how to write a guest of honour speech

Sample Speech by a Chief Guest or Guest of Honor

Ladies and gentlemen,

Distinguished guests,

Faculty members,

Dear students,

I stand before you today with a profound sense of honor and privilege to be invited as the chief guest at this prestigious event. As we gather here, I am reminded of the countless hours of hard work, dedication, and perseverance that have brought us to this moment of celebration.

First and foremost, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the students who have successfully completed their academic journey. This day marks a significant milestone in your lives, and it is a testament to your commitment to learning and personal growth. Your accomplishments deserve applause, and I am confident that you will continue to achieve greatness in all your future endeavors.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the exceptional efforts of the faculty and staff who have guided and nurtured these young minds. Education is the foundation upon which societies are built, and the role of educators cannot be overstated. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Today's event is not just about individual achievements; it is a celebration of the collective spirit that thrives in this institution. The bonds forged here, the friendships made, and the experiences shared will shape your lives in ways you may not yet fully comprehend. As you step out into the world, remember to cherish these connections and support one another.

While we celebrate this moment of success, we must also recognize the challenges that lie ahead. Our world is rapidly evolving, and with it comes a myriad of global issues, from climate change to social inequality. As the leaders of tomorrow, it is your responsibility to confront these challenges head-on and work towards building a more just and sustainable future.

Embrace innovation, think critically, and foster a spirit of collaboration. The problems we face today require collective solutions that transcend borders and ideologies. I urge you to be the agents of positive change, to be compassionate and empathetic, and to always strive for excellence in whatever you pursue.

Remember that success is not solely measured by individual achievements but also by the impact we have on others and the world around us. As you excel in your chosen fields, consider how you can give back to society and uplift those who are less fortunate. Be role models, mentors, and beacons of hope for others to follow.

Lastly, never forget the value of lifelong learning. Education does not end here; it is a continuous journey of discovery and growth. Keep an open mind, embrace new ideas, and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of knowledge.

Once again, congratulations to the graduating class, and my best wishes to all the students for a bright and promising future. Thank you to the faculty, staff, and everyone involved in making this institution a center of excellence. Together, let us build a world that is compassionate, equitable, and sustainable.

how to write a guest of honour speech

Maid of Honour Speech Advice

Maid of honour speech advice advice.

We love a maid of honour speech. Boom! That’s the best man blown right out of the water.

Of course, being asked to give a maid of honour speech is a bit of a ‘responsibility’. An honour, hell yeah, but a shed load of pressure too.

Entertaining a room full of strangers, some elderly relatives and a load of drunken mates can be scary. But f ollow our advice and you’ll deliver a speech that will leave the best man weeping.*

* Of course, if you’re looking for more than ‘advice’, check out our  maid of honour template , speech edit service , or  bespoke service . 

Or, work with our new AI-powered team member – SpeechyAI!  

Maid of honour speech template - funny, sentimental, original, quirky

Maid of Honour Speech Advice Etiquette

Maid of Honour etiquette isn’t overly complicated. 

There’s no need to be overly posh or formal just because you’re wearing a fancy dress, and you don’t need to address everyone as  ‘ladies & gentleman’ ; a simple  ‘well, hello everyone’  will be fine. 

You don’t have to thank anyone and there’s no official toast to adhere to. 

Your job is simply to let your best friend know how much you love her, and make the guests laugh. 

1. Maid of Honour Speech Structure

It’s simple really…

  • Introduce yourself and how you know the bride
  • Script a laugh as soon as possible ; within the first 20 seconds. 
  • Establish the main theme of your speech (we’ll get to that in a bit) 
  • Tell a few great stories which illustrate the bride’s characteristics in action . This should make up about two thirds of your speech
  • Introduce your joy (scepticism?) when her partner first came on the scene
  • Pay a (short but heartfelt) tribute to the bride’s partner and s um up your happiness at their union 
  • Pay a more thoughtful tribute to the bride; highlighting her best traits and illustrating your love for her
  • Sum up the theme of your speech with a funny line and propose a toast to the couple . 

maid of honour toast

2. Maid of Honour Opening - How to Start Your Speech

Introduce yourself, how you know the bride and try to get an early laugh . It will relax you and your audience. 

Ideally, your ice-breaker should be original and reflect the style of the wedding day and the personality of the newlyweds. 

Often, a bit of self depreciating humour works well too…  

Examples of Maid of Honour Opening Lines… 

  • “Greetings, friends and family! Today, I’m honored to stand before you as the self-appointed spokesperson for the bride’s questionable life choices… starting with her choice of me as Maid of Honour. Kidding! Or am I?”
  • “Good [morning/afternoon/evening], everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the festivities so far. If you’re not, just blame the DJ – it’s what I plan to do later. Now, as the Maid of Honour, my main job is to make sure the bride doesn’t trip over her dress. So far, so good. But I’m also here to deliver a speech, and let me tell you, my track record with speeches is about as consistent as my attempts at a low-carb diet. Let’s see how this goes!”
  • “Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests. I’m [Your Name], and I’m thrilled to be the opening act for this matrimonial main event. I promise to keep it short, sweet, and scandalous.”

maid of honour toast

3. Maid of Honour Closing Lines & Toast

Other speakers get first dibs on the classic toasts but quite frankly, who wants them?

Ideally, you want your toast to tie in with a theme or back-ref a story you told earlier in the speech, even if it’s just raising a glass to ‘the coolest couple this side of the Hog’s Head’, or ‘to a lifetime of dancing on tables together’. 

Examples of maid of honour toasts…

“So, here’s to the newlyweds– may your love be as enduring as the memories we’ve shared and as resilient as [Bride’s Name]’s waterproof mascara. May your days be filled with laughter, your nights be filled with Netflix, and may you always find joy in the little things, like a perfectly timed GIF in a group chat. To [Couple’s Names]”

“To the newlyweds, may your marriage be the greatest love story ever told, filled with plot twists, happy endings, and the occasional dramatic soundtrack. Cheers!”

  • “As we raise a toast to the happy couple, remember that marriage is like a roller coaster – thrilling, occasionally stomach-churning, and best enjoyed with someone who won’t let you throw up alone. May your days be filled with more joy than a kid in a candy store and your nights be as cozy as a cat in a sunbeam. Cheers!”

(TIP – SpeechyAI is great at crafting truly unique toasts to deliver on the day!)

how to write a guest of honour speech

4. Questions Maids of Honour Should Ask the Nearlyweds

If in doubt, ask the two folk in charge… 

  • INTRO – Will you be be introduced by an MC or will you need to introduce yourself?
  • THE SPEAKER SCHEDULE – When will you be speaking (stagger your alcohol intake accordingly). 
  • SUGGESTED DURATION –  how long do the couple want you to speak? 
  • EQUIPMENT – Will there be a mic? Will you have time to test it on the morning? If so, it’s  worth making sure you know how far to hold it from your mouth  etc.
  • KIDS – Worth knowing if any children or prudish adults are in attendance so you can cater your content appropriately. 

how to write a guest of honour speech

5. Length of a Maid of Honour Speech

Some couples say they’d like their friend’s wedding speeches to be between three and five minutes long. We think that’s quite tight, so do negotiate for a few more minutes if you can. 

A good length for a maid of honour speech is around eight minutes; long enough to say everything you need to say but still leave people entertained. There’s never an excuse for a wedding speech to be over ten minutes. 

Generally, you want a wordcount of between 800 and 1,200 words. 

The wedding experts agree… ‘There’s a great saying; delivering a speech shouldn’t take longer than it does to consummate a marriage.’ Alison Hargreaves, Founder of Guides for Brides .

Lots of sites offer  quick estimates of your speech duration  based on your wordcount and speaking speed. 

wedding speeches feminism bridesmaids help

6. Any Special Considerations for Sisters of the Bride?

Just a lot more material to consider… 

Check out our sister of the bride blog for more ideas.

wedding speeches sister of groom help

How to Write & Deliver a Maid of Honour Speech

So, you know how to start and end your speech, but what about the bit in between? 

Here’s how to source, script and serve up the speech-meat… 

The trick to starting your speech is to view as it as series of mini-challenges, rather than writing a great speech in one hit.

Sometimes it helps just to answer a few simple questions. Once, you do, suddenly you have content to play with. 

So, the next time you have a spare 15 mins, pick a question to ponder…  

  • What makes your friend  distinctive, unusual and so darn brilliant
  • Stories & anecdotes that show these qualities and quirks in action 
  • What is the bride’s guiltiest pleasures / strange habits / passions in life? 
  • What they surprisingly good at? And shockingly bad at? 
  • How and why do they make you laugh? 

Then, when you come to writing your speech, you already have strong building blocks to work with and it feels like a less intimidating task.

wedding speeches team help

Read our  maid of honour wedding speech  that was generated by SpeechyAI for further inspiration.

Neuroscientists have discovered that our brains lights up when we hear stories, and all good speeches have great stories at the heart of them.

A maid of honour speech usually has about three strong anecdotes within it – and as well as the individual stories, the whole wedding speech needs to have a narrative arc. 

Rather than just recounting a series of desolate memories, your speech needs a ‘throughline’; an idea that connects all stories, insights and compliments into one seamless tale. 

Here are some examples of some classic maid of honour speech themes:

Lessons in Love (and Laughter):

  • Share lighthearted lessons the couple has taught you about love.
  • Sprinkle in humorous advice for a successful and amusing marriage.

Fairy Tale with a Twist:

  • Put a humorous spin on the classic fairy tale theme.
  • Imagine the couple as characters in a quirky fairy tale with unexpected twists.

Journey Through the Chaos:

  • Describe the bride’s single days with you as her sidekick
  • Describe the couple’s journey together with a humorous twist.
  • Share amusing stories of the chaos and adventures they’ve navigated as a couple.

eulogy writing service dearly departed

Cut the cliches and concentrate on what makes your friend  unique .

Avoid too many of the obvious adjectives or anything that’s overused. Instead nail her  individual and quirky characteristics.

Is she a library-lover, a technology fiend, a total foodie? Is she the most competitive Scrabble player in the world, or the one person you can rely on to respond to a WhatsApp at 2am? 

Being specific and truthful helps make your tribute more meaningful and entertaining. 

Remember, everyone is weird in their own way so cherish the nut-job she is! 

brides party

Whether it’s a same-sex or heterosexual wedding, your friend’s new spouse deserves more than a few cursory or superficial compliments. 

You need to pay tribute to their character too.

how to write a guest of honour speech

Even if you have a wealth of material, be strict with yourself. Once you write your first draft, edit it down to half the length, and we guarantee it will be twice as good.

Ernest Hemingway said ‘The first draft of anything is shit’. This is not only true but reassuring.

People are generally more powerful when their words are punchy. It’s the same with jokes – keep ’em snappy.

(If you’re really struggling with this stage of speechwriting, send in the experts. We offer an ace Edit Service which is guaranteed to make your speech better – or your money back!) 

how to write a guest of honour speech

Strong delivery is just as important as a brilliant speech.

A great speech can lose all its charm, humour and power by a rushed delivery or a nervous demeanour.

The first thing to think about is if and how you’ll use notes.

As Speechy’s Andrew points out, ‘Delivering without notes is like ‘doing a wheelie’; pretty cool but, ultimately, unnecessary. It’s just showing off really.’


Paper, cue cards or tech?

It comes down to personal preference but our recommendation, every time, is old school A4 paper.

Mobiles and iPads are increasingly being used but, we think it looks overly casual and sends out the wrong message.


  • Lay it out on A4 so that the bottom third of the page has no text. This means your eyeline doesn’t drop too low.
  • Ensure the page turn is at an appropriate point ; after a story has concluded, where you’d expect laughter or if there’s a natural pause.
  • Codify your speech . Use bold or italics to help you remember emphasis. Use ellipsesto pinpoint where you should pause, for example. 
  • Use a symbol . Ampersands (&) work well as a reminder to add an ‘ad lib’ – i.e. a line that you’ve scripted but memorised so you deliver it ‘off script’. This is a great technique that ensures you seem spontaneously witty and more relaxed than you may feel.
  • Use page numbers . In case you drop the speech.

Wedding Speech Delivery

Having notes is no excuse to be lazy.

While we encourage clients to use notes, Speechy also stress the importance of memorising the speech or, at least, ensuring the words are deep-rooted. 

On the day, you should only be using your notes to reference , rather than read from.

Public speaking expert, Alan Berg suggests, record yourself reading it and listen to it repeatedly. On your commute, going to bed, whenever you can.

Studies have suggested a few extra techniques might help retention…

  • Write out the speech by hand (typing doesn’t count)
  • Read the speech out loud three times in succession
  • Recite the speech just before you go to bed
  • Try delivering the speech without notes. If you lose track, pick up where you left off and force yourself to carry on.

rehearse your wedding speech

The aim is to come across as eloquent, confident and conversational. You also want to look like you’re having fun.

Here’s just some of the presenting techniques we consider when providing Delivery Coaching to our clients. 

This is the linguistic area concerned with intonation, stress and the rhythm of your speaking. It’s what adds life to your speech. It can change an average sentence into something magical.

If you know you’re prone to a monotone style (and so many people are) then work at reprogramming your brain.

Record your speech and consider where emphasis should be. Experiment with the undulations of your delivery. It will feel odd initially; like you’re hamming it up, but you need to do a bit of that. You need to act out your speech, not simply deliver it.

If you have a flat style of speaking, pretend you’re telling a story to a toddler. Get expressive. Become playful.

Once you’ve nailed it, codify your speech accordingly.

So, how do you strike the balance between authority and confidence, and sounding like you’re playing a podcast at half speed?

Well, what you’re aiming for is a conversational tone. You want the pace of a chat with your friends, anywhere between 130 and 170 words per minute.

Time yourself and check your pace.


A conversational style includes pauses.

A pause is essential when you expect laughter, and you should never talk over it once it lands. Speakers often move on from the joke too quickly and don’t give their audience a chance to react.


It’s a biggie. As well as sounding relaxed, you need to look relaxed. An audience picks up body language cues.

Film yourself and check your posture.

  • Are your shoulders back?
  • Do you look relaxed?
  • Is your chin upwards and your head tilted towards your guests?
  • Are you using your hands?
  • Are you using facial expressions to full effect? Facial expressions can add an extra layer of humour so work on this. I want at least a couple of eyebrow raises in there.
  • Are you smiling? A smile puts your guests at ease and it will help relax you too.

(If you want personal feedback and tips on your presenting style – check out our Delivery Coaching Service. Online coaching with Speechy’s Topdog, Heidi Ellert-McDermott ) 

how to write a guest of honour speech

Funny Maid of Honour Speech

Even if the core of your speech is sentimental, it should include lightness and humour too… 

Being funny isn’t about finding good jokes on the internet. Avoid any articles like this basically – Wedding Speech Jokes. The jokes will illicit groans not giggles.

The fact is, you’ve already got a ready-made characters that you can play with; including yourself and the bride!

Yes, it’s more effort to write original lines but that’s no excuse for jokes about it being such an emotional day, ‘even the cake is in tiers’.

wedding speeches edit speech writing uk

Self-deprecation is a brilliant tool to utilise. Arguably, the strongest, most powerful form of comedy. It’s also the safest.

Sometimes, the people who you think will be good sports aren’t.  The only thing that’s 100% safe for you to take the piss out of, is yourself.

Not only is it safe, it’s sensible. Studies have shown that people who use self-deprecating humour are seen as more humble and consequently more emotional intelligent and attractive. Yes,  physically  attractive.

So, while you don’t want the speech to be all about you, add a few self-depreciating lines in there. 

  • “Being the maid of honour is a lot like being vertically challenged – it comes with its own set of challenges, like reaching the top shelf and convincing people that I’m not a lost child at the wedding. But here I am, ready to give a speech without the need for a step ladder.”

wedding speeches lyrics hire a writer

Start by thinking about the things that make the bride unique. Everyone’s a little bit odd in their own way, so what traits will her friends and family recognise as truly ‘her’?

Ask yourself lots of questions – what’s her worst habit (Crocs), what’s her guilty pleasures (Dire Straits), what might she love more than her bride/groom (Abdul’s kebabs), what’s odd about him (her unusually short T-Rex arms).

Once you have good content to play with, the comedy will be much easier to find.

speeches celebration speechy

Imagine the bride was the central character in a sitcom. What type of person would she be?

The health freak who transforms into a borritos-eating monster after a few wines? The workaholic accountant who still calls on her dad for tax advice? 

Once you find a basic premise, use anecdotes to help build on the character you’ve created.

wedding speech laughter

A little comedy writers tip for you. 

The callback is where you plant a story or a piece of info at the start of the speech, possibly as a throwaway line, and then reference it later on. It makes it seem that you’ve been working up to that punchline the whole time and suggests you’re smarter than you are.

For example, you tell a story about how the groom accidentally stapled his shoes to the floor when he was renovating his first house. Later, you conclude your speech by wishing the couple a life adventure and travelling the world ‘…just make sure he doesn’t staple his shoes to the floor before you get the chance to leave.’

The callback is basically establishing an inside joke that everyone is part of.

To make it work

  • Plant something funny, and crucially, memorable in the first third of your speech.
  • Then simple refer to it towards the end of your speech.

Voila. You’ve become a comedy pro.

how to write a guest of honour speech

Speech Do's

Use a cheeky quote.

If you’re struggling to sum up everything you want to say, see if someone else can! Using a great quote in your speech is an effective way of adding wit or sentiment to your speech. Check out our Maid of Honour Quote post . 

Practise your speech and film it on your phone

Watch it back, ignore the unflattering lighting and spot where your speech can be improved.

Check out more funny tips

…In our How to Make Your Wedding Speech Funny blog. 

Get inspired

Check out how other Maids of Honour do it, by visiting our collection of videos of bridesmaids in action . 

Speech Don'ts

Don't thank anyone.

It’s not your job.

Don’t pretend your friend is a princess

She might be in a big white frock but everyone loves her for who she is, whether that’s ditsy, gobby or an absolute loon.

Don't ignore the feedback of friends

It’s always worth testing your speech out on a mate but this also means you have to listen to them. If they don’t get a joke, don’t waste your time explaining it as you won’t be able to do that on the day.

Don't talk over laughter

You’ve worked hard for those laughs – don’t rush them. Always wait until your guests have settled down before continuing with your speech.

Maid of Honour Speech Advice- Let us help you!

If you want to deliver a legendary speech, work with us.

We’re  rated  ‘excellent’  on Trustpilot  and that’s why we offer a  DELIGHT GUARANTEE  on all our bespoke services.

And, of course, in the world of Zoom, Whatsapp and Death Wish Coffee, we work with clients around the world.

Maid of Honour Speech Template

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Best Tips for Maid Of Honor Speech 2024: Samples & Ideas

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Crafting a memorable maid of honor speech can be both an honor and a daunting task. It’s a chance to celebrate the bride in a heartfelt way while engaging the audience. Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or feeling the nerves, this guide will walk you through simple and effective steps to create a speech that will leave everyone touched and smiling. Remember, the key to a great speech lies in authenticity and personal anecdotes – sharing genuine stories and emotions will make your words resonate with everyone present.

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Maid Of Honor Speech Examples

Matron of honor speech.

In the realm of weddings, the roles of Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor are distinct yet equally significant. While the Maid of Honor is typically an unmarried woman, the Matron of Honor is a married woman, often a close friend or relative of the bride. The Matron of Honor’s speech is a cherished moment during the wedding reception, filled with heartfelt memories and well-wishes.

Difference between Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor:

  • Maid of Honor: Unmarried woman chosen for her close relationship with the bride.
  • Matron of Honor: Married woman, offering a unique perspective on married life and advice for the couple.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Good evening! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m [Your Name], the Matron of Honor and [Bride’s Name]’s older sister/best friend. It’s an incredible honor to stand here today beside my beautiful sister/best friend on this special day. Growing up, [Bride’s Name] and I shared countless memories—sleepovers filled with secrets, endless laughter, and a bond that only sisters/best friends can understand. From the moment she met [Groom’s Name], I saw a light in her eyes that was new and wonderful. Seeing her so happy and in love filled my heart with joy. As someone who has been married for a few years, I’ve learned that marriage is a journey filled with beautiful highs and challenging lows. [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name], you two have a love that is strong and resilient. Cherish each other, communicate openly, and never stop laughing together. [Bride’s Name], you are my confidante, my rock, and my inspiration. [Groom’s Name], thank you for loving her the way she deserves. I’m excited to watch you two build a life filled with love and happiness. Here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, and endless joy. Congratulations, [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name]!
Hello everyone! For those who might not know me, I’m [Your Name], the Matron of Honor and [Bride’s Name]’s college roommate/best friend. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing [Bride’s Name] for [number] years, and I must say, standing here today is an absolute joy. When [Bride’s Name] told me about [Groom’s Name], she couldn’t stop smiling. In fact, she smiled so much that I thought she had taken up a new hobby—face exercises! But in all seriousness, from the first time I met [Groom’s Name], I knew he was the one. The way they look at each other, with so much love and understanding, is something truly special. Now, as someone who has been through the ups and downs of marriage, I want to offer a bit of advice: always remember to keep the humor alive. Laugh together, especially during the tough times. It’s amazing how a little laughter can ease even the most stressful moments. [Bride’s Name], you’ve been my partner in crime, my cheerleader, and my voice of reason. [Groom’s Name], you’re incredibly lucky to have her, and I know she’s just as lucky to have you. So, here’s to [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name]—may your life together be filled with love, laughter, and lots of happy memories. Cheers!

Tips for Writing a Matron of Honor Speech:

  • Start with a Personal Anecdote: Share a meaningful memory or story that highlights your relationship with the bride.
  • Express Genuine Emotions: Speak from the heart, expressing your happiness and love for the couple.
  • Offer Words of Wisdom: As a married woman, provide thoughtful advice and encouragement for their journey ahead.
  • Keep it Concise: Aim for a speech that is heartfelt but brief, typically around 3-5 minutes.
  • Practice: Rehearse your speech to ensure a smooth delivery and to manage any nerves.

Best Friend Maid Of Honor Speech

After years of helping Maids of Honor deliver awesome speeches, founder of Speechy and author of ‘The Modern Couple’s Guide to Wedding Speeches’, Heidi Ellert-McDermott, shares her tips. The first three-fifths of the speech should include revealing, entertaining stories that give an insight into the bride and your relationship with her. Don’t be shy of some affectionate teasing.

We’ve made a research and after surveying over 50,000 brides, the maid of honor choice was crystal clear: more than 51% of them chose their best friend as their maid of honor. This role isn’t just about tradition—it’s about an unbreakable bond. A best friend’s speech resonates deeply, filled with shared memories and heartfelt wishes.

“If you haven’t had the chance to meet me yet, my name is X. (Bride) and I have been best friends for about 10 years. We met in high school gym class, and we couldn’t stand each other at first. As you can see, things eventually changed for the better. When (Bride) first asked me to be her Maid of Honor I felt flattered. But as the big day approached, she also told me to give a speech and a toast. I’m kind of the shy type and tried my best to get out of it. But, as (Groom) can tell you, it’s almost impossible to tell (Bride) No and get away with it. I wanted to tell you both how absolutely spectacular you look today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better-looking couple (except for maybe my boyfriend and I). And I hope you’re all having a lovely evening and I’d like to I wish you two all the love and happiness in the world. How blessed you are to celebrate your love on this beautiful day. I know there are many happy years ahead for you. Let’s all raise our glasses to the bride and groom, and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!”
“I never had a sister, but (Bride) has been like a sister to me for all these years. We have similar tastes, we like similar clothes… I knew (Bride) had found the one when (Groom) walked into her life. Well, I’m fine with that – she saw him first! Actually, you could see that it was love at first, second, and third sight. He is her Prince Charming and it seems to me he gives her all she needs – a strong arm, a sympathetic ear, and his credit card.”
“I met (Bride) 6 years ago, as we tried to survive in the concrete jungle of NY. To thrive there, your tribe is essential. We are quite protective of each other, so I was a bit skeptical of (Groom) when he first came into the picture. But as time goes by, I can’t imagine anyone else but him to be her one and only. They say that anyone can be passionate, but it takes a real pair of lovers to be silly. Well, together, (Bride) and (Groom) are two of the goofiest people I know.”
“Hello everyone, my name is X, and by my dress, you can tell that I am the Maid of Honor today. For many years, we have been through thick and thin, and we have shared many memories. Today is another great day to add to our collection of sweet memories, so I’m really looking forward to the cake! I know you will have challenges as all relationships do. But you know what’s great about love and relationships and marriages? It is learning to grow together. Caring and sharing, and lots of tenderness. And maybe a bit of patience, or maybe even a lot. So let’s raise our glasses to the power of love, that makes all these wonderful things happen! Today you start a completely new chapter of your lives. What can I say? Never forget the two most important replies: ‘you’re right, dear’ and ‘okay, buy it’. Love and cherish each other! These two are a rare find in today’s world. Here’s to the groom who has a bride so fair, and here’s to the bride with a groom who is so rare.”

Check out this touching maid of honor speech to get inspired!

How to write a maid of honor speech for best friend?

  • Introduction: Begin by introducing yourself and expressing how honored you are to be the maid of honor for your best friend.
  • Fond Memories: Share special and cherished memories you’ve shared together, highlighting the bond you both share.
  • Praise and Qualities: Speak about your best friend’s wonderful qualities, accomplishments, and the ways they have positively impacted your life and the lives of others.
  • The Friendship: Emphasize the strength and significance of your friendship, and how it has grown over the years.
  • Love and Support: Show appreciation for the bride’s partner and express your excitement about their journey together.
  • Gratitude: Thank the guests for being a part of this special day and acknowledge the couple’s families.
  • Toast: Raise a toast to your best friend and their partner, wishing them a lifetime of love, joy, and happiness together.

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Sister maid of honor speech.

According to our research, the second most popular choice for the maid of honor role is the bride’s sister. While tradition often places the best friend in the spotlight, a sister brings a unique depth to the role. Their shared history, growing up together, and the intrinsic bond make a sister’s speech incredibly touching. With a wealth of childhood memories and a deep understanding of the bride, a sister’s words carry immense emotional weight. When delivering the speech, draw upon this shared journey, express genuine emotions, and celebrate the love that binds not only siblings but also the newlyweds.

“As you may know, I am the bride’s younger sister. As we were growing up, I always wanted to be like her. Do the things she did, have the things she had –  I was probably a bit annoying, I always wanted to tag along. She taught me how to care, how to share, and how to try to reach for the stars. And as I grew up I wanted to be just as beautiful, caring, smart, and successful as her. (Bride) has always set an example for me to follow. Over the years she has shown me how to love and care. Today she shows me how to find a best friend, a partner, and a true lover, all in one person. I hope that I am just as lucky someday. It’s a great happiness to find someone who loves you as much as (Groom) loves my sister. Today, I want to thank both of you for being a part of my life, and to celebrate the love you both share. Like many sisters, we weren’t always best friends. I remember fights, screaming, and door-slamming, but I couldn’t have picked a better sister and a friend. Now that we are older, I can finally admit how happy I am to have grown up with such a great sister. Having a sister is one of the greatest things in life. Having a little sister is even better because I liked to be bossy. (Bride) always wanted to be a bit more like me… But actually, there is so much that I admire about her! I have watched her grow into the gorgeous woman that she is. It is a great honor for me to be her big sister!”
“First of all, I want to thank you all for being here with us today. As most of you know I am (Bride’s) sister. As we grew, we were as close as can be. We were always in trouble and I remember wondering if there will be a guy brave enough for someone as wild as my sister is. Well, here he is!My sis has just tied the knot. And I do believe that (Groom) is her perfect match. And today I realize that all she needs is a guy who will love her just the way she is, with all her craziness. Their commitment to each other inspires all of us because that’s what we call true love. So let’s raise our glasses to this amazing couple!”
“I want you to know that it took me 3 weeks to write this speech over and over again. And I couldn’t think of anything perfect enough to describe just how much I love you. I couldn’t find words to define the kind of sister you are to me. This is your big day and there is so much I want to say… I Googled a lot of maid of honor speech examples. The one piece of advice I kept finding over and over again was to start off with a quote. I did some research and I think their love is best described by Dr. Seuss: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because the reality is finally better than your dreams.”
“Love, be true to her; Life, be dear to her; Health, stay close to her; Joy, draw near to her; Fortune, find what you can do for her, Search your treasure house through and through for her, Follow her footsteps the wide world over – And keep her husband always her lover. – By Anna Lewis, from “To the Bride”

How to write a maid of honor speech for sister?

