Smith-Shattuck Bookbinding

Thesis binding styles.

Library Standard Binding (Buckram) The least expensive book we offer is the library standard binding. This is machine oversewn, with a black buckram cloth cover binding of acid-free construction. Your last name and date of degree are gold stamped on the spine. This is the binding style that graduate students need in order to meet the requirements for a Doctorate at Princeton University. It is also attractive enough for presentation to advisors or undergraduate thesis submissions.

Books up to ½-inch thick are made with a square (unrounded) spine. We round and back the spine for sizes above ½ an inch.

View an assortment of doctoral thesis library standard bookbinding here .

Buckram Roundback Binding The buckram roundback binding includes all the features of our library binding process. In addition, we gold foil stamp the book’s title and your full name on the front cover along with a separator line between the title and name. On the spine we will put your last name and date of degree, along with decorative double lines at the top and bottom of the spine. Our stamping design can be varied to meet the requirements of your school. Stamping colors available include gold, silver, copper, white, black, red and blue.

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The final steps of your thesis: Finding the right printing and binding services and choosing the right style for you

One of the best things is the feeling you get when you’ve finished writing your thesis. After months of research and writing, at long last, your paper, thesis, or dissertation is finally done. What’s left to do is the printing and binding of your thesis. But still, you need to find out the best printing and binding services and choose a style that makes you proud of the final result of your work. 

There are a few things to consider when choosing how to print and bind your thesis or dissertation: the quality of the paper, the material, and color of the binding. A few other details can be customized, such as the ribbons and corner protectors. To help you decide, we have selected a few options from our partner, BachelorPrint.

Premium Leather book binding

Our pick: Premium Leather book binding

  • Page limit: 10 – 370 pages
  • Color options: Red, green, blue, black
  • Textured, leather-look surface
  • Ribbon bookmark in white, silver, gold, blue or black
  • Corner protectors in black, gold, and silver
  • Customized embossing in gold, silver, and black

BachelorPrint  is your go-to expert when it comes to printing and binding your thesis. The online market leader offers a wide range of bindings and will transform your thesis into a work of art. 

The  ultimate : with their free express shipping they guarantee that your thesis will be in your hands within a few days!

Binding thesis Online Bachelor Print

Leather book binding: a thesis to look like a book

  • Appearance: textured matte (premium bookbinding) or marbled leather-look with a slightly glossy finish (standard bookbinding)

You’ve made it! You’ve finished writing your thesis. Now all that’s left is printing and binding and knocking your examiner’s socks off! That’s why we recommend leather bookbinding . 

A leather book has the best quality for  printing and binding your thesis . Your thesis will look like a classy book. 

Choosing this type of binding will make your thesis stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression on your examiner. Combine that with additional options such as customized embossing, corner protectors, and a ribbon bookmark, and after that process your thesis you’ll have a one-of-a-kind, sophisticated-looking book.

There are two options available with this leather book: Premium leather book and standard leather book. Whereas the premium leather book has a matte finish, a standard leather book has a glossy finish. However, both are done in leather-look and consist of a solid and sturdy cover. 

Which leather book you choose for your  thesis binding is a matter of personal preference.

Upgrade your binding

Deciding on a leather book when printing and binding your thesis gives you the option to upgrade it to your tastes and create a one-of-a-kind binding. Here are the upgrade options:

Corners protectors

Corners protectors:

Adds a touch of class

Prevents the corners from binding

Available in silver, black & gold

Ribbon Bookmark

Ribbon Bookmark:

Enhance your book’s appearance

Can be used as a bookmark (your examiner will be grateful!)

Available in white, black, blue, silver & gold

Printing binding thesis embossing leather binding

Customized embossing:

E.g.: University logo and title of your dissertation on the cover

Embossed spine optional

Available in black, silver & gold

You can use BachelorPrint preview tool see how your dream binding would look like:

Thermal binding

Thermal binding: a clean and classic style

  • Page limit: 2 – 450 pages
  • Color options: black, red, green, yellow, blue, white, gray
  • Appearance: transparent front cover, colored, leather-look back cover

Of all the different types of binding,  thermal binding  is a classic. One of the features is the transparent front cover: it shows off the title page of your dissertation as well as the title of your thesis. This means that attention is immediately drawn to the topic of your dissertation.


Softcover: A thesis for artists

  • Page limit: 20 – 150 pages
  • Color options: customizable to suit your needs
  • Appearance: satin matte, smooth appearance; design and print your cover to your liking (magazine look)
  • Cover: 300 g/m² premium paper

Looking to make an impact with your thesis? In that case, the softcover is just for you! You have free reign and can decide what you want your cover to look like: Logos, colors, photos, or different fonts – you’re the one who decides what goes on the cover of your softcover. That is why this type is ideal for more creative fields of study. 

Note: Designing a one-of-a-kind binding that looks super original is tempting, but remember to keep it aligned with your field of studies and professional looking.

