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Essays About Religion: Top 5 Examples and 7 Writing Prompts

Essays about religion include delicate issues and tricky subtopics. See our top essay examples and prompts to guide you in your essay writing.

With over 4,000 religions worldwide, it’s no wonder religion influences everything. It involves faith, lessons on humanity, spirituality, and moral values that span thousands of years. For some, it’s both a belief and a cultural system. As it often clashes with science, laws, and modern philosophies, it’s also a hot debate topic. Religion is a broad subject encompassing various elements of life, so you may find it a challenging topic to write an essay about it.

1. Wisdom and Longing in Islam’s Religion by Anonymous on

2. consequences of following religion blindly essay by anonymous on, 3. religion: christians’ belief in god by anonymous on, 4. mecca’s influence on today’s religion essay by anonymous on, 5. religion: how buddhism views the world by anonymous on , 1. the importance of religion, 2. pros and cons of having a religion, 3. religions across the world, 4. religion and its influence on laws, 5. religion: then and now, 6. religion vs. science, 7. my religion.

“Portraying Muslims as radical religious fanatics who deny other religions and violently fight dissent has nothing to do with true Islamic ideology. The knowledge that is presented in Islam and used by Muslims to build their worldview system is exploited in a misinterpreted form. This is transforming the perception of Islam around the world as a radical religious system that supports intolerance and conflicts.”

The author discusses their opinion on how Islam becomes involved with violence or terrorism in the Islamic states. Throughout the essay, the writer mentions the massive difference between Islam’s central teachings and the terrorist groups’ dogma. The piece also includes a list of groups, their disobediences, and punishments.

This essay looks at how these brutalities have nothing to do with Islam’s fundamental ideologies. However, the context of Islam’s creeds is distorted by rebel groups like The Afghan mujahideen, Jihadis, and Al-Qa’ida. Furthermore, their activities push dangerous narratives that others use to make generalized assumptions about the entire religion. These misleading generalizations lead to misunderstandings amongst other communities, particularly in the western world. However, the truth is that these terrorist groups are violating Islamic doctrine.

“Following religion blindly can hinder one’s self-actualization and interfere with self-development due to numerous constraints and restrictions… Blind adherence to religion is a factor that does not allow receiving flexible education and adapting knowledge to different areas.”

The author discusses the effects of blindly following a religion and mentions that it can lead to difficulties in self-development and the inability to live independently. These limitations affect a person’s opportunity to grow and discover oneself.  Movies like “ The Da Vinci Code ” show how fanatical devotion influences perception and creates constant doubt. 

“…there are many religions through which various cultures attain their spiritual and moral bearings to bring themselves closer to a higher power (deity). Different religions are differentiated in terms of beliefs, customs, and purpose and are similar in one way or the other.”

The author discusses how religion affects its followers’ spiritual and moral values and mentions how deities work in mysterious ways. The essay includes situations that show how these supreme beings test their followers’ faith through various life challenges. Overall, the writer believes that when people fully believe in God, they can be stronger and more capable of coping with the difficulties they may encounter.

“Mecca represents a holy ground that the majority of the Muslims visit; and is only supposed to be visited by Muslims. The popularity of Mecca has increased the scope of its effects, showing that it has an influence on tourism, the financial aspects of the region and lastly religion today.”

The essay delves into Mecca’s contributions to Saudi Arabia’s tourism and religion. It mentions tourism rates peaking during Hajj, a 5-day Muslim pilgrimage, and visitors’ sense of spiritual relief and peace after the voyage. Aside from its tremendous touristic benefits, it also brings people together to worship Allah. You can also check out these essays about values and articles about beliefs .

“Buddhism is seen as one of the most popular and widespread religions on the earth the reason of its pragmatic and attractive philosophies which are so appealing for people of the most diversified backgrounds and ways of thinking .”

To help readers understand the topic, the author explains Buddhism’s worldviews and how Siddhatta Gotama established the religion that’s now one of the most recognized on Earth. It includes teachings about the gift of life, novel thinking, and philosophies based on his observations. Conclusively, the author believes that Buddhism deals with the world as Gotama sees it.

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7 Prompts on Essays About Religion

Essays About Religion: The importance of religion

Religion’s importance is embedded in an individual or group’s interpretation of it. They hold on to their faith for various reasons, such as having an idea of the real meaning of life and offering them a purpose to exist. Use this prompt to identify and explain what makes religion a necessity. Make your essay interesting by adding real-life stories of how faith changed someone’s life.

Although religion offers benefits such as positivity and a sense of structure, there are also disadvantages that come with it. Discuss what’s considered healthy and destructive when people follow their religion’s gospels and why. You can also connect it to current issues. Include any personal experience you have.

Religion’s prevalence exhibits how it can significantly affect one’s daily living. Use this prompt to discuss how religions across the world differ from one another when it comes to beliefs and if traditions or customs influence them. It’s essential to use relevant statistical data or surveys in this prompt to support your claims and encourage your readers to trust your piece.

There are various ways religion affects countries’ laws as they adhere to moral and often humanitarian values. Identify each and discuss how faith takes part in a nation’s decision-making regarding pressing matters. You can focus on one religion in a specific location to let the readers concentrate on the case. A good example is the latest abortion issue in the US, the overturning of “Wade vs. Roe.” Include people’s mixed reactions to this subject and their justifications.

Religion: then and now

In this essay, talk about how the most widespread religions’ principles or rituals changed over time. Then, expound on what inspired these changes.  Add the religion’s history, its current situation in the country, and its old and new beliefs. Elaborate on how its members clash over these old and new principles. Conclude by sharing your opinion on whether the changes are beneficial or not.

There’s a never-ending debate between religion and science. List the most controversial arguments in your essay and add which side you support and why. Then, open discourse about how these groups can avoid quarreling. You can also discuss instances when religion and science agreed or worked together to achieve great results. 

Use this prompt if you’re a part of a particular religion. Even if you don’t believe in faith, you can still take this prompt and pick a church you’ll consider joining. Share your personal experiences about your religion. Add how you became a follower, the beliefs that helped you through tough times, and why you’re staying as an active member in it. You can also speak about miraculous events that strengthen your faith. Or you can include teachings that you disagree with and think needs to be changed or updated.

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good titles for essays on religion

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Religion Essay Topics: 40+ Interesting Ideas to Explore

Author Image

by  Antony W

December 8, 2023

religion essay topics

There nothing more complicated under the sun than religion. It’s a system of belief packed with controversies, differing opinions, and thousands of questions about human origin and the meaning of life. Let’s not even get started on the fact that religion has been and continues to be a driver of ethnic disputes and endless wars between nations.

As confusing and sensitive as it is, religion opens up an opportunity to explore different topics, even in your essay assignment. From the existence of God and proof of a deity to the concepts of love and harmony in human existence, there’s no limit to what you can write about religion. You just have to find a topic that fascinates you and start working on it.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a topic that you can explore objectively without a stint of bias or emotional attachment.
  • Remember, religion is a controversial subject that requires the use of appropriate language that sounds fair and respectful.

Best Religion Essay Topics

The following is a list of 50+ topic ideas that you may find interesting to explore in your religion essay assignments:

Christianity Essay Topics

  • How Christian perspectives on same-sex relationships has evolved over time
  • The concept of salvation, as well as how it differs among various Christian denominations
  • Progress made regarding the role of women in leadership positions within Christian communities
  • Ways Christian traditions have influenced and shaped Western literature throughout history
  • How globalization has affected the formation and maintenance of Christian identity worldwide
  • How does Christianity intersect with and contribute to various social justice movements?
  • What were the lasting effects of the Protestant Reformation on the diversity and structure of Christianity?
  • The theological perspectives on suffering within Christian traditions
  • How the historical relationship between Christianity and science has evolved
  • What aspects of Christian values remain relevant and essential in addressing modern societal challenges?
  • Has the Bible served as the cornerstone for shaping and informing Christian theology throughout history?

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Society and Religion Topics

  • How religion has historically influenced and shaped cultural norms across different societies
  • What transformations have occurred within religious institutions due to the rise of secularism?
  • How religion has played a role in various social justice movements throughout history and in contemporary times
  • The dynamics and consequences of the intersection between religion and politics in today’s society
  • How globalization has affected the diversity of religions and belief systems worldwide
  • In what ways has technology affected religious practices and rituals in the modern era?
  • Does religion generally promote or hinder efforts toward achieving gender equality, and why?
  • How does religion affect educational systems and curriculum development?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities posed by religious pluralism for fostering interfaith dialogue?
  • What societal impacts emerge from religious fundamentalism in various parts of the world?
  • How does religion influence mental health perceptions and treatments within different cultures?
  • To what extent do religious beliefs shape attitudes and actions towards environmental sustainability?
  • How have religious traditions influenced healthcare practices and medical ethics across different societies?

World Religion Essay Topics

  • How do various world religions conceptualize the afterlife?
  • Roles that prayer and meditation play across different world religions
  • How religion has entangled with or contributed to instances of violence throughout history
  • The ways in which globalization has affected the diversity and interactions of different religious beliefs and practices
  • The portrayals of women within the narratives and teachings of various world religions
  • How Eastern religions have influenced and contributed to the development of spiritual thought in Western societies?
  • The significance of prophets and messengers within different world religions
  • How does the concept of karma manifest differently in Hinduism and Buddhism
  • Tracing the evolution and changes in religious beliefs and practices across different historical periods
  • How monotheistic and polytheistic religions differ in their approaches to spirituality and understanding of the divine
  • What impacts did colonization have on the indigenous religious traditions of different cultures?
  • How world religions inspired or influenced artistic and architectural expressions throughout history

Islamic Religion Topics

  • How has the rich history of Islamic civilizations contributed to global culture and knowledge?
  • What fundamental changes might we anticipate in the world if Islam had not existed throughout history?
  • How the West shaped and created an image of Islam
  • The nature and extent of Islam’s influence on political structures and governance in various regions
  • How we can redefine and perceive a woman’s role within Islamic teachings and practices
  • Challenges that arise in integrating Islamic legal principles into modern legal systems
  • Prevalent prejudices and misunderstandings exist about Islam and the way they affect societal perceptions
  • Is there an inherent connection between Islam and traditionalism?

Religion Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Does doctrinal competency influence religious practice and belief systems within various faiths?
  • Should we consider abortion as permissible or is it an evil practice from a religions and legal perspective?
  • Are there core beliefs and practices in the world’s major faiths?
  • Is situation ethics necessary to uphold a moral code in modern society, and what implications does it have?
  • Does the concept of rebirth resonate and evolve within contemporary societies?
  • Are there any reliable religious perspectives on the moral and ethical considerations surrounding abortion?
  • Is there evidence that Martin Luther really leave the Catholic Church?
  • Is adversity and pain across religious teachings and cultures?
  • Women should not hold any role within religious congregations.
  • What societal, cultural, and individual factors contribute to the emergence and spread of new religions?
  • How relevant is Zoroastrianism in addressing contemporary environmental issues?
  • Explore and analyze non-theistic world faiths and their core principles.
  • How do various world religions reconcile their beliefs with scientific advancements in the modern era?
  • What perspectives do different religions hold regarding LGBTQ individuals, and how do these views vary globally?

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About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

100+ Religion Essay Topics


The realm of religion has always been a deeply fascinating and, at times, contentious area of study. The possibilities for exploration are vast, from theological doctrines to the impact of religion on societies. If you are a student or an enthusiast looking to delve into religious studies through essays, you’ve come to the right place.

Table of Contents

What is a Religion Essay?

A religion essay is a piece of writing that explores topics related to spirituality, theological doctrines, the historical evolution of religions, religious practices, and the impact of religion on various facets of society. It provides an avenue for individuals to critically examine and articulate their understanding of a religious subject, fostering both introspection and academic analysis.

Guide on Choosing a Religion Essay Topic

In 100-150 words? Here goes: Choosing a topic for a religion essay can be overwhelming, given the vastness of the subject. Start by narrowing your focus. Are you more interested in theological concepts, historical events, or social impacts? Research current events related to religion, as contemporary issues can provide fresh perspectives. Reflect on personal experiences or curiosities. It’s always easier to write on topics you’re passionate about. Lastly, ensure your chosen topic has enough credible sources available for a well-researched essay.

Religion Essay Topics Lists

Theological concepts.

  • The Concept of God in Abrahamic Religions
  • Karma and Reincarnation in Hinduism
  • The Significance of Nirvana in Buddhism
  • Sufism: The Mystical Dimension of Islam
  • The Holy Trinity in Christianity: Interpretations and Beliefs

Historical Events

  • The Crusades: Religious Zeal or Political Conquest?
  • The Reformation and its Impact on Christianity
  • Spread of Islam: Historical Perspectives and Causes
  • Ancient Egyptian Religion and its Influence on Society
  • The Role of the Vatican during World War II

Social Impacts

  • Religion and its Role in Shaping Moral Values
  • The Influence of Religion on Art and Architecture
  • Religion and Politics: A Dangerous Liaison?
  • Impact of Secularism on Modern Societies
  • Feminism and Religion: Points of Convergence and Divergence

Contemporary Issues

  • The Rise of Atheism in the 21st Century
  • Religion and LGBTQ+ Rights: Conflicts and Resolutions
  • Modern Religious Movements and Cults: A Study
  • Religion in the Age of Technology: Evolution or Dissolution?
  • Climate Change: Religious Perspectives and Responsibilities

Personal Reflections

  • My Spiritual Journey: Discoveries and Challenges
  • Religion in My Family: Traditions and Changes
  • The Role of Prayer in My Life
  • Personal Experiences with Religious Tolerance and Intolerance
  • Finding Peace: A Personal Encounter with Meditation

Historical Contexts

  • The Fall of Constantinople: Religious Implications
  • The Establishment of the Church of England
  • Comparative Analysis: Spread of Christianity and Islam in Africa
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls: Relevance and Discoveries
  • Influence of the Byzantine Church on Orthodox Christianity

Theological Doctrines

  • Comparative Analysis of Heaven in Different Religions
  • The Role of Angels and Demons across Religions
  • Salvation in Christian Theology
  • Islamic Views on Predestination
  • Hindu Views on Creation and Cosmos

Philosophical Questions

  • The Problem of Evil in Religious Thought
  • The Existence of God: Arguments For and Against
  • Morality: Divine Command Theory vs. Secular Ethics
  • Free Will vs. Divine Determinism
  • The Concept of Soul in Various Religions

Modern Interpretations and Movements

  • Progressive Christianity: A New Age Movement?
  • Jihad: Misunderstandings and Clarifications
  • Spiritual but Not Religious: The Rise of Secular Spirituality
  • Neo-Paganism and Modern Witchcraft
  • The Baha’i Faith and Its Universal Message

Religious Practices and Rituals

  • The Significance of Hajj in Islam
  • Christian Sacraments: Symbols and Meanings
  • Hindu Festivals and Their Socio-religious Importance
  • Jewish Dietary Laws: Significance and Practice
  • Zen Buddhism: Practices and Philosophies

Religion and Society

  • The Role of Religion in Contemporary Politics
  • Religion and Education: Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Religious Perspectives on Healthcare Ethics
  • The Impact of Religion on Family Structures
  • Religion in Media: Representation and Bias

Interfaith and Comparative Studies

  • Comparative Study of Abrahamic Religions
  • Eastern vs. Western Spiritual Practices
  • Similarities in Creation Myths Across Religions
  • Comparative Study of Ascetic Practices in Religions
  • Rituals of Death and Afterlife Across Cultures

Gender and Religion

  • Female Figures in Christianity: Beyond Mary
  • The Role of Women in Islamic Societies
  • Feminine Divinities in Hinduism
  • Gender Roles in Traditional and Modern Jewish Practices
  • The Evolution of Gender Norms in Buddhist Traditions

Religion and Science

  • Religious Perspectives on Evolution
  • The Vatican and Astronomy: A Historic Relationship
  • Islamic Contributions to Science and Mathematics
  • Hindu Cosmology and Modern Astrophysics
  • Buddhism and Psychology: Overlaps and Insights

Mysticism and Esoteric Beliefs

  • Kabbalah: Jewish Mysticism Explored
  • Christian Gnostic Traditions
  • Sufism: The Heart of Islamic Mysticism
  • Tantra in Hinduism and Buddhism: Misunderstandings and Realities
  • The Rosicrucians: History and Beliefs of a Mysterious Order

Sacred Texts and Their Interpretations

  • The Bhagavad Gita: A Philosophical Analysis
  • Parables in the New Testament: Meanings and Implications
  • The Talmud and Its Relevance in Contemporary Judaism
  • The Tao Te Ching: Exploring Daoist Philosophy
  • Themes of Justice and Mercy in the Qur’an

Religion and Art

  • Depictions of Buddha in Art: Evolution and Significance
  • Christian Iconography: Symbols and Their Origins
  • Islamic Calligraphy: Beauty in Sacred Texts
  • Religious Themes in Renaissance Art
  • The Influence of Hindu Mythology on Classical Dance Forms

Faith and Modern Challenges

  • Addressing Climate Change: Religious Responses and Responsibilities
  • Religion in the Digital Age: New Forms of Worship and Community
  • The Ethics of Genetic Engineering from Religious Perspectives
  • Faith Healing vs. Modern Medicine: A Comparative Analysis
  • The Role of Religion in Modern Mental Health Practices

Minor Religions and Sects

  • Jainism: Principles of Non-Violence and Asceticism
  • The Yoruba Religion: Understanding Orishas and Rituals
  • The Alevi Community: Beliefs and Practices
  • Zoroastrianism: History and Current Status
  • The Raelian Movement: Extraterrestrial Beliefs and Controversies

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Useful References

  • BBC Religions – Comprehensive information on a wide array of religions.
  • Religion Online – Full texts by recognized religious scholars.
  • Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project – Offers statistical research and reports on religion’s role in society.

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  • Religion Essays

Free Religion Essays Examples in English + Writing Tips

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Paganism in European Religion

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Conflict Between Religion and Science

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American Jesus and feminist ideology

"3 idiots" film analysis.

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Jesus and the Gospel Accounts

The revelation of humanity to itself "humanity as god intended it", the difference between christianity and buddhism.

Words: 1109

The Jesus Seminar - A Comprehensive Guide

Words: 1584

The Nature of God: Exploring the Divine Character

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What Is a Religion Essay

Let’s begin with a proper definition of religion essay. Such texts talk about the basics of faith, churches, and believer communities’ traditions or inspect religions from historical, cultural, or philosophical perspectives. Depending on a general subject, you might talk about your belief or discuss other ones you are familiar with within your essay.

When describing such kind of topic (be it your own one or some others you wish to talk about), you should typically provide the following information:

  • Its core beliefs (is it mono- or polytheistic and so on).
  • Its main traditions.
  • Problems it faces (or has faced in the past) and how they are solved, etc.

Religion Essay for School

In this article, we’ll provide some guidelines for writing about religion in schools essays. First of all, keep in mind that your paper must be informative and objective. Describing your own belief or discussing other ones, you need to avoid uninformed assumptions and prejudice. In order to engage in such discussions, one should learn about some basic principles at least:

  • What is it in general?
  • What are the main religions in the world or in your country?
  • Main differences between religions or churches, etc.

More detailed tips for essay about religion in schools will be provided below. Besides, we’ve got many such examples posted here for free. Go ahead and check them. Maybe you’ll find some helpful ideas there to borrow for your own work. Start with civil disobedience essay or discrimination essay at StudyBounty .

Religion College Essays Example

Looking for a sample of college essays about religion? We’ve got one for you! Feel free to check out its structure and style and reuse it in your own essay.

College students are expected to address more complicated problems in their papers. But you need to stay respectful while writing about religion in college essays. This is quite an important and sensitive aspect of modern life so better make sure you’re not offending anyone. Be objective and use valid sources to back up your narrative. Avoid informal vocabulary and make sure all parts of your text are logically connected with each other.

Religious college essays aren’t very easy to compose. That’s why it would be useful to have some real completed works as your reference materials. Scroll down to access our college essay examples .

Religion Essay Examples That Will Help You in Writing

Searching for a good religion example to help you with your writer’s block? You’ve come to the right place. We have many different examples for various kinds of essays on this subject.