  • Introduction: Start by introducing yourself and your relationship with the bride, emphasizing your sisterly bond.
  • Anecdotes: Share heartfelt and funny stories that highlight your sister’s qualities, achievements, or memorable moments you’ve shared together.
  • Praise the bride: Compliment her personality, kindness, and the positive impact she has on others.
  • Address the groom: Welcome him into the family and share a warm message about their relationship.
  • Express gratitude: Thank the guests for attending and acknowledge your parents and other family members.
  • Toast: Raise a glass and propose a heartfelt toast to the newlyweds and their future happiness together.

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Funny Maid Of Honor Speech

As a close friend of the bride, you would have a lot of material for wedding speeches bridesmaids, you just need to know how to put them all together. A few sample wedding speeches would give you the right kind of inspiration to get you on your way.

“Well, for those of you who I haven’t had the chance to meet yet, my name is [NAME]. [BRIDE] and I have been best friends for around the last 10 years. We first met at work one day, when she stole my carrot cake out of the fridge in the lunchroom and I threw away her pineapple yogurt cartons in revenge. I never had a sister, but [BRIDE] has been my stand-in sister for all these years. You could say we are even closer than sisters. We don’t fight like sisters, but we do wear each other’s clothes. Somehow she can still fit into my clothes but I can’t fit into hers anymore. I’m sure that is just because her dryer must be shrinking them. I knew [BRIDE] had found the one when [GROOM] walked into her life. Sure, she dated a few guys…after I was done torturing them. But [GROOM] was different. Unlike those jerks, he was kind and thoughtful. And he had a job. You could see that it was love at first, second, and third sight. Clearly [GROOM] is charming and it seems to me he offers her what she needs – a strong arm, a kind ear, and an American Express Black Card. I trust [BRIDE] and [GROOM] completely. I remember the time I asked them to watch my dog Benji when I went skiing in Europe. They were so nice to help out. I got back and Benji was so happy to see me. He was 40 pounds lighter and now he sees a therapist twice a week. Of course, we are having fun today. The test of this relationship will be over the long term. Will she still love [GROOM] when he leaves his underwear on the floor and cuts his toenails at the dinner table? The answer is no. God, please, disgusting. No, seriously, I know they will have challenges as all relationships do. And [GROOM] will learn what all men learn eventually. Keep your wife happy! Happy wife, happy life. No, really, what’s great about love and relationships and marriage is learning to grow together. The communication it takes to keep a marriage going is massive. But half the fun is working things out, talking, communicating, and launching kitchen appliances at each other – real love. Today has been a great day. Family and friends are here, the sun is shining and the champagne is flowing. And we’ll need it to get through this chicken dinner.”

Sometimes the hardest part of being a maid of honor to your bestie might be writing the wedding speech. Speaking with your friend face to face is always easy, however, making toasts or speeches in front of a group of people would be totally different and not as easy. This is why anecdotes and funny wedding speeches maid of honor could help you cruise through your speech while giving the wedding guests a laugh at the same time.

Funny Lines For Maid Of Honor Speech

  • “I did some research on how to give the perfect maid of honor speech, and the first tip I found was to imagine everyone in their underwear. So, here we are, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my nightmare!”
  • “Being the maid of honor is like being a ninja. You have to be quick on your feet, prepared for anything, and ready to attack at a moment’s notice. But instead of throwing shurikens, I’m armed with embarrassing stories about the bride.”
  • “As the maid of honor, I’ve been given the responsibility of keeping the bride calm and relaxed throughout the wedding planning process. Which is why I’ve been slipping her Xanax in her coffee every morning.”
  • “When the bride asked me to be her maid of honor, I was thrilled. But then I realized it meant I had to give a speech in front of all these people. So if I faint halfway through, just drag me off stage and make it look like part of the act.”

Bridesmaid Wedding Speech

A list of example wedding speeches maid of honor could act as a template of sorts, helping you figure out just how to structure your bridesmaid speech.

Some of the best wedding speeches maid of honor, shine a light on the friendship between the bride and her maid of honor, as well as the beautiful personality of the bride. Most introductions begin with the story of meeting the groom for the first time. The intro is usually a good time to inject a funny quote, poem, or actual occurrence.

“Hi everyone, I am one of the bridesmaids at this wedding and I just wanted to say how happy and lucky I am to be here to celebrate [bride] and [groom’s] wedding with everyone. Today, everything looks effortless. From the beautiful wedding ceremony to the food, music, and decorations at this venue, every little detail was planned by [bride] and [groom.] And lots of time was spent shopping for dresses and doing fittings. When you get to peek behind the scenes, you see how much work really gets put into planning a wedding. There were a lot of late nights and hours spent working on this wedding and I have to say that it all turned out quite beautifully. Let’s all give a round of applause for [bride] and [groom.] [Bride] and [groom,] thank you for such a wonderful day. I raise my glass to the two of you and wish you nothing but the best in your life together. May each day be full of love and laughter between the two of you.”

Speeches are generally not as difficult as we imagine. So, you can relax, go through these samples, and create one of the best wedding toast speeches made of honor.

Short Maid Of Honor Speech Examples

“Greetings to all of you. I’m [Name], the maid of honor. I would like to express a few words about the lovely bride and groom. [Bride] has always been a wonderful friend to me, and it’s an honor to be her maid of honor today. And [Groom], I am delighted that you are joining our family. You two are a perfect match, and I wish you all the happiness and love in the world. Let’s raise a glass to the happy couple!”
“Hello, everyone. I’m [Name], the maid of honor. [Bride], you look breathtakingly beautiful today, and I feel grateful to be a part of your extraordinary day. [Groom], you’re a fortunate man! [Bride] is intelligent, gorgeous, and has a heart of gold. I am confident that you both will have a lifetime of love and happiness together. Congratulations on your special day!”
“Good evening, all. I’m [Name], the maid of honor, and for those who don’t know me, it’s lovely to meet you. I have known [Bride] for several years, and I have never seen her as happy as she is with [Groom]. You two bring out the best in each other, and it’s evident that you are destined to be together. It’s an honor to stand here today as a witness to your love and commitment. Congratulations to the joyful couple!”
“Hello everyone, I’m [Name], the maid of honor. [Bride], you’re my best friend and I couldn’t be happier to see you marry [Groom]. You two are perfect for each other and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. Congratulations!”
“Good evening, all. I’m [Name], the maid of honor, and I’m honored to celebrate [Bride] and [Groom]’s special day. [Bride], you’re my best friend and I’m so happy to see you with someone as wonderful as [Groom]. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness. Congratulations!”
“Hi everyone, I’m [Name], the maid of honor, and I’m thrilled to celebrate my best friend [Bride] and her groom [Groom]. [Bride], I’m so proud of you and I know that [Groom] is the perfect partner for you. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love. Congratulations!”
“Good evening, everyone! For those who don’t know me, I’m [Your Name], and I have the incredible honor of standing by [Bride’s Name]’s side today as her maid of honor. First and foremost, I want to say how breathtakingly beautiful she looks tonight. As I stand here, I can’t help but reflect on the journey that led us to this moment. [Bride’s Name] and I have been inseparable since childhood, and I am beyond grateful for the memories we’ve created together. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and supported each other through life’s ups and downs. And now, as I watch her embark on this new chapter with [Groom’s Name], my heart overflows with joy. I’ve witnessed the love between them grow and flourish, and it’s truly something special. [Groom’s Name], thank you for making my best friend the happiest she’s ever been. To [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name], may your love continue to blossom and may your journey together be filled with laughter, love, and adventure. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness. Cheers!”
“Hello, everyone! I’m [Your Name], and I have the honor of being [Bride’s Name]’s slightly crazy, but totally awesome, maid of honor! When [Bride’s Name] asked me to take on this role, I knew it would be an adventure. From choosing the perfect dress to planning wild bachelorette parties, we’ve had our fair share of laughs and tears. And let’s not forget about all the emergency wedding dress fittings! But in all seriousness, I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. [Bride’s Name] is compassionate, hilarious, and always there to lend a helping hand. She lights up every room she enters, and I know that [Groom’s Name] feels incredibly lucky to have her as his partner in crime. [Groom’s Name], welcome to the family! We’ve all been waiting for someone to take on the challenge of dealing with [Bride’s Name]’s terrible dance moves, and it looks like you’re up for it. To the happy couple, may your love be as endless as the dance floor at the reception. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and love. Cheers!”
“Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and most importantly, the beautiful couple of the day, [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name]. I’m [Your Name], and I have the privilege of being [Bride’s Name]’s maid of honor. Today, I stand here with a heart full of emotions, for I’ve had the honor of witnessing the love between [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name] blossom into something truly extraordinary. Their love is like a gentle breeze, calming our souls and reminding us of the beauty in life. [Bride’s Name], you’ve always been the ray of sunshine in my life. Your kindness, grace, and unwavering love inspire all who know you. And now, as you embark on this new journey with [Groom’s Name], I know that you’ll be a guiding light in his life as well. [Groom’s Name], thank you for cherishing and loving [Bride’s Name] with all your heart. Your dedication to making her happy is evident in every glance you share. Let us all raise our glasses to the newlyweds. May your love continue to grow, like the mighty oak standing tall through the changing seasons. May your days be filled with laughter, and your hearts forever intertwined. Congratulations, and here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love!”

When delivering a speech, remember to speak from the heart, keep it concise, and maintain a positive tone. Make sure to customize the speech to fit your relationship with the couple and the overall vibe of the wedding.

How to write a short wedding speech?

  • Start by introducing yourself and briefly mentioning your relationship with the bride. This will help the audience understand your perspective and why you were chosen to be the maid of honor.
  • Take a moment to express your gratitude for being a part of the special day and your well wishes for the newlyweds.
  • Say a few words about the bride and groom, highlighting their qualities and how they complement each other. You can talk about their journey as a couple and your hopes for their future together.
  • End your speech by raising a toast to the newlyweds.

Maid Of Honor Toasts

One of the tips for giving good wedding speeches – to use a good toast. A toast is basically well wished to the newlyweds and their family, followed by a signal for guests to raise their glasses.

If you are unsure what exactly to say, here are some beautiful maid of honor toast examples to inspire you.

  • “And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight. – Philippians 1:9”
  • “Be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you. – Ephesians 4:32”
  • “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Here’s to love, laughter and happily ever after. – Romans 12:10″
  • “As (Groom) and (Bride) start their new life together, Let’s toast to the new husband and wife!”
  • “Here’s to the husband And here’s to the wife; May they remain Lovers for life.”
  • “Here’s to the health of the happy pair; may good luck follow them everywhere; And may each day of wedded bliss be always as sweet and joyous as this.”
  • “May you grow old on one pillow. May their joy be as bright as the morning, and their sorrows be shadows that fade in the sunlight of love.”
  • “Let’s drink to love, which is nothing—unless it’s divided into two with someone you love. May your joys be as sweet as spring flowers that grow.”
  • “As bright as a fire when winter winds blow; As countless as leaves that float down in the fall; And as serene as the love that keeps watching over us all.”

As the maid of honor, you need to find the one speech, that is short and sweet, and resonates with you! Great Maid of Honor wedding speeches often includes great quotes . Famous quotes have a way of painting a picture that our own words can’t seem to do on their own.

The Maid Of Honor Speech Template


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The biggest worry that most maids of honor have is freezing and forgetting the speech. A great solution is breaking your speech into sections and writing them down on cards that you carry with you. As you practice your speech it will be easier to memorize, and having all the words with you will keep you from panicking.

To get you started, stick to our basic Maid Of Honor Speech Outline:

  • Introduce yourself (your name, your relationship to the bride, and how long you’ve known each other)
  • Thank everyone involved in the wedding planning for their hard work
  • Talk about the bride (why she’s a good person and friend, share a story to illustrate it)
  • Tell the love story (The most romantic version of how the bride and groom met)
  • Talk about the groom (Compliment him, why he’s great for your friend, what he does for her etc)
  • Celebrate the couple (Why they’re so good together)
  • Wish the newlyweds wonderful things for the future You could also insert a quote or a poem.
  • Toast to the bride and groom – Raise your glass, say: “Here’s to the happy couple”, take and sip and voila! You’ve nailed it!

How To Write The Best Maid Of Honor Speech Ever

We’ve all seen when speeches go wrong, so how you do you get it right? After years of helping Maids of Honor deliver awesome speeches, founder of Speechy , Heidi Ellert-McDermott, shares her tips.

  • Introduce yourself & explain how you know the bride.
  • Include humor throughout. Yes, your speech should be a loving tribute to a true friend, but it’s also meant to entertain a crowd.
  • Once you’ve written your speech, try to edit it in half. Promise, your speech will be better the punchier it is. No one ever wished a speech was longer!
  • Pay tribute to the bride’s partner with than a cursory platitude. Prove you genuinely know and like them!
  • Rehearse as often as you can but use notes on the day. Delivering the speech shouldn’t be a memory test.
  • Remember to smile throughout your delivery. It’s a powerful (and infectious) communication tool.


  • Resort to cheesy cliches about love and friendship.
  • Google gags.
  • Thank anyone. It’s not your job.
  • Take up more than 10 mins mic time.
  • Pretend the bride is perfect. Instead cherish the crazy character she truly is, with all her quirks and eccentricities.
  • Talk over laughter when you deliver your speech. If you’ve written a funny line, leave a pause after you’ve said it to allow your audience to get the joke and respond. Don’t start talking till the last giggle has died down.
  • Drink more than a glass of bubbles prior to your speech. Alcohol actually increases the stress hormone.

How to Get Started Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

  • Know Your Audience: Consider the bride and groom’s personalities, the formality of the event, and the sensibilities of the guests. Tailor your speech to the audience.
  • Start Early: Begin writing your speech well in advance. This allows time for revisions and practice. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Personalize It: Share anecdotes and stories that reflect your relationship with the bride. Highlight special moments and inside jokes.

Examples of How to Get Started:

  • Opening with a Quote: Start with an inspiring or humorous quote related to love or marriage. For instance,

“Maya Angelou once said, ‘Love recognizes no barriers.’ Today, we’re here to celebrate a love that knows no bounds.”

  • Anecdotal Introduction: Begin with a personal story about your friendship with the bride.

“As I stand here today, I can’t help but think back to the time we met in kindergarten. Who would’ve thought that our friendship would lead us to this beautiful wedding?”

  • Express Your Gratitude: Begin by expressing your gratitude for being chosen as the maid of honor.

“First and foremost, I want to thank [bride’s name] for giving me the honor of standing by her side today as her maid of honor.” Remember, the key to a memorable maid of honor speech is sincerity and a touch of humor, sprinkled with personal anecdotes that capture the essence of your relationship with the bride.

How To End A Maid Of Honor Speech

When figuring out how to write a maid of honor speech, keep in mind that the latter part of the speech should be where you talk about the couple. In that vein, it’s also important to know how to end the speech flawlessly. Here are a few tips.

  • Keep it short and sweet. While you might have a lot to say, there are time slots for each speech, so keeping things short would be best.
  • Use sentimental wedding quotes. You might have a maid of honor speech template you follow but adding inspirational quotes to your speech is a great way to wrap things up.
  • Finish with a toast. At the very end, it is customary to raise a toast to the happy couple.

10 Maid Of Honor Speech Tips

After years of helping Maids of Honor deliver awesome speeches, founder of Speechy and author of ‘The Modern Couple’s Guide to Wedding Speeches’, Heidi Ellert-McDermott, shares her tips.

Planning Your Speech

  • Think of the speechwriting process as writing a dissertation (only this time, don’t leave it till the night before your deadline!).
  • Firstly, jot down all your ideas and favourite stories and then construct a central idea (narrative theme) that you stick to through. It could be that your friend is always right, or maybe the newlyweds prove that opposites really do attract. Whatever it is, make sure your speech flows from one idea to the next, rather than being a list of random thoughts.

Speech Structure

  • Remember to introduce yourself and how you know the bride at the start of the speech and try to include humor within the first 30 seconds. Resist the urge to include any of those tired googled-wedding-gags and ensure your line is original and relates to the couple themselves or the surroundings you find yourself in.
  • The first three-fifths of the speech should include revealing, entertaining stories that give an insight into the bride and your relationship with her. Don’t be shy of some affectionate teasing.
  • Towards the latter half of the speech, introduce her partner and explain why the couple are suited. Again, make sure to include some good-natured humour here.
  • The final fifth of your speech could be a full-on love-bomb of a tribute to your friend. Make sure you avoid the usual cliches and platitudes about friendship and instead, try to nail the bride’s individual characteristics and quirks that make you love her.

Edit Your Speech

  • When you’ve finished writing your speech, try to edit it in half. You may not achieve it but once you get editing, you’ll be surprised by the amount of needless waffle that’s in there.
  • Remember, a speech is better punchy, so be brutal. A good maid of honour speech is generally between 700 and 1,100 words. No more than 10 minutes airtime!

how to write a guest of honour speech

Choosing Quotes for a Memorable Maid of Honor Speech

Talking about love and trying to sum up a friendship, can be hard. Luckily, some other clever people have already done it and we can all exploit their genius! Whilst plagiarism isn’t ever cool, finding the perfect quote to supercharge your speech is a great idea. Founder of Speechy (the bespoke speechwriting service), Heidi Ellert-McDermott, shares her tips for hunting the perfect quote to honour your bestie.

How to Use Quotes

  • Don’t resort to a generic ‘marriage advice’ quote. They’re over-used.
  • Don’t overload your speech with quotes. One, maximum two.
  • Quote recognisable names – or at least provide some context. Don’t quote someone you need to Google or someone who’s a random ‘relationship coach’.
  • Once you add the perfect quote to your speech, script a comedy back ref or put it into the context of the couple’s real-life relationship.
  • Remember, quotes can be used to add the necessary humor, as well as the sentiment.

Where to Find Quotes

  • Don’t just search for ‘wedding quotes’ on Pinterest.
  • Quotes become more meaningful if they come from somewhere that means something to the couple. Could the quote come from the bride’s favourite book, her partner’s favourite film, or maybe it’s from that song you play when you’ve both had a few too many dirty martinis.
  • Quotes can be found everywhere from children’s books to rom-coms, from hip-hop classics to the great philosophers, from historical icons to classic sitcoms so enjoy the search!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the maid of honor have to give a speech.

It’s definitely customary for the maid of honor to give a toast to the newlyweds at the reception, but usually, she gave a sweet speech.

How long should a maid of honor speech be?

A maid of honor speech should ideally be around 3 to 5 minutes in length. This timeframe allows you to convey your message effectively without losing the audience’s attention or making other speeches feel rushed.

What should be avoided in maid of honor speeches?

When delivering a maid of honor speech, there are a few things to avoid to ensure it is memorable for the right reasons:

  • Avoid embarrassing or offensive stories: You shouldn’t share anything that may make the bride uncomfortable or might be inappropriate for the audience.
  • Steer clear of inside jokes: Inside jokes may exclude or confuse other guests who are not familiar with the context. Keep your speech inclusive and relatable for everyone present.
  • Don’t overshadow the couple: Avoid making the speech all about yourself or unrelated topics that detract from the celebration of the couple’s special day.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption: Excessive alcohol consumption can impair your ability to deliver a coherent and meaningful message.
  • Don’t go on for too long: Avoid rambling or dragging out the speech, as it may lose the interest of the audience.

Remember, the moh speech is an opportunity to celebrate the couple and express your love and support for them.

We hope that now you have everything you need for your perfect maid of honor speech. So just keep all of this in mind as you prepare and deliver your maid of honor speech, and you will be amazing. Make the bride proud she chose you!

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how to write a guest of honour speech

How to Give A Perfect Maid of Honor Speech: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • The Speaker Lab
  • March 15, 2024

Table of Contents

Standing by the bride’s side on her wedding day comes with the duty of delivering a maid of honor speech . This toast is more than just words; it’s a celebration, an embodiment of sisterhood, and a gift to be remembered. As you embark on crafting this pivotal message, our guide offers practical steps for creating an address that echoes your unique connection with the bride and touches every heart in attendance.

Dive into tips that will help you share heartfelt stories about your bond, balance humor with sincerity for laughs without tears, and project confidence as you speak from the heart. Whether you’re best friends or siblings doesn’t matter—we’ve got insights tailored to make sure your maid of honor toast honors not only tradition but also personal style. Here are a few tips on turning your thoughts into an unforgettable tribute to love and friendship.

Crafting Your Maid of Honor Speech: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it’s time to craft your maid of honor speech, starting with the bride and ending with the couple sets a narrative that flows from personal affection to shared joy. Think about how you first met or a moment that embodies her spirit. Brainstorming ideas can help capture those perfect tidbits for your outline.

Mention the Couple in Your Speech

Your bond with the bride is unique, so let your speech reflect that. Kick things off by highlighting her quirks, strengths, and endearing traits. But remember, today marks not just another chapter in her life but also in their shared story as a couple. Transition smoothly from talking about just the bride to talking about her and her partner, celebrating their union. This shift will resonate well during any wedding reception.

Utilize Anecdotes

Anecdotes are like spices—they make good stories great. Weave these stories throughout your speech to paint an authentic picture of your relationship with memorable moments. If she’s always been there for you through thick and thin or if she has dance moves that could rival Beyoncé’s—now’s your chance to share these laugh-out-loud instances while crafting an unforgettable tribute.

Incorporating heartfelt anecdotes within speeches strengthens connections—not only between speakers but also among everyone gathered here today who came together thanks to true love blossoming between two amazing individuals.

End Positively

Aim high as you close out—a toast wishing future happiness for the couple brings smiles all around. Wish them laughter-filled days ahead because nothing beats seeing our loved ones happy.

Personalizing Your Speech with Heartfelt Stories

Your maid of honor speech is not just another wedding toast. It’s a narrative that weaves your life with the bride into an unforgettable tale. Personal anecdotes are the threads that turn this speech from ordinary to extraordinary, making every guest feel like they’ve been part of your journey.

Best Friend Memories That Shine

You’re her maid of honor for good reason: you have stories that span years and heartbeats. In your speech, reflect on those shared moments, whether it was spontaneous dance moves at concerts or hours spent plotting future happiness over coffee. Witnessing true love blossom between the couple has surely impacted you deeply too—share these observations by weaving their journey through your narrative seamlessly. It’s about showcasing the sisterly bond between best friends—one that will continue through marriage and beyond.

Sisterly Bonds That Last a Lifetime

If she’s not only your friend but also your sister, there’s even more depth to explore in your tribute. Growing up together means sharing everything: secrets, clothes (sometimes begrudgingly), and countless firsts—from steps to crushes to major milestones like graduating college. Mentioning experiences unique to siblings adds layers of emotion others can appreciate, because who hasn’t felt love tug sharply during family moments?

Talk about how being the bride’s younger sister has shaped both of you—how her strength inspired yours or how sibling antics paved the way for mutual respect and understanding today. Here’s where storytelling excels, painting pictures so vivid every listener feels part of those cherished childhood scenes.

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The Art of Humor in Maid of Honor Speeches

Injecting humor into a maid of honor speech is like adding the perfect amount of spice to a dish—it enhances the flavor without overpowering it. When you’re aiming to make the maid of honor speech funny and entertaining, remember that timing is everything. Adding humor to your maid of honor speech means striking a balance. You want guests chuckling with fondness, not cringing in their seats.

Balance Funny Lines with Sincerity

Finding just the right mix can be tricky but think about those moments shared with your best friend (or sisterly bonds if she’s family). These relationships are treasure troves for humorous yet endearing stories. If she’s been known for her questionable dance moves since childhood, share that anecdote before tying it back to her lovely personality—this way laughter arises from affection rather than embarrassment.

When brainstorming ideas to add comedic elements into your tribute, look at experiences that shine a light on who she truly is. Letting personal anecdotes lead naturally toward touching insights offers up plenty more than laughs. It speaks volumes about depth behind sisterly love or friendship long cherished.

Incorporate Shared Experiences

To ensure your jokes land well with all wedding guests, consider how well they know both bride and groom—the audience should feel included in each jest. After all, love story references hit differently when even distant relatives nod along because they understand where you’re coming from.

Respect Wedding Party Etiquette

While humor adds spice to any good story, it’s crucial not to mention exes or bring up anything inappropriate in your wedding speech . Instead, choose uplifting memories—maybe ones revolving around wedding planning or other milestones leading up till now. Whatever you choose, know that weaving genuine sentiments within jokes ensures laughter doesn’t overshadow sincerity. 

Wedding Words and Speechy provide excellent resources if looking for help writing such messages effectively.

Tips for Public Speaking Mastery

Public speaking can feel like dancing on a tightrope, but with the right techniques, you’ll have the audience in the palm of your hand. One essential skill is mastering anxiety. If public speaking makes you nervous, using breathing techniques and visualization can transform nerves into compelling energy.

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

Anxiety before public speaking is like an unwelcome guest at weddings—it shows up uninvited. To send this gatecrasher packing, try grounding yourself with deep breaths. Alternatively, visualize delivering that killer toast amidst roaring applause from guests. This is just one effective way to set positive expectations for your performance.

Practicing Your Maid of Honor Speech Delivery

The artistry of wedding speeches lies not only in what you say but how you say it. To get comfortable with how you deliver your speech, practice plenty. Recite your speech out loud in front of a mirror until your words feel smooth and effortless. As you practice, pay attention to your timing. After all, a well-placed pause after delivering a joke invites laughter and builds rapport with wedding guests who hang on every word.

Using Breathing Techniques and Visualization

A deep inhale has power beyond filling lungs—it centers focus too. When anxious thoughts arise while standing before wedding reception attendees, take slow breaths to reclaim composure.

Etiquette Essentials for Maid of Honor Speeches

Making sure your maid of honor speech hits all the right notes is about striking a balance between humor and sentimentality, while also being mindful of proper etiquette. Crafting such an address isn’t just about writing; it’s also delivering a message that resonates with the wedding guests and honors the happy couple.

Dos and Don’ts When Writing Your Speech

The first rule in maid of honor speeches is to be respectful at all times. Remembering this will help you avoid common mistakes like mentioning exes or inside jokes that might not sit well with everyone present. Keep your anecdotes tasteful and ensure they highlight the beautiful bond you share with the bride or her partner.

Avoid going off on tangents by sticking to a concise speech outline . This structure should guide you through touching upon key moments shared without losing focus on what makes this union remarkable.

