oral communication and written presentation skills

Senior Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support L&D Manager in acting as the liaison point between business and learning development, to ensure alignment of learning programs to the Business Banking working context
  • Supporting project initiatives to manage and deliver change messages
  • Facilitate ad hoc business programs, including Induction and soft skills training and support business SME's in delivering systems, process and procedural training
  • Interpretation of development needs and contribute to the design of curricula and programmes in line with business strategies
  • Advisement on the design of training effectiveness and suggestion of revisions to the existing learning materials and course content
  • Stakeholder management including leaders, internal subject matter experts, vendors and suppliers
  • Reporting on learning activity and learning impact for senior stakeholders
  • Support the implementation of appropriate evaluation processes to measure effectiveness of development solutions
  • A relevant degree or diploma in adult education or similar discipline
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment or equivalent
  • Previous experience within a Business Banking environment
  • Demonstrated experience influencing and building strong relationships with stakeholders across all levels of the business
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in a large corporate environment ideally supporting Training, Development and Organizational design initiatives within the Insurance Brokerage, Carrier or other Financial Services related industries
  • Working knowledge of insurance and reinsurance programs, operations and nomenclature, an advantage
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills including presentation skills all must haves
  • Demonstrated analytical, problem solving, organizational and follow up skills essential
  • Ability to work independently in a fast paced, dynamic environment with competing priorities without sacrificing attention to detail
  • Strong customer/client service orientation
  • Ability to interface with all levels of employees in the organization and comfort and confidence in managing one one one coaching sessions required
  • Proficiency in MS Office- Outlook, Word, Excel, PPT. Experience with LMS or other data management systems such as Access including system use and data management as well as familiarity with e-learning platforms ideal
  • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Instructional Design or closely related field
  • Minimum 5-7 years’ experience in the field(s) of Instructional Design, Corporate Training, and/or Talent Management
  • Creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills
  • .Adapt quickly and easily to changing requirements and needs from internal and external stakeholders
  • Works independently as well as collaboratively
  • Deliver non-technical training/presentations as needed
  • Works with Learning & Development Manager to identify business needs for DSG
  • Assist in the design, development and revision of instructor led training materials
  • Delivery support (including, but not limited to: job aids, instructor led training, learning activities, e-learning content, tools, reference guides, participant guides, facilitator guides, evaluations, etc.)
  • Create and maintain training materials, guides, schedules, checklists, etc., and manage new hire training supplies inventory and requests
  • Establish relationships with Store HR Coordinators to ensure proper onboarding practices consistency (including, but not limited to: training leader program, schedules, checklists, etc.)
  • Creates and maintains store training documents: rally learning activities, on-the-job training activities, learner
  • Facilitate/present a variety of programs, including peer-to-peer learning
  • Partner with the business unit to customize and deliver program content and systems based on needs assessments
  • Consult on and assist with moving teams and individuals through the change curve
  • Training content design and development, including: e-learning, ILT, tools, job aides and knowledge base articles (resources), which deliver blended learning and support application of learning, approximately 30%
  • Platform (ILT/Virtual) delivery, approximately 50%
  • Consulting with subject matter experts and business partners 20%
  • The ideal candidate will have at least 5-7 years of experience in a training related role with instructional design and delivery experience; writing, editing, presenting, facilitating, planning, organizing, directing, and managing all aspects of training regarding project management initiatives
  • At least 2+ years of experience in change management
  • Prior experience in project management, certifications a plus
  • Excellent PC skills with demonstrated knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Use of Captivate, Articulate, Brainshark, and Adobe Creative Suite a plus
  • Financial Services experience a plus
  • Must be able to adapt to several roles: training, consulting, facilitating, and collaborating up, down, and across the organization; able to handle multiple projects and meet assigned deadlines
  • Familiar with, and leverages, best practices in learning & development
  • Demonstrated skills in project management, analysis, and presentations
  • Ability to implement strategic plans and goals
  • Ability to work in an ambiguous, fast paced environment
  • Strong collaboration/partnering skills
  • Clear understanding of the Polycom businesses
  • Creative thinker able to provide innovative solutions
  • B.S./B.A. degree in Business, Human Resources, or related field or equivalent experience required
  • At least 4 years of experience in related field desired
  • Familiar with Learning Management Systems (preferably Saba)
  • Working with key stakeholders across the business to identify training needs
  • Design and delivery of learning solutions including: management development, product training, technical & specialist training
  • Liaise and manage 3rd party vendors
  • Provide ongoing coaching, training and development of managers across the business
  • Report to management and governing bodies on planning and process
  • Manage the training and development budgets and to ensure effective training is provided
  • Proven track record of working with and managing senior stakeholders
  • Strong levels of experience in L&D including design and delivery of compliance framework
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentations skills
  • Good knowledge of compliance, anti-financial crime, corporate governance and/or regulatory affairs
  • Strong influencing and interpersonal skills
  • Higher education qualification(s)
  • Consult with HR and business leaders to identify and aggregate learning and development priorities linked to Lucasfilm business goals and employee career and professional development needs
  • Collaborate with Enterprise learning partners to source and deliver relevant topics, tools and resources to support learning priorities
  • Deliver key Lucasfilm training programs with the ability to tailor the curriculum to the audience by utilizing both proven Lucasfilm training curriculum and leveraging Disney’s existing and emerging learning programs, as well as deliver content through means other than classroom training
  • Administer the Lucasfilm New Hire orientation program, compliance and production training programs, and coordinate learning opportunities as relevant
  • Coordinate the implementation of Studio- and / or Enterprise-wide learning initiatives on the Lucasfilm campus, eg, implementation of the new TWDC Learning Platform
  • Strive for continuous improvement in our learning and development efforts by by partnering with Disney on best practices and exploring new and different methods that will stimulate development & learning
  • Support key projects within the Lucasfilm’s overall approach to talent management, including facilitating the annual talent planning and performance review processes and key diversity and inclusion
  • Collaborate with Workforce Analytics partners to link tracking and reporting of key metrics to business and HR strategies, including measuring the impact of learning programs and key HR initiatives
  • Identify and create training needs and provide appropriate solutions
  • Offer advice to the Learning and Development team and other senior stakeholders
  • Maximise the use of resources and knowledge
  • Report data back to develop business cases
  • Lead the team and provide leadership expertise
  • Up to date knowledge of the external HR environment
  • Strong Influencing skills
  • Be able to manage senior stakeholders
  • Previous project management experience
  • Background in Financial Services
  • Managing and coordinating learning and development activities
  • Coordinating training sessions and other learning events
  • Providing guidance and support to line managers and employees in terms of development opportunities and company policies & rules
  • Organizing, administering and optimizing the tracking and reporting of our education and development activities
  • Providing support in conducting training sessions and other learning events
  • Learning Development Planning and Initiation
  • Customer Service orientation. Helps clients solve business problems Builds strong relationships with CCU/TM leads, , external vendors, PAC, legal team, financial team, Global procurement, etc. Gathers appropriate information through skilful questioning and listening. Helps employees and contacts identify the right solutions to learning and development related problems. Contracts specific deliverables and delivers on commitments. Manages client expectations
  • Project Management, including Planning and Organizing. Develops plans and manages appropriate resources toensure the completion of projects and programs are on time and within budget. Applies basic project managementtechniques and technology to keep projects on time. Keeps team members informed about progress and changes
  • Reviews and evaluates success via reporting and metrics
  • Attention to accuracy and detail
  • Associate’s degree or Apprenticeship
  • 4-6+ years of experience
  • ADDIE Model - Instructional Design background
  • Facilitation Experience
  • Instructional Design of both web-based and instructor-led training
  • Program development
  • Participant-centered learning
  • Provides recommendations and develops curriculum for instructor-led, on-line and blended solutions to support the learning and development strategy and business needs
  • Works as part of cross functional teams to select, design and develop blended learning programs
  • Develops communications and change management materials to support the successful implementation of key business initiatives
  • Works with the Regional HR teams to support learning and organizational development needs in areas such as performance management, competency improvement and leadership development
  • Evaluates program results and reports on metrics to assess the overall effectiveness of learning initiatives
  • Collaborates with a variety of internal and external stakeholders (e.g. managers, VPs, HR team members and a variety of 3rd party training groups) to identifying training needs and implement solutions within the organization
  • Manages training projects and associated resources
  • Assists with maintaining materials and information on our E-Learning platform
  • Assists with ad hoc organizational development programs as needed
  • Communicating Effectively - The ability to convey information clearly and accurately, as well as choosing the most effective method of delivery (e.g., email, phone, face-to-face)
  • Creating the New and Different - The ability to approach problems with curiosity and open-mindedness, this includes developing personal creativity, approaching the problem differently, and asking for others' opinions
  • Demonstrating Personal Flexibility - The ability to adapt to demanding characteristics of different situations and to act in ways that are situational appropriate
  • Getting Organized - The ability to be organized and resourceful, this includes the ability to leverage multiple resources to get things done and lay out tasks in sufficient detail
  • Managing Diverse Relationships - The ability to relate to a wide variety of people of diverse backgrounds, opinions, and experiences, this includes being open to differences, quickly finding common ground, and being respectful of others
  • Analytical Skills - The ability to collect information, and identify fundamental patterns/trends in simple to moderately complex data, this includes the ability to gather, integrate, and interpret information from several source
  • Customer Focus - The ability to provide customer service to external and internal clients. This includes seeking to meet customer needs and demands quickly and effectively, remaining calm and professional when dealing with difficult internal/external customers, and preserving customer relationships
  • Bachelor's Degree required
  • Requires 2 years of HR, Learning and Development or Change Management experience required
  • Very high level of organizational and time management skill
  • Ability to understand Business needs and processes
  • Excellent problem analysis and resolution skills
  • Provide Curriculum development support by division or job function
  • Develop related competencies in support of talent management efforts
  • Develop and implement performance management program including the annual review process
  • Support Oracle HR system testing and implementation around performance management
  • Perform needs analysis and deploy learning programs across PEI locations
  • Facilitation of workshops and programs where applicable
  • Develop and Deploy survey and course feedback
  • Support internship program training needs
  • Design courses / curriculum for corporate functions
  • Customize vendor courses as needed
  • 3-4 years of experience in talent management (learning and development experience required)
  • Ability to travel up to 15 - 20%
  • Experience with Talent Management Systems, HCM Oracle preferred
  • Experienced in facilitating workshops
  • Strong program management skills and independent thinker
  • Experienced working in virtual and matrix teams
  • Industry experience a plus
  • Strong communications skills, both written and verbal
  • Develop sound and respectful relationships with key stakeholders and teams
  • Work with regional and global leaders at all levels
  • Experience in facilitation skills
  • Excellent networking skills and relationship building skills
  • Proven experience managing global projects or programs
  • Good & adaptive communication skills
  • Ability to develop strategy and ensure timely implementation
  • Leverage applicable best practices and cutting edge research in instructional design
  • Vendor Management experience
  • Project management proficiency – able to develop workplans & timelines
  • Sound understanding of instructional design and adult learning principles
  • Partner with the HQ Learning Team & Field Learning Specialists to understand and execute learning priorities for the regional center
  • Teach team members the proper selling and product skills for each of our first party products
  • Responsible for building out learning plans based on individuals’ learning experience
  • Coach team members on sales skills and habits by observing behaviors and by analyzing sales results
  • Consult with management team to help influence development plans that help team members to achieve their performance goals
  • Observe customer interactions to provide sales and product coaching
  • Desire for learning so that you can continue to develop yourself and support the development of others
  • Engage CorpHQ SMEs to deliver readiness updates on new product/solutions offerings, offers, licensing updates
  • Track team progress against ongoing learning and readiness plans
  • Lead new Pitch Perfect execution and certification cross-team
  • Sales lead and key interface with Marketing & Product SMEs on on-going campaign readiness communications and monthly training
  • Deployment of new learning materials and support team readiness prior to launches
  • Validate the product and service knowledge, skills, and capabilities of each team member
  • Connect with each team member to understand their readiness and learning needs
  • Oversee the onboarding learning experience and peer support for new-hire and promoted team members
  • Act as the go-to for product and service learning support for all team members
  • Review and report learning metrics that drive performance results
  • Building and maintaining good relationships with stakeholders
  • Managing relationships with internal and external training providers
  • Reporting the education and development activities
  • Facilitating training and other learning events
  • Design, develop and facilitate both classroom and online trainings that meet the specific needs of the organization on a wide variety of topics
  • Assists with revising and delivering employee orientation and training programs using in-house resources
  • Administering surveys, gathering training data, analyzing results and understanding key learnings through data
  • On-going curriculum management with flexibility
  • Understands organizational goals and objectives and is able to strategically link them to appropriate learning opportunities to promote greater organizational effectiveness
  • Identifies meaningful ways to measure the effectiveness of various training solutions provided to the organization
  • Assist in assessing performance problems through various information gathering methodologies such as focus groups, surveys, and employee interviews in order to provide an appropriate recommendation
  • Marketing training programs throughout the organization to enhance employee awareness and participation
  • Build strong relationships with internal partners
  • Research on the most recent developments within the training industry
  • Develop new ideas on how to maximize the impact of Learning and Development at Hearst
  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Working knowledge of Learning and Development functions
  • Experience planning, assessing, and creating new processes
  • Data analysis and reporting capability
  • Experience creating presentations designed for audience engagement
  • Ability to clearly communicate with employees at all levels of the organization
  • Excellent with MS Office tools and Keynote, and preferably training specific authoring tools as well, such as Adobe Captivate, Storyline, Brainshark etc
  • Lead and support the development of online courses, by providing instructional development expertise
  • Deliver consulting services for the SMSG Readiness group in their development of online courses
  • Innovate the design of online courses, by developing new online scenarios and online activities that could add pedagogical value to online students
  • Evaluate opportunities to develop courses for both Microsoft employees and Partners
  • Manage course development budget and resources
  • B.S. degree in business, organizational development/training, finance HR, or equivalent (preferred)
  • Three years experience in human resources, training, business, or related field
  • Previous experience analyzing business needs, designing, developing and evaluating training (preferred)
  • B. A. in Instructional design or related experience in the field of Professional/Technical Writing, Performance Consulting, Training Development, etc
  • 5 to 7 years in positions where instructional design, analysis, consulting skills were used frequently (preferred)
  • Project Management experience (preferred)
  • Determine training needs and help define the GD training strategy
  • Design and write e-Learning training content
  • Validate training content with stakeholders to ensure training relevancy
  • Collaborate with field subject matter experts
  • Ensure training content is up to date
  • Produce video and audio content, including post-production material
  • Explore and propose new learning and development tools and strategies
  • May be required to manage training attendance data in LMS and prepare reports as needed
  • College degree (DEC, technical diploma, community college diploma)
  • 3-4 years working in stores; understanding of our brands
  • Experience in learning and development an asset
  • Working knowledge of MS Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Excellent knowledge of Mac OSX is a must
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud, specifically Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Audition
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Captivate 8 is an asset
  • Basic knowledge of LMS is an asset
  • Strong English & French, written and spoken
  • Expert knowledge of store operations is a must
  • Manage learning & development initiatives and projects (e.g. onboarding, mentoring)
  • Communicate and socialize the available learning & development offering
  • Provide ongoing support for the Polycom career path tool
  • Support ad hoc learning & development requests and consult on needs on a priority basis
  • Manage learning & development vendor relationships
  • Maintain Polycom's Learning Management System (Saba)
  • Closely collaborate and interface with other areas of the global HR team
  • At least 3-4 years of experience in related field desired
  • Deliver new hire, project/program, soft skills and/or support modules
  • Administer program assessment tools (i.e. exams, quizzes, performance demonstrations, etc.)
  • Identify/integrate soft skills and/or support training based on business needs/objectives
  • Assess student performance based on learning objectives
  • Utilize appropriate evaluation methods to measure performance and competency
  • Integrate interactive exercises into training
  • Read audience cues and tailor presentation to needs
  • Drive representative certification process
  • Maintain records for all training/education activities
  • Monitor calls to improve effectiveness of training programs
  • Provide effective/constructive coaching and feedback to team members
  • Provide floor support post training
  • Administer remediation/learning development plans to team members
  • Confront/resolve student issues
  • Attends implementation, STO or other meetings and acts as a representative of the training department
  • Provide development of staff members by sharing knowledge, skills and expertise
  • Positively promote department and company image
  • Serve as a role model for excellence in customer service and team work
  • At least 2 years’ experience in a training/education or related position preferred
  • At least 2 years’ healthcare or pharmaceutical experience preferred
  • Previous experience in a call center environment preferred
  • Working knowledge in adult learning principles/education process preferred
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and listening skills
  • Excellent computer and keyboard ability with proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Demonstrated group facilitation and stand -up presentation skills required
  • Ability to perform in high pressure and fast-paced environment and handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to manage own work load and priorities
  • Proficient in operating presentation/media equipment
  • Collaborate closely with Management to assess L&D needs
  • Develop on-boarding plans for new hires and oversee all new employee knowledge transfer
  • Maintain and continuously improve the Groupe Dynamite Leadership Essentials program offered to both Head Office & Sales Managers, including the development of the second phase of the program
  • Support and facilitate action planning following annual Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Contribute to the development of the Head Office L&D intranet knowledge center, including designing and building E-learning courses
  • Support the creation of individual development plans as needed
  • Design, develop and facilitate training or team mobilization activities, as needed
  • Participate in the ongoing design, implementation and review of L&D strategies and processes, based on business needs
  • 3-5 years of relevant experience in L&D and Organizational Development, retail industry experience an asset
  • Strong understanding of HR best practices
  • Experience with the application of adult learning and development theories, instructional design, accelerated learning techniques and other training methodologies used in the development and design of training curriculum and programs
  • E-learning design and development (Captivate) experience an asset
  • Develop and implement training for Under Armour including print materials and instructor-led training
  • Design and develop training materials that are aligned with adult learning principles
  • Work with instructors and vendors on contracting, logistics, and payment
  • Review and update learning and development materials as needed
  • Manage and serve as the administrator for Under Armour’s Learning Management System
  • Respond to teammate questions and requests about learning and development activities
  • Manage the Armour U calendar and inbox
  • Oversee Armour U training rooms
  • Prepare and distribute materials such as participant workbooks, course pre-work, evaluations and other handouts
  • Assist in facilitation of activities
  • Analyze evaluation data to determine effectiveness of learning and development programs
  • A passion for talent development, and as first point-of-contact, serve as a UA Brand Ambassador
  • A successful track record of building and maintaining relationships at all levels
  • Strong functional expertise that includes learning and development best practices
  • Experience working with current best practices and industry trends in functional area
  • Must be a team player with superior communication (both oral and written), interpersonal and consultative skills
  • Strong analytical skills, including use of data, problem solving, and technology
  • Ability to work both independently and cooperatively with a diverse group of people
  • Ability to handle sensitive/confidential information appropriately
  • Strong facilitation and presentation skills
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize, managing several projects simultaneously
  • Knowledge of learning management systems
  • Previous experience in retail and distribution preferred
  • A Bachelor’s degree in HR, Business or related field
  • 1-3 years of experience in learning and development or related fields
  • Designs and develops training and learning programs for corporate and store associates
  • Analyzes, designs, and develops innovative and impactful learning solutions using instructional systems design principles and adult learning theory
  • Collaborates with key project stakeholders and SME’s to analyze learning needs; recommends and designs learning solutions as appropriate and supports implementation
  • Designs and develops interactive instructional e-learning material including learning objectives, simulation scenarios, story boards, detailed facilitator scripts and guides, and assessments
  • Monitors and responds to learner feedback and measures the effectiveness of training by reviewing learner feedback and data; addresses gaps as needed
  • Maintains and grows knowledge of training/L&D fields, including new methodologies for behavior and knowledge transfer
  • Facilitates instructor led sessions
  • 3-5 years of related work experience in learning and development
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, Education, Organizational Development or related field required. Instructional Design, Instructional Technology / Education related fields of study are preferred
  • Previous retail experience in corporate and/or stores organization is preferred
  • Knowledge of adult learning methodology
  • Knowledge of traditional and non-traditional instructional design methods
  • Experience in e-learning and multimedia platforms to deliver learning
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including group facilitation and presentation skills
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Strong organizational and time management skills with the ability to multi-task
  • Creative, forward thinker
  • Implement strategies that increase employee engagement and retention
  • Identify and execute action items to improve the performance management process to include higher quality performance reviews and understanding of tools to facilitate a high-performing work environment
  • Benchmark, identify, and deploy talent development programs and curriculum
  • Manage the coordination of centralized L&D activities, recording, and reporting
  • Conduct training needs and skill gap analysis
  • Support talent development initiatives across United Technologies
  • Support the broader Talent function including recruiting when needed
  • Other key HR projects as necessary
  • Conduct cyclic analyses of learning & development needs for your clients
  • Design and deliver various training solutions – formal and informal – basis needs analysis and evolving business requirements
  • Conceptualize and deploy upstream learning solutions
  • Establish and track success metrics for your efforts
  • Report progress against goals on a regular basis
  • Makes recommendations to continuously improve internal processes, standards, and training solutions
  • Monitors and observes employees performing their jobs to effectively design and develop training
  • In some LOBs, delivers training involving technology and/or change event projects
  • Meeting facilitation skills
  • Strong collaborative, consultative skills
  • Able to synthesize and distill large amounts of information into key messages
  • Understanding of group dynamics and organizations
  • Strong listening and observation skills
  • Strong analytical and questioning skills (curious; looking to solve a puzzle)
  • Experience conveying information in a succinct and creative way (preferred)
  • Strategic and critical thinking
  • Influences others
  • Anticipates needs
  • Series 7 and 63 (required for some LOBs)
  • 5-7 years experience analyzing business needs, designing, developing and evaluating training (strongly preferred)
  • 7+ years experience leading large, complex projects (strongly preferred)
  • 5 years of management experience (strongly preferred)
  • MBA or masters degree in HR, Instructional Design, Organizational Development or similar educational experience (preferred)
  • We are looking for smart, passionate and dedicated Senior Software Developer to focus on some key areas
  • High Performance web services
  • Experience or strong interest in Data analysis and ML
  • Processing of real time data streams
  • Familiarity with A/B testing
  • You will be part of a fast-paced, agile team of engineers running a lean software development process. You will work closely with PM’s and developers to understand complex problems, turn requirements and scenarios into sophisticated software components and services
  • There are great opportunities for you to make deep impact on our designs and broad influence on team processes, execution, and development methodologies. You will be expected to contribute and provide technical leadership on architecture, performance, scalability, reliability, availability, manageability, and debugging. Primary focus will be development; however, your well-rounded skill-set and passion for getting the job done will ensure you can wear multiple hats as necessary
  • A great candidate will have experience on several of the following areas
  • Design and Development of multi-tiered distributed systems
  • Multi-threaded server-side development
  • Web Services (Web API or equivalent), JSON/REST
  • Knowledge of T-SQL and SQL server
  • Azure Storage Services
  • Testing, troubleshooting and operating high performance web services
  • BS degree in Computer Science (or equivalent)
  • 4+ years’ experience in service development
  • In depth experience in C#, Java, C++ or similar languages
  • Deep and intuitive understanding of CS fundamentals
  • Experience shipping multiple versions and dealing with live site issues
  • Microsoft is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the work place