Is your task to write a college essay on religion? This level requires proper analysis and some time spent on research. You are likely to address complex or even controversial problems. So, make sure to use good argumentation and at the same time avoid radically judging other people’s views.

There are two main essay types for this topic:

  • Argumentative
  • Persuasive.

Each subtype has its own peculiarities and limitations. It is better to learn more about each one before choosing your topic. Let’s examine both these essay types in detail.

Religion Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay on religion requires presenting some claim and defending it before your audience. You should build a set of reasons showing that you’re right which requires conducting some preliminary research. 

So, these are necessary steps when working on an argumentative essay about religion:

  • Formulate a strong claim in your thesis statement. Be cautious with that since you’re dealing with a sensitive subject.
  • Brainstorm ideas and collect sources.
  • Build your argumentation taking potential counterarguments into account.

Religion argumentative essay topics are controversial by definition which is why it might be complicated to deal with them. Feel free to check out argumentative essay examples or samples below – maybe you’ll find its argumentation structure useful for your own work.

Religion Persuasive Essay

Interested in persuasive essay topics on religion? We’ve got you covered! A real religion essay sample of this type is provided below. Feel free to use it as inspiration or reference material while writing your task.

Here are also some tips for persuading others to use in your writing:

  • Choose a familiar topic. It would be hard to convince others when discussing questions you aren’t too well versed in.
  • Use different types of reasoning. Appeal to your experience, emotions, rhetoric, etc.
  • Maintain a respectful tone because you’re dealing with some quite sensitive questions. For example, if you’re presenting ‘My religion essay”, don’t offend any other religions or their representatives.

Do not forget to browse various persuasive essay examples by StudyBounty . It is crucial for your essay writing.

Religion Essay Outline

Let’s talk about an outline of essay on religion. This step is very serious because composing an excellent outline would help make huge progress with your essay. Presenting its logical structure in shortened but comprehensive format allows you to correct all grave mistakes before writing the full text.

Let's look at our sample. Suppose your general topic is ‘Cultural role of religion’.

Outline example for religion essay

Introduction: draft an introduction providing your thesis statement.

  • Introduce your topic and write a thesis statement – a full sentence. E.g. debate that your belief is a key element of your national culture.
  • Add a few words about this problem’s context, explaining the history of this question in your country.

Main body: the body should contain at least three paragraphs, sketched but concise. 

  • Think your argumentation through and perform the necessary research.
  • When defending the cultural role of your religion, place each of your major arguments in a new paragraph.
  • Reserve the last paragraph to review possible counterarguments and refute them.

Conclusion: write a shortened conclusion.

  • Summarize your arguments and refutations.
  • Restate your claim and check whether it sounds convincing. Fill in any logical gaps if needed.

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Religion Essay Introduction

Making an introduction to religion essay informative enough requires some preparation and analysis. First, read how to write an informative essay . And here are the recommended steps:

  • Provide your thesis statement making it clear, concise, and well formulated. We’ll discuss this part in another section below.
  • Add enough context to make your audience familiar with the selected problem. It should explain why this problem is important and/or interesting for others. Otherwise, you would risk losing your audience’s attention.
  • Make sure to keep it brief nevertheless. Don’t disclose any vital information that is to be provided in the main part later.

Our sample is available for you here. Feel free to choose and if necessary copy this structure and these techniques to use in your paper.

Introduction of religion essay example

During the ancient era, both power and religion had a connection to the aspect of kingship. Power was defined as the authority to influence other people's behavior. On the other hand, religion at times espoused the belief that the divinity in human beings was expressed in the center of leadership, in this case, the kingship. The fields of religious studies and anthropology, as well as a number of conferences, have considered kingship with respect to its relationship to religion. Going back to the early civilizations, the aspect of power and religion worked similarly as well as differently in both Aegean Crete and in Mesopotamia. This paper aims at discussing how the two aspects operated in the two regions.

Religion Essay Thesis Statement Examples

When brainstorming a thesis statement on religion, better focus on the aspects you are well familiar with. It would be difficult to prove the point if you don’t know enough about the problem.

Are you writing an argumentative or persuasive essay? In both cases, you should make some controversial claims so that you would have enough materials for discussion.

Here is a thesis statement about religion that you could use when discussing its cultural role:

Despite many controversies about the current role of our church, religion has shaped the unique culture of our society.

Here you quote an opposite opinion on your problem and refute it in the same sentence. Such construction makes your thesis sound more interesting.

Religion Essay Body Paragraph

The classic format of 5 paragraph essay about religion foresees using 3 out of 5 paragraphs for the main body part. The remaining 2 paragraphs are left for the introduction and the conclusion respectively.

Here is what your main part should include:

  • All the information with necessary explanations and argumentation. Make sure to prepare valid data or evidence for your claims and assumptions.
  • Each paragraph in your essay should contain a certain major argument. Leave the last one for reviewing the main counterarguments against your position and refuting them.
  • Remember that all paragraphs should be logically connected with each other.

You can see how it is done in a sample available below.

Religion essay body paragraph example 

Ancient leaders, more particularly Kings, used architecture and art to show their true dominance vividly. In this context, various structures conferred different messages. It's evident that every structure portrayed a specific message as far as kingship was concerned. A much more critical component, in any case, is the central role performed by organized religion within Mesopotamian in regards to issues of state (Finegan 2015). More certainly during the Sumerian times, the city and its monetary association were the duty of the sanctuary, with its progressive brotherhood in which was vested a power practically equivalent to that of the ruler and his admonitory committee of elders. As needs were at the beginning of Sumeria and Babylonia, consideration was paid essentially to the design of religious structures, and all sculptures that had a religious significance filled. The elaboration and enhancement of castles were an advancement of the Assyrian times.

Religion Essay Conclusion

Finally, let’s talk about a conclusion on religion essay. Here are several tips on writing a good one:

  • Summarize the important information you’ve provided in your essay, but don’t repeat it. Make sure you address the opposing point of view – this will make an essay more objective.
  • Don't put any reference material in this section – place all of that in the previous part.
  • Make it brief but comprehensive. Try adding some captivating comments about the subject. They could leave a lasting impression on readers.

A good sample is available below. It could be useful for you as extra reference material. Feel free to borrow some ideas from it!

Example of conclusion for religion essay

Evidently, as the paper highlights, in the ancient world, kingship was complemented both by power and by religion. The highest-ranking officials in government used architecture and artworks to show their dominance and authority. For instance, a stone relief and the Akkadian statue in Mesopotamia and the tallest buildings in Aegean Crete such as the Knossos Palace. These artworks showed that the kingship position was for universal well-being. The artwork was symbolic. It showed power vested upon the ruler and not the ruler themselves.

How to Write a Religion Essay

Are you stuck at the beginning? Here’s how to write an essay about religion – step by step:

  • Choose your topic carefully. Brainstorm ideas and conduct some research. Make sure you know well what you are writing about.
  • Present it to your audience properly. This includes preparing a strong thesis statement. But at the same time remain respectful to other people, including your opponents. Review your thesis carefully before proceeding.
  • Write a short outline. At this stage, it will be much easier to evaluate how concise your work would be. Serious misjudgments, errors, or gaps can be quickly spotted and corrected. Just make sure to review your completed outline at least twice.
  • Conduct serious research about your topic. Collect all necessary reference material. Use only valid sources and make sure all the citations aren’t offensive.
  • Write the full essay. Format it carefully, use proper vocabulary, and don't forget about grammar.
  • Review it at least once. Minor issues are left unnoticed quite often. Try asking someone else to check it out.

Still not sure how to write an essay on religion? You can contact us! We have experienced academic writers who are happy to help students.

List of Popular Religion Paper Topics

Need some good topics for religion papers ? Or not sure how to choose from various religion topics to write about? We’ve got your back! Here are the 12 best religion topics for essays of various levels and types:

  • The historical role of religion in education. (Look at the education system essay from our library.)
  • Comparison and contrast of Islam and Christianity.
  •  Start with Importance of religious community in our society.
  • How do churches in maintain international peace?
  • Benefits of polygamy/monogamy from the religious aspect.
  • Ideas of reincarnation and their basis.
  • Dangers of religious radicalism.
  • Are religious people more moral? Why or why not?
  • What justifies changing your belief? 
  • Why the church should/should not be separated from the state.
  • Polytheism vs monotheism.
  • Why religions will/will not disappear eventually.

FAQ About Essays on Religion

Sure, we’ve got totally free essays religion for you, at no charge at all. Feel free to browse through them, read or download them as pdf. As long as you avoid direct copying, you can reuse their style or structure in your own original work or borrow their sources if they match your own topic.

Always start your religious essays with strong thesis statements. It is recommended to address complex and even controversial problems. Such claims provide enough material for discussion and engage your reader. Don’t forget to give enough context about your thesis. Otherwise, people who read it might lose focus at the beginning.

No! These religion papers available here aren’t unique. They have already been published online and are visible to all other people. Submitting someone else’s text for your school assignment qualifies as plagiarism, even if you’ve copied only a part of it. Be sure that your professor can easily detect that.

Because of the importance of studying religion essay is a popular assignment in various colleges. This kind of paper allows students to demonstrate their ability to address different complex and very sensitive problems. In addition to their writing skills, they show their capabilities of performing analysis and maintaining respectful dialogue.

Many essay titles about religion are helpful for engaging your reader. A strong title should be captivating (e.g. using unexpected logical constructions); controversial and inviting for a debate; correct and completely corresponding to your thesis statement but not copying it completely; relevant for different types of societies and avoid a narrow focus.

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108 Belief Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Inside This Article

Belief Essay Topic Ideas & Examples: Exploring the Depths of Human Faith

Beliefs shape our identity, influence our actions, and provide meaning and purpose to our lives. They can be deeply personal or widely shared, encompassing religious, philosophical, political, or cultural perspectives. Writing an essay on beliefs allows us to delve into the complexities of human faith, understanding how it impacts individuals and societies. To inspire your exploration, here are 108 belief essay topic ideas and examples.

Religious Beliefs:

  • The role of religion in shaping individual identity.
  • The impact of religious beliefs on personal happiness and fulfillment.
  • Analyzing the connection between religious beliefs and moral values.
  • The role of rituals and ceremonies in religious practices.
  • The significance of religious symbols and their interpretation.
  • Exploring the concept of faith and its importance in religious contexts.
  • The relationship between religious beliefs and the afterlife.
  • The influence of religious beliefs on social and political issues.
  • Comparing and contrasting religious beliefs across different cultures.
  • The impact of religious beliefs on attitudes towards science and technology.

Philosophical Beliefs:

  • The significance of personal philosophies in guiding life choices.
  • Analyzing the connection between philosophy and morality.
  • The role of reason and logic in shaping philosophical beliefs.
  • Exploring the concept of free will and its implications on belief systems.
  • The relationship between philosophy and religion in shaping worldviews.
  • The impact of philosophical beliefs on ethical decision-making.
  • The influence of philosophical beliefs on political ideologies.
  • Examining the concept of truth and its interpretation in different philosophical traditions.
  • The role of skepticism and doubt in challenging existing belief systems.
  • The connection between philosophical beliefs and the pursuit of knowledge.

Political Beliefs:

  • The influence of political beliefs on individual values and actions.
  • Analyzing the connection between political ideology and social justice.
  • Exploring the role of political beliefs in shaping public policies.
  • The impact of political beliefs on attitudes towards globalization.
  • The relationship between political beliefs and economic systems.
  • The connection between political beliefs and attitudes towards immigration.
  • The influence of political beliefs on environmental policies and sustainability.
  • Examining the role of political beliefs in shaping international relations.
  • The significance of political beliefs in promoting social equality and inclusivity.
  • The impact of political beliefs on attitudes towards human rights.

Cultural Beliefs:

  • The role of cultural beliefs in shaping individual and collective identities.
  • Analyzing the impact of cultural beliefs on gender roles and expectations.
  • Exploring the concept of cultural relativism and its implications on belief systems.
  • The influence of cultural beliefs on attitudes towards marriage and family.
  • The connection between cultural beliefs and artistic expressions.
  • The impact of cultural beliefs on attitudes towards education and learning.
  • Examining the role of cultural beliefs in promoting social cohesion.
  • The significance of cultural beliefs in shaping dietary choices and food practices.
  • The influence of cultural beliefs on attitudes towards aging and death.
  • The connection between cultural beliefs and perceptions of beauty and body image.

Personal Beliefs:

  • The role of personal beliefs in shaping individual goals and aspirations.
  • Analyzing the impact of personal beliefs on decision-making processes.
  • Exploring the connection between personal beliefs and self-esteem.
  • The influence of personal beliefs on attitudes towards risk-taking.
  • The significance of personal beliefs in promoting mental well-being.
  • The impact of personal beliefs on attitudes towards relationships and love.
  • Examining the role of personal beliefs in cultivating resilience and perseverance.
  • The connection between personal beliefs and attitudes towards personal growth.
  • The influence of personal beliefs on attitudes towards material possessions.
  • The significance of personal beliefs in shaping attitudes towards failure and success.

Controversial Beliefs:

  • Analyzing controversial beliefs and their impact on social dynamics.
  • The role of controversial beliefs in fostering critical thinking and debate.
  • Exploring the connection between controversial beliefs and social progress.
  • The influence of controversial beliefs on attitudes towards marginalized groups.
  • Examining the role of controversial beliefs in shaping media narratives.
  • The significance of controversial beliefs in challenging societal norms.
  • The impact of controversial beliefs on freedom of speech and expression.
  • The connection between controversial beliefs and social activism.
  • The influence of controversial beliefs on attitudes towards authority.
  • The role of controversial beliefs in promoting empathy and understanding.

Scientific Beliefs:

  • The impact of scientific beliefs on attitudes towards the natural world.
  • Analyzing the connection between scientific beliefs and evidence-based thinking.
  • Exploring the role of scientific beliefs in shaping technological advancements.
  • The influence of scientific beliefs on attitudes towards health and medicine.
  • The significance of scientific beliefs in promoting environmental conservation.
  • The connection between scientific beliefs and attitudes towards climate change.
  • Examining the role of scientific beliefs in shaping educational curricula.
  • The impact of scientific beliefs on attitudes towards animal rights and welfare.
  • The connection between scientific beliefs and attitudes towards genetic engineering.
  • The influence of scientific beliefs on attitudes towards the origin of life.

Historical Beliefs:

  • The role of historical beliefs in shaping cultural identities.
  • Analyzing the impact of historical beliefs on nationalistic ideologies.
  • Exploring the connection between historical beliefs and historical revisionism.
  • The influence of historical beliefs on attitudes towards war and conflict.
  • The significance of historical beliefs in shaping collective memory.
  • The impact of historical beliefs on attitudes towards colonialism and imperialism.
  • Examining the role of historical beliefs in shaping political ideologies.
  • The connection between historical beliefs and attitudes towards immigration.
  • The influence of historical beliefs on attitudes towards human rights.
  • The role of historical beliefs in promoting intercultural understanding.

Literary and Artistic Beliefs:

  • The significance of literary and artistic beliefs in shaping cultural movements.
  • Analyzing the connection between literary and artistic beliefs and social change.
  • Exploring the role of literary and artistic beliefs in challenging societal norms.
  • The influence of literary and artistic beliefs on attitudes towards censorship.
  • The connection between literary and artistic beliefs and the pursuit of beauty.
  • Examining the impact of literary and artistic beliefs on self-expression.
  • The role of literary and artistic beliefs in promoting empathy and understanding.
  • The significance of literary and artistic beliefs in shaping collective memory.
  • The influence of literary and artistic beliefs on attitudes towards social justice.
  • The connection between literary and artistic beliefs and the imagination.

Media and Technology Beliefs:

  • The impact of media and technology beliefs on attitudes towards information consumption.
  • Analyzing the connection between media and technology beliefs and political polarization.
  • Exploring the role of media and technology beliefs in shaping public opinion.
  • The influence of media and technology beliefs on attitudes towards privacy.
  • The connection between media and technology beliefs and the digital divide.
  • Examining the impact of media and technology beliefs on online communities.
  • The role of media and technology beliefs in shaping media literacy.
  • The significance of media and technology beliefs in promoting digital citizenship.
  • The influence of media and technology beliefs on attitudes towards artificial intelligence.
  • The connection between media and technology beliefs and social media activism.

Environmental Beliefs:

  • The impact of environmental beliefs on attitudes towards sustainability.
  • Analyzing the connection between environmental beliefs and environmental policies.
  • Exploring the role of environmental beliefs in shaping consumer behavior.
  • The influence of environmental beliefs on attitudes towards climate change.
  • The connection between environmental beliefs and attitudes towards resource conservation.
  • Examining the impact of environmental beliefs on attitudes towards animal rights.
  • The role of environmental beliefs in promoting environmental education.
  • The significance of environmental beliefs in shaping attitudes towards eco-friendly practices.

These belief essay topic ideas and examples provide a starting point for your exploration of the intricate tapestry of human faith. Remember to approach each topic with curiosity, open-mindedness, and respect for diverse perspectives. By delving into these beliefs, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

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Essay Samples on Religion

Composing your student essay about religion, it’s essential to research your subject first and avoid controversial subjects. The trick is to provide a clear structure that will focus on theological aspects of things. When you strive to compare different religions, do not write in a biased tone and work on your compare-and-contrast essay. The body parts of your religion essay must start with a good topic sentence as you address a particular concept or the roots of some religious notions. It’s always good if you can find reliable sources to support the facts. If you are not sure about some source or an idea that must be explored, you can either talk to an academic advisor or focus on a good religion essay example that we have prepared for you. These will help you get a basic idea of how such essays must be written. See the introduction part in every essay sample provided and don’t forget to stay respectful as you work on the differences and similarities. Check your grading rubric requirements twice. Regarding a good thesis statement, religious essays should only pose assumptions or compose specific claims that are supported with another sentence to avoid misreading or confusion.

Why Is Freedom of Religion Important

Freedom of religion stands as one of the fundamental pillars of a democratic and pluralistic society. It safeguards an individual's right to practice their chosen faith without fear of discrimination or persecution. This essay delves into the resons why freedom of religion is important, exploring...

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How Are Religion and Culture Connected in Various Ways

The intricate relationship between religion and culture is a subject of immense significance, shaping the values, behaviors, and traditions of societies worldwide. While religion and culture are distinct concepts, they are profoundly interconnected, often influencing and informing one another. This essay delves into how religion...

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Death is a Passage Beyond Life

Introduction In virtually every culture and religion around the world, death is not regarded as an end, but as a passage to a different form of existence. This belief, deeply rooted in human history and psyche, has shaped rituals, philosophies, and the way we perceive...

Why Should We Respect Our Parents: Exploring Islamic Arguments

What islam says about why should we respect our parents? In this essay I want to emphasize that Allah is telling us to treat our parents kindly and to make effort in pleasing them. He says that our mother most deserves our respect and service,...

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Respect Your Parents and Take Care of Your Children: Ephesians 6:1-9

I chose the following passage Ephesians 6:1-9. The main reason that I chose this passage was because the other passages had already been taken. Now after researching this passage I discovered that there was more than meets the eye and I want to learn how...

The Importance of Respect and Obedience to Our Parents in Islam

DedicationI dedicate this research to God Almighty my creator, my strong pillar, my source of inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. He has been the source of my strength throughout this research and on His wings only have I soared. I also dedicate this work to...

Respect for Life: the Issue of Death Penalty in Catholic Teachings

An essential principle of a human rights is that each and every human being has an innate dignity that must be respected. Respect for one's human dignity is the original human right from which other human being had as a gift from our almighty God....

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  • Death Penalty

What Does Respect Mean to You: Christian Explanation

A few days ago a friend of mine asked 'what does respect mean to you?' Later this question inspired me to write this essay about the meaning of respect from christian believer's point of view.   Paradise is something that many people think they can...

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Implementing the Four Noble Truths in Everyday Life

Introduction One of the fundamental doctrines of Buddhism set forth by Buddha himself are the Four Noble Truths. These contain the very essence of the Buddha's pragmatic teachings. The Buddha is known to attain enlightenment only after the realization of these four truths during his...