Proper Etiquette in Timing Your Toast

Brevity is soulful wit’s friend when addressing wedding guests during such momentous occasions as these. Ideally your speech will last about two minutes.

Balancing Humor with Sentimentality

Funny lines are welcome breathers amid heartfelt sentiments. However, never lets laughs come at someone else’s expense nor derail from your main points.

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FAQs on Giving a Maid of Honor Speech

What does the maid of honor say in her speech.

The maid of honor toasts with anecdotes, praises for the bride, well-wishes for the couple, and usually a splash of humor.

What is an ideal maid of honor speech?

An ideal toast blends warmth, wit, and wisdom about the bride’s journey and her future with her partner.

How do you start off a maid of honor speech?

Kick things off by warmly greeting guests before diving into your heartfelt connection with the bride.

What is an example of a maid of honor speech for best friends?

“As we’ve journeyed from carefree days on the swing set to this moment, you’ve proved to be a loyal, kind friend. I can’t express how happy I am to know that now you’ve found a friend like that in your spouse. I wish both of you a lifetime of love and laughter. Cheers!”

Remember, a great maid of honor speech starts with the bride and ends with the couple. Share those anecdotes that speak to the bride’s personality and don’t be afraid to use a little humor.

In the days leading up to your speech, practice your public speaking skills so you can deliver your speech with confidence. Steer clear from taboo topics—this is about celebration, not airing dirty laundry.

As you stand before friends and family, remember: today you’re not just giving a toast—you’re weaving memories into every guest’s heart.

  • Last Updated: March 22, 2024

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how to write a guest of honour speech

Ultimate Maid of Honor Speech Guide: Tips, Examples, & How-To


May 2, 2024

A professional bridesmaid providing attentive support to the bride on her special day.

Headline-making CEO, Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Educator, Determinista & the Sidekick who always brings a sizzling slice of pizza.

Hey, i'm jen glantz, the insider’s guide to delivering the best maid of honor speech.

So, you’ve been bestowed the honor of being the maid of honor . Congrats, girl! It’s a pretty big deal, and we’re stoked for you. But, let’s be real – with great power comes great responsibility, and one of your biggest tasks is nailing that maid of honor speech.

Don’t freak out just yet! We’ve got your back. In this ultimate insider’s guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to deliver a speech that will have the bride in tears (the good kind) and the guests raising their glasses.

First things first, let’s talk about the basics. A great maid of honor speech should be equal parts heartfelt and humorous. You want to show your love for the bride, but also keep things light and fun. Not sure where to start? Check out our maid of honor speech examples for some inspiration.

Now, we know not everyone is a natural-born comedian. If cracking jokes isn’t really your thing, don’t sweat it. Our guide on how to write a funny maid of honor speech has got you covered with tips and tricks for injecting some humor into your toast.

But, if you’re really struggling to find the right words, we’ve got a secret weapon for you: o ur maid of honor speech generator . Just answer a few questions about the bride and your relationship, and voila! A custom speech, ready to go.

Of course, writing the speech is only half the battle. Delivering it is a whole other ballgame. But don’t worry, we’ll cover that too. From perfecting your timing to mastering your body language, we’ve got all the tips you need to wow the crowd.

So, grab a pen and a glass of bubbly, and let’s dive into this insider’s guide to delivering the best maid of honor speech ever. Trust us, the bride (and the guests) will thank you.

A heartwarming image of a maid of honor celebrating the bride on her special day.

TL;DR: Crafting a Memorable Maid of Honor Speech & Mastering the Delivery 

  • Craft a well-structured speech with an introduction, body, and conclusion that celebrates the bride and her relationship with the groom.
  • Share heartfelt and humorous anecdotes that showcase the bride’s personality and your bond with her
  • Practice, practice, practice to build confidence and ensure a smooth delivery.
  • Strike a balance between humor and sentimentality, and keep the focus on the couple.
  • Consider special circumstances, such as being the sister or best friend of the bride, and tailor your speech accordingly.

Ready to write your speech? Use our maid of honor speech writing tool and give your maid of honor speech a professional touch. f

The maid of honor speech outline.

Like any great story, a maid of honor speech should have a clear structure and flow. A well-organized outline not only helps you stay on track but also ensures that your speech has a cohesive narrative and hits all the right notes. While the specific details will vary depending on your relationship with the bride and the couple, a typical maid of honor speech outline should include the following elements:


The introduction sets the tone for your speech and should immediately capture the audience’s attention. Start by introducing yourself and your relationship to the bride and groom. This helps provide context for those who may not know you personally. You can also express your gratitude for being chosen as the maid of honor and share a brief anecdote that highlights your bond with the bride.

The body of your speech is where you’ll share the bulk of your stories, anecdotes, and sentiments about the bride and her relationship with the groom. This is your opportunity to paint a vivid picture of the couple’s love story and highlight the qualities that make them perfect for each other. You can share memories of how you met the groom, your initial impressions of their relationship, and specific moments that showcased their compatibility and devotion.

As you approach the conclusion of your speech, it’s time to wrap things up with a heartfelt message and well-wishes for the newlyweds. You can share your hopes and dreams for their future together, offer a piece of advice or words of wisdom, or simply express your joy and excitement for their next chapter. Don’t forget to end with a toast to the happy couple, inviting the guests to raise their glasses and join you in celebrating their love.

Timing and Length

While there’s no strict rule on the length of a maid of honor speech , it’s generally advisable to keep it concise and engaging. Aim for a speech that lasts between 3 to 5 minutes, as anything longer may risk losing the audience’s attention. Remember, you’re not the only one giving a speech, and guests will likely be eager to hear from others and continue the festivities.

“The longer your speech, the more opportunities you’ll have for people to start losing attention. ‘Keep your speech under five minutes,’ suggests Peterson. ‘Anywhere between two to five minutes is great.’ ” – BRIDES   

“The worst thing as someone in the audience is having to sit there and listen to a speech that just doesn’t seem to end! Aim to make your speech no longer than around 4-6 minutes.” – Kennedy Blue 

Ps. If you need extra help or want a professional to guide you, check out our best-selling maid of honor speechwriting tool .

The art of storytelling.

At the heart of any great maid of honor speech lies the art of storytelling. As the bride’s closest confidante, you have a treasure trove of memories and anecdotes that can bring her personality and your shared experiences to life. However, not all stories are created equal, and it’s crucial to choose tales that are both engaging and appropriate for the occasion.

Choosing the Right Stories

When selecting stories for your maid of honor speech , consider anecdotes that highlight the bride’s positive qualities, such as her kindness, resilience, or sense of humor. Avoid stories that might be too personal, embarrassing, or inappropriate for a wedding celebration. Instead, focus on tales that showcase the depth of your friendship and the couple’s love story in a heartwarming and relatable way.

Incorporating Humor

While a maid of honor speech should be heartfelt and sincere, a touch of humor can go a long way in keeping the audience engaged and entertained. However, it’s important to strike the right balance and avoid going overboard with jokes or sarcasm. A well-timed humorous anecdote or lighthearted quip can add levity to the speech and showcase the bride’s fun-loving side, but be mindful of the tone and ensure that any humor is in good taste.

Balancing Humor and Sentiment

 The key to a truly memorable maid of honor speech is finding the perfect balance between humor and sentiment. While humorous anecdotes can lighten the mood and keep the audience engaged, it’s equally important to incorporate heartfelt moments that celebrate the couple’s love and your bond with the bride. Aim for a speech that seamlessly blends laughter and tears, leaving your audience both entertained and moved.

“Keep in mind that starting the speech on a funny note can help you capture the attention of the audience for a minute or two, but it’s the meaningful content that will keep them enthralled until the end. ‘Your goal should be to have guests laughing and wiping tears away by balancing humor with sincerity,’ says Peterson.” – BRIDES  

“Jules’ and Avery’s love and commitment for one another remind me a little of a line from one of Jules’ favorite songs: “It’s like you’re my mirror, my mirror staring back at me, I couldn’t get any bigger with anyone else beside of me.” I’ve watched these two grow and learn together as one another’s mirrors, and I can’t wait to watch them keep growing.” – Kennedy Blue 

Crafting a Memorable Speech

While the content of your maid of honor speech is undoubtedly the star of the show, the way you craft and structure your words can make a significant difference in how well it resonates with the audience. A well-written speech should flow seamlessly, captivate the listeners, and leave a lasting impression long after the last toast has been raised.

Brainstorming and Organizing Ideas

Before you start writing, take some time to brainstorm ideas, memories, and anecdotes that you want to include in your speech. Free-writing or mind-mapping can be helpful techniques to get your thoughts flowing. Once you have a collection of ideas, organize them into a cohesive structure that flows logically and builds towards a powerful conclusion.

“Kick-start the creative process by writing down any memories, emotions, or ideas that make you think of your BFF. ‘I recommend free-writing for 20 minutes,’ says Peterson. ‘When you’re done with this exercise, you should have some quality material that you can weave into the form of a speech.'”  – BRIDES  

Crafting a Compelling Narrative

A great maid of honor speech should tell a compelling story that captures the essence of the bride and her relationship with the groom. Weave your anecdotes and memories together with a central theme or narrative thread that ties everything together. This not only makes your speech more cohesive but also adds depth and emotional resonance to your words.

Finding the Right Tone

The tone of your maid of honor speec h should reflect the overall vibe of the wedding and the couple’s personalities. If the celebration is more formal and traditional, a more eloquent and heartfelt tone may be appropriate. For a more laid-back and fun-loving couple, a more lighthearted and humorous approach could be the way to go. Regardless of the tone you choose, ensure that it remains respectful and appropriate for the occasion.

“After talking about the bride specifically, it’s time to bring everyone’s attention back to the couple. Their relationship is what everyone is here for, after all! Choose a memory or story that you think the listeners will enjoy. You can share a story about meeting them for the first time, details about how you knew they were meant to be together, or a few qualities about them that make them so compatible.” – Kennedy Blue  

Editing and Polishing

Once you’ve crafted your initial draft, it’s time to edit and polish your maid of honor speech . Read it aloud, checking for flow, clarity, and any awkward phrasing or repetition. Consider seeking feedback from a trusted friend or family member to get an outside perspective. Don’t be afraid to revise and refine your speech until it feels just right.

“Writing your maid of honor speech more than a month in advance allows for more than enough time to make edits and changes. Practicing in front of others and memorizing it is much easier if you are prepared before all the wedding festivities begin.” – Kennedy Blue 

Mastering the Delivery

No matter how well-crafted your maid of honor speech is, the delivery can make or break its impact. Public speaking can be nerve-wracking, but with proper preparation and a few tips and tricks, you can confidently take the stage and deliver a speech that leaves a lasting impression.

Practice Makes Perfect

The key to a confident and polished delivery is practice, practice, and more practice. Start rehearsing your speech well in advance, reading it aloud and getting comfortable with the flow and pacing. Consider recording yourself or practicing in front of a mirror to identify areas for improvement. The more familiar you are with your speech, the more natural and confident you’ll feel when delivering it.

“The more you recite your speech out loud, the more comfortable you’ll become,” notes Peterson. Practice your speech twice a day, starting at least a week beforehand, and record yourself a couple of times so you can hear your pacing and tone.” – BRIDES  

Body Language and Presence

Your delivery isn’t just about what you say; it’s also about how you say it. Maintaining good posture, making eye contact with the couple and audience, and using appropriate hand gestures can go a long way in engaging your listeners and projecting confidence. Remember to speak slowly and clearly, pausing for emphasis or to allow laughter or applause.

Overcoming Nerves

 It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous before giving a maid of honor speech , but there are strategies to help manage those jitters. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that you’re among friends and loved ones who are there to support you. If you start to feel overwhelmed, focus your gaze on the bride and groom, allowing their presence to ground you. And remember, a little bit of nervous energy can actually add to the authenticity and emotion of your delivery.

“Practice makes perfect! Practicing it in front of others is a great way to help calm the nerves on the big day. This will also help you identify where people might laugh or clap so you know the perfect parts to take a break and a breath.” – Kennedy Blue 

Special Considerations

While the core elements of a maid of honor speech remain the same, there are certain special circumstances that may require additional considerations. Whether you’re the bride’s sister or best friend, or the wedding has unique cultural elements, tailoring your speech to reflect these nuances can make it even more meaningful and impactful.

Maid of Honor Speech for a Sister

Being asked to be the maid of honor for your sister is a truly special honor. In addition to sharing anecdotes about your bond and cherished memories, consider incorporating references to your childhood, inside jokes, or nicknames that only siblings would understand. You can also offer words of wisdom or advice based on your unique perspective as her sister and lifelong confidante.

“If you are acting as maid of honor for your sister, there are a couple of things to keep in mind as you are writing your maid of honor speech. Of all the people that know her at the wedding, it’s likely you’ve known her the longest.” – BRIDES

If you want to know more check out this  maid of honor sister speech guide .

Maid of Honor Speech for a Best Friend

As the maid of honor for your best friend, you have a unique opportunity to celebrate the depth of your friendship and the journey you’ve shared together. Share anecdotes about how you met, pivotal moments that solidified your bond, and inside jokes or shared experiences that showcase the essence of your friendship. You can also express your gratitude for having her as a constant in your life and offer your unwavering support as she embarks on this new chapter.

If you want to know more check out this  maid of honor best friend speech guide .

Cultural Considerations

 If the wedding you’re attending has cultural or religious elements, it’s important to be mindful and respectful of these traditions in your maid of honor speech. Research any relevant customs or practices, and consider incorporating them into your speech in a thoughtful and appropriate manner. This could include sharing anecdotes that highlight the couple’s cultural heritage or offering well-wishes in their native language.

Tying It All Together

 As you put the finishing touches on your maid of honor speech , remember that the true essence of this moment lies in celebrating the love between the bride and groom, and your cherished bond with the bride. While crafting a memorable speech is important, it’s also crucial to approach the task with authenticity, sincerity, and a deep appreciation for the occasion.

The Role of Bridesmaid For Hire

 For those who may not have a close friend or family member to serve as their maid of honor, or for those who simply need additional support during the wedding planning process, Bridesmaid For Hire offers a unique and invaluable service. Their experienced team can provide professional maid of honor services, including crafting a personalized and memorable speech, offering guidance on structure, content, and delivery, as well as assisting with other maid of honor duties.

A professional bridesmaid providing attentive support to the bride on her special day.

 By enlisting the services of Bridesmaid For Hire , brides can ensure that their maid of honor speech is not only well-crafted and impactful but also reflective of their unique bond and love story. With their expertise and objectivity, Bridesmaid For Hire can help navigate the complexities of wedding planning and ensure that the bride feels supported and celebrated throughout the process.

Learnings Recap

 Crafting and delivering the best maid of honor speech is a labor of love, but with the right preparation, guidance, and mindset, it can be an incredibly rewarding and meaningful experience. From brainstorming ideas and structuring your speech to mastering the delivery and considering special circumstances, this guide has provided you with a comprehensive toolkit to tackle this important task with confidence and authenticity.

  • Craft a well-structured speech with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Share heartfelt and humorous anecdotes that showcase the bride’s personality and your bond.
  • Find the right balance between humor and sentiment to keep the audience engaged and moved.
  • Practice extensively to build confidence and ensure a smooth delivery.
  • Tailor your speech to special circumstances, such as being the bride’s sister or best friend.
  • Consider cultural or religious elements and incorporate them respectfully.
  • Approach the task with authenticity, sincerity, and a deep appreciation for the occasion.

Final Thoughts

 As you take the stage to deliver your maid of honor speech , remember that this moment is not just about you; it’s about celebrating the love between the bride and groom, and honoring the incredible bond you share with the bride. Embrace the nerves, savor the laughter and tears, and let your words flow from the heart. Your speech may be just a few minutes long, but its impact will resonate for a lifetime, forever etched in the memories of those who witnessed this special occasion.

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How to Start A Maid of Honor Speech (100 Examples)

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Are you a MOH who is having a hard time trying to figure out how to start a Maid of Honor speech ?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

As a wedding photographer and wedding planner, I have personally witnessed over 500 speeches given by the Maid of Honors. I have seen the “good”, the “bad”, and the “should never be allowed near a microphone again.”

Below I will give you some fantastic ways to start your Maid of Honor speech (use these as inspiration to write your own speech, or simply use them word for word if you want).

Here is what I cover in this article (feel free to use these links to jump to the section that you are looking for):

  • Steps to writing the intro for your Maid of Honor speech
  • How to start a Maid of Honor speech for your little sister
  • How to start a Maid of Honor speech for your big sister
  • How to start a Maid of Honor speech for your best friend

A Matron of Honor giving an amazing toast to her sister at a wedding reception. This is for the article called how to start a maid of honor speech

How To Start A Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor Speech (Steps To Follow For The Best Toast)

When sitting down to write your Maid of Honor/Matron of Honor speech, you might be wondering how to get started.

Here are the steps to follow when writing the first part of your Maid of Honor speech:

  • Welcome everyone: Start with a simple “Hello friends and family” or “Good evening everyone”
  • Introduce yourself: Tell everyone your name and your relationship to the bride (not everyone will know who you are).
  • Say thank you: Thank the couple for including you in their special day and thank the parents, family, and guests for being a part of the celebration.
  • Set the tone: Start with a light anecdote or a heartwarming memory about the bride or the couple.
  • Be relatable: Talk about your friendship/relationship with the bride and why it is meaningful to you. This will help engage the audience and make your speech more personal.
  • Compliment the couple: Share a few words about the couple’s love story or why they make a great team. This will set the stage for the rest of your speech.
  • Keep it tight: Keep your introduction short and sweet. You will have more time to elaborate on stories during the rest of your speech.

Remember, the most important thing when giving a Maid of Honor speech is to be genuine and speak from the heart.

A maid of honor giving a speech and couple clinking their glasses

How To Start A Maid of Honor Speech For Your Little Sister

Whether you want to keep it simple and cute or add a little humor, here are some great ideas for ways that you can start a Maid of Honor speech to your little sister :

How To Start A Maid Of Honor Speech (Sweet and Sentimental Ideas For Your Little Sister)

Below are some sweet and touching ways to begin your Maid of Honor toast to your little sister:

“Good evening, everyone! I’d like to begin by expressing my gratitude to both families for creating such a magical event for us to celebrate today. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m (Your Name), the proud maid of honor and (Bride’s Name)’s older sister. I am so honored to be up here congratulating our wonderful couple, (Bride’s Name) and (Groom’s Name), who are not only two of the most amazing people you will ever meet, but they are absolutely perfect for each other…”

“Hello, everyone! First I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to both families for organizing such a beautiful celebration. My name is (Your Name), and I’m (Bride’s Name)’s maid of honor and older sister. As we gather here today to witness the love between (Bride’s Name) and (Groom’s Name), I can’t help but think of the many ways their love has blossomed and grown over time. They truly bring out the best in each other, and their journey is one we can all admire…”

As I stand here today, I can’t help but think of all the precious memories we’ve shared, from giggles and pillow fights to late-night heart-to-hearts. Today, my little sister has blossomed into a stunning bride, and I couldn’t be more proud to be her maid of honor.”

“Growing up together, I always knew there was something special about my little sister. Today, as she stands here in that gorgeous dress, I am reminded of the pure love and strength that have always been her essence.”

“Friends and family, welcome to this beautiful wedding! I’d like to take a moment to thank the amazing families of (Bride’s Name) and (Groom’s Name) for making this day unforgettable. I’m (Your Name), the honored maid of honor and (Bride’s Name)’s sister. Today, we’re not just celebrating the union of two people, but the joining of two hearts, two souls, and two families. (Bride’s Name) and (Groom’s Name), your love story inspires us all…”

“My little sister, my confidante, my partner in crime. As we’ve grown and changed through the years, our bond has only grown stronger. I am deeply grateful to be by your side on this magical day as you marry your soulmate.”

“From the moment you were born, I knew we were destined to be the best of friends. Today, I am filled with so much joy as I watch you become a radiant bride, and I am honored to be a part of this unforgettable moment.”

“It seems like just yesterday we were playing dress-up and dreaming of our own fairy tale weddings. Now, as I stand here next to my little sister, I am in awe of the beautiful bride she has become and the wonderful love story she is about to begin.”

“Good evening everyone! First and foremost, I’d like to welcome you all to this beautiful celebration. I’m (Your Name), the Maid of Honor and (Bride’s name)’s big sister. I’m going to keep this short and sweet, just like (Bride’s name). I just want to express our gratitude to the families for planning such an amazing event. Now let’s get to the main event…our lovely couple, who are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.”

“Standing here next to my little sister, I am overwhelmed by the love that surrounds us. Our journey as sisters has been filled with laughter, tears, and endless memories. Today, as your Maid of Honor, I feel so lucky to be a witness to this new, beautiful chapter in your life.”

A Maid of Honor giving a really funny wedding speech and the bride and groom laughing.

How To Start A Maid Of Honor Speech (Funny Examples For Your Little Sister)

If you want to add some humor to your Maid of Honor toast, these funny ideas will get you started:

“Good evening, everyone! I’ve been told that a great maid of honor speech should be like a skirt…long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep it interesting. So let’s dive into this amazing love story that has brought us all here today.”

“Hello everyone! I’m (your name), the Maid of Honor and (bride’s name)’s older sister. I would like to start by saying I can’t believe my family gave me this microphone.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, as my sister’s personal cheerleader, life coach, and occasional partner in crime, it’s an honor to stand before you and talk about the incredible journey that led her to this very moment. I promised (Bride’s name) that I’d leave the most embarrassing parts out. Sorry to disappoint all of you.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, as the person who’s always had my sister’s back…whether it was chasing away spiders or offering a shoulder to cry on…I’m truly honored to be here today as her maid of honor. Let’s kick off this speech by recognizing the beautiful love that has brought us all together.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to start by saying that as the maid of honor, I’m not just here for the free cake and fancy dress. But between you and me, they’re pretty awesome perks. The real reason that I’m here is to celebrate my amazing little sister and her new partner in life.”

“When I was asked to be the maid of honor, I knew that with great power comes great responsibility…and a microphone. So, let me begin by saying how grateful I am to be here, standing beside my little sister on her big day, and telling a few embarrassing stories without fear of retribution.”

“Welcome friends and family, I would just like to say that after the amount of crying I did during the ceremony, I cannot believe that my sister just handed me a microphone and thought this would end well. There is no way I am getting through this.”

“Growing up, my little sister and I shared everything…clothes, secrets, and even blame for broken household items…But today I’m happy to say that she’s found something that’s entirely hers…a wonderful partner for life!”

“I’ve been preparing for this maid of honor speech for years. But when I asked my little sister what she wanted me to say, she replied, ‘Just don’t embarrass me too much.’ So here’s to keeping it short and sweet, and to cheers to the happy couple!”

“When my little sister asked me to be her maid of honor, she said it was because I was her favorite sister. Now…I’d like to point out that I’m her only sister…but I’ll take it! I’d like to start by thanking both of the families for planning such an amazing day for (Bride’s name) and (Groom’s name).”

The bride's older sister giving an amazing Maid of Honor speech

How To Start A Maid Of Honor Speech For Your Big Sister

Giving a Maid of Honor speech to your big sister is a huge moment in a little sister’s life. If you are having a hard time coming up with an intro we come up with a few ideas to get you started.

Sweet and sentimental ideas for starting your Maid of Honor Speech to your big sister

Here are some super sweet ways to start your Maid of Honor speech to your older sister:

“My name is (your name) and I’m (Bride’s name)’s little sister. First off, I’d like to thank our mom and dad and (groom’s name)’s parents for helping put this amazing day together for two of my favorite humans. It’s incredible!”

“Hello everyone, I am (Bride’s name)’s little sister and I want to start by saying how happy it makes me to have all of you here supporting (Bride’s name) and (Groom’s name). I can’t get over just how many incredible people we have in our lives that love us so much. To have all of you sitting here in one room means the world to us. We love you!”

“Hi everyone! I’m the (Bride’s name)’s little sister, and I am so honored to stand up here today. I want to start by expressing my heartfelt appreciation to both families for making this dream wedding come true. And let’s take a moment to admire how absolutely radiant my big sister looks…she’s always been beautiful but today she’s simply glowing. Witnessing her happiness and the love she shares with (Groom’s name) is heartwarming, and I couldn’t be happier for this amazing couple.”

“Growing up, I always admired my sister’s strength, grace, and kindness. Today, as we gather to celebrate, I’m proud to stand beside her as her Maid of Honor and I’m overjoyed to witness the start of her new life with (Groom’s name). They really are a living fairytale.”

“Hey everyone! I’m (Your name), the bride’s younger sister and I’m incredibly honored to be standing here as her Maid of Honor today. I want to start by thanking my parents for putting together this magical wedding. It’s been a day full of love and joy, and you help make it all possible. Can we please take a moment to talk about how stunning my big sister looks in her wedding dress today? She truly takes my breath away. I’m so happy to see her and (Groom’s name) starting their lives together…they are the perfect match.”

A bride's sister giving a Maid of Honor toast.

Funny Ideas For Starting A Maid Of Honor Speech To Your Older Sister

If you want to roast before you toast, these funny Maid of Honor speech ideas are a great way to kick things off…

“Welcome friends and family. I’m (your name), (Bride’s name)’s younger sister and Maid of Honor. This speech is going to be fun because it’s the only 5 minutes of the past year that my mom couldn’t take control of and plan.”

“I would like to thank my beautiful sister for having me as her Maid of Honor. You might not know this but she promised me this job when I was 10 years old. You sure put a lot of trust in someone who used to steal your clothes. Let’s be honest…I still steal your clothes”

“For those of that don’t know me, I’m (your name), the sister of the gorgeous bride. (Bride’s name) asked me to do a roast so (oh, you said toast? So not roast?). Well, this is about to get really awkward.”

“Good evening everyone. My name is (your name) and I’m the Maid of Honor and younger sister of the bride. I wanted to thank all of the guests for coming tonight. Isn’t it amazing to see how far people will travel for a free meal?!”

“Hi everyone! I’m (your name)…(Bride’s name) younger sister. I wanted to thank every single person in this room for coming here to celebrate these two amazing people. Aside from providing an awesome closet to borrow clothes from, (Bride’s name) has paved the way for so many things in my life and I will never be able to thank her enough for that.”

“Good evening everyone! I’ve always admired my sister for her poise, grace, and impeccable taste. So…it’s no surprise that she chose me as her maid of honor! But seriously…I couldn’t be happier to celebrate this incredible couple today.”

“Hello, everyone! As my big sister’s maid of honor, I’ve been asked to say a few words tonight. Don’t worry…I promise not to bring up that time she cut my hair and convinced me I was adopted. After all…this is her day.”

“Good evening everyone! When my sister asked me to be her Maid of Honor, I knew I’d be giving a speech. When I asked (Bride’s name) for advice she told me just to be myself. So If this speech bombs, you know who to blame!”

“Welcome friends and family! As the Maid of Honor and (Bride’s name)’s younger sister, I’ve learned so much from my big sister…like how to take the blame for things she did.”

The bride's older sister and Matron of Honor giving a speech to the bride

How To Start A Maid Of Honor Speech For Your Best Friend

If you are having a hard time writing your MOH speech to your best friend, these intros will help get you started. Use them as a guide or copy them word for word

Sweet Ways To Begin Your Maid of Honor Speech To Your Best Friend

These Maid of Honor speech ideas are perfect to toast your best friend and the start of her new life…

“Hello and welcome, everyone! We’re gathered here today to celebrate something truly special…the love between [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name]. I’m [Your Name], the Maid of Honor and [Bride’s Name]’s best friend. Before I talk about this amazing couple and their love story, I’d like to extend a warm thank you to both families for making this day so memorable. you have truly outdone yourselves.”