Registered Nurse Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Develop/deliver new hire, project/program, soft skills and/or support modules
  • Develop/administer program assessment tools (i.e. exams, quizzes, performance demonstrations, etc.)
  • Determine behavioral/performance objectives
  • Integrates interactive exercises into training
  • Maintain/update training materials per program specifications
  • Monitor calls to improve effectiveness of training programs per program requirements
  • Writes and distributes training alerts
  • Establish and maintain professional team relationships with peers, management and other departments
  • Interact with external clients by building and maintaining professional relationships
  • Actively participate in department/organization performance improvement activities
  • Adhere to all company policies and guidelines
  • Licensed Registered Nurse, with valid, active RN license
  • At least 1 year experience in a training/education or related position preferred
  • At least 2 years Healthcare, pharmaceutical required
  • Previous experience in a call center environment highly preferred
  • Highly developed verbal and written communication and listening skills
  • Strong knowledge of adult learning principles/education process preferred
  • Demonstrated group facilitation and stand-up presentation skills required
  • Designs and develops training materials, curriculum, and resources
  • Performs needs assessments and training effectiveness analysis. Develops a holistic view of performance problems, identifies root causes, and suggests training-based solutions
  • Performs advanced project management tasks
  • May be called on to facilitate or serve as a consultant to facilitators
  • Mentors, leads, and directs the work of others
  • Associate's Degree at minimum; preferably Bachelor’s Degree
  • 0-6+ years of experience with learning & development principles
  • Maintains in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the related field (Outfitter Development or Customer Experience)
  • Advising on Learning and Development initiatives
  • High level co-ordination of a range of training delivery, both by internal SME's and external providers, on both an operational and strategic level
  • Working closely with the senior managers and HRBP's in understanding specific technical and soft-skill learning needs for different parts of the organisation
  • Working closely with allocated functions and the leadership team to help design and develop management and leadership development curriculums and training as required
  • Work with Learning and Performance Development Manager to identify suitable training urriculums for in-house management programmes
  • Developing a comprehensive training needs analysis for Group & Shared Service to act as a key input to the continuous improvement of the Learning and Development strategy
  • Work with Shared Service to design, develop and deliver e-Learning programmes to support active learning across Group & Shared Service
  • Proactively identifying and driving improvements in the Learning and Development area, supporting the mentoring and graduate programmes
  • Serve as the first point of contact for teammate inquiries and requests about leadership and talent development activities and initiatives
  • Manage the process for internal leadership development initiatives including the ownership and maintenance of: program calendars, training materials, training evaluations, communications and logistics
  • Partner with external vendors to ensure program materials are updated, organized, and maintained electronically
  • Organize teambuilding and training activities, and assist in facilitation as needed
  • Manage third party resources, including administration of contracts, payment for services, reporting, and tracking
  • Update and maintain Under Armour’s myLearning (Learning Management System) with leadership development activities
  • Analyze evaluation data to determine effectiveness of programs, compile reports as needed
  • Coordinate and support additional leadership development activities including executive coaching and 360 feedback by maintaining an activity tracker, triaging requests for service, and analyzing feedback in order to make recommendations for improvement
  • A passion for talent and leadership development, and as first point-of-contact, serve as a UA Brand Ambassador
  • Strong functional expertise that includes leadership development best practices
  • Strong facilitation, presentation, and instructional design skills
  • 3-4 years of experience in learning and development or related fields
  • 5+ years of Human Capital experience
  • Expertise in one or more of the following areas: leadership and management development; organization change management; or, learning design
  • Master's or PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology, Master's Degree in Organizational Development, MBA, or similar
  • Experience working in the Financial Services, Technology, or Consulting industry
  • Prior Management experience
  • 5-7 years experience analyzing business needs, designing, developing and evaluating training
  • 7+ years experience leading large, complex projects
  • MBA or Master’s degree in HR, Instructional Design, Organizational Development or similar educational experience (preferred)
  • Strong consulting, negotiation and influence skills
  • Proven accomplishment in building relationships with customers and internal clients
  • Strong analytical and questioning skills
  • Strong self-awareness and sense of accountability
  • Financial services industry experience (preferred)
  • Understand and utilize various participant learning styles in order to facilitate the best teaching and learning situations
  • Maximize the learning opportunities for each participant
  • Plan each class, both as to content and method, to make each class minute meaningful and relevant to the audience
  • Demonstrate a genuine concern for each participant’s learning environment
  • Maintain a high level of expertise on Disney University’s products and services
  • Proven learning and development consulting with clients (contracting, needs analysis, and action planning) and adjusting content to meet the needs of the learners
  • Proven experience working with various levels of leadership
  • Ability to facilitate content and/or agendas, adapting approach and style to a variety of audiences
  • Demonstrated good written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated problem solving and decision making skills
  • Experience in a large company setting of learning and development or performance consulting
  • Experience in operations within hotels, theme parks, hospitality industry
  • About 3 years of experience in performance consulting, training, learning and development, organizational development, and/or team development
  • Build, deploy, and maintain the online and in-person Microsoft product training portfolio
  • Develop readiness materials that prepare employees for product launches, promotions and updates
  • Own the product training sections of our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Socialize new and updated learning material on weekly readiness meetings
  • Lead in-person product training events
  • Partner with multiple product teams to get the resources necessary to build world-class readiness materials
  • Monitor sales results and build or update product training material to support our sales goals
  • Collaborate with internal teams to leverage the work they are doing today and in the future
  • Partner with Marketing, Merchandising, and Customer Experience to ensure alignment with key initiatives
  • Build and manage collaborative and trusting relationships with field and corporate partners
  • Study the correlation of site usage and consumption with customer experience and sales performance, with the goal of discovering insights that will guide our curriculum roadmap and readiness initiatives
  • 6+ years developing online and in-person learning curriculum
  • 6+ years in a people development role such as a teacher, manager or coach
  • Microsoft Retail stores experience a plus
  • College degree in a learning related field or the equivalent experience in learning and development positions
  • Passion for learning, increasing employee knowledge and abilities, and achieving results
  • Demonstrated excellence in communication, influencing, partnering, teamwork, negotiation, presentation, teaching, and proactive organizational skills
  • Strong interpersonal, relationship and meeting management skills
  • Self-directed, self-motivated, works independently
  • Organized, able to prioritize work, able to balance multiple competing priorities
  • Demonstrates ownership of issues
  • Strong project management skills (strongly preferred)
  • Experience with Office, Outlook, and Sharepoint
  • Working knowledge of CCB/LOB job roles, environment, goals, culture, policies/procedures (preferred)
  • B. S. degree in business, organizational development/training, finance, HR, or equivalent (preferred)

GBS Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Planning & Financial Analysis
  • Tier 2 Service Center Support
  • Experience in events coordination, needs analysis, and financial planning and management
  • Customer Service orientation. Helps clients solve business problems Builds strong relationships with CCU/TM leads, external vendors, PAC, legal team, financial team, Global procurement, etc. Gathers appropriate information through skillful questioning and listening. Helps employees and contacts identify the right solutions to learning and development related problems. Contracts specific deliverables and delivers on commitments. Manages client expectations
  • Project Management, including Planning and Organizing. Develops plans and manages appropriate resources to ensure the completion of projects and programs are on time and within budget. Applies basic project management techniques and technology to keep projects on time. Keeps team members informed about progress and changes
  • Influences and works virtually across multiply business units and markets
  • Learning Manager for ICS (Internal Client Service) and Cross-functional curriculum. The role is based in Moscow. Besides the Manager, the team includes a training coordinator in Moscow and regional learning teams to support the activities of learning in the regions
  • Overall responsibility – to provide necessary learning support to functions, i.e. ensuring robust high-quality learning curriculum is in place for all grades, supporting the strategy of the firm
  • L&D team is part of the Organizational Development team in Talent function. You will report to the Head of L&D. An important part of the job in Talent is to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the function. Thus, people who work in Talent spend time outside their direct areas of responsibility collaborating with each other on various Talent initiatives, collective decision making and managing the activities of their teams
  • Minimum 5 years of learning and development experience with specific skills in facilitation, design and development of blended learning solutions
  • Banking experience in areas of branch operations, T24, WAVE, Moody’s an asset
  • Experience developing courses for online delivery
  • Experience in e-learning content development using Storyline, Captivate, Articulate, or similar software program is an asset
  • Collaborate with Learning & Development team leaders and subject matter experts to identify learning needs, develop learning objectives, and ensure content matches those objectives
  • Design and develop customized learning solutions including course descriptions, lesson plans, supporting materials and relevant assessment tools
  • Develop eLearning content to create online solutions to effectively and efficiently support learning outcomes and enhance learner experience
  • Create clear, concise, accurate, and effective storyboards
  • Collaborate and support to create assessments using evaluation methodologies and tools that measure the impact of successful knowledge transfer for internal and external learning programs
  • Consistently apply style, formatting, and process guidelines
  • Conduct quality control reviews of courses at various stages of development
  • Manage workload for multiple course development projects simultaneously
  • Develop and maintain effective communication tools (P&P, CWB Learning Centre website, on-line resources, CWB intranet, publications and emails) to promote Learning & Development initiatives to increase awareness
  • Maintain and provide up-to-date learning manuals/materials to the branches and Corporate Office departments as required
  • Provide classroom facilitation and other forms of content delivery
  • Provide support and assistance to Bank employees as required
  • Participate in Corporate committees and task forces as needed specific to the learning function
  • Develop short and long term personal learning goals for continuous learning and development in the areas as identified by incumbent and manager
  • Pursue continual learning and development of personal goals to remain current of industry knowledge as well as assist to fulfill the Bank’s and the individual’s succession planning goals
  • Inspire trust by being open, honest and direct in my communication, meeting my commitments and behaving ethically in all my dealings
  • Treat all stakeholders with professionalism, dignity and respect and support an environment where people can contribute and excel
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills that contribute to working effectively in a diverse working environment
  • Accept responsibility and hold myself accountable for my actions and results
  • Make decisions guided by common sense and sound business judgment
  • Prepare and regularly review my annual goals and career development plan with my manager/supervisor
  • Promote cooperation and commitment within the CWB Group towards the attainment of common goals enabling productive group interactions
  • Training Program and Content Development
  • Act as consultant to business partners to determine training needs and provide solutions
  • Ensure program design is tied to relevant business results
  • Move training projects from needs assessment to design and delivery
  • Build and execute assessments to determine training program: objectives, requisites, training plans, and feedback
  • Training Delivery
  • Select delivery modalities that best serve audience segments and program objectives
  • Demonstrate effective communication, presentation and questioning skills applicable to various learning styles
  • Facilitate instructor led training sessions on content or initiatives, as required
  • Manage multiple projects with extensive detailed coordination
  • Advise key stakeholders of program development
  • Ensure projects are delivered on-time, within budget and with attention to quality
  • The ideal candidate will have at least 5-7 years of experience in a training related role with instructional design and delivery experience; writing, editing, presenting, facilitating, planning, organizing, directing, and managing all aspects of training and project management initiatives
  • Use of Captivate, Articulate Studio, Articulate Storyline, Brainshark, Camtasia Studio, and Adobe Creative Suite. Experience using other learning technologies such as HTML/JavaScript, Flash, SurveyMonkey and learning management systems (e.g. Saba)
  • Financial Services and/or advisor training experience preferred
  • Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (ATD) or a Certified Performance Technologist (ISPI) a plus

Temporary Call Center Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Conducts training classes which include content about the job, the company, and client programs
  • Facilitate new hire training using the provided curriculum to the call center staff
  • Facilitates continuing education classes to existing call center staff for new products, services, customer service skills and market launches
  • Provide performance feedback to class participants. Responsible for the professional development of the customer service and support staff during training
  • Communicates with various departments within the organization, including resource planning, human resources, quality and the help desk
  • Assists Operations with understanding agent opportunities and updating training programs to meet those needs
  • Collects information regarding response systems, human interactions, and information systems requirements
  • Helps design call center training manual by identifying and describing information needs obtaining feedback from management and editing the final copy
  • Develop internal communications to support projects, training, business and Compliance related requests. Identify target audience and customize communication content, design and leverage appropriate communication method
  • Consult with internal clients to determine performance gaps, research possible learning interventions and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Design and develop effective learning solutions to meet diverse learner needs including seminars, workshops, documentation, job aids for staff across all JH Insurance Operations departments and sites
  • Facilitate learning to appropriate audiences, in a professional manner, in a variety of settings including classroom training, workshops, live video/Web-ex training, coaching, guided self-study and hands-on E-learning
  • Regularly review and evaluate course delivery and material to ensure they meet client and learner needs and that standards of quality and effectiveness are maintained
  • Follow up with learners and stakeholders to measure program success and ensure learning transfer
  • Work with business partners to analyze current processes or develop new business processes to realize service improvements and unit cost reductions, recommend improvements/solutions, and secure sign-off from key stakeholders. Document all work and implement improvements
  • Work with business partners to scope all projects assigned, determine appropriate work breakdown structure, estimate time and resource requirements and identify risks and dependencies. Once planning is completed, implement solution
  • Collaborate and work effectively with other team members and business partners to achieve expected outcome. Demonstrate and follow best practices to ensure a high level of consistency and quality of work
  • Post-secondary graduation or the equivalent work experience
  • At least 3 years’ experience in a customer service environment, preferably within at least the insurance industry
  • Facilitation and presentation experience, comfortable presenting in front of large and small audiences
  • Training design experience
  • Knowledge of JH Insurance Operations processes and systems is an asset
  • Self-starter who takes initiative
  • Energized individual with an aptitude to learn
  • Proven ability to establish and maintain good relationships with staff at all levels
  • Good consulting and analytical skills
  • Strong project and time management skills
  • Strategic thinker with the ability to problem solve and provide viable recommendations
  • Ability to work independently and/or in a team setting
  • Proficient and flexible in balancing multiple and changing priorities in a demanding, deadline driven environment
  • Intermediate in MS Office software suite
  • Familiarity with Docu Tools software an asset
  • Exposure to process workflows, developing flowcharts and productivity improvement methodologies
  • Experience or exposure to Project Management methodologies and applying these to work projects
  • Familiar with Adult Education Learning principles and instructional design
  • Familiar with LEAN Six Sigma Business Process principles and terminology
  • Familiarity with web based/e-learning training an asset

Revenue Cycle Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Ensures alignment of front end registration education with the Health System’s vision, values, objectives, strategic goals and key success factors
  • Facilitates front and back end revenue cycle related training sessions
  • Lead or facilitate initiatives
  • Participates in the development of education materials and manuals
  • Participates in the design and development of learning experiences; instruction strategies for new and existing training programs
  • Coordinates training program schedules with participants, instructors and facility management
  • Communicates educational programs to appropriate revenue cycle departments
  • Ensures learning facilities are set-up and ready for training program events including equipment
  • Prepares and distributes training aids; instruction materials, handouts, evaluation forms, and visual aids
  • Conducts needs assessment within the Health System to determine direction of training programs
  • Assists in facilitating the front end insurance plan code maintenance process
  • Communicates insurance information to revenue cycle staff on a regular basis
  • Provides guidance and direction to site departments regarding current insurance regulations and processing practices
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Business Administration or related field and a minimum of 3 years hospital front end registration and insurance processing experience, including training and program management experience or High School Diploma or equivalent and a minimum of 7 years hospital front end registration and insurance processing experience, including training and program management experience
  • Knowledge of insurance issues as they relate to reimbursement and regulatory requirements
  • Proven leadership, training and facilitation skills
  • Excellent communication, written, verbal and presentation skills
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and assignments
  • Ability to travel up to 50% (to include the 5 boroughs)
  • 1+ year of coaching and/or training facilitation experience
  • Ability to lift up to 25 lbs (transferring training materials)
  • Previous experience facilitating training via WebEx (or similar virtual application)
  • Healthcare revenue cycle or Hospital / Medical related experience
  • Software to include Invision, Eagle, Soarian, HDX (healthcare data exchange) or similar patient management systems (ie. Registration, billing, etc.)
  • Project Management experience (not by title, but function of the role); facilitate initiatives
  • Strong knowledge and experience with commercial and government health insurance
  • 2-5 years of experience as an instructional designer or Learning & Development Program manager
  • LMS (learning management system) experience
  • Willingness for occasional domestic or international travel
  • Arrange, support and facilitate University and MGM National Harbor-specific programs including new hire orientation, career advancement, language acquisition and other initiatives to University facilitator standards
  • Administer and maintain accurate rosters, attendance records, acknowledgment forms and other required documentation and tracking in the learning management system
  • Support and assist the Learning & Development Partner
  • Partner with property training departments and corporate entities to plan and deliver training programs and initiatives
  • Maintain training facilities to include material inventory and ordering, room set-up, break-down and equipment preparation
  • Assist with department logistics and operations to ensure proper flow of client services and staff support
  • Liaise with property training/HR staff as it relates to their specific training needs
  • Engage in self-directed work on a daily basis; set timetables for project completion, manage resources, prioritize tasks and work with minimal supervision
  • Perform other job related duties as assigned
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Associates degree or equivalent work experience
  • At least 4 years of relative experience
  • Outstanding communication skills to articulate effectively and maintain a professional relationship with a diverse workforce
  • Possess knowledge of adult learning theories and methodologies with the ability to apply them in learning/leadership/technology and change management
  • Good working knowledge of computer software to include MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and/or equivalent
  • Active Diversity Champion embracing the diversity principles though participation in diversity related events, company sponsored volunteer opportunities, acting as a mentor and modeling the standards
  • Regularly updates own skills through ongoing training and formal education
  • Able to travel off property and represent MGM Resorts University
  • Maintain physical stamina and proper mental attitude to deal effectively with guests, management, and other employees while working under pressure and meeting deadlines
  • Ability to frequently move freely about all areas of the facility, manual dexterity to access computer via computer keyboard and operate office equipment
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English, in both written and oral forms
  • Must have interpersonal skills to deal effectively with all business contacts
  • Maintain a professional, neat and well-groomed appearance adhering to MGM Resorts International standards
  • Review the existing recommended learning roadmap for staff to ensure programs support competencies and skills required for all staff. Perform regular review of BCG sponsored trainings (virtual, LAB, local) to keep learning roadmap relevant and up to date
  • Support the development of a compelling story for how L&D programs will improve the experience for GS staff
  • Help create and then improve upon a training plan and curriculum to align with our planned new career framework
  • Partner with regional L&D, LAB team and BST Global Learning to assess training curriculum options and costs to incorporate into the local and global training curriculums
  • Communicate and market local training opportunities, learning philosophy and content to GS Staff. Create communication schedule for L&D focused messages and measure readership and utilization
  • Continue to evolve and refine the learning strategy and architecture to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the business
  • Curate LAB online learning courses for GS content
  • Manage programs within budget and on-time, including project planning, marketing, scheduling, coordinating, logistics, vendor management, and delivery. Prepare and present decks for planning, status, input and evaluation to GS HR and other stakeholders
  • Evaluate effectiveness of training based on key metrics. Identify opportunities for development and continuous improvement of learning and development programs based on feedback and metrics
  • Deliver global trainings virtually to GS Staff around the world
  • Work on ad hoc projects as they materialize
  • Technical and functional expertise in L&D
  • Excellent project management skills, including ability to multi-task
  • Proficiency in international training event management, organization and logistics
  • Proven ability to deliver consistently high-quality, accurate results
  • Ability to understand broader business implications and needs and apply this knowledge to the training strategy and interventions
  • Track record of challenging traditional ways of doing things…moves beyond the obvious without letting frustration get in the way of developing a creative solution
  • Ability to resolve complex issues and problems independently with sound judgment balanced with seeking guidance and assistance when needed
  • Ability to address root causes behind issues, identify patterns, comprehend the big picture and long term implications
  • Creative problem solving, analytical skills and decision making and ability to develop a compelling business case
  • Comfort with ambiguity and iteration process
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, good business judgment
  • Ability to focus on both big picture and details
  • Ability to perform rigorous and accurate analysis
  • Demonstrated advanced communication skills; oral, written and active listening, including slide writing and presenting
  • Shares clear and timely information on direction, strategies and effort
  • Adjusts communication to situation/audience (individual or group)
  • Able to influence others effectively and appropriately
  • Excellent networking skills, strong service mindset and ability to build credibility quickly
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with all levels of organization; collaborative, strong cross-functional teaming skills
  • Reliable, flexible, cooperative team player with an open mindedness that considers impact on others
  • Proven success in setting priorities and communicating expectations with key stakeholders
  • Ability to work positively and collaboratively with others and in teams, building long lasting relationships
  • High level of initiative, self-motivation, resourcefulness, collaboration and patience
  • Willingness to accept responsibility and ability to challenge constructively
  • Tact, patience, and the ability to handle stressful situations with aplomb
  • Highest level of integrity expected, treating all employee and firm information as confidential
  • Treats all others with respect, generates trust
  • Aligns individual goals with firm goals; represents BCG well, protects the firm's interests
  • Uses design documents to determine learning tools that must be developed to support learning interventions
  • Collects and synthesizes data and information to develop content for learning tools
  • Produces hard copy and electronic tools using variety of computer software applications, and audio/visual equipment to support formal (instructor led, computer-based) and informal (user guides, discussion groups) learning
  • Works with business partners throughout the organization to gather training content, and review/revise learning tools to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Implement learning interventions in a variety of formats including handling announcements or launch, managing logistics, and delivering instructor-led training
  • Troubleshoot interface issues between Learning Management System and electronic files for computer-based training
  • Troubleshoot issues with training room equipment
  • Perform peer reviews of learning tools to ensure that L&D standards are maintained
  • As required, perform all job roles of Learning & Development Specialist I
  • Interacts with others in a way that builds influence and trust
  • Demonstrates business understanding in Instructional Systems Design process and in both classroom and virtual instructor-led workshops
  • Translates business processes into straightforward training materials as appropriate to each target audience
  • Establishes relationship with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) during the design, development and implementation phases of the training project
  • Articulates and applies principles of adult learning in design, development and delivery of training outputs
  • Demonstrates awareness of and proficiency in existing and emerging business and learning technologies
  • Delivers both classroom based and virtual instructor-led informal and formal learning solutions
  • Demonstrates adaptability and continuous learning
  • Functions as subject matter expert, and/or functional project team member as required by business need
  • Other duties as assigned or re-assigned by management
  • Application of instructional systems design (ADDIE model, Bloom's taxonomy, adult learning theory) to develop learning tools and implement learning initiatives
  • Use Learning & Development templates, forms and work processes to perform job tasks
  • Develop learning tools in MS Offices, Articulate, Captivate, and SharePoint
  • Create and edit audio, video and graphic image files using Audacity, SnagIt, Photoshop, Video Encoder, and other applicable computer software programs, as well as audio/visual equipment
  • Above-average public speaking/presentation skills
  • Engage in ongoing professional development, and make recommendations for innovations in the L&D function
  • Mentor junior team members to assist in developing core competencies in the L&D function
  • Undergraduate degree in Instructional Systems Design or general business or related degree
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience which includes 3 years of experience in training program design and development
  • Works closely with LGE managers and HR Business Partners on the progress of career development plans and training activity progress of their employees
  • Recommends and assigns training/career development solutions in accordance with position requirements and annual plans
  • Coordinates the development of training schedules and attendance across the region
  • Administers the LG Training System to ensure training records are managed in accordance with records management procedures and practices; generates management training and KPI reports and communications
  • Oversees the Train the Trainer Program for Leadership and Sales curriculums
  • Manages the New Hire Orientation Program
  • Assists with defining training needs requirements mapping and training performance results
  • Manages RFP Process and contractual relationships with external service and supply vendors
  • Course content creation, designing presentations and creating manuals, job aids and other materials
  • An Undergraduate degree
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in corporate learning and development
  • Experience in delivering a wide variety of high-quality learning programs
  • Experience in designing career development methods that are most effective based on performance goals and measured outcomes
  • Knowledge of training needs assessments and training evaluation methods and tools
  • E-learning management and blended learning program development
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to pay close attention to detail while handling multiple, simultaneous projects under deadline pressure
  • Creative problem-solving skills, an understanding of group and corporate dynamics
  • Strong knowledge in MS Office, specifically MS Excel and PowerPoint and Adobe Suite
  • The ability to work independently and demonstrate strong problem solving competencies
  • An advanced degree in a relevant field of study
  • Any professional industry certifications such as ATD/ASTD, SHRM or ISPI/CPT
  • Practitioner / Facilitator certification in leadership development or sales development programs
  • Support overall Learning and Development activities for the hub delivery organisation
  • Coordinate with hub delivery managers and employees to seek nominations for the different training programs to be rolled out in the hub
  • Coordinate and make necessary bookings with admin to facilitate the logistics and administrative issues for the training programs/workshops to be conducted
  • Coordinate with external training agencies/trainers as and when required for logistic and administrative facilitation
  • Collect, compile and document feedback/assessment scores etc. related to training/workshop
  • Maintain L&D MIS and database and share with relevant stakeholders on periodic basis
  • Analyse participation/assessment scores and feedback to improve and fine tune future training programs
  • Coordinate on-boarding training for new teams
  • Facilitate workshops and trainings
  • Computer proficiency
  • Familiar with training design programs (i.e. Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia, and Learning Management Systems)
  • Basic videography