Euthanasia and the Catholic Church in Australia

An ethical issue is a problem or dilemma that involves a person having to decide whether or not it is morally right or wrong. Euthanasia is a clear example of an ethical issue currently present in Australia. Euthanasia is a process whereby a person who...

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Islamic Traditions and Practices: A Focus on Asian Muslims

Asia is home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the world. Muslim population accounts for approximately 62% of the total population of Asia. Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh are Muslim-majority countries of Asia. As Muslims have different cultures, values, and histories, their...

The Divine Love: Understanding God's Love for Humanity

There is a multitude of attributes of God, what He is and that any human being can also become. Among these countless attributes or characteristics, we have love. A 'simple' characteristic present in some way in the life of all humanity, from the rich to...

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Comparison of Islamic Religious Texts: the Quran and Hadith

The Quran is the most important text in the Islamic faith, believed to be the word of God communicated to the prophet Muhammad who spoke to his followers, and what he said was written down in the Quran years after his death. The Hadith is...

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The Virtue and Significance of the Quran: Exploring its Divine Revelation, Recitation, and Impact on the Muslim Community

The Quran is defined as the miraculous word of God, devoted to its recitation, the house of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by revelation by Jibril, peace be upon him, and transmitted to us in frequency. It should be noted that the Quran came down in...

Human Experience of Illness and the Key Role of the Environment

The key goal of the healthcare facility is to offer a environment where the sick will be at ease and to enable their body to regenerate. There are three principles for a healthy environment: seen, unseen, and storied environments. These ideas give us a deeper...

The Trustworthiness of the Bible: Exploration of Its Foundations

The Bible, a collection of sacred texts revered by millions around the world, has endured for centuries as a source of moral guidance, spiritual enlightenment, and historical insight. Its trustworthiness stems from a multifaceted examination of its historical, literary, and spiritual foundations, which collectively affirm...

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Exploring of the Five Meanings of Science of the Quran

Sciences of the Quran are each science that is intended to serve the Holy Quran and attempt to investigate its privileged insights and uncover its puzzles, for example, the exploration in the Quranic disclosure and Quranic contents, the gathering and grouping of the Quran, the...

Exploring Invaluable Role of Jesus Christ for the World

Jesus Christ is one of the most well known historical figures that could be considered heroic and relatively important to the development of Western Civilization. The existence of Jesus and the eternal legacy he left after he sacrificed himself was one that dramatically influenced the...

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  • Jesus Christ

Is Jesus a Myth: One of the World’s Most Controversial Figures

It would be hard to find a person in history that has been met with so much controversy than Jesus of Nazareth. According to those who wrote the New Testament, Jesus is God, who was born of a virgin, who lived a sinless life, was...

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Why Jesus Is a Hero: an Example of Love and Forgiveness

Is Jesus a hero or not? The meaning of a hero is someone who shows bravery, courage, determination, justice and more. A hero doesn’t need to save the world for people to say that is what a hero is, like Jesus, he reached out to...

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The Life and Achievemnts of Muhammad - a Founder of Islam

I chose Muhammad because he did a lot from the day he was born till the day he died. One of the many things that Muhammad did was when Muhammad founded Islam and made it the way it is now. Muhammad was born in Mecca,...

Unveiling Jesus as the Heroic Figure of True Faith and Love

A hero is someone who gives themselves, often putting their own life at great risk, for the greater good of others . A hero shows courage and is determined and dedicated to helping others in need by showing selflessness and sacrifice for the good of...

Jesus as the Greatest Hero: Being Gifted With Godlike DNA

A hero is a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Jesus shown these quality’s in different bible readings. Jesus was not only a hero that did miracles to heal people, he was a hero that sacrificed his own life...

Personal Reflections: Three Lessons I Have Learnt From Hosea's Story

David was chosen to be king at a young age when he was only a shepherd, but wasn’t the king until he was 30 years old, David had been working for king Saul and throughout that time he had been taken to court by king...

The Menace of Terrorism Around the World: Emerging Threats and Issues

The menace of terrorism has been increasing over the years though there have been several efforts to counter it. The evils of terrorism have become widespread, and the world has become too familiar to them. There has been a lot of debate on the definition...

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Understanding Islam: Beliefs, Practices, and History

What is Islam? What do they believe in? Who are they? Well continue reading and you will find out a lot about this religion. Islam is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion teaching that there is only one God and that Muhammad is the messenger of God....

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The Unique World of Buddhism: Its Origins, Beliefs, and Practices

The World is today is unique, religion being a huge part of that uniqueness. The religions shaped many of the well- known religions today. There are a lot of well-known religions today adapted some of practices of many older religions that today depending on the...

Submission to Allah: The Core Concept of Islam

The concept at the core of Islam is the intention that a Muslim follows the will of Allah as closely as possible in hopes that each moment of each day is to be lived in an attitude of complete submission to Him. Allah’s greatest revelation,...

The Increased Violence in New Terrorism: What Is Going On

The 1990s recalls a series of extremist acts that ushered a new and more violent form of terrorism. Propelled by religious motivations, decentralized organization, and technological advancement, the new terrorism distinguished itself from old terrorism with its inclination to indiscriminate killing and mass casualties. Rapoport’s...

The Sacred Mystery of Plants in Eastern Religion Cultures

Sacred plants are specific plants those are usually devoted to gods and goddess. The human relation with sacred plant stands basically on religion which is considered with Hindu, Buddhist and Jain culture. During the ancient period, the worship of sacred plants is most of the...

Understanding Islam: The Complete Submission to the Will of God

Religion is often a fundamental part of one’s identity. The word religion originates from a Latin word meaning “to tie or bind together.” As new and modern religions continue to develop, religion defines as “an organized system of beliefs and rituals centring on a spiritual...

Difference Between Islam and Christianity: Perspectives on Racism

Islam and Christianity are two of the largest religions in the world, with billions of followers combined. While there are significant difference between islam and christianity in this essay we will also analyse similarities between islam and christianity. For this paper we have interviewed several...

Postulates and Principles of Islamic Moral Economic System

In this paper we will take a short review of main principles and postulates, its subsequent objectives of the Islamic moral economic system.  Tawhid or the Unity of God is the fundamental principle of IME. It refers to the human beings being equal before the...

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Muhammad and the Birth of Islam: Unraveling the History and Teachings

Chapter 10 of Islam of “Living Religions” by Mary Fisher talks about how Islam is viewed by society and how Islam came about. Reading this chapter from the point of view of the author who is not Muslim made me feel like she was with...

  • History of Islam

The Journey to Nirvana: The Teachings and Beliefs of Buddhism

Buddhism is among the world's biggest religions, with origins in India dating back 2,500 years. Buddhists think that human existence is full of misery, believing the way to obtain happiness, or nirvana, is via meditation, spiritual and physical effort, and moral behavior. Buddhists believe life...

Gautama and the Middle Way: The Birth of Buddhism

Although we think of Buddhism as being created by Buddha, Gautama a young prince, was the creator and he is now referred to as Buddha, also known as the enlightened one. Since Gautama was a prince that meant that his father was a king and...

The Intersection of Religion and Abortion: A Comparative Analysis

Abortion has been a hot topic for several years. People are very opinionated about the case and there's an ethical side to the subject. The abortion debate asks whether it may be morally right to terminate a pregnancy before normal childbirth. Some people believe that...

  • Abortion Debate

Buddhism in Asia: A Cultural and Historical Perspective

The story of the life of Gautama Buddha According to the legend the person now commonly known as the Buddha was a prince named Siddhartha Gautama. His father, Suddhodana Gautama, was the ruler of the Shakya clan. Siddhartha’s birth was attended by many unusual events....

  • Zen Buddhism

From India to China: The Spread of Buddhism along the Silk Road

Introduction The silk road spread religions, philosophies, education, goods, and people. The people who embarked for a journey on the silk road were monks from India. India, during the iron age, between the fourth and sixth centuries, began urbanization and in this process, the influence...

Exploring Buddhism at a Traditional Mon Buddhist Dharma Session

Introduction Sunday, February 16th at two-thirty, I visited the Mon Buddhist Monastery Community in Akron Ohio. This was a traditional Mon Buddhist Dharma session. I was very pleased by the turnout of the session and was able to grasp a better understanding of the Buddhism...

The Rise and Spread of Islam: History and Impact

Introduction Islam is probably the most youthful religion and has the biggest followers in the world and is predominant in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia (Hopfe and Woodward 330). Islam is a significant religion in the world and has in excess of billion followers...

The Dichotomy of Annihilationism and Non-Annihilationism in Buddhism

Introduction Buddhism can be split into two distinct schools of thought: annihilationism and eternal rebirth. The argument that the state of nirvana is achieved through the blowing out of what fuels one’s self is the one generally accepted by most Buddhists and scholars. The minority...

Islam: The Role of Gender, Storytelling, and Conflict

Introduction: The emergence of the Muslim minority in Western nations has spurred discussion over which Muslim behaviors should be accepted, with many people considering certain customs a rejection. In Western countries, societies based on the Islamic belief system have wrestled with gender roles, the importance...

The Ethical Code of Islam: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction: In Islam, there is a strict ethical code that must be followed in order to abide by Allah. This code is highlighted in the Koran and is practiced through traditions, actions, clothing, and food consumption. Furthermore, every Muslim is expected to adhere to the...

Religion and Abortion: Understanding the Pro-Life Movement

Introduction  Death sentences, guns, religion, and abortion are among the top debated subjects in conversations. These topics are discussed frequently, especially if it’s a hot topic for a political debate. There are supporters and opponents on these subjects due to their strong points of view....

Organ Donation and Brain Death from Buddhist's Perspectives 

Modern scientific and technological developments have contributed to mass production. There have arisen many issues which affect human health both physical and mental are related, regarding to ethical criteria in physical medicine. This paper will discuss brain death and organ transplantation from Buddhists perspectives. There...

  • Organ Donation
  • Organ Transplant

Hinduism and Buddhism as Most Popular Religions in India

Located in northern India that flows from the Himalayan Mountains to the Bay of Bengal lies the Ganges River. Known as a sacred entity, many Hindus bathe in its waters to cleanse past sins and to facilitate Moksha, liberation of reincarnation; thus, many faithful customs,...

Faith and Reason Are Compatible: Suspension of Disbelief 

Art is a platform that dares reality. It stretches the limits of reality and tends to over step these boundaries all to serve the purpose of the piece of art. This is where the suspension of disbelief comes in. One must set aside their typical...

The Baptism Experience: Passing God's Love Through Baptism

One simple act creates an endless ripple where people passes it on and pays it forward. This is due to the interconnected nature of human beings – when we are happy, we influence the people around us to have a positive outlook in life. And...

The Idea That Faith and Reason Are Compatible in Religious Texts

There are four fundamental claims of the Catholic intellectual tradition and the one I choose is, the dignity of the human being inviolable and the commitment to justice for the common good is necessary. These four fundamental claims are very important in the catholic religion...

The Baptism Experience in the Life of Children in the Medieval Ages

Of all the misconceptions of the Medieval Ages, some of the most prevalent include the life of a child during this era. During this time it is believed that many children were shown no recognition and they were treated as though they were adults as...

  • Middle Ages

Hinduism and Buddhism: The Values and Purposes of Both Religions

Today there are many different religions in the world. In Asia, Buddhism and Hinduism are popular beliefs in general. Hinduism is the religion of Antigua known and very rich in literally hundreds of divinities, rituals and symbolic beliefs. Believes is that was founded around 1500...

Nacirema Culture and Buddhism Religious Practices

Religion is a topic that provokes or brings about different thoughts and ideas between people. We all have our own beliefs and traditions that make each one of our religions stand out. It is what makes us who we are. Myths and rituals are a...

The Freedom Of Religion And Why Is The First Amendment Important

First Amendment “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of...

  • American Constitution
  • First Amendment

Belief In God: Relationships Between Science and Religion

The conflict between science and spirituality (religion) usually refers to an assumed conflict between science and belief in God. For the purpose of this talk “religion” refers to the monotheistic religion which is the belief in the existence of a good, personal and transcendent creator....

  • Science Vs. Religion
  • Spirituality

Why Do You Believe In God

Well, God can do all of these and even more. Sometimes, situations can make anyone forget or doubt God's abilities irrespective of how strong you have been in faith. Remember, no one is ever ready for hard situations to hit them, it just happens, but...

  • Kingdom of God

Peter`s The Great Reforms: A Knot Between Church And State

Christians all over the world have been persecuted for their religious beliefs. Although the situation became better with time, it was still not ideal in the 18th century. Peter the Great, the first emperor of Russia, introduced the Most Holy Synod, and it changed the...

  • Russian Empire

The Nature Of Confucianism and Daoism, And The Gender Roles

The story of Cui Ying Ying was composed during the late Tang dynasty and is regarded as famous romantic prose. The story explores cultural dynamics during the Tang period and displays the contrasting views of Chinese philosophy in the era. To truly comprehend the symbolism...

  • Confucianism
  • Gender Roles

"Paradise Lost" By John Milton: Book Review

In this review, I hope to put forward two different approaches to interpreting Milton’s Paradise Lost. I will be exploring Archie Burnett’s article ‘Sense Variously Drawn Own’ published in 2003 which examines the relation between Lineation, syntax, and meaning in Milton’s Paradise Lost. I will...

  • Adam and Eve
  • Paradise Lost

"Does Science Threaten Religion?" By Gerber and Macionis: A Review

The article “Controversy and Debate: Does Science Threaten Religion?” has demonstrated the changing relationship between science and religion, from apparent contradictions in the past to recognizing and accepting each other in the present (Gerber & Macionis, 2018, pp. 553). The author has incorporated a structural-functional...

The History Of The Emergence And Spread Of Christianity And Islam

Christianity is one of the most spread religions in the world. It centers its belief in the public life of Jesus Christ. The term Christianity is a derivation of the followers of Christ. Therefore, Jesus is the pioneer of this faith. Christians base their teaching...

  • Spread of Christianity

The Second Coming By Yeats: Powerful Warning To Society

In a world full of hostility and loss of faith surrounded by war and technological developments, the modernist era of literature developments, the modernists era of literature arose. The sinking of the Titanic symbolized the falling of the Great Britain empire and newly invented standardized...

  • The Second Coming
  • William Butler Yeats

Acceptance Concepts Through the Bible Topics

I believe that God creates all of us to be good genuinely and kindhearted. God believes that we are most beautiful & unique the way he created us. So, bullies should stop their intimidating behaviors towards others, they don’t need to be so, they should...

Humble, Mainwairing and Pompous Pride

This is probably something that none of you know about me and that is I am a massive Dads Army fan, I have all the available episodes and movies on DVD. It’s been great to watch the lost episodes on Gold this week, now I...

Apuleius’ Metamorphoses and Picture of Human Nature

This essay will explore Apuleius’ Metamorphoses with special regard to what picture of human nature and society it presents and whether or not the gods offer the prospect of salvation. Dealing with the tale of Lucius whose overly curious nature results in him being turned...

  • Human Nature
  • Metamorphoses

The Shinto Religion and the Root of Japanese Culture

Shintōism is frequently portrayed in art from all over the world, especially in Japan. The Shintō religion is at the root of Japanese culture and history and therefore has a profound impact on its popular culture today, from manga and anime to film to video...

  • Personal Beliefs

Biblical Archaeology: How the Study of God Is Look Like

Archaeology is defined as the scientific study of historic or prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, and other such remains, especially those that have been excavated. (Dictionary, Archaeology) Archaeology is used throughout history and in many ways. Biblical Archaeology...

  • Archaeology

The Development of Islamic Art

Islamic art is created not only for the Muslim faith, but it consists of artworks such as textiles, architecture, paintings and drawings that were produced in the regions that were once ruled by Muslim empires. Artists from various disciplines take part in collaborative projects and...

  • Islamic Art

Unforgiveness Steals Away Your Joy, Peace, and Happiness

Forgiveness is one of the topics most Christians don't like to talk about especially if they were truly hurt by someone close to their heart. Sometimes, we feel it is better to carry the burden of hatred rather than forgive those that have wronged us....

  • Forgiveness

Role of Cultural and Religious Pluralism

Cultural pluralism is a term used when smaller groups within a larger society maintain their own unique cultural identities. Migration is a key process that makes significant contribution to the growth of urbanism. Often immigrants belonging to particular region, language, religion ,tribe etc tend to...

  • Art and Religion
  • Religious Pluralism

Political Correctness and Occidental International Law

The uniformity of European political thought canon as asserted by postcolonialists has created a ‘residual sense that the Christian faith is an expression of white Western privilege ’. This deficit in postcolonial theory, to account for Grotius and theorists who argued for the separation of...

  • Political Correctness

The Portrayal of the Culture of Death and Afterlife in Art

Throughout history, different cultures dealt with the concept of death and afterlife according to their beliefs, and developed different perspectives about what happens after the body dies. These ideas were often reflected in their art, literature, and their lifestyle as well. Most cultures produce art...

The Tattoo of Cherry Blossom Bracelets in China

The armband tattoos were a popular excitement 10 to 15 years ago. Today, however, it is gradually becoming a hot trend again. These types of tattoos are appealing because they are easy to show and can be quickly hidden in the sleeve. What do bracelet...

  • Chinese Culture
  • Christianity

Amazon's Upload is All About the Digital Afterlife

Take Black Mirror's dystopian tech analysis, The Good Place's thoughtful investigation of the afterlife, and the workplace pranks of The Office, squeeze them together, and you have Amazon’s Upload. It takes place in a world that could simply be 10 years from now. You can...

Hagia Sophia and Eastern Roman Empire

Hagia Sophia is the great rich remain and an important monument for the Eastern Roman Empire commonly known as the Byzantine Empire. It remain the Centre for Orthodox Church for nearly a thousand years. The current version was built in the year 532. This iconic...

  • Ancient Rome
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Hagia Sophia

Life After Death for the One Whose Heart Is Light

Built in the 27th century BC for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser by his vizier; architect and later known as the God of Medicine, Imhotep. Pyramids were built for religious purposes and the Egyptian civilization were one of the first to believe in an afterlife....

Insurance Regarding the Existence of an Individual’s Afterlife

Under the rational choice model, decisions individuals make are based on perfect information. This implies that people do not undergo any risks or uncertainties when making a choice. However, religious choices of individuals cannot be based on perfect information, for there are no verified sources...

Johann Christoph Blumhardt and Christology

Johann Christoph Blumhardt (1805-1880) was a Lutheran pastor in Württemberg. He was known among the Lutheran Pietists who built the relation between Southwest Germany [then] with the Basel University of Switzerland mission Society. Certain authors consider this relationship as fostering the trans-Atlantic faith healing movement....

  • Christology
  • Martin Luther King

Finding What Is The Biblical Purpose Of Govenrment

One day a man was walking down the streets of his city, headed to the capitol, and then he saw a car wreck right in front of him. His first instinct is to go help, so he rushes over and sees the scene. Now with...

  • Role of Government

The Creation Myth And Human Evolution: The Everlasting Debate

Every generation of people, young and old as well, come to ask questions about the origin of the universe: Where did it come from? When did it start? or How did it come into existence? Scientists, philosophers or religious believers have all tried to explain...

  • Creation Myth
  • Human Evolution

Considering Religious Beliefs And Freedom Of Expression

Whether you believe in something or not, the idea of religion has probably crossed your mind. Some people see it as a way to make sense of the world around us and some see it as way of life. the idea that a higher power,...

The Foundational Beliefs Of The Biblical Worldview

To build a biblical framework, or foundational beliefs about God, His character, His world, and His plan one must go to Scripture, for these are His words. Here answers are found to life’s questions; why are we here, good and evil, our purpose, and where...

The Truths About Real Life In The Biblical Worldview

Introduction Every person has a worldview that is either biblical or secular (humanistic). A person’s worldview is the lens through which they view the world. It dictates the decisions they make, the way they treat themselves and others, and their ideas of life after death....

The Perception Of The World In The Christian Worldview

A worldview, this is easy to say its self-explanatory, but it’s much more than that. A worldview can be defined as, “a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world” (Google Dictionary). Another idea is, how a Christian worldview is defined. A Christian Worldview...