“Hello lovely people! My name is (your name). I am (Bride’s name)’s best friend and I have the absolute pleasure of being her Maid of Honor today. I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude to both families for making this day so wonderful. Everything looks amazing! And wow…doesn’t (Bride’s name) look absolutely breathtaking? I couldn’t be more excited to be here witnessing the love story of this incredible couple unfold.”

“Hey everyone! I’m (Your name), (Bride’s name)’s best friend and maid of honor. First, I want to give a big shoutout to both families for creating this fairytale wedding that we’re all enjoying today. I don’t want this day to end. And wow! (Bride’s name) is the definition of beauty and elegance, isn’t she? And (Groom’s name)…you don’t look so bad yourself. It’s such an honor to be a part of this special day…celebrating the love and commitment of this amazing couple.”

“Good evening everyone! As we come together to celebrate the love of (Bride’s Name) and (Groom’s Name), I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of both families in making this day so magical. My name is (Your Name), and I am proud to be (Bride’s Name)’s maid of honor and best friend. The story of our lovely couple is one of strength, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to each other that we can all admire and cherish…”

A bride laughing while the Maid of Honor gives a speech

Funny Ways To Start A Maid Of Honor Speech For Your Best Friend

If you have been having a hard time coming up with a start to your Maid of Honor speech, these funny ideas will help you get things started…

“ (Bride’s name) asked me not to tell any embarrassing stories in my speech. Well…goodnight everybody. I got nothin’ “

“For those of you who don’t know me, what a shame! I’m (your name) and I’m today’s Best Woman. I’m not (Bride’s name)’s maid (her room is a mess) and I never want that honor.”

“Before I start, I just want to give a shoutout to Google for helping me find ‘how to write a maid of honor speech,’ because let’s be honest, we all need a little help sometimes.”

“Hi everyone, I’m the Maid of Honor, and according to the bride, my official duties include making her laugh, holding her dress, and not embarrassing her too much in this speech.”

“My name is (your name) in case you didn’t know. I’m (bride’s name) older sister. I’m going to apologize right now, this is going to be a little long and will mostly be stories about me and my sister…And I’ll probably cry a lot. But I have the mic so nothing you can do!”

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! I’ve been told that a good Maid of Honor speech should be like a mini-skirt…short enough to keep it interesting, but long enough to cover the essentials!”

More Wedding Planning Tips

Here are a few more articles that you might find helpful:

  • How to write a Maid of Honor speech
  • How to end your Maid of Honor speech
  • Awesome Maid of Honor Speech Examples (with video and audio)
  • Maid of Honor Duties and Responsibilities
  • Maid of Honor Planner (staying organized)
  • Purchase our printable Maid of Honor planner for $5 .
  • Quotes and funny lines to use in your Maid of Honor speech

All photos in this article were personally taken by me. Feel free to use them but please credit PA Unveiled. Thank you!

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How to Write and Deliver an Engaging Guest Speaker Introduction

Last Updated: April 3, 2023 Fact Checked

Sample Speeches

Writing the introduction, delivering the speech, expert q&a.

This article was co-authored by Deb DiSandro and by wikiHow staff writer, Ali Garbacz, B.A. . Deb DiSandro is the Owner of Speak Up On Purpose, an organization dedicated to improving and teaching public speaking. Deb has over 30 years of experience as a national speaker and has presented at the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference and the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. She was awarded the National Speakers Association Member of the Year 2007 and has been published in Writer's Digest, Daily Herald, Women's Day, and Better Homes & Gardens. There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 1,202,651 times.

Introducing a guest speaker is quite an honor. As the introducer, you get the audience excited about the talk they’re about to hear and play a crucial role in connecting the speaker to their audience on a more human level. Writing the perfect introduction speech requires some research and rehearsal on your part, but rest assured that you’ll be left with a speech that’ll leave your audience wanting more. Keep reading for our complete guide to writing the best introduction speech. Also, take a look at the samples we’ve included to get help you get started.

Things You Should Know

  • Establish the guest speaker’s credibility by mentioning notable achievements and experiences that relate to the topic of their speech.
  • Share a quick anecdote or surprising fact about the guest speaker to paint a picture of their personality and character.
  • Get the audience excited for the upcoming presentation with a short sentence stating what the guest speaker will be talking about.
  • Wait until the very end to introduce the guest speaker by their full name and title.

how to write a guest of honour speech

Researching the Speaker

Step 1 Ask the speaker what they’d like you to say.

  • When the speaker provides an introduction for you, use it. Read it over a few times and don’t hesitate to ask them for any clarification if you need it.

Step 2 Find out the speaker’s topic and who their audience is.

  • For example, if the speech is about encouraging young girls to learn computer programming, don’t spend time explaining how the speaker can teach these skills to adults.
  • Additionally, if the audience is mostly people who work in the education field rather than computer programming, avoid using a lot of jargon specific to computer programming so the audience can follow along better.

Step 3 Gather biographical information about the speaker.

  • Another method is to ask the speaker for their resume. Use this to pick out their most notable achievements to help establish their credibility.
  • A good introduction goes beyond just reciting the speaker’s personal history. However, noting their most relevant and impressive achievements will help establish them as an authoritative figure to the audience.

Step 4 Avoid using sensitive or embarrassing information without approval.

  • Always get the speaker’s permission before using these details. If you need to use this information, have an explanation ready as to why it’s important to your introduction.

Step 5 Find other speeches the speaker has given.

  • Be careful if you’re using pieces from another speech since it is copyrighted material and can’t be used without the speaker’s permission. Talk directly to the speaker about using these portions, or rephrase the section in your own words.

Step 6 Include a surprising detail if it works in your intro.

  • “Many don’t know that John Doe originally went to school for law, but ended up choosing psychology instead. Just like many of you, he didn’t have much of an idea of where his life would take him. Little did he know that his legal studies would actually help him to become one of the most renowned therapists we know today.”

Step 7 Master pronouncing the speaker’s name.

  • Avoid using overly casual language to refer to the speaker, such as “guy,” “girl,” or “kid.” Instead, use “person,” “woman,” or “man.”

Step 1 Keep the introduction under 1 minute.

  • “Jane’s passion for creative writing goes back to her high school days where she began the draft for her very first novel at the age of 15. By the time she was entering her sophomore year of college at 19 years old, she had already published her first book.”
  • “John has received recognition and praise from some of the largest Fortune 500 companies for his dedication to creating curriculums to help strengthen teamwork in the workplace. He’s received multiple awards for his work and has even gone on to write a book sharing his unique insights and perspective.”

Step 3 Tell the audience what they’ll be learning from the speaker.

  • “Jane will tell you exactly how you can manifest every single one of your goals by making just five simple changes in your daily life.”
  • “John is here today to share the secret to maximizing your savings so you can live freely without ever having to worry about finances again.”

Step 4 Include a short personal anecdote if you have one.

  • “John and I met a few years back and immediately bonded over the struggle of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I’m sure many of us can relate to this.”
  • “Jane’s book on navigating childcare in our current economy struck me at a very deep level. I’ve never read such relatable and honest words, and her work has given me comfort and reassurance during these unpredictable times.”

Step 5 Focus more on the speaker’s credibility rather than humor.

  • For example, you might say, “John Smith’s story working in the lumber industry inspired me to go out and build a cabinet. Unsurprisingly, it fell apart within five minutes of being built. I went back to him, and he was sure to reassure me that it’s a practice that requires much patience.”

Step 6 Introduce the speaker’s name at the end.

  • “Please join me in welcoming Dr. John Smith!”
  • “Here to discuss her newest book, “How to Live a Happier Life,” please give a warm welcome to Jane Doe.”
  • “Here to share his unique perspective on the current political climate, please welcome Professor John Doe.”

Step 7 Read your speech aloud to catch any errors.

  • Also, practice using a friendly and relaxed tone when you give your speech to avoid coming off as super stiff and nervous.
  • To overcome stage fright , recite the introduction while looking in a mirror. Once you feel comfortable, rehearse it in front of family and friends.

Step 2 Rehearse the introduction sparingly before going on stage.

  • For example, “Good evening. My name is Alex Brown, and I’m the organizer of this event.”
  • If everyone in the audience is familiar with you, there’s no need to introduce yourself.

Step 4 Show lots of enthusiasm while speaking.

  • Get the speaker’s approval of the introduction you’ve written. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Forget about cliches such as “This person needs no introduction.” Instead, focus on making your introduction unique and descriptive. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Ask the speaker to revise a provided introduction if you don’t feel that it’s right for the audience they’ll be presenting to. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

how to write a guest of honour speech

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About This Article

Deb DiSandro

Before introducing your guest speaker, introduce yourself in case there are people in the audience who don't know you. Then talk about the speaker’s background and qualifications, and give the audience a high-level overview of what they might learn from the presentation. See if you can include a short, personal anecdote about the speaker, like "I read their book and really loved it," for example. Try to keep your introduction to less than 3 minutes, and finish it by welcoming your speaker and telling the audience their name. For more advice on introducing a guest speaker, including how to research them in advance, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

Follow these expert tips to knock your maid of honor speech out of the park.

how to write a guest of honour speech

Photo by Janine Licare

In This Article

You've been asked to play a huge role in your best friend's wedding—maid of honor! But, the job comes with a slew of important tasks , including giving the maid of honor speech. While this is a moment to celebrate your friendship, the idea of getting up in front of a crowd can be nerve-wracking if you're not used to giving speeches.

As staunch advocates of BFF love, we've taken it upon ourselves to create a go-to guide for penning the perfect speech to see your bestie off on their new life with their partner. With a few tips and tricks along with plenty of practice, your maid of honor speech will go off without a hitch.

With expert insight from professional speechwriter Katelyn Peterson—founder of vow- and toast-writing company Wedding Words —and examples of real-life speeches, we have all the details you need. Read on for helpful tips and guidelines to deliver an absolutely unforgettable maid of honor speech .

Meet the Expert

Katelyn Peterson is a speech writer and the founder of vow- and toast-writing company Wedding Words .

Maid of Honor Speech Template

While every maid of honor speech will be different, we've put together an outline to get you started on yours.

Start with the bride; end with the couple.

Of everyone at the wedding, you have the best insight into how much your bestie's partner has changed them for the better. Your maid of honor speech needs to be about the friend you knew long before meeting their soulmate and then pivot to what role they have played in their life. Maybe your friend is even funnier now, or maybe you've simply never seen your BFF so happy. This is also a great way to incorporate their new spouse into the speech if you don't really know them that well; speak to the way that they complement each other or how your BFF's new spouse has made them a better person.

Pepper in anecdotes.

Stories do a better job of getting your point across than blanket statements do. "Each anecdote you share should have an underlying theme that ties all the short stories together," says Peterson. "Reveal that theme near the end of your speech , and you’ll achieve a strong emotional impact."

End with a positive outlook.

The nature of this speech is not so much about your relationship with your friend, but the bond the couple shares. Make sure all of the separate components of your toast draw a positive conclusion, ending in how happy the couple is together and your best wishes for their marriage .

Maid of Honor Speech Tips

Keep in mind these helpful tips from professional speechwriter Katelyn Peterson to ensure you nail your maid-of-honor toast .

Kick-start the creative process by writing down any memories , emotions, or ideas that make you think of your BFF. "I recommend free-writing for 20 minutes," says Peterson. "When you’re done with this exercise, you should have some quality material that you can weave into the form of a speech." This allows you to create a blueprint of all the major points you want to make—more or less creating a roadmap for your ideas—and then fill it in with supporting information.

Ditch Generic Praise

"Use entertaining and engaging stories to show the bride’s personality ," advises Peterson. There's a big difference between simply saying, "She is such a great friend!" versus telling a story that illustrates just that.

Half the guests may not know your BFF all that well, so use this moment to paint a picture of how amazing they are. Bring their character to life with details only you could know.

Remember it isn't about you.

While a lot of the anecdotes should be about your time with your friend, you should not be the focal point. After you briefly introduce yourself (remember: most of the people probably won't know who you are or your relation to the couple), you shouldn't be making any additional references to yourself. You're simply the vehicle to explain why the newlyweds are so fantastic.

Do not mention exes.

No one wants to be reminded of past relationships , particularly in front of their family, friends, and new life partner. Keep the tone of your speech positive, and it will reflect positively on you also. You don't want to come across as though you're trying to roast your friend.

Keep it short.

The longer your speech, the more opportunities you'll have for people to start losing attention. "Keep your speech under five minutes," suggests Peterson. "Anywhere between two to five minutes is great."

Be sure to pause for a few seconds after each joke to let the audience laugh. When you immediately start speaking right afterward, you won't give people a chance to laugh or even understand the next line. Keep in mind that starting the speech on a funny note can help you capture the attention of the audience for a minute or two, but it's the meaningful content that will keep them enthralled until the end. "Your goal should be to have guests laughing and wiping tears away by balancing humor with sincerity," says Peterson.

If you experience public-speaking jitters, try looking just above everyone’s head. This can minimize your anxiety while allowing guests to think you're looking right at them.

Don't use inside jokes.

If the joke or situation is something other wedding guests would have to be there to understand, avoid using it. If people don't understand the context behind it, it will probably go over their heads. It's okay to poke a little bit of fun at your friend, but keep it light. Don't say anything that would be embarrassing or make them feel uncomfortable.

"The more you recite your speech out loud, the more comfortable you’ll become," notes Peterson. Practice your speech twice a day, starting at least a week beforehand, and record yourself a couple of times so you can hear your pacing and tone. Rehearse the speech in front of friends, too, in order to see if your jokes get a laugh, and try practicing in a mirror to nail your physical presence.

How to Get Started

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to start brainstorming ideas for your speech.

  • Who will be speaking before or after you, and how will this affect the content of your speech? (You might want to include a reference to their toast in your speech, thank them for an introduction, or introduce the next speaker.)
  • What would your friend want their in-laws and newly acquired family to know about them, and how can you attest to those qualities or characteristics from your own experiences with them?
  • What's a warm memory of the newlyweds that always makes you smile? (Ask yourself: If their relationship were a Hollywood movie trailer, what key moments would be featured?)
  • When you picture the couple's life together in a few years (or from this moment forward), what do you see? Is there any advice you can give them for their lifelong journey ahead?
  • Is there something you want to say to your bestie's new spouse? (Perhaps a few lighthearted tips on how to handle more trying situations that you've learned from your own experiences with them.)

Maid of Honor Speech Examples to Make Your Own

If you're feeling stuck, here are three examples of speeches from real bridesmaids to inspire your own.

"Good evening, everyone. I’m Cami, the maid of honor and the bride’s best friend. Over the past 15 years, I’ve witnessed Madison prioritize everyone else’s happiness, but today, we get to honor hers. With Madison being my most fun-loving friend, I knew she’d be down to join me on a two-week adventure traveling throughout Europe. We lived together, but nothing cements a friendship quite like sharing a full-size bed in dingy hostels from the Netherlands to Spain. Madison’s luggage kept breaking, and she went through four suitcases in 14 days! There we were, strolling down a busy street in Madrid and Madison’s clothes were falling out of her over-packed suitcase, painting the path behind us with her sundresses and socks. But she never let her rundown luggage ruin the trip. She just kept rolling with it. Literally. I can always depend on Madison to roll with any situation, to show up for the people that she loves, and to have a good time.

But the truth is everyone in this room is better for knowing you, Madison. You love so deeply, selflessly, and unconditionally. And I know that Pete is the best partner for Madison because I’ve seen him mirror these traits for her. No matter what may come your way, your combined patience, resilience, and love will make you an unstoppable team. And most importantly, I know you two will continue to keep rolling with it . Cheers!" —Cami

"I’m Ashley and welcome! I was introduced to Sarah through a mutual friend to evaluate if she would be a fit as my future roommate. I showed up to that first dinner wearing a casual sundress and flats. Meanwhile, Sarah walked in with voluminous curls, smoky eyes , red lipstick, and a smile that showed me she deserved that Miss Florida title in ’04. I just thought, 'Who is this girl?' Over the next two hours, I learned that this girl was the coolest, funniest person and that I had to live with her. We moved in and it was truly an immediate fit from watching the same shows to downing bottles of the same wine. Despite our homebody nature, we did enjoy our Saturday nights running around the city. One night after several margaritas, Sarah and I found ourselves locked out of our house. So we came up with the best plan we could imagine: Let’s cannonball into our pool. There we were: Two tequila-loving girls cannonballing to see who could create the biggest splash. From that night on, whenever we went out, we’d ask ourselves one key question: 'Is it going to be a cannonball in the pool kind of night?'

And just like she’s always filled the gap in our friend group—we know that John has entered her life to level her out in the best of ways, too. Let’s raise a glass to Sarah and John! May your life together be full of cannonball-in-the-pool kind of nights." —Ashley

"Hi, my name is Makena and I’m the bride’s younger sister and maid of honor . As I look at Winnie and Miles today, I see two people in the most loving, trustworthy, and nurturing relationship I’ve ever witnessed. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that even on her wedding day, Winnie is teaching me about life and love. Because the truth is Winnie has been my lifelong teacher. She’s the one who taught me how to read and how to ride a bike, but my most memorable teaching moment was when I was 11 years old.  We had this mutual understanding—or so I thought—that we would not read each other’s journals. But I, of course, read hers and naively assumed she did not read mine. I learned the truth when I opened my journal one day to see an entire page filled with Winnie’s handwriting. There in the middle of my journal was a critique from my sister detailing out how I could improve my writing.

I know that if it weren’t for my sister, I would not be the person I am today. I’m inspired daily by the woman she is. Her confidence is unshakable, her excitability is contagious, and her determination is awe-inspiring. Winnie will finally get to experience what I’ve felt like my entire life with her. She’ll be cared for, unconditionally loved, and will learn every day with Miles as her lifelong teacher through love. Please raise a glass to Winnie and Miles! May you two never stop learning from each other as you continue to love each other." —Makena

First things first: Don't overcomplicate it! Stay authentic to yourself and keep it simple by telling a story, sharing why you love the bride, and toasting the newlyweds.

Keep it short and sweet! Having a two to five minute speech that is both sentimental and humorous is the best way to honor the couple in a way that is engaging and memorable .

Close out your speech with a simple, light-hearted joke and a toast to the newlyweds . This will create the perfect opportunity for a combined cheer and chuckle from the crowd .

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how to write a guest of honour speech

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Vote of Thanks Speech for Students in English

how to write a guest of honour speech

  • Updated on  
  • Jun 3, 2024

Vote of thanks speech in english

A vote of thanks is a formal speech that expresses gratitude to a special guest or person for honourable contributions. A vote of thanks speech is concluded by expressing your gratitude, summarising the main points of the event and sending an uplifting message. In this article, we will look at some samples of speech on the vote of thanks. Keep reading to learn more.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Importance of Vote of Thanks
  • 2 Speech on Vote of Thanks for School Event
  • 3 Speech on Vote of Thanks for Chief Guest
  • 4 Speech on Vote of Thanks for Guest Lecture
  • 5 FAQs 

Importance of Vote of Thanks

A vote of thanks is a formal speech that concludes your speech by thanking a guest or special person for their contribution.  A vote of thanks is a vital part of an event because it shows that you value each member and their contribution. It has importance in several aspects:

  • Expression of Gratitude: It allows us to express our gratitude to those who have supported and made the event possible. It helps us to build positive relationships.
  • Closure: A vote of thanks helps provide closure to the event. It is something that summarizes the whole event, key highlights and achievements.
  • Sense of encouragement: Acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of other people in the vote of thanks encourages them to better future performance. It inspires people to remain motivated and engaged towards the organization’s goal.
  • Acknowledgement of contributions: A vote of thanks is a formal way of acknowledging other’s efforts that made the event possible.
  • Purpose of courtesy: Appreciating individuals for their support or contribution reflects professional etiquette by highlighting the value of respect in networking.
  • Social Networking: Respecting the contributions of others shows that you value them. This can help you improve your professional relationships while also helping to build new ones.

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Speech on Vote of Thanks for School Event

Good morning, everyone! It’s been an honour to be a part of this event and as this event is coming to an end, I want to give a vote of thanks on behalf of the student union. As part of this wonderful event, I want to thank everyone who participated, contributed, and made it a success. Firstly, I want to thank our principal, ma’am, Mrs Seema Banerjee, for organising such a great event. She is our guardian angel, always serving us the best. A special thanks to all of the teachers whose hard work and dedication have made today possible. It was an honour to work under their guidance and supervision. Their efforts, dedication and commitment played a major part in the organisation of this event.
I would like to offer my heartfelt appreciation to all of the students who participated in the event with great enthusiasm and made it a success. The parents of these students also deserve appreciation for offering their support. Their involvement in school events is highly valued.
Last but not least, all the school staff members and back-hand teams deserve equal acknowledgement for their contribution that made the event run smoothly.
Once again, Thanks to everyone for your unwavering support in making this event a success.
Have a wonderful evening.

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Speech on Vote of Thanks for Chief Guest

Good morning, everyone. It has been an honour to be a part of this amazing event. Today, on behalf of our school, I would like to thank our Chief Guest, Mr Suresh Naraina, for giving us their valuable time. Your presence and motivational words have greatly inspired the students and teachers. Your words not only provided us with knowledgeable perspectives but also taught the students how to think like scientists.
I’d like to thank our principal, without whom this event would not be possible. You acted as a guiding light throughout the event. I’d also like to thank all of the teachers for their contributions to organising this event. Their efforts and dedication made this event possible. Working under their supervision and guidance allowed us to learn a lot of new things.

Thank you to all of those students who participated in this event and filled it with enthusiasm and creativity.
A special thanks to all of the parents for your unwavering support and participation. Your engagement in school events is much appreciated. I’d also like to thank the attendees for taking their valuable time to attend the event.

Last but not least, I want to thank all of the school staff and backup teams that made the event run smoothly.
Thank you again to everyone who helped make the event a success. Without you, this event would not be possible. We look forward to your continuous support of our future endeavours.

Thank you and have a great evening!

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Speech on Vote of Thanks for Guest Lecture

Good morning, everyone. As we come towards the end of this enlightened lecture, I would like to extend my heartfelt vote of thanks.

First, I’d like to thank our esteemed guest, Mr. Naveen Sharma, for taking the time to offer his valuable insights. As a major leader in science and research, your lecture on ‘Modern Technology in the Contemporary Era’ has provided us with valuable knowledge and motivated us to think in new ways. Your speech highly motivated the students and had a significant impact on their learning.

I’d also like to thank our principal, Mr. Suresh Jain, as well as our faculty and staff, for making the lecture possible. This event would not have been possible without your tireless efforts, dedication, and commitment. Working under your guidance and supervision provided us with valuable learning opportunities.

A big thank you to all of the students for their enthusiastic participation and engaging questions. Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who worked on the backhand and coordinated to make this event run smoothly.

Thank you again, Mr. Naveen Sharma, for being with us today. We anticipate future opportunities to learn more from you.

Thank you all and have a great day!

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Ans: A vote of thanks is a formal speech that expresses gratitude to a guest or special person for their contributions. There are ways to conclude the speech by delivering a ‘Vote of Thanks’, as per the event. 

Ans: A vote of thanks is a vital part of an event because it shows that you value each member and their contribution. It is important as it is a way to express your gratitude towards the other team members. It provides closure to your speech by summarising all of the key highlights of the events and the achievements. It promotes a sense of encouragement and acknowledgement to the tea members, which acts as a professional courtesy.

Ans: Make sure to start your speech with a warm greeting. It should be short and simple. You can start your speech by extending your gratitude towards a special guest on behalf of the party that is hosting the event.

Popular English Speech Topics

For more information on such interesting speech topics for your school, visit our speech writing page and follow Leverage Edu .

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how to write a guest of honour speech

Touching Toast Speech Examples For The Honored Guest

Toast speech examples - best man

A toast speech is given on many occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and retirements. Most are brief – less than 5 minutes – and often accompanied by raising glasses to honor the celebrating person or couple. Here are some toast speech examples.

At almost any celebration, someone will offer a toast to an honored guest or special occasion. A toast speech is common at a wedding reception but occurs at many other events. Whatever big day someone you love is celebrating, you may want to raise a glass, say a few words. and encourage glass clinking of those assembled.

Here are some toast speech examples if you need to give one.

Table of Contents

What Do People Usually Say During A Toast Speech?

The most simple formula for giving a toast, whether it is a wedding toast or another kind, is this:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Connect the story to the event .
  • Tell a story.
  • Bring it home!

In the introduction or attention-getter, the speaker quickly tells who they are and their relationship with the loved one they are toasting. A good toast sets the stage so everyone assembled feels part of things.

The next portion will include either a touching or funny story or anecdote about the honored person. The story can be cute and maybe even a bit embarrassing but remember the crowd. For example, a wedding speech should not say anything too embarrassing or reference private jokes the audience isn’t in on.

Toast speech examples - honoring a freind

If you are honoring an accomplishment of someone, such as winning a citizenship award or 50 years of marriage, it is appropriate to point that out to the guests.

Lastly, you invite everyone to raise their glasses and encourage them to drink to those you honor, whether one person or a couple.

“I’m Joan, the bride’s mother. I owned the first high heels she wore and still seem to have some Annable “borrows” when she drops over. I am so happy to be toasting her and her fiance Byron, who has his own shoes. Wishing you both lifetime of happiness.”

What Should You End A Toast Speech With?

Coming up with a good ending for a toast can be tricky. You don’t want to end too abruptly. However, you also don’t want to drone on and on. Once you have told the little anecdotes, you can use a cue to tell others you are almost done.

“So let’s raise our glasses” is a good cue that you are finishing. “A toast to the bride and groom” or “Raise up your glasses to my best friend and his bride on their wedding day” are both excellent ways to end the best man toast.

How Long Should A Toast Speech Be?

The best special occasion toast speeches are roughly 3-4 minutes long. If you talk for much longer than that, you risk losing your audience no matter what kind of toast you are making.

Toast speech examples - coworker birthday or promotion

What Are Some Tips For Making A Toast Speech?

  • Relate to the audience. Whatever the common ground is, state that in some way. Whether it is a work party, a retirement celebration, or a wedding party, you are all there for the same reason.
  • Introduce and share something about yourself. Those listening want to know who you are and why you are speaking. Your wording might go, “As John’s best friend, older sister, coworker, neighbor, etc., I have seen John climb many mountains….”
  • Be sentimental. Especially if you are giving a wedding toast or speaking at a celebration of life, saying a few sentimental and heartfelt words because they will resonate with the person you are honoring.
  • Use shorter sentences as they are easier to listen to. Avoid speaking in long sentences. Keep it simple.
  • Don’t embarrass anyone. It would be unusual for a best man not to tell a single embarrassing story about the groom… but nothing too risqué. Never bring up someone’s exes. Be aware of the audience. Ask yourself this question: does my friend want his or her mother/grandmother/father/ grandfather/great-aunt Matilda to hear this story? If the answer is no, don’t tell it.
  • Make notes and practice. You should not trust your memory with something this important. Jot down some notes on notecards and practice what you want to say.

Who Should Give a Toast?

Some affairs designate who will give a toast, while others are less formal. Some occasions entertain multiple toasts.