Learning & Development Specialist Senior Resume Examples & Samples

  • Conducts instructor-led training using a variety of teaching methods / aids
  • Tests students to measure learning progress and to evaluate effectiveness of instructional materials and courses
  • Participates in the evaluating of needs and requirements for training program development. Refer to more experienced department personnel as needed for guidance on new or complex issues
  • Generally requires 2 years experience
  • Basic knowledge of training methodologies and development concepts
  • Basic organizational and project management skills
  • Basic oral and written communication skills
  • Basic instructional and presentation skills
  • Basic knowledge of PC desktop and computer applications
  • Basic knowledge of business unit products and services
  • Ability to prioritize, organize, and plan training, evaluations and subject matter
  • Experience working with both internal and external customers
  • Knowledge of consumer credit policies, procedures and regulations highly preferred
  • Knowledge of Experian products and systems preferred
  • Co-ordinate, schedule, co-facilitate and evaluate programmes and liase with external providers
  • Develop bespoke e-learning modules using relevant training tools
  • Deliver, design and develop high quality training to agreed timelines
  • Perform effective and appropriate evaluation of all training programmes delivered
  • Designs and delivers appropriate multi-channel (classroom, online, on-the-job, self-study, professional conference) curricula and training programs based on adult learning theory. Including
  • Conducting needs assessments
  • Consulting with internal stakeholders
  • Providing recommendations based upon assessment findings
  • Creating work and project plans
  • Partner with senior Talent Development staff to drive implementation of a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Develops learning evaluation metrics appropriate to each learning program. Determines program improvements based on data collected and analyzed, and makes modifications
  • Evaluates and adjusts existing curricula and learning programs as needed to ensure close linkage to LLS’ strategic plans and goals
  • Manages learning program participation, tracks all training activity and assessment, and generates reports as required
  • Keeps current with L&D methodology and innovative technologies, and assess their applicability to LLS’ Talent Development needs
  • Liaise with external vendors as appropriate
  • Maintain a working knowledge of the LLS mission and programs to promote the field and campaign fundraising initiatives
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, OD, Training & Development, Adult Education; Master’s degree preferred
  • 3-5 years in a learning and development role with emphasis on course development including classroom, online, on the job and self study
  • Basic knowledge of E-learning design software (including Camtasia, Captivate or Articulate Storyline)
  • Knowledge of mobile learning solutions
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint)
  • Aptitude to do computer work on a daily basis, minimum of 8 hours per day
  • Provides communication and direction on the Global Talent Management processes, programs and projects
  • Facilitates and coordinates the performance management cycle (goal setting and planning, education and training, feedback, assessment planning, performance improvement plans, and year-end cycles) for local offices
  • Participates in the company’s global talent review process to identify key talent (e.g., high potentials)
  • Enhances tools and processes used to support talent initiatives – talent reviews, succession planning, and career development – which include the accurate identification of high potential talent, critical positions, A-players, retention risk assessment, and succession plans for critical positions
  • Participates in post-talent review processes that ensure proper follow through of actions determined at talent review sessions
  • Provides guidance on linking developmental activities to career development and competency models
  • Coordinates and implements learning and development solutions and activities for the assigned business areas and local offices
  • Ensures partnership and collaboration with Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, and Engagement in all aspects of talent program delivery
  • Anticipates internal customers’ issues and concerns, drawing insights from previous experience to best meet current and future needs
  • Proactively solicits feedback from internal customers and takes action for continuous improvement
  • Makes decisions and recommendations with knowledge of the internal customer’s situation and preferences in mind
  • Serves as a credible resource for knowledge of the HR technical area and internal policies and procedures
  • Utilizes HR knowledge in own professional area to design, implement and administer process, programmatic or system solutions
  • Stays abreast of the best practices in the HR technical/professional area and identifies opportunities for improvement
  • Possesses a depth and breadth of knowledge regarding corporate resources and resources within each function/ division and understands how to move decisions forward
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to differing needs by identifying unstated agendas of others and determining ways to work through them
  • Builds and maintains a network of colleagues, peers and other key stakeholders across the organization to accomplish objectives
  • Leads planning discussions with internal customers to understand their strategies and challenges and identify opportunities to meet their needs
  • Approaches HR program assignments with a broad perspective on the way business is done within the organization; considers rules, regulations, and time frames of core business, as well as impact on end users when implementing new HR practices, products or solutions
  • Applies an understanding of relevant markets, business strategies and operating environments and translates business issues into HR solutions
  • Recognizes bottlenecks of work processes between teams and makes suggestions for ongoing improvement
  • Removes barriers to process efficiency by securing the necessary resources or approvals from senior management
  • Designs and implements change management strategies and manages the pace and process of change so that operating effectiveness is maintained
  • Identifies the need for change and acts as a catalyst of change by imitating and facilitating new, non-conventional ways of working to support the business
  • Develops standardized processes or protocols that comply with broader HR and organizational policy
  • Monitors performance and deliverables of individuals on the project team to ensure overall project success; actively keeps all members of the project team informed of progress. Partners with vendors and ensures product/service delivery maintains the appropriate quality standards
  • Plan and deliver technical, and interpersonal skills training for new and experienced employees
  • Utilize a variety of training methods (one-on-one, classroom, just-in-time, team meetings) and a variety of training materials
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent and 2+ years of related training or instructional design experience required
  • Experience creating e-learning preferred
  • Must possess good analytical, leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, negotiation, planning, facilitation, and presentation skills
  • Must demonstrate effective organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Instructional design methodology and practice required, with the emphasis on adult learning
  • Must be results driven and detail oriented with the ability to manage change in a dynamic environment
  • Proficiency with MS Office programs including PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Excel
  • Facilitate classroom and on-line training; using pre-established curriculum including facilitator guides, Power Point presentations and participant guides
  • Design and construct eLearning solutions including writing scripts and storyboards, recording, editing and producing narration, designing graphics, editing photos and developing videos
  • Manage the Learning Management System (LMS) – input courses, advertise courses, track participant registration and attendance
  • Direct the training programs for newly hired associates and the summer intern program
  • Work closely with L&D Director to continuously execute and enhance the global management training program
  • Build, maintain and manage relationships/ partnerships with internal customers in an effort to gain knowledge of work situations requiring training curriculum development and/or changes in policies, procedures, regulations, or technologies
  • Compose correspondence to training program attendees around various training sessions, providing top-notch customer service to external and internal customers
  • Conduct vendor research and manage active vendor relationships in conjunction with Global Sourcing and Procurement
  • Conduct reviews of training programs assessing the need for modifications to content and structure
  • Responsible for coordinating training meetings, including reserving rooms, arranging for required AV equipment, preparing training materials and agendas and other event planning duties
  • Organize, develop and maintain, training procedure manuals and other departmental documentation
  • Work with the L&D Director to maintain the L&D website pages, course calendar and course listings
  • Assist the L&D Director with ongoing learning communications and the learning blog
  • Participate in and support other L&D projects as appropriate
  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, learning and development or other appropriate field
  • 3+ years experience in a similar role: must have experience in needs analysis, instructional design, and training facilitation
  • Experience developing and delivering e-learning training as well as classroom training
  • Experience with LMS systems, Camtasia, Storyline 2 and other learning software a plus
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products – specifically PowerPoint – required
  • Experience with Integrity Solutions programs a plus
  • Certification in a learning and development field, professional development, or coaching is a plus
  • Knowledge of learning theories and principles including adult learning theory
  • Ability to assimilate and organize technical and other content provided by subject matter experts into engaging and meaningful training modules and user tools
  • Exceptional facilitation skills and experience moderating large groups with varied experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, analytical, interpersonal, collaboration and presentation skills
  • Ability to successfully engage and collaborate with stakeholders globally and at different levels, in different disciplines, and with different interpersonal styles
  • Potential for occasional business travel

Retail Learning & Development Specialist Online Resume Examples & Samples

  • Responsibilitie
  • Build, deploy, and maintain the online and in-person Microsoft role training portfolio
  • Lead in-person training events
  • Partner with multiple functional teams to get the resources necessary to build world-class readiness materials
  • Drive integration and be a culture keeper for MS Stores as appropriate to the audience
  • Partner with Marketing, Merchandising, and Customer Experience to ensure alignment and consistency with key initiatives
  • Partner on Corporate Compliance initiatives and ensure completion
  • Who you are
  • You love to learn and try new things daily You understand adult learning theory
  • You communicate effectively in-person and virtually You take pride in being organized and efficient
  • You strive for perfection in everything you do
  • You handle competing priorities with ease and flexibility
  • You take feedback well and apply the learnings forward
  • You embody and deliver world-class customer service
  • You believe early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable
  • You have experience building online and in-person learning material
  • You are collaborative in working with a broad community of constituents
  • You are self-motivated and can drive multiple projects simultaneously
  • Assesses and effectively manages all of the risks associated with their business objectives and activities to ensure activities are in alignment with the bank's and unit's risk appetite and risk management framework
  • Knowledge of Training and Development (T&D) functions and practices; and ability to evaluate, follow, and lead T&D trends and directions within the organization, and the entire industry
  • Knowledge of and ability to align the organization's people and culture with changes in business strategy, organizational structure, technology and business processes
  • Knowledge of and ability to identify what people need to learn for successful individual and organizational performance
  • Work across WWIS Corp Teams, and in partnership with Worldwide Readiness and Field teams to identify, prioritize, and land world-class technical readiness solutions for our sellers to deliver great customer outcomes and exceed revenue targets
  • Deliver site based new hire onboarding technical readiness utilizing the globally consistent Worldwide Readiness curriculum and process
  • Drive ongoing technical skills development and readiness, through periodic group and daily 1:1 sessions, across sales teams to ensure real-time and relevant knowledge of services and solutions
  • Provide daily call shadowing, coaching and mentoring to sellers communicating with our customers based on observations and outcomes of calls/emails etc
  • Guide sellers through the effective use of the Digital Seller portal and pursuit and attainment of certifications
  • Lead the assessment and certification of sellers and managers, Track team progress against ongoing learning, readiness and certification plans
  • Assist with issue resolution on product/technical questions our sellers may have, thus facilitating their personal growth and the effectiveness of the team more broadly
  • Capture technical capability needs, design, build and publish inside sales readiness assets and measure results to ensure needs have been met & act as the go-to for learning support for all team members
  • Provide innovative thinking to continuously evolve how we develop and deliver high quality readiness at scale with speed for WWIS in partnership with Worldwide Readiness
  • Build outstanding relationships with WWIS Leadership, sellers and role owners and with Worldwide Readiness
  • Actively participate in and contribute to the WWIS global trainer community sharing resources, key learnings and best practices
  • Consult with management team to help influence technical development plans
  • Identify, analyze, design, deliver and evaluate training needs to meet customer expectations and internal service standards. Refine training based on evaluation feedback
  • Train all new hires and partner with leaders and other team members to ensure a successful onboarding experience
  • Utilize a variety of training methods that account for multiple learning styles, such as one-on-one, classroom, just-in-time, eLearning, interactive, etc
  • Research, recommend, and implement trends and best practices related to training and adult learning
  • Create and maintain training materials, as well as documentation of processing procedures to assure current and accurate content
  • Partner with leadership, training team and other resources to create a high performing work environment that empowers employees and contributes to a positive culture
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience required
  • Strong planning, facilitation and presentation skills
  • Training and/or instructional design experience is preferred
  • Must possess good analytical, leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making
  • Effective organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Basic PC skills are also necessary
  • Instructional design methodology and practice preferred, with the emphasis on adult learning
  • Instructional design methodology and practice, with the emphasis on adult learning
  • Experience using SharePoint, PowerPoint, Brainshark, Camtasia or other multimedia tools
  • Experience using WebEx and/or Skype

Learning & Development Specialist Fixed Term Contract Resume Examples & Samples

  • With Head of PTD for the region, build & deliver a high quality learning & development offer across the UK platform, ensuring the needs of the business are met & all activities fall within PTD policies & procedures
  • Act as key point of contact for HRBP’s, Managers & employees in matters relating to Learning & Development & Performance Management
  • Manage analytics & reporting around training activities & measures for return on investment
  • Participate in PTD & HR projects as necessary
  • Partner with Learning & Development team to assist in the administration of the L&D training calendar
  • Provide logistical support as appropriate per learning event- set up virtual instructor-led training, teleconferencing and/or reserve onsite training space, manage attendance rosters and communication for small and large scale training events, provide attendance credit to
  • Participants in Learning Management system, and create/maintain surveys within survey tool
  • Support training logistics for management development programs, including audience setup, communications, program activity reporting and answering general program questions
  • Support internal professional development program logistics, communications and reporting
  • Partner with L&D team to prepare educational aids and materials
  • Run evaluation reports and communicate results to help determine the impact oftraining on employee skills and how it affects KPI's
  • Maintain and update curriculum database and training records- add training courses/sessions to Learning Management System
  • Support the marketing of training opportunities to employees via company intranet and provide necessary information through partnership with the L&D team
  • Update and maintain intranet presence for Learning & Development team
  • Support research activities and development of best practices to help develop new programs
  • Create meaningful and useful reports to help drive future decisions
  • Administration of Ad-Hoc projects as required
  • 3 years of experience in Learning or training-related role(s)
  • Proven work experience in coordinating multiple training events in a corporate setting
  • Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods and techniques
  • Advanced knowledge of learning management systems and web delivery tools, knowledge ofSumTotal preferred
  • Skilled in developing and maintaining relationships across various functional areas, business units, and geographies
  • Exceptional interpersonal and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities and exhibit excellent follow-through
  • Analyze learning needs and partner with subject matter experts to provide input for course content and/or design
  • Work collaboratively with other training workgroups and Area Liaisons to develop effective material
  • Ensure relevance, quality and accuracy of tools and processes by conducting end-user testing and validation
  • Ensure training materials and programs are effective, user-friendly, and drive business impact
  • Effectively design and manage pre/post-class activities that promote optimal learning
  • Project management for all stages of training programs (development, readiness, delivery, measurement, etc)
  • Facilitate/deliver program content as part of the program pilot process and trainer certification process
  • Build partnership and collaborate with internal customers to gather data and feedback as well as identify key learning
  • Gather training delivery details regarding facilitation, trainer readiness, classroom experience, and implications to content authoring
  • Key administrative duties for training program including adhering to all budget guidelines, submitting all necessary reports, etc
  • Performance consulting with internal clients to determine appropriate solutions (including but not limited to needs assessments, focus groups, etc.)
  • Evaluate and assess the effectiveness of key training initiatives through the use of surveys, analyzing results and/or sales performance measurements. Provide results and feedback to upper management and other internal customers
  • Modify curriculum based on client’s needs and changing business initiatives
  • Assist with measuring the impact to the business by analyzing course content relevancy, the training participants’ attainment to quota or sales performance, and the trainers’ delivery of the classes to ensure the intended outcomes of the programs were achieved
  • Research and implement new, progressive ways to measure the effectiveness of learning in conjunction with other L&D teams and benchmarking against other like corporations’ successes
  • Use technology to create engaging and impactful learning solutions and to address the needs of the modern learner
  • Minimum 2 year experience with training delivery/facilitation
  • Minimum 2 year project management experience
  • Excellent verbal, written communication skills, including ability to translate technical information into meaningful language for front-line employees, and the ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders, leadership and peers
  • Excellent computer desktop publishing skills in all Microsoft Office applications and other software, internet/intranet skills
  • Must be able to work independently in an environment that is remote from coworkers and leaders
  • Time management & organizational skills with the ability to prioritize multiple projects in a fast paced environment
  • Strong working knowledge of current CFS and Fraud policies, systems, procedures as well as Consumer products & services
  • Located in a Verizon Customer Care Center
  • BA/BS degree in Education, Human Resources, Organization Development, Education, Business Administration, related field or equivalent work experience
  • Supervisory or Leadership experience
  • Facilitation/training experience and knowledge of adult learning theory and assessment
  • Experience with the following software: Captivate, Camtasia, Photoshop or equivalent
  • Ability to provide sound performance consulting and assist with peer coaching
  • Professional training certifications (e.g. CTT+) and active participation in professional training organizations (e.g. ATD)
  • Develop learning content for customer service employee skill and behavior development, including: instructor & leader-led materials, participant guides, job aids, online modules, knowledge and skill assessments, role-plays, activities, job aids, self-paced instructional manuals, trainer certification, and hands-on application materials
  • Strong working knowledge of current Customer Service policies, systems, procedures as well as Consumer products & services
  • Supervisory or Leadership experience. Ideally in CS Channel
  • A minimum of 3-5 years’ experience as a trainer/instructional designer working in a professional environment with an understanding of adult learning theory
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent
  • A master’s degree in instructional design is desirable
  • Experience with software or technical training
  • Self-starter with an ability to take on a project with minimal supervision
  • Strong project planning and project management skills
  • Ability to customize content for a variety of use cases and audiences
  • Ability to share ideas and collaborate with people from across the organization
  • Must be able to work independently with strong time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to prioritize, multi-task, and work within tight deadlines
  • Ability to explain technical concepts in non-technical terms
  • Excellent presentation and facilitation skills
  • Excellent PowerPoint design skills
  • Previous experience with content authoring tools (e.g. Adobe Captivate, Camtasia)
  • Previous experience with a learning management system (e.g. Cornerstone OnDemand)
  • Possesses a can-do attitude, able to work collaboratively on a team, and be flexible in their approach
  • Must be able to handle feedback and make content changes with a focus on producing the highest quality end product
  • Excellent customer service and organizational skills

EU Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • A strong and proven equivalent work experience in a related field
  • You have a confirmed experience in training/facilitating in a professional environment
  • Experience working within an HR Team
  • You show a strong usage of Microsoft Office Suite including strong PowerPoint, Word and Excel skills
  • Program management experience
  • Experience creating leadership development training & onboarding programs
  • DDI Certified
  • Insights Certified
  • Master’s Degree in Organizational Development, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Human Resources or related field preferred
  • Driving successful talent management programs
  • Working with the business to produce technical training to ensure compliance with CPD requirements
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships in a fast paced, outcome focused environment
  • A high level of initiative
  • Project management, research and problem solving skills
  • High level of competence in Microsoft Office

Global Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Partner with Learning and Development Program Managers to organize, promote, and facilitate learning initiatives and programs that are aligned with organizational objectives
  • Oversee the logistical aspects of solution delivery, including scheduling classes, monitoring request/enrollment levels, reserving training rooms, procuring materials, and maintaining participant completion statuses
  • Monitor inventories and provide budget requests for program materials used during facilitation
  • Monitor surveys and other evaluations to measure learning and performance as a result of learning initiatives
  • Proven history of successful Learning and Development facilitation/delivery in a corporate environment
  • Knowledge of Adult learning development methodologies
  • Ability to learn new concepts quickly and become the educator
  • Passionate about creating highly-interactive and engaging learning environments
  • Masters Degree or equivalent experience
  • 2 years experience in
  • 4 years experience in any of the following
  • End-to-end implementation of leadership development programs
  • Coaching leaders for implementation of leadership principles and concepts
  • Assess client needs, design scalable learning solutions, ensure smooth delivery of solutions, and continuously improve to adapt to business needs
  • Facilitate learning solutions in either a physical classroom or virtual setting. Serve as a role model for excellent instructional facilitation and develop those capabilities in others
  • In partnership with the Manager, Global Finance L&D, define prioritized annual objectives complete with action plans, resourcing models, milestones and metrics of success
  • Consult with line HR Business Partners, senior business leaders and other key stakeholders to ensure alignment of solutions with in-business needs and constraints
  • Continually evaluate solutions not only for quality and business impact, but scalability
  • Extensive experience in the areas of adult learning, training and training design, group facilitation, and leadership development; or equivalent experience as a business leader
  • Extensive experience in instructional design and hands-on training delivery
  • Applied knowledge of measurement and program evaluation
  • Outstanding interpersonal, coaching and leadership skills; a role model for the use of the concepts and skills we teach and ability to influence across various leadership levels
  • Certified in Situational Leadership Experience, The 5 Choices of High Effective People, Leading at the Speed of Trust, and DISC
  • Global business experience with a history of effective collaboration with a global HR team
  • Qualified/certified in a 360 instruments and variety of psychometric instruments a plus
  • Works with functional leaders and L&D team to create training plans, develop training modules, coordinate and administer training for team members
  • Responsible for end-to-end production of new and updated courses within the curriculum: needs analysis, project planning, coordination, instructional design, writing, editing, multimedia development, quality assurance and delivery
  • Facilitate onboarding and/or deliver T3 (Train the Trainer) for developed courses, as required
  • Ensure project quality with regard to learner experience, internal and external customer needs and regulatory requirements
  • Coach subject matter experts in the application of instructional design theories with respect to particular projects and/or assist in the process of creating instructionally sound storyboards and design documents
  • Ensure regional and cultural challenges are considered and incorporated into training design

Learning Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • A minimum of a Bachelor's degree
  • A minimum of 5 years of work experience
  • Relevant experience in training development, process development, process documentation, system development or communications
  • Expert level ability with Microsoft Office Products including Word and PowerPoint. Expert ability with computer based authoring tools including Articulate Storyline and/or Adobe Captivate
  • Knowledge of SCORM standards. Experience with learning management system administration
  • Experience in automotive industry
  • Experience with regulatory requirements, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), automotive recall processes
  • Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) Preferred

