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  1. How To Prepare an Oral Research Presentation

  2. Oral presentations

  3. How to apply to KU Leuven ~ Belgium

  4. Study at KU Leuven presentation

  5. Academic Skills

  6. Why did you choose to study in Leuven, Belgium?


  1. Final Progress Presentation

    Final Progress Presentation. (Prior to 26 September 2022, this milestone was called 'second oral presentation') During the final phase of the doctoral programme, it is important that you receive advice concerning the completion of your PhD and about how to spend the time remaining. No later than 36 months after the start of the doctoral ...

  2. Roadmap to a PhD

    18 months. Teacher Assistant training for PhDs in Engineering Science (Ingenieurswetenschappen) 21 months. Mid-term progress presentation (= former mid term report) 36 months. Final progress presentation (= former second oral presentation) as soon as you have fulfilled the requirements of the doctoral training. Doctoral diary.

  3. Guidelines for Presentations During General Meetings

    Fourth-Year Presentations (Second Research Unit Presentation) Purpose: The fourth-year presentation provides an opportunity for the researcher to present their research and receive feedback which may assist with the finalisation of their doctoral project. The oral presentation should last for a maximum of 10-minutes, and address the following topics:

  4. Regulation concerning the attainment of doctoral degrees at ...

    A second presentation is made by the PhD researcher within 3 months, after which the SC formulates a new recommendation for the FDC. ... §1. KU Leuven wishes to increase its profile both nationally and internationally. To this end, it stimulates all research to achieve excellence and tries to create the best possible conditions in order to ...

  5. Mid-term Progress Presentation

    No later than 21 months after the start of the doctoral programme, you need to give an oral presentation about the progress of your doctoral programme to the Supervisory Committee. The presentation should be mainly about your PhD research, but it is also a good opportunity to take a look at the requirements of the doctoral training and see if ...

  6. Presentation Skills for Biomedical Researchers 2023-2024

    improving intonation, pronunciation and word stress. acquiring seminar skills: handling questions and comments. Class 1. practical introduction to presenting: body language, voice, pace, focusing on the audience, visualisation. individual presentations about participants' research work, with written tutor and peer feedback. Class 2 + 3.

  7. Milestone: Oral presentation at KU Leuven

    Milestone: Oral presentation at KU Leuven. If you are a PhD researcher with a joint or double degree (a joint or a double diploma from 2 institutions) and KU Leuven is the host institution, you need to meet some specific minimal requirements as agreed on in your individual joint/double degree agreement. One of your mimimal requirements is ...

  8. Interim Oral Presentation

    Preparations to take before the oral presentation: Find a date and time for your presentation, which suits all the members of your Supervisory Committee, and book a room. Start looking for a date already at least two months in advance, because it will take some time before you find a date which suits all the members of your Supervisory Committee.

  9. DistriNet

    Your presentation lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. Bring slides on your laptop. Make sure that you can send those to your mentor, if necessary. A projector will be at your disposal. Tailor the level of the presentation to your audience, namely members of the research group as well as your fellow students.

  10. Basic principles of oral reporting

    Structure of the presentation. Open the presentation and capture the audience's attention.; Introduce and situate the topic of the presentation.; Ensure the overall structure and purpose of the presentation are clear to the audience.Devote one slide to the presentation outline. Develop a clear, coherent and compelling core message.; Make sure the presentation is logically organized and ...

  11. Doctoral Programme

    giving at least one oral or poster presentation at an international, scientific conference; following at least one seminar series or course component specifically organised for doctoral students. Every Research Seminar of the majors of the Research Master of Philosophy program of the Institute of Philosophy counts as one seminar series or ...

  12. Master's thesis

    The master's thesis accounts for 30 ECTS, on average corresponding to 750 to 900 hours of productive work, spread over two semesters. Only taking the weeks in which courses are taught (24) into account, this implies that a master's thesis requires around 31 to 37.5 hours of work every week. However, the student may also have to provide some ...

  13. Oral communication

    Creating slides: Compose your presentation and create slides. Keep in mind that each slide should convey only one message. Limit the amount of information on each slide and use visual aids to keep the attention of the audience. Delivering the presentation: Master all channels and master your content. Control your verbal and nonverbal actions.

  14. KU Leuven PowerPoint templates

    2. Use the templates. Step 1 - make a new presentation. Click File, right click on the pinned presentation and choose Open a copy. Step 2 - make a new slide. Click the Home tab, click the button New Slide. You will see the two slide masters (KU Leuven and KU Leuven Sedes) with the corresponding layouts.KU Leuven Sedes contains layouts with the sedes as watermark.

  15. Research and Writing in Philosophy

    Giving a good oral presentation; Philosophical discussion forms: having a discussion, research dialogue, debate, Socratic dialogue, and a dilemma conversation. During the first lecture, the content, objectives and method are explained elaborately. The exercises are taught by Sybrand Veeger (first term) and by Camila Ramírez Clavería (second ...

  16. First Progress Presentation

    During the first progress presentation the Supervisory Committee checks that you have made a good start on the doctoral research and that you have come up with a well-thought-out research plan for the rest of your doctoral project which suggests that you can finish the doctorate within the given timeframe. The results of this presentation will ...

  17. Research Portfolio

    The poster session takes 30 minutes, 10 of which are devoted to an oral presentation. The supervisor and two correctors interact with the student and give oral feedback. The students present their research by means of a poster during a poster session in the examination period.

  18. Regulation concerning the attainment of doctoral degrees at KU Leuven

    make an oral presentation to the supervisory committee during the stay at the KU Leuven; write a peer-reviewed publication (published or accepted for publication); put together an examination committee with members from the institutions involved and at least one additional member from a third party;

  19. (Oral) presentation

    The presentation can be done by an individual student or a group of students. The assessment method '(oral) presentation' is a part of the series of possible assessment activities from which the teaching staff members can choose for the ECTS course description of a course they teach. More information: KU Leuven Learning Lab:(oral) presentation

  20. Research Seminar: Ethics

    In advance of their oral presentation in class, they distribute to the class a written presentation (paper) of 1000 to 1500 words. ... The second paper (to be written in the second semester) should build on the debates discussed in the content seminars taught by prof. Pattyn. ... Follow KU Leuven on ...

  21. Presentations

    Focus KU Leuven KU Leuven Research and Development Doctoral School Arenberg Science, Engineering and Technology Doctoral School Biomedical Sciences Doctoral School Humanities and Social Sciences International Programmes 2022 Welcome to Leuven 2020 KU Leuven Corporate PPT English (1) KU Leuven Corporate PPT E

  22. Ancient Philosophy

    Evaluation. Evaluation: Ancient Philosophy (B-KUL-W2W20a) Type : Partial or continuous assessment with (final) exam during the examination period. Description of evaluation : Oral, Paper/Project, Presentation, Participation during contact hours. Type of questions : Open questions. Learning material : None. Explanation.