At a wedding, the bride’s father might offer the first toast. The maid of honor might give a toast, and sometimes other bridesmaids join in. You can expect a best man speech, but other groomsmen may also offer a toast. The bride and groom might toast each other or their parents.

A close coworker might offer a toast to the retiree at a retirement party. Family members might offer a toast for a couple hosting an anniversary party. When a group gathers at a bar or restaurant, someone at the table might congratulate another person on a birthday , new job, new house, engagement, wedding, or pregnancy.

People love celebrating and raising their glasses, which may contain alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, or even water.

Toast speech examples - people toast with any beverage!

The occasion and audience may dictate what type of toast you can give. A funny maid of honor speech might be well received at a women-only engagement party or bachelorette dinner but not at the wedding reception.

Ensure your words will not offend anyone as you plan the perfect toast for your friend or loved one’s special day. Commemorative milestones in a positive way!

What Is A Typical Toast Speech For:

As you prepare to offer toasts on special occasions, consider if you want to say something unique or if a famous quote is the way you want to go. Here are some examples of each.

An Engagement Party

  • “May God shower you with blessings. “
  • “Nothing else matters when two people fall in love.”
  • “May you have a long and happy life together. “
  • “To love and to be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” — David Viscott
  • “Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” — Franklin P. Jones
  • “Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes

Wedding toasts can be sentimental, like these.

  • “For the bride and groom, a toast.”
  • “Lift your glasses to the happy couple.”
  • “May you live long and live even longer.”
  • “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” — Audrey Hepburn
  • “You don’t marry the person you can live with—you marry the person you can’t live without.” — Unknown
  • “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” — Mignon McLaughlin

Father of the bride toast

Funny Wedding Toasts

Of course, there are also funny wedding toasts.

  • “We never thought he would find someone to marry him, yet here we are.”
  • “It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” — Rita Rudner
  • “Marriages are made in heaven. But so again, are thunder and lightning.” — Clint Eastwood

Toasting Your New Spouse

Sometimes newlyweds choose to toast one another at the wedding. Here are some lovely

  • “And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you, and I’d choose you.” —Kiersten White
  • “Grow old with me. The best is yet to be, the last of life for which the first was made.” — Robert Browning
  • “You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” — Dr. Seuss

An Anniversary

  • “We have been blessed beyond measure to have found one another and to have lived and loved this long. A toast to marriage.”
  • “If two people love each other, nothing is impossible. Except deciding where to eat.” — Anonymous
  • “To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness.” — Robert Brault
  • “Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.” – Franz Schubert

A Retirement Party

When offering a toast at a retirement party, it would be lovely to speak to the work ethic and accomplishments of the retiree. It can be simple or go into some detail.

  • “Although we are happy for you to be retiring, we will all miss seeing you each day.”
  • “May you have more fun in retirement than we did here at work!”
  • “The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.” – Abe Lemons
  • “Retirement, a time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, where you want to do it and how you want to do it,” – Catherine Pulsifer

A former English teacher and currently an elementary principal in a rural school, Pam has honed her speaking skills in the classroom and before professional groups. Pam enjoys sharing her insights about public speaking almost as much as she enjoys running, which she does daily.

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Welcome Speech for Chief Guest - 10 Lines, Short and Long Speech

Welcome speech for chief guest.

A welcome speech for a chief guest is a formal address given to introduce and honour a distinguished guest at an event. It typically includes an introduction of the guest, a brief overview of their accomplishments and contributions, and an expression of gratitude for their presence. The speech may also include a brief overview of the event and its significance, as well as any expectations for the guest's participation or involvement.

Welcome Speech for Chief Guest - 10 Lines, Short and Long Speech

10 Lines Welcome Speech for Chief Guest

Good morning/afternoon everyone, and welcome to our event.

It is my pleasure to introduce our chief guest, [Name of Chief Guest], who has graciously accepted our invitation to join us today.

[Name of Chief Guest] is a highly accomplished individual in the field of [their field of expertise].

We are honoured to have [Name of Chief Guest] with us today to share their insights and experiences with our students and faculty.

Today, we will be discussing [topic of event], and I am confident that [Name of Chief Guest] will provide valuable insights and perspectives on this important subject.

On behalf of our school community, I would like to extend a warm welcome to [Name of Chief Guest] and thank them for taking the time to be with us today.

I am sure that this interaction with our chief guest will be a valuable learning experience for all of us.

With that, I invite [Name of Chief Guest] to come forward and address our esteemed gathering.

Let's give a round of applause to welcome our chief guest.

Thank you again for being here with us today, [Name of Chief Guest]. We are honoured to have you with us.

Short Welcome Speech for Chief Guest

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our event today. Today, we have the privilege of hosting [Name of Chief Guest], a renowned leader in [their field of expertise].

[Name of Chief Guest] has achieved great success in their field and has significantly contributed to the community and society. Their achievements and dedication to their work serve as an inspiration to us all.

About the School

We are committed to providing our students with the best education possible as a school community. This includes not only academic learning but also the opportunity to learn from and interact with successful professionals in various fields.

Today’s Event

Today, we are privileged to have [Name of Chief Guest] with us and eager to hear their insights and experiences. The topic of our event today is [topic of event], and I am confident that [Name of Chief Guest] will provide valuable perspectives and insights on this important subject.

As we move forward with our event today, I encourage everyone to actively engage with [Name of Chief Guest], to ask questions, and to listen attentively to their words of wisdom. The time we spend with [Name of Chief Guest] today will undoubtedly be a valuable learning experience for all of us.Please join me in welcoming [Name of Chief Guest] with a round of applause.

Long Welcome Speech for Chief Guest

Good evening, esteemed guests, distinguished chief guest, dedicated teachers, and dear students. It is my great honour and privilege to welcome you all to this evening's school function.

Introduction to Chief Guest

First and foremost, I would like to extend a warm welcome to our chief guest, [Name], who graciously accepts our invitation to be with us this evening. [Name] is a remarkable individual, who has achieved great success in [his/her] field of expertise, be it in the field of science, technology, art, literature, sports or any other field. [He/She] is a true inspiration for many, and we are honoured to have [him/her] grace us with [his/her] presence. [He/She] has been a source of inspiration to many, and [his/her] words of wisdom and encouragement will undoubtedly motivate our students.

About the Function

This evening's event is a celebration of the achievements and progress of our school. [Name of the school] has been an institution of excellence dedicated to providing quality education to its students. Our teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure that our students receive the best education possible, and our students have reciprocated that effort by giving their best in every endeavour.

The school's curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education, focusing on academics, extracurricular activities, and character development. A well-rounded education is essential for the overall development of our students and will prepare them for future challenges.

The event is an opportunity for us to showcase the talents and abilities of our students, and we have planned a variety of performances that will highlight their abilities. The program will feature various cultural and literary performances, including music, dance, drama, and poetry recitation, all of which have been rehearsed and perfected by our students.

Furthermore, we will also be recognising the academic achievements of our students and the hardworking teachers. We will be presenting awards and trophies to students who have excelled in their studies and to teachers who have made a significant impact in the lives of their students. The teachers have been instrumental in the academic and personal growth of the students, and it is important to acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

Safety and Refreshment

We have also made arrangements for the safety and well-being of our guests. At the conclusion of this evening's event, we would like to invite all of our guests to join us for refreshments. We have arranged a variety of delicious and mouth-watering snacks and beverages for everyone to enjoy.

In conclusion, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for being here. Your presence is greatly appreciated, and we are honoured to have you join us in this celebration. I want to remind our students to take this opportunity to learn from our chief guest, and to strive to achieve their own goals and aspirations. To our teachers, thank you for your dedication and hard work. Our chief guest, thank you for taking the time to be with us this evening.

Once again, welcome to this evening's school function, and we hope you enjoy the performances and the recognition of the achievements of our school.

Applications for Admissions are open.

Aakash iACST Scholarship Test 2024

Aakash iACST Scholarship Test 2024

Get up to 90% scholarship on NEET, JEE & Foundation courses

ALLEN Digital Scholarship Admission Test (ADSAT)

ALLEN Digital Scholarship Admission Test (ADSAT)

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JEE Main Important Physics formulas

JEE Main Important Physics formulas

As per latest 2024 syllabus. Physics formulas, equations, & laws of class 11 & 12th chapters

PW JEE Coaching

PW JEE Coaching

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JEE Main Important Chemistry formulas

JEE Main Important Chemistry formulas

As per latest 2024 syllabus. Chemistry formulas, equations, & laws of class 11 & 12th chapters



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Maid of honor speech examples

Two unique maid of honor speeches to help you prepare a perfect maid of honor speech of your own

By:  Susan Dugdale  | Last modified: 10-06-2023

What's the best way to share the happy couple's love story at the wedding reception on their big day?

The bride's your great friend, an amazing person. You love her to pieces which is why you said 'yes' when she asked you to speak on her wedding day.

However, maybe this is the first time you've given a maid of honor toast. Perhaps, in addition, you find public speaking, talking in front of a crowd and making eye contact as you do, a little bit nerve wracking.

You're in the right place. The goal of this article is to empower and enable you to write and deliver the best maid of honor speech you can. Begin by reading the speeches!

What's on this page

  • 2 unique maid of honor speech examples - a heartfelt maid of honor speech - a light-hearted maid of honor speech
  • how to begin - suggestions for getting started on your own MOH speech
  • a link to ' How to end a Maid of Honor speech: 20 examples '
  • a link to a maid of honor speech template
  • how to test and rehearse your speech
  • links to other resources to help you give the best maid of honor speech you can

Collage: 5 photos of different women with their best friends

A heartfelt Maid of Honor speech example

This example is written from the point of view of a childhood friend: someone who's shared the best and most difficult of times with the bride. The friendship between them is enduring and the speech is sincerely heartfelt: full of personal stories everybody will relate to.

Said aloud, it is approximately 5- 6 minutes long. 

Maria's MOH speech at Sonja & Mark's wedding

"Some one very wise, and obviously someone who knew Sonja and Mark said, “Don't marry a person you can live with. Marry somebody you can't live without."

That's what we're witnessing today – the union of two people who belong together. A perfect match!

My name is Maria and I'm delighted to be the Maid of Honor for my very dear friend Sonja.

We've been close friends since we were little girls and, as we are hitting our 30s, it feels like forever. I can scarcely remember life without her.

Sonja and me, we've gone from crayons to perfume together, with stops in between for learning to read and write, ride a bike, play with dolls, dress up, climb trees, scrape our knees... We’ve done our high school homework, got into trouble for staying out late, turned 21 together… And now here we are, all grown up.

A big night these days is a glass of wine, staying in and watching Netflix together.

From the time we were 13 and had to run to escape a mad, snarling, barking dog I knew Sonja was truly there for me. I was slower than her but she did not leave me behind. And she's been there to pick me up ever since.

Two young girls lying on the floor making rings around their eyes with their fingers

Like when I've misplaced my confidence and haven't been able to find it. (Is it under the sofa? No! Behind the kitchen door? No!)

Or when I’ve needed someone to talk to about a personal life situation, for instance, another crappy boyfriend.

Over the years Sonja has been my touchstone, my wise go-to sister, and although there have been times when we have been physically apart that has never been true of our hearts. She is part of my identity, of who I am.

So when she asked me to be her Maid of Honor, the honor was all mine. Naturally I said yes.

Another “yes”, a previous and much more important one, is the reason we're here today.

Mark, that was one you received.

All Sonja's family members and friends, like me, take her best interests to heart. They look out for her, and I know, that like me, they are delighted that you and she have agreed to live your lives together.

Mark, your care, and love of Sonja over the last few years has demonstrated to us all you are indeed the right man, who was in the right place, at the right time. We've seen the good times you've shared together but most importantly we've also witnessed how you handled the tough ones.

You were there to shelter, cherish and nurture her through the period when her Father passed. And I know that meant everything to her. I feel certain not only he but also her brother, Matthew, would willingly give their blessing to your union from up above.

As for me, you definitely had my wholehearted approval when you asked one of my “ boyfriends”, (now very much past tense), aside for a man-to-man chat about respect and loyalty. From that time, I knew I have gained a brother.

In Sonja you have a hard-working, forgiving, loving big-hearted woman. As her friend, her sister, I am grateful you see, appreciate and know that.

I searched for a special gift of wisdom to pass on and found this – a recipe for love and marriage. It makes sense to me, and I hope it does to you too.

"As you walk through life together remember even though you both share many qualities that are very much the same, you are each unique, and it is your differences that helped bring you together.

Give your love openly and honestly. Always respect and accept what the other has to say, even when you do not agree. Take time to enjoy everyday and share together, and remember that each day is a new beginning."

Sonja, I am looking forward to all the celebrations we're going to have together down the years because although we no longer live on the same street, our roots are very deep.

Please make a note that I intend to speak at your 50th anniversary!

Cheers to the newly weds! Best wishes! I love you guys!"

A light hearted Maid of Honor speech example

To be successful this maid of honor speech relies heavily on its delivery.

Along with stories establishing the depth and importance of the relationship between the bride and her Maid of Honor it includes a good natured, gentle 'roast' of the groom.

The MOH has taken it upon herself to poll guests and family members on his suitability for the bride. She is now making the results public.

Although the groom is being teased we know he's respected, admired and loved by those who know the couple well, which includes the person delivering the speech, the bride's best friend.

The speech will take between 5-6 minutes to deliver.

Felicity's MOH speech at Sarah & Sam's wedding

Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

That's what we're celebrating today: a story of true love, a dream come true, the union of two people who belong together.

My name is Felicity and it's my privilege to be Sarah’s Maid of Honor.

Sarah is my Best Friend. I know it's a cliché. However clichés become clichés for a very good reason, because they're true. She's my BFF: Best Friend Forever.

For her I would wear the gaudiest, frothiest taffeta maid of honor dress possible and still smile. Fortunately I don't have to.

Through Sarah I've learned that being a best friend isn't a competition between those who have been in your life the longest.

Neither is it about regular daily contact. Or about talking, Or being under the same sky, in the same city. Or even sharing the same tastes.

But it is definitely about sharing the same heart space.

Two young women laughing together. Text: Sarah is my best friend. I know it's a cliché. However clichés become clichés for a very good reason, because they are true.

Over the years she's been my touchstone, always encouraging me to be the best of myself: a work still in progress. I look forward to checking off the score card with her when we're much, much older.

We've seen each other through all those milestones of growing up: the ones we want to remember, as well as the ones we'd prefer to forget but don't. Amongst them are memories I'll always cherish: going on a bike tour of Paris in the rain, getting completely soaked and laughing about it, gorging ourselves on gastronomic delights in Greece. And ticking off the typical tourist “when in Rome” items: walking up the Spanish Steps and tossing coins in the Trevi fountain together.

Sarah you know, and see me clearly. Just like I know and see you. And today you've changed the course of your life forever with two words: I do.

Sam, you'll have understood by now just how much this woman is loved, not just by me but by all of us here. Inevitably that means when a suitor comes along they have to pass not just one test, but multiple ones.

There's the initial hurdle, getting her on your side. Once that's safely over there's more and these, as anyone married knows, can be quite formidable.

Friends, mothers, fathers, family, don't share quite the same blinkered infatuation. We stand back. We watch, and yes, we judge.

We have a “not-so-little” check list and we want every point on it passed, with honors.

Now I'd done a comprehensive survey of the interested parties and tallied the scores. They read like this.

On the “always has her back “ index you did extremely well. This one was a very important indicator. Knowledge of what it is “to have someone's back” is paramount. You passed with flying colors on the sub-set, “has spine” too.

Availability. The question behind this point had two parts, both equally weighted. Are you there for Sarah when she needs you? We looked at physically, as well as emotionally, present. Again, top marks.

Positive influence. Does this man extend and enhance the best in Sarah?

Now this one was a little trickier. Separating the vested interests and keeping ourselves honest is a challenge when so much is at stake. Change can be confronting even if it is for the better. But yes, we agreed, that Sam definitely brought Sarah more of all that is good. His presence enables her to grow.

Health. Really? Need we go there? Look at them! They eat so well, exercise so well – we're thinking of setting up a charity to donate the excess health they generate to those who need it. These two are the ultimate King and Queen of eating green. Their example inspires!

Our last was “laughter”.  Does this man make this woman smile, make her laugh with joy and share her humor? Sam, no one makes Sarah laugh the way you do.

In conclusion, you are quite simply, the best. We thank you for understanding, valuing and loving her as we do.

I want to acknowledge someone else in the line up looking out for Sarah, someone very dear to her who, although not physically present, is here in our hearts: Betty, Bette, her grandmother. I'm sure she would approve too.

And now a toast. Please raise your glasses.

To Sarah and Sam, and a lifetime of love! May your happily ever after begin here.

Content suggestions for your own MOH speech

Often the hardest part of preparing a speech is getting started.  These prompts will help you find the right words to say about the bride and her new husband on their special day.

Grab a piece of paper and answer the questions as quickly as you can. Let you mind go. Don't stop to edit, to check your spelling or to write full sentences. You can do all of that later.

Focus, for now, on generating ideas.

Maid of Honor speech writing prompts

  • When, and how, did you first meet the bride?
  • When did she become a close friend?
  • What makes her a good person?
  • What 3 or 4 words best describe her character?
  • When did you realize (the groom's name) was the love of her life? What was your first impression of him?
  • What hobbies or interests do they share as a couple?
  • What do you admire about them as a couple? What makes them unique or special?
  • What challenges or hardships have they faced and overcome?
  • What funny moment or funny stories can you share about them?
  • What do you want to say to wish them a happy future together? Is there a quote you'd like to use as a toast? A line from a song? A verse from a poem?  

What NOT to put into your speech

Before you go ahead in the writing process check the content you've generated.

Remove any:

  • stories that would embarrass the bride and anyone listening: eg. tales about past relationships, wild nights out, participating in illegal activities of any sort...
  • inside jokes or references that only a few people will understand
  • comments or stories that make yourself the principal focus of attention. The most important people are the bride and groom.
  • references to money or the costs involved in the wedding
  • critical comments about the wedding planning, the people involved with that, and any of the lead up activities
  • language or crudity (for instance, off-color jokes or sexual innuendo) that may offend the wedding guests
  • strings of clichés. For example: she's most beautiful bride in the whole wide world. The groom swept her off her feet. It was true love at first sight and now they will live happily ever after...

How to get from notes to speech

Click the link for: a 5 part maid of honor speech outline, with examples, step-by-step guidelines and a complete maid of honor speech for a sister.

how to write a guest of honour speech

How to end a Maid of Honor speech

If you find yourself stuck, not knowing how to conclude your speech have a look here: how to end a Maid of Honor speech .

There are twenty example endings of varying types. Some are funny. Some use Biblical and other quotations and some are straight from the heart.

Find one you like, and then adapt it for your own use.

how to write a guest of honour speech

Test and rehearse your speech

It's vital to allow enough time to thoroughly test and rehearse your speech before you deliver it: that's about three weeks.

How to test your speech

Testing has two parts.

The first part is making sure the content covers all you think it should and flows easily from one segment to the next. This is where another pair of ears are very useful. Sometimes what we think we're saying and what we actually are is quite different. Get the opinion of someone whose judgment you trust.

The second part is testing your speech for timing. Set a timer and say it out loud at about the pace you would use if you were delivering it for real. Ideally you want it between 3 - 6 minutes long. If it's too long, look for places to cut it.

For more about how many words in a 3 minute, 4 minute, 5 minute, 6 minute...speech and speech rate .

Rehearse your speech

Image: girl wearing angel wings levitating. Text: How to rehearse a speech properly and do so much more than wing it.

Once you have the words sorted, it's time to work on how you'll deliver them.

Delivery makes all the difference between an average, ordinary performance, and an extraordinary one. Please make the time to rehearse.

Trying to 'wing it' without preparation leaves you wide open for all sorts of unnecessary glitches to suddenly pop up and throw you sideways. Don't tempt it! How to rehearse a speech well: 7 steps to brilliance! ☺

More resources

Quote surrounded by old fashioned roses: our happily ever after begins here

Classic wedding poems and readings : find a segment of a poem or a quote to use

speaking out loud 

Subscribe for  FREE weekly alerts about what's new For more see  speaking out loud  

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how to write a guest of honour speech

A Practical Wedding: Wedding Planning, Inspiration, and Ideas

A Practical Wedding: Wedding Planning, Inspiration, and Ideas

Wedding Planning. Minus the insanity, plus the marriage.

How To Write The Perfect Maid Of Honor Speech

Cheat sheet included

woman delivering maid of honor speech

S o the time has come, and you’re getting ready to write your maid of honor speech! We get it. You’ve been mentally writing your toast since the day you and your BFF met in second grade, or since you became roommates in college, or since she was the only person at your new job who welcomed you. Or you have more to say than you can possibly boil down into one maid of honor speech because this is your sister . She’s been with you through thick and thin.

When the time comes to write something that feels so darn special, it’s easy to find yourself with more questions than answers. Just how many inside jokes can you include? (Not that many.) How long should your toast be? (Not that long.) What should the maid of honor speech say? (We’ve got a formula for you.) How should you end the maid of honor toast? (Go out strong.) We get how overwhelming it can be, and we are here to turn all of that love into the perfect three-minute speech, that will bring down the house.

How do you write a wedding speech? Let’s break it down: In its simplest form, the maid of honor speech is one to four minutes wherein you will wax poetic about how much you love this person, how you can’t believe that she and her partner found each other because they are so perfect together, and how you can’t wait to see what kind of life they will build together. You’ll throw in a few anecdotes (tales from summer camp or college, erring on the side of caution and eschewing details that no one except the two of you needs to know). You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll toast the couple, and it will be brilliant. But if any part of you is worried about how that might come together, We’ve got some very specific tips on how to write the perfect maid of honor toast:

Related Post

How to write a maid of honor speech.

how to write a guest of honour speech

  • Start early . Don’t leave writing your Maid of Honor toast for the night before, or even that week. You’ll be busy supporting your friend and I promise it’ll feel less stressful if you get ahead of it.
  • Brainstorm . Before you start writing, maybe even weeks before, do some brainstorming. Have a note started on your phone from the moment you know you’ll have a speech to write, spend an evening going through old photos, do whatever it takes to help yourself remember some old stories and anecdotes that will help you make your speech that much more personal.
  • Write drunk, edit sober . Or, write fast, edit slow. Just know that your first draft isn’t the end-all. You’ll undoubtedly have a hard time deciding which story to tell, maybe you’ll include a few too many jokes or loving jabs… either way, give yourself the time and space to really edit. And ask a friend for feedback, too.
  • Cut it down . Take Raymond Carver’s advice: “Get in, get out. Don’t linger. Go on.” It can sometimes be so much easier to write or say a lot of words, but narrowing it down to the core feelings and message are what will make it powerful.
  • Practice, practice, practice . Please don’t let the day of the wedding be the first time you read your toast out loud. Thank me later.

Download our “how to write a maid of honor speech” workbook:

how to write a guest of honour speech

Sorry, there was an error. Please refresh and try again.

Happy speech writing friend! You’ve got this!

Get Our Maid of Honor Speech Workbook, Now!

How long should the maid of honor speech be?

You should set a goal of two to three minutes for your Maid of Honor toast. Can it be a bit longer? Sure. But avoid surpassing five minutes. Katelyn Peterson, a wedding speech and vow writer from Wedding Words, gives the following advice, “Written, your speech should be 300 – 700 words. This comes out to roughly 2 – 5 minutes. Any longer and you’ll lose impact while guests lose interest. Plus, there’s nothing that needs to be said in 10 minutes that you can’t say in 5 minutes. Brevity is key to making a positive impact through your speech.”

What should the maid of honor speech say?

Katelyn Peterson has this great thought on what you should include in your toast: “Great speeches include great storytelling. What does every story have? A relatable character, a compelling event, and an internal shift.”

Her example: Tell the story about that time the bride (relatable character) helped you break into your own apartment after you locked yourself out (compelling event) and you ended up laughing so hard, you weren’t upset anymore because she made a challenging moment fun (internal shift). This story also SHOWS something about the bride (which every story should accomplish in a MOH speech). She has the ability to take stressful situations and make them fun. This is your theme. Now come up with two more short stories that SHOW this theme in action using these same storytelling elements.

How should you end the maid of honor speech?

While it’s a speech, it is also meant to be a toast. So, consider ending your time at the mic with a clear closing remark, and asking folks to raise their glasses and toast to the couple. Katelyn also suggests that you “close with a callback. Callbacks are instant crowd-pleasers.” So if you can circle back to one of your stories or anecdotes in your closing toast, you will really win at this whole maid of honor thing.

Bride and three bridesmaids stand in front of a window with drinks in hand

Photo by Leah and Mark & Co.

Tips For Writing Your Toast

  • Get personal. Obviously, this is not the time to use every awful person your friend has dated as evidence for how excellent her chosen life-mate is, but it  is  the time to share a few personal stories. You’ll want to talk about how happy you are for the couple, how much as you knew your BFF was your BFF the second she traded shoelaces with you, you knew that her chosen partner was perfection when they showed up to her house wearing bacon-themed socks. After that, wrap it up nicely and sweetly, toast the couple, and have a seat.
  • Don’t worry about the Best Man. Best men have a rep for sometimes being uncool during their speeches ( let’s avoid that ). And if you’re worried, just ignore whatever the best man might get up to, and do you. You don’t have to bring out the waterworks as a counterpoint to a counterpoint to potentially awkward jokes if that’s not your style. If you want to be funny, be funny! Steal the best man’s thunder. It’s fine.
  • Don’t turn it into stand-up.   That said, your toast is not the time to try out your future career as a stand-up comedian (unless you literally are a stand-up comedian, in which case, you’ve got this). No one is expecting Maya Angelou to suddenly appear and speak through you, but they probably are expecting something heartfelt and sincere. So really consider the speech and take it seriously, even if humor is your vehicle of delivery.
  • Consider your audience . If you were writing this maid of honor toast for the bachelorette party, I’d say, ‘go wild.’ You’re not though. There will be your friend’s new in-laws, grandparents, and siblings around… so keep it appropriate and, ideally, not at all embarrassing. (Hot tip: Avoid talking about exes.)
  • Don’t wait too long to start writing.  Try to start writing your speech the month before the wedding so that you can practice on a friend (not the one who is getting married) or partner, and adjust as needed.