HR Organizational Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Support the Vice President, Human Resources and Global Talent Development & function by performing program management duties, such as coordinating internal meetings, assisting in preparation for meeting or workshop facilitation, content design/branding, tracking budget expenses, preparing and processing invoices, and serving as the point of contact for the group
  • Lead the design, development and implementation of programs, policies and strategies tailored to meet OD needs and program goals
  • Analysis of company-wide programs and/or training initiatives that need to be changed and/or implemented in order to increase organizational effectiveness
  • Identify/ incorporate best practices and lessons learned into proven company processes for organizational change management, performance management and talent management
  • Assist in coordinating all Talent Development programs, including tasks such as serving as point of contact for external vendors, scheduling, updating and maintaining schedules and rosters, reserving conference rooms, ordering supplies and refreshments, in addition to any other requirements for supporting a learning event
  • Communicates onboarding instructions to new employees, hiring managers and training departments. Responsible for the online onboarding portal in the US
  • Provides expert advice and guidance in the application of information and best practices associated with Teleflex Academy programs
  • Must exercise discretion and independent judgement with use of authority to formulate, affect, interpret, and act upon management policies with independent discretion when Manager is not available
  • Responsible for managing the administration of the department’s budget, signing invoices and negotiating on behalf of the company
  • Responsible for delivering results of psychometric evaluations and coaching for performance
  • Responsible for facilitation of U.S. based Teleflex Academy courses
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in a professional business environment
  • Bachelor’s Degree required, Master’s Degree preferred
  • Strong project management experience required
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills required
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities and complete tasks/projects within agreed upon deadlines
  • Self-motivated and works independently
  • Able to collaborate and interact with various individuals, teams and departments
  • Develops new approaches and ideas
  • Able to create plans, processes and reports
  • MS Office proficiency required
  • Detail oriented and able to produce thorough project plan templates
  • Talent Management or LMS/Training Tracking system experience preferred
  • Provide internal performance consulting services to assist leadership in evaluating the need for talent management solutions for employees and teams experiencing deficiencies in overall performance
  • Manage projects related to various talent development and organizational initiatives, as needed, such as organizational design, performance management, talent development, succession planning, as well as training related compliance
  • Support the design and implementation of talent development programs based on the assessment of the business’ strategic objectives utilizing a variety of Human Performance Improvement (HPI) models that will enhance organizational effectiveness
  • Facilitate focus groups and interviews to assess individual, team and organization needs
  • Administer and facilitate leadership and competency training initiatives, to include workshop facilitation, applying the adult learning theory
  • Research and recommend outside vendors, consultants, and trainers to conduct training on specific topics, as needed
  • Create impactful presentations using a variety of media, including Power Point, video, webinars or printed materials for distribution to all corporate facilities and remote workers with sensitivity to all adult learning styles
  • Develop an effective measurement and monitoring system to ensure initiative goals are being met in terms of participation, usage, application and continuous improvement
  • Develop and administer online surveys in order to assess development gaps and needs, gather team member feedback/opinions, and evaluate program effectiveness
  • Develop learning materials including guides, job aids, and tools using intermediate level knowledge in the adult learning theory and all Microsoft Office and online training tools
  • Research and recommend internal career tracks and policies to ensure the development of key talent pools and promote retention of top talent
  • Interpret, diagnose, and present/communicate data (external benchmarking, best practices, and internal surveys)
  • Facilitate “train the trainer” sessions to efficiently deploy and implement talent development programs across the company
  • Diagnose and determine gaps in capabilities across the organization and design solutions to align talent development programs with immediate execution and future objectives
  • Deploy managerial and leadership training for cohorts of high potential employees by developing internally or selecting from vendors
  • Audit and report on talent development programs’ efficacy
  • Assist and support in defining evaluation methodologies for promotions and succession planning
  • Redesign and maintain new employee orientation and on-boarding
  • 2-4 years in professional training environment including instructional design and facilitation
  • 2-4 years in planning and executing projects in mid-size organizations with multi-divisional structure
  • Excellent people skills; demonstrated success building and maintaining strong internal and external relationships
  • Lead, plan, coordinate and evaluate all areas of employee development for effectiveness and efficiency; with support from the Manager - Learning and Development
  • Project manage Learning and Development activities for complex projects from the creation of a Partner Agreement through to the identification, documentation, and communication of best practices / lessons learned with support from the Manager – Learning and Development
  • Conduct needs analysis, design/development, and translate simple and complex processes into easy to understand training materials to support the integration of new work activities and the standardization of existing work activities
  • Design technical and soft skill training and ensure that all key learning objectives are met
  • Evaluate instruction and learner activities; modifying materials as necessary to improve effectiveness and reflect current business knowledge / situations
  • Partner with stakeholders, project team members, global resources and Learning and Development team members to ensure the delivery of high quality training solutions that meet evolving business needs
  • Identify gaps and design solutions to address those gaps in created and/or presented training materials
  • Build relationships with Subject Matter Experts (SME’s), project team members, embedded business partners, and global resources to facilitate knowledge transfer
  • Support cost effective and efficient delivery of Instructional Design services by optimizing the use of technology, implementing best practices, and driving continuous improvement
  • Facilitate Train-the-Trainer and other training sessions, as needed
  • Support / administer Learning Management System in conjunction with other Learning and Development team members
  • Actively participate in the sharing of best practices with other members of the Human Resources team and BSC team members who create and/or facilitate training on their behalf and provide mentoring support as appropriate
  • This position’s primary interfaces are
  • Minimum 5 years Learning and Development experience
  • Familiarity with workplace knowledge management tools and SharePoint
  • Ability to use Visio, Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, PowerPoint) at an intermediate to expert level
  • Previous experience leading Learning and Development projects
  • Previous Leadership Development experience strongly preferred
  • Previous experience working in shared service center preferred
  • Learning Certification preferred (CTP, DDI)
  • Drive L&D policies, processes, tracking and monitoring, and reporting standards for the Region in alignment with the Global L&D Operations manager
  • Act as resource to ensure effective and consistent implementation and delivery of core people processes and programs; manages all logistics (before, during and after) for training programs; coordinates partnerships with professional vendors as required; coordinates nomination process for programs; coordinates facility, accommodation and equipment needs; tracks participation and other success measures; coordinates all expenses and intercompany charges within finance timelines; provides data and reports as needed including for audit purposes
  • Manages L&D administration including user support, local ticket management, tool-linked communication, training of users and trainers, supports the roll-out of tool enhancements; drives reports
  • Develops and maintains state of the art communications channels for L&D such as local intranet pages, information to users, protocol of learning board meetings, training catalogues, program launch communication, training materials
  • Bachelors degree in relevant field
  • Min of 5 years of experience working with HR and Learning Systems
  • Experience in successfully managing Learning Systems projects such as roll-out of new tools, training of users, super user support, continuous improvement, and metrics
  • Proven analytical skills in working with data, identifying opportunities for improvement and executing a plan to deliver on those opportunities
  • Strong communication skills written and verbal, and ability to work across multiple levels in the organization
  • Local language and English communication proficiency
  • Facilitates and assesses business skills training programs for client
  • Assesses. designs and develops instructional materials including training manuals. facilitation guides. teaching aids. assessments. training activities. role play scenarios. self-paced study and performance evaluation tools
  • Employs a variety of training methodologies. techniques. concepts. learning tools. and practices to ensure maximum effectiveness of training program
  • Manages group dynamics through the use of learner focused environment and adult accelerated learning methods
  • Responsible for associate development including coaching associates to perform effectively
  • Reviews all programs assigned and continuously ensures they meet the rigorous standards that are set forth
  • Produces professional presentations and training materials using MS Word. PowerPoint and other desktop publishing software
  • Revises existing training materials and programs based on audit results. questionnaires. changing procedures and feedback from internal/ external customers. subject matter experts. program sponsors and trainers
  • Coordinates and organizes enrollment of students. assembles necessary program materials. decoration/setup of classroom. shopping for supplies. catering and other functions related to client University
  • Schedules training programs and prepares training status reports
  • Leads and coordinates projects for the Business Training department
  • Responsible for training trainers and managers on new content
  • 5+ years of experience in design and Delivery of training programs using strong facilitation and communication skills. evaluation of learner needs. assessment of training programs and implementation of learning solutions for performance enhancement
  • Required: 1+ year of experience in leadership facilitation for at least mid-level management development programs Required
  • Experience in the following areas/competencies is advantageous: Claims / Member Services / Health Services / Call Center / Sales / Provider Relations Training and development / Corporate University/ HMO. managed health care or Insurance professional/ Curriculum development specialist/ Team leader for groups of 25 or more/ Online training / Computer based learning professional/ Public speaker / seminar leader Preferred
  • Proficient in writing professional self-study books and scripted lessons Intermediate
  • Skilled as a facilitator. public speaker and/or seminar leader experience Intermediate
  • Provides leadership to execute the organization’s people strategy; implements learning projects and activities
  • Demonstrates business understanding and drives for business results and outcomes with stakeholder analysis
  • Applies a systematic process for analyzing human performance gaps and closing them
  • Demonstrated skills in training design and curriculum development
  • Virtual instructor led learning design and delivery
  • Experience with a Learning Management System
  • Extensive experience working with Subject Matter Experts
  • Expert level knowledge and use of the Instructional System Design (ISD) process
  • All role-specific knowledge of the Learning & Development Specialist I
  • Undergraduate degree in Instructional Design or business, communication, education
  • Graduate degree in Instructional Design, preferred
  • Certified Performance and Learning Professional (CPLP) designation, preferred
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience which includes 5 years of experience in training program design and development
  • Collaborate with the training lead, subject matter experts and management team on training needs and responsibilities
  • Assist with instructor-led training both internally and externally with the goal of independently delivering training with time and experience
  • Manage new hire on-boarding, collaborating with hiring manager on requirements and objectives
  • Aid in the development of eLearning modules and related content on a regular basis including job aids, videos, training checklists, documentation and processes
  • Assist in creating effective assessments to measure learning progress and to evaluate effectiveness of instructional materials and courses
  • Track attendance and completion of learning activities using Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in training, education or communication
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office programs, especially Word and PowerPoint
  • Collaborate and operate well in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment
  • Strong attention to detail with excellent prioritization skills
  • Consults with assigned client groups and key internal stakeholders on training and development needs and requirements aligned with the business strategy, priorities and reality of the business environment
  • Performs gap analysis between current performance and business goals and requirements
  • Establishes and refines learning strategy and learning plans for designated client groups to close performance gaps
  • Responsible for measurement of learning solutions to ensure they meet business objectives
  • Supports assigned business units in the promotion and implementation of blended learning solutions and ensures consistency, accuracy and quality of learning
  • Leverages global learning assets in priority and customizes for regional/local markets
  • Leverages the appropriate digital channels and internal platforms for members and managers to easily access learning
  • Coordinates projects for priority Canadian learning programs
  • 5 years’ experience in learning and development or a related field with a focus on performance consulting/needs analysis, project coordination, course design and development
  • Experience working in IT professional services is an strong asset
  • Experience implementing synchronous and asynchronous technology-based learning solutions
  • Bachelor’s Degree (education, HR or related field)
  • French is an asset
  • Project Management- responsible for total project management of large enterprise wide projects, from start to finish, with extreme attention to detail
  • Coordinate Special Initiatives- complete and track project/program calendar, deliverables, multi-level communication plan as well as meeting planning and logistics
  • Learning & Development- manage various training logistics of enrollment process, training calendar, meeting room set up, offsite venue procurement, and attendance tracking
  • Manages communication to learning program participants, giving logistics information as well as follow up communication
  • Coordinate and conduct the Welcome Training
  • Collect and analyze the training needs for employees and managers
  • Conceptualize and implement the training plan
  • Monitoring the actions quality
  • Managing and monitoring the training budget
  • Providers management and pedagogical engineering on training projects
  • Provide reporting and make presentations to the work council
  • In touch with the OPCA FAFIEC
  • Marketing the training offer
  • Following up with the trainees curve evolution
  • Legal monitoring
  • Support creation of learning content by organising pilot programmes, collating feedback, uploading content (including eLearning)
  • Create and maintain training events and sessions to ensure up to date training programme information is available to users
  • Monitor training demand and schedule sessions accordingly
  • Support delivery of training through arranging facilitators, enrolling and notifying delegates, and compiling and maintaining delegate lists, dealing with delegate queries
  • Manage financial aspects of delivering training programmes including raising purchase orders, dealing with facilitator invoices and delegate charges
  • Maintains and activates competency/ capability frameworks and assessment tools
  • Collate and share programme evaluation feedback with CoE
  • Provide regular reports and insights against L&D KPIs
  • Ensure learning data and content is properly maintained in the system ie. tagged, owned and reviewed on a regular basis
  • Coordinate global training nominations process
  • Take the Learning Needs Analysis and Client engagement materials from Learning CoE members and under direction, develop virtual learning materials to meet these requirements. (The tool used is likely to be Articulate Storyline, Moovly)
  • Liaise with the CoE learning managers and SMEs to ensure elearning development work is to requirements
  • Conduct quality assurance reviews to ensure training materials are technically accurate, functional, and conform to customer standards, industry best practices, and regulatory guidelines
  • Act as the producer in Virtual Classroom deliveries supporting the SME facilitating the course. Providing expertise in the system administration of Adobe Connect/Webex (whichever platform is chosen)
  • Modify existing training content to reflect product updates and meeting evolving learning needs
  • Provide timely and efficient troubleshooting assistance by investigating questions related to the courses and LMS platform
  • Build close relationships with principal business and functional stakeholders
  • Coordinate and manage learning solution delivery
  • Delivery of training materials, class exercises, discussions for McAfee security products and solutions, and selling skills
  • Configuration and preparation of classroom environment
  • Provide feedback to managers on new hires strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessment of student participation, performance, and classroom behavior
  • Cross-functional collaboration with other business and regional HR and Learning resources
  • Create metrics and manage performance impact measurement process for learning solutions
  • Conduct performance gap & TNA (training needs assessment) analysis
  • Define learning objectives to support business performance improvement
  • Develop comprehensive performance based training programs
  • Coordinate instructional designers and other development and delivery resources as necessary
  • Assist in the continuing development and improvement of the technical career track
  • Global Travel required
  • Learning & development experience in the appropriate industry/business background, including proven experience relevant to functional assignment (e.g., technical)
  • Proven training, instructional design & facilitation skills
  • Strong project management skills– experience with GTD preferred
  • Successful business experience in training, facilitation, instructional design, event planning, project management
  • CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning & Performance) and/or PMP Preferred
  • Identification, development, implementation and embedding of learning & development programs, systems and initiatives across the region
  • Consulting with business leaders and the Human Resources team regarding performance and development opportunities and solutions
  • Developing materials, engaging facilitators, scheduling and managing attendees
  • Collaborating with subject matter experts, instructional designers and specialists both internally and externally to design training and select best modalities for maximum impact and scale
  • Monitoring and evaluating the training program’s effectiveness, success and periodically report outcomes to stakeholders
  • Partnering with the Human Resources team to build a culture of learning
  • Implementing plans, scheduling and coordination of learning & development events
  • Supporting the implementation of small scale change management programs and interventions
  • Previous learning, training and development experience in a similar sized environment that is supported by a relevant tertiary qualification in adult education/learning, workplace training, assessment or coaching
  • Sound knowledge of contemporary learning & development with a broad range of experiences and a proven track record of identifying problems with a history of successful delivery of development solutions
  • Experience as a facilitator and the cultivation of strong working relationships within HR and the business
  • Strong stakeholder management capability
  • Project management experience within a learning and development setting
  • Highly effective communication skills and exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Ensure effective delivery of training and development solutions to support the organization
  • Develop & review new training materials and collect feedback for revisions to course curriculum
  • Plan and manage projects & programs with moderate complexity
  • Design and deploy new development programs, including end to end change management that drives adoption
  • Manage projects for existing and new programs related to competency management, driving a culture of development,and consulting with leaders to understand technical training needs. Partner with stakeholders to create learning solutions aligned with these needs
  • Exercise good judgment to make timely decisions, solve problems and prioritize projects and responsibilities
  • Effectively collaborate with HR Business Partners to create development solutions
  • Leverage the Learning Management System to create scalable, user-focused solutions
  • Manage communication of training programs and drive internal awareness through various media including up-to-date online training calendar, training newsletters and direct communication with internal customers
  • Drive internal awareness/participation in development programs
  • Serve on education-related project teams, providing input into new programs and policies from an adult learning and communication perspective
  • Minimum of 5 years adult learning/within a fast-paced HR function or equivalent related experience
  • Proficiency with curriculum development for adult learning modalities
  • Proficiency with training creation and delivery
  • Proficiency with LMS systems
  • Demonstrated ability to train on a variety of topics in a high performing knowledge worker environment
  • Strong communication/ internal marketing skills
  • Microsoft Office Suite skills including strong PowerPoint, Word and Excel skills
  • DDI Certification a plus
  • Insights Certification a plus
  • Worked 4+ years designing and teaching interactive curriculum and learning programs
  • Worked with business teams to elicit and prioritize their needs and translate them into effective learning opportunities
  • Mastered MS Office and Office365 products, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Demonstrated visual storying telling and communications
  • Exposed to Learning Management Systems
  • Demonstrated strong problem-solving and interpersonal communication skills
  • Developed the ability to work independently and collaborate with a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Developed strong organizational skills and the ability to successfully manage multiple projects

Employee Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Identifying employee training and development needs of organization through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with business managers
  • Designing and expanding learning and development programs based on the needs of the organization and the individual
  • Keeping within budgets as assessing the return on investment of learning & development program
  • Developing and Delivering Effective Programs, such as New Employee Onboarding, Campus Graduates Onboarding and others
  • Producing training materials for in-house courses and delivering certain courses as trainer
  • Managing the delivery of learning and development programs and developing internal trainers’ pool
  • Monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the progress of trainees through questionnaires and discussions with managers
  • Having an understanding of e-learning techniques, and where relevant, being involved in the creation and/or delivery of e-learning packages
  • Publishing newsletters, e-mails, fliers or memos; updating bulletin boards or calendars of events; and managing other tools to produce print and digital copies of communication
  • BA/BS degree in related discipline or equivalent experience in learning & development development
  • Minimum of 5 plus years of directly related experience
  • Comfortable interacting with all levels of staff, including management
  • Demonstrable track record of implementing and delivering results through an employee development program
  • Experienced in and passionate about learning & development
  • Has working knowledge of best practices in developing employees, and experience applying/adapting relevant practices within organizations
  • Effective communicator and facilitator – strong communication skills; Highly accomplished presenter able to deliver succinct messages
  • Good planning, writing and editing skills
  • Strong English communication capability, both in oral and written
  • Project manage the development of ridesharing + EATs specific learning programs
  • Partner with subject experts across the company to create engaging learning activities and compelling course content that enhances retention
  • Stay close to the evolving needs of our ridesharing and EATs organizations, identifying new opportunities for learning support
  • Manage stakeholders across the business to get work done fast - like really fast!
  • Identify, isolate, and remove bottlenecks and operational weaknesses from current learning/development processes
  • Set, measure, and deliver on KPIs for learning and development programs
  • Assess the impact of learning programs and iterate to find the optimal delivery and investment
  • Willingness to relocate to San Francisco
  • BA/BS degree in a related field or equivalent practical experience
  • 4-5 years experience in learning & development, consulting, project management, organizational development or other related field
  • Deliver effective learning solutions to support NORAM clusters
  • Manage Learning Management System as Key User for NORAM cluster
  • Create digital learning solutions for Learning CBS and Danone NORAM
  • Process & Projects
  • Experience utilizing LMS or equivalent management system strongly preferred; Experience with Cornerstone LMS
  • Experience with authoring tools / e-Learning solutions strongly preferred
  • Demonstrated customer service capability and sense of urgency
  • Digital fluency / technology savvy
  • Drive for results and passion for developing a “Learning culture”
  • Minimum of two (2) years of relevant experience
  • Overnight travel estimated at 20%
  • To be part of a young and dynamic team, and have the opportunity to work in a multi-cultural and diverse environment
  • Opportunity to work closely with different key stakeholders, L&D vendors, and global teams
  • Working knowledge in SAP HCM system (LSO)
  • Working knowledge in workflow capabilities
  • Working knowledge in Sharepoint
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. Is able to conduct high quality telephone interviews with learning and development process participants and managers/peers
  • Working knowledge of course content so that questions can be answered quickly and accurately
  • Financial analysis and accounting skills
  • Conducts skills, technical, management and staff development training courses within business units or groups
  • Uses assessment tools to determine effectiveness of training programs
  • Interacts with functional organizations to develop specifications for content of courses
  • Evaluates need and develops new training materials and/or revises current material to ensure business unit or group training needs are met
  • Evaluates training methodology
  • Designs and develops in-house programs
  • Conducts follow up to determine applicability of course material
  • Partner with IT teams to understand their business goals and impediments
  • Leverage key insights and a user-centric mindset to develop, curate, or source solutions needed to grow the functional/technical skills of IT employees
  • Collaborate with personnel across the IT organization and seek to gain synergy and alignment when competencies cross multiple job families
  • Participate in the organization, planning, and execution of quarterly learning events
  • Attend regular meetings with SME teams to gain understanding of business goals and impediments
  • Conduct analyses to
  • 2+ years experience as an instructional designer/developer
  • 2+ years of experience with 2 of the following: Familiarity with IT organizational roles/responsibilities/processes, Instructional Design degree, Facilitation skills, or experience with the following software (MS Office, SharePoint, OneNote, Captivate and Camtasia)
  • Excellent Corporate communication
  • Experience as a Learning Development SME
  • Previous Instructional Design/Development experience in a matrixed environment
  • Design and conduct needs assessments and analyze results from the business to determine the right solutions to support business needs and strategic initiatives
  • Develop engaging eLearning programs with sound UI principles
  • Film and edit video to include in eLearning courses, internal social media sites
  • Conduct evaluations to ensure effectiveness and continuous improvement of high quality training content to achieve business objectives
  • Master’s Degree preferred (Instructional Design, eLearning Technology, Learning Theory, etc)
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in learning and development that directly aligns with specific responsibilities for this position (Required)
  • Proficient with a variety of eLearning design and development tools include Captivate, Camtasia, Articulate Storyline (Required)
  • Proficient in graphic design and video editing software (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite, iMovie, Final Cut Pro) (Required)
  • Experience in gamification, Cornerstone On Demand, and open source platforms and tools preferred
  • Remains informed about industry trends, learning research, and emerging technologies
  • A demonstrated track record of providing excellent customer service, and acting with a ‘serving others’ mindset
  • Effective facilitation of performance improvement learning initiatives on the floor or in the field - this could be through surgeries, workgroups, side by side support to mention a few within your allocated area and skills group
  • Effective delivery of structured/formal Know-How learning solutions e.g. Inductions and programmes like Aspire & Inspire within your allocated area and skills group
  • Effective preparation prior to delivery ensuring you have a constant focus on continuous improvement feeding learnings, observations and suggestions back into the learning cycle as is appropriate
  • Experience in delivering & facilitation learning & development programmes & initiatives or the effective coaching of frontline leaders and staff
  • A sound understanding of best in class customer service practice & standards in a fast paced environment across multiple customer facing channels
  • Experience in the design & delivery of tactical/local team based solutions
  • 5+ years’ experience in corporate learning and training programs
  • 3+ years’ experience in building and managing eLearning and online training content
  • 3+ years’ experience facilitating classroom trainings and new employee onboarding
  • Energy and passion for developing others in new and innovative ways
  • Must display a clear ability to speak publically, engage an audience, and drive content retention
  • Must have a clear understanding of transformative learning, brain science, and blending learning models
  • Thorough knowledge of Malwarebytes software, company culture, and core values. Comprehensive training will be provided
  • Ability to use common page layout, multi-media, and web design applications
  • Must have excellent work ethic, be a strong team player, and consistently meet deadlines
  • Possesses a positive and proactive attitude
  • Results driven mentality and excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a cross-functional team
  • Must be willing to travel to global offices for occasional professional development. Travel estimated to be approximately 10-15% a year
  • Superior skills in Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint necessary. Adobe and other design software is a plus

