1. Impact of E-Learning in Secondary Schools Students

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    impact of e learning on students essay

  3. Impact of Online Courses on Education Essay Example

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  4. The Impact of E-Learning on Student Performance: A Case ... / the

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  1. Impact of Online Classes on Students Essay

    This change in environment causes a lack of concentration in students. In contrast, E-learning enables the students to choose the best environment for study, and this promotes their ability to understand. As a result, students enjoy the learning process as compared to conventional classroom learning.

  2. The Impact and Effectiveness of E-Learning on Teaching and Learning

    The effects of E-Learning on teaching methodology and learning styles were also investigated. 384 Results-Teachers and students appeared to be in agreement on their perceptions on E-learning and ...

  3. The effects of online education on academic success: A meta ...

    The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of online education, which has been extensively used on student achievement since the beginning of the pandemic. In line with this purpose, a meta-analysis of the related studies focusing on the effect of online education on students' academic achievement in several countries between the years 2010 and 2021 was carried out. Furthermore, this ...

  4. The Impact of Online Learning Strategies on Students' Academic

    According to the output report, the model is significant at 95% (p < 0.000), and there is a strong correlation between 95.8% of the learning skills and students' performance (r2 = 0.919). Overall, all learning skills strategies have a significant impact on students' performance. Each student's learning skills and their impact will be ...

  5. The effects of online education on academic success: A meta-analysis

    The advantages of online learning compared to face-to-face learning in the classroom is the flexibility of learning time in online learning, the learning time does not include a single program, and it can be shaped according to circumstances (Lai et al., 2019). The next advantage is the ease of collecting assignments for students, as these can ...

  6. PDF A review of empirical studies examining the effects of e-learning on

    the impact of e-learning on college students' academic achievement was examined in four categories. These categories are detailed in the results. Finally, pedagogical conclusions are drawn in light of the results obtained. Keywords: e-learning, university students, academic achievement, review Review Article

  7. Online education in the post-COVID era

    Metrics. The coronavirus pandemic has forced students and educators across all levels of education to rapidly adapt to online learning. The impact of this — and the developments required to make ...

  8. PDF The Effectiveness of E-Learning: An Explorative and Integrative Review

    This is a broad definition, but in the abstracts of papers examining higher education, the definition is often clarified in terms of measurements; for example: 'Student learning measurements included: pre-test, final examination (post-test) and final letter grade' (Boghikian-Whitby and Mortagy, 2008).

  9. A Literature Review on Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Teaching and Learning

    E-learning tools have played a crucial role during this pandemic, helping schools and universities facilitate student learning during the closure of universities and schools (Subedi et al., 2020). While adapting to the new changes, staff and student readiness needs to be gauged and supported accordingly.

  10. Assessing the Impact of Online-Learning Effectiveness and Benefits in

    Online learning is one of the educational solutions for students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Worldwide, most universities have shifted much of their learning frameworks to an online learning model to limit physical interaction between people and slow the spread of COVID-19. The effectiveness of online learning depends on many factors, including student and instructor self-efficacy, attitudes ...

  11. How does virtual learning impact students in higher education?

    A new paper by Kofoed and co-authors adds to this literature looking specifically at online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic in a novel context: the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. When ...

  12. Effect of e-Learning Strategies on Learners' Academic Engagement

    Learning is a complex process which constitutes an important element of human development relating to disciplines of psychology and education [].Learning theory suggests something that can help us to think about how and why change (in learning) happens [20, 21].According to Flynn et al. [], prominent learning theories have been developed to explain the learning needs of students which includes ...

  13. [PDF] The impact of e-learning on students performance in tertiary

    The impact of e-learning on students performance in tertiary institutions. N. Oye, N. A. Iahad, +1 author. N. Ab.Rahim. Published 1 April 2012. Education, Computer Science. TLDR. The study verified that, while attitudes have influence on intention to use, the actual e-learning use has significant effect on students' academic performance and ...

  14. Student's perspectives, satisfaction and experiences with online and

    Online learning, also referred to as e-learning, ... Farooqui M, et al. Knowledge, attitude and practice about coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic and its psychological impact on students and their studies: a cross-sectional study among pharmacy students in Saudi Arabia. Risk Manag Healthc Policy 2021; 14: 729-741. Crossref.

  15. Students' experience of online learning during the COVID‐19 pandemic: A

    Even though online learning research has been advancing in uncovering student experiences in various settings (i.e., tertiary, adult, and professional education), very little progress has been achieved in understanding the experience of the K‐12 student population, especially when narrowed down to different school‐year segments (i.e ...