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how to write a guest of honour speech

A Made of Honor Speech Template

  • Part 1: Introduction, Congratulations, & “I love you both so much.”
  • Part 2: A lovely anecdote about the couple’s relationship and how awesome they are. (Try to stay away from something about just one of them, but about them as a couple. Talking about primarily one person within the context of their relationship and their love can be lovely, too, if that’s your relationship to the couple.) This should be the bulk of your speech.
  • Part 3: I hope you are always as happy, joyous, and in love as that moment. OR This proves how madly in love you two are. May you continue to be an inspiration to us all. Etc.
  • Part 4:  (Actually make the toast.) Everyone drinks!

woman and man laughing at wedding

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maid of honor speech EXAMPLEs

Here’s a sample maid of honor toast that follows the formula perfectly:

Haley and Rachel, I love you both so much . Haley, not only for you being one of my best friends, but for being there for me when being my friend didn’t just involve late night Wal-Mart runs and hours of watching ’80s movies. We’ve grown up together and I am so very grateful that we did not grow apart. And Rachel, I love you, too, for not only being such an incredible partner for my Haley, but for being a great friend to me also. I know you didn’t expect that dating Haley would include helping her flaky friend after she locked her keys in the car three times in one month, but you are a doll for doing so with a smile and only laughing at me a little. However, what I love most about the two of you is how you are together. I’ve never seen two people that fit so well in each other’s lives; it’s hard to imagine a time when you weren’t “Haley and Rachel.” It may seem to some like you two were just meant to be and that fate put you together, but I think to look at it that way diminishes how amazing your relationship really is. Having been there from the beginning, I know that what appeared to be seamless was the effort of two people who truly loved one another and were determined to make their relationship work. They didn’t just magically fit into each other’s lives; they rearranged their lives to make room. They changed priorities, made time for one another and learned to love each other’s little quirks… like Rachel’s not-so-secret love of R&B vocalists. But nothing shows this as much as Haley, Rachel, and the hockey debacle. You see, when they started dating, Rachel noticed that Haley had a framed Gretsky jersey in her living room. And, deciding to play it cool, Rachel started asking Haley if she wanted to go to local hockey games and watching the latest game on TV just so she’d have something to talk about to Haley the next time they chatted. Haley, oblivious to all of this, thought Rachel really liked hockey so she enlisted my brother to teach her more about the game. Because, you see, Haley never watched hockey. The jersey belonged to her Uncle Mike, and Aunt Laura gave it to her as a reminder of him after he passed away. Meanwhile, both my brother and Rachel are pretending to know more about hockey than they actually do and were starring in their own sports-themed comedy of errors. Eventually, they figured it out… and by eventually I mean seven months later. However, once these two worked on their communication skills, they had a new favorite hobby to do together… and further proof that Uncle Mike really is watching over Haley. AND, he’s bound and determined that she marry a hockey lover! And it only goes to show not only how goofy these two are for each other, but how much they truly are committed to being in each other’s lives. Your love makes us smile, makes us tear up with joy and makes us believe in the kind of love cynics would make you feel is impossible. Thank you for being an inspiration and my friends. To Haley and Rachel!  (everybody drinks)

Woman holding microphone and small booklet giving maid of honor speech

Here’s another great example. There’s a reason this YouTube video has over a million views. The speaker in this video follows a pretty simple maid of honor toast template, one that might help you.

  • “Good evening, everyone.”
  • Short joke or anecdote from the day.
  • A bit about how you know the couple. (Katelyn from Wedding Words suggests that you “don’t add fluff to your intro. “For those of you who don’t know me…” is an unnecessary line. Instead, jump right in by simply stating your name, role, and relationship to the couple.”
  • Storytime. This might be one long story or a few short stories. Tell about the couple’s love story, about when you met the partner or when you knew this was going to be your friend or sister’s spouse. Throw in a few small laughs.
  • Offer advice or well-wishes for the couple’s future.
  • “I love you.”

One more heartfelt example. Her outline is similar, do we see a pattern?

  • Hello / introduction (if you’re going to make it funny, make yourself the ‘butt of the joke.’)
  • Storytime. The maid of honor stretched her story out to create the entire speech while peppering in mini-stories about different times she and her family spent time with the groom. She got some good laughs without any embarrassment to the couple.
  • She didn’t feel like she had advice to give, so she offered “Three things I know,” where she highlighted different wonderful things about the couple’s love.
  • She did a call back to the beginning of her story.

Have you ever written or heard a truly great maid of honor toast? What works—and what doesn’t?

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how to write a guest of honour speech

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How To Write A Graduation Speech: 12 Practical Tips

A flat surface displaying materials for writing a graduation speech, including a graduation invitation, a notebook, a photograph, and a bouquet of flowers. This setup reflects the thoughtful preparation for a graduation speech

Around 2 million bachelor’s degrees are given out every year, but only a handful of students are chosen to give a graduation speech. It’s a wonderful honor that allows you to make a lasting impression before your classmates start the next chapter of their lives. Everyone will be there to hear you speak, including friends, family, and faculty.

It’s a lot of responsibility, so it’s only natural that you might be feeling a bit nervous and unsure of where to begin. But fear not! There’s a lot you can do to be ready.

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A graduation party invitation design, featuring a photograph of a man. This design sets the tone for a celebratory gathering in honor of the graduate, with the photograph adding a personal touch to the invitation.

Read on for 12 tips to write, prepare and deliver a memorable graduation speech.

Tip #1: read inspirational quotes.

Reading inspirational quotes is a great way to start brainstorming graduation speech ideas. The best quotes can pack a whole speech into only a sentence or two.

Here are a few examples to get the fire of inspiration started:

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

“If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.” – Toni Morrison

“Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” – Franz Kafka

If there are a couple of quotes that truly mean a lot to you, then it’s okay to use them in your speech, but in the long run you should rely mostly on your own words and feelings.

A copy of Mark Twain's autobiography placed next to an open notebook. This arrangement suggests a space for taking notes or reflecting on the content of the book.

Tip #2: Listen to and Watch Famous Speeches

There is a lot you can learn from listening to and watching famous speeches .

When listening to just the audio of a speech, you can focus on how the speaker uses dramatic pauses and passionate tones to keep their audience’s ears perked up. You’ll also notice that the speaker pronounces words slowly enough so that everything is clear, rather than mumbled.

As you watch a speech, pay attention to how a speaker moves their hands for emphasis instead of gripping the podium for dear life. Facial expressions are also important. A speaker shouldn’t look bored or sleepy, so try smiling and raising your eyebrows from time to time.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of amazing speeches out there to learn from. For example, Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech about equal rights is one of the most famous speeches of all time. Watch it and find out why.

You can also watch actual graduation speech examples that went viral on the internet because of their truthful messages and sincere delivery.

Tip #3: Reflect on the Past

An important element of a graduation speech is the past, whether distant or recent. Which experiences did you learn from? What has shaped you as a person up until now? Reflect on them.

You can focus on an important moment from your childhood if necessary, but be sure to include notable stories or lessons you learned during your time in school.

This is also a great opportunity to talk about people who inspired and helped you along the way. For example, who was your best teacher and why? What did they teach you?

Almost anyone can give sage advice, but without your personal stories to springboard from, your advice will go into one ear and out the other.

Think of some examples and explore them through writing. Not everything will go into the final version of your speech, but for the time being you should simply search for those stories that reveal shareable pearls of wisdom.

Tip #4: Think About the Future

An equally important aspect of any graduation speech is the future, including its promises and potential pitfalls. Now that you and your classmates are graduating, the future is in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Think about what exactly you want to do with your life, how you’re going to do it, and why. Of course, you don’t want to focus on your future exclusively. Make sure you zoom out and talk about broad ideas and insights that can be applied to your class or generation.

For example, what common problems, personal or global, will the future hold? What can one do about it? This is a good chance to talk about working together as a community, country, or as one race.

Whether you’re explaining the struggle of depression or the crisis of climate change, it’s crucial to end on a hopeful note. With your speech, you can help guide people forward into the next step of their lives and beyond.

Tip #5: Decide on a Theme or Message

By now, you’ve probably written hundreds of different academic papers. No matter what their topic, though, they all had one thing in common: a thesis. Like any other paper you’ve written for school, your speech should have something similar to a thesis as well.

In other words, your speech will need a theme or message that can keep your audience’s attention focused. The more you ramble, the less likely they’ll pay attention or remember what you say afterward.

A speech can have more than one message, but it’s best to keep it to less than four main messages.

One example is actress Natalie Portman’s graduation speech which focused on fighting against self-doubt and pursuing your passions.

Here are some other ideas for graduation speech themes:

  • The benefits of failure
  • The importance of imagination
  • Embracing the unknown
  • Finding your passion
  • Facing your fears
  • Keeping in touch with your inner child

Tip #6: Start with a Hook, End with a Quote

You only have one chance to grab your audience’s attention, and that’s at the very beginning of your speech. Once you lose them, chances are you won’t get their attention back, so it’s crucial to begin your speech with a hook.

A quote, whether it’s from a book, movie, or elsewhere, is a common way of capturing people’s attention at the beginning of a speech, but there are other ways to hook them too.

Another way is to tell a brief but interesting story that reflects the themes of your speech. Opening with a question or related statistic that you plan on illuminating for the next quarter of an hour or so is yet another way to keep people focused and interested.

Everyone loves a good joke, which is why preparing one is a great way to not only open up your speech, but break the ice too.

While you should start with a hook, you should end with a quote. It can be a quote from someone else, or better yet, it can be a quote from you. Think of a way to summarize your message into a pithy, final statement. If your audience walks away with only the one quote in their heads, they will still receive a valuable insight or piece of advice.

Tip #7: Write Multiple Drafts

The first draft is usually the most daunting because you’re starting with a blank page, but afterward you have something to work with, so it should be less stressful. As you write the first draft, don’t second guess yourself. Rather, let the ideas and words flow as freely as possible.

Once you have your first draft, step away from it for a day or so, then come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes. If you’re like most people, you read in your head, but when editing, it’s a good habit to read sentences out loud to make sure they flow well and sound natural.

While you edit, reword cliché phrases, such as “since the beginning of time” or “the calm before the storm.”

Beware of waffling too. What’s waffling? It’s when you use too many words or sentences to talk about something when it could be phrased more simply and concisely.

As you go through each draft, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any typos. Once you feel really confident in the draft of your speech, send it to a few trusted friends who can provide you with constructive criticism.

A notepad accompanied by a cup of coffee, a bouquet of flowers, eyeglasses, and a pen. This scene conveys a serene and creative workspace, where one can enjoy a beverage, gather thoughts, and jot down ideas.

Tip #8: Send Out Graduation Announcements Ahead of Time

You’ll want as many friends and family members there for your big day as possible, so you should send out graduation announcements fairly early. It’s typical to give a notice of at least two weeks, if not more.

Be sure to include the date, location, and time of the event. But why stop there? Most online cards are customizable, so feel free to include a professional picture that shows your confidence and sense of accomplishment.

Encourage your friends and family to make their excitement viral by adding a graduation hashtag to your announcement.

If you plan on having a graduation party, which you most definitely should, make sure you send the invitations out in a timely manner too and be sure to use some of these great graduation party ideas .

For those who are not invited to the ceremony, you can send graduation announcements after the event when you get a chance. Usually within a month is acceptable.

Tip #9: Practice in Front of a Mirror and with a Few Loved Ones

Practicing in front of a mirror allows you to be aware of your facial expressions and body movements. As you speak, emphasize with your voice, face, and arms where it feels necessary and natural.

Having a few loved ones around to practice your speech with has multiple benefits. For one, you can get feedback from them on both your performance and the speech itself. A miniature audience also gives you the chance to get comfortable with making friendly eye contact as you speak. However, it should be relatively brief eye contact, so don’t focus on just one person during your actual speech.

Time yourself as you speak to determine how long it takes to give the whole speech. On average, a graduation speech is about 10-20 minutes long. It should be as concise as possible without sacrificing the content or quality. The right length is something of a balancing act, but with enough practice reading your speech, you’ll develop a feel for what parts may drag on and what parts may need to be expanded.

An additional bonus that comes from repeated practicing is that you’ll be able to memorize more of your speech. After all, it’s better to face the audience as much as possible rather than look down at your notes.

Tip #10: Dress to Feel Confident and Comfortable

It might seem like confidence and comfort are mutually exclusive, but there are certain items you can wear to both look and feel great.

You’ll be doing a lot of standing and walking, so when it comes to women’s clothing, limit heels to 2 inches or wear some fashionable flats. Long skirts are ideal because they don’t restrict your movement and you won’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. Avoid thin straps or strapless tops by wearing a conservative yet elegant blouse.

Once you have an outfit picked out, test it by wearing it for a day to see how it feels.

For men’s clothing, you can wear dress shoes with gel inserts. There are lots of dress pants with flexible material. It feels like you’re wearing comfy pajamas when in fact you look ready to trade some stocks. There are also button-ups with stretchy material too. It’s best to try these items on in the store to make sure they fit perfectly.

Another option is to choose clothes made from a breathable material, such as cotton.

A neck tie is often notorious for being uncomfortable, but it looks quite snazzy. As a compromise, don’t put the tie on too tightly. If your shirt fits well, the tie should too. On the other hand, clip-on ties are not only comfortable, but also convenient. As long as the clip-on is of high quality, it should look genuine.

If you have an outfit that looks great but doesn’t quite fit right, consider getting it tailored to perfection by a local seamstress.

man shirt and tie

Tip #11: Keep Your Nerves in Check

Say “eleven benevolent elephants” five times fast. Chances are it didn’t come out exactly as you intended.

You’re not a machine, you’re human. You might make a mistake or two during your speech, such as mixing up words or mispronouncing them altogether. That’s totally okay! Don’t dwell on it, just shake it off and start over from where the slip-up occurred.

Take advantage of psychology and feel more confident by striking a power pose beforehand. Go into a bathroom or another private area and stand with your feet wide apart as you lift your arms outward and upward for about a minute.

You should also remember that feeling nervous is perfectly natural. Worrying about being nervous can make you even more nervous. Accept that you’ll feel some degree of anxiety and take a few deep breaths to reduce it as much as possible. Remember that pauses feel a lot longer in your mind, so most people won’t notice you taking a moment to catch your breath during your speech.

Tip #12: Be Yourself

Even though researching speeches comes with a lot of benefits, you should remember that everyone is an individual with their own habits and style. It’s normal to feel pressured when you have to prepare such an important speech. When you look for inspiration, you may be tempted to try and mimic these idols.

While it’s important to learn from such great speakers, you should only take from them the skills that work for you and adapt them to your own habits and style.

You weren’t chosen to give a graduation speech because you’re Abraham Lincoln or Malala Yousafzai. You were chosen for the simple reason that you’re you. If you’re known for being funny, then go ahead and tell a couple of jokes. If you’re the sentimental type, feel free to let loose a few tears. 

You’re much more likely to give a memorable speech if you stay true to yourself and your beliefs.

Are You Ready to Send Out Your Graduation Announcements?

Now that you know how to go about giving a memorable graduation speech, you should be ready to send out your announcements and grad party invites .

For the price of nothing, Greetings Island has an amazing variety of artistic announcements and invitations to let everyone know about your upcoming big day. They are easily customizable so you include all your information in an awesome presentation that fits your tastes. The perfect design is a mere click away!

After the festivities, you can also send lovely graduation thank you cards to show your gratitude to your friends and family.

Once you’ve customized your announcements, you can easily print them at home or at a professional print shop. Keeping things virtual? We have additional options, such as sending them through email with RSVP services or downloading them as high-res images that you can share on social media networks.

Pinterest pin image for the blog post 12 tips on writing a graduation speech

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How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech: Wording Examples and Ideas


As a maid of honor, you’ll need to juggle several important duties – from organising an epic bridal shower to going wedding dress shopping and holding the bride’s bouquet.

But the most daunting task of all? Writing and delivering a maid of honor speech at the reception!

We totally get how terrifying this can be, which is why we’re here to help. Keep reading for our ultimate guide on writing the perfect maid of honor speech below, including some brainstorming prompts and wording examples to get you started.


How Long Should a Maid of Honor Speech Be?

Let’s get the good news out of the way first: your maid of honor speech doesn’t have to be long! Remember, you probably won’t be the only one speaking at the reception, so you’ll want to keep your speech short and sweet. We’d say the perfect maid of honor speech should ideally be between 2 to 4 minutes, and definitely no longer than 5.

What Should a Maid of Honor Speech Include?

Simply put, a maid of honor speech should be based around two key things: celebrating your relationship with the bride and celebrating her relationship with her new husband or wife. 

Maid of honor speeches usually includes a mix of personal anecdotes, compliments to the happy couple, and well wishes for the future. Your speech can include your favourite memories with the bride, but it should also strike the right balance by including some sentiments towards her partner and their relationship, too. Usually, you’ll start your speech by talking about the bride and wrap it up by talking about her and her partner as a couple.

So, what does this look like in action? If you’re looking for a helpful framework to follow, consider this tried and tested formula for a winning maid of honor speech below:

  • Introduce yourself. It might seem obvious, but introducing yourself is important to give your speech context and explain your relationship with the bride. Don’t forget, there may be guests at the wedding who have no idea who you are!
  • Talk about the bride. Begin your speech by complimenting the bride. What do you love about her? What makes her such a good person/best friend/sibling? Be specific with your compliments, too – rather than saying, “She’s such a generous friend”, share a specific moment that demonstrates this.
  • Include a favourite anecdote. Do you have a favourite memory that sticks out when you reflect on your relationship with the bride? This is a good time to share one or two short anecdotes. They can be funny stories or more sincere and heartfelt moments.
  • Compliment their partner. Now it’s time to bring her partner into the speech. What are your favourite qualities about them? What was your first impression of them? Why are they such a good match for the bride?
  • Celebrate the couple. This is where you’ll want to highlight the relationship between the happy couple. Talk about what makes their relationship so special, what you admire about them as a couple, and how their lives have changed for the better.
  • Share your well wishes. Tie it all together by offering your best piece of marriage advice, favourite quote, or some warm wishes for the future.
  • Share a toast. Finally, raise your glass to toast the happy couple (and reward yourself with a sip of champagne, too!).


Things To Avoid In Your Maid of Honor Speech

Now that you know what to include in a maid of honor speech, is there anything you should strictly avoid? When it comes to correct etiquette, keep the following suggestions in mind to ensure your speech is well-received: 

  • Sharing funny stories or gently “roasting” the couple is totally fine if that suits your relationship with them, but steer clear of anything inappropriate, rude, or embarrassing. Remember, there will likely be elderly relatives and important family members in the room, so keep it PG-rated.
  • If you’re not comfortable using jokes or humour, then don’t! It’s better to keep your speech genuine and heartfelt, rather than trying to be funny. Of course, it’s completely okay to include some comedy, but don’t force it unless it’s true to who you are.
  • While you and your BFF probably have a lifetime of inside jokes between you, try to avoid referencing these in your speech. If the majority of wedding guests won’t understand it, it’s probably not worth including.
  • Finally, don’t bring up any old boyfriends or ex-partners! It probably goes without saying, but your maid of honor speech is about celebrating the happy couple – not bringing up unwanted memories from the past.


Maid of Honor Speech Writing Prompts

Still feeling stuck? The best place to start crafting your maid of honor speech is usually with a good brainstorming session. Use these questions and writing prompts to help you get the inspiration flowing:

  • How did you meet the bride? 
  • What was your first impression of her?
  • How has your relationship evolved over the years?
  • What’s your favourite memory with the bride?
  • What’s your funniest story about the bride?
  • What are the bride’s best qualities? How does she demonstrate this?
  • How would you describe the bride in 3 words?
  • How did you meet her partner?
  • What was your first impression of her partner?
  • What are her partner’s best qualities? How do they demonstrate this?
  • How would you describe her partner in 3 words?
  • How did you know her partner was “the one”?
  • How did her partner propose?
  • What do you admire most about the couple?
  • What milestones have the couple celebrated?
  • How has their relationship evolved over the years?
  • Have they overcome any challenges or hardships together?
  • What makes their relationship unique?
  • What’s your favourite memory with the couple?
  • How have they made an impact on your life?
  • What are your hopes for their future together as a married couple?

Once you’ve spent some time answering these prompts, you should have plenty of fantastic material to work with. 


Maid of Honor Speech Examples and Ideas

Now, it’s time to start pulling everything together! Use these maid of honor speech templates and examples below to be inspired:

Maid of Honor Speech Example For Sister:

“Hi everyone. I wanted to start by thanking you all for being here today to celebrate this amazing couple. As most of you know, I’m (Bride’s) little sister, (Name). 

I think we can all agree that (Bride) has a personality like no other. She’s outspoken, feisty, and stubborn – but also the most caring, loyal, and funniest person I’ve ever known. Growing up, we were like two peas in a pod. We were always getting into trouble and causing mischief together – and truthfully, not much has changed! I’ll never forget the time we (insert relevant anecdote), or the time we (insert relevant anecdote). It’s memories like these that make me so thankful to have (Bride) as a sister.

I used to wonder if there would ever be a guy brave enough to handle (Bride). Well, my sister has just tied the knot, and I think she’s found her perfect match in (Partner). (Partner), I couldn’t have chosen anyone better for my big sister. You’re kind, patient, and just the right amount of crazy to fit into our family – as demonstrated by the time you (insert relevant anecdote). Most importantly, you love my sister for who she is – stubbornness and all.

Your commitment to each other inspires me every day, and watching your relationship grow over the years has been so special to witness. I wish you both nothing but the best for the future, and I know you’re going to have some unforgettable adventures together. So, with that, I’d like to invite everyone to raise their glasses for a toast. Here’s to the happy couple!”

Maid of Honor Speech Example for Best Friend:

“Hi everyone. For those who haven’t yet had the chance to meet me, I’m (Name). (Bride) and I have been best friends since college, where we quickly bonded over our shared love for (insert hobbies/interests). 10 years later, and I couldn’t be happier to be standing here today to celebrate the amazing person (Bride) is, and the amazing life she and (Partner) have created together.

There are so many traits that I love about (Bride). First, her wacky sense of humour and ability to find the funny moment in any situation – like the time she (insert relevant anecdote). Secondly, her thoughtfulness and generosity, especially when she (insert relevant anecdote). And finally, her ability to light up any room she walks into. (Bride), you look so beautiful tonight.

Now, onto (Partner). My first impression of (Partner) was that he was incredibly kind, friendly, and humble. All of these things are still true, but as I’ve gotten to know him better, I’ve also seen how hilariously goofy he can be. I’ll never forget when he (insert relevant anecdote). It was then I knew that he was “the one” for my best friend.

(Bride) and (Partner), you complement each other perfectly, and it’s easy to see how crazy you are about each other. I’m so honoured to call you my friends, and I can’t wait to see how you navigate this exciting next chapter together. I’ll leave with you a quote to take with you through marriage: (insert relevant quote). Here’s to (Bride) and (Partner)!”


Nailing Your Wedding Speech

Finally, don’t forget that practice makes perfect. Once you’ve crafted your maid of honor speech, spend some time rehearsing it before the day until you’re comfortable with your delivery. The more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll feel when the big moment comes!

And while the thought of writing a maid of honor speech can definitely be daunting, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Simply speak authentically from the heart, and you can’t go wrong.

Want to be the best maid of honor ever? Read these 13 important maid of honor duties you can’t forget to do !

how to write a guest of honour speech

10 Creative Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Getting engaged is an incredible moment that both you and your partner will never forget. Here are 10 creative ways to announce your engagement!

how to write a guest of honour speech

How to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning

how to write a guest of honour speech

How to Create Your Wedding Guest List

Ready to create your wedding guest list? Sit down with your fiancé and use this free worksheet to help you draw up your perfect wedding guest list!

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How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech—Template Included

Wondering how to write a maid of honor speech? This guide covers everything you need to know and includes a template to help you get started.


Your best friend is getting married , and she’s asked you to be her maid of honor—one of the most meaningful and important roles in helping your best friend bring her wedding daydreams to life. With this honor comes a number of important duties, and at the top of that list is delivering the maid of honor speech.

The maid of honor speech traditionally takes place at the wedding reception , but it’s possible you might deliver it at the rehearsal dinner. Regardless of when the speech will take place, it’s best to get started writing it at least three weeks before the wedding day. After all, a meaningful maid of honor speech isn’t something you can write up on your phone the morning of the wedding—it requires some thought, preparation, and maybe a round of edits or two.

If the task of giving a moving speech to a room full of people feels a bit nerve-wracking, don’t panic. We’ve broken down everything you need to know to craft the perfect speech from start to finish, along with how to keep your nerves at bay when it comes time to deliver it.

6 Tips to Prepare for Your Maid of Honor Speech

You don’t need to be a professional writer or orator to create a meaningful maid of honor speech. Use the tips below to get an idea of what to include and get an idea of the overall structure of a solid speech.

1. Introduce Yourself and Express Thanks

Begin your speech by introducing yourself and your relationship with the bride. Then, share a word of thanks for those who had a hand in planning the wedding —the bride’s family, the groom’s family, and anyone else who you feel should be mentioned.

2. Talk About the Bride


Now it’s time to get personal about the bride and your history together. You might share an anecdote about how you two met, what her friendship has meant to you over the years, or any other endearing story that illustrates why she’s so special. It’s best to focus this section of the speech on the bride before her partner came into the picture, which you can lead into in the next section.

3. Talk About Her Partner

Now is a good time to discuss the bride’s spouse. While you’re certainly the designated right-hand woman to the bride, remember that the focus of a maid of honor speech should be on celebrating the couple , the beauty of their relationship and their future together as newlyweds.

When thinking about what to say about her partner, you can share any number of special sentiments that you feel illustrate who they are and what they mean to the bride. You also might decide to talk about what you love about her partner, mention their greatest characteristics, or share a story about how much he or she means to the bride.

4. Talk About the Couple

While the last section focuses on the bride’s partner as an individual, use this section to talk about who they are as a couple. If you’re close friends with both partners, you might have some special memories to share looking back on the journey of their relationship. If not, you might talk about the impact the bride’s partner has had on her and how you saw her grow as their bond grew over time. Whatever you choose to speak about, be sure to keep the focus on the beauty of their relationship.

5. Share Encouragement or Advice for the Newlyweds’ Future

As you near the end of your speech, try closing with a word of encouragement or advice for the couple and their future together as newlyweds. After all, the whole point of the maid of honor speech is to celebrate the couple! You might include an inspirational quote or poem if you feel like it fits, but be sure to keep it short and sweet to avoid a long-winded reading.

6. Closing Toast


The closing of your speech should be short and sweet—simply share a closing remark to commemorate the happy couple. Then, invite the guests to raise their glasses in a toast to the newlyweds.

How to Nail Your Maid of Honor Speech

While the steps above are helpful in nailing the structure of your speech, there are a few additional tips to keep in mind that will help you write a compelling and meaningful speech.

Set Aside Reflection Time

Before you even attempt to write your speech, it’s a good idea to carve out some time to simply think and reflect. This can help kick off the creative process and get you into the right headspace as you ideate what you might want to include. Spend this time reflecting on the memories you share with the bride, and try to pinpoint any ideas or emotions that come to mind when you think of her. This way, you come away with a road map of all the major points you want to touch on in your speech.

Define Your Objective

As you’re planning your speech, it’s helpful to define your overall objective before you dive into the nitty gritty details and stories you’ll share. Think about the goal you want your speech to accomplish: is it to make the wedding guests laugh, cry, maybe both? Is the couple known for their sense of humor? Perhaps you add some comedic flair to your speech.

If you’ve been through a lot with the bride or want to touch on some more serious memories, perhaps you craft your speech to be more emotionally moving. In the end, defining your objective will help you find the direction your speech will take.

Don’t Go Overboard with Anecdotes

If you have a ton of history with the bride, you might have a miles-long list of heartwarming stories you want to share. However, one key to a compelling speech is keeping it short and sweet. A standard maid of honor speech should only be three to four minutes long, and you don’t want to risk boring the guests or taking the focus off of the celebration. To avoid this, choose one or two must-have memories or anecdotes that you know you want to include, and nix the rest.

Develop Your Story

Along with keeping things short and sweet, another key to writing a compelling maid of honor speech is to tell it like a story. Any story worth hearing has a defined beginning, middle and end. While you’re in control of the details that fill the story, you want to ensure that every detail aligns with the main point of your speech. Whatever you talk about should clearly tie back to the overall focus of the speech, which is celebrating the bond the couple shares and wishing them well for their new future together.