HR Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor’s Degree in adult education, business management, HR or related field
  • Proficient in MS Office, advanced ability with Power Point
  • Efficient use of LMS tools and other content management systems including SharePoint
  • Ability to apply working knowledge of common training effectiveness methods to determine training effectiveness, vendor viability, and troubleshoot problems
  • Ability to analyze cost-benefit ratios, ROI of training initiatives
  • Business acumen – understands things like the business cycle, market position, competitive factors
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong customer focus, energy in seeking best solution to customer problems
  • Excellent attention to detail, able to juggle multiple tasks / projects simultaneously
  • Good foundational knowledge of adult education including identification of right solutions, tailoring content to different audiences, evaluation of results
  • Able to utilize technology to solve training needs including use of web-based solutions, development of eLearning, conferencing tools. Ability to use common authorware like Captivate, or similar CC
  • Familiar with basic concepts of leadership and leader development
  • Some training experience preferred
  • Designing a broad range of needs-based learning and development solutions, with special focus on Plexus strategic initiatives, culture and core values
  • Responsible for the management of the new hire orientation program including planning, agendas, facilitating content and evaluation of program effectiveness
  • Maintaining a thorough knowledge of the Learning Management System (s), along with any updates/changes, and work directly with the vendor to troubleshoot any issues that arise
  • Performing needs analyses and review organization resources to ensure that training and development resources exist or are developed to support training needs based upon projected competencies, organizational changes, and other external factors, as well as the near- and long-term goals of the organization
  • Assisting the Human Resources Director with learning and organizational development initiatives and internal communications
  • Continually evaluating the effectiveness of training programs and materials and looking for opportunities to enhance. Also continually evaluating training content for accuracy and updating information
  • Developing measurement and evaluation on the effectiveness of learning and development curriculum provided, including pre- and post-assessments, surveys and evaluations
  • Ensure consistency in curriculum design approach, format, principle, and execution
  • Generate learning and development material in e-learning software, when appropriate
  • Culture & Leadership (e.g. Garage, Learning & Development, Culture Change)
  • Engineering System (e.g. Tools, Productivity, Agility)
  • Inspirational Engineering (e.g. Events, Storytelling Communications)
  • Build partnerships and drive ongoing dialogue across all Engineering groups to identify culture needs, understand current state approaches and influence the future experiences using a data driven approach
  • Contracts for joint ownership of culture strategies across HR & Engineering groups to increase Microsoft’s engineering talent’s impact
  • Actively represents Engineering profession around the globe in the forums and communities where we need to engage
  • Sought out as a company-wide resource to partner and consult with senior and/or disparate stakeholders to contribute to the shared goals of the team
  • Contributes to the design and execution of engineering culture programs and events related to the above mentioned 3 pillars
  • Develops and oversees consistent measurement and ROI metrics for Engineering culture change efforts to ensure impact and business return
  • Ensures all efforts accrue to the “North Star” metric of increasing the likelihood that engineers recommend Microsoft as one of the top places for engineers to work
  • Effectively balances investments in building skills and capabilities for today and tomorrow
  • Exceptional consultative, evangelization, and facilitation skills, including demonstrated ability to influence senior and executive leaders
  • Known collaborator and team player, works well within a matrix
  • Exceptional knowledge of learning & development
  • Strong project management skills with a passion to realize your full potential
  • Confident in an agile and highly ambiguous environment
  • Growth mindset, love to learn and adjust to changing needs of the role and team
  • 10+ years in related Learning & Development roles
  • BS/BA degree
  • Learning & Development Planning and Initiation: Ensure flawless execution of end to end processes for course and workshop deployment including planning, learning solutions catalog and portal set up, and document session master data and requirements, activities, ensuring accurate course descriptions, objectives, target audience, and approval requirements are completed on new course types and session forms
  • Execute the coordination and confirmation of facilitator availability on planned session dates including the confirmation of session requirements prior to executing the arrangements to provide all the necessary resources for the session to be delivered
  • Handle facilitator based on policies and guidelines defined by the Managers and creation of purchasing orders (PO)
  • Location and Catering: execute activities related to conference room booking (including room setup) and catering service requests of internal or external resources, whenever applicable, execute on-site coordinator services contracting activities
  • Materials: execute, whenever applicable, activities related to contracting material printing services including quotation approvals, negotiations based on policies and guidelines defined by the Managers and PO creation. Manage activities related to tracking and custom clearance for materials printed out of borders the session on-site location
  • Participants: upload restricted participant list when applicable. Manage participants’ enrollment. Execute the 360° assessment process including the distribution, printing and delivery of the reports
  • Control & follow up: Execute program series marketing initiatives. Coordinate material delivery and all on site preparation activities on the session begin date with the on-site coordinators. Update course information in the tool to credit participant´s training history. Execute the payment processes to vendors. Distribute course evaluations results. Execute after the fact course roster update in the system. Accountable for PO creation, goods receipt and chargeback processes
  • Reporting and Record Management: run an ad hoc reporting requirements. Provide full reporting quarterly, ad-hoc reporting as required including but not limited to financial results and participation information. Provides regular updates of the status of L&D metrics. Responsible to ensure metrics and SLAs are met. System maintenance. Include any Learning & Development administrative process improvements, external vendor information, calendars, etc
  • Case Management, Monitoring and Escalations: act as 1st level escalation, service case requests and manage case queues in Salesforce (case management system), redirect cases, ensure SLAs are met and cases are assigned to the right team for the areas of accountability. Collaborate with GBS Talent and Learning Manager, GBS Team leads, 2nd level team associates and global teams in resolving process, case issues and handoffs. If required, co-ordinate with the appropriate stakeholders to obtain approvals in line with agreed protocols, escalating requests to the team management in case they are out of process and/or require special handling, and recommend appropriate resolution, including policy exceptions
  • Operational Excellence/ Process improvements: identify process improvements, system enhancements needed to support the successful design, development and implementation of HR plans, programs, processes, and tools in collaboration with other HR teams. Ensure positive customer experience throughout areas of responsibility. Collaborate with the team management in ensuring the L&D metrics are reviewed and appropriate corrections/ modifications made in processes and service delivery
  • Influence and work virtually across multiply business units, markets and geographies. Act as a point of contact for more junior staff
  • Review and evaluate success via reporting and metrics
  • Degree in training and development, human resources management, organizational development, or business administration
  • Must have Training/Learning and Development with talent management experience. Experience in organizing and implementing training and development initiatives for a large, diverse organisation
  • Preferably with experience in an HR role within a major customer focused organisation
  • With strong project management skills
  • High level communication and relationship management skills, with the ability to deal effectively with senior business leaders and external vendors
  • Strong analytical, management and decision-making skills to assess training needs and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Must have good interpersonal skills
  • Should have a basic understanding of business issues and key business performance indicators
  • Has demonstrated experience working closely with multi-disciplinary executives
  • Should have an appreciation of the diversity and sensitivity of different cultural and social norms and should be comfortable communicating across varied cultural environments
  • 2 years of relevant experience and a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent or
  • Relevant experience and a Master’s degree or PhD or
  • Relevant Professional Experience
  • Minimum of 2 years professional experience
  • Minimum of 2 years Learning & Development experience
  • 2+ years of curriculum development/delivery experience, preferably in the IT/Internet industry
  • Proven ability to operate across all functions of a company
  • Experience with learning management systems, highly preferred (examples; Cornerstone On-Demand, Sum-total, Latitude Learning, etc.)
  • Must be: a self-starter, team player, detail oriented and possesses strong communication skills
  • Highly organized with the ability to work well under pressure and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to establish and maintain quality relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ability and interest to develop high quality curriculums
  • Successful demonstration of adaptability/flexibility
  • Proven ability to effectively facilitate Learning & Development Programs
  • Well-versed in Learning & Development best practices
  • Experience with providing effective, engaging coaching and feedback for a diverse workforce; experience supervising others preferred
  • Superior computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Strong organizational and time management skills with a sense of urgency in exceeding goals
  • Experience in hospitality, retail, entertainment or other consumer-driven service business is highly preferred
  • L&D certifications and/or affiliations a plus
  • The capabilities necessary to perform the job are typically acquired through a Bachelor’s Degree and at least 1-2 years of experience in the Learning & Development field or an equivalent combination of training, education and professional experience
  • Assess and Analyze: Assist in gathering and defining needs for various employee audiences within COE. Capture, analyze and evaluate data for all development related metrics to determine the impact of development initiatives to make improvement recommendations on behalf of COE employees
  • Implement Development program(s): Provide design input by applying instructional design methodology and adult learning theory to all sector specific programs and reinforcement mechanisms in partnership with L&D Consultants. Maintain quality by collecting and integrating feedback into future iterations of the course and/or curriculum through partnership with L&D, Organization Effectiveness, HRBL’s and other key COE stakeholders. Collaborate with subject matter experts to implement programmatic learning and development activities leveraging all learning methods and programs (i.e. instructor-led classroom, virtual, self-paced eLearning, etc.). Support implementation of development activities that support business initiatives and delivery of content where appropriate (eg. Introduction of Leaders; facilitation in partnership with HRBL and Business leaders). Coordinate before, during and after all development activities (touch point or secure and prep leaders)
  • Project Management: Use solid project management skills to implement all COE development activities. Track COE project schedules and be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously; progress, escalate, risk mitigation strategies and report out to key stakeholders
  • Change Management & Communication: Provide input and execute a COE change management plan (including behavior change fundamentals such as mindset shift, dealing with resistance, cultural shift). Collaborate with development team to design communication solutions to promote development. Build awareness to increase utilization of Northrop Grumman Development Center by employees
  • Bachelor’s Degree in adult education, HR, OD, or related discipline
  • Minimum 3 years of progressively responsible experience in learning and development or HR field in a large complex professional environment
  • Exceptional relationship-building skills with an ability to manage multiple clients with multiple needs in an efficient and effective manner
  • Demonstrated aptitude for learning with the flexibility to adapt to shifting priorities and navigate ambiguous situations. Demonstrated facilitation and platform skills in both virtual and face-to-face delivery methods
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)
  • Experience with social and mobile learning technologies; gamification; developing web-based, VILT courses
  • Experience in change management, talent management and larger scale OD/OE projects
  • Experience with assessment and evaluation methods
  • Strong interpersonal, written, and visual communication skills to bring together text, images, video, and audio for Sector specific, kick off materials, and reinforcement of NG development programs
  • Curriculum Design, Development, and Delivery
  • Facilitation
  • Knowledge of Healthcare regulated environment preferred (FDA, cGMP, DEA, etc.)
  • Strong interpersonal/human relations skills
  • Ability to motivate and influence individuals to take action
  • Ability to operate a personal computer and use various software programs
  • Experience with Learning Management System(s) (Cornerstone, etc.)
  • Courseware Development Tools (Articulate, etc.)
  • Fluency with Microsoft Suite, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio

Greenlight Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Strong instructional design and curriculum development skills
  • Exceptional communication skills and the ability to synthesize and simplify complex topics and procedures
  • Advanced Spanish
  • Work with internal clients, primarily Prospect Center, to deliver and update training programs for staff which are job-specific, interactive, and linked to work performance
  • Provide clients with a range of learning alternatives including classroom training, e-learning, video tutorials, online resources
  • Create a productive rapport with learners. Manage classroom dynamics to maximize knowledge transfer. Provide feedback to participants on performance and standards and coaches where needed
  • Works closely with clients to understand the work tasks and observe/carry out work tasks regularly to confirm training is reflective of real world scenarios
  • Monitors progress of training courses and evaluates their effectiveness
  • Suggests revisions and modifications for training courses based on participants' feedback and other measures of effectiveness
  • Work with other Learning & Development team members across the globe to share best practices and support multi-site projects
  • 1 to 3 years of experience training others, developing materials, and/or coaching and mentoring others on the job
  • Preferred education in training & development, adult education, human resource or human performance improvement
  • Knowledge of group insurance industry preferred
  • Knowledge of Prospect Center process and procedure (preferred not essential)
  • Demonstrated ability to provide effective instruction, deliver learning programs, and create training materials
  • Has knowledge of adult learning theory and application or willingness and capacity to learn these principles
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills required
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to contribute to training project plans with approach, milestones, deliverables, schedules, and rollout strategy
  • Able to evaluate the success of training during the program, on the job, and where appropriate, provide evidence of how the learning improved job performance
  • Able and willing to travel to international sites. Travel may consist of 2-3 trips annually for 1-2 weeks per trip
  • Ability to work and collaborate in a virtual environment
  • Attributes: Attention to detail, strong commitment to delivering for internal clients, emphasis on quality of work, self-starting and takes initiative
  • Design, develop, and maintain core curriculum, participant materials, instructor guides, and other collateral across paper-based and digital mediums
  • Leverage subject matter experts and external resources to design and deliver engaging and creative content
  • Successfully facilitate learning and development solutions using a variety of instructional techniques
  • Conduct needs analysis and work with PeopleWorks (PW) team members to develop metrics to measure and communicate the efficacy of L&D initiatives and programs
  • Work collaboratively with members of cross-functional teams to determine and build appropriate training solutions, materials, and media
  • Build partnerships with teams at the Restaurant Support Center (RSC) and in the Field with the brands to bridge gaps in knowledge/skills and deliver results
  • Interface professionally with stakeholders, business partners, and other internal clients
  • Work on multiple projects simultaneously, producing quality work under deadlines
  • Demonstrate flexibility and ability to effectively manage changes in project scope, timelines, and priorities
  • Up to 25% travel required
  • Feedback’s Priceless – I see more through your feedback
  • Own it – I own, drive and achieve key results
  • Win Together – I work across boundaries to achieve key results
  • Trust Matters – I act in a manner that cultivates trust in others
  • Thinking Forward – I think and act in a manner to deliver desired future results
  • Must have 5-7 years of solid claims experience
  • Training, mentoring, or management experience is preferred but not required
  • Strong adult learning, facilitation and presentation skills preferred
  • Must be a self-starter and have the ability to work independently
  • Must be able to effectively manage time, projects and resources
  • Proficiency and experience in using multimedia training resources and MS Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WebEx, etc
  • Experience in design, development and facilitation of educational programs in a corporate setting a plus
  • Ability to create computer-based learning programs a plus

Temporary Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist with day-to-day COE-specific programs and processes
  • Follow national policies, programs and guidelines are followed by team and manage escalations/exceptions, as needed
  • Bachelor’s Degree; Minimum of 1-3 years related experience
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment including managing to tight deadlines, identifying risks and escalating as appropriate, and coordinating multiple contributors
  • Previously demonstrated successful project management in highly decentralized organization, which required collaboration, consensus, and a high degree of influence to be successful
  • Can build relationships and deal comfortably with all levels within the firm. Can craft approaches that are perceived as positive and successful. Knows how to build and sustain credibility
  • Proficient Microsoft Office
  • Utilize instructional design methodology to design and develop training materials for various learning contexts
  • Present information, using a variety of instructional techniques and formats such as role playing, simulations, team exercises, group discussions, videos and lectures
  • Identify and assess organizational training needs
  • Meet with stakeholders to ascertain training needs
  • Work with SME to analyze and design learning materials for all media
  • Develop, organize, conduct and evaluate training programs
  • Teach skills such as computer applications, phone systems, product offers, policies and procedures, and sales and customer service techniques
  • Direct structured learning experiences
  • Hold meetings and presentations on learning material
  • Plan, organize, and implement a range of training activities
  • Modify existing training programs
  • Create interactive, multimedia presentations
  • Collaborate with Team Members to determine training methods and approaches that most effectively promote learner’s performance
  • Monitor effectiveness of training programs and progress of trainees
  • Manage the documentation of learning materials with appropriate version controls in formats that are user friendly and accessible
  • Conduct regular post-training competency evaluations of operations staff to assess the need for additional training
  • Continuous improvement of existing learning materials based on quality results, trainee survey results, and evaluation results
  • Evaluate learning results using Kirkpatrick levels of evaluation
  • Maintain learning resources in the LMS
  • Maintain design and delivery templates for online and classroom delivery
  • Regularly evaluate and communicate effectiveness of training programs to business stakeholders, as aligned with KPIs and overall business goals
  • Design and create training manuals, online learning modules, and course materials
  • Ensure all projects are delivered on-time, according to budget and in-scope
  • Update training material to keep current with new topics and techniques
  • Review training materials from a variety of vendors and manage vendor relationships
  • Deliver and/or coordinate training using a variety of instructional techniques
  • Perform administrative tasks such as monitoring costs, scheduling classes, setting up systems and equipment and coordinating enrollment
  • Apply for and secure state funding
  • Measure effectiveness and ROI of learning initiatives through a metrics-based tracking system
  • Keeps abreast of current trends and best practices within the Learning and Development industry to continually bring fresh ideas and approaches
  • Facilitate informal and formal learning programs company-wide to all levels of employees
  • Perform other duties as may be required or necessary
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent job experience
  • Proficiency in the use of MS Office Programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) etc
  • 2+ years experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Knowledge of needs analysis, design, implementation and evaluation skills
  • Knowledge of Adult Learning Theories
  • Virtual learning Experience
  • Two- four years’ experience
  • Possesses a Bachelor degree
  • Experience in either consulting, human resources or benefits administration industries
  • 10-14 years of experience, with at least 8-10 years in training delivery role for leadership and other soft skills trainings
  • Experience with post training measures to gauge learning effectiveness
  • Prior experience of working in a IT/BPO L&D environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of end to end training cycle
  • Knowledge/understanding of Instructional Design would be an added advantage
  • Ability to create/develop program content based on requirements
  • Knowledge of evaluations of training programs and learning effectiveness
  • Sound written / oral communication skills, conceptual and analytical skills
  • Possess passion and drive towards delivery of training programs
  • Skills to interface/liaise effectively with internal customers towards needs' identification and conceptualize, develop relevant program content
  • Strong interpersonal skills and customer service orientation
  • A strong sense of commitment, meeting timelines and passion towards people capability development are necessary for the role
  • Ability to navigate and make sense of big data sets and unfamiliar data (data cleaning, dealing with missing data, spotting mistakes, integrating data from multiple sources, standardization of data)
  • Successful use of applied statistics with strong attention to detail and precision with data
  • Understanding of the difference between correlation and causation
  • Strong understanding of talent development measures and principles (i.e., Phillips ROI methodology)
  • Experience with Return on Investment calculations including translating performance impact to financial valuation
  • Experience developing measurement plans and writing impact studies that include isolating the effects of the solution
  • Knowledge of process design principles (i.e., Six Sigma)
  • Experience designing/writing process flows, decision trees, and step/action tables
  • Ability to write effective measurement surveys and translate the results to business recommendations/actions
  • Ability to negotiate data sourcing agreements with stakeholder partners
  • Ability to define measurement needs and translate to requirements for data owners/IT
  • Strong project management and organization skills
  • Strong critical thinking, decision making, and prioritization skills
  • Strong analytical and statistical skills (i.e., regression analysis)
  • Strong presentation and storytelling skills
  • Experience creating interactive data visualizations (i.e., in Tableau, Cognos Workspace or like tool) preferred
  • High level of integrity required given this position works with sensitive types of data
  • Comfortable working with across all business units and departments including Finance, IT, Customer Service Operations, Sales Operations, HR
  • Ability to work effectively in a virtual team
  • Excellent team player with strong networking skills
  • Able to work with a high level of autonomy
  • Ability to differentiate between use/application of firm business rules vs. adhering to guidance
  • Expert proficiency with MS Excel and/or Google Sheets
  • Strong proficiency with MS PowerPoint and Word or Google equivalent
  • Proficiency with MS Visio or like tool preferred
  • Experience using statistical tool like SPSS or Minitab is preferred
  • Experience with SQL and query writing preferred
  • 10 years of experience with working in the Air Force Education and Training environment
  • Knowledge of the ADDIE Model for instructional design
  • BA or BS degree
  • Experience with serving as an action officer assigned to an Air Force or Major Command headquarters
  • Experience as a former Senior non-commissioned officer
  • ISD Certification
  • Serve as part of a project management team or lead on projects including maintaining project plans, developing business cases, creating project charters, completing stakeholder analysis, providing executive updates and carry out resulting activity for the CIB L&D team or Firmwide L&D teams which may include research, technology analyses, best practice benchmarking
  • Look for process efficiencies and implement across the L&D organization
  • Act as key point of contact for CIB L&D on Firmwide L&D activity including vendor negotiations and contracts, process improvement efforts and other areas
  • Data analytics, including establishing an approach for best practice application of data management best practice across the team or working through specific asks including extracting themes and developing recommendations for the CIB L&D team’s activity
  • Relationship management with vendors, HR, Firmwide L&D colleagues and internal clients
  • Provide change management support on major transformation initiatives including development and execution of comprehensive communications
  • Consult with project leadership on appropriate change management strategy for initiatives
  • Experience driving or partnering on transformation efforts on cross line of business and/or global initiatives
  • Ability to manage complex projects with global, cross-LOB impacts
  • Ability to deliver results accurately, quickly, and efficiently while adapting to shifting priorities
  • Ability to establish strong, collaborative relationships with a wide range of stakeholders across the organization
  • Strong technical and analytical skills, including proficient use of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint; MS Project and Visio is a plus
  • Possess a strong sense of intellectual curiosity and a passion to improve the L&D team or internal clients’ L&D experience
  • Able to accept responsibility and operate outside of individual comfort zone
  • Able to work under strict deadlines with flexible working hours (US vs. Global Time zones)
  • Ability to manage multiple and shifting priorities in a dynamic work environment with flexibility
  • Understanding of the Financial Services industry is preferred
  • Facilitate and support New Employee orientation for NA population utilizing global structure
  • Manage schedule, invitations, rosters and costs associated with Talent Development programs
  • Manage records and statistical reports to track progress, feedback and identify trends
  • Design and deploy employee surveys to assess effectiveness of the programs and recommend changes and future state
  • Coordinate planning and sourcing all training materials required for Talent and development programs
  • Interface with Corporate Communications to align Talent programs to larger communication plans
  • Communicate with internal clients on materials under development including changes or developments that impact the project
  • Partner with Zebra’s Knowledge Center to provide basic level of support for the Talent Management System for the deployment of HR Talent programs
  • Serve as content administrator for the HR zConnect pages
  • Support the Org and Talent review process by consolidating and analyzing core HRIS talent data and administrating the talent system
  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience
  • Experience in facilitation in a corporate environment
  • Ability to effectively interact with all levels of organizational staff
  • Competencies include organizational skills, interpersonal and written/oral communication skills
  • Skilled in Excel, Word and Power Point
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to work in a fast paced, agile organization
  • Research and build training modules
  • Develop and deliver training programs
  • Manage New Hire Orientation
  • Knowledge and experience at a level normally acquired through the completion of a bachelor degree and a minimum of 3+ years experience preferred
  • Program/project management expertise or education
  • Facilitation or presentation experience
  • Past contributions to overall business tactics and strategy
  • Proficient PC Skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Research
  • Ability to multi-task many related activities to achieve a common goal
  • High level of oral and written communication skills
  • Strong communication and presentation skills, specifically to large groups
  • Ability to build relationships at all levels of the organization
  • Experience in writing and organizing content to support learning objectives and identifying associated metrics
  • Experience evaluating course/curriculum quality to determine overall effectiveness of classes using delivery performance metrics
  • High level of proficiency with Microsoft Office products including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote
  • Strong understanding of training and development best practices and demonstrated ability to implement solutions based on industry standards/best practices
  • Collaborate with the TED Team, HR, and business leaders to identify, scope, design and develop learning solutions which address business needs. Manage implementation timelines to test and deliver solutions which meet internal client expectations
  • Manage the execution of programs including but not limited to onboarding, competency development, leadership development, and team effectiveness. Coordinate training schedules and logistics for training
  • Manage the evaluation of learning solutions. Facilitate online and classroom learning
  • Provide support for administration of development assessments (e.g., 360-Degree Feedback)
  • Design and develop iPad based, interactive training programs and corresponding materials including, but not limited to, training design documents, scripts, storyboards, skill development activities, reference guides, assessments, and facilitator guides
  • Develop collaborative relationships with training team and subject matter experts to plan and scope requirements for training
  • Create role-based learning plans and provide field support for training implementation
  • Update, track, and manage content through a learning management system
  • Evaluate, propose, and implement enhancements to existing curriculum and materials based on changing business needs
  • 2-5 years’ experience designing learning activities and materials; experience with ADDIE instructional design model a plus
  • Experience managing multiple projects simultaneously in a fast paced environment
  • Experience working with cross-functional partners at all levels of the organization to develop content and assess training needs
  • Experience with video editing and / or video production a strong plus
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator); graphic design skills a plus
  • Experience with HTML5, e-learning authoring tools (Adobe Captivate, Storyline), or web design
  • Strong writing, editing, and communication skills
  • Possess strong sense of urgency (makes it happen)
  • Commit to results and maintains commitment, regardless of obstacles and frustrations
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage change in an appropriate and effective manner and is a strong role model to the team
  • Organize and express ideas clearly, concisely and accurately, verbally and in writing
  • Actively participate in meeting and encourages others to do likewise; shares ideas and asks pertinent questions
  • Develop and maintains productive partnerships inside and outside David’s Bridal
  • 3-4 years relevant experience in Learning and Development field
  • Strong instructional design (including curriculum design) skills with ability to build a strategy and follow it through to execution
  • Dynamic facilitation skills
  • Strong program relationship building skills
  • Ability to apply systems thinking to work
  • Ability to coach and mentor others
  • Online learning development skills using Articulate
  • Ability to collaborate with and influence others
  • Degree or 3rd level qualification (Business, Science)
  • A Learning and Development qualification is desirable
  • At least 3 years experience in the Pharmaceutical industry or a similar operating environment
  • Demonstrated knowledge in more than one pharmaceutical and/or chemical manufacturing operation (e.g. Manufacturing, Quality, Engineering, etc.)
  • Organisation Skills: Ability to manage multiple priorities and to know when to escalate issues for resolution
  • Learning Delivery: Knowledge of methods and alternatives for delivering learning solutions
  • Knowledge of and experience in applying Six Sigma and Lean methodologies
  • Desirable Project Management qualification and evidence of Continuous Professional Development
  • Knowledgeable in Learning and Development
  • Ability to respond to changing priorities
  • Adult Learning Theory and Practice: Knowledge of concepts and practices of adult learning and its application to the workplace
  • Ensure high quality and timeliness of the Learning and Development processes and assigned tasks, such as: coordination of training logistics, managing participant lists and nominations, cooperation with global training team
  • Coordinates and schedules training activities/events related to leadership and employee development
  • Deliver best in class Learning and Development Service support to the HR community, business managers and employees
  • Execute Learning and Development programs according to the defined terms and conditions
  • Administration of the learning management system
  • Recommend enhancements, improvements and simplification to existing processes and procedures based on own experience and feedback from employees
  • 2+ years’ experience in marketing roles within the Commercial or Consumer motion
  • Preferred experience in learning design and delivery
  • Bachelor’s and/or Master’s in Education or Marketing or related professional experiences
  • Ability and confidence to design and execute sales learning programs
  • Comfortable with modern learning experience techniques
  • Cross functional leadership and collaboration skills
  • Strong project management and communication skills (oral and written)
  • Track record of continuous learning
  • Travel: Up to 25%
  • Design and deliver learning experiences to include traditional instructor- based classroom learning, e-learning courses, and other learning aids, tools, and resources that promote an overall creative and interactive learning experience for audience and supports the evolving Investor Services Center talent development framework
  • Leverage instructional design methodology to support enhancements to Financial Engines services through use of the learning management system, Adobe Captivate, and virtual presentations through Skype for Business · Partner closely with Investor Services Center management, Advisor SME, internal and external partners to develop curricula
  • Participate in training course implementations as required, i.e. provides knowledge transfer sessions (train-the-trainer) and classroom facilitation as needed
  • Evaluates training effectiveness by using pre-test and post-test measures, interviews, and examining various records and reports; and recommends modifications to training, as appropriate
  • Works with Training Manager on administrative functions: Maintain accurate training records, online training calendar including all new-hire training, refresher training, and certification training scheduled in Phoenix, Boston and partner sites
  • Minimum 5 years progressive experience in learning and development (preferred combination of instructional design and delivery & facilitation experience)
  • 2-4 years’ experience training in a Financial Services call center
  • Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain collaborative, cross-functional relationships at multiple levels
  • In-depth knowledge of adult learning principles, design methodologies and experienced application of instructional design processes
  • Experience with a variety of computer applications, i.e. Microsoft Office Suite and e-Learning development tools
  • Capacity to work in a fast-paced and changing environment with multiple priorities that need to be effectively managed, while maintaining composure and flexibility
  • Successful candidates will be able to provide examples of past learning solutions and tools created and/or delivered, as well as participate in a brief design test and facilitate a brief learning piece
  • Must possess good analytical, leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, planning, facilitation,
  • And presentation skills
  • Must demonstrate effective organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills (verbal and
  • Must be results driven and detail oriented with the ability to manage change in a dynamic
  • Environment
  • Learning Programs
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university and minimum 5 years related work experience OR minimum of 6 years work specific experience
  • 5 years of learning, organizational development, talent management or other relevant experience
  • 3 years of experience utilizing Microsoft Office Products including Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Develop, manage, and update all internal sales/operations courses including technology enabled learning design strategies that support sales learning objectives, promote learning communities, social and collaborative content sharing and a high engagement learning culture
  • Consult with Director of Learning and Development to shape and implement key corporate initiatives and program design leveraging expert design knowledge to develop and implement high engagement learning experiences
  • Partner with HR, Director of Sales Learning and Development and other key Cengage Learning Leadership in the development of learning priorities, by making recommendations based on learning priorities and budgeted investment in e- learning and development tools for the sales organization
  • Demonstrated ability to work within a GUI environment to develop web solutions
  • Must be proficient in HTML
  • Some experience in editing and creating basic web programming (Javascript, CSS)
  • Ability to be self-motivated as an individual to learn new technologies
  • Solid multitasking skills, organization, and time management
  • Strong communication skills required to work within project teams and be a liaison between multiple teams
  • Knowledge of approaches, tools, techniques for recognizing, anticipating, and resolving organizational, operational or process problems; ability to apply this knowledge appropriately to diverse situations
  • Ability to plan, organize, monitor, and control projects, ensuring efficient utilization of technical and administrative resources, to achieve project objectives
  • Knowledge of methods, tools and techniques; ability to evaluate the effectiveness of a training program
  • Knowledge of employee training and development methodologies and ability to ensure that a target population has the knowledge and skills required to meet both tactical and strategic objectives
  • Knowledge of and ability to design, implement, evaluate and develop an organizationÝs training programs to achieve high business performance
  • Knowledge of processes, tools and techniques; ability to design and implement competency-based Training and Development (T&D) programs
  • Oversee all learning activities in a part of the Quality and Regulatory domain to ensure learning and development programs are aligned to and support business needs and functional transformation
  • Develop the business case for proposed learning including design options to enable cost conscious decision making (e.g. buy, build and/or optimize learning)
  • Work with content experts in the function to identify learning topics and objectives, create content outline for proposed learning solution and set the specification for delivery approach and channels
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of learning (ROI), evaluate outcomes, report and measure results of business impact post learning
  • Track all learning and development programs against relevant schedule, budget and learning objectives and report on progress
  • Set-up leader-led learning programs, train the trainer approaches and certification mechanisms as needed
  • Manage processes and relationships with Philips University’s shared service teams, business stakeholders and external vendors
  • Develop the training capability to deliver the programs and plan the annual training delivery calendar to ensure all relevant sites or groups have access to training
  • Assess regulatory requirements, learning standards, quality guidelines, and business roles and learning journeys to ensure quality of learning offering
  • Conducts training classes, which include content about the job, the Company, and different client programs
  • Facilitates new hire training using the provided curriculum to call center staff
  • Provide performance feedback to class participants responsible for the professional development of the customer service and support staff
  • Helps design call center training manuals by identifying and describing information needs, obtaining feedback from management, and editing final copy
  • Develop minimum skill requirements for all functions within the organization
  • Evaluate all processes utilized by the organization on a continual basis
  • Working with process owners, develop and implement more efficient processes
  • Through direct visits or via other methods, determine best in class practices
  • Devise and implement a vehicle for measuring organization’s performance
  • Implement training to transfer required knowledge to team members
  • Continuously assess team members to ensure they meet minimum skill requirements
  • Assist in the recruitment of new members for the organization
  • Effectively implement and/or facilitate learning programs, virtually and in-person, by defining expectations and measures before, during and after training to position associates to support the needs of the business area, the division, and the firm
  • Lead design efforts of learning programs of varying scales from inception through evaluation within designated timeframe
  • Establish and maintain relationships with business area leaders and associates to proactively maintain learning materials and provide training solutions
  • Continually monitor and evaluate learning programs to ensure quality and recommend enhancements to embed the expected learning outcomes
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts and training specialists throughout the firm to analyze needs, develop appropriate learning objectives, and gather/maintain information
  • Coach team members on instructional design
  • Manage vendors and contingent workers