Spiral binding

Spiral binding: A sleek solution for your thesis

  • Page limit: 1 – 300 pages
  • Color options for cardboard back cover: black, red, green, gray, blue, yellow or white
  • Appearance: Leather-look cardboard back cover, transparent front cover
  • Spiral options: Metal or plastic

Of all the different types of binding, spiral binding is the sleekest and simplest type  BachelorPrint  has to offer. It has a transparent front cover. This allows the examiner to see the topic of your Master’s thesis or dissertation right away. However, spiral binding is better for printing shorter dissertations. 

Some professors will require that you use  spiral binding  for printing your thesis. If your post-secondary institution has no guidelines regarding printing and binding, then you should make sure that the “packaging” of your thesis matches the contents: If you are looking into printing and binding your Master’s thesis, we definitely recommend the leather book over spiral binding. 

Overview of thesis bindings

Tips from printing experts.

It’s one thing to know what thesis binding to choose when printing your thesis. But there are lots of helpful and important tips that you should consider when it comes to printing. We sat down with BachelorPrint to put together some exclusive advice just for you:

Tip #1- Choosing the right paper:  Most printing services use 80 g/m² paper by default. However, 80 g/m² paper is relatively thin and as a result, the print on the reverse side will shine through if you are printing double-sided. 

Tip:  Remember that printing and binding your thesis is not something you do every day – be sure to use high-quality paper and select 100 g/m² paper – if printing double-sided, we actually recommend 120 g/m² paper. BachelorPrint automatically uses 100 g/m² paper.

Tip #2- Printing single-sided or double-sided:  It’s totally up to you whether you print your thesis single-sided or double-sided. Make sure you check the examiner’s guidelines first – if there are none, the choice is yours! 

Tip:  When printing double-sided, make sure your page numbers are formatted correctly. Uneven page numbers should always be on the right-hand page, and even page numbers should be on the left-hand page.

Tip #3- Printing in color:  It’s up to you whether you print in color or black and white. This depends on your thesis. If your dissertation has lots of charts and photos, color printing would look better. 

Tip:  Color printing gives your thesis a classier appearance. But take note! Too much color and your thesis will look less professional.

Tip #4- Number of copies:  You can assume that two members of the examination board will read your thesis. Furthermore, the person or organization you did your internship with might also like a copy of your thesis. Last but not least, you would probably also like to own a copy of your dissertation, Master’s thesis, or  research paper . 

Tip:  Find out beforehand, how many copies you’ll need. We generally recommend making 4 to 5 copies. Of course, the type of binding is up to you.

Tip #5- Cost:  The cost of printing and binding your thesis is based on various factors: Paperweight, color printing, and actual printing. Many service providers often add a surcharge when you opt for color printing or thicker paper.

Tip:  BachelorPrint printing expert automatically uses 100 g/m² paper, and does not even add a surcharge. The same applies for color printing: whether you choose black/white or color, BachelorPrint charges the same.

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Quality Bindery Services

Quality Bindery Services, Inc.

Call (716) 883-5185

Print Industry Finishing Services | Bookbinding, Bible & Book Repair, Thesis Binding | Mailing 

Do you need your thesis bound, thesis & dissertation binding.

Trust your thesis binding to QBS, a company that reveres education, and the work you have achieved! Our pricing is reasonable. We know you’ve just spent a bundle on your education! We have been helping graduate students preserve their thesis work for years. It’s simple. Whether you want a soft cover or a hard cover -- both are available. We follow the instructions of the school you attend. We use all types of materials, including cloth, paper and leather. If your school no longer requires you to print and bind your dissertation . . . have it bound beautifully for yourself!

Download our Thesis Binding Information Flyer.

Hard Cover Value Pricing Our value pricing for hard cover thesis binding is $55 per book.

Includes hard cover, we use imitation leather

Choose from many colors, including black, navy, medium blue, brown, green and burgundy

With gold or silver foil stamping on spine and front cover

Soft Cover Value Pricing Our value pricing for soft cover thesis binding is $40 per book.

Includes soft cover, we supply the cover stock

Choose black or white cover

Printing Services

QBS also provides printing services on a variety of paper stocks. The prices are as follows:

25% cotton with watermark:        $.45 b/w  $.60 for color

24# bond copy paper:                $.30 b/w  $.40 color

100% cotton with watermark:      $.55 b/w  $.75 for color

Turn around is usually 3 weeks.

If you need your theses sooner, rush charges may apply depending on our schedule:

5 to 10 days: an additional $20 per book

4 days or less: an additional $50 per book

Dissertation Thesis Books Hard Bound and Foil Stamped

"My bound dissertation books arrived today, and you did an amazing job. It looks excellent. I am so thrilled and happy. I will definitely use your services again (going back to school) and I have forwarded information to my other college cohorts. Thank you so much."  B.


Step 1: Fill Out the Order Form Download our PDF Thesis Order Form Important: If you have difficulty filling out our order form via the PDF, please print the PDF form and fill it out. Scan and email to [email protected] or fax it to (716) 883-1598. Step 2: Upload Your Files Upload your files to our secure WeTransfer FTP (file transfer protocol) site. Step 3: We Email Your Price Confirmation Step 4: PayPal Payment

Send payment directly from your PayPal account using our PayPal email address: [email protected] Step 5: Delivery Options

Click here for hours and directions

Quality Bindery Services Inc.

501 Amherst St. Buffalo, NY 14027

We ship per your instructions on your order form.