The Correlation Between Christian Worldview And Criminal Justice System

Abstract This criminal justice research paper will discuss how people in law enforcement have demonstrated and or expressed their integration of Christen Worldviews into the field of criminal justice. It will show how their Christian beliefs are the driving force behind their ethical and moral...

The Age Of The Earth: Creation Vs. Evolution

There are four great questions of life that everyone asks. The questions are; Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? And where am I going when I die? These questions are answered completely different depending on if you are an...

The Impact Of Religion On Defining What Is Value Of Life

What might most people on this earth value? You guessed it right, it’s Life! Life brings a lot of meaning and purpose that is I feel is an ideal answer to the society and lets just face it, what could someone value other than life?...

  • Meaning of Life

Exploration Of Buddhism And Hinduism: Similarities And Differences

Nearly, all people chose at least one religion which is suitable for their thoughts and believes. Due to that fact, people of the same religion come together usually. For instance, there are islamic countries in one community which is called Muslim countries or Ummah. Moreover,...

Buddhism And Hinduism: The Similarities And Differences Of Views

There are three ways to achieve moksha which is when a person’s atman (individual soul) is released from the eternal cycle of reincarnation. Reincarnation is a core idea of Hinduism as according to Upanishad (the third and final Vedic scripture) literature the atman would go...

The Similarities And Differences Between Worldviews Of Hinduism And Buddhism

I will start with the greeting of each religion since it gives a good first impression about you if you greet them in their own way. “Namaste” is the common greeting or salutation in Hinduism, it is usually said with body gestures where they bend...

A Biblical Worldview: The Values Of A Devoted Christian

There comes a point in everyone's life that they must start making decisions on their own, it is at this point they choose what lenses they will use to drive their decisions. For Christians that lense is the Bible and the Holy Spirit is the...

Christian Worldview: Faith And Forgiveness As A Basis

Throughout history, different point of views arose and changed the way people looked at the past of the world. One specific viewpoint is the Christian’s worldview. Christians sin just like everyone else and they recognize that, just like how they recognize the faith of God....

The Biblical Worldview On The Human Trafficking

Choices to commit a crime, fight against crime, or generate justice for criminal acts are all motivated by our worldview. Incorporating a Christian worldview into the Criminal Justice approach allows you to view behavior and response through the lens of God's expectations. This perspective creates...

  • Human Trafficking

The Christian Worldview: Philosophy And Values

Today's culture has multiple worldviews. Many individuals prefer to select various religions views but mostly keep to one central worldview. A worldview is the gathering of values that form our everyday work and define our overall vision of existence. Looking seriously at my beliefs, my...

The Effect Of Prophet Muhammad On The Quick Spread Of Islam

This paper will deeply investigate the following interesting question on Islam and it’s spread. What effect did the spread of Islam by Prophet Muhammad in Mecca have on the already religious Saudi Arabian society? In order to compose this paper with reliable facts, mostly primary...

Understanding the Power of a Biblical Worldview in Psychology

A biblical worldview is a transformative lens through which we view the world, based on the teachings of the Bible. It impacts our perspectives on various situations, facts, and aspects of life. This worldview has profound implications for psychology, influencing even the smallest details, such...

Best topics on Religion

1. Why Is Freedom of Religion Important

2. Who is God in Your Life: Personal Beliefs and Spiritual Connections

3. Should Religion Be Taught in Schools

4. How Does Religion Affect Your Life

5. How Are Religion and Culture Connected in Various Ways

6. Buddhism and Hinduism: Exploring Similarities and Differences

7. Death is a Passage Beyond Life

8. Why Should We Respect Our Parents: Exploring Islamic Arguments

9. Respect Your Parents and Take Care of Your Children: Ephesians 6:1-9

10. The Importance of Respect and Obedience to Our Parents in Islam

11. Respect for Life: the Issue of Death Penalty in Catholic Teachings

12. What Does Respect Mean to You: Christian Explanation

13. Implementing the Four Noble Truths in Everyday Life

14. Euthanasia and the Catholic Church in Australia

15. Islamic Traditions and Practices: A Focus on Asian Muslims

  • Seven Deadly Sins

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100 religious argumentative essay topics to write about [updated], dr. wilson mn.

  • August 1, 2022

Includes Religious Argumentative Essay Topics , Good bible argumentative essay topics, Great argumentative essay about Christianity, Title for religion essay, Top Christian essay topics for youth, Good Christian topics to write about, Unique biblical essay topics, and Good topics related to faith.

What You'll Learn

Religious Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Between Islam and Hinduism, which one has stricter beliefs?
  • Mohammed and Buddha who had better teaching?
  • Does Islam have more supporters and power than Hinduism?
  • Is the atheist group likely to end in the future?
  • Is polygamous in Islam a good thing?
  • Christians and Islam, which of these two groups have better moral habits?
  • Should catholic priests be allowed to marry?
  • What is the right age to become a pastor?
  • Faith is a personal thing, so theological matters don’t need to be debated.
  • Why the writings of Josephus are a fake.
  • When sharia law becomes dangerous: why change is needed.
  • Should the freedom of worship be introduced to every part of the world?
  • Between the Bible and Quran which of these two religious books are mostly read?
  • Do Christians follow the instruction in the Bible?
  • Is behavior important in determining someone’s religious faith?

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Good Bible Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Who is better, someone who prays often or someone who does good deeds?
  • Is the Bible the most important tool in a Christian’s life?
  • Is it proper for people to change their religion each time they want?
  • Should schools have religious subjects in their curriculum?
  • Should praying in public in our schools be reintroduced?
  • Is there a link between increased moral decay in our schools and the removal of religious activity?
  • Do priests play any role in promoting good moral standards in society?
  • According to religious books is abortion a crime?
  • Why women should be allowed to choose to wear the burqa in countries where Islam is a minority.
  • The Christian missionaries paved the way for the destruction of native tribes.
  • Why Buddhism is a religion and not a philosophy as generally supposed.
  • The Vatican should change its position towards homosexuality.

Unique Biblical Essay Topics

  • Jesus Christ was based on earlier demi-gods like Mithras and Dionysus.
  • The Gnostic texts show that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.
  • Why there’s good reason to believe that there is a code in the Torah.
  • Why it is vital to not confuse Islam with extremism.
  • The rights of Muslim women need to be changed.
  • Why religion and politics should never mix.
  • Why the Dead Sea Scrolls change our accepted views of Jesus and Christianity.
  • A Jewish perspective on why Jesus was not the messiah
  • If you were to seek counseling sessions would you go to a Priest, Imam, or Monk?
  • How do Christians take abortion, and it is right to carry out an abortion?
  • Can faith in God improve one’s emotional and mental wellness? (Religious Argumentative Essay Topics)
  • Does religion have a role to play in extreme groups and terrorists?
  • Is religion in modern society fulfilling its intended role?
  • According to Christian standards is gay marriage acceptable?
  • Is there any fulfillment in knowing there is life after death?
  • Does being associated with certain religions make you a content human being?
  • Is praying in faith a safer substitute for conventional medicines?
  • Are all calamities associated with the sinful nature of man?

Great Argumentative Essay About Christianity

  • Are there any challenges faced by interfaith families?
  • Do parents’ religious faith affect their children in any way?
  • Are there any religious practices that have been passed over time?
  • Should the church be involved in state matters?
  • Is cloning religiously correct?
  • In Christianity is the slave trade acceptable?
  • Is it proper to marry a person of different religious background?
  • Should religion set guidelines on whom to marry?
  • Should the church officiate same-sex marriages? Why?
  • Currently, is the church playing its golden rule of upholding morality? Christianity Argumentative Topics
  • Which is more important faith or works?
Includes Religious Argumentative Essay Topics , Good bible argumentative essay topics, Great argumentative essay about Christianity, Title for religion essay, Top Christian essay topics for youth, Good Christian topics to write about, Unique biblical essay topics, and Good topics related to faith

Good Christian Topics To Write About

  • Which is the 7th day, Saturday or Sunday?
  • Who was worse, Cain or Judas?
  • Can persecution of Christians lead to the extinction of Christianity?
  • Is it possible to distinguish between a false and true prophet of God?
  • Should all churches unite and become one?
  • Between Moses and Abraham, who is the most influential?
  • Should teenagers be allowed to have a church wedding?
  • Is there life after earth? ((Religious Argumentative Essay Topics)
  • Is it okay to cohabit before you do a church wedding?
  • Can the Bible be referred to as the most popular book in the world?
  • What makes people change to another religion?
  • What is the right age for someone to marry?
  • Is material wealth important to a Christian?
  • How often should a Christian pray?

Here are  130 + Best Research Topic About Nursing – Types & How To Choose A Nursing Research Topic

Title For Religion Essay

  • Do angels exist in the current world?
  • Is going to church important?
  • Is sex before a wedding day right or wrong?
  • Have the 10 commandments been altered?
  • At what age should one be ordained as a pastor?
  • Is possible to be a true Christian and never pray?
  • What does it mean to have an idol in a Christian life? Argumentative Essay Topics About Religion
  • Are the religious movements impacting society?
  • The impact of the story of Jesus on Christian life.
  • The Origin of Buddhism
  • The importance of the book of Genesis.
  • Is there is common ground between religion and science
  • Who has impacted the world more, Islam or Christianity
  • Are some of the current Christian religious practices adopted from ancient pagan religion
  • What is the origin of Christmas? Was it Biblical?
  • Life after death, is it assured to everyone?
  • Is the belief in purgatory Biblical?
  • How often should a person forgive?
  • Is Jesus the only way to heaven?

Top Christian Essay Topics For Youth

  • We are all descendants of Adam and Noah?
  • Jacob was better than Esau?
  • Is Jerusalem the most religious city in the world?
  • Are there any similarities between Christianity and Islam?
  • How important are the mosques to Islam?
  • Participation of the religious group in maintaining international peace
  • The relevance of religion in education.
  • Is prayer and fasting important to believer?
  • Is it possible to have one religion in the world?
  • Will the world end in destruction?
  • Between Rachel and Leah who was the better wife to Jacob?

Here are additional  60+ Top And Best Argumentative Essay Topics For Different Contexts

Good Topics Related To Faith

  • Does science have any role in Christianity?
  • What is a generation in the Bible?
  • Is it okay to eat any type of food?
  • Should religion predict the mode of dressing for its followers?
  • Is it justified to alter the Bible in any way?
  • Should a Christian drink alcohol?

Includes good bible argumentative essay topics, great argumentative essay about christianity, title for religion essay, top christian essay topics for youth, good christian topics to write about, unique biblical essay topics, and good topics related to faith

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215 Religion Research Paper Topics for College Students

religion research paper topics

Studying religion at a college or a university may be a challenging course for any student. This isn’t because religion is always a sensitive issue in society, it is because the study of religion is broad, and crafting religious topics for research papers around them may be further complex for students. This is why sociology of religion research topics and many others are here, all for your use.

As students of a university or a college, it is essential to prepare religious topics for research papers in advance. There are many research paper topics on religion, and this is why the scope of religion remains consistently broad. They extend to the sociology of religion, research paper topics on society, argumentative essay topics, and lots more. All these will be examined in this article. Rather than comb through your books in search of inspiration for your next essay or research paper, you can easily choose a topic for your religious essay or paper from the following recommendations:

World Religion Research Paper Topics

If you want to broaden your scope as a university student to topics across religions of the world, there are religion discussion topics to consider. These topics are not just for discussion in classes, you can craft research around them. Consider:

  • The role of myths in shaping the world: Greek myths and their influence on the evolution of European religions
  • Modern History: The attitude of modern Europe on the history of their religion
  • The connection between religion and science in the medieval and modern world
  • The mystery in the books of Dan Brown is nothing but fiction: discuss how mystery shapes religious beliefs
  • Theocracy: an examination of theocratic states in contemporary society
  • The role of Christianity in the modern world
  • The myth surrounding the writing of the Bible
  • The concept of religion and patriarchy: examine two religions and how it oppresses women
  • People and religion in everyday life: how lifestyle and culture is influenced by religion
  • The modern society and the changes in the religious view from the medieval period
  • The interdependence of laws and religion is a contemporary thing: what is the role of law in religion and what is the role of religion in law?
  • What marked the shift from religion to humanism?
  • What do totemism and animalism denote?
  • Pre Colonial religion in Africa is savagery and barbaric: discuss
  • Cite three religions and express their views on the human soul
  • Hinduism influenced Indian culture in ways no religion has: discuss
  • Africans are more religious than Europeans who introduced Christian religion to them: discuss
  • Account for the evolution of Confucianism and how it shaped Chinese culture to date
  • Account for the concept of the history of evolution according to Science and according to a religion and how it influences the ideas of the religious soul
  • What is religious education and how can it promote diversity or unity?7
  • Workplace and religion: how religion is extended to all facets of life
  • The concept of fear in maintaining religious authorities: how authorities in religious places inspire fear for absolute devotion
  • Afro-American religion: a study of African religion in America
  • The Bible and its role in religions
  • Religion is more of emotions than logic
  • Choose five religions of the world and study the similarities in their ideas
  • The role of religious leaders in combating global terrorism
  • Terrorism: the place of religion in promoting violence in the Middle East
  • The influence of religion in modern-day politics
  • What will the world be like without religion or religious extremists?
  • Religion in the growth of communist Russia: how cultural revolution is synonymous with religion
  • Religion in the growth of communist China: how cultural revolution is synonymous with religion
  • The study of religions and ethnic rivalries in India
  • Terrorism in Islam is a comeback to the crusades
  • The role of the Thirty Years of War in shaping world diplomacy
  • The role of the Thirty Years of War in shaping plurality in Christianity
  • The religion and the promotion of economics
  • The place of world religions on homosexuality
  • Why does a country, the Vatican City, belong to the Catholic Church?
  • God and the concept of the supernatural: examine the idea that God is a supernatural being
  • The influence of religion in contemporary Japan
  • Religion and populism in the modern world
  • The difference between mythical creatures and gods
  • Polytheism and the possibility of world peace
  • Religion and violence in secular societies?
  • Warfare and subjugation in the spread of religion
  • The policies against migrant in Poland is targeted against Islam
  • The role of international organizations in maintaining religious peace
  • International terrorist organizations and the decline of order

Research Paper Topics Religion and Society

As a student in a university or MBA student, you may be requested to write an informed paper on sociology and religion. There are many sociology religion research paper topics for these segments although they may be hard to develop. You can choose out of the following topics or rephrase them to suit your research interest:

  • The influence of religion on the understanding of morality
  • The role of religion in marginalizing the LGBTQ community
  • The role of women in religion
  • Faith crisis in Christianity and Islamic religions
  • The role of colonialism in the spreading of religion: the spread of Christianity and Islam is a mortal sin
  • How does religion shape our sexual lifestyle?
  • The concept of childhood innocence in religion
  • Religion as the object of hope for the poor: how religion is used as a tool for servitude by the elite
  • The impact of traditional beliefs in today’s secular societies
  • How religion promotes society and how it can destroy it
  • The knowledge of religion from the eyes of a sociologist
  • Religious pluralism in America: how diverse religions struggle to strive
  • Social stratification and its role in shaping religious groups in America
  • The concept of organized religion: why the belief in God is not enough to join a religious group
  • The family has the biggest influence on religious choices: examine how childhood influences the adult’s religious interests
  • Islamophobia in European societies and anti-Semitism in America
  • The views of Christianity on interfaith marriage
  • The views of Islam on interfaith marriage
  • The difference between spirituality and religion
  • The role of discipline in maintaining strict religious edicts
  • How do people tell others about their religion?
  • The features of religion in sociology
  • What are the views of Karl Marx on religion?
  • What are the views of Frederic Engels on religion?
  • Modern Islam: the conflict of pluralism and secularism
  • Choose two religions and explore their concepts of divorce
  • Governance and religion: how religion is also a tool of control
  • The changes in religious ideas with technological evolution
  • Theology is the study of God for God, not humans
  • The most feared religion: how Islamic extremists became identified as terrorist organizations
  • The role of cults in the society: why religious people still have cults affiliations
  • The concept of religious inequality in the US
  • What does religion say about sexual violence?

Religion Essay Topics

As a college student, you may be required to write an essay on religion or morality. You may need to access a lot of religious essay topics to find inspiration for a topic of your choice. Rather than go through the stress of compiling, you can get more information for better performance from religion topics for research paper like:

  • The origin of Jihad in Islam and how it has evolved
  • Compare the similarities and differences between Christian and Judaism religions
  • The Thirty Years War and the Catholic church
  • The Holocaust: historic aggression or a religious war
  • Religion is a tool of oppression from the political and economic perspectives
  • The concept of patriarchy in religion
  • Baptism and synonym to ritual sacrifice
  • The life of Jesus Christ and the themes of theology
  • The life of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) and the themes of theology
  • How can religion be used to promote world peace?
  • Analyze how Jesus died and the reason for his death
  • Analyze the event of the birth of Christ
  • The betrayal of Jesus is merely to fulfill a prophecy
  • Does “prophecy” exist anywhere in religion?
  • The role of war in promoting religion: how crusades and terrorist attacks shape the modern world
  • The concept of Karma: is Karma real?
  • Who are the major theorists in religion and what do they say?
  • The connection of sociology with religion
  • Why must everyone be born again according to Christians?
  • What does religious tolerance mean?
  • What is the benefit of religion in society?
  • What do you understand about free speech and religious tolerance?
  • Why did the Church separate from the state?
  • The concept of guardian angels in religion
  • What do Islam and Christianity say about the end of the world?
  • Religion and the purpose of God for man
  • The concept of conscience in morality is overrated
  • Are there different sects in Christianity?
  • What does Islam or Christianity say about suicide?
  • What are the reasons for the Protestant Reformation?
  • The role of missionaries in propagating Christianity in Africa
  • The role of the Catholic church in shaping Christianity
  • Do we need an international religious organization to maintain international religious peace?
  • Why do people believe in miracles?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Religion

Creating argumentative essay topics on religion may be a daunting exercise regardless of your level. It is more difficult when you don’t know how to start. Your professor could be interested in your critical opinions about international issues bordering on religion, which is why you need to develop sensible topics. You can consider the following research paper topics religion and society for inspiration:

  • Religion will dominate humanity: discuss
  • All religions of the world dehumanize the woman
  • All men are slaves to religion
  • Karl Marx was right when he said religion is the return of the repressed, “the sigh of the oppressed creature”: discuss
  • Christianity declined in Europe with the Thirty Years War and it separated brothers and sisters of the Christian faith?
  • Islamic terrorism is a targeted attack on western culture
  • The danger of teen marriage in Islam is more than its benefits
  • The church should consider teen marriages for every interested teenager
  • Is faith fiction or reality?
  • The agape love is restricted to God and God’s love alone
  • God: does he exist or is he a fiction dominating the world?
  • Prayer works better without medicine: why some churches preach against the use of medicine
  • People change religion because they are confused about God: discuss
  • The church and the state should be together
  • Polygamous marriage is evil and it should be condemned by every religion
  • Cloning is abuse against God’s will
  • Religious leaders should also be political leaders
  • Abortion: a sin against God or control over your body
  • Liberty of religious association affects you negatively: discuss
  • Religious leaders only care about themselves, not the people
  • Everyone should consider agnosticism
  • Natural laws are the enemy of religion
  • It is good to have more than two faiths in a family
  • It is hard for the state to exist without religion
  • Religion as a cause of the World War One
  • Religion as a tool for capitalists
  • Religion doesn’t promote morality, only extremisms
  • Marriage: should the people or their religious leaders set the rules?
  • Why the modern church should acknowledge the LGBTQ: the fight for true liberalism
  • Mere coexistence is not religious tolerance
  • The use of candles, incense, etc. in Catholic worship is idolatrous and the same as pagan worship: discuss
  • The Christian religion is the same as Islam

Christianity Research Paper Topics on Religion

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian or not as you need to develop a range of topics for your essay or project. To create narrow yet all-inclusive research about Christianity in the world today, you can consider research topics online. Rather than rack your head or go through different pages on the internet, consider these:

  • Compare and contrast Christian and Islam religions
  • Trace the origin of Christianity and the similarity of the beliefs in the contemporary world
  • Account for the violent spread of Christianity during the crusades
  • Account for the state of Christianity in secular societies
  • The analysis of the knowledge of rapture in Christianity
  • Choose three contemporary issues and write the response of Christianity on them
  • The Catholic church and its role towards the continuance of sexual violence
  • The Catholic church and the issues of sexual abuse and scandals
  • The history of Christianity in America
  • The history of Christianity in Europe
  • The impact of Christianity on American slaves
  • The belief of Christianity on death, dying, and rapture
  • The study of Christianity in the medieval period
  • How Christianity influenced the western world
  • Christianity: the symbols and their meaning
  • Why catholic priests practice celibacy
  • Christianity in the Reformation Era
  • Discuss the Gnostic Gospels and their distinct historic influence on Christianity
  • The catholic church in the Third Reich of Germany
  • The difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament
  • What the ten commandments say from a theological perspective
  • The unpredictable story of Moses
  • The revival of Saul to Paul: miracle or what?
  • Are there Christian cults in the contemporary world?
  • Gender differences in the Christian church: why some churches don’t allow women pastors
  • The politics of the Catholic church before the separation of the church and the state
  • The controversies around Christian religion and atheism: why many people are leaving the church
  • What is the Holy Trinity and what is its role in the church?
  • The miracles of the New Testament and its difference from the Old Testament’s
  • Why do people question the existence of God?
  • God is a spirit: discuss

Islam Research Paper Topics

As a student of the Islamic religion or a Muslim, you may be interested in research on the religion. Numerous Islam research paper topics could be critical in shaping your research paper or essay. These are easy yet profound research paper topics on religion Islam for your essays or papers:

  • Islam in the Middle East
  • Trace the origin of Islam
  • Who are the most important prophets in Islam?
  • Discuss the Sunni and other groups of Muslims
  • The Five Pillars of Islam are said to be important in Islam, why?
  • Discuss the significance of the Holy Month
  • Discuss the significance of the Holy Pilgrimage
  • The distinctions of the Five Pillars of Islam and the Ten Commandments?
  • The controversies around the hijab and the veil
  • Western states are denying Muslims: why?
  • The role of religious leaders in their advocacy of sexual abuse and violence
  • What the Quran says about rape and what does Hadiths say, too?
  • Rape: men, not the women roaming the street should be blamed
  • What is radicalism in Islam?
  • The focus of Islam is to oppress women: discuss
  • The political, social, and economic influence of modernity on Islam
  • The notable wives of prophet Muhammad and their role in Islam: discuss
  • Trace the evolution of Islam in China and the efforts of the government against them
  • Religious conflict in Palestine and Israel: how a territorial conflict slowly became a religious war
  • The study of social class and the Islamic religion
  • Suicide bombers and their belief of honor in death: the beliefs of Islamic jihadists
  • Account for the issues of marginalization of women in Muslim marriages
  • The role of literature in promoting the fundamentals of Islam: how poetry was used to appeal to a wider audience
  • The concept of feminism in Islam and why patriarchy seems to be on a steady rise
  • The importance of Hadiths in the comprehension of the Islamic religion
  • Does Islam approve of democracy?
  • Islamic terrorism and the role of religious leaders
  • The relationship of faith in Islam and Christianity: are there differences in the perspectives of faith?
  • How the Quran can be used as a tool for religious tolerance and religious intolerance
  • The study of Muslims in France: why is there religious isolation and abuse in such a society?
  • Islam and western education: what are the issues that have become relevant in recent years?
  • Is there a relationship between Islam and Science?
  • Western culture: why there are stereotypes against Muslims abroad
  • Mythology in Islam: what role does it play in shaping the religion?
  • Islam and the belief in the afterlife: are there differences between its beliefs with other religions’?
  • Why women are not allowed to take sermons in Islam

Can’t Figure Out Your Religion Paper?

With these religious research paper topics, you’re open to change the words or choose a topic of your choice for your research paper or essay. Writing an essay after finding a topic is relatively easy. Since you have helpful world religion research paper topics, research paper topics on religion and society, religion essay topics, argumentative essay topics on religion, Christianity research paper topics, and Islam research paper topics, you can go online to research different books that discuss the topic of your choice.

However, if you require the assistance of professional academic experts who offer custom academic help, you’ll find them online. There are a few writing help online groups that assist in writing your essays or research paper as fast as possible. You can opt for their service if you’re too busy or unmotivated to write your research paper or essay.

media topics

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Most Complete List of Religion Essay Topics to Write About

religion essay topics

Choosing a thought-provoking religion topic can be a challenging task as the issue is both sensitive and time-consuming because it always takes some research and an effort. Have no worries because we have already done the work for you and collected 50 thought-provoking religion essay topics that your professor will definitely approve! ☺

Contents (Clickable)

   The Art of Writing on Religion

One of the most important tasks, before you start writing an essay on religion, is choosing the right type of paper. Based on our experience, we can assert that most essays on religion are argumentative. As you might already know, when you have to write an argumentative essay, your task is to investigate a topic and establish your position in a concise manner. Therefore, writing of a religion essay grants you a chance to demonstrate your critical thinking skills and show your college professor that you have done some research!

   Actual Religion Essay Topic Paper Samples

There is nothing better than seeing an actual example of a paper that you can follow because it helps students to feel more confident and secure about their own future work. With this thought in mind, we have composed a list of the actual religion topics from our vast essay database that you can look through to get a better idea of what and how to write your own religion paper.

  • Ethnic Church Observation – A paper based on observation of the Georgian Orthodox Church where the service is given as a starting point. See how the author uses the reflection of the foreign traditions to show symbolism, ways of communication, and diversity.
  • A Visit to the Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha – A great paper that relates to a branch of Hinduism and serves as a unique personal reflection that is philosophical and ethically-correct.
  • Islam as a Cultural and Historical Phenomenon – This paper is not only telling of how Islam has originated but also makes a comparison with other religions, which is a great idea to start your own paper and include some research.
  • Religious Tenets – A more complex paper that speaks of a complex religious term that is almost a geographical location for the three main monotheistic religions. If you are about to challenge yourself, pay attention to the structure and a number of sources!

Now that you have looked through the actual examples, we are happy to present you with 50 great and tutor-verified religion essay topics to write about!

   Thinking Food: 50 Best Religion Essay Topics to Write About

  • The Creation/Evolution controversy in the battle for cultural power.
  • Theology of Evolution.
  • The roots and effects of America’s debate over science and religion.
  • Creationism vs. Evolution: is there a room for compromise?
  • Evolution as a religion: roots, consequences, and implications.
  • Biblical archeology and its top discoveries.
  • Critique of the Intelligent Design Theory.
  • The Trojan Horse of Creationism.
  • Not so impeccable science: pitfalls of Darwin’s theory.
  • DNA and Intelligent design: where’s the common ground?
  • Role of religion in coping with mental health problems.
  • Effect of spirituality on healthcare delivery.
  • Religion and aging: theoretical integration.
  • Relationship between prayer and a mental health.
  • Is there any common ground between religion and psychoanalysis?
  • Integrating LGBT individuals in a religious community: mission impossible?
  • Effect of the Protestant church on the rise of gay rights.
  • How can LGBT individuals come to terms with religion?
  • Coming to terms with religion vs. coming to terms with the church: understanding the difference and implications.
  • Ways to reframe the church’s debate on same-sex relationships.
  • Spiritual dimension of sex.
  • Sexuality and the Bible.
  • Interpretation of sex and sexuality in Christianity.
  • Buddhist explorations of sexuality.
  • Pauline ethics: holiness/sexuality dichotomy.
  • Role of religion in the American workplace.
  • Showing respect for diversified religious values in the modern workplace.
  • Servant leadership: a step to a meeting of the followers’ spiritual needs.
  • Why employers fail to provide religious accommodations in the workplace, and what can be done about it?
  • The Workplace Religious Freedom Act: reasons, problems, and implications.
  • Can a scientist be a believer? Why or why not?
  • Science and religion: always parallel or intersecting dimensions?
  • Ideas beyond the science vs. religion debate.
  • What do scientists think about faith?
  • The consonance of science and technology.
  • The religious life of American teenagers.
  • Should American children be taught the foundations of Christian ethics at school?
  • The impact of media on teenagers’ perception of religion and spirituality.
  • The effect of church attendance on teenagers’ moral beliefs.
  • The role of church guideline in the emotional and social formation of an adolescent.
  • Religious imagination of women: roots, effects, and implications.
  • The place of women in Africana Religions.
  • Gender stereotypes in religion and the ways to confront them.
  • Traditional vs. contemporary view of women in Judaism.
  • Women in Roman religion.
  • Feminization of the clergy in the United States: reasons, effects, and implications.
  • The worldviews of clergywomen and their implications for modern religious education.
  • The reasons for which women become the priests.
  • The roles and responsibilities of women as described in Christian texts and their implications for the present day life.
  • Ordination of women: from the Early Middle Ages to the present days.

As you can see, the majority of the topics relate to the present-day issues, so it is always important to remember that you have to remain caring, tolerant, and sensitive when you write about religion. Your opinion matters and it is the key to success to state it in the right way, therefore, you should not forget that any uncaring word or strong rhetorics can hurt someone’s feelings!

best religion essay topics and ideas

Do not forget that majority of suggested religion essay topics are relevant to the fields of sociology, education, healthcare, nursing, and the other sciences. Choosing each of these topics is a step to passing your assignment with flying colors☺. Still, if you are stuck with a topic choice or feel that your draft of a paper is not good enough, there is no need to worry because the help is out there! Just fill in the simple form below and let our professional team of Geeks help you do the rest!

good titles for essays on religion

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450 Christianity Essay Topics & Research Questions + Examples

Are you looking for the most engaging topics in Christianity? You’re at the right place! StudyCorgi has created a list of important Christianity research paper topics and ideas suitable for discussion, debate, project, and other assignments. Read on to discover the most compelling Christian essay topics and examples!

🏆 Best Christian Topics to Write About

📚 catchy christianity essay topics, 👍 good christianity research topics & essay examples, 🎓 most interesting topics about christianity, 💡 simple christian essay topics for youth, 📌 easy christianity essay topics, ✍️ christianity essay topics for college, 🔎 good research topics about christianity, 🔥 hot christian research topics, ❓ research questions about christianity, 📝 christian argumentative essay topics, 🗣️ christian persuasive speech topics.