Academy Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work collaboratively with HubSpot Academy team members to improve their teaching skills and abilities
  • Review and help create quiz and test questions
  • Create teaching and training materials for internal and external use
  • Monitor consistency of the team’s educational content, spot checking their work
  • Work with our content editor to integrate consistent messaging, voice, and tone across all content pieces, including site content, user interface copy, emails, social media posts, etc
  • Participate in editorial planning meetings to conceptualize and execute training program content and learning strategies
  • Conduct training audits to gather strategic business and user insights so that the team can create more effective teaching material
  • 5+ years of teaching experience required (high school or above)
  • A passion for hands-on writing and editing
  • Analysis of and reporting on training content
  • A deep passion for learning
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • A careful attention to detail
  • The ability to multitask and meet tight deadlines
  • A portfolio of educational content
  • 2-4 years experience in Finance/Accounting, Communications or Training
  • Knowledge of Finance processes including learning and development needs and CPE’s. Understanding of Finance educational and development requirements
  • Bachelors in Communications/ Instructional Design/ Education, Finance or Accounting
  • Work with organization to understand training and development needs for specific business, performance issues and/or across employee groups and determine strategies to meet needs
  • Lead the design, development, implementation, and delivery of training curriculum
  • Develop testing and evaluation procedures. Provide recommendations for improvement
  • Manage the training and development calendar and ensure the programs stay within budget
  • Manage internal and external partners and suppliers, along with training and development budgets related to specific initiatives
  • Ensure training is being utilized for the target audiences. Establish scorecard and tracking systems to gather results data
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs at satisfaction, activity, and business outcome levels
  • Keep up to date with developments in training by reading books, going to seminars/meetings and attending relevant courses
  • Serve as a resource to answer employee questions regarding training needs and programs
  • Develop, customize, manage and implement online learning curriculum
  • Supervise Training Administrator
  • Extremely solid presentation and group facilitation skills
  • Ability to identify needs, design training and performance solutions and measure impact
  • Ability to influence partners and key stakeholder groups
  • Lead instructional design projects that align with business goals and drive results
  • Create strategy and design documents to specify training objectives, content, materials and instructional methods based on needs analysis and an understanding of the learners
  • Utilize a broad range of interactive and creative instructional methods, including, for example, simulations, games, hands-on activities, interactive case studies, and role plays
  • Design learning as a continuous process using a blended approach (multiple methods and delivery channels)
  • Design level I, II and III evaluation activities
  • Consistently seeks to improve learning materials through innovation, advancements in e-learning industry and other areas of opportunities
  • Lead design and drive development of effective webinars for technical or advanced topics in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
  • Identify innovative methods and employ creative, interactive classroom and webinar design strategies
  • Work closely and interact directly with Cox Automotive Media leaders and employees to identify and document learning needs that align with business objectives
  • Conduct analysis that identifies current state job performance and performance gaps in customer service, operations, administrative and financial business units
  • Develop training and performance improvement recommendations that assist the business in achieving its goals and objectives, leveraging best practices and professional experiences
  • Obtain and maintain a working knowledge of Cox Automotive Media products, processes, applications, customers and business units
  • Maintain an understanding of business units’ objectives and current activities by attending team meetings and through continuous communication with managers, team leaders, and employees
  • Develop training materials, including participant guides, quick-reference guides, facilitator guides, job aides, e-learning story boards, and video scripts
  • Demonstrate ability to effectively work on multiple assignments, activities or projects as required
  • Analyze the training need to develop accurate and measurable learning objectives
  • Effectively use technology to create innovative and engaging learning materials
  • Create graphics for use in the learning experiences, brochures, posters
  • Maintain a presence on social media outlets for the Learning and Development team
  • Design and maintain web pages for the Learning and Development team
  • Design and facilitate webinars and podcasts
  • Establish and maintain relationships with subject matter experts and partners within the business and the wider industry to stay abreast of current thinking and brings best practices to the organization
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Instructional Design, Leadership and Administration, Educational Psychology, Instructional Technology
  • 3 years of Instructional Design experience
  • 2 years of Web Design experience
  • 2 years of Video Design experience
  • Demonstrated webinar facilitation experience
  • Acts as a consultant to internal customer base to determine root-cause training needs, target audiences, knowledge and performance gaps to improve individual and overall organization performance
  • Design and develop online educational programs– Programs may include traditional stand-alone Flash-based e-learning modules, webinars (live and pre-recorded), screen/ pod casting, and other online learning types
  • Support the Senior Manager, HR Capabilities in developing, managing the delivery of, marketing and evaluating the effectiveness of training programs that prepare, equip and enable participants to achieve success in their roles. Develop programs using the most efficient and effective delivery medium that suits the course content. Use subject matter experts to develop content. Promote the benefits of specific programs to the target roles/organizations. Liaise with HR Business Partners to promote programs
  • Update materials in a variety of formats, including facilitator/instructor-led/classroom, e-learning, virtual classroom (webinars/live meetings), and self-directed using active training and Adult Learning principles, procedural guides, instructional videos and visual aids
  • Update operational and supervisory training manuals on a regular basis to ensure changes in policies and procedures; ensure timely communication of modifications in policies and procedures
  • Conducts in-house trainings that include enterprise wide and business unit specific courses
  • Develops e-Learning modules using Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate
  • Partners with the IT department to maintain technology guides to ensure current and accurate information in all programs is shared each time it is delivered
  • Researches computer on-line training programs (e-learning) for purchase and/or develop programs for in-house e-learning. Partners with external vendors that offer trainings
  • Prepares, analyzes and presents training data and/or information to various management groups and makes recommendations to improve organizations’ overall performance
  • Partners with divisional counterparts to coordinate, plan and support instructor led courses and manage project calendar
  • Establishes and maintains collaborative working relationships with others related to learning, problem solving, back-up support and other related team functions. Builds stronger relationships with training teams in other divisions. Leverages training offerings available through Daymon’s corporate university
  • Displays consistent self-development by reading relevant journals and attending meetings and courses designed to enhance training acumen
  • Travel requirement is approximately 20% to fulfill job requirements and/or attend meetings
  • Performs other duties as required and assigned
  • Supports the development of “Blended” Learning Program Components to Enhance Traditional Instructor-Led Training – Works with the learning and development team to identify the most efficient online training program components that can be utilized to compliment, enhance or replace components of traditional instructor-led content
  • Must have three (3) to five (5) years of related or Human Resources experience in a fast-paced team environment
  • 3+ years of eLearning instructional design experience
  • A minimum of two (2) years performing stand-up training
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Instructional Design, Instructional Technologies, Information Design or equivalent, required. Professional Certificate in Instructional Design preferred
  • Intermediate to advanced skill in developing eLearning using Articulate Storyline and/or Adobe Captivate
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Power Point)
  • Thorough understanding of instructional design techniques, needs analysis/assessment, adult-learning theories and measurement/evaluation processes
  • Knowledge of Human Resources best practices and Federal, State and Local employment laws
  • You will manage all aspects of L&D programs, including project management, event coordination and support, and vendor management
  • Program managing some of our core tools and resources (online tools, manager job aids, and other L&D collateral) while also helping assess and develop new resources to build manager and employee capability
  • Partnering across with Human Resource Business Partners, People Operations, Core Influencers, and the Mozilla leadership team to support capability building programs such as Manager Training
  • Facilitate a wide variety of programs ranging from change management, team building, leadership programs, self-discover, career planning, and core training sessions
  • Research, design, develop and facilitate instructor led and web-based training content
  • You will collaborate with various business divisions to identify needs and desired learning outcomes and develop programs and implementation recommendations that support achievement of business goals and strategy
  • You will help maintain and evolve existing career development tools to further support Mozillians
  • 2-3+ years L&D Experience (some HR Generalist Experience may substitute)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in business, HR, or social sciences
  • Demonstrated success in HR Program Management (can be in L&D or other HR center of excellence)
  • You have a portfolio of expertise that shows a client focus as related to the development space (creating exceptional WOW moments for clients)
  • Experience creating and facilitating dynamic instructor led trainings across a variety of mediums including the virtual classroom
  • You are skilled at translating complex concepts into a simple, effective tool or process for leaders and employees
  • You have foundational experience in designing curriculum that appreciates a diverse workforce and ensures inclusivity
  • Recommend, design, develop, evaluate and maintain creative learning solutions for a dispersed Sales workforce that includes, but is not limited to, instructor led, eLearning, audio, video, activities, assessments, job aids and blended learning experiences
  • Effectively select and apply alternative training delivery methods (i.e., self-study, online, classroom training, blended learning) to improve skill development and to accommodate distance and learning styles
  • Design and develop graphics, illustrations and other visuals to represent complex content, facts, processes and procedures
  • Develop, administer and analyze results of needs assessments and post-training evaluations
  • Make recommendations and modify training programs, as appropriate, based upon the results of training effectiveness metrics and quality review results
  • Facilitate learning solutions and Train the Trainer sessions, as required
  • Utilize the corporate Learning Management System (LMS) to track and run standard reports related to registration and completion of learning activities
  • Travel up to 40% to conduct field training and attend sales meetings, training sessions and Learning and Development (L&D) conferences
  • Mentor and support new Inside Sales Representatives, Account Managers, District Sales Managers (DSMs) and Health System Executives (HSEs) through a multiphase rapid onboarding training process
  • Assist in the development of and provide delivery for various instructor-led, web-based and online sales training curriculum
  • Establish relationships with functional area managers, DSMs and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to build and maintain course content
  • Observe and monitor inside sales calls and travel with Account Managers to scheduled customer meetings to reinforce training and support continued development
  • Schedule and coordinate the logistics for phases of onboarding, laboratory and Lunch & Learn trainings
  • Manage supplier relationships used for the development and delivery of product training
  • Assist with the build out of L&D infrastructure (i.e., course content, standardized processes, guidelines, communications)
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Healthcare, Business, Science, Education or Communications
  • Sales training experience in diagnostic, healthcare or medical device markets preferred
  • 3+ years’ experience in instructor-led and e-Learning course design and development
  • Knowledge and experience using course authoring tools (i.e., Articulate Presenter/Storyline, Trivantis Lectora, Adobe Captivate/Acrobat, Oracle UPK)
  • Knowledge and application of adult learning theory, the instructional design process, best practices and standards, blended learning approaches and evaluation methods
  • Ability to rapidly convert instructor-led materials into highly interactive, engaging and meaningful e-Learning content
  • Ability to create and/or enhance instructor-led materials to design and develop engaging presentations, content, role plays and system scenarios and exercises
  • Experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS) (i.e., Success Factors, Mobile Agility, Oracle)
  • Knowledge and experience using Customer Management Relationship (CRM)
  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience with the full cycle of learning design – diagnosis, design, delivery and evaluation, for both face to face and e- learning
  • Project Management experience – proven ability to operate and lead a project through all its stages, from inception to post investment review
  • Stakeholder Management – Particularly managing requirements, helping to clarify needs and priorities, and managing expectations
  • Strong consulting and advisory focus
  • Ability to influence and coordinate stakeholders remotely, across multiple time zones
  • Strong technical aptitude with willingness to learn and work with new technologies
  • Strong team focus and demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with partners from diverse backgrounds
  • Tenacity to follow through to completion of tasks

Technical Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work closely with East Asia Skills Leaders and office learning representatives to formulate appropriate technical training plans. Identify best ways to address the learning needs, either through formal training or other informal means
  • Undertake design with trainers/activity designers and advise on methodology
  • Deliver train the trainer and other programmes designed to support course designers/trainers
  • Support “first runs” of face-to-face classroom courses with trainers and facilitate review of feedback to ensure that the quality of delivery is established early on
  • Be the main facilitator of face-to-face informal learning and sharing activities and help maximize knowledge capturing throughout the delivery process
  • Degree in related discipline
  • At least 7 years of relevant working experience
  • Experience of the full cycle of learning design, including diagnosis, design, delivery and evaluation, preferably for both face-to-face and e-learning
  • Solid knowledge management experience in using various tools, such as knowledge cafe, storytelling, after action review, etc. to facilitate knowledge capturing
  • Experience in managing learning through Moodle
  • Excellent communication skills in both written and spoken English and Chinese. Good command of Putonghua
  • Effectively design, deliver and evaluate product, process/systems and soft skills learning solutions to employees
  • Collaborate with the LBP to proactively measure the continued effectiveness of learning activities, reviewing the quality of learning solutions and the assessment of the ROI for the business
  • Effectively Market the learning and development opportunities to the business, supporting in achieving a high Employee Opinion Survey
  • Consult, influence, coach and engage stakeholders to support learning in the workplace
  • Coordinate, support and monitor the delivery of the business Induction and on-boarding programme to ensure its effectiveness, timeliness and relevance to new employees
  • Support in maintaining the L and D budget by understanding learning solution costs, ensuring that the budget is only spent against authorised learnings
  • Work in partnership with the rest of the L&D team to delivery of a broad range of L&D solutions which range across all departments, legal and management skills and processes to employees, with a depth of knowledge that ensures delegates learn new skills, with the ability to analyse data and ensure that programmes are efficient in terms of costs, delegate fill and resource
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with business subject matter experts in order to deliver up to date, relevant and accurate product and technical learning solutions
  • Accountable for all governance and compliance requirements are adhered to and that version control, record keeping and quality review activities are carried out to the FCA and Bank standards
  • Represent Premium Finance learning and development on business change programmes; participating in the relevant operational and project meetings to ensure learning activities are planned and managed effectively within agreed timescales and budget to support operational changes
  • Confident, articulate and credible when discussing learning solutions with senior business stakeholders, communicating in an open and transparent way, explaining ideas clearly and concisely
  • Undertake the administration and preparation of learning solutions including the effective running of the LMS system
  • Agencies who contact the hiring manager directly regarding this role will be removed from the PSL or banned from it moving forward*
  • Preparing and monitoring the training budgets and expenditures, as well as the delivery of the overall training curricula, using the systems in place
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the learning & development related activities and proposing ways of closing the potential gaps
  • Identifying, selecting and coordinating external providers and accreditation bodies necessary to deliver training to the appropriate standards
  • Designing communication campaigns meant to increase staff’s awareness of the L&D offering
  • Coordinating and developing staff involved in administrating L&D related projects
  • Contributing to the design and delivery of the local training programs
  • Deliver learning and development programs through various modalities including instructor led classes, Webinars, eLearning, small group facilitation, 1:1 coaching, self-directed reference materials
  • Apply instructional design (ADDIE) methodology when developing and delivering learning programs. Design eLearning outlines and storyboards as needed
  • Build relationships with business unit leaders and managers when initiating the creation of a learning program and during the closure or follow up phase
  • Apply project management skills to oversee timelines, key deliverables, and monitor risks during the development and implementation of a learning program
  • Conduct on-site performance observations of business and operations to identify specific gaps in knowledge, skills, and behavior in the learning population
  • Organize classroom schedules with facility and technical resources. Ensure program schedules and learner registration are setup and enrollment is monitored
  • Collect feedback on training quality and delivery through evaluations and surveys, etc. Assimilate results, develop and report on key performance indicators (KPI). Develop and implement measures to address identified deficiencies and enhance the program
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, human resources, organizational communication, or related field
  • 3-5 years of experience designing, developing, delivering, and evaluating leadership development, operations training, and performance improvement initiatives
  • Builds new training programs and customizes existing training programs to meet internal and external customers' needs
  • Facilitates training programs, including internal live classroom sessions, webinars and online training courses
  • Monitors and reports the effectiveness of training programs and learner performance
  • Acts as a role model for learners and other team members
  • Mentors and develops other team members
  • Drives Overstock culture to the rest of the company
  • Identifies areas for operational improvement/ excellence
  • Promotes quality achievement and performance improvement
  • Provides support to the Training Manager(s)
  • Works closely with subject matter experts (SMEs), business owners, executives and developers to identify and execute needed training programs
  • Must be proficient in policy and culture
  • Manages internal and external knowledge bases
  • Identify and implement improvement based on training industry standards and evolution
  • Learns and applies new skills as required to ensure success for our business
  • Perform other duties as required and assigned by manager and upper management
  • Follow legal policies as directed
  • Advanced knowledge of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Proficient with training design programs (i.e. Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia, and Learning Management Systems)
  • Videography
  • Directs the needs assessment for training and staff development to enhance the effectiveness of employee performance in achieving the goals and objectives of the company
  • Designs and develops training programs for management and employees
  • Develops learning activities, audio-visual materials, instructor guides and lesson plans
  • Identifies/incorporates best practices and lessons learned into program plans
  • Serves as a project lead and subject matter expert on companywide strategic initiatives including new systems, processes, and procedures
  • Liaise with managers to determine training needs and schedule training sessions
  • Conduct seminars, workshops, individual training sessions etc
  • Support and mentor current and new employees
  • Keep attendance records and manages training budgets
  • Conduct evaluations to identify areas of improvement
  • Support all organizational development activities and processes such as Performance Management and People Development Review
  • Bachelor's Degree in Training, Organizational Development, Human Performance, or other relevant field
  • Minimum of five (5) years of progressive responsible experience working in Training, Organizational Development, or equivalent discipline
  • Demonstrated understanding of needs assessment, program design and development, facilitation, measurement, and maintenance
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of adult learning theory and principles
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Ability to form meaningful partnerships with various business unit heads and senior executive team
  • Well-organized and detail oriented
  • Critical thinking and decision making
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Experience with maintaining and administering online Learning Management Systems
  • Experience with web-based training design software
  • Self-starter with high energy and proven record of instituting continuous improvement
  • Assist in the administration and coordination of all organization, professional and leadership development programs and resources. This includes the coordination, planning, scheduling and execution of all-employee training programs, manager training programs, senior leader programs and assessments for existing or ad hoc learning events
  • Partner with strategic sourcing, legal and external learning vendors to successfully manage the contracting and invoicing process for the GOLD team. Manage the creation and documentation of all master service agreements, service statements and non-disclosure agreements for external learning vendors
  • Partner with finance to manage the GOLD team budget. Oversee the management of the GOLD team budget including updating monthly trial balance reports, ensuring invoices are tracked in the team budget, opening POs and providing monthly updates and reports
  • Provide professional, prompt and efficient “customer service” for all employees on behalf of the GOLD team
  • Take initiative to continuously improve processes and approaches for ongoing effectiveness of the department and company as a whole
  • Manage overall GOLD program and events calendar and communicate to external parties
  • Support a variety of key/global HR initiatives
  • Participate in ad hoc projects as needed
  • 5+ years of administrative/coordination experience
  • Experience interacting with and supporting senior leaders
  • Ability to handle confidential and sensitive employee information
  • Takes administrative responsibility for new employees from New Hire training through to full production
  • Is responsible for ensuring proper submission of tickets, new hire troubleshooting, and other administrative duties as required by training
  • Helps to facilitate classes as needed
  • Strong leadership skills (including meeting facilitation, time management, organizational skills, and ability to influence others) and demonstrate a high degree of collaboration with peers & team members
  • Collaborate with direct Manager to design, deliver and evaluate the success of both the new hire and continuing education classes
  • Certification, and new process and product introduction training
  • Assists with updating training material to keep current with new topics and techniques
  • Maintains a strong relationship with Operations team to influence customer experience, this also includes maintaining full production proficiency
  • Maintains positive working relationships with direct Manager and Operation management team
  • Assign assessments in Learning Management System and run reports upon completion
  • Must be highly organized, have strong writing skills
  • Organizes classes, submits tickets, and ensures full support of the Training and Development Coaches
  • Schedules speakers to conduct technical or job-specific training
  • Assists in the sharing of best practices among the Learning & Development team
  • Manages projects as needed
  • Must be willing to work flexible hours, potentially including nights and weekends
  • Minimum Traveling required +/- 5%
  • Must be able to work in a fast-paced, team environment
  • Bachelor’s Degree in OR equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 2+ years of virtual training experience
  • 2+ years hands-on experience with mobile devices, tablets preferred
  • 1+ years’ experience with administrative duties including submitting IT tickets and managing data
  • 1+ year’s people leadership or training experience a plus
  • Training certifications a plus
  • Demonstrated professionalism in maintaining confidentiality
  • Detail orientation and able to handle multiple priorities and deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal/communication with all levels of management
  • Proficiency using MS Office, with advanced knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word required
  • Proficiency in using MS Lync, WebEx Training Center, and SMART Classroom Suite preferred
  • Ability to work a flexible work schedule according to business needs potentially including nights and weekends