For more information call (888) 883-1266 toll-free or (716) 883-5185. We are here to congratulate you and to help you with this next exciting step in your career!

Order Form & How to Order

Here is an example of one of Quality Bindery Services' great Buffalo, New York customers -- D'Youville College.

D'Youville graduates, c lick the below image to download your college's order form. Others use the form in Step 1. 


Does your educational institution no longer require printed and bound theses?  They just put it online.

We think all of the work you completed to get your doctorate degree deserves a place on your bookshelf. It serves as part of your life legacy and can be handed down to your family's future generations.



Simplifying College

Simplifying College

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Printing & Binding a Thesis: The Ultimate How-to Guide

You have studied hard to make it this far. All the hard work towards researching and writing your Bachelor’s thesis, research paper or a different final paper is ending. You have completed your write-up and are ready to submit it to your supervisor. However, one important thing remains – Thesis printing and binding (or thesis binding/thesis printing).

You are probably wondering, “how do I print and bind my thesis? What is the best method and material to use? Where can I find the best service provider to print and bind my thesis?”

Almost every student asks these questions. Finding answers to these questions should no longer stress you out. We compiled resourceful tips that can help you navigate this stage successfully. Read on to gain insightful ideas that you can utilize when working on your thesis or any other research paper.

How do I go about printing and binding my thesis?

If this is your first time printing your research paper, it can be challenging to identify the best method and material to use. In this blog, you will find all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision.

What do I have to watch out for when printing my thesis?

When starting, you will likely ask yourself these questions: • Should the printout be coloured or black and white? • What is the best paper size, quality and brand? • Should the printout be single or double-sided? • How do I find the service provider offering the best services at affordable rates? You no longer have to worry about all that since we have put together all the information you need to answer the above questions.

What do I have to watch out for when binding a thesis?

The first thing you should consider is the guidelines given for your thesis or research paper. If your supervisor or institution has issued specific instructions, it is wise you adhere. Adhering to guidelines for content and structure contributes to your final mark.

If there are no instructions on how to bind your thesis, you can opt for different methods depending on your preferences and stage. For example, you can spiral-bind your regular term paper since it is cheaper and doesn’t have many pages. On the other hand, you may opt for leather binding for your major final paper since it has more pages and the leather is sturdier.

Which binding is the right one for my final paper?

There are several options available, and the choice often depends on your personal preference, institutional requirements, and budget. Here are some options for your final paper:

Leather binding for your thesis

thesis binding red

Leather binding is an elegant method where the cover of your thesis is made from leather. This technique has been used for centuries and is highly regarded for its durability, aesthetic appeal, and luxurious feel. You can request the service provider to add corner protectors or decorations to endpapers and headbands for additional aesthetic appeal and structural support.

Recommendations: Leather binding is an excellent option for your; • Master thesis • Bachelor’s thesis • Dissertation • Research paper

Thermal binding for your thesis

This method uses heat to adhere pages together. The front cover is usually transparent, making your thesis title visible at a glance. You can choose different material designs and colours for the back cover.

Recommendation: It is fast, easy to use, and can bind relatively thick documents. It also creates a clean and polished look, making it an ideal final paper.

Softcover for your thesis

Choose a softcover if you want your thesis to look unique and stand out among your peers. Softcover allows you to design the cover with different pictures, writings, logos, or patterns. Simply put, you can design it the way you want. However, do not clutter it with irrelevant stuff since it’s your final paper and should appear professional.

Recommendation: Softcover binding is versatile since you can use it for different types of final papers. It is also cost-effective and allows for easy printing on the spine, making it simple to include the paper’s title, author, and other information. However, the softcover may not be durable, especially where the paper is stacked and retrieved many times. Additionally, it cannot contain many pages, such as those of a comprehensive dissertation.

Spiral binding for your thesis

thesis binding red

This method is used to secure multiple pages of a document together. A continuous plastic or metal coil is threaded through small holes punched along the edge of the pages. The coil is then twisted into a tight spiral shape, effectively holding the pages together. Spiral binding utilizes a transparent front cover and a hard back cover.

Recommendation: It is suitable for small projects like term papers.

Where can I go for printing & binding a thesis?

There are several options available for research paper printing and binding, depending on your location. Some common places where you can get your thesis printed and bound include your school print services, local print shops, or order online.

Numerous online platforms specialize in printing. One of the best online prints is BachelorPrint . They offer online services where you can upload your thesis, select printout options, and have the final product delivered to your doorstep through their free express shipping.

How you benefit: • Your document is printed on a high-quality paper at an affordable price • A complete preview of your bound document before shipping • Free express shipping to your location • Your document is delivered on time and in perfect condition

Printing and binding a thesis – making sure nothing goes wrong!

We know that writing and printing your thesis is a serious investment of time, energy, and money. That’s why we have compiled relevant and insightful information that you need to print and bind your Bachelor’s thesis, term paper, or research paper.

We understand that you have the liberty to choose where to print your thesis. However, if you need a tried and tested online service provider, visit BachelorPrint. Their online platform is user-friendly, fast and effective. Once you get in touch with them, you are assured of a stress-free experience.

We wish you success as you finalize your thesis!