  • Christianity, Islam and Judaism Similarities
  • Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Comparative Analysis
  • Christianity Beliefs and Practices
  • The Observance of Prayer in Christianity Compared to Islam
  • Importance of the New Testament for Christianity
  • Christianity in Malaysia: The Spread and Development
  • The Christian Worldview: Gospel Essentials Essay
  • Deontological Ethics of Christianity Deontology is derived from two Greek words, “Deon”, and “logos”. It is an ethical term that applies the laid down rules to determine whether a thing is right or wrong.
  • A Fresh Look at Christianity in the Therapy Room When introducing biblical concepts during therapies, clients should understand that God is not far away because His spirit and work can be felt.
  • Comparison Between Buddhism and Christianity This paper seeks to compare and contrast the two religions’ differences and similarities based on three key aspects such as Afterlife, Suffering, and Rituals.
  • Addiction Among Adolescents and Christianity View This research paper explained three widespread addictions among young people from a Christian perspective, relying on statistical data about each one.
  • African Christianity vs. Western Rationalism African Christians are less concerned with rationality but are completely prepared to accept different manifestations of spirituality and the universe.
  • Christianity in Rome During the 1st to 5th Centuries Christianity started as an apparently unknown sect of Judaism. It survived persecution to become an important part of the Roman Empire.
  • Afterlife in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam A basic belief that varies from faith to faith is that there is life after death. This essay examines the idea of the afterlife from Judaism, Islam, and Christianity perspectives.
  • Poverty from Christian Perspective Christians perceive poverty differently than people without faith, noting the necessity for integrated support to help those in need.
  • Comparison of Utilitarianism and Christian Ethics This paper will present a detailed analysis of utilitarianism theory and contrast it with a Christian ethic to explain why the latter is stronger in addressing the issue of suicide.
  • The Concept of God in Christian, Islamic and Hindu Religions This paper proposes a comparison and juxtaposition of the concept of God in the Christian, Islamic and Hindu religions.
  • The Kingdom of God in Christianity The Kingdom of God portrays the rightful society ruled by God, where each member dedicates to their moral and spiritual development, and the principle of virtue is dominant.
  • Christianity: History, Traditions, and Cultural Practices This paper provides a brief description of Christianity, its history, traditions and cultural practices, and the current demographic information.
  • Decline of Christianity in Europe The paper discusses the reasons for the decline Christianity: technological progress and scientific development, mass atrocities of the 20th century, and the rise of secular values.
  • “The New Christian Counselor: A Fresh Biblical and Transformational Approach” The book “The New Christian Counselor: A Fresh Biblical and Transformational Approach” seeks to explain counseling from a Christian perspective.
  • Steward Versus Servant Leadership in Christianity Leadership is critical for any organization to succeed. Steward leadership and servant leadership are similar and different in some aspects.
  • Comparison of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam The principles and stories of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism demonstrate that these religions have many common features that should unite people.
  • Marks of Christian Maturity One of the major features of the Christian faith is the teaching that the believer must never stop growing in knowledge, wisdom and character.
  • Religious Denominations Analysis: Christianity, Catholicism, and Lutheranism Over the centuries, there were formed a number of various denominations in accordance with the beliefs and religious traditions.
  • Anonymous Christian According to Karl Rahner The term “Anonymous Christian” outlines the notion that God’s grace provides the possibility for salvation of a corresponding faith for non-Christians.
  • Christianity as a Contemporary World Religion Christianity is a religion that has been in existence for many centuries. Its teachings are embraced and followed by many believers in different parts of the world.
  • Christian’s Role in Ethical Research The essay examines the role of Christian ethics in developing and carrying out morally sound research because a study that does not meet standards might constitute misconduct.
  • Nursing Leadership and the System of Christian Values Effective healthcare is partially built on the notion of leadership and management in nursing as it is one of its most extensive domains.
  • “Christian Theology” by Millard J. Erickson In his book “Christian Theology”, Erikson critically examines the nature of Jesus Christ through a discussion of the most prominent theological trends and opinions.
  • Christian Worldview: Ultimate Reality In the Christian denomination, ultimate reality refers to a transcendent presence, a supreme being, or an eternal being that governs the world.
  • Strategic Priorities and Christian Worldview Since attending a Christian University, the author has discovered that its approach to teaching helps to see the elements of the Christian worldview in many aspects of life.
  • Importance of Speaking in Tongues in Christianity In this paper, we will focus on the mystery of speaking in tongues, where it originated from and its significance especially to the Pentecostal Christian believers.
  • Christianity and Rastafarianism Comparison Several religious movements have emerged in the recent past. Rastafarianism is one of these movements and follows most of the ideals held by Christians.
  • Discipleship in Christianity and Its Five Stages Discipleship is a core element of Christianity and it enables believers to start their journey in the companionship of Christ.
  • Christian Theism, New Spiritualism and Pantheism The disintegration of New Spiritualism, also known as Pantheism, and Christian theism will be covered in this debate.
  • Treating Addictions from a Christian Perspective Alcoholics Anonymous and its founders formulated the 12 guidelines with the aim of helping members of different faiths to deal with different forms of addictions.
  • Christian Doctrines of Humanity The paper discusses two Christian doctrines. They have in common the idea of wholeness and the relation of the human body and soul to God or the church.
  • Medical Indications vs. Christian Faith: The James’s Case This paper describes the issue of medical indications of James and the Christian views of his parents, its principles, and balance.
  • Core Elements of Christian Understanding of Salvation Salvation is a journey in which one has to work it out her or himself. There are six main elements or principles of eternal salvation
  • Hinduism Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Comparison This paper compares Hinduism on the one part, and Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on the other part based on the existent points commonality in the Abrahamic religions.
  • Sikhism and Christianity: A View on Life and Death The purpose of this essay is to discuss the relationship between the two religious movements to the purpose of human life and the phenomenon of the afterlife.
  • Christian Life in the “Everyman” Moral Play Everyman represents all humanity and critical issues related to all the people, including Fellowship, Material Goods, and Knowledge.
  • Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism: The Afterlife Concepts The purpose of this paper is to compare the afterlife, as presented in Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism, through an examination of both primary and secondary sources.
  • Why Is It Important for a Christian to Study Church History? The church’s history began with Jesus Christ and apostles, who, after the Resurrection, carried his word to all parts of the world, particularly to Greece and then to Italy.
  • Why a Christian Environment Appeals to Me The Christian environment is appealing to me because of its advocacy for brotherhood and love among humanity, there is no judgment from fellow true believers.
  • The Christian Worldview: Fundamental Elements The number of Christians has steadily been growing in the recent past. The article below focuses on the fundamental elements of the Christian worldview and their effects.
  • Rise of Islam: Comparing to Christianity Christianity and Islam are considered two different religions, although they have some similarities. These two faiths have the largest number of followers globally.
  • The Decline of Christianity in Europe Since 1675 European Christianity has a long and varied history of decline. The sunset of the influence of the Church is correlated with enlightened absolutism.
  • Bass Fishing: The Role in Christianity Fishing is an essential concept for understanding the nature of Jesus’s doctrines. The correlation between the fish and Jesus Christ appeared at the time of the Roman Empire.
  • Religion: Christianity vs. Islam Islam and Christianity became the predominant religions; questions about their relations have been an interest globally.
  • Roman Catholicism Vs Protestant Christianity This paper examines the differences between the beliefs of the Roman Catholicism and the mainstream Protestant Christianity.
  • Modernism and Postmodernism: Which World View Is More Conducive to Christian Beliefs This paper explores which world view, the modernity or the postmodernity, is more conducive to Christian beliefs.
  • The Great Schism in History of Christianity The Great Schism became a turning point in the history of the development of Christianity and established the differences between two religious traditions originating from one.
  • The “Other-Worldliness” of Christianity The evidence of the “other-worldliness” of Christianity is recorded as there are several passages in the New Testament that warn worshipers against the world.
  • Evangelism in Christians Analysis Evangelism is the endeavor of Christians to convert people who do not believe in Christianity or who belong to other religions to convert to Christianity.
  • Christianity and Feminism: Differences in Beliefs Christianity is contradictory to feminism as it is the ideology of the individual who may not be eager to build a family but can contribute to society in other ways.
  • Early Church History: Persecution of Christianity The early Christians endured persecution not only from non-believers, but also from believers who sought to change their faith.
  • Why Christian Education Has Declined in American Schools The paper states that understanding the decline in Christian education can help to explain the roots of moral decadence in American schools.
  • Character, Leadership, and Moral Code in Christianity Morality is determined by the Christian system of views, the eternal and unchangeable laws of good, unlike Greek, where virtue is based on behavioral traditions of etiquette.
  • The Christian Faith and Its Advantages The paper states that the Christian faith emphasizes the importance of peace and readiness to forgive, critical for the modern world.
  • Hinduism and Christian Doctrine Investigation Taking into consideration the differences between Hinduism and Christian doctrine it seems that it is difficult to engage a follower of Hinduism with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Karl Rahner’s Concept of Anonymous Christians Karl Rahner introduced the idea of anonymous Christians stating that not only individuals who profess faith can be loved by God.
  • Christian Symbolism and Imagery in “The Matrix” Film The Matrix film is a prediction of the negative effects of technology that can change us into mere creatures to be manipulated by the matrix system of the world.
  • The Foundation of Christianity: Greek, Jews, Roman, and Heathen Traits Historically, Christians lived in diverse cultural contexts. The Greek, Roman, Jewish, and Heathen ancient cultural traits influenced the development and spread of Christianity.
  • Hesychasm and Its Significance in Eastern Christianity Hesychasm is a form of religious practice in Eastern Christianity in which followers pursue spiritual silence through continuous prayer and worshipping of God.
  • Islam and Christianity: Comparison Islam and Christianity are the world’s two main religions. There are many differences in both religions’ belief systems, starting from the core of who he is and whether he is Holy.
  • Christianity and Postmodernism: a Comprehensive Comparison The society of today is at a stage that is ultimately defined by a structure so complex that it is no more perceivable by traditional means.
  • Appropriate and Effective Christian Intercultural Communication The current paper can help people understand the ability to communicate even with different views on life and different cultural customs.
  • A History of Christian Church: Gnosticism The basic line of Gnostic ideas is the radical dualism in relations between the God and the world, the person and the world.
  • Understanding the Holy Trinity in Christian Theology The assertion the solo God lives as or in 3 mutually supernatural beings is a popular way to describe the Christian belief of the Holy Trinity.
  • “A Model of Christian Charity” by John Winthrop John Winthrop lived from 1588 to 1649; as he was born into a wealthy family of land-owning merchants he received a good education.
  • Birth Control and Christian Faith The Catholic church, and faith as a whole, does not have a solid definitive stance on birth control, as it is determined on the basis of intent.
  • The Salvation Element in Christianity Salvation is an essential element among the followers, and it is a reflection of the practice of the commandments while showing faith in God for better life and happiness.
  • The Uniqueness of Christianity in Comparison With Islam The most prevalent distinction is that Islam requires worshiping only Allah, while Christians believe in Christ, who is God and human.
  • Christian Spirituality in History and Today The question of spirituality and relationship of a man and God should be topical today taking into consideration the present cultural and ethical situation in contemporary society.
  • Biblical Terms Used in Christian Counseling The available statistical data points out the fact that, during recent decades, the popularity of Christian counseling among citizens has been growing in exponential progression.
  • Iroquois: History and the Effect of Christianity The work discusses the Iroquois and the effect of Christian mission on their culture, which resulted in the adoption of new religious beliefs and changes in the gender roles.
  • Salvation in Christianity and Scientific Arguments When it comes to discussing the validity of the Christian salvation thesis, many people tend to do it in an emotionally charged manner.
  • Christian Mentor Interview on Religion or Spirituality Mentorship is one of the critical components of the modern understanding of religion or spirituality. Nonetheless, some experts disregard the role of mentors in their lives.
  • Christian History of Brazil From Global Perspective Brazil has the world’s largest Catholic population. The emergence of Christianity in Brazil is associated with the arrival of the first Europeans in the country.
  • The Christian Leadership, Stewardship, and Ethics Christian leaders realize that they have a great responsibility to lead people where God directs, and therefore they make every effort to follow Him in the first place.
  • Mental Struggles Within the Christian Family Structure Without Headship The essay is dedicated to the concept of the Chrisitan family structure and the potential struggles it may face if the headship is not involved.
  • Chapter 2 of “Introducing Christian Mission Today” by Goheen The current report summarizes the “Scripture as a Narrative Record of God’s Mission” chapter from the book “Introducing Christian Mission Today” by Michael W. Goheen.
  • The Crusades and European Christianity in the Middle Ages The crusades are one of the major events within the history of Christianity that shaped medieval Europe and set the vector of its development for a long time forward.
  • Bodily Resurrection in Paganism and Christianity The Christian concept of bodily resurrection is the basis of the faith, explaining its ultimate goal, while the pagan view exclusively describes aspects of nature and the world.
  • God Concept in Christianity and Buddhism Religions The core purpose of Christianity is to love God, forgive others, and repent for one’s sins. The key beliefs in Buddhism revolve around nirvana and Four Noble Truths.
  • Christianity’s Directions and Branches Christianity is one of the largest religions regarding the number of believers, which has more than a dozen main branches, which, in turn, are divided into different currents.
  • Baptist Christians Versus Deism The current paper attempts to compare Christianity and deism and answer the fundamental questions of worldview perception.
  • Comparing Behaviorist Versus Christian Points of View The paper will compare Christian and behaviorist views on free will, determinism, and responsibility to demonstrate how differently they interpret these issues.
  • Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity David Entwistle explains the interaction of faith and science. He opens an article about how Christians in a church were poisoned by carbon monoxide but continued to pray.
  • Feminism: Historical Perspective and Implications to Christian Understanding of the World This paper focuses on analyzing how feminism changed the mindset of people, which affected the position of women, gender relationships, and Christian views.
  • A Christian-Muslim: Is It Possible? On strict literal ground neither of the faiths fit in exactly on the other. This can be achieved when analysis are made beyond the doctrines into mainstream practices.
  • Non-christian World Religions: History, Concepts, and Beliefs of Buddhism Buddhism is one of the widespread non-Christian religions in the world today. This paper discusses the history, beliefs, ethics, people and subdivisions of Buddhism.
  • Religious Values of Peace and War in Islam and Christianity The paper proves that it is not the religious beliefs that define people’s existential mode, but people’s racial affiliation defines the essence of their religious beliefs
  • The Conciliar Model in Acts 15: Development of Christianity The paper states that the conciliar model as described in Acts 15 contributed much to the successful spread and development of Christianity.
  • Eastern Orthodox Christian Understanding of the Holy Trinity The paper looks at the Eastern Orthodox Christian understanding of the Holy Trinity taught by the Apostle Paul. It is among the three main Christian groups.
  • Relationships and Christian Morality Infidelity is a destructive force, especially when it is revealed to the other member of the couple. Love in a crisis relationship fades.
  • “Introduction to Christianity” by Joseph Ratzinger In “Introduction to Christianity” as a world religion the authors characterize the main aspects of Christianity, including theological, geographical, sociological, and historical.
  • Buddhism vs. Christianity: Studying Religions Buddhism and Christianity are both of the most popular religions. The followers of Buddhism are primarily concentrated in the Asian region, with India being its birthplace.
  • American Church History: The Rise of American Christian Fundamentalism This paper explores American church history: American Christian Fundamentalism, Christian reactions to evolution theory, and the emergence of Higher Criticism in the Bible.
  • Reflection on God’s Work: Psychology and Christianity As more concerns are arising on the relationship between Christianity theology and psychology, it has led to increased research, and inventions.
  • Comparison of Christian Ethics and Metaethical Theory The comparison between Christian and metaethics theory is very appropriate to discuss, especially during the learning and growing stage of life.
  • Historical Origin of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam The world’s three major religions grew from the same historical rootstock. This paper will focus on the historical heritage of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
  • Divorce in Islam in Contrast with Christianity In contrast with Christianity, Islam permits divorce, as marriage is not considered sacral but rather an earthbound contract between two individuals that can be canceled.
  • World Christianity: Historical Traditions One of the major characteristics of world Christianity concerns the multiplicity of the religion’s manifestations in different countries, cultures, and historical traditions.
  • Aspects of Christianity as a Religion Religion is a collection of structured ideas, practices, and institutions that pertain to the concept and worship of dominating power.
  • The Protestant Reformation: Impact on Christianity The Protestant Reformation transformed Christianity from a single, omnipotent religion to one that brings together new views that differ from the universal church.
  • Non-Christians and Their Beliefs Apologetically, it is worth approaching non-Christians from the position of dialogue and the realization of whether a person can accept Jesus Christ as his savior.
  • Five Principles of Connection Art and Christianity The final project reflects principles demonstrating how art benefits God, the artist, and the community and supports the domination of humans in the world.
  • Christian Foundations and Worldview Christianity is one of the most important and popular world religions. It was founded approximately 33 AD in Palestine.
  • Christianity as an Other Worldly Religion First and Foremost All the teachings of Christianity are established one specific idea that there is something better waiting for us in the afterlife.
  • Christian Apologetics of the Second Century Christian apologetics refers to the defense of the faith against the spreading of spiritual falsehood. These individuals guard religious values and morals.
  • Postmodernism. History. Christian Apologetics Postmodernism works as an effective critique of contemporary approaches and an interesting way of talking about the subjects of reality and logic.
  • Modern Pluralism and Challenges for Christianity One of the challenges pluralism presents to Christianity is theological skepticism, as pluralists believe that all religions are determined by the cultural peculiarities of people
  • Christian Theology and World Religions: Christianity and Islam Christianity and Islam share many similarities, although they are two distinct religious traditions. The paper analyzes their similarities and differences.
  • Case Study of Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative The principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence are the core of medical practice. God mentors his followers to put the well-being of others first and love one’s neighbor.
  • The Role of Medieval Roman Catholicism in Christianity The Roman Catholic Church is the mother of all Christianity that made tremendous progress in the Medieval Ages that amazingly changed the face of Christianity.
  • Christianity in South Korea and Japan Korean Christianity started growing in 1785. The good news was brought to Korea by the Catholic converts who learned about Christianity in China.
  • Western Civilization: Christian Heresies Establishment of the orthodox Christianity result from the emergency of the danger of new converts following teachings that differed from those widely accepted by Christianity.
  • The Concept of Death in Perspectives of Christianity and Hinduism Each individual interprets and deals with such situations according to personal values. This perspective is often based on a system of beliefs such as a religion.
  • The Historical Rise of Christianity We will try to gain insight into the peculiarities of this new religion, so-called Christianity, and investigate its main differences from Judaism.
  • Christians and Going to Church It is important for Christians to meet regularly apart from the times when one may be in a hospital bed or working in a place where no church is available.
  • Counseling: Clinician as Christian A practical example of Christian counseling can explain its principles fully. A lot of approaches to counseling, the main of which are psychology-based, Bible only, and open-minded approaches.
  • “Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling” by Mark McMinn In “Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling,” Mark McMinn comes up with a healing model, which involves need, sense of self, and relationship with God.
  • The Christian Worldview and Key Concepts The principles of Christian faith manifest themselves in not only the aspects of one’s life related to religious traditions but also regular life.
  • Christian Disciple, Obedience, and Teaching This paper discusses the issues pertaining discipleship in Christianity, including obedience to Christ, teaching, and helping others obey and become Disciples of Christ.
  • Early Christianity in Asia A critical review of early Christianity reveals that it has its roots in the Middle East. The historical fact is undeniable in spite of the fact that the region is currently dominated by the Islamic faith.
  • The Ten Commandments for Christians This essay provides an argument for why Christians should obey the Ten Commandments, for the law was given to humankind to help them align their actions according to God’s will.
  • Tax Reforms From a Judeo-Christian Perspective Tax is a primary method used by most governmental organizations to collect revenue. Tax cuts are the depletion and changes made to taxes paid by citizens, saving taxpayers money.
  • The Christian Worldview and Its Concepts This paper delves into the various elements of the Christian worldview, including the nature of God, humanity, and Jesus, as well as the concept of restoration.
  • Christian Evidences of Jesus in the Bible There are references to him in historical documents from the time period in which he lived, including Roman census records and letters written by first-century historians.
  • Christianity and Psychology: Article Analysis The article “How should Christians interact with psychology” does not reject the compatibility of psychology and region.
  • Christianity and Buddhism Comparison Christianity is a more pragmatic religion than Buddhism. It is due to more realistic principles and practices. In addition, Christianity is based on real historical events.
  • The Role of a Christian Chaplain as a Counselor The military chaplain is vital in the armed forces, providing army personnel with guidance and counseling, performing rites, and attending to their spirituality.
  • Aspects of Christianity and Suffering The paper explores how New Testament passages justify the need for divine guidance, address the problem of suffering, and interpretive challenges.
  • Islam and Christianity: Fundamental Components Both Muslims and Christians have different perspectives on God, and he is the ultimate standard of what should be done, according to the Qur’an and the Bible.
  • Theological Challenges Between Judaism and Christianity Judaism originated from the covenantal relationship between the Jews and God. Christianity emerged from Judaism, and both faiths believe that God is the creator of the universe.
  • Globalization and Christian Mission Globalization has changed the landscape of industrial and business environments, and religion was inevitably affected by it, as well.
  • Don Quixote and Christianity The novel Don Quixote was written by the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. The work recounts the incredible adventures of the character of the same name.
  • A Short History of Christianity by Tompkins Stephen Tompkins, in his book, tries to tell the history of Christianity in an accessible language, avoiding specific church vocabulary and moral teachings.
  • Machiavelli: The Medieval Christian View of Politics Machiavelli breaks the medieval Christian view of the politics by basing leadership on secular morals and values.
  • Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity in Society This paper analyses three of the most common religions: Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity, in order to identify their role in the life of society.
  • The Anthropology of Christianity The anthropology of Christianity is related to human Anthropos concerning God. The anthropologists have focused on the ways of worship of Christians.
  • Basic Biblical Christianity Summary During its stay on Earth, humanity found various gods, and accordingly, books were written that talked about these gods, and how to live with them and worship them.
  • The Local Church of Christians The local church refers to a group of Christians who often oversee and affirm each other’s membership in Christ and God’s kingdom.
  • Christianity in the 3rd Century AD The Christian Church in the 3rd century AD was in a state of active formation. Christianity developed separately from Judaism.
  • Christian Gospel Essential Beliefs Religion dictates the way people worship and pursue their religious goals. Christianity is a leading religion today, with clear guidelines, doctrines, and modes of worship.
  • Christian Identity, Nationalism, and Patriotism This work aims to identify both nationalism and patriotism and to analyze their relationship with Christian identity through the prism of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral.
  • Christianity in the Roman Empire The reason for the triumph of Christianity in the Roman Empire is that the church has successfully taken advantage of the negative condition of the country.
  • “Basic Christianity” Book by John Stott Throughout centuries, the infinite world stands upon the rules, regulations created by humans, and, most importantly, religion.
  • Guided Tour of Early Christian And Byzantine Art The byzantine art served many purposes including religious, cultural and conservative purpose although they still retained the Greek originality.
  • “Christianity and the Class Struggle” by Abraham Kuyper Abraham Kuyper’s opening address to the first Christian social congress in Amsterdam in 1891 had an electrifying consequence on the emerging Christian social movement.
  • Augustine’s On Christian Doctrine Literary Criticism In Augustine’s famous treatise, On Christian Doctrine emphasis is on the interpretation of the Bible, dealing with philosophical principles for the Christian use of the scripture.
  • Euthanasia Decision Regarding Christian Worldview This paper has revealed that religious worldviews can guide people to make evidence-based decisions whenever dealing with complex issues, such as suicide and euthanasia.
  • Cosmic Christianity: Eliade’s “Myth and Reality” For this paper, the subheading “Cosmic Christianity” was selected from the chapter in Mircea Eliade’s novel “Myth and Reality” to be reflected upon and analyzed in closer detail.
  • Doctrinal Statements in Christianity Doctrinal statements serve three different purposes: providing instruction, creating and securing group identity, and establishing common beliefs.
  • Issues of Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative and Christian Vision The given case study describes rather a controversial situation, in which Christian vision comes into conflict with common sense, ethics, and medical science.
  • Death from Christian and Buddist Perspectives This discussion examines the case of a patient with a terminal condition from two different religious perspectives: Christian and Buddhist.
  • Human Life and Death in Christianity and Buddhism Illness often leads to agony and prompts the search for the meaning of life as people try to understand the reasons behind their predicaments.
  • The Christian and Buddhist Perspectives in Healthcare This paper purposes to conduct a comparative analysis on the Christian and Buddhist perspectives regarding healthcare provision and its implications for healthcare practice.
  • Nature of Christianity: Political Resistance Versus Cultural Assimilation Religion as a phenomenon has a complex social purpose and is typically viewed as a source of spirituality and ethical development of its proponents.
  • Abortion in Christian and Non-Christian Ethics The Christian ethical system approaches the issue of abortion through God’s image and character while utilitarianism is concerned with maximizing happiness.
  • Christianity in Frederick Douglass’ Narrative Story The book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, written by Douglass himself, presents a vivid account of hypocrisy and cruelty that mars the ways of Christianity.
  • The Protestant Reformation in the History of Global Christianity The paper examines the people involved, major events, as well as main theological theories and principles of Martin Luther’s Protestantism reforms.
  • The Decline of Christianity in Europe The paper states that the decline of Christianity in Europe is determined by several reasons of origins and degrees of connection to religion.
  • The Core of Christian Belief: Where Is Jesus? The Creeds not only teach Christians that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and a divine man but also propose the meaning of authentic kingship or leadership.
  • Christian Education in American Schools
  • Christian Leadership: Personal Results of the Audits
  • The Great Awakening in Christian History
  • Role of Gospel Essentials in Shaping Christians’ Beliefs
  • Christianity: Concepts and Personalities
  • Proving the Existence of the Traditional Judeo-Christian God
  • Alternate History: Constantine and Christianity
  • Christianity in the Discussion of the US Parties
  • Christian Education in American Schools: The Rise and Fall
  • Ethical, Moral, and Christian Views on Climate Change Strategies
  • Early Christianity and Secular Government Institution
  • Analysis of Christianity as a World Religion
  • Theological Differences Within the Major Christian Traditions
  • Christianity in Europe
  • Christian Worldview: Criticizing Essays
  • Christianity: Peculiarities and Principles
  • Christianity and Islam: The Central Ideas
  • Chapter 4 of “Christianity as a World Religion” by Kim & Kim
  • The Christian African American Community’s Care Issues
  • Indian Boarding Schools from Christian Missionary’s Perspective
  • Experiences of Christians in the Centuries After Its Founding
  • Decline of Christianity in Europe After 1675
  • Platonism, Stoicism, and Christianity
  • Jews Under Muslim and Christian Rule
  • Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Relations
  • Christianity: Origin and Adaptation
  • Beliefs One Must Gold to Be Considered Christian
  • Christian Messages in Saint Ambrose’s and Saint Francis of Assisi’s Poetry
  • The History of the Christianity Religion
  • Conflict and Coexistence: Jews and Christians
  • Christian Allegories: “The Parable of the Prodigal Son”
  • Christians, Jews, and Muslims Have the Same God
  • Psychology and Christian Theology Integration
  • Christian Reform Movements of the 19th Century
  • Islam, Christianity, and Judaism – Similar or Not?
  • Judaism and Christianity: History and Population
  • “A Fall from Grace”: Christian Ethics in the Motivations of the Characters
  • The Book “Introducing World Religions: A Christian Engagement”
  • Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • Development of European Christianity in the Middle Ages
  • Beliefs That Comprise Christianity
  • Misinterpretation of Christian Sermons and Heresy
  • Theology: Japan’s View of Christianity
  • Christians Transforming Imprisoned Men
  • Aspects of Christian Beliefs
  • The Role of the Four Gospels in Christianity
  • The Christian Church and Its Organization
  • History of the World Christian Movement
  • How to Be Heard from a Christian Perspective
  • Christian Perspective on Poverty
  • Martin Luther: Changing the Landscape of the Christian Community
  • The Pragmatic Theory of Truth in Buddhism and Christianity
  • The Rise of American Christian Fundamentalism
  • A Model of Christian Charity by Winthrop
  • How to Measure How Effective a Christian Message Is
  • The Influence of the Gospel on the Construction of the Christian Worldview
  • Christian Apocalyptic Movements
  • Christianity and Buddhism: Interreligious Relations
  • Understanding the Christian Worldview
  • How Do Culture and Christianity Relate to Each Other?
  • Christianity Through Art in the 3rd Century
  • Theology in the Context of World Christianity
  • Christianity Views on Abortion Concepts, the Big Bang, and the Evolution Theory
  • Christianity and Society Interrelation
  • Key Christian Beliefs and Practices
  • The Role of Christianity in “The Chronicles of Narnia”
  • Christianity and Sports: The Relationship Analysis
  • Judaism in Introducing “World Religions: a Christian Engagement”
  • “Christianity and the Creed of Postmodernism” by Diogenes Allen
  • Christianity vs. Judaism: A Medieval Conflict
  • Life With ALS in the Context of the Christian Worldview
  • Violation of Apostolic Succession as a Way of Corrupting Christian Religion
  • The Concept of Truth in Christianity and Ancient Greece
  • Decline of Christianity in Europe Since 1675
  • Christian Business Operation in Capitalism
  • Christians Are Making More Enemies Than Followers
  • Christian Worldview. How God Allows Suffering
  • Christian Mission Methodology
  • Christianity: Afterlife and Relationship With Jesus
  • Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass: Slavery and Christianity
  • Zoroastrianism and Christianity: Mutual Influence
  • Christianity, Its Origin and Significance
  • Two Arguments Against Christianity and the Christian Worldview
  • Women Martyrs Inspiring Christianity
  • Christian Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory
  • Christianity and the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • The Role of Christianity in Slavery: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
  • Saint John of the Cross, a Christian Mystic
  • Christian Privilege and Religious Minorities
  • Bioethics: Primer for Christians
  • Christianity: Culture-Maker Beyond Specific Timeframes
  • Christianity and Shintoism: Death and Dying
  • Christian Theology and World Religions
  • Female Martyrs in Early Christianity
  • Appropriation of Aristotle’s Ideas in Christian Philosophy
  • Old Statement Law Interpreting by a Modern Christian
  • Christianity: Worldview Analysis and Personal Inventory
  • Christian Religion in the New York Times News
  • Understanding Christianity in Secular Humanism
  • Worldview and Christian Beliefs
  • Issue of Stewardship in the Exploration of Christianity
  • The Major Abrahamic Religions: Christianity and Islam
  • Social Trinity: Interpreting Christian Doctrine
  • Abortions Through the Prism of Christianity
  • The Extent of the Holocaust as a Christian Problem
  • Biomedical Ethics and Christianity: Balancing Patient’s Wellbeing and Trust in God
  • Christianity and the Issues of the Later Roman Empire
  • Christian Social Concern in Pentecostal Perspective
  • Christian Music and Vital Congregations
  • Did Christianity or Islam Liberate Women?
  • Comparing Islam, Christianity, and Judaism Religions
  • A Marriage Built on Christian Love
  • Judaism’s Impact on Jewish Art and Early Christianity
  • The Story of Christian Music
  • The Christians Book of Houston Smith and Lewis
  • Buddhism and Christianity: Understanding of Religions
  • Religion and Architecture: Christian Church, Buddhist, Islamic Mosques
  • Paul and Philemon. Conversion of People to Christianity
  • Religious Fundamentalism in Islam and Christianity
  • World Religions: Islam vs Christianity
  • Christian Philosophy. “The Christian Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas” by Etienne Gilson
  • Christianity and Its Interpretation of World Formation
  • Christian Salvation: Essential Elements
  • Judaism and Christianity Comparison
  • What Baha’í’s Believe? Bahá’í vs Christianity
  • Christianity and Buddhism: Religion Comparison
  • Contribution to Christian and Business Leadership
  • Christianity Framework: Personal Evaluation
  • Judaism, Christianity, Islam as World Religions
  • Deontology, Christianity and Codes of Conduct
  • Christian Foundations and Cultural Engagement
  • Christian Foundations in Government: Human Trafficking
  • On the Death of Jesus in Early Christianity
  • Death Explanation in Christian Religion
  • Biomedical Ethics and Christian Health Beliefs
  • Medical and Christian Ethics in Pediatric Settings
  • Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Context
  • Medical and Christian Ethics: Ill Child and Parents
  • Death & Dying Ethics in Buddhism and Christianity
  • Death & Dying Ethics in Hinduism and Christianity
  • Incurable Disease in Christianity and Buddhism
  • Death & Dying Ethics in Christianity and Buddhism
  • Baptism in Christianity: History and Meaning of the Rite
  • Christianity in Hirsch’s and Formstecher’s Portrayals
  • Christianity History from Various Viewpoints
  • “Christian Anti-Semitism” Article by Pawlikowski
  • Christian Eschatology: The Destiny of the Unsaved
  • Christian Counseling for Marriage and Family
  • Wedding Session in Christian Religious Tradition
  • Christian Doctrines and Church Attendance
  • Christian Salvation as One of the Main Paradigms of Christianity
  • Biblical Christianity: God and Evil
  • Contemporary Democratic Ideals and Christian Tradition
  • Judaism and Christianity as Revelational Religions
  • Christian Teachings vs. Biomedical Ethics: Illogical Decisions and Treatment Issues
  • The Manifestation of Christianity and Rastafarian
  • Medical Ethics: Christianity and Buddhism Perspectives
  • Christian Personal Skills and Knowledge
  • Biomedical Ethics: Saving Life vs. Christian Narrative
  • Bioethics: Medical Help or Christian Beliefs?
  • Euthanasia as a Christian Ethical Dilemma
  • Biomedical Ethics in the Christian Narrative
  • Christianity in Western Civilization and Thought
  • Organ Transplantation in Christian Beliefs
  • Christianity and Europe in the Middle Ages
  • Euthanasia in Christianity and Buddhism
  • Christianity and Buddhism for Terminally Ill Patient
  • Death and Dying in Christianity and Buddhism
  • Medical Ethics in the Christian Narrative
  • Reviewing Leadership: A Christian Evaluation
  • Biomedical Ethics in Christian Narrative
  • Biomedical Ethics Study in the Christian Narrative
  • Judaism and Christianity: Revelational or Worshipful?
  • Homosexuality From a Christian Point of View
  • Christians and Killing
  • Classical Christianity: Faith, Beliefs, and Practices
  • Christianity Role in Positive Environmental Changes
  • Christian Teaching by Saint Augustine
  • Christianity Challenges, Mandates, and Dualism
  • Biblical Theological Tensions Between Islam and Christianity
  • Catholic Christianity and Islam: A Case for Comparison and Contrast
  • Christianity and Rastafarianism – a Discussion of Six Similarities
  • Christianity and African Traditional Religion in Kumasi
  • Christianity and Religion According to on Liberty and a Letter Concerning Toleration
  • Christianity and Its Impact on the United States
  • Christianity: Living the Sermon on the Mount for Three Days
  • Doctrinal Development and Its Compatibility With Belief in the Abiding Truth of Christianity
  • Converting the Native Americans to Christianity
  • Differences Between Mormonism and Christianity
  • Christianity and Its Place in the Greco Roman World
  • Christianity and Judaism and the Rites of Circumcision and Burial
  • Christianity and Yoruba Are Two Great Religions
  • Christianity and Paganism: The Key to Adventure
  • Christianity, Scientific Revolution, and Industrial Revolution
  • Chinese Women’s Rights and the Impact of Christianity
  • Differences Between Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity Religion
  • Christianity vs. Neopaganism: The Human Condition, Theodicy, and Soteriology
  • Differences Between Greek Mythology and Christianity
  • Christianity and Its Impact on the World of the 20th Century Essay
  • Christianity and Biblical Christian Worldview
  • Christianity: Roman Empire and Christian Persecution
  • Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory and Christianity Creationism
  • Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Its Differences to the Western Church
  • Christianity Judaism and Islam Theology Religion
  • Christianity and Religion: The Role and Importance of Women
  • Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist Initiations of Christianity
  • Christianity, Where Art Thou: Examining Religion, Mythology, and Mysticism in Film
  • Christianity and Judaism: Subjects to Endless Corruption
  • Financial Indulgence Saved Christianity in Europe
  • Christianity and Politics: The Christian Way of Life
  • Christianity and the Complete Opposite of the Religion
  • Christianity and Islam View on Human Nature and the Human Condition, Freewill and Fatalism, Equality and Difference and the Value of Human
  • Christianity and Religious Influence of the Romanesque Period
  • Christianity and Its Effects on the Formation of Identity Among South Koreans
  • Christianity and Its Effects on Modern Culture and Society
  • Christianity and Traditional Culture: A Study of Their Judging Principles That Generate Conflict in Modern African Societies
  • Finding the Genuine Happiness in the Religion of Christianity
  • Christianity: Historical Background, Key Principle and Doctrines, Current Followers, Intolerance, and Key Ceremonial Practices
  • Alleged Belief Conflict Between Christianity and Science
  • Christianity and Moral Systems: Nietzsche’s Perspectivism
  • Christianity and the Religious Services of Each Religion
  • African Traditional Religion, Christianity, and Islam Assignment
  • Christianity Claims That Suicide Is a Form of Murder
  • Evangelical Christianity and the Holy Spirit
  • Europe Between Secularization and Christianity Religion
  • Christianity and Islam and Their Views on Life After Death
  • Christianity and the New Germanic Kingdoms
  • Christianity and the Cubiculum: Spiritual Politics and Domestic Space in Late Antique Rome
  • Christians Truly Promote Christianity Through Fellowship
  • Christianity and Its Impact on the Creation of the World
  • Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality
  • Christianity and Hinduism: According to the Human Truth
  • Charismatic and Pentecostal Christianity and Spiritual Gifts
  • Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Christianity
  • Christianity and Christ Changes and Controversy via Seven Councils Over Centuries
  • Craft Guilds and Christianity in Late-Medieval England
  • Christianity and Judaism Development Influenced by Zoroastrianism
  • Christianity and the Church in Europe From the Fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th Century Ad to 1600 Ad
  • What Are the Similarities Between Christianity and Islam?
  • Are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism “Male-Chauvinist” Institutions?
  • Who Influenced the Spread of Christianity?
  • How Did Christianity Become the Dominant Religion in Europe?
  • Can Christianity and Other Religions Coexist?
  • How Did Christianity Change by the Second Century?
  • Why Have Koreans Increasingly Converted to Christianity During the 1970s?
  • How Does Christianity Apply to Business?
  • What Is the Fastest Growing Form of Christianity in the World Today?
  • Is There a Link Between the Two Traditions of Pagan and Christianity in “Beowulf”?
  • How Did Christianity Influence British Literature?
  • What Does Evolution Mean in Christianity?
  • How Did the Spread of Christianity Affect Medieval Europe?
  • What Is the Difference Between Christianity and Rastafarianism?
  • How Has Christianity Influenced Society Throughout History?
  • Why Did the Romans Have a Problem With Christianity?
  • Does Christianity Believe in Cloning?
  • Why Was Christianity So Influential in So Many Areas of Medieval Life?
  • How Did Christianity Spread Into Europe?
  • What Was Christianity Like in the 18th Century?
  • Can Christianity and Science Go Together?
  • How Did Alexander the Great Influence the Spread of Christianity?
  • Why Are the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ Significant for Christianity?
  • How Do Christianity and Hinduism Contribute to World Peace?
  • What Does Christianity Say About the Afterlife?
  • Is evolution compatible with Christian beliefs?
  • Is same-sex marriage acceptable from the Christian perspective?
  • Does the Bible support gender equality or traditional gender roles?
  • Is religious pluralism a threat to the Christian faith?
  • Should Christians support social justice movements?
  • The Prosperity gospel as a distortion of the mission of Jesus.
  • Can Christianity help address climate change?
  • The doctrine of hell in Christianity: is it ethical?
  • Should Christian churches accept LGBTQ clergy members?
  • Is capital punishment justifiable from a Christian point of view?
  • The role of Christians in fighting hunger in local communities.
  • How can Christian churches address mental health stigma?
  • Christians should take action to combat modern-day slavery.
  • Why should Christians prioritize environmental stewardship?
  • The importance of daily prayer and meditation for spiritual growth.
  • Christians should take a stand against consumerism and materialism.
  • How can Christians address domestic violence in communities?
  • The role of Christianity in promoting family values and strong marriages.
  • Christianity’s power to address prejudice and discrimination.
  • How can Christians use their influence to promote peace?