Senior HR Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Consults with the business to determine learning needs and gaps, creating appropriate learning solutions that meet business needs; builds and maintains strong internal partnerships
  • Collaborates with the Head of People and Organizational Effectiveness on the strategic direction for learning, including philosophy, systems and approach to deliver forward-thinking and modern learning solutions
  • Manages learning and development projects, from needs assessment through implementation and measurement
  • Through needs assessment and evaluation, determines learning paths for leadership and professional development, learning technology and delivery mechanism, utilizing the 70/20/10 approach to learning,
  • Applies a blended learning approach to provide high impact and sustained learning
  • Determines meaningful metrics which assess the effectiveness and ROI of learning interventions
  • Vendor and learning content management
  • Collaborating with our global businesses, customizes learning for regional preferences when needed
  • Some instructional design and training facilitation, when needed
  • Cornerstone OnDemand system administration
  • Utilization of content creator tools (Storyline)
  • Stays current on learning research, practice and technology
  • 5 + years Learning and Development experience, preferably within Human Resources
  • Master’s Degree in Learning and Development, Organization Development, Adult Learning, or Human Resources preferred
  • 3 + years Instructional design and training delivery experience required
  • Experience with learning management systems (LMS) required; strong preference for candidates with Cornerstone OnDemand LMS system administration
  • Experience with content creator tools (Storyline preferred)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of adult learning principles, leadership development, blended learning, and utilization of a Learning Management System required
  • Ability to work in a quickly changing and evolving environment
  • Excellent verbal, written and facilitation skills required
  • Consulting and project management experience preferred
  • Assists in conducting needs analysis for projects of all levels of complexity. Performs needs assessment to identify learning needs and performance gaps for projects of low to intermediate complexity for supervisory/professional level audiences
  • Delivers learning solutions to enhance competencies and effectiveness of audiences up to and including supervisory and professional level learners which address current and future business goals of the organization. Contributes
  • Two years overall business experience with one year of insurance or L&D experience or equivalent technical experience related to L &D
  • Personal computer skills; A/V familiarity
  • Appropriate learning technology skills

Corporate Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Act as a point of contact for the corporate curricula
  • Handle scheduling, logistics, and facilitation associated with your assigned training program
  • Collect and analyze feedback to improve our training offerings
  • Use adult learning principles for instructional design
  • Serve as a key player in the selection and analysis of external training vendors to support the firm’s training needs
  • Serve as a training liaison for the business, consulting on their training needs
  • Organizing training programs
  • Raising RFP and POs
  • Managing Event booking
  • Participants scheduling
  • Maintaining Relationship with vendors
  • Organizing team development sessions
  • Managing Reporting related to L&D
  • Occasionally supporting talent review sessions
  • Occasionally supporting leadership assessment
  • 0-2 years experience in HR/Learning role required
  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master is an advantage
  • Experienced with organizing events
  • Knowledge of HRIS, Learning Management Systems preferred
  • Collaborative and team player
  • Self-motivated, eager to learn and to keep up to date with relevant industry trends and market conditions
  • Advanced in Microsoft Excel, Power Point and Word
  • Bilingualism an asset
  • Demonstrated multi-tasking and project planning skills are necessary
  • Proficiency in MS Office. Advanced level skill in MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Advanced technical skills required
  • Demonstrated facilitation skills
  • 5 years of progressive experience in a program development or training role or equivalent blend of Staples experience
  • Previous Retail experience preferred
  • A bachelor’s degree in education, business, operations, or psychology
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience with adult learning, instructional design and delivery of training
  • Experience facilitating with demonstrated ability to enable diverse groups and teams to work
  • Experience in manufacturing and leadership would be an asset

Senior Learning& Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Proven learning and development consulting with clients (needs analysis, proposal development, solution implementation) and adjusting content to meet the needs of the learners
  • Demonstrated good project management skills
  • Good partnering skills
  • Demonstrated good understanding of leadership
  • Demonstrated good English written and verbal skills
  • About 5-year experience in a large company setting of learning and development or performance consulting
  • About 5 years of experience in performance consulting, training, learning and development, organizational development, and/or team development
  • Knowledge in training and development models, adult learning theory or instructional design
  • Performs tasks under normal direction of the Learning and Development Manager; originates/produces imaginative or innovative instructor-led learning methods to influence and motivate companywide internal to willingly accept and retain new knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Disseminates information on available instructor-led learning courses and encourages attendance; provides input on Learning and Development department communication materials; analyzes employee feedback and performance data to measure, identify, and eliminate performance gaps, and to coordinate the deployment of instructor-led learning programs
  • Confers with Learning and Development Manager to gain knowledge of specific work situations requiring employees to better understand changes in policies, procedures, regulations, products/services, and technologies; creatively develops and facilitates new programs as needed; works with subject matter experts to identify training needs stemming from new or revised policies/procedures
  • Maintains knowledge on adult learning theory, facilitation skills, and emerging training technologies up-to-date by attending training classes, courses, seminars, exhibits, trade shows, etc
  • Analyzes trends, researches and proposes best practices in technology, delivery methods, and customer satisfaction; assesses departments' current and future learning needs and gaps; provides research, analysis, consulting, and coaching to close departmental gaps as appropriate. Teach new instructors; learning programs on new products/services, system software or system changes and teaching procedures
  • An experienced mortgage professional with a minimum of 2 years of experience as an instructor-led trainer with advanced computer skills in word, excel, publisher and graphic experience. Basic knowledge of learning management systems (LMS)
  • A Bachelor's degree is preferred
  • Bilingual needed
  • We are seeking someone who has excellent customer service skills and working in a team environment
  • Having excellent interpersonal, verbal and written skills are a must
  • The candidate must be a self-starter who is reliable, detail oriented and the ability to work unrestricted hours
  • Strong relationship building a must, along with strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to analyze issues and create effective resolutions, while managing multiple projects at one time
  • Develop and deliver face to face and distance-learning programs, as well as self-serve resources, to support professional and management development needs
  • Work with HR Business Partners and business leaders to understand and analyze the needs of the business; design and deliver high-impact, practical solutions to improve organization effectiveness
  • Develop approaches and tools that reinforce learning and enhance managers’ ability to support staff development
  • Source and partner with vendors to address learning and development needs, as appropriate
  • Monitor quality; identify and collaborate on improvements to learning programs and resources
  • Develop and analyze metrics to assess efficacy of learning solutions
  • A bachelor's degree and 7 years of professional work experience (or a master's degree and 5 years of professional work experience) is required
  • Bachelors’ degree, Masters preferred
  • 10+ years of Human Resources experience and at least 5 specifically in Learning and Development
  • Subject matter expert in training design, delivery, and reinforcement in the areas of leadership, management, communication skills, team and staff development, and other business skills
  • Highly skilled in creating and delivering presentations and facilitating meetings (including on-line and distance delivery experience) with a variety of audiences
  • Knowledge and abilities in the principles and practices of organizational development
  • Background in process improvement practices and tools desirable, including knowledge of LEAN and Six Sigma approaches
  • Excellent leadership and teamwork skills, with a demonstrated ability to collaborate across teams and roles
  • Demonstrated analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Able to balance big-picture thinking with day-to-day details and deliverables; strong emphasis on quality
  • Strong project management and change management skills
  • Computer skills in MS office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), SharePoint, and HRIS (Workday a plus)
  • Comfortable using on-line collaboration and training development tools such as Lync, Captivate, Camtasia, Articulate and LMS systems

Organizational Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Three (3) to five (5) years of administrative experience in a corporate environment
  • Excellent communication skills, a professional and customer service-oriented demeanor, detail-oriented
  • Ability to troubleshoot when employees have problems accessing the online learning systems
  • Ability to interact with all levels of the organization
  • Demonstrates good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office Suite (specifically, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • Experience working with SharePoint and databases
  • Experience coordinating training programs and planning meetings in a corporate setting
  • Human Resource or Learning and Development experience and a Bachelor’s degree are preferred
  • Conducts needs analysis, implements end-to-end design and sustains a portfolio of programs that reflect the technical training needs of JPL employees
  • Partners with customers to develop Learning & Development Plans for assigned areas
  • Designs, develops and delivers technical training which includes the oversight of the design, development and delivery of course content/materials by internal and external vendors
  • Serves as the lead change management professional in the development and implementation of medium to enterprise wide IT systems projects. May serve as lead in the design and implementation of testing efforts and training for IT business tools and software applications
  • Develop and implement marketing and communication plans for JPL’s various learning and development programs
  • Partners with customers to assess the success of learning and development activities. Provide reports and analysis and makes recommendations for technical learning and development roadmaps for critical technical talent
  • Configures curriculum and establishes course structure for assigned projects within the Learning Management System
  • Serves as a designated representative of the team’s Learning Management System Administrator, assists in administrative tasks as needed
  • Prepares task orders and partners with contract partners in the design, development and delivery of complex technical based training
  • Creating high quality and effective end user documentation and learning materials
  • Working closely with our Victorian Workers’ Compensation team
  • Developing and delivering training courses to both internal and external clients across Victoria
  • Coordinating, conducting and administering internal training programs as required
  • Maintaining records of training activities
  • Monitoring effectiveness of programs/courses
  • Identifying learning and development needs for GB staff
  • Participating in WorkSafe training forums
  • Act as the liaison with internal business units as well as business partners within Advisory Services, Retail Markets and Manulife Bank to ensure advisor training programs are aligned with Canadian Division's overall strategic themes
  • Fluent in English and French (verbal and written), but not necessary
  • Completion of a Training & Development certificate program
  • College Diploma or Bachelor degree, preferably in Business Administration, or Adult Learning
  • Adept with use of Microsoft Office and online learning tools (Articulate Storyline2,Camtasia, Audacity and/or WebEx)
  • Minimum 1 year experience in a training role (with demonstrated proficiency in curriculum design, development and delivery)
  • Ability to communicate complex information succinctly and clearly to a variety of audiences
  • Strong research and problem solving abilities
  • Superior interpersonal, consulting and project management skills
  • Works well independently and collaboratively
  • Organized, adaptable with exemplary time management
  • Has the authority to deliver webinar training programs to medium to large groups
  • Travel to other Manulife offices or offsite meetings may be required
  • Consult with department leaders/managers, project leaders, and subject matter experts to identify performance improvement and development opportunities at the role or team level
  • Design learning curriculum with a long term view of learning needs
  • Develop training programs using sound instructional design principles and in a variety of formats including classroom, virtual-webinar, self-paced, and e-learning
  • Evaluate modes of delivery to ensure training is engaging, practical yet impactful, and cost effective
  • Maintain and update training curriculum and course material to reflect most current product/service offerings, training concepts, and policies and procedures
  • Research innovative design and delivery approaches to remain relevant
  • Facilitate programs using sound adult learning methods. Facilitation may include but is not limited to delivery via on-site, telepresence (video conference), or virtual classroom/webinar methods
  • Create valid assessment tools to measure learning, knowledge retention, and performance
  • Schedules and coordinates learning activities
  • Supports and maintains the Learning Management System as needed
  • Performs other duties and special projects as assigned
  • Responsible for protecting, securing, and proper handling of all confidential data held by Ascensus to ensure against unauthorized access, improper transmission, and/or unapproved disclosure of information that could result in harm to Ascensus or our clients
  • Our I-Client service philosophy and our Core Values of People Matter, Quality First and Integrity Always® should be visible in your actions on a day to day basis showing your support of our organizational culture
  • A bachelor’s degree in learning and development or a related field (or the equivalent combination of education and experience)
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in training facilitation and instructional design in a corporate environment, addressing functional and technical training needs
  • Experience in a financial services, operations environment preferred
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in building and managing eLearning and online training content using authoring tools or similar applications
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, including instructional, facilitation and presentation skills
  • Sound analytical and interpretive skills
  • Proficiency in Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Willingness to travel 20% – 50% per year
  • Manage the offshore resource for SAP, HPQC, and Cransoft access requests
  • Verifies that End Users completed all required training for access to the requested Position and provided documented evidence (requesting records / forms as needed). Grades quizzes as needed. Approves UAR forms
  • Maintains original training records and provides copies upon request
  • Collects and stores original Mercury SAP Internal / External UAR forms and quiz documentation according to records retention guidelines
  • Communicates regarding UARs to cross-functional Approvers / Requestors / Users
  • Preforms periodic audits to ensure all users have documented training evidence for the corresponding SAP and HPQC positions
  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree is required. Master’s degree is preferred
  • A minimum of five (5) years professional experience with a minimum of 2 years in training, learning and development or adult education is required
  • Prior technical knowledge with learning management systems is required – experience with ComplianceWire is preferred
  • Curriculum development experience is required
  • Intermediate knowledge of MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint is required
  • Excellent written and oral communication, presentation and facilitation skills are required
  • Requires strong communications skills, change management knowledge, documentation/writing and people skills
  • This candidate must possess the ability to work independently and efficiently with the ability to manage multiple assignments with conflicting priorities, ability to address issues quickly, be detail-oriented, and be able to manage white space in an ever-changing environment
  • This position will be based in Skillman, NJ.1370170517
  • 5-8 years of experience within a corporate learning department or other comparable function
  • Advanced Excel (working with large data sets) and PowerPoint design skills
  • Ability to measure, analyze, and present data on the impact of learning experiences
  • Professional project management skills, overseeing projects from start to finish, including impeccable attention to detail, coordination of senior executives and stakeholders, and a proven ability to manage complex tasks
  • High integrity and discretion; an ability to act professionally regarding sensitive subjects
  • Complex event planning and execution experience
  • Comfortable both collaborating, as part of a team, and working independently to deliver results
  • Vendor and budget management – advanced excel, pivots and formulas necessary
  • Excellent written and oral communication and English language skills
  • B.S. or B.A. in learning, human resources or related field
  • Learning Management System, Survey Monkey, SharePoint and WebEx experience
  • High School Diploma or equivalent is required
  • Bachelor’s degree and/or 5+ years equivalent Learning and Development experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience in Instructional Systems Design (ISD), Learning & Development, Education, or other related discipline
  • Presentation development and delivery
  • Technical writing and technical course/curriculum development
  • Instructional Systems Design (ISD)
  • Excellent verbal and written communications
  • Detail oriented; strong organizational skills
  • The ability to lead and motivate learners by appealing to the characteristics of adult learners
  • The ability to assess training needs, translate job requirements into training requirements, and organize instructional material both during development and in presentations
  • Proficiency in active listening, proactive communication, training, coaching, and developing
  • Ability to appraise performance, including assessing training results. Must be able to identify issues and problem solve
  • Networking skills to help get others to support the area's training activities, including the ability to encourage and improve the level of engagement within their teams
  • Presentation skills suitable to all types of training and mentoring (one-on-one coaching, in-the-field training, casual small group training, and formal stand-up instruction)
  • A self-driven work ethic that is a positive role model for trainees
  • Bachelor’s Degree required. Masters of Business Administration or Masters in Organizational Development/Adult Learning preferred
  • Four (4) years of experience in a corporate training environment with a strong background in the design, development and delivery of corporate training initiatives required
  • Demonstrated instructional design experience with e-learning tools (Adobe Captivate, Articulate, etc.) and working knowledge of learning management systems required
  • Expertise in the areas of current trends in corporate learning, change management, project management and /or leadership development
  • Ability to learning systems independently and create strategies to teach others
  • Excellent communication and facilitations skills
  • Ability to handle multiple projects and priorities and manage time effectively in a fast paced environment
  • Change agent with ability to prototype programs based on the changing dynamics in the workplace
  • Proven examples of displaying the IH values: Passionate, Caring, Respectful, Trustworthy, Collaborative and Accountable
  • The development and coordination of various learning solutions across Lending Club in collaboration with the People Development Team
  • Leading the Diversity and Inclusion strategy, execution and measurement for all of Lending Club
  • Provide support in the areas of Hi-potential program management, team facilitation, coaching and various social learning solutions
  • Deep understanding of Strengths-based Leadership Competencies, current research on development theories and how to successfully integrate them into learning solutions
  • Conducting needs analysis with business stakeholders and subject matter experts to define the most pressing development needs and building impactful solutions
  • Serve as project manager for multiple learning experiences across Lending Club
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of learning programs and develop strategies that lead to improved results
  • Manage vendor relationships to ensure outsourced projects meet specified requirements and are completed on schedule
  • Be an influential thought partner in the development of the long-term vision and strategic direction of People Development department across Lending Club
  • Have a deep understanding of various learning theories, development tools and learning management systems
  • 5+ years of experience in a learning & development or similar HR role
  • Some project management experience in a learning & development function is preferred
  • BS or MA degree in instructional design, educational technology or similar

Medicare Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Facilitate training classes for new hire employees and existing employees
  • Develops curricula, course outlines, instructional methods, training aids, manuals, and other materials
  • Deliver training in a classroom and online
  • Evaluates and analyzes training needs
  • Develop training materials, updates existing materials and procedures
  • Monitor and tracks employee progress during training and lab including live call monitoring, adherence and providing feedback to the employee
  • Answer employee questions, both in lab and on QQ when needed. Works with employees to resolve processing problems
  • Assist in the development of the training calendar and participating in focus and implementation groups
  • Communicate to management regarding issues affecting the performance of the staff or customer satisfaction
  • Continuously consider process improvements and implement best practices
  • Identify training needs and evaluate current training methods to maximize individual performance and unit flexibility
  • Coach and provide leadership in team, daily support to team members with issues; motivates others to excel
  • Promote teamwork through consistency, reliability and group cohesiveness
  • Require a high degree of initiative, mature judgment and discretion
  • Effectively communicate within Policy Operations with other business partners and third parties
  • Handles situations independent of a Manager with ability to resolve conflicts and empathize with customers. Has the ability to handle irate callers and escalated situations
  • Provide superior service by delivering a WOW experience for both independent agents and VelaPoint Insurance customers
  • Shares feedback when training opportunities are identified
  • Effectively communicates through oral and written communication
  • May be responsible for assisting in some training outside the department and/or Company when requested. This may include training at other call center sites within Operations
  • This role requires flexibility to travel up to 75% of working time during peak seasons
  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED)
  • Minimum of 3 years' work related experience in Medicare insurance sales
  • Must possess strong facilitation skills in training development, curriculum design, course evaluations, and needs assessment
  • Demonstrate expert quantitative/technical skills for analyzing quality results and offering feedback to improve results
  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership, diplomacy, and coaching/mentoring skills
  • Must possess effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate proficiency in processing and customer service functions
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Works independently with little supervision
  • Ability to successfully complete HIPPA certification annually (Health)
  • Demonstrate appropriate soft skills necessary for successfully supervising work unit
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to establish working relationships with individuals at varying levels within the organization
  • Candidates must be customer-oriented and able to effectively trouble shoot and resolve customer questions and concerns
  • Demonstrated integrity within a professional environment
  • Ability to adapt to new situations and learn
  • Ability to multi-task and manage several systems on a daily basis
  • Demonstrate excellent problem solving and decision making skills
  • High degree of dependability, motivation and flexibility
  • Effective organization and time management skills with the ability to work under pressure and adhere to project deadlines
  • Associates or Bachelor Degree, or equivalent leadership experience preferred
  • 3 years of in-classroom training facilitation
  • Ability to type a minimum of 30 words per minute
  • Previous experience in insurance customer service with health, accident, life and any other supplemental health insurance products is preferred
  • Active Health & Life License preferred
  • About National General Holdings
  • Assists in conducting needs analysis on projects of all levels of complexity
  • Performs needs assessment for projects of low to intermediate complexity for supervisory/professional level audiences
  • Contributes on project teams in designing learning for all levels of complexity
  • Leads projects of medium complexity to design learning solutions for audiences up to and including supervisory/professional level learners, using adult learning practices and technologies appropriate to the needed outcome
  • Employs selected learning delivery techniques and/or technologies on projects of intermediate complexity for supervisory/professional level audiences
  • Participates in analyzing, selecting, and integrating technologies into the learning solutions
  • Delivers and maintains established learning and performance improvement solutions as designed for content of intermediate complexity for audiences up to and including supervisory/professional learners
  • Provides feedback to participants during application of knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Maintains design and content of established learning solutions
  • Provides feedback to the design team on solutions’ effectiveness in changing behavior and achieving business results
  • Makes recommendations on modifications to solution design and content
  • Assists with measurement and evaluation of learning and performance solutions of all levels of complexity
  • Evaluates learning solutions of intermediate complexity for supervisory/professional level audience
  • Coaches supervisory/professional level learners to enhance their performance and is accountable for the improved results at the individual and team level
  • Utilizes, maintains, researches and/or recommends basic to intermediate learning technology tools
  • Provides technical support for learners and other facilitators as needed
  • Assists in the planning, testing and implementation of new applications, systems, processes and/or procedures
  • Assists in supporting organizational knowledge management infrastructure
  • Assists and serves as project team member on department and corporate projects
  • Work with Team Lead in planning and implementing strategies to meet identified objectives
  • Assess the training programs and activities to ensure they meet identified needs
  • Put in place innovative and relevant community development methods that promote the evolution of professional communities in relation to the common issues of the studio
  • Collaborate with Team Lead and/or SMEs to create and design training content
  • Facilitate training sessions as required
  • Develop a strong relationship with key members of various business communities within the studio
  • Facilitate collaborative sessions to maximize discussion and sharing information amongst key members in the community
  • Stay up-to-date on new trends and practices in video games as well as best practices within talent development
  • Draft budget estimates for training activities and follow up on and assign costs
  • Coach internal instructors and ensure their development
  • Implement a logistical process to facilitate the delivery of the training activities organized as part of the various programs
  • Carry out administrative and coordination tasks including but not limited to training event attendance, generating reports, maintaining LMS, and processing paper and electronic documents
  • Carry out all other related tasks
  • Experience with developing and facilitating training sessions
  • Ability to manage priorities
  • Customer service focus
  • Ability to develop and maintain a network of collaborators
  • Ability to work in uncertainty
  • Knowledge of the video game industry and passion for playing video games
  • Assist the L&D department in performing a wide variety of administrative duties including tracking, scheduling, and reporting
  • Work within a Learning Management System (LMS) to schedule training courses; produce reporting, perform maintenance and reset passwords
  • Work within a HRIS system to maintain, trace and produce reports on employee training and education experience
  • Schedule, assign and track courses and assignments for employee licenses and certifications
  • Write and update internal department procedures and communicate with department stakeholders to monitor and update overall bank procedures
  • Organize stakeholders of training content to keep the material up-to-date, accurate and compliant
  • Monitor training effectiveness using attendee follow up communication and surveys
  • Respond to and resolve internal team member requests in an efficient and courteous manner at all times. Escalate issues as needed to the appropriate L&D team member
  • Coordinate with other business units and/or individuals on various initiatives
  • Manage L&D’s Intranet page
  • High school diploma and 2 years of administrative experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, expressing thoughts clearly and concisely
  • Highly motivated self-starter with ability to multitask and complete assignments within time constraints and deadlines
  • Strong knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office; Word, PowerPoint, Visio and particularly Excel
  • Strong problem solving and decision making skills
  • Proficiency in the 9.1 Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS), Microsoft Office Products (i.e. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • Knowledge of web design technology i.e. Captivate, Articulate, Photoshop/Paint or SharePoint; data entry skills; strong interpersonal and project management skills
  • Knowledge of adult learning theory, eLearning, classroom training course design, development, and implementation

