1. (PDF) A Review of Recent Studies on Urban Stormwater Drainage System

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  2. (PDF) Simulation of Urban Drainage System using a Storm Water

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  5. (PDF) Sustainable Urban Drainage System Reducing Flood Risk via Model

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  6. (PDF) Study on Maintenance and Management Measures of Municipal

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  1. PDF A Review of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Considering the Climate

    1.1.2. Challenges to Conventional Drainage Systems Conventional drainage systems are designed to collect and transport water runoff from urban areas as quickly as possible via sewer networks and water treatment facilities to nearby receiving water bodies [1,11]. The main goal is to manage water volume in order to avoid urban flooding in city areas.

  2. Reliable, Resilient and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems: An Analysis

    Reliability, resilience and sustainability are key goals of any urban drainage system. However, only a few studies have recently focused on measuring, operationalizing and comparing such concepts in a world of deep uncertainty. In this study, these key concepts are defined and quantified for a number of gray, green and hybrid strategies, aimed at improving the capacity issues of an existing ...

  3. (PDF) A Review of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Considering the

    Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS), e.g., permeable pavements, detention ponds, and rainwater harvesting systems are increasingly used to manage water and build resilience in urban ...

  4. Review Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) modeling supporting

    1. Introduction. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) are an integrated network of engineered vegetated areas and open spaces (i.e., green roofs, rain gardens, porous pavements, etc.) used to protect natural ecosystem principles and functions and to offer a wide variety of benefits to people and wildlife (Tang et al., 2021).SUDS are a complement to centralized conventional sewer systems ...

  5. A Review of Approaches to Drainage System Management ...

    3.1 Brief Ancient Historical Development of Drainage System Management. To fully understand the ways and means of drainage system management as a tool to alleviate urbanization-related problems (e.g., flooding) in today's world, it is best to have a quick stroll down the history of how it evolved.

  6. Evaluation of an urban drainage system and its resilience using remote

    View PDF; Download full issue ... Volume 23, August 2021, 100601. Evaluation of an urban drainage system and its resilience using remote sensing and GIS. Author ... to extreme climatic events or poor maintenance of the drainage networks urge for assessing the performance of the urban drainage system (UDS). This paper presents a comprehensive ...

  7. (Pdf) a Review of Sustainability of Urban Drainage System: Traits and


  8. Effectiveness of a New Drainage System for Decreasing Erosion in Road

    To minimize soil losses and to protect the hillslopes, different technical solutions can be applied. 42 The selection of these solutions depends mainly on the economic resources available and the morphological, geological, and climatological conditions of the area. The most common technical solutions in Spain are concrete piles or screens with metal bolts, breakwater walls, concrete or gabion ...

  9. (PDF) Assessing the Effectiveness of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS

    Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) can be a key tool in the management of extremes of rainfall, due to their capacity to attenuate and treat surface water. Yet, implementation is a complex ...

  10. Full article: Improvement of a drainage system for flood management

    The drainage system must be designed so that the 10-year return-period event does not cause overflow; i.e. the 10-year return-period flood protection standard. If the drainage system fails to convey water by gravity, construction of a pumping station or flood diversion works is required to protect villagers.

  11. Enhancing the effectiveness of urban drainage system design with an

    This system contains 19 pipes with a total length of 1.3 km, 19 manholes, and one outlet, with slopes of pipes ranging from 3‰ to 10‰. Fig. 3 (a) shows the catchment land uses of the UDS1, while Fig. 3 (b) presents the schematic of network used for the hydraulic simulation. The UDS2 has a drainage area of 3.2 km 2 consisting of 102 sub ...

  12. [PDF] A Review of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Considering the

    Climate change and urbanization are converging to challenge city drainage infrastructure due to their adverse impacts on precipitation extremes and the environment of urban areas. Sustainable drainage systems have gained growing public interest in recent years, as a result of its positive effects on water quality and quantity issues and additional recreational amenities perceived in the urban ...

  13. A Review of Recent Studies on Urban Stormwater Drainage System for

    Finally, 78 papers were selected for the literature review. Irrigation and Drainage 3.2. Overview of selected papers A general Analysis was made on the selected 86 papers to find out the research interest on the storm water drainage and flood with the selected time span (Figure1) and to find out the


    ed out to review various research works carried out by researchers on. the effects of poor dra. i. nage on road pavement. Poor drainage causes early pavement distresses. leading to driving ...

  15. Irrigation and drainage systems research and development in the 21st

    Irrigation and drainage systems research and development ... Civil Engineering Division, PO Box 20,000, 3502 LA Utrecht, The Netherlands.===Search for more papers by this author. Daniele De Wrachien, Daniele De Wrachien ... a major effort is required to modernize irrigation and drainage systems and to further develop appropriate management ...


    In order to clarify many points in this paper, the follOWing definitions and explanations are presented: 1) Drainage basin/subbasin - Acommunity can be divided into major drainage basins ranging from 10 to 100 square miles. These major basins are composed of individual drainage subbasins ranging from 1 to 5 square miles as illustrated in Figure ...

  17. Full article: A Review of sewerage and drainage systems typologies with

    1. Introduction. Sewer and drainage system management and maintenance are the most critical urban challenges worldwide, especially in subSaharan Africa (Yazdanfar & Sharma, Citation 2015).The sewer and drainage systems must be carefully operated and preserved in a rational, and sustainable manner because it is a vital aspect of the urban water infrastructure (Mohammadreza Malek Mohammadi et al ...

  18. (PDF) A Review of Recent Studies on Urban Stormwater Drainage System

    This paper presents a critical review on stormwater drainage and urban flood based on 78 selected journal papers published over the period of 1990 to 2018. The review focus on pluvial flooding to ...

  19. A study on the improvement of the drainage system beside Central

    The general objective of this study is to investigate the existing drainage system of the area and if found unsatisfactory, recommendations will be made after the investigation. 1.1.2 Specific objectives: The study further aims to: 1. investigate the factors affecting, directly or indirectly, the system so that corrective measures could be done.

  20. The Proposed New Drainage System in Cebu Technological University

    This paper outlines the national approach of stormwater management in Malaysia. In order to cure stormwater runoff in the campus, a conventional drainage system has been designed to provide the fastest possible transport of stormwater runoff out of the catchments into the receiving water.

  21. (PDF) Efficient Design of Road Drainage Systems

    The methodology consisted of four steps: (1) obtaining the design hyetograph, (2) defining the road geometry as a digital terrain model, (3) setting parameter acceptance. criteria, and (4 ...

  22. An IoT-Based Complete Smart Drainage System for a Smart City

    With the technological advancements, every application from our day to day life is becoming Internet-oriented, leading to the concept of Internet of Things (IoT). Various IoT devices and applications can be combined together for making a Smart City where smart drainage system is essential. However, solid wastes from groundwater flowing through the drainage system can create significant ...

  23. (PDF) Main Drainage Systems

    Generally, a drainage system can be divided into the field drainage system, main drainage system, and outlet [4]. The purpose of the field drainage system is to control waterlogging and/or water ...