Be Authentic


The bride chose you as her maid of honor for a reason, so you shouldn’t feel like you have to be anything but yourself when you give your speech. Throw off any pressure you might feel to sound a certain way if it doesn’t ring true to you and your connection with the bride. A great maid of honor speech is about speaking openly and honestly about the bride and her partner—remember to write in the same way you’d speak to avoid sounding stiff or robotic.

Practice, Don’t Memorize

If you feel like you need to memorize your speech word for word, don’t! Instead, focus on practicing your speech in the weeks leading up to the wedding day. This way, the main points will be well committed to your memory and you won’t need to memorize it line by line. However, it’s still helpful to use a bulleted list of the main points when it’s time to give your speech—this way you don’t have to worry about losing track mid-speech.

When you’re practicing your speech, make sure you’re practicing out loud so you can get a feel for the overall flow and rhythm of what you plan to say. It’s also helpful to read it aloud to a friend or the other bridesmaids to get some outside perspective on how your speech sounds and any tweaks that might help it shine.

Maid of Honor Speech Template

Your maid of honor speech should be authentic and personal, and there’s a number of directions you might choose to take your speech in. If you’re stuck on where to begin, the template below is a great starting point to give you an idea of the general structure and flow of a maid of honor speech. Fill it in with your own words to personalize it according to you and your unique relationship with the bride!

“Hello everyone, I’m [name] and [bride’s name] maid of honor. I met [bride’s name] X years ago when [how you met]. When [bride] and I became friends, it was [personal anecdote about your relationship with the bride]. I’ll never forget [personal memory between you and the bride].

When [partner’s name] came into the picture, [personal anecdote about how you met their partner]. [Partner’s name] was [personal anecdote about the partner’s characteristics or favorite memory].

Watching their relationship grow over time has been [personal sentiments about the couple’s bond. I’ll always remember how [personal anecdote about the journey of their relationship]. Ever since then, I’ve seen [bride’s name] [sentiment about the impact of the couple’s relationship].

It’s a privilege to join with you all in honoring the marriage of [bride] and [partner], and I know I speak for everyone when I say we’re thrilled to stand by your side today and support you both as you enter your new life together. If there’s one piece of advice I’d share, it’s [word of advice or encouragement for the newlyweds]. Thank you both for showing us what it means to love unconditionally. Please raise a glass to [bride] and [partner]! May you two never stop loving each other, growing together, and showing up for each other today and every day. Cheers!”

Whether this is your first wedding speech or your 20th, feelings of nervousness are normal! With some dedicated time and practice (and a few deep breaths beforehand) you’ll be more than ready to nail your maid of honor speech. All that really matters is that your words come from the heart. After all, the couple might not remember every single word you share, but they’ll always remember the love and care that went into it.

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George R. R. Martin

Breadcrumb topper

Writing Fantasy: George R.R. Martin and Sir Philip Pullman in Conversation AT Oxford  University  Get here

The 82nd World Science Fiction Convention

Today I am going to tell you what every fan wants to know.

No, wrong. I am not going to tell you how to get laid at a con. I’ve been watching this weekend, and some of you have figured that out all on your own. Shame on you. And the rest couldn’t be less interested. SMOFs and former worldcon chairmen would rather talk about ice machines anyway, and hucksters would rather count their money. Besides, what makes you think I know?

I’m not going to tell you how to play poker against Mike Glicksohn either, or discourse on how to win the coveted Balrog Award, or reveal the secret handshake that will get you into the secret pro parties of the Hugo Losers Club. Hell, can’t even get into those any more. They threw me out because of some small technicality about Noreascon II.

And I’m certainly not going to tell you how much money my good friend Ken Keller spent on that play at MidAmericon.

Lots of fans want to know these things, to be sure, but not nearly as many as want to know what I’m going to tell you. You may claim otherwise, but I know the truth. What all of you want is to be a big-name sci-fi guy, like me. So I’m going to tell you the secret of my success as a writer!

Some of you may think I do this because I want to help you, just as older writers helped me. Wrong. Nobody helped me anyway, did it all by myself, and besides, who needs more competition? Some of you may think I do this in order to enrich the field I love, which has been so good to me. The more good new writers we have, the better SF will get. Wrong. The worse SF gets the more my stuff stands out. Some of you may think I do this because I was hard up for a topic for my Guest of Honor speech. No comment.

Actually, I can tell you my secret with impunity, because it’s too late for you, all of you. You’re too old. To use my secret as it have have to start real young. So maybe people can’t be big-name sci-fi guys, but you can bring your children up to be just like me if you follow my instructions. So listen carefully and take notes and maybe some year you can sit beaming In the audience as one of your offsprings carries off a Hugo, a Nebula, or even the coveted Balrog Award.

First, you have to have children. I won’t discuss this procedure much. The first step here goes back to that other question — getting laid at a con.

Secondly, you must bore them. I was born and raised in Bayonne, New Jersey, queen city of the east coast. Bayonne produced Sandra Dee, Ed McMahon, and me. Bayonne is very close to sinful Staten Island, vibrant cosmopolitan Newark, and the swinging streets of Jersey City and Hoboken. I never got to see these hot spots, however. I never left Bayonne until I went away to college. This was essential for my development as a writer. You see, all of us have a deep inner need for stimulation, excitement, adventure, especially when we are growing up. Some of us do exciting things, meet exciting people, go to exciting places. These poor chaps get used to reaching outwards for excitement, and grow up to be normal human beings, instead of writers.

I was luckier. In Bayonne, the most exciting things you could do were watch the oilslicks float past on the Kill Von Kull, or play stickball in a parking lot. The most exciting place you could go to was Secaucus, where they were rumored to have pig farms. As for meeting exciting people, well, there was Ed McMahon, Sandra Dee, and me, and nobody was much impressed by me when I was only twelve or so. I did see Sandra Dee drive by once in a big limo with a police motorcycle escort, when she was in town visiting her mother. Luckily I didn’t get a good glimpse of her, or the sheer thrill of it might have entirely burned out my budding talent.

Being thus denied the adventures that others found in the world around them, I reached in instead of out, and found adventures in my own head. This is a very scientific principle. People in sensory deprivation tanks fantasize more than people driving in the Indianapolis 500, with the possible exception of Bobby Unser. Growing up in Bayonne, my head was positively yeasty with daydreams. All writers have minds that are constantly in ferment, bubbling away back there, inventing things and people and sagas. We have a technical term for this. We call it imagination. People are always saying to me, where do I get my crazy ideas? From Bayonne, that’s where. These days, most people are on completely the wrong track. They buy their kids creative playthings and television sets and stimulate the hell out of their little kiddy minds, and what do they get for their trouble? Accountants! No, the way to start a little would-be writer is first bore him or her silly, so if you want to raise a big-name sci-fi guy, you must not live any place like San Francisco, or New Orleans, or Paris. Instead, go directly to Bayonne. Do not pass GO and do not collect $200.

Or, come to think of it, stay in Wichita.

Boredom being satisfactorily accomplished, we can move on to the third step: reading. Reading is not as essential as boredom in the childhood of a writer, but it is recommended. Like riding a bicycle, it is something most easily accomplished in childhood. I never learned to ride a bicycle until I was 25 or so, but I did learn to read. My decade of professional experience in the field has convinced me — although I will confess that I don’t have the hard statistics to back me up — that writers have learned to read at some point along the line. A few have only learned to read wiring diagrams, but this is a broad field, so what the hell . . .

Learning to read didn’t come easily for me, though. I went to school, of course, and there at Mary Jane Donohoe School we had teachers who were supposed to teach us how to read. They were tough teachers too. One of them, I remember$ had her desk at the back of the class, so we faced the other way and we never knew where she was. Today, when you flunk a test, teacher maybe puts a frownyface on your test paper. Back in old MJD, they sent you back to the previous grade for the afternoon, to sit with the babies, and was a punishment to reckon with. No, the problem wasn’t the teachers, it was the books. The Readers.

Why they called them Readers I don’t know; Non-Readers would be more accurate, since that’s what they produced. Dick and Jane and little Sally, that’s what we read about. Who the hell wants to learn to read just so you can find out what happened to Dick and Jane and little Sally? They lived in this house. I don’t know where the house was, but it certainly wasn’t in Bayonne, New Jersey. Maybe it was in Wichita, come to think of it. They were three of the most goddamned boring kids you’d ever want to know. Probably they all grew up to be writers. I remember one story when they made boats out of wood and sailed them in this pond. Their pond didn’t have any oil slicks, so it couldn’t have been Bayonne. I think Dick had a blue boat and Jane had a yellow boat and Sally had a little red boat. Little Sally’s boat sank. She was real upset for a while, and then they all went home to watch Spot run.

Years later, I remember seeing Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster, drowning that little girl in a pond. I loved that scene. I pretended that the little girl was Sally. Now If they’d put Karloff into those Readers, they might have had something.

Clearly, then, you can’t rely on schools to teach these prospective writers to read. You’ll have to do it yourself. Fortunately, there’s an easy way. Comic books.

Every would-be writer needs comic books. I certainly did. I can still vividly recall my discovery of comic books, followed closely by the revelation that this reading stuff was actually good for something. Comic books had it all over Readers. Comic books had pictures and so did Readers, but in comic book pictures somebody was flying or punching somebody, while in my Reader little Sally was crying about her little red boat. Batman dressed much neater than Dick did, and even in my prepubescent days I had this vague feeling that Wonder Woman had it all over Jane, although I couldn’t put my finger on the reason. I did know that watching Spot run was a real drag when I could watch Krypto the Superdog fly instead. Besides, I knew that if the two of them ever met in my neighborhood, Krypto would bite Spot’s goddamned head off.

Comic books were my salvation. I read all of them I could get my hands on, and my reading got better and better, and my teachers soon began to marvel that I read with such “expression” while the rest . . . of . . . my . . . class. . . read . . . like . . . this. I could have told them the reason. You a lot more expression for, “ BOILED EGG!!!” than you do for, “See Spot. See Spot run. Run, Spot, run.”

So if the schools don’t do it, remember comic books. Maybe your kid won’t be as quick as I was, and regular comic books won’t do, but even that’s no problem in this day and age. There’s always the undergrounds. should do it every time.

Now we are three steps down the road. We have the kid, and the kid is bored, and the kid has learned to read. What’s next?


Turtles are the key to the whole process, really. If there is one absolutely indispensable ingredient, it has to be turtles. Accept no substitutes. Let me tell you about turtles. From age four until I went away to college, 1 lived in an apartment In a federal housing project. The project had rules. One of them was NO PETS. No dogs, no cats, no parakeets, no canaries, no ferrets, no ducks, none of that shit. Is that fair, I ask you? Letting all those little kids grow up without pets? Certainly not. Later on, birds got OKayed, and I had a couple of parakeets, but not in the beginning. So I had to make do with what was allowed. You know what was allowed?


So I had turtles. I had lots of turtles. Now, if you are going to get turtles, be sure you get the right kind. Mike Glicksohn had a turtle, one of those big box tortoises. For all I know he has still him. What have you seen Mike Glicksohn write recently? No, if you get the kid a box tortoise it’ll grow up to publish fanzines. What you want, for a future fiction writer, is a bunch of those little green turtles they sell in dime stores. You remember the kind. People used to paint flowers on their backs, and they sold them in these little round plastic bowls with a divider down the middle. Half of the bowl you filled with water that turned scummy the minute you added turtle food, and half you filled with colored gravel (I liked blood red gravel best), and in the middle there was this plastic palm tree.

I understand you can’t get that kind of turtle any more, by the way. The government prohibited their sale. They say they cause all kinds of plague and fungoid rot and such, but I think that’s just a front. What they do is turn people into science fiction writers, and the feds decided they had to put an end to .

To get back to my turtles, I kept them in this toy castle on a table. The castle yard was just big enough to accommodate two of those plastic turtle-bowls side-by-side, and the walls were high enough to keep the turtles in when they climbed out of their shallow bowls, which they were doing all the damned time. Keeping the turtles confined was very important, because if you didn’t they would invariably crawl under the refrigerator during the night, and six months later you’d find them there, all black with their eyes sunk in. Why they always headed for the refrigerator I never could fathom; you’d think every once in a while one might crawl under a bed, or under the stove, or under your kid sister, but it never worked out that way. The turtle food wasn’t even refrigerated, so that couldn’t be it.

You may be wondering what small green turtles have to do with writing. I’m getting to that. Turtles are great creative aids, you see. Especially lots of turtles kept in a toy castle. For two reasons. One, they are very boring pets. Turtles never anything, you know. Sometimes they pull their arms and legs and heads into their shells. Sometimes they stick them out. This wears very quickly on even the least imaginative child. They sleep a lot. About the most exciting thing a turtle ever does is crawl under the refrigerator, drawn there like a swallow to Capistrano or a lemming to the sea or Ed Bryant to a shark, but they always do that at night when you can’t watch ’em. If you had a dog or something, it might jump on you, or bark and leap around until you followed it to where somebody was stuck in quicksand, but you never have to worry about that with a turtle. If you ever get stuck in quicksand, don’t send a turtle for help. He’ll head off and get distracted by a dump and crawl under an abandoned refrigerator. So turtles are real nothings as far as entertainment goes.

Also, second key attribute, they die a lot. My turtles died all the time. And I never painted them or carved my Initials into them or anything like that, I swear it! I think it was that damned turtle food they had to eat. Or maybe it was just boredom. Maybe outside Bayonne turtles live longer.

So there I was, you see, with a brain feverish with fantasy from years of living in Bayonne, a reader despite the best efforts of little Sally, with these boring pets that never did anything but die. I didn’t want to take the blame for them croaking, so I had to think up some other reason to explain those deaths.

Well, it was real simple. They lived in a castle, didn’t they? So clearly they were all kings and princes and knights and stuff like that. And they died in !

And that was how I started writing.

I had that castle for years. A lot of turtles came and went. They all had grand adventures, intrigues, duels, feuds. They vied for control of the kingdom of the turtles. They poisoned each other. They formed alliances with neighboring kingdoms, and conquered neighboring kingdoms, and led revolutions. They started a turtly space program. They had great kings and weak kings, noble warriors and cowards, all that good stuff. Every one of them had a role in the saga. Well, after a while, it got hard to keep track of all this stuffs so I started to write it down. My first epic. Pages after pages after pages of turtle sword and sorcery. The manuscript still exists, by the way. I never throw away anything. And no, Ken, you cannot publish it in TRUMPET, though I have no doubt that should I die an untimely death it will see publication. Lin Carter will find it in my trunk and finish it as a collaboration. And hell, maybe I’ll finish it myself. WATERSHIP DOWN was big, DUNCTON WOOD was big, why not TURTLE CASTLE?

Turtles, you see, are just what is needed for a young writer to put it all together.

Now the job is almost done. The bored kid has started putting words on paper. He’s a writer. Or she’s a writer. In time, they’ll get better. If they ever slow down and stop writing, just buy them some more turtles. Still, one more thing is needed. A lot of writers write only for themselves. You know the sort. They keep journals, they live in little private fantasy worlds, they never think of sending anything out to an editor. This will never do. You can’t be a big-name sci-fi guy unless you begin mailing stories to editors and getting money for them. Usually, this last stumbling-block is caused by a lack of confidence; the neophyte writer doesn’t think his or her stuff is good enough, so the years go by, the decades go by, and the writer stays at home, polishing, revising, honing.

You know why? Because the poor fool has started reading good books, that’s why! If you’ve got him reading Tolkein and LeGuin and Jack Vance, John Irving and Larry McMurtry, Stephen King and William Shakespeare, you’re doing him in! The kid will read all that good stuff and know he can never measure up. I read LORD OF THE RINGS early in high school, and didn’t write for a year. No, giving a child writer, or even a childish writer, good books to read is a literary crime of the first magnitude.

If you want to help, give him . He needs to read really poor stuff, derivative, clumsy, amateurish, stuff with idiot plots and thin cardboard characterization and stiff wooden dialog. Give him stuff with wiring diagrams in it, and expository lumps, and lots of adjectives. It may take a while, but sooner or later that kid will sit straight up, throw the book across the room, and shout, “I can write better than that!” Then he will mail his first story to an editor. It happened for me just that way, when I read a really godawful piece of amateur superhero fiction in a comic fanzine. Fan fiction will do it every time. If you can’t find any fan fiction, try a box of old Roger Elwood anthologies, the complete works of John Norman, or a subscription to ISAAC ASIMOV’S SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE.

And who knows? A year or so later, you may find yourself at Ambercon, proud parents of a Guest of Honor!

Shoe Inside

how to write a guest of honour speech

How to Write a Killer Maid of Honor Speech: The Ultimate Guide

how to write a guest of honour speech

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning we earn commissions if you shop through the links below. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read my  disclaimer  for more info.

To us here at Modern MOH, the writing and delivery of the maid of honor speech is the most sacred duty of them all. We feel this is your true time to shine and the greatest opportunity to show your bestie just how much her happiness means to you. By taking the time to construct a heartfelt and well-written speech, then delivering it to the best of your ability, you will help make your bride’s wedding day all the more perfect.

And while we doubt we were your first stop on the “ how to write a maid of honor speech ” search train, we do hope to be your final destination. You see, unlike most articles you’ll find on the subject of maid of honor speeches, we’re actually going to give it to you straight. No vaguely basic outlines or generically boring examples, just the cold hard facts.

Because we have some serious experience in the toast department, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned about writing a killer maid of honor speech, it’s this: there is no secret formula, no one best way . How could there be? Each and every relationship between a maid of honor and a bride is different from the next, just as each and every memory is uniquely yours. 

Lastly, we know the thought of having to give a wedding toast in front of a large group of people may be terrifying for most, that’s why we’re here to teach you a thing or two to ease those nerves. From start to finish, we have all the tips and tricks you need to know to bring the house down.

How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech in 5 Simple Steps

1. define your overall objective.

Before you begin writing your maid of honor speech, you must first define your objective. In other words, you need to have a goal you’re looking to accomplish. For example, are you hoping to make wedding guests laugh? Cry? Both? Do you want to talk about your history with the bride, about how you met the groom, or what their relationship as a couple means to you?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you figure out the direction you should take when writing your wedding toast.

If you find yourself struggling to define your objective, simply think of your relationship with both the bride and groom. Do they have a great sense of humor? Is your time together spent mostly joking around and laughing? If so, try taking a comedic approach to your toast by cracking a few funny jokes along the way.

Or maybe you and your bride have been through some very serious times together that you want to share, in which case your speech may be much more emotionally moving. The great part about this objective is that it’s your own, so there is no one right or best way to go about it.

MODERN MOH TIP:  Touch on a little bit of everything. Start strong with a joke or two and finish out with a sentimental toast.  While there is no exact formula to it, a truly good maid of honor speech is both funny enough to get wedding guests laughing and moving enough to bring a tear to their eye. Secondly, don’t spend so much time talking about your history with the bride that you forget to talk about the groom. Even if you don’t have your own personal memories with your best friend’s new hubby, that doesn’t mean he should be left out of your speech. Instead, talk about their relationship as a couple and what it means to you, including your wishes for the bride and groom’s future together. 

2. Decide on Your Point of View

The key to writing a killer of maid of honor speech is to not think of it as a speech, but instead a story. And as the narrator of this particular story, it’s up to you to determine the point of view from which you tell it. While it may seem obvious that you’d write from the first-person POV, there are definitely some benefits to switching it up.

To begin with, writing from a third-person POV will give your toast a unique twist and a more story-like feel. For example, instead of saying “Taylor and I met on the school bus in the third grade and she’s been my best friend ever since” , you could say “When Taylor was in the third grade, she met a little girl on the school bus who remains her best friend to this day” .

Like the idea, but don’t think you can write an entire speech that way? No problem. Unlike what you were taught in grade school, you have the freedom to switch between differing points of view when telling your story. If you haven’t caught on yet, let us reiterate: there is no right or wrong when it comes to writing your speech.

MODERN MOH TIP: Take advantage of switching up points of view. Start with narrating from the first person point of view, especially if it’s easier for you to tell the history between you and the bride that way. When it comes time to talk about the couple, tell their story from an outsider’s perspective. If you do decide to go this route, don’t get so crazy with it that you start confusing your audience. The whole point of using different points of view is to enhance your maid of honor speech, not complicate it.

3. Determine Your Must-Haves

Now that you’ve defined your objective and decided on your POV, it’s time to determine your must-haves. By must-haves, we mean the anecdotes you absolutely want to include in your maid of honor speech. For instance, is there a particularly good memory you have with the bride that you definitely want to share with wedding guests? Or maybe you were there when the bride and groom met and you want to tell your side of the couple’s story?

Determining your must-haves before you begin writing your toast will guarantee you don’t forget to feature them. Not to mention, it will keep you from going off track when it comes time to put pen to paper. If you’re having trouble narrowing it down, keep this in mind: it’s much better to have one or two epic stories than a mix of mediocre ones.

MODERN MOH TIP: Don’t be that maid of honor that goes on and on about memories and “funny” inside jokes you have with the bride (no wedding guest wants to hear it, trust us). Instead, tell one or two really good stories that portray your friendship and then move on to her relationship with the groom and their history as a couple. Too many MOHs make the mistake of making their toast all about them and not enough about the couple whose wedding they are supposed to be celebrating. If you want to talk about yourself in front of a big audience, try Youtube.

4. Develop Your Story From Beginning to End

As we mentioned before, the key to writing a killer maid of honor speech is to tell it like a story. And just like any good story, you must develop it from beginning to middle to end (think along the lines of “ once upon a time ” to “ they lived happily ever after ”). While it’s entirely up to you to decide what constitutes the beginning, middle, and end of your particular story, you should avoid big jumps in time. In other words, do your best to develop it in chronological order so you don’t confuse wedding guests.

For instance: Start by telling the story of how you and the bride met, continue on with a memory you have of the bride and groom, and finish with a toast for the couple. Again, there is no magic formula when it comes to writing a maid of honor speech, but having a clear and concise storyline is highly suggested.

MODERN MOH TIP: Don’t be predictable. Chances are you and your best friend didn’t cross paths in some epic way (especially if you’re sisters), so skip the generic “this is how we met” story. Instead, dive right into a funny/crazy/holy s*$&! moment to get the crowd’s attention. And don’t be boring with your finale either. No generic “cheers to the Mr. & Mrs.” toast, we know you can do better than that. Your goal should be to receive a standing ovation from the couple and their wedding guests, not a polite golf clap.

5. Describe Your Characters in Detail

We can’t stress how important this final step is when it comes to writing your maid of honor speech. Seriously, taking the extra step to describe your characters in detail is what differentiates the bland from the bomb. And just so we’re clear, by characters we mean the bride and groom, and by detail we mean elaboration. For example, instead of saying “Taylor is such a great friend, she’s always been there for me whenever I needed her” , you should say “I’ve never met a more loving and loyal person than Taylor, she truly exemplifies what it means to be a best friend” .

These extra tweaks may seem insignificant to you, but they’re exactly the lines that will resonate with your audience and more importantly, the couple. And if writing isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry. Simply speak from the heart, you’ll be surprised at how well your final product turns out.

MODERN MOH TIP: Use a thesaurus (seriously, we do it all the time). It’s a good way to spice up your word choice and will stop you from repeating yourself. On the flip side, don’t feel like you have to use a ton of fancy words- you want to sound like yourself after all, not Shakespeare. Lastly, don’t be afraid to throw a bit of alliteration in there. It brings character to your writing and will make your toast much more memorable ( see what we did there? )

How to End a Maid of Honor Speech

Now that you’ve got the beginning and middle of your speech outlined, it’s time to work on your ending. As this will be your final moment with the mic, your goal should be to make it a memorable one.

One hard-fast rule on ending any maid of honor speech is to address both the bride and groom as a newlywed couple and offer your best wishes for a happy marriage. The easiest way to accomplish this is by raising a toast.

As far as the contents of your toast, it’s up to you if you want to use your own words or prefer to recite a heartfelt quote . To help you decide, ask yourself the following question:

If the answer is yes, by all means, write up your own personal toast. If the answer is no, start searching for the perfect quote.

MODERN MOH TIP:  Select a few possible endings for your maid of honor speech and do test runs through them all to see which flows the best. Oftentimes it’s easier to decide based on how you deliver the words than how they sound in your head.

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D-Day 80th anniversary commemoration of Normandy invasion

What we know.

  • President Joe Biden joined French President Emmanuel Macron , Britain's King Charles III and other dignitaries to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day, when the Allied forces launched a surprise attack that helped liberate Europe from Nazi Germany.
  • "Democracy is never guaranteed," he told the assembled crowd at the Normandy American Cemetery as he honored the veterans who fought in the defining World War II battle and helped defeat Nazi Germany. He went on to praise NATO’s strength and unity, drawing an implicit contrast with his Republican rival, Donald Trump, who aides say considered withdrawing from the alliance.
  • Leaders traveled from around the world to attend commemorations in northern France , but the real stars of the occasion were the handful of remaining veterans. About 150 American veterans who took part in the Normandy landings were expected to attend the ceremonies, which could be the last major milestone for many .
  • Western leaders are also confronting a shattered postwar peace, with Russia waging a new war in Europe , and the far-right on the march.

Biden argues against 'America First' ideology

how to write a guest of honour speech

Peter Nicholas

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — For the most part, Joe Biden’s address marking the 80th anniversary of D-Day sounded like a familiar ode to a historic war victory — but tucked into the speech was a warning to Americans.

Biden name-checked the World War II veterans who sat behind him onstage in wheelchairs, blankets draped over their laps in the early-afternoon chill. He praised their sacrifice in defeating Nazi tyranny. He highlighted the importance of alliances.

But he slipped in a plea to those who will decide in a few months whether he remains in power: Democracy is a fragile thing, and, all these years later, the battle for its survival is still in doubt.

Read the full story.

The last living links to D-Day recount their Normandy memories

how to write a guest of honour speech

Alexander Smith

BÉNOUVILLE, France — The anniversary of D-Day is commemorated annually with solemn ceremonies and grand re-enactments. But this year — the hugely symbolic 80th anniversary since that day of days — it  may be the last major milestone for many veterans  to recount in their own words  the sheer brutality  of that pivotal battle.

Around 200 veterans attended this year’s event, the youngest in their 90s and some over 100. And an unavoidable truth, mostly unspoken  this week across Normandy , is that the next five-year anniversary will almost certainly look very different.

Zelenskyy thanks U.S. veteran

“You’re the savior of the people,” a U.S. veteran told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the two men embraced in Normandy.

“No, no you. You saved Europe,” replied Zelenskyy.

International ceremony in full swing on Omaha Beach

OMAHA BEACH, France — The international D-Day ceremony at Omaha Beach is now in full swing, with musical and dance performances playing out on a wide stage, and paratroopers landing on the beach as other personnel play the bagpipes. Macron is expected to speak later in the event.

King Charles tells veteran who asked about his health that he's 'doing well'

Henry Austin

King Charles told a D-Day veteran at a commemoration event in Normandy on Thursday that he was "doing well."

Inside a tent where tea and cakes were being served, Ronald Hendrey, 98, of Clacton-on-Sea, asked Charles about his health.

Charles, 75, recently resumed public duties after he was diagnosed with an unspecified form of cancer in February. Doctors discovered the disease after he was hospitalized with an enlarged prostate, although the palace says that he does not have prostate cancer.

“He was very nice, he listened to what I was saying and took it in,” Hendrey told Britain's Press Association news agency. “I asked him how he was doing, he told me he is doing well.”