Global Business Services Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Design and develop global learning and education curriculum
  • Bachelor’s degree, (Master’s preferred) preferably in Human Resources or learning/ adult educational field
  • Minimum of 10 years related business experience
  • Minimum 5 years of experience working in Learning & Development programs of which 3 years are focused on global program creation
  • Strong client relationship skills, the ability to partner, influence and work strategically with internal client organizations, business partners and stakeholders to drive overall solutions, while managing issues and risks
  • Proven ability to adapt in a changing environment and to develop and implement effective learning strategies, solutions and tools
  • Demonstrated ability to evaluate and measure program effectiveness and value
  • Self-starter, creative and innovative
  • Drive for results with outcome focus
  • Strong understanding of Instructional design process
  • Strong analytical and assessment skills
  • Strong cultural awareness and experience in working with diverse teams
  • Demonstrated business and global acumen at all levels of the organization
  • Strong interpersonal, relationship building and communication skills
  • Proven organizational skills with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Experience in Manufacturing industry a plus
  • Outstanding customer focus including attributes of empathy, compassion, and service orientation
  • Passionate and high energy which can assist in selling future vision to customers
  • Strong detail orientation
  • Adaptability/flexibility which includes being open to change and conducting business differently
  • Focused on continuous learning and developing new skills
  • Excellent process orientation which focuses on efficiency without losing sight of customer experience
  • Savvy with technology which includes use of web-based platforms, case management, etc
  • Evaluate and respond to ongoing training needs to meet customer expectations and internal service standards
  • Refine training based on evaluation feedback
  • Limited travel is required
  • Advanced PC skills are also necessary,
  • Must be able to work independently, with minimal supervision
  • Experience using SharePoint, PowerPoint, Brainshark and/or Camtasia or other multimedia tools
  • Designs and develops outlines, storyboards, scripts, job aids, eLearning, assessments and other training deliverables
  • Participates in the measurement and evaluation of training program effectiveness
  • Works with subject matter experts (SMEs) to design and produce training content
  • Maintains and updates existing training materials and webpages as requested
  • Develops required databases and reports for educational statistical information
  • Conducts training needs analysis necessary to drive training initiatives and to close identified skill gaps
  • Performs other duties to support the Learning and Development team
  • Creates end user guides, online help and other supporting documentation as needed
  • Bachelor Degree in Human Resource-Training, Educational/Instructional Design, Organizational Psychology, related field is preferred
  • 5-10 years of experience in Training, Instructional Design, web-based design, etc. required
  • Fluent Spanish (speaking and writing)-required
  • Excellent facilitation skills for a broad audience-required
  • 2 + years’ experience in enhancing the learning experience with Video Production
  • 2+ years supporting retail or call centers
  • Experience as an instructional Designer using the ADDIE model to design and develop instructor lead, eLearning and web based learning solutions, internally and externally
  • Experience using a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Knowledge in the eLearning authoring tool Adobe Captivate
  • Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro and Audition
  • Experience with other creative tools such as VideoScribe and Prezi
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite: Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, Visio
  • Experience with desktop and online help publishing programs such as RoboHelp a plus
  • Working knowledge of digital media and video editing a plus
  • Experience with additional learning approaches such as gamification
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to form collaborative relationships with staff, management and leadership at all levels of the organization
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects concurrently
  • Ability to travel 15% both domestically and internationally
  • Some experience with Videography a plus
  • Help Learning and Development to execute our vision, while bringing in his/her own
  • Support the execution of a growing Learning and Development catalogue of course offerings
  • Serve as an integral member of a collaborative, high energy global Learning and Development team
  • Apply adult learning and instructional design theories to assist in the creation of new engaging courses for both online and classroom instruction, to teach key business processes and use of the systems required to perform these processes
  • Delivers training – in the classroom and via webinar – independently and in partnership with applicable SMEs
  • Develops and maintains end-user documentation related to business processes and proprietary systems
  • Creates and maintains business process overviews
  • Content administrator for Sotheby’s Learning Management System (LMS) to manage all program administration, and develops expertise in this system to propose continuous improvements beneficial to L&D and HR staff. Familiarizes employees across the Company with use of LMS
  • Partners with Regional L&D Managers to support development and maintenance of departmental curriculums
  • Works with external vendors to schedule and develop bespoke training, as applicable
  • Well versed in Sotheby's auction business and procedures
  • Fully conversant in Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)
  • Demonstrate comfort and willingness to learn areas of the auction business/processes
  • Have strong organizational and project management abilities
  • Be a self-starter with ability to multi-task
  • Have the ability to work independently and on a team
  • Have strong writing, editing and proofreading skills
  • Have a high attention to detail
  • Be able to prioritize, schedule and meet deadlines
  • Possess a wide degree of creativity
  • Demonstrates a logical, linear thought process
  • Ability to analyze and interpret data
  • Experience in navigating complex, global organizations
  • Expected international travel – 25%
  • Interested in pursuing a career in L&D/Organizational Development
  • Fundamentals of effective training
  • Knowledge of instructional design and blended learning techniques
  • Multimedia technology and authoring tools such as Captivate or other online training authoring tools
  • Classroom instruction and presentation/facilitation skills
  • Knowledge of Learning Management Systems

Sales Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • Conduct a TNA to determine the Sales Capability needs
  • Design, develop and implement robust learning solutions aligned to the sales process
  • Evolve our competency framework and curriculum as required
  • Introduce innovative and engaging solutions to continual evolve the learning offering
  • Implement measures to determine effectiveness of training
  • Manage budget for training programs
  • Work with the Sales Exec to embed the Sales competencies through the recruitment, performance and development cycle
  • Facilitation of Sales programs where required
  • Strategic thinking with proven ability to build frameworks, curriculum and learning pathways
  • Strong consulting experience
  • Experience in building blended learning solutions and is innovative in their thinking
  • Digital learning experience highly desirable
  • Strong L&D background with experience in sales
  • Flexible in nature and resilient to change
  • Experience in Financial Service is preferable
  • Ability to learn new content quickly and determine training objectives
  • Ability to identify, analyze and solve problems
  • Advanced interpersonal, collaboration and communication skills, capable of training employees in complex topics, making presentations to various audiences and interacting positively with employees at all levels
  • Advanced PC skills, with proficiency in utilizing Microsoft office products (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.) and ability to learn and effectively use various training software programs such as Adobe Captivate, iLinc, etc
  • Excellent presentation, communication and documentation skill set
  • Flexible and responsive classroom and virtual training work skills
  • Independent problem solving and self-direction are critical - Ability to work autonomously with maximum results
  • Strong and demonstrated attention to detail, planning and organizational ability and time management required
  • Understanding and experience with healthcare revenue cycle industry
  • The ability to work in a very fast paced environment and to foster a cooperative and team-oriented work environment
  • Works well in a team oriented structure to achieve goals

Temporary Appointment Learning & Development Specialist Resume Examples & Samples

  • At least 3 years’ experience working on the delivery of online and/or blended learning programmes. (knowledge or experience of instructional design, technologies, development processes, needs analysis)
  • A minimum of 3 years of professional experience in instructional design and the use of learning technologies for distance and blended training purposes
  • Experience in working with learning management systems as a solution to deliver e-learning programmes is mandatory, preferably experience of Totara and/or Moodle
  • Exposure to international professional contexts and/or multicultural environments within the United Nations Systems, preferably in UNICEF
  • Prior experience in coordinating the development of online learning activities and resources for adults
  • Experience providing end-user support and technical assistance
  • Prior experience working in the development and maintenance of online and distance learning activities is desirable
  • Prior hands-on experience in innovate and use modern technologies and methodologies to support UNICEF's learning initiatives is desirable
  • Strong project management skills (possibly including various concomitant projects)
  • Attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, ability to work well with others
  • Ability to work with virtual teams (vendors, subject matter experts, testers, etc.)
  • Knowledge of distance education challenges and learning management systems centred around clients’ needs and capacities
  • Good understanding of graphic design for learning principles
  • Advanced knowledge of Totara LMS or Moodle LMS environments- in particular regarding content integration and setup and user support
  • Knowledge and understanding of Articulate Storyline and Camtasia
  • Strong pedagogical and analytical skills, capacity to coordinate the work of e-learning vendors, and provide innovative ideas in order to deliver quality e-learning services
  • Knowledge and understanding of content management platforms and knowledge sharing tools highly desirable
  • Planning and Organizing (2)
  • Analyzing (2)
  • Applying Technical Expertise (2)
  • Following Instructions and Procedures (2)
  • Relating and Networking (2)
  • General Learning and Development
  • Bachelor’s degree in Learning and Development, Adult Education, Professional/Organizational Development or related field is required
  • 3-5 years of adult learning administration, course design and development based adult education/learning styles and strong platform delivery skills required
  • Partners with customers to assess the success of learning and development activities
  • Provide reports and analysis and makes recommendations for technical learning and development roadmaps for critical technical talent
  • Configures curriculum and establishes course structure for assigned projects within the
  • Learning Management System
  • Serves as a designated representative of the team’s Learning Management System
  • Administrator, assists in administrative tasks as needed
  • Working knowledge of Adult Learning Theory and Instructional Design Methodologies
  • Experience in utilizing contract staff augmentation in the development of course materials
  • Experience developing, delivering, and measuring instructor-led training with excellent classroom management skills
  • Experience in developing and managing self-paced online training using Adobe Captivate and leading live WebEx classes (cross platform and HTML5 compatible)
  • Experience implementing and administrating synchronous and asynchronous learning solutions. Must be fluent and a practitioner of today’s leading training tools and approaches
  • Ability to create a thorough training needs analysis to guide course sponsors and subject matter experts to a measurable result
  • Maintains expert knowledge, executes and performs learning management system administration work that includes use of access protocols, system documentation and logic conventions, reporting analytics, and configuration work
  • Participates in collaboration calls and training with other system platform owners to troubleshoot, resolve issues, and share best practices
  • Creates and implements content using instructional design principles, authoring tools; maintains expertise levels
  • Uses a wide range of educational technology to enhance learning experiences by the effective transfer of knowledge and skills to the learner
  • Designs content to support acquisition of knowledge and skill in an efficient, effective, and appealing manner
  • Facilitates training through blended delivery methods; maintains proficiency in classroom training, virtual training, eLearning, social tools, etc…
  • Maintains technical knowledge and integration of industry practices for Learning professionals, including practice and adherence to Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and other professional and technical standards and specifications
  • Leverages learning capability options with stakeholders and customers, across functions, business units, divisions, and geographies
  • Reviews and maintains all training programs on a documented cycle frequency; updates and maintains learning catalog in accordance with changes
  • Experience with PeopleSoft or other ERP systems
  • Adult learner trainer/ facilitator experience
  • Degree must be from a school that is accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the Secretary of Education of the U.S. Department of Education
  • Facilitate and coordinate training based on needs of team members
  • Provide coaching and support to leaders and team members to facilitate the development of additional knowledge and skills
  • Review and recommend revisions and/or changes to Sun's policies and procedures
  • Develop and maintain documentation for various company systems, processes and procedures in the Knowledge Base
  • Track and monitor learning
  • Collaborate with leaders to provide just-in-time learning events
  • Analyze learning effectiveness; submit reports and recommendations to leaders
  • Track and monitor engagement through observation, performance and Sun Rewards utilization
  • Partner with leaders to maintain Sun’s culture of recognition
  • Assist with designing development curriculum and learning plans for high potential team members
  • Partner with leaders and Talent Acquisition Specialists for high potential placement
  • Partner with leaders and Team Relations Specialists to design individual development plans
  • Provide support on HR-related and other company software
  • Experience of the full cycle of learning design – diagnosis, design, delivery and evaluation, for both face to face and e- learning
  • Hands on experience of data management and reporting systems
  • Proven facilitation experience
  • Strong commercial focus
  • Strong consulting skills
  • Ability to influence and coordinate stakeholders remotely, across multiple countries and working cultures
  • Strong team focus
  • Design, conduct or outsource learning and development initiatives that include professional development skills, leadership skills, performance management training, onboarding, team effectiveness sessions, etc
  • Partner with the Director. L&D to plan, maintain and communicate the L&D calendar throughout the year. Manages existing and future learning curriculum
  • Support the Director, L&D in communication and development of any supporting collaterals for the implementation of organizational effectiveness strategies encompassing work force planning, talent review, succession management and change management initiatives
  • Relies on network to source consultants for internal projects; manages external consultants’ organizational trainers, academic partners, etc
  • Designs and delivers on-boarding program(s) for newly hired staff and executives
  • Works cross-functionally with other internal teams focused on training and learning to ensure consistencies and develop synergies relative to professional development, performance management and leadership development
  • Integrates Pandora’s Life Values, including behaviors and relevant performance management elements for all roles and teams, in all OE initiatives
  • Manages the regional administration of PANDORA Learning Management System (a.k.a. POD) for the PANDORA Americas region
  • Serve as team lead for market/country level LMS (POD) Coordinators to ensure consistency in the maintenance and day-to-day management of POD in order to maintain optimal functionality of the POD
  • Ensures partnership with other internal teams who rely on the POD for the deployment of learning for the various target populations at PANDORA Americas. Represents the learner in the deployment of learning events in the system while ensuring system integrity
  • Identifies and supports best practices in the use of technology in the deployment of learning
  • Participates in the assessment and implementation of new learning and performance management technology applications; elearning libraries; automated performance management; future Learning Management Systems (LMS) and ensures integration with other learning initiatives and user technology capabilities. Manages the day to day administration of such systems
  • Develops deployment strategies for training design and training distribution (through multiple channels) to all PANDORA Americas employees including the US, Canada, Brazil and Emerging Markets
  • Monitors, maintains, tracks and reports L&D metrics identified by the region and global L&D functions
  • Proficiency in using computer systems and software e.g. Adobe, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc
  • Facility in acquiring computer software skills
  • Conversational Spanish and/or Portuguese a plus
  • Overall responsibilities for this position are comprised of four primary areas including: program management, consultative intervention analysis, collaborative coaching and relationship management
  • Serve as internal consultant on OD strategies, partnering with entity HRBP in the evaluation, prioritization, development and implementation of solutions to develop Piedmont employees and inspire continuous learning
  • Works closely with L&D Director, HRBPs, business subject matter experts, and clients to understand business learning needs and performance gaps through organizational and/or department needs assessment process
  • Design, deliver, and lead cross functional OD solutions that address identified needs
  • Provide coaching for high performing leaders and transition/onboarding coaching for new leaders
  • Manage a variety of programs and projects, including managing all aspects of program development and implementation and buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Evaluate learning programs for effectiveness and desired outcomes and utilize feedback to initiate changes, refinements, and improvements
  • Develops advanced level knowledge in all organizational processes, applications, customers and business units
  • Works on one or more learning development projects simultaneously, using predefined standards and tools for learning content. Ensures high quality design, regular reviews with internal clients (i.e., from proof of concept through delivery) and subject matter experts
  • Participates in testing and validation of new or enhanced systems applications as part of the preparation process to deliver learning programs
  • Creates assessments for reinforcement, including situational and scenario-based questions. Provides post-training follow-up and learner desk-side support as needed to support learning transfer
  • Provides regular updates to L&D management of the status of all design and development activities, completion of milestones and potential conflicts
  • Facilitation to various size groups and varying levels of employees among the Piedmont Career Pathway
  • Clear understanding of generational differences and how it applies to various learning platforms and delivery methods
  • Education: Degree level qualifications, masters preferred
  • Foreign Languages: English – at a proficient level, any other European language will represent a great asset
  • Working experience: 3-5 years in HR, ideally with L&D or projects focus
  • HR and/or L&D qualifications an advantage, but not prerequisite
  • Project Management experience, but not prerequisite
  • Good understanding of e-learning standards and LMS / HR systems
  • Design and develop creative and engaging content, curriculum, and learning programs; directly related to management and general business operations
  • Use own discretion and independent judgment in the creation of learning tools, courses, programs and the evaluation of adult learners
  • Demonstrate proficiency in communication and project management skills
  • Demonstrate expertise in facilitating classroom curriculum, workshops, focus groups, and adult learning programs
  • Build effective relationships with key business partners and subject matter experts
  • Develop creative tools to reach associates dispersed across the country and in a variety of positions; leadership to front line
  • Bachelor’s Degree (B.A/B.S.) in Human Resources, Education, Organizational Development or related field
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in Learning and Development, Corporate Training, or like position
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in curriculum design and delivery
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in business partner consultation
  • Proficient knowledge of curriculum design methodology, adult learning theory, and evaluation theory
  • ADDIE, Group Dynamics and Process, Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation, etc
  • Prior experience designing and implementing best in class online, classroom, and blended programs
  • Moderate travel by automobile and airplane throughout the organization
  • Work effortlessly with Curriculum Design Consultant and subject matter experts to conceive innovative, strategic, and persuasive curricula for effective Instructor Led, online and virtual classroom programs
  • Work with Curriculum Designer to determine best delivery method
  • Apply best practices and knowledge of instructional design and adult learning theory to the design of training programs
  • Maintain and develop course templates, modules, standards, and procedures for review and approval
  • Identify problems in the curriculum development process and develop solutions to ensure both quality and deadlines are achieved
  • Remain current in industry innovations and eLearning standards
  • Provides expert input on design and feasibility of eLearning initiatives
  • Needs Analysis: Consult with internal clients to determine performance gaps, research possible learning interventions and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Design and Development: Design and develop effective learning solutions to meet diverse learner needs including Instructor Led training, workshops, eLearning modules, social learning curriculum, virtual learning programs and job aids for staff across all Canadian Division Contact Centre business areas
  • Delivery and Facilitation: Facilitate train the trainer sessions to trainers and Contact Centre leaders, in a professional manner, in a variety of settings including classroom training, live video/SKYPE training, Virtual Classroom training, coaching, guided self-study and hands-on eLearning
  • Evaluation and Reporting
  • University/college graduated, Accredited Adult Learning Professional or related business experience
  • Detailed knowledge of adult learning theory and instructional design principles, with proven experience in e-learning design
  • Expert knowledge of various learning media including but not limited to the following: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Studio, audio editing software (Audacity), Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator) Microsoft Office applications, including PowerPoint, Social Learning platforms, Axonify
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills, proof reading skills and documentation skills
  • Experience in and solid understanding of how to impact success in a contact centre environment
  • Bilingual (English and French) preferred
  • Coordinate various L&D Events
  • Administrator LMS
  • Analyse and generate reports and dashboards
  • Understand the Instructional Design Principles and Design Methodologies for training programs
  • Must have experience on ADDIE Models and Evaluation Methodologies for elearning design
  • Collaborate with department SME’s and the L&D Leadership to refine requirements, design concepts, and production strategies; recommend ways to improve deliverables, messaging, and branding
  • Hands-on experience in Cornerstone LMS or any LMS to create Learning Path, Events, Upload SCORM package
  • Understand the concept for Design and Design Principles to create outstanding output
  • Conceptualize, design, and create high-quality courses, presentations, and assets using a variety of media formats
  • Vendor Management for coordination and quality control of learning deliverables
  • Create a visual brand/style for a customer’s assets and build templates across delivery formats to represent that brand
  • Willing to learn and start using eLearning authoring tools such as (Storyline 2, Captivate 8/9) within first year
  • Publish videos, elearning courses, and interactive media, including both building creative from scratch and editing/compiling draft assets
  • Experience with learning management systems such as (Cornerstone, Moodle etc)
  • Proficient with Graphic Design Tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect or any other tools for video creation and animation
  • Experience with eLearning publishing standards: SCORM; AICC; xAPI
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, XML, HTML5 preferred, but not essential
  • Experience with creating multimedia components: image editing; voice-over; video creation
  • Aptitude for visual design appropriate to the business environment and training audience
  • Work with HR colleagues business stakeholders to ensure global processes are utilized effectively
  • Support HR colleagues and business in consolidating training needs
  • Help in finding suitable learning solutions from internal and external offerings to meet the needs
  • Communicate actively about the available learning and development options
  • Organize agreed, non-technical trainings according to the training plan
  • Act as a facilitator/trainer in agreed programs
  • Manage possible content localization and translations
  • Manage training portfolio and learning records together with HR shared services
  • Follow local trends in competence development and provide input to HR teams
  • Explore, implement and promote the usage of new digital learning methods across the units (e.g. mobile learning, gamification, MOOCs)
  • Bachelor’s degree education/human resources or other relevant field
  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience of learning and development
  • Experience of online learning solutions and digital learning methods (e.g. mobile learning, gamification, MOOCs)
  • Ability to effectively communicate about learning and development opportunities
  • Fluency in English and Finnish, Nordic languages as an advantage
  • Working closely with our South Australian Workers’ Compensation team
  • Developing and delivering training courses to both internal and external clients
  • Participating in ReturnToWorkSA training forums

Related Job Titles

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