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Printing and binding a thesis: your ultimate guide

A printed and bound thesis

You have finally completed your thesis . It has been a long process of getting your bachelor’s thesis or other college paper to completion. Before you can submit it, high-quality printing and binding is essential. Any student has two concerns when it comes to printing and binding their thesis:

  • What is the best way for printing and binding my thesis?
  • Which is the best place to have my thesis printed and bonded?

Here is a detailed guideline on salient issues to keep in mind when going about printing and binding your thesis .

What is the best way for printing and binding your thesis?

Most students have never printed and bound any research paper before their thesis paper. Therefore, it may be a difficult task selecting the ideal printing and binding configurations. This article provides all the information you need for printing and binding a thesis.

What issues do I have to keep in mind when printing a thesis?

Some of the questions that are in the minds of students when it comes to printing their papers include:

  • Do I print in colour or just black and white?
  • Which is the right kind of paper
  • Where do I get the best deal so that I can print at a reasonable price?

We have compiled some guidelines on printing a thesis to make it easier for you.

What issues do you have to watch out when binding your thesis?

Most students just think about the ‘how’ to go about binding as they do not know the best type of binding to pick for the thesis. Your choice depends on the type of thesis. A paper that requires extensive research and work, such as research paper may require better binding than your regular term paper that takes just a fraction of the time.

The weight of these papers also differs. Your term paper counts just a small percentage of your final mark where your thesis, whether masters, bachelors or a research paper takes the higher percentage.

Keep in mind: printing and binding your thesis is a very important thing. You should find a appropriate binding to make your dissertation worthy and unique. Here, a simple spiral binder may not be the best choice. It is best to go for leather book binding as it is sturdy and looks worthy of a major paper.

Essentially, the choice of the binding to use depends on the type of college paper that you would like to submit.

Most tertiary institutions have specific requirements when it comes to the type of binding to pick. Therefore, check with your institution, whether there any regulations on printing and binding your paper.

What is the right binding for my paper?

There are several options out there for your binding. We shall explain each to make it easier for you to make a choice.

Printing and binding your thesis with the leather book binding

A leather bound thesis

Our recommendation for important papers: thesis printing and binding with the high-quality leather book binding . The leather-look gives your thesis a solid look, which is classy and professional-looking. When you decide to use BachelorPrint, you are given a wide choice of customized options that include a bookmark, custom embossing and corner protectors to have a superb look for your thesis.


Leather book binding works great for your final papers such as

  • Research Paper
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Master’s thesis

Thermal binding as a classic way for printing and binding your thesis

A thermally bound thesis

Thermal binding is the most versatile type of binding. Its cover is transparent, thereby allowing you to show the title of your thesis right on the cover. Besides, it comes with a leather-like back cover and you get to choose the colour of the cover. A very good way for printing and binding your thesis.

Recommendation :

Thermal binding works great for smaller research papers. It is also ideal for situations where you need various print-outs of the paper.

The softcover as the most flexible way for printing and binding your thesis

A thesis with a softcover

If you would like to have a final paper that looks creative and stands out, consider going for the softcover. This is because it allows you to design the cover in the way you want. There is a wide choice of pictures, fonts and logos available when you need to go wild with your designs, especially if you are quite creative. However, ensure that your paper does not get too cluttered with creative pieces. You are interested in printing and binding your thesis, not a comic – it has to look serious and professional.


The cheapest way for printing and binding your thesis: the spiral binding

A bound thesis

Spiral binding is the simplest binding method and the sleekest. It has similarity to the thermal binding in that you have a transparent front cover and a leather-like back cover with several colour choices. However, unlike other binding types where your pages are glued together, in this case, your papers are held together by spirals. You have a choice of metal or plastic spirals if you decide for printing and binding your thesis with the spiral binding.

Spiral biding works well for small research papers like the term papers. It is not recommended for important, large final papers such as research papers and dissertations.

A quick look at binding methods

We have tabulated the information above about various types of binding to help you determine which would be the best way for printing and binding your thesis.

Where can I get thesis printing and binding services?

We have researched so that you find it easy when going about printing and binding your thesis. We would also like you to know where to get the best quality service. You can consider going to an online printing provider. This allows you to make an order from home, which saves you some time. Even when you are making online orders, it is important that you research on the providers that can offer quality service. In our research, we found one online printer that stood out from many others.

Bachelor Print logo

BachelorPrint is your choice thesis printing and binding provider. This authoritative online printing provider offers you several high-quality binding selections. They also have a free express shipping service that ensures that you have your paper soon after it has been printed.

Here are some of the benefits offered

  • There is free express shipping to all customers
  • There is a 3D preview function where you look at the inside and outside of your thesis in the selected binding using this function on their website.
  • They offer high-quality papers at reasonable prices

Ensure everything goes right in your thesis printing and binding

Writing a good thesis takes much time and effort. We guarantee that these tips shared above on Master’s thesis, term paper or dissertation printing and binding , your paper should get ready without any hiccups.