Biden and more than 20 world leaders arrive at international commemoration

OMAHA BEACH, France — World leaders, including Biden and Macron, have now arrived at the international D-Day ceremony on Omaha Beach, an event attended by some 25 heads of state and 4,500 spectators.

Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy is among those attending, seen chatting with a number of World War II veterans onstage and embracing them after arriving. Despite Moscow’s pivotal role in WWII, the Russian delegation was uninvited to this week’s events, its presence deemed untenable because of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Heat beats down on commemorating crowds

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — By the time Biden, Macron and dozens of nonagenarian and centenarian veterans took the stage, the chilly morning had morphed into a scorcher.

With little shade in the bleachers and topiary of the Normandy American Cemetery, many in the crowd resorted to using their programs as makeshift hats. Organizers had warned attendees to bring their own food and water. Nonetheless, the lack thereof on site caused many to burn through their own supplies and visibly wilt in the heat.

The weather is something the veterans’ caregivers will have been acutely aware of during the ceremony, which was delayed by more than half an hour, with the former troops getting regular health checks throughout their trip.

Despite the thousands-strong crowd, the speeches were received in near total silence, aside from the chirrup of an errant cellphone or the warble of a songbird high up in the pine trees. That pin-drop calm was eventually broken by the chest-rumbling roar of a flypast by four F-35s flying in the “missing wingman” formation.

Biden praises 'astounding' courage of D-Day troops

how to write a guest of honour speech

Elyse Perlmutter-Gumbiner

Reporting from PARIS

PARIS — President Joe Biden has praised the “astounding” courage of the troops who fought on D-Day.

“Imagine what they had to come through,” Biden told David Muir, the anchor of “ABC World News Tonight.” “They got off those landing craft, many of them died.”

Describing their actions as “astounding,” Biden added, “What it says to me is how critical alliances are, how critical alliances are for our security.”

Watch the 21-gun salute in Normandy for 80th anniversary of D-Day

After President Joe Biden and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to American veterans today, the ceremony ended with "The Last Post." A 21-gun salute followed before a moment of silence. Then there was a flypast from F-35 jets in the missing man formation.

We should all embrace D-Day veterans' story, Tom Hanks tells NBC News

Hollywood star Tom Hanks praised D-Day veterans, telling NBC News their story is part of “the enlightenment that we should all embrace.”

“The day is going to come where the last veteran of World War II is going to go and perhaps that might be the last veteran of D-Day. And when it happens the good news is that their story will have been told by them,” he told Peter Alexander, NBC News' chief White House correspondent.

“We have then a record of people who brought peace to the world, and their story must be told and studied, and it’s an example and it’s part of the enlightenment that we should all embrace,” added the star of “Saving Private Ryan.”

Hanks said the D-Day commemorations gave people the opportunity to think about “why in the world were there a bunch of American soldiers over here when they could have stayed home?”

“I’ll tell you, it’s because we’re a democracy and we’re an example to the rest of the world and we have always lived by the credo that sooner or later right-minded people had to get together and do the right thing,” he said.

“Coming here in 1944 was not about claiming territory or getting rich or maintaining a status quo. It was actually about ensuring the future of the world,” he added.

Hakeem Jeffries talks about ongoing fight for freedom

how to write a guest of honour speech

Peter Alexander

Reporting from COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries told NBC News the generation that gave us the "wonderful gift" of having protected democracy and freedom needs to be cherished and remembered "always and forever."

"It’s solemn it’s sober to be here, to give our respect to the people who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of America, American values, the free world democracy, all of which we have to fight hard to keep going," he said, speaking at the Normandy American Cemetery.

Europe and the world are caught in an "existential struggle" between democracy and autocracy, he added. "Which is why I want to continue to stand on the side of Ukraine, both because of Ukraine’s existential struggle against Russian aggression, but also what it means in terms of freedom and democracy throughout the world," Jeffries said.

American veteran dies while traveling to attend D-Day memorial in Normandy

how to write a guest of honour speech

Yuliya Talmazan

Robert “Al” Persichitti, an American veteran, died as he made a trip last week to attend the 80th anniversary of D-Day landing.

Persichitti, who was from New York, was 102.

Along with his guardian, Persichitti flew to Germany and they were on a ship sailing down the coast to Normandy when he had a medical emergency, NBC affiliate WHEC-TV reported.

He was airlifted to a hospital in Germany but later died, veterans traveling with him confirmed to the station.

Persichitti was a radioman on the command ship USS Eldorado, and served in the Pacific Theatre, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and Guam, the station said.

Official ceremony ends with taps

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — The official ceremony involving Biden, Macron and other dignitaries finishes with the playing of taps, a traditional military bugle call marking the end of the day.

Biden: 'Democracy is never guaranteed'

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — Biden stresses the importance of alliances during his remarks in Normandy.

“Here we proved that the ideas of democracy are stronger than any army or combination of armies in the entire world,” he says. “We proved something else as well: the unbreakable unity of the allies.”

He goes on to praise NATO’s strength and unity, drawing an implicit contrast with his Republican rival, Donald Trump, who aides say considered withdrawing from NATO.

Biden also works in a mention of Ukraine’s war with Russia.

“The struggle between dictatorship and freedom is unending. Here in Europe we see one stark example. Ukraine has been invaded by a tyrant bent on domination,” he says. “We cannot let what happened here be lost in the silence of the years to come. We must remember it, honor it and live it.”

“Democracy is never guaranteed,” he adds.

Biden name-checks some of the individual veterans attending the ceremony

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — Biden name-checks some of the individual veterans who are attending the ceremony and recounting what they did during the war.

He mentions a woman who was an aircraft mechanic during the war and helped keep planes flying. He also singles out a member of the Tuskegee Airmen who is here.

Biden and Macron at Normandy American Cemetery memorial service

how to write a guest of honour speech

Max Butterworth

The D-Day ceremonies on June 6 this year mark the 80th anniversary since the launch of 'Operation Overlord', a vast military operation by Allied forces in Normandy, which turned the tide of World War II, eventually leading to the liberation of occupied France and the end of the war against Nazi Germany.

Biden stands with first lady Jill Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, at the American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer, France, today.

Biden commissions challenge coin to honor D-Day veterans and their families

PARIS — Biden has commissioned a challenge coin to honor those who served on D-Day and their families, the White House said in a statement today.

The coin will feature an image of troops approaching the beaches of Normandy and B-17 aircraft flying overhead, the White House said.

The number 9388 will be etched in the sand on the coin, “representing the number of Americans who remain in Normandy to this day and lie at rest in the cemetery,” the statement added.

'You saved the world,' Austin tells the veterans

Austin gave his thanks to the survivors and those who fell on D-Day, leading to the liberation of Europe and the postwar order that is increasingly under the threat.

"We thank every Allied worrier who fought for freedom on June 6, 1944," he said.

"Together with our allies, we built peace out of war," he added, a piece forged by generation that won the "bloodiest war in history."

"We must again stand against aggression and tyranny," Austin added. "You saved the world," he said to a loud applause from the audience. "And we must only defend it."

Biden speaks to veterans and others at D-Day commemoration

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — The audience at the Normandy American Cemetery gives Biden a standing ovation as he is introduced.

The president takes off his aviator sunglasses before saying: “Hitler and those with him thought democracies were weak.”

Biden said it was an honor to salute the veterans, and then turned to face the veterans seated behind him and did just that, speaking with force and clarity, more so than in his routine speeches from the White House.

Austin: 'Must rally again to defend the open, postwar world of rules, rights and responsibilities'

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin honored the veterans gathered in Normandy to commemorate D-Day.

“We still seek a world where aggression is a sin and human rights are sacred and all people can live in freedom. So, we must rally again to defend the open, postwar world of rules, rights and responsibilities,” he told the crowd assembled at the Normandy American Cemetery.

“Those rules protect us. Those rights define us. And those responsibilities summon us once more,” he said. 

Austin then turned and saluted the veterans sitting behind his lectern.

U.S. veterans receive Legion of Honor distinctions from Macron

President Emmanuel Macron is handing out France’s highest honor, Légion d’Honneur (Legion of Honor), to American veterans present at the ceremony as Biden greets them afterward.

The veterans each stand up, some assisted, to receive the honor. Donnie Edwards, the founder of the Best Defense Foundation and a former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, is helping veterans up from their wheelchairs. 

Ukraine's Zelenskyy arrives in Normandy

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has arrived in Normandy, France.

Zelenskyy said on X that he is going to attend important meetings aimed at strengthening his nation at war, and that he is honored to be participating in the D-Day commemoration with Biden, Macron and others.

“This event and day serve as a reminder of the courage and determination demonstrated in the pursuit of freedom and democracy,” Zelenskyy said. “Allies defended Europe’s freedom then, and Ukrainians do so now. Unity prevailed then, and true unity can prevail today.”

'You left everything behind and took risks,' France's Macron tells U.S. veterans

The French leader praised American veterans on the stage by name to thank them individually for their sacrifices.

"You have come here," he said repeatedly.

‘You left everything behind and took risks,’ Macron added, referring to their sacrifices on D-Day.

Bidens use headphones for translation of Macron's speech

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — As Macron delivered remarks in French, both Biden and the first lady picked up headphones to hear the English translation.

Biden and Macron stand to attention for French national anthem

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — Biden, Jill Biden, French President Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, are now standing to attention for the French national anthem.

Biden is wearing his trademark aviator sunglasses. As they strode onto the stage, a squadron of U.S. Air Force jets roared overhead.

Biden and Macron stood ramrod straight as a band played their respective nations’ national anthems. 

D-Day commemoration ceremony kicks off

President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by their wives, walked to the stage at the American Cemetery.

Veterans and other dignitaries took to their feet as the leaders walked up a red and blue carpet.

Canada's Trudeau pays tribute to sacrifices made by Allied forces

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid tribute to the sacrifices made by Allied forces, including 14,000 Canadians who landed at Juno Beach.

The D-Day ceremonies on June 6 this year mark the 80th anniversary since the launch of 'Operation Overlord', a vast military operation by Allied forces in Normandy, which turned the tide of World War II, eventually leading to the liberation of occupied France and the end of the war against Nazi Germany.

“On the battlefield, Francophones, Anglophones, Indigenous people and new Canadians came together as one. Brave Canadians like you sacrificed everything for our freedom,” he said. “There are no words to describe the immensity of the debt we owe you.”

“We all have a responsibility to continue to share those stories so that future generations don’t forget the heroism and the courage it took to defend our freedoms, and to remember the dangers and the horrors of war,” Trudeau added.

Biden shares a joke with D-Day veteran

Biden shared a joke and a hug with one of the D-Day veterans during an official ceremony to mark the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

Although the sound was indistinct, the veteran apparently asked Biden, “When do you sleep?”

About 150 U.S. veterans attending commemoration

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — About 150 Americans  who took part in the D-Day landings were expected to attend the ceremony marking the 80th anniversary, which could be the last major milestone many will witness.

It’s evident that at their advanced age, sitting through the ceremony isn’t easy. The day started out in the low 40s and now, in the early afternoon, there’s still a chill in the air.

Veterans, families, political leaders and military personnel are gathering in Normandy to commemorate D-Day, which paved the way for the Allied victory over Germany in World War II.

A few are bundled up in their wheelchairs, with blankets covering their legs and chest. Uniformed soldiers and attendants are watching over them, making sure they’re keeping warm and adjusting their blankets.

Tom Hanks exchanges hellos with excited crowds

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — The surprise guest at the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings was an actor who, as much as anyone, taught later generations of Americans what happened that morning.

Tom Hanks, who starred in the 1998 film, “Saving Private Ryan,” showed up at the American cemetery above Omaha Beach before the formal ceremony began and drew huge crowds as he stopped to give an interview to NBC News.

Onlookers walking the perimeter of the cemetery stopped to gawk at Hanks, creating pedestrian bottlenecks and frustrating cemetery staff members who gently tried to shoo folks along.

“That’s Tom Hanks,” visitors exclaimed. The Hollywood legend, wearing a suit and tie, gracefully exchanged hellos.

A reporter then thanked Hanks for donating a coffee machine to the White House press room.

“Is it worn out yet?” Hanks asked. “It’s probably taken a beating by now. I’ll include some coffee next time.”

Even Hanks seemed awed, though, when he bumped into another guest walking on the grounds: C.Q. Brown, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The actor thanked Brown for his service and then remarked on what just happened.

Parachutes trail smoke over Juno Beach

A Canadian parachutist trails smoke during a ceremony marking the 80th anniversary of D-Day at Juno Beach in Normandy today.

Normandy is hosting various events to officially commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings that took place on June 6, 1944.

Veterans take to the stage at American Cemetery

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — One by one, D-Day veterans in wheelchairs are arriving on stage at the Normandy American Cemetery, above the Omaha Beach landing site where U.S. troops waded ashore 80 years ago under withering German fire.

A large crowd of visitors has been standing and applauding throughout the procession, as uniformed officers wheel the veterans to their places on stage. One veteran drew a laugh from the crowd when he appeared to make a “phone me” gesture with his hand. Another looked out at the crowd and gave a salute.

French and American flags wave in a cool breeze. Somber music is playing, interrupted at one point as fighter planes fly overhead in formation.

Recognition for women 'wonderful,' former battleship welder tells NBC News

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — The story of D-Day is often about the men who fought on the beaches and fields of Normandy. Often overlooked is the role played by women away from the front lines.

One of them is Jeanne Gibson, 98, a “Rosie the Riveter” who was 18 in 1944 and worked as a welder building destroyers at a shipyard in Seattle.

She told NBC News that she was pleased women were finally getting the recognition they deserved for their crucial war efforts — but after too long a delay.

D-Day commemorations in Normandy

“There have been parades and all sorts of things for the men — but nothing for the women,” she said at the American Cemetery in Normandy, where she will be part of the ceremony. “So this year it was wonderful.”

Born in North Dakota and now living in Pinole, California, she was taught to weld in just two weeks. She said her contribution “makes me proud — but I don’t want it to happen again.”

'Let us pray such sacrifice need never be made again,' Britain's King Charles III says

King Charles III commemorated the sacrifices of more than 22,000 British troops who gave their lives during the D-Day landings and the Battle of Normandy during the special ceremony at the British Normandy Memorial in Ver-sur-Mer this morning.

"Over the past 40 years, I have had the great privilege of attending seven D-Day commemorations in Normandy and meeting so many distinguished veterans," he said.

"I shall never forget the haunting sights and sounds of thousands of be-medaled figures proudly marching past into a French sunset on these beaches. Our ability to learn from their stories at first hand diminishes. But our obligation to remember them, what they stood for and what they achieved for us all can never diminish," Charles added.

He also expressed his hope that such sacrifices would never be needed to be made again.

Biden meets veterans

Biden spoke with American veterans during a ceremony at the American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer.

The D-Day ceremonies on June 6 this year mark the 80th anniversary since the launch of 'Operation Overlord', a vast military operation by Allied forces in Normandy, which turned the tide of World War II, eventually leading to the liberation of occupied France and the end of the war against Nazi Germany.

Tom Hanks speaks to NBC News

NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Peter Alexander spoke to Tom Hanks during the D-Day 80th anniversary commemorations in Normandy, northern France, today.

Tom Hanks talks to NBC’s Peter Alexander during D-Day commemorations in Normandy, France on June 6, 2024.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla

Britain’s King Charles III and Queen Camilla attend the Royal British Legion’s commemorative event at the British Normandy Memorial at Ver-sur-Mer, northern France, today.

Heads of state and veterans will mark the anniversary of D-Day on June 6, a date that was key to Allied Europe's eventual victory against the Nazis in World War II.

Veterans return to Normandy for D-Day commemorations

Although many are unable to march these days, veterans were pushed through the site, which started as a battlefield and turned into a graveyard memorial for their former colleagues.

Jake Larson, a 101-year-old American best known on social media under the name “Papa Jake,” told NBC News he was “reliving walking in on D-Day.”

Freedom 'costs,' Danish PM says as she marks D-Day

how to write a guest of honour speech

The Associated Press

Denmark’s prime minister said that this year’s observances of the D-Day landings, which come as Russia is at war against Ukraine, are a reminder that there is a price for defending freedom.

“From D-Day, we have learned that freedom costs,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said in a statement as she headed to Normandy for ceremonies marking the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings.

“Eighty years later, Europe once again finds itself at a fateful moment. Where freedom is once again being fought for on our own continent,” she said, “against an aggressive and brutal enemy who will dictate country borders with brute force and leave a trail of death and destruction.”

Will the last big anniversary for D-Day vets also be the last for the Western alliance?

Reporting from CAEN, France

CAEN, France — For almost 80 years, the United States and Europe told themselves that a lasting postwar peace had been won here, in the bloody shallows and sands along six miles of the Normandy beach.

Today — perhaps the last major milestone for many of the invasion’s dwindling heroes — that peace in Europe finds itself shattered.

Royal Marines of 47 Commando Land On The Beach To Mark The 80th Anniversary of D-Day

Replacing it are fears of another world war that until recently seemed outlandish, uncertainty about Washington’s European allyship that the Normandy landings cemented, and questions about the future of the Western alliance itself.

“I believe that freedom and democracy are definitely under threat,” D-Day veteran Harold Terens, 100, told NBC News.

Read the full story here.

Tom Hanks arrives at American Cemetery

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — Tom Hanks, arriving at the American Cemetery above Omaha Beach, spoke briefly to NBC News about the D-Day anniversary and the people who had come to see the ceremony.

“When I look around here today I see boys in high school, early in college, doing the right thing,” he told NBC News.

Asked if the movie “Saving Private Ryan,” which depicted the D-Day invasion, was his most important film, Hanks said: “I can’t say that.” He paused and added: “But you can.”

Biden arrives in Normandy

Biden has arrived in Normandy for the D-Day anniversary celebrations. He was pictured disembarking from Air Force One alongside first lady Jill Biden at Caen-Carpiquet Airport in France.

The D-Day ceremonies on June 6 this year mark the 80th anniversary since the launch of 'Operation Overlord', a vast military operation by Allied forces in Normandy, which turned the tide of World War II, eventually leading to the liberation of occupied France and the end of the war against Nazi Germany.

Some veterans who stormed Normandy return for the first time

Kelly Cobiella

Reporting from NORMANDY, France

Eighty years after American soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day during World War II, some of the veterans — who were teenagers at the time — are returning for the first time.

Biden boards flight to Normandy

COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — At 8:34 a.m. local time (3:34 a.m. ET), President Joe Biden boarded Air Force One for the short flight from Paris to Normandy.

Traveling with him were a clutch of officials including Secretary of State Antony Blinken and John Kerry, a campaign adviser who was the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004.

Biden arrived in Paris yesterday and spent much of the day preparing for a pair of speeches he’ll deliver this week.

He is scheduled to head back to Paris after his speech today and tomorrow he’ll travel to Pointe du Hoc for another, which will draw on the inspirational story of U.S. Army Rangers who scaled sheer cliffs to gain a toehold in France in the face of withering German fire.

Jake Sullivan, the White House’s national security adviser, said that Biden’s speech at Pointe du Hoc will focus on “the stakes of that moment, an existential fight between a dictatorship and freedom.”

Biden, he added, will “talk about the men who scaled those cliffs and how they put the country ahead of themselves.”

Chilly morning gives way to glorious sunshine at cemetery where Biden is set to speak


COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — A chilly morning in Normandy was slowly giving way to warm sunshine hours before the ceremony at the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, where Biden will give a speech alongside a military flyover.

Later, an international ceremony on Omaha Beach will be attended by 25 world leaders, including Biden, as well as around 4,500 guests.

D-Day 80th Anniversary Ceremony At Normandy American Ceremony

The sheer magnitude of this event has been clear in recent days, namely from the number of blue-light convoys seen speeding around the highways in this rural corner of northwest France.

These outriders and blacked-out state vehicles have had to weave in and out of the World War II-era jeeps (top speed 30 mph) that have otherwise dominated the roads and winding lanes of the dense Normandy countryside, the same dense “bocage” of fields and hedgerows that troops had to fight through 80 years ago today.

Scottish lament played as dawn breaks on Gold Beach

As dawn broke on Gold Beach in Maj. Trevor Macey-Lillie played the Scottish lament “Highland Laddie” on the bagpipes on Gold Beach in Normandy.

The time-honored tradition recreates the moment that thousands of British troops disembarked onto French beaches.

A Lone Piper Marks The 80th Anniversary Of D-Day In Normandy

Macey-Lillie began in a landing craft utility before he was driven up the beach in a DUKW amphibious vehicle.

She was 14 when a U.S. pilot was shot down near her home. Now, she’s keeping his memory alive.

how to write a guest of honour speech

Meagan Fitzgerald

Reporting from SAINT-ELLIER-LES-BOIS, France

It’s almost 80 years on, but Marie Bastien said the memory of the American fighter plane being shot down near her village in northern France remains as vivid as ever.

“I still see it, as if it was yesterday,” Bastien, 94, told NBC News in French last month before widespread celebrations across France on June 6 for the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings. 

Bastien was just 14 when 1st Lt. Paul Chaufty’s fighter was shot out of the sky, but since then she has worked hard to keep his memory alive with her daughter Mireille and her wider network of friends and family. 

Her hard work paid off, and she recently stood alongside some of Chaufty’s American relatives while a plaque honoring his memory was unveiled in the village. 

Biden in Europe to commemorate the defeat of dictators


President Joe Biden left the campaign trail this week and flew to France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, where he’ll give speeches touting American alliances that beat back dictatorships bent on world conquest.

Biden is in a long string of presidents who have delivered that sort of message over the years as they built and sustained a Western bloc rooted in free markets, democratic governance and individual freedoms.

As yet unknown is whether he’ll be the last.

The sun rises over Utah Beach as D-Day commemorations begin

As the sun sets on the D-Day generation, it's rising again over Normandy beaches where soldiers fought and died exactly 80 years ago, kicking off intense anniversary commemorations Thursday against the backdrop of renewed war in Europe, in Ukraine.

An American flag is unfurled, as a band of pipers play during an early morning ceremony to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day on Utah Beach, in Normandy, northwestern France today.

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Anchoring Script for Welcoming Guests in the Function

Whenever you have a function at your school, college, or university, the most important people who will make the function beautiful are the guests you invite. The guests can make your program charming and interesting for the audience, so they need to feel that they are special. Hence, how to warmly welcome them and introduce them to the audience. Let’s look at some good anchoring script for welcoming guests in the function.

Anchoring Script for Welcoming Guests in the Function

Welcome Script 01.  Good morning/evening/afternoon to all dignitaries, guests, and delegates with great joy and immense exultation. I feel privileged to extend my warm welcome to all presented here for the celebration of Emerge [write the year here]. It has become a regular aspect and part of (insert name of your academy). Academical program to organize this emerging symposium which precedes college day function since_________.

Now, I invite Guests to today’s function with a request to come on to position and occupy the distinguished chair.

I invite (insert name of the guest) the chairperson of the__________to please come on to the stage. Two girls will go and comfort the chairperson.

We need not say about the chairperson. The whole campus is vibrating and echoes her prominence.

She taught her a humble career as a humble teacher and she rose to the position of a professor still without minding her health she showed a keen interest in the educative process.

Please give a warm welcome to__________. I request________ to offer her bouquet.

Welcome Script 02.  I am profusely elated to take this opportunity to introduce our chief guest of the day_________, the director of the________. (Add his/ her biography here)

On behalf of the management, I thank him for providing his gracious presence to join us today to enhance our joy.

Welcome Script 03.  We feel honored to have with us the honorable Chief Guest.  His Excellency Mr.________, – Sir you hardly need any introduction, you have made all of us proud of your distinguished work in numerous capacities. You are one of the most celebrated foreign service dignitaries.

Guests of Honor : Mr.________, the Pro-Vice Chairman of the School, the man of distinct vision and a fountainhead of illuminating ideas, an idol of knowledge and experience and inspiration to all of us.

how to write a guest of honour speech

Welcome Script 04.  I welcome________ honorable chief guest Mr./Ms._________. Director_______. Dearn academics_______. Vice Prinicipal_________. faculty members and participants.

I would like to request vice principal_________ sir to present flowers to the director__________. Thank you very much, sir.

I would like to request director__________ sir to present flowers to Respected chief guest________ sir. Thank you very much, sir.

Welcome Script 05.   I humbly invite_________ (also add the position here). Now I request_______ to offer bouquet to_______.

In addition, I cordially invite Mr./Ms.________ the principal of the college to occupy his honorable chair on the stage. Now I request______ to offer bouquet to_______.

Welcome Script 06. Good [morning/afternoon/evening] ladies and gentlemen! It is with immense pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you gathered here today. We are truly privileged to have a distinguished personality amongst us, someone whose presence adds immense value to our event.

Without further ado, let me introduce our esteemed chief guest for the day, [Name], the [designation] of [Organization/Institution]. [Name] is an individual of remarkable achievements and a source of inspiration for many. [Briefly mention key accomplishments and contributions].

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to [Name] for gracing us with their presence today. Your presence has elevated the significance of this occasion, and we are truly honored to have you here.

I would also like to acknowledge the presence of our Guest of Honor, [Name], the Pro-Vice Chairman of [School/Institution]. [Name] is a person of extraordinary vision, a beacon of knowledge, and a source of inspiration for all of us. His dedication and commitment to [mention any specific contributions] have truly set a benchmark for excellence.

Once again, a warm welcome to our chief guest, [Name], and our esteemed Guests of Honor, [Name]. We are looking forward to an enlightening and memorable event ahead. Thank you.

  • Best ideas on how to arrange and organize school or college functions
  • How to Start a Welcome Speech in English with a Sample

Expressions to invite the guests onto the stage:

How to Develop Your Personal Credibility in Public Speaking

  • I consider it a great honor to welcome Mr./Ms/Sri/Smt/Dr./Prof  _______________ onto the stage.
  • May I Invite the chief guest Mr./Ms/Sir/Smt/Dr./Prof  __________________ on the stage?
  • The next dignitary to honor us with his/her presence is. Mr./Ms/Sir/Smt/Dr./Prof __________.
  • I am glad to invite Mr./Ms/Sir/Smt/Dr./Prof_______________________ On to the stage.
  • It will now be the turn of _____________________ to come onto the stage.
  • I request Mr./Ms/Sir/Smt/Dr./Prof_________________________ to grace the stage.
  • Next, we look forward to the presence of ___________________ on the stage.
  • It is my privilege to invite Mr./Ms/Sir/Smt/Dr./Prof ____________________ onto the stage.
  • With equal pleasure invite______________ on to the stage.

Anchoring Script for Cultural Event Function

  • How to Introduce and Honor Chief Guest in a Function
  • How to Give Welcome Remarks in English

The comparing script for welcoming guests mentioned above will make your guest feel special and comfortable.

Was the article helpful? Feel free to write your views about the article in the comment box below. Moreover, if you need any kind of script don’t hesitate to contact us or write in the comment box.

If you need the complete and more relevant scripts to host different kinds of functions and events. Please check the following E-book which is covered with 150+ titles and scripts.

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    Welcome Speech for Chief Guest. A welcome speech for a chief guest is a formal address given to introduce and honour a distinguished guest at an event. It typically includes an introduction of the guest, a brief overview of their accomplishments and contributions, and an expression of gratitude for their presence.

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    Welcome Script 02. I am profusely elated to take this opportunity to introduce our chief guest of the day_________, the director of the________. (Add his/ her biography here) On behalf of the management, I thank him for providing his gracious presence to join us today to enhance our joy. Welcome Script 03.