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Counselling Skills Analysis from Counselling Session

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Many counselling techniques exist to help people gain awareness, insight and explore ways of solving their problems. These communication skills, also known as counselling tools, can be very effective if a skilled counsellor knows how and when to apply them. Timing when using counselling tools is important as is the counsellor’s self-awareness as they must be able to know how their client affects them and vice versa. McLeod (2007) explains apart from counselling techniques, to be effective a counsellor must use their own self-awareness of feelings and thoughts that arise in a session of which can be used to make an informed response. In this essay I play the role of counsellor for a client who presents a problem at work allowing me to apply a number of these counselling tools to effectively help her gain awareness, clarify the problem, gain insight and consider future steps to resolve the issue. These skills were observed by me watching a video playback of the session.

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The aim of this qualitative research was to explore the various approaches and techniques used by Maltese counsellors during sessions with female clients who had difficulties in engaging in sexual intimacy due to non-medical reasons. Five counsellors were recruited for the study to give their personal account on their experiences with their clients and what they found to be most useful and not so useful. In order to collect the data, individual, semi-structured interviews were carried out, audio-recorded and transcribed. By means of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) of the data, six main themes were generated: 1) Having a preferred approach, but being able to change whenever needed, 2) Importance of need for initial assessment, 3) Knowing counsellors limitations, 4) Importance and need for Supervision, 5) Allowing client to lead the session, 6) Client issues are multifaceted. After identification of the main themes and their corresponding sub themes, these were presented with quotes from the transcriptions, and discussed using my personal interpretation followed by comparison to the review of literature carried out at the beginning of the study. It was concluded that there is no one-size-fit-all approach that can be used with clients, however, stress was given to the need for the counsellor to be well trained, and supervised. It was also apparent that each client will come with various different issues which may all be interlinked, and might be able to work on their sexual intimacy issues through working on other aspects of their relationship.

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Reflective Essay

Learning tips, tricks and hints

Reflective Essay on Counselling Skills

A reflective essay on counselling skills is an essential part of a degree or diploma. This type of essay will demonstrate your abilities and achievements in a way that demonstrates to future employers that you have a desire to help others. It’s important to take care when writing this type of essay, because it will have to be read by others as well. As such, you want to ensure it is presented in a well-written and effective manner.

While many people do not consider themselves to be good readers, those who do will appreciate this type of reflection skills. They want to be able to articulate their thoughts and feelings clearly in the essay format. The first step is to write your essay on a topic that interests you. This may not always be related to counselling, but having a strong interest in a particular subject will make the whole task a lot easier.

When you begin to write your reflective essay on counselling skills, make sure you get all your facts and figures straight. You don’t want to end up with a poorly written paper because you don’t have all the details. Be sure to have your own research done on counselling before you begin.

Next, you need to write your essay in a clear, concise, and easy-to-read style. Your essay should provide evidence that your points are based on solid reasoning and research. The essay should have several supporting examples to help support your points. If there is doubt about an argument, provide a reason as to why that doubt exists. You don’t want to make a mistake like using ambiguous words in your argument and then having to take that point out.

In the body of the essay, you’ll need to provide your name and contact information. In addition, your name, your degree or diploma number, and the date that you received your degree or diploma should also be on this page. This will help future employers to contact you if they are interested in speaking with you. At the end of your essay, provide a brief, succinctly written conclusion that briefly summarizes all of your points in a way that will encourage them to take notice.

When writing your reflective essay on counselling skills, you will be given several practice tests to review. These tests will serve as your “exams” in a sense. They will test your ability to follow directions and communicate effectively with others, so that your paper reflects positively on your abilities.

To prepare for your first practice test, consider using examples from previous work to show examples of good communication. Your next practice test will be to write an essay on a subject of your choosing and present some research on your findings. In this case, you’ll need to present some statistics that support your argument and make the case for why your information is true.

Good reflection on a subject is essential to the success of your education. Many students fail at university because they don’t know how to write an effective reflective essay on counselling skills. This guide has shown you how to write one that will stand out and impress your future employer.

To begin writing a reflective essay on counselling skills, begin by writing your name, address, and phone number. Next, write the name of the school where you received your degree. Write the date that you received your degree and the date you took your test.

Find out what types of services your school offers, such as counselling and tutoring, if any. Learn about the faculty at your school. Research the program to determine if it meets the needs of your career goals. If you have questions, find the counselor(s) who can answer those questions.

Finally, write the length of your writing in one to two paragraphs. Make sure that the essay is cohesive, complete, and is clear, concise, and easily understood. After completing your essay, you will be ready to submit it to your employer or academic adviser.


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    A reflective essay on counselling skills is an essential part of a degree or diploma. This type of essay will demonstrate your abilities and achievements in a way that demonstrates to future employers that you have a desire to help others. It's important to take care when writing this type of essay, because it will have to be read by others ...

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