You are the one to determine where your papers will be printed. There is a choice of going to a copy shop or making an order online. However, if you would like to simplify the process of printing and binding your thesis and go for a high-quality paper and a smooth printing and binding process for your final paper, go for BachelorPrint. They have set up a user-friendly online print shop that not only allows you to put together your final thesis but also see how it looks like before it is completed. These are a few reasons why we recommend their services.

We wish you all the best as you complete your thesis!

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The Ultimate How-To Guide for Printing and Binding a Thesis

The Ultimate How-To Guide For Printing And Binding A Thesis

You’ve arrived: all of your time spent studying and writing your research paper, Bachelor’s thesis, or other final work has come to a close. You’re almost ready to submit it, but first and foremost you must consider finishing your thesis.

When researching about finishing a thesis, a student constantly asks the same two questions: “How do I go about finishing my thesis?” as well as “Where will I go for printing and finishing my thesis?” Continue reading for some pointers on what to look for when getting a research paper printed and bound.

How-To Guide for Printing and Binding Your Thesis!

What is the process for printing and binding my thesis.

Because most students haven’t had the chance to do printing or to bind a research paper before, deciding which binding is best and what printing configurations to use might be tricky. We provide you with all of the information you need to know about printing and finishing a thesis.

What should I look out for when printing my thesis?

Students always have the same questions about printing a thesis:

  • Is it in black and white or color?
  • What type of paper is suitable?

That is why we have compiled some tips for publishing your thesis.

What should I look out for while binding a thesis?

Many students ask the “how” question since they are unsure of what form of finishing to utilize for their thesis. This is where it depends on the sort of final document: a research paper, for example, necessitates substantial investigation and work, but a standard term paper does not.

Their weighting varies: a typical term paper only accounts for a small amount of your grade, whereas your Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, or research paper is worth much more.

To be more specific, if your final paper is significant and you want to learn about finishing your dissertation, simple spiral finishing is not the way to go. Leather bound is the greatest alternative because it is more appropriate for your main final paper and is substantially more durable.

Many post-secondary colleges and universities have certain finishing requirements. As a result, it is preferable to first determine whether your university has any rules for printing and finishing a thesis. That is why we want to show you which binding to use based on the sort of final paper you are submitting.

Which binding is best for my final paper?

To begin with, there is a wide range of bindings available. That is why we will go over each of them with you so that nothing goes wrong in this regard.

Thesis binding in leather

Thesis Binding In Leather

Leather binding is the best option for your thesis. It looks professional and classy thanks to the leather-look solid cover. If you choose a leather finishing, you can also add custom embossing, a bookmark, or corner protectors to make your thesis look even more professional. Recommendation: A leather finishing is ideal for significant final works such as your research paper, dissertation, bachelor’s thesis, and master’s thesis.

Thermal binding for the thesis

Thermal Binding For The Thesis

Thermal finishing is the most adaptable of all. It has a translucent front cover that draws attention to the title of your thesis right away. It also has a leather-look rear cover in the color of your choice.

Recommendation : Thermal binding is ideal for modest research projects. It is also useful if you need many printouts of your finished page.

Softcover for your dissertation

Softcover For Your Dissertation

We choose Softcover if you want your paper to stand out and appear more imaginative. This allows you to customize the cover anyway you like. When you choose softcover, you may let your creative juices flow with different fonts, logos, photos, or completely wacky designs.

But be cautious! You don’t want it to become overly cluttered! After all, it is still a research paper, therefore your end product should be professional. Recommendation: In general, softcover finishing can be used for any sort of final paper. However, there is a limit to the number of pages it can hold, making it less suitable for a full dissertation.

Spiral binding for the thesis

Spiral Binding For The Thesis

Spiral finish is the most elegant and easy. It’s similar to thermal finishing in that it features a transparent front cover and a colored, leather-look rear cover.

Spiral finishing, on the other hand, is not glued. Instead, spirals hold your thesis together. Spiral finishing is ideal for smaller research tasks, such as term papers. It is not suitable for major final papers such as a dissertation or research paper.

Where can I get a thesis printed and bound?

We’ve done the legwork for you, so you can easily find out where you may go for publishing a thesis, and where you’ll get the best output possible. It is advantageous to use an online service because you can place your order from the comfort of your own home, saving crucial time.

But, even with internet suppliers, you win some and lose some. During our study, one online service provider stood out from the crowd:

BachelorPrint is your go-to source if you need to finish your thesis. This online printing store has a large assortment of high-quality binders. Their free expedited shipping allows you to have your thesis in hand as soon as it is printed and bound.

How you will benefit: – Complimentary Express shipping – Online shop 3D preview of your binding and see inside-function – High-quality paper at reasonable costs

Ensure that nothing goes wrong when printing and binding a thesis!

Writing a thesis takes a significant amount of time. Everything will go well if you follow our suggestions for your research paper, Bachelor’s thesis, or term paper. Of course, where you get your thesis printed is entirely up to you, whether you go to a physical copy shop or order online.

However, if you want high-quality, stress-free thesis finishing, BachelorPrint is the place to go. Their user-friendly online shop makes it simple to put together your thesis, which is why we recommend it.

We wish you the best of luck with your thesis!

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After many months you have finally completed your thesis. You have put everything into making sure it is perfect. Now all you have to do is complete the printing and binding of your thesis before you can finally submit it.