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Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion: Looking for Argumentative essay topics on religion? In this article, we have come up with religious Argumentative essay topics that will give a good base to write your essay.

Argumentative Essays also known as persuasive essays, give the author’s perspective about certain things and go ahead to justify and defend the issue.

When you choose one of the below topics you will be able to expound on the details by giving evidence and examples from life experiences, literature, and history.

1. Should religion be taught in schools?

2. Is the atheist group likely to end in the future?

3. Should catholic priests be allowed to marry?

4. Between Islam and Hinduism, which one has stricter beliefs?

Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion

5. Mohammed and Buddha who had better teaching?

6. Does Islam have more supporters and power than Hinduism?

7. Is polygamy in Islam a good thing?

8. Christians and Islam, which of these two groups have better moral habits?

9. What is the right age to become a pastor?

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10. Should freedom of worship be introduced to every part of the world?

11. Between the Bible and Quran which of these two religious books are mostly read?

12. Do Christians follow the instruction in the Bible?

13. Is behavior important in determining someone’s religious faith?

14. Who is better, someone who prays often or someone who does good deeds?

15. Is the Bible the most important tool in a Christian’s life?

16. Is it proper for people to change their religion each time they want?

17. Should schools have religious subjects in their curriculum?

18. Should praying in public in our schools be reintroduced?

19. Is there a link between increased moral decay in our schools and the removal of religious activity?

20. Do priests play any role in promoting good moral standards in society?

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1. Which is more important faith or works?

2. Which is the 7 th day, Saturday or Sunday?

3. Who was worse, Cain or Judas?

4. Can persecution of Christians lead to the extinction of Christianity?

Christian Argumentative Essay Topics

5. Is it possible to distinguish between a false and true proa phet of God?

6. Should all churches unite and become one?

7. Between Moses and Abraham, who is the most influential?

8. Should teenagers be allowed to have a church wedding?

9. Is there life after earth?

10. Is it okay to cohabit before you do a church wedding?

11. Can the Bible be referred to as the most popular book in the world?

12. What makes people change to another religion?

13. What is the right age for someone to marry?

14. Is material wealth important to a Christian?

15. How often should a Christian pray?

16. Do angels exist in the current world?

17. Is going to church important?

18. Is sex before a wedding day right or wrong?

19. Have the 10 commandments been altered?

20. At what age should one be ordained as a pastor?

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1. Does religion have a role to play in extreme groups and terrorists?

2. Is religion in modern society fulfilling its intended role?

3. According to Christian standards is gay marriage acceptable?

4. Is there any fulfillment in knowing there is life after death?

Religion Argumentative Essay Topics

5. Does being associated with certain religions make you a content human being?

6. Is praying in faith a safer substitute for conventional medicines?

7. Are all calamities associated with the sinful nature of man?

8. Are there any challenges faced by interfaith families?

9. Do parents’ religious faith affect their children in any way?

10. Are there any religious practices that have been passed over time?

11. Should the church be involved in state matters?

12. Is cloning religiously correct?

13. In Christianity is the slave trade acceptable?

14. Is it proper to marry a person of different religious background?

15. Should religion set guidelines on whom to marry?

16. Should the church officiate same-sex marriages? Why?

17. Currently, is the church playing its golden rule of upholding morality?  

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1. Are the religious movements impacting society?

2. The impact of the story of Jesus on the Christian life.

3. The Origin of Buddhism

4. The importance of the book of Genesis.

Argumentative Religious Topics

5. Is there common ground between religion and science

6. Who has impacted the world more, Islam or Christianity

7. Are some of the current Christian religious practices adopted from ancient pagan religion

8. What is the origin of Christmas? Was it Biblical?

9. Life after death, is it assured to everyone?

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10. Is the belief in purgatory Biblical?

11. How often should a person forgive?

12. Is Jesus the only way to heaven?

13. We are all descendants of Adam and Noah?

14. Jacob was better than Esau?

15. Is Jerusalem the most religious city in the world?

16. Are there any similarities between Christianity and Islam?

17. How important are the mosques to Islam?

18.. Participation of the religious group in maintaining international peace

19. The relevance of religion in education.

20. Is prayer and fasting important to a believer?

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Argumentative Essay on Religion

1. Is it possible to have one religion in the world?

2. Will the world end in destruction?

3. Between Rachel and Leah who was the better wife to Jacob?

4. Does science have any role in Christianity?

5. What is a generation in the Bible?

6. Is it okay to eat any type of food?

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7. Should religion predict the mode of dressing for its followers?

9. Is it justified to alter the Bible in any way?

10. Should Christian drink alcohol?

11. Is possible to be a true Christian and never pray?

12. What does it mean to have an idol in Christian life?

13. According to religious books is abortion a crime?

14. If you were to seek counseling sessions would you go to a Priest, Imam, or Monk?

15. How do Christians take abortion, and it is right to carry out an abortion?

16. Can faith in God improve one’s emotional and mental wellness?  

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Conclusion: Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion  

As you write your Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion, ensure you have selected the appropriate topic. Begin with an introduction before you start discussing your main point in the main body. Support your work with good evidence and ensure the points are clear. Lastly, summarize your essay by mentioning your main points in the conclusion section. Let the topic acts as the face of your essay. A good essay topic will attract readers therefore choose an eye-catching topic that you will be able to dig deep into and give relevant information.


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good titles for essays on religion

59 Catholic Church Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best catholic church topic ideas & essay examples, ✅ most interesting catholic church topics to write about, 💡 good research topics about catholic church.

  • The Catholic Church and the Black Death in the 14th Century Therefore, the essence of this research paper is to investigate the role of Catholic Church during the Black Death, specifically paying attention to the steps the church used to prevent the disease, the Flagellants and […]
  • Baptist, Roman Catholic Church, and Episcopal Church: Comparison It evolved immediately after the American Revolution after a forced break from the Church of England due to the penalty of disloyalty as the clergy of the Church of England were obliged to swear their […]
  • The Corruption of the Catholic Church in Chaucer’s Works Using the central theme of religious hypocrisy, Chaucer successfully used the Pardoner, the Friar, and the Summoner characters to expose the church representatives’ corruption and evil practices.
  • Indulgences in the Catholic Church The Pope is the highest level of clergy in the Catholic Church, with explicit respect and authority granted by the Christian ecclesiological doctrine.
  • History of Catholic Church Catholic religion dominated the lives of the medieval people between the 5th and the 15th century. It was not easy to dislodge Christianity from the lives and minds of the medieval men and women, as […]
  • The Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Reformation The most fundamental change to the power of the Roman Catholic Church came during the era of the Protestant Reformation. Therefore, the latter part of the Middle Ages was marked by a substantial change in […]
  • The Catholic Church in the Roman Empire In its ethical concepts, the Roman Catholic Church developed from Stoicism, which was in great harmony with the public mood of the Roman Empire.
  • The Separation of the Catholic Church This paper highlights the premises of the schism between the Roman Church and the Protestants. That was a basic reason for split and separation of the Catholic Church.
  • Controversial Topic Within Modern Catholic Church These and the abundance of the other places from the Holy Scriptures establish God’s position as the Giver of life, and the only person having a right to operate the gift of life which stem […]
  • Roman Catholic Church: Congregational Worship Experiences The largest of the Christian churches which entails the Roman Catholic church, although present in all parts of the world, is identified as Roman because of its historical roots in Rome and because of the […]
  • Sex Abuse Allegations Against the Catholic Church For one to understand, the reactions of the church towards the allegations we need to examine the human behavioral response to the is human to see people react towards the crisis in form of […]
  • Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Reformers’ Confrontation The debate was crucial to the development of the Reformation thought, as it was during this debate that Luther for the first time argued that the Pope had no official power since the Bible alone […]
  • Galileo’s Defence and Roman Catholic Church I will persuade religious leaders of the positive effects of separating science from religion, and illustrate that the design of the solar system was a part of God’s plan to protect planet Earth.
  • Pope Francis and His Effect on the Roman Catholic Church Whilst Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he also held membership in a number of bodies associated with the Catholic Church in Argentina. There are a number of ways, in which Pope Francis has influenced the Roman […]
  • Miracle of the Sun in the Catholic Church The major things I doubt, are that the children had seen anything miraculous at all; that what the children had actually seen was the image of the Lady, Jesus and other saints; that all the […]
  • Lent History and Meaning in the Catholic Church The Catholic Encyclopedia notes that the aim of Lent is to make people ready for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ.
  • The Politics of the Catholic Church in Latin America Both the church and the state eagerly waited for the arrival of the Pope the reform minded Catholics believed the Pope would support their efforts.
  • Latin America and the Catholic Church The church was anticipating that the Pope will come with a massage to give moral legitimacy in their quest and efforts to fight for the rights of the poor who were politically oppressed.
  • Role of Catholic Church During Ns Regime One religious organization that strongly opposed the extension of the Gleichschaltung into the realm of religion was the Roman Catholic Church. One of the institutions that the government failed to disband was the church.
  • Important People and Events in the Formation of the Catholic Church
  • Catholic Church: Colonial Times to Present Day
  • African Catholic Church and the Church of South Africa
  • Relationship Between the Catholic Church and Chivalry
  • Preparation for Baptism and Confirmation in the Roman Catholic
  • The Catholic Church and Its Views on Homosexuality
  • Catholic Church People Papacy Dissatisfaction
  • Australian Governments’ and Catholic Church’s Attitudes on the Practice of Euthanasia
  • Catholic Church Abuse Priests Clergy
  • Middle Ages and Roman Catholic Church Corruption
  • American Politics and the Catholic Church
  • Crisis Analysing: Young People Leaving the Catholic Church
  • Catholic Church’s Official Position on Abortion and Contraceptives
  • Challenges Facing the Australian Catholic Church of the 21st Century
  • Catholic Church During the Protestant Reformation
  • Galileo’s Discovery Put the Catholic Church Into Unrest
  • How the Catholic Church Built Westen Civilization
  • Dante and Chaucer: Towards the Renovation of the Catholic Church
  • Birth Control and the Catholic Church
  • Catholic Church and Byzantine Empire
  • Explaining Why the Catholic Church Was Weakened My Renaissance Popes
  • Analyse the Role and the Influence of the Catholic Church in the Irish Education System to Date
  • Catholic Church Architecture Analysis
  • Catholic Church From Apostolic Times Until the Present+
  • Erasmus Against Catholic Church
  • Abortion and Birth Control Rights in the Catholic Church
  • Holocaust and the Response of the American Catholic Church
  • Decision About Life and Death and the Catholic Church’s Position on Euthanasia
  • Fundamental Problems with the Catholic Church in 15th Century and How Martin Luther Faced Them
  • Relationship Between Baptism and the Catholic Church
  • Discussing the View That the Reformation Was an Unsuccessful Rebellion Within the Catholic Church
  • Features of Art and the Roman Catholic Church
  • Comparing and Contrasting the Roman Catholic Church With the Baptist Church
  • Catholic Church Corruption and the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Indulgences and the Role They Played on the Reformation of the Catholic Church
  • Jesus and the Role of Sin in the Catholic Church
  • How the Catholic Church Survived Two Thousand
  • Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church
  • Latin America and Marriage Ceremonial Changes Before and After the Catholic Church Introduction
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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good titles for essays on religion

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good titles for essays on religion

Faith-Based Titles Leading the 2020 Lists

We look at what religion and spirituality publishers are highlighting in the first part of the new year.