  16. PDF The Impact of Covid-19 on Student Experiences and Expectations ...

    expected GPA.4 There also is substantial variation in the pandemic's e ect on preference for online learning, with Honors students and males revising their preferences down by more than 2.5 times as much as their peers. However, despite appearing to be more disrupted by the switch to online learning, the impact of

  17. Analyzing the Impact of Student Engagement on Learning Outcomes in E

    The low levels of readiness for e-learning, followed by the low satisfaction levels experienced by university students during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a crucial yet confounding issue.

  18. The Impact of e-Learning Systems on Motivating Students and Enhancing

    The issue of the consistency of the impact of e-Learning on student outcomes persists. The e-Learning methodology may affect student outcomes if it is used as a pillar of attendance learning. ... work on the remaining issues is continuing and will be presented in future papers. The next stage of our research will be the study of the ...

  19. PDF Investigating the E-Learning Challenges Faced by Students during Covid

    The study sought to establish the challenges experienced by university learners when using e-learning, and the following major themes emerged, as captured in Table 2. Firstly, we sought to establish which Internet enabled devices were used by students to access online study materials during the COVID-19 lock down.

  20. Full article: The effects of an online learning environment with worked

    The results suggests that the online learning environment had a positive effect on the student's quality of writing argumentative essays. Students' mean quality scores for writing argumentative essays increased from pre-test to post-test, see Table 1. Student's average gain on essay quality was 1.2 points on a 16-point scale.

  21. The impact of blended e-learning on undergraduate academic essay

    Highlights This study used blended e-learning on an L2 academic writing course. The experimental group of 15 students used an on-line bulletin board to share data for three in-class essay assignments. The control group, totalling 15 students in two classes, only had class time for the same task. Though not statistically significant, the experimental group had higher means on six of nine essay ...

  22. The pandemic has had devastating impacts on learning. What ...

    As we outline in our new research study released in January, the cumulative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students' academic achievement has been large. We tracked changes in math and ...

  23. The impact of e-learning during COVID-19 pandemic on students' body

    Students' experience of neck, back and shoulder pain associated with e learning use of the previously mentioned devices, including the severity of the pain using the NRS-11 was evaluated ...

  24. The impact of perceived social support on e-learning ...

    Online learning has grown in popularity over the last few years. Understanding what factors and how they contribute to students' e-learning engagement is crucial for the success of online education. Based on the ecological system theory, this study aims to examine the association between perceived social support and e-learning engagement among Chinese college students and explore whether ...

  25. The impact of perceived social support on e-learning engagement among

    DOI: 10.1007/s10212-024-00853-2 Corpus ID: 270179085; The impact of perceived social support on e-learning engagement among college students: serial mediation of growth mindset and subjective well-being

  26. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Education

    AI-powered platforms can tailor educational content to individual students' needs, making learning more effective and engaging. For example, adaptive learning systems use AI to assess students' strengths and weaknesses, offering customized lessons and feedback. AI also enhances administrative tasks, allowing educators to focus more on teaching.

  27. Investigating the Use of Project-based Learning and Students

    Researchers widely agree that project-based learning, an effective and strongly advised instructional strategy, can foster intense engagement and enhance students' learning experiences. In order to teach descriptive text at MTS Al-Ihsan Krian during the academic year 2021-2022, this study investigated the implementation of project-based learning (PjBL) and how students responded to its use.

  28. The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

    On the positive side, social media can foster a sense of community and support. People find like-minded individuals, form friendships, and access mental health resources. For instance, hashtags like #MentalHealthAwareness promote discussions and reduce stigma. On the downside, constant exposure to idealized images and lifestyles can lead to ...

  29. Reevaluating Homework: Quality Over Quantity for Student Well-being

    By examining empirical evidence, expert opinions, and the broader impact on students' well-being, this essay will demonstrate why pointless homework should be minimized or eliminated. Say no to plagiarism. Get a tailor-made essay on ... eroding students' enthusiasm for learning. Impact on Student Well-Being.

  30. E-learning platforms in ideological and political education at

    The study aimed to examine the impact of using the MOODLE e-learning platform in ideological and political education on Chinese students' motivation and academic performance. The study involved 447 students from China-based universities (the experimental group − 232 students who studied using electronic educational platforms, and the control group − 215 students who used no digital ...