When it comes to printing and binding, students scarcely are experts in the field and therefore always have the same questions:

  • How do I print and bind my thesis?
  • Where can I print and bind my thesis?

We want to help you find the right answers to these questions. Therefore, this is a step-by-step guide to printing and binding your thesis to make it a success.

Printed and bound thesis.

What Should I Consider when Printing my Thesis?

When printing your thesis, you have to consider a few things beforehand:

Black and white or colour?

When printing your thesis, remember that colour is always more expensive than black and white. Printing in colour definitely looks impressive. However, if you have too much colour some people may take your thesis less seriously than they might otherwise. If printing in colour is not essential, you are better sticking with black and white.

Which kind of paper?

When you visit a copyshop, they usually print your thesis on 80 g/m 2 paper. However, this paper type is quite thin. Plus, the print on the paper's reverse side will often shine through which never looks good. Look for a shop with printing options that include 100 g/m 2 paper. Some may even offer this as a default which can save you lots of money.

Where do I get the best prices?

The price of printing your thesis is determined by the combination of your paper weight, the use of black and white or colour ink, and the number of pages. Visit various shops and ask for quotes for the same specifications. X pages in colour printed on 100 g/m 2 paper. Then compare the prices and see if you can find external customer reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Tip: If you order online, try to find a provider with free shipping.

What Should I Consider when Binding my Thesis?

"How" to bind a thesis is something most students do not know. First of all, they usually do not know which binding to use.

The answer to this question depends on the type of thesis being submitted. Research papers tend to be very long and detailed while regular term papers are shorter and completed faster. Regular term papers are worth a small fraction of a grade while a Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis or a research paper make a massive impact.

Simply put, when printing and binding your dissertation you need a superior binding if the paper is worth more. A leather-bound paper is appropriate for a Master's thesis while a spiral-bound paper will do for a regular term project.

Most colleges and universities will have specific binding requirements for you to adhere to. Before you print and bind your thesis, check what guidelines have been provided by your institution.

Which Bindings are Available?

When printing your thesis, it is much easier to bind it correctly if you know what your options are first.

Where can I have my Thesis Printed and Bound?

We have done the research on your behalf so that choosing where to go when printing and binding your thesis is easy. You want to find the best service quality possible so that you end up with the highest-quality product.

We recommend that you use online printing services . This way, you can place your order from your own home or your institute's library which saves a lot of time when compared to searching for a printing shop on foot.

Making sure Nothing goes Wrong

By the time your thesis is complete, you will have spent a lot of time and energy on it. With our tips, you have everything you need to choose the right printing options and then the right style of binding. All of our advice is relevant whether you are visiting copyshops or you are looking at online companies.

However, if you want to save on time and want high-quality printing followed by excellent binding with no stress at affordable prices, then we wholeheartedly recommend an online printing service.

Now that you have everything you need, we would like to wish you all the best with your thesis!

About the Author

Maxime Werner is Business Development Manager at BachelorPrint.

BachelorPrint is your first address for printing and binding your dissertation & co. They offer excellent bindings, a perfect service and free express delivery worldwide.

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New Submission Process 2024

Beginning in 2024, all theses, dissertations, and capstone projects will be submitted to the library electronically.

  • Prepare the document according to program requirements.
  • Defend thesis and gather committee signatures according to program requirements.
  • Save the printed documents as PDF/A (accessible PDF).
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  • Submissions will be included in the library catalog, with links for access as directed in the submission form (open access or limited to OCU students, faculty, and staff).

Creating a PDF/A

After your project is fully approved by your program, save is as PDF/A compliant document. (This makes it more accessible for readers with disabilities).

  • More options
  • Save as type: PDF
  • Options: check PDF/A

Complete the Online Thesis/Dissertation/Project Submission form .

You may include the signature page as a scanned copy of the original page and separate from the main project if necessary.

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Trump shares video with image depicting Biden tied up in the back of a pickup truck

Image: Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump shared a video on social media Friday that included an image of President Joe Biden bound and restrained in the back of a pickup truck.

The 20-second video, which Trump indicated was taken Thursday in Long Island, New York, shows a truck emblazoned with "Trump 2024" and a large picture depicting Biden tied up and lying on his side.

Trump was in Long Island Thursday for the wake of fallen NYPD officer Jonathan Diller.

When reached for comment on the image in the video, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung said, "That picture was on the back of a pick up truck that was traveling down the highway." Cheung also accused "Democrats and crazed lunatics" of calling for violence against Trump and his family, arguing that "they are actually weaponizing the justice system against him."

Cheung pointed to comments by Biden in 2018, before he declared his candidacy, when he said that if he and Trump were in high school he'd " take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him" if he heard him demeaning women.

Biden campaign spokesman Michael Tyler slammed Trump for posting the video.

"This image from Donald Trump is the type of crap you post when you’re calling for a bloodbath or when you tell the Proud Boys to ‘stand back and stand by,'" Tyler said in a statement. "Trump is regularly inciting political violence and it’s time people take him seriously — just ask the Capitol Police officers who were attacked protecting our democracy on January 6."

The White House referred questions about the video to the campaign.

Trump has previously used violent imagery and rhetoric, both in his 2024 presidential campaign and before.