Among the big titles publishers of books on religion and spirituality will release in 2020 are works that offer both fresh takes on evergreen topics in the broad category and, notably, continue the cultural conversation about the intersections of faith, politics, and social issues.

Big Authors, Major Books

Jon Meacham, a Pulitzer Prize–winning historian, biographer, and expert on the presidency, offers a different kind of book in February. In The Hope of Glory (Convergent, Feb.), Meacham ponders the seven last sayings of Jesus recorded in the Gospels, exploring the core teachings of Christianity through a personal lens. Declaring his own faith, he writes: “I am one among that innumerable company [of Christians]... and this book is... a devotional work, not a scholarly one.”

From “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do,” to “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit,” Meacham shows how Jesus’s last words are of love, grace, and mercy—revolutionary in his time, and often still today. Meacham has been everywhere in the media talking about the book, which joins his roster of bestsellers, among them A merican Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation and The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels . Meacham holds the Carolyn T. and Robert M. Rogers Chair in the American Presidency and is a distinguished visiting professor at Vanderbilt University and a contributing writer to the New York Times Book Review , a contributing editor to Time , and a fellow of the Society of American Historians.

A recently uncovered work written by St. John Paul II will be published in April by Ave Maria Press. Teachings for an Unbelieving World: Newly Discovered Reflections on Paul’s Sermon at the Areopagus was written by then-Archbishop Karol Wojtyla of Kraków in the years just after Vatican II. Using Paul’s sermon to the people of Athens in Acts 17 as a framework for articulating the Catholic faith, John Paul writes, “The imperative to proclaim the Gospel to every creature resounds unceasingly: to those to whom the Gospel still is not known, to those who know it insufficiently or do not put it into practice enough, and finally to those who know it but, for various reasons, ignore it.” Elected the first non-Italian pope in more than 400 years, John Paul died in 2005 and was canonized in 2014. This is the first English-language publication of the book.

Evangelicals and Politics

The flow of books about the intersection of religion with today’s political and social issues continues. In Saving History: How White Evangelicals Tour the Nation’s Capital and Redeem a Christian America (Univ. of North Carolina, Apr.), author Lauren R. Kerby—education specialist for the Religious Literacy Project at Harvard Divinity School—explores the world of Christian heritage tours of Washington, D.C., riding the buses with evangelical tourists as they search for evidence that America was founded as a Christian nation.

White evangelicals see the nation’s origins as Christian, Kerby writes, and this vision of American history allows them to play the roles of both the powerful and the persecuted. On the heritage tours, “At certain moments, white evangelical tourists and guides appealed to the Christian Right’s myth of origin, casting themselves as the nation’s founders,” Kerby writes. “At other moments, however, they described looming threats to America Christians and their heritage, casting themselves in alternate roles as exiles from powerful institutions and victims of secularizing forces. And throughout the tours, they cast themselves as the nation’s would-be saviors.”

In White Christian Privilege: The Illusion of Religious Equality in America (New York Univ., June), Khyati Y. Joshi argues that the Christian beliefs, norms, and practices that infuse our society are used to define who is American, leaving religious minorities sidelined and excluded. Christian privilege in the United States has always been entangled with the ideas of white supremacy, Joshi writes; she urges readers to help America become the diverse democracy—with true freedom of religion—that many think it is. Joshi is a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University and the author of New Roots in America’s Sacred Ground: Religion, Race, and Ethnicity in Indian America .

White evangelicals use scripture to support their positions on political issues such as same-sex marriage and immigration, but in The Bible and the Ballot: Using Scripture in Political Decisions (Eerdmans, Jan.), Tremper Longman III argues that is not the correct use of the Bible in contemporary political discussion. “The Bible does not give us specific public policies,” he writes. “Rather... it gives us general principles that we should take seriously as we think through issues of public policy and make political decisions.” Longman is a distinguished scholar and professor emeritus of biblical studies at Westmont College, as well as one of the translators of the New Living Translation of the Bible.

Ru nning for Our Lives: A Story of Faith, Politics, and the Common Good by Robb Ryerse (Westminster John Knox, Feb.) , with a foreword by Brian D. McLaren, tells of pastor and progressive Republican Ryerse’s long-shot congressional campaign in 2018. In what Westminster calls a “political and faith memoir,” Ryerse recounts the lessons he learned about how political affiliations shape American views about the proper role of government in people’s lives; he urges others to get involved in politics as an expression of progressive faith.

Chalice Press publishes many books on contemporary social issues and the church. President and publisher Brad Lyons notes, “Our spring 2020 titles focus on creating connections amid our religious, political, and ethnic differences and reflect our continuing commitment to offering practical, trustworthy resources to help people wrestle with urgent social justice issues.”

Acting on Faith: Stories of C ourage, Activism, and Hope Across Religions , edited by Diane Faires Beadle and Jamie Lynn Haskins (Chalice, Mar.), tells the stories of 30 people from six different faith traditions who celebrate their religious differences and join in striving for justice and advocating for the oppressed. Beadle is the senior pastor of St. Paul’s Christian Church in Raleigh, N.C.; Haskins is the chaplain for spiritual life at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Va.

Kaitlin B. Curtice—a member of the Potawatomi Nation—shows in Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God (Brazos, May) how reconnecting with her roots has both shaped and challenged her Christian faith. Curtice travels around the country speaking on faith and justice in the church as it relates to indigenous peoples and has been featured on CBS and in USA Today and the New Yorker. A monthly columnist for Sojourners and a contributor to the Religion News Service, Curtice also is the author of Glory Happening: Finding the Divine in Everyday Places .

The plight of refugees and their role in American society come to life in My Name Is Tani... and I Believe in Miracles: The Amazing True Story of One Boy’s Journey from Refugee to Chess Champion (W, Apr.). Tani Adewumi tells how his family survived Boko Haram’s reign of terror in their native Nigeria until their escape to New York City, where they wait to be granted religious asylum as Christians persecuted in an Islamic country. In a story of triumph and inclusion, eight-year-old Adewumi joins the chess program at his public school and wins the New York State Chess Championship after playing the game for only a year.

Exploring what publisher Oxford calls “the dark attraction between religion and warfare” is God at War: A Meditation on Religion and Warfare by Mark Juergensmeyer (June), who has studied the rise of religious violence around the world, including that of groups such as ISIS and Christian militias. War is central to the worldview of virtually every religious movement engaged in violent acts, he writes. Juergensmeyer is a distinguished professor of sociology and global studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he was founding director of the Orfalea Center of Global and International Studies, and is the author of Terror in the Mind of God .

Religion & Classical Warfare: Archaic and Classical Greece by Christopher Matthew, Matthew Dillon, and Michael Schmitz (Pen and Sword Military, Feb.) takes the long view, noting that ancient warriors also used their beliefs to justify war and called on God for victory. The authors argue that the link between war and religion has often been overlooked by modern scholars.

Theology & Practice

If theology is the why, religious practice is the how, and there are always books in the category designed to help readers live their faith. In How to Follow Jesus (HarperOne, Feb.), Craig Springer, executive director of the evangelism movement Alpha USA, shows that the myths surrounding Christianity are obstacles to its growth. He argues that sin and temptation are not the greatest threat to faith, that forgiveness means facing emotions instead of denying them, and that disappointment in the church can be essential for its growth. HarperOne calls How to Follow Jesus “a must-read for new and returning Christians.”

Great preaching can offer a religious practice too, and Keeping Hope Alive: Sermons and Speeches of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. by Jesse L. Jackson Sr. (Orbis, Jan.), edited by Grace Ji-Sun Kim, collects the famed civil rights advocate’s words over a long career, with a foreword by Otis Moss Jr. and an afterword by Eddie S. Glaude Jr. “After all these years,” Jackson writes, “what remains for me is God is a source of mystery and wonder. Scripture holds up. The righteous are not forsaken. We’ve come a long way since slavery time. But we’re not finished yet. Running for freedom is a long distance race.” Jackson is founder and president of Rainbow PUSH Coalition. He was a Democratic presidential candidate in 1984 and 1988, and served as shadow U.S. senator for the District of Columbia from 1991 to 1997.

Scripture study is the practice at the heart of Christianity, and in Last Words: Seven Sayings from the Heart of Christ on the Cross (New Growth, Jan.), Rob Nash looks afresh at the crucifixion, encouraging readers to see the forgiveness, hope, comfort, and compassion offered by Jesus in his final moments. Nash serves as a pastor at Sawyer Highlands Church in Southwest Michigan.

Another of Christianity’s foundational practices is prayer, and in Dangerous Prayers: Because Following Jesus Was Never Meant to Be Safe (Zondervan, Feb.), Craig Groeschel ( Hope in the Dark ) confronts the timeless question “Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?” Groeschel encourages readers to look inward and use prayer to search their own souls to bring positive change.

From Catholic publisher Loyola comes Finding God in the Mess by Jim Deeds and Brendan McManus (Jan.), which is inspired by the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola and provides daily reflections and space to journal. “Life is difficult but not impossible and can be rich and fulfilling,” McManus writes. “It is essential to believe that there is something positive in everything, that God is in it somewhere, and that we can get through it with help.”

For some, managing money is a spiritual practice: Kingdom Stewardship by Tony Evans (Focus on the Family, Jan.) aims to broaden Christians’ ideas of what stewardship means—managing not only money but time and talents, as well, with the goal of serving God. Evans is senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. His daily radio show, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans , can be heard on more than 1,200 radio outlets throughout the U.S. and in more than 130 countries. He serves as chaplain for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and is the former chaplain for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys.

Provisions of Abundance: 365 Days of Devotions for Financial Prosperity by Ryan Mack (HCI, Aug.) offers a yearlong program of daily readings and scripture passages aimed at helping Christians put their finances in order by reflecting on their spending and being grateful for what they have. “Expect to put in some real work while creating Godly habits,” Mack writes. “While God can bless you in an instant, most of the time God will give you an instruction to follow to justify the blessing.” Mack has appeared on BET, CNBC, CNN, and GMTV and has been featured in publications such as African American Family and Black Enterprise ; he contributes to Ebony , Essence , Fortune , HuffPost , and other publications.

Marriage & Family

Matters of mating and raising children are frequent sources of inspiration for Christian books. According to Moody Publishers, there are more than 113 million people in blended families in the U.S., and Building Love Together in Blended Families: The 5 Love Languages and Becoming Stepfamily Smart by Gary Chapman and Ron L. Deal (Feb.) approaches such families’ unique problems from a Christian point of view. Chapman, author of the perennially bestselling The 5 Love Languages and a national expert on stepfamilies, partners with marriage and family therapist Ron Deal ( The Smart Stepfamily ) to apply the Love Languages principles to the often challenging task of combining families. The two will travel the country speaking and holding workshops.

B eyond Shame: Creating a Healthy Sex Life on Your Own Terms by Matthias Roberts (Fortress, Jan.) aims to dispel the teachings of the repressive purity culture of American evangelical Christianity and to deal with the fallout from centuries of teaching that sex—except in marriage—is immoral and taboo. Roberts is a psychotherapist and mental health counselor in Seattle, Wash., and host of Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being .

Two Orthodox sex therapists offer Jewish couples ways to enrich their marital and sexual lives and to maintain passion and intimacy within the framework of Jewish tradition. I Am for My Beloved: A Guide to Enhanced Intimacy for Married Couples by Talli Y. Rosenbaum and David S. Ribner (Urim, Jan.) covers Jewish values and attitudes toward sex and provides practical information about sexual anatomy and physiology, as well as emotional intimacy. Rosenbaum is an individual and couples therapist and certified as a sex therapist by the American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists and the Israeli Society for Sex Therapy. Ribner is the founder and chairman of the Sex Therapy Training Program at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, and is certified as a sex therapist and supervisor in the U.S. and Israel.

Consider the Women

Among the abundant books for Christian women in the self-help vein is Chasing Vines: Finding Your Way to an Immensely Fruitful Life by Beth Moore (Tyndale, Feb.), who assures women the Bible has wisdom to address all of life’s concerns. “Most of us have times when, if we’re honest, we feel like our lives are embarrassingly small and insignificant,” publisher Jan Long Harris says, “like we’re going through a whole lot of pain and striving without much to show for it. Beth gives us hope by revealing the secrets of a meaningful, God-pleasing, flourishing life.” Moore also is the author of Delivered: Experiencing God’s Power in Your Pain.

Social media star Carolanne Miljavac tells how both faith and humor helped her deal with the loss of her seven-year-old niece to cancer in She Laughs (Barbour, Jan.). Miljavac writes that laughter has been essential to her healing, and she calls on readers to join her on the path to joy and peace through humor.

Self-improvement plans for women are legion, but in Enough About Me: Find Lasting Joy in the Age of Self (Crossway, Mar.), Jen Oshman calls women to turn away from such self-help messages as “Create your own destiny. You be you. Reach for the stars. You can be a self-made woman. You are in charge of your own happiness. You get what you give. Never let them see you sweat. Follow your dreams. Make it happen. You are enough.” Rather, she writes, “rooting ourselves in ourselves has led to our ruin.... We see now that there is no rest for the one who depends on herself for everything.... Let’s admit that we are not enough, and turn to the God who is.”

Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts by Jennie Allen (WaterBrook, Jan.) challenges Christian women to change their lives by changing their thoughts, with help from God. Allen draws on the Bible as well as recent discoveries in neuroscience to show readers they can stop destructive thoughts and find the truth about God and themselves. Alan is the author of Nothing to Prove.

In the #MeToo era, and with some abuse scandals playing out in churches, it’s crucial to define the proper role of touch in ministry, Lore Ferguson Wilbert writes in Handle with Care: How Jesus Redeems the Power of Touch in Life and Ministry (B&H, Feb.). She aims to help families, couples, singles, churches, and communities foster healthy, ministering physical contact.

More generally spiritual is Living Love: 12 Heart-Centered Practices to Transform Your Life by Victoria Price (Dover, Apr.), who writes that daily practices such as gratitude, forgiveness, and being present with others foster the healing power of love. Price is the author of Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography and The Way of Being Lost: A Road Trip to My Truest Self.

Women in leadership in evangelical churches has been a fraught issue, and in I Am a Leader: When Women Discover the Joy of Their Calling (NavPress, Mar.), Angie Ward explores the concept of “calling” as it applies specifically to women leaders. “The discovery of any extraordinary calling begins,” she writes, “with ordinary obedience to what God has already revealed.” She adds: “My hope and prayer is that as you read this book, you will experience the power and deep gladness of these two truths: You are unique, and yet, you are not alone.”

“Ward provides a clarion call for women who lead in the complex environment of evangelicalism,” says NavPress editor Caitlyn Carlson. “You are a leader, right where you are, in whatever place of influence you have. Your calling to leadership comes from God, and no other person gets to shake you in that calling.” Ward is a teacher, writer, and pastor’s wife. She is a contributor to Christianity Today ’s leadership publications and has served as a contributing editor and editorial advisor for Leadership Journal , Building Church Leaders , and Gifted for Leadership.

In One Hundred Daffodils: Finding Beauty, Grace, and Meaning When Things Fall Apart (Grand Central, Mar.), Rebecca Winn writes of exploring global spiritual practices and Jungian psychology to deal with the dissolution of her 25-year marriage and to achieve self-discovery. A landscape designer, Winn uses nature and the garden as a spiritual metaphor, a sanctuary, and a teacher.

Wisdom from the Buddha

One of the seminal figures who introduced Buddhism to a Western audience was Alan Watts (1915–1973), and in February, Sounds True will publish a new edition of Just So: The Book, which was released as an audiobook in 2017 and is being published in print for the first time. In the book, Watts ( The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are ) asks the question, “What would you change if you were God? What kind of universe would you design?” and provides an answer: “If you went through the trouble of modeling your own universe and seeing what comes of it, you’d eventually settle on the exact model we have now.” Editor Robert Lee says Watts’s answer is, “Essentially, we are God, and this is what we have created, and if we were to have billions of do-overs (which, in some sense, we already have), this is the exact version we’d create—just so.”

Buddhist scholar Stephen Batchelor, author of Buddhism Without Beliefs , meditates on being alone in the company of others in The Art of Solitude (Yale Univ., Feb.). Batchelor describes how when he turned 60, he took a sabbatical from teaching and turned his attention to solitude, a practice integral to the meditative traditions he has studied and taught. Batchelor’s explorations taught him that in a hyperconnected world that is at the same time plagued by social isolation, readers can learn to enjoy the solitude that is at the heart of the human experience.

The First Free Women: Poems of the Early Buddhist Nuns by Matty Weingast (Shambhala, Feb.) is a new rendering of the Therigatha (“Verses of the Elder Nuns”), the oldest collection of known writings from Buddhist women and one of the earliest collections of women’s literature in India. The range of voices includes widows, women who lost children, women who gave up their wealth, and a former prostitute. In the foreword, Bhikkhuni Anandabodhi writes, “These poems have been an invitation to bring light to the hidden corners and the broken parts, to the confused parts and the angry parts, to all the parts that have been pushed aside. Because it’s only when we bring everything onto the Path that the Path can truly transform us.”

The concept of mindfulness and the practice of mindfulness meditation has permeated American culture, and in Mindfulness in Sound: Tune into the World Around Us (Leaping Hare, May), concert pianist, classical composer, and recording artist Mark Tanner, author of The Mindful Pianist , applies mindfulness principles to listening—to music and other sounds—that can help readers consider the origins of resonance and the impact of natural sound. With meditation exercises, Tanner combines “a musician’s understanding of how we listen with an awareness of how tapping in to natural sounds can bring greater self-awareness and inner serenity,” editor Joanna Bentley says.

In Firefighter Zen: A Field Guide to Thriving in Tough Times (New World Library, May), volunteer firefighter Hersch Wilson describes the Zen-like techniques that allow people like him to stay grounded in dangerous and chaotic circumstances and to deal with their own emotions while comforting others. He writes that, as in Zen practice, firefighters are trained to be fully in the moment and present with the life at hand. Wilson is an organizational consultant and pilot. He writes for the Backdraft magazine and for the National Volunteer Fire Council.

good titles for essays on religion

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