On March 16, he vowed that there would be a “bloodbath” if he was not re-elected, while speaking about the economy. Last year, before his numerous indictments, Trump warned about "potential death and destruction" if he were to be charged in the Manhattan district attorney's hush money case against him.

He al s o s hared an article on Truth Social that had an image of him with a baseball bat near Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's head. The post was deleted.

More recently, Trump used his Truth Social platform to go after Judge Juan Merchan , who is overseeing the hush money case, as well as the judge's daughter after being hit with a partial gag order.

Trump faces four criminal indictments for charges related to allegations of election interference, mishandling classified documents and falsifying business records related to hush money payments. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

thesis binding red

Megan Lebowitz is a politics reporter for NBC News.

thesis binding red

Physics Ph.D. candidate wins 2024 Three Minute Thesis competition

3/22/2024 By | Katya Hrichak , Cornell University Graduate School

“I want you to remember a time when you were in a setting where you felt like you didn’t belong. I want you to remember how you felt in that setting, maybe isolated or out of place, and how much you felt like you wanted to continue going back to that setting—probably not much. These feelings are all too familiar for undergraduate women pursuing their studies in science, and in physics specifically,” began Meagan Sundstrom, a doctoral candidate in physics at the ninth annual Cornell University Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition.

Alongside seven other finalists, Sundstrom presented her dissertation research in just three minutes on March 20 to a panel of judges and an audience from across campus while additional friends, family, advisors, and lab mates watched online. In the first in-person Cornell 3MT since 2019, presentations were judged by how clearly and compellingly students summarized their research to a general audience, using only one static slide.

Sundstrom’s presentation, “Recognizing and Removing Barriers for Women in Physics,” earned her first place and $1,500. Second place and $1,000 was awarded to information science doctoral student Sterling Williams-Ceci for her presentation, “AI Helps us Write – but at What Cost?”

After nearly 60 in-person and 70 virtual audience members cast their ballots, votes were tallied and the People’s Choice Award and $250 were presented to biomedical and biological sciences doctoral candidate Sharada Gopal for her presentation, “Worming Our Way to a Longer Life.”

This year’s judges included Jane Bunker, director of Cornell University Press; Joe Ellis, director of online degree program development at eCornell; David Lodge, the Francis J. DiSalvo Director of the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability; and Bob Riter, patient advocate for the Cornell Community Cancer Partnership. Organization of the competition and coaching of presenters was provided by the Graduate School Office of Career and Professional Development.

“As grad students, there are a lot of opportunities to give your elevator pitch at conferences and more professional settings to more senior people in your field, and I thought this would be a really cool opportunity for me to try to tailor that pitch to a more general audience—how would I describe my research to my family and friends?—so that was fun,” said Sundstrom.

Being able to “zoom out” and view her topic from a different perspective was also helpful for Sundstrom, who is currently writing her dissertation and appreciates having both formulated a storyline and thought about the broader impacts of her work.

Williams-Ceci similarly enjoyed the chance to speak to a different type of audience than she is used to addressing.

“I hadn’t really had an opportunity in grad school to try communicating to a broad audience, it’s always just to my lab, so I wanted to practice having a chance to really tell a story and not just go through the slides,” she said. “It really helped me know for a fact that I can tell a convincing story about a project that I’ve done.”

Gopal shared that the 3MT was a fun way to combine her longtime artistic interests with her science.

“It seemed like such a fun event. I did a lot of theatre in college so I thought, ‘What can I do artistically here?’ and this seemed like a good mix of my scientific interest and my artistic theatre interests,” she said, adding that she also benefitted from looking at the bigger picture of her work and its impacts.

The 3MT competition was first held in 2008 at the University of Queensland and has since been adopted by over 900 universities in over 85 countries. 3MT challenges research degree students to present a compelling story on their dissertation or thesis and its significance in just three minutes, in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

Cornell’s Graduate School first hosted a 3MT competition in 2015 and the event has grown steadily since that time. As the winner of Cornell’s competition, Sundstrom will now go on to compete in northeast regional competitions.

“Our Three Minute Thesis final round is a highlight of the year for those of us in the Graduate School—literally we talk about it all year long,” said Kathryn J. Boor, dean of the Graduate School and vice provost for graduate education. “We look forward to it because it’s just plain fun, and it’s an opportunity for us to watch and learn from our accomplished and creative graduate researchers.”

“I could not possibly be more proud of the work we saw,” she said.

Read the story on the Cornell University Graduate School website.

thesis binding red

Eight students advance to 3MT finals

thesis binding red

Replica theory shows deep neural networks think alike

thesis binding red

Choosing connection: Physics professor teaches Arab youth in Israel

thesis binding red

Poised for Oscar gold, Oppenheimer boasts a Big Red distinction

thesis binding red


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    This is the binding style that graduate students need in order to meet the requirements for a Doctorate at Princeton University. It is also attractive enough for presentation to advisors or undergraduate thesis submissions. Books up to ½-inch thick are made with a square (unrounded) spine. We round and back the spine for sizes above ½ an inch.

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    Paperback binding ($10-20) Paperback binding is what is often used for real books. The pages are glued or sewn together, and your dissertation will be protected by a flexible cover. This type of binding makes your dissertation more durable and professional. In most cases, it's possible to add front and spine lettering.

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    Soft Cover Value Pricing. Our value pricing for soft cover thesis binding is $40 per book. Includes soft cover, we supply the cover stock. Choose black or white cover. With gold or silver foil stamping on spine and front cover. Printing Services. QBS also provides printing services on a variety of paper stocks. The prices are as follows:

  8. Thesis Printing & Binding

    Final check of your thesis with ease - this is possible with our look inside function that enables you to browse your thesis online as if it was already bound. Online 3D configuration. Easy configuration in the online shop - with 3D Live configurator to see what the binding will look like. PLUS: Price preview & delivery time calculator.

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    Comb binding (± £5) Plastic comb binding is a cheaper alternative to spiral binding. Its main advantage is that the binding can be opened and closed (although not easily), meaning pages can be added or removed. This is ideal for a draft. A transparent front and back cover can be added. Low cost.

  10. Printing & Binding a Thesis: The Ultimate How-to Guide

    Thermal binding for your thesis. This method uses heat to adhere pages together. The front cover is usually transparent, making your thesis title visible at a glance. You can choose different material designs and colours for the back cover. Recommendation: It is fast, easy to use, and can bind relatively thick documents.

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    Thesis Book Binding or Dissertation Book Binding is the conversion of your thesis or dissertation document into a printed and bound book format. Getting this done correctly involves several considerations that includes the Submission of your document for printing and binding, your choice of Paper, and the Style of binding you want.

  12. Thesis binding and printing options

    Spiral/Helical/Wired binding. Spiral binding (also known as helical binding) and wired binding are very common for bachelors and masters dissertations. These options give a professional look and allow pages to be rotated 360 degrees, making for easy reading. Spiral binding uses a plastic coil, whilst wire binding uses a metal wire.

  13. Printing & binding a thesis: The ultimate how-to guide

    Thermal binding is the most versatile of all bindings. It's perfect for smaller research projects, but can handle page counts of up to 450 pages too, more than any other bind type. It has a transparent front cover, which immediately brings the title of your thesis to the forefront. The back is often a leather-effect cover, for a quality finish.

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    Thermal binding as a classic way for printing and binding your thesis. Thermal binding is the most versatile type of binding. Its cover is transparent, thereby allowing you to show the title of your thesis right on the cover. Besides, it comes with a leather-like back cover and you get to choose the colour of the cover.

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    Tip. Color printing: There are just two possibilities for printing your thesis: - black/white or color. Keep in mind that color printing can be more expensive. while color-printing your thesis, it will undoubtedly stand out. However, excessive color can detract from the seriousness of your writing.

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    Book1One's high-quality book printing binding will give your Thesis or Dissertation the professional look it deserves. ... The cloth and faux leather book coverings come in four different colors: black, navy blue, dark red, and green. The color choices are shown in the right side on this webpage. Foil stamping, printed on the front cover and ...

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    Check out this page to learn more about their specific binding options, prices, and turn around times. Shattuck Printing: Attached is a PDF document with their thesis binding information. Pequod Check out their website, where you can also find a video of a past thesis binding presentation (part 1 and part 2).

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    Regular term papers are worth a small fraction of a grade while a Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis or a research paper make a massive impact. Simply put, when printing and binding your dissertation you need a superior binding if the paper is worth more. A leather-bound paper is appropriate for a Master's thesis while a spiral-bound paper will ...

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    The price includes factors such as the type of binding and the number of pages when printing and binding your Ph.D. thesis. You can get an idea of the costs with the help of the following contribution: For example, if you want to print a 20-page Ph.D. thesis with premium leather binding and additional embossing, the calculated price would be ...

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    DB Bookbinders is the UK's premier provider of thesis binding services. With decades of experience in the industry, we specialise in crafting professional-grade thesis and dissertation bindings for universities and colleges across the UK. Our expert binder team can create stunning and durable bindings that you can be proud to submit.

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    What I did & learn how your thesis/dissertation gets printed & finally binding process takes place before it reaches into your hands !enjoy the ...

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    Thesis Binding To place an order: The U of T Bookstore is happy to help you acquire bound copies of your thesis. We can both print and bind your thesis, or bind copies of your thesis printed elsewhere.. To get an estimate of cost for this service, complete the request form.An estimate will appear at the bottom of the form based on the information you provide.

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    Library guide and resource list for Red Earth MFA students. General Library Info; ... Reading List; Thesis Binding; New Submission Process 2024. Beginning in 2024, all theses, dissertations, and capstone projects will be submitted to the library electronically. Prepare the document according to program requirements.

  24. Trump shares image depicting Biden tied up in back of pickup truck

    Former President Donald Trump shared a video on social media Friday that included an image of President Joe Biden bound and restrained in the back of a pickup truck.

  25. Physics Ph.D. candidate wins 2024 Three Minute Thesis competition

    The 3MT competition was first held in 2008 at the University of Queensland and has since been adopted by over 900 universities in over 85 countries. 3MT challenges research degree students to present a compelling story on their dissertation or thesis and its significance in just three minutes, in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.