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  1. Leontes' Jealousy in 'The Winter's Tale'

    Leontes in his jealousy, then, loses contact with the bene volent aspects of both parents and, in the concluding scenes, regains access to the maternal Hermione after first reconciling himself to Polixenes through his intercession on behalf of the. magical pair of children, Florizel and Perdita. The psychol.

  2. Leontes' Jealousy in The Winter's Tale Anonymous

    As Hermione clasps the hands of Polixenes, Leontes' jealousy makes its first appearance. Leontes exclaims, "Too hot, too hot!" (1.2.109)--the obvious... Join Now to View Premium Content. GradeSaver provides access to 2312 study guide PDFs and quizzes, 10989 literature essays, 2751 sample college application essays, 911 lesson plans, and ad-free ...

  3. To what extent is Leontes's jealousy in The Winter's Tale justifiable

    Quick answer: In Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, Leontes's jealousy is not justifiable but irrational, unreasoning, and all-consuming. Leontes is suddenly consumed with jealousy towards his wife ...

  4. The Winter's Tale (Vol. 81)

    SOURCE: Trienens, Roger J. "The Inception of Leontes' Jealousy in The Winter's Tale." Shakespeare Quarterly 4, no. 3 (July 1953): 321-26. [In the following essay, Trienens focuses on the ...

  5. The Winter's Tale Translation

    One of Shakespeare's late romance plays, The Winter's Tale tells the story of King Leontes' jealousy of his wife Hermione. Suspecting their newborn daughter is the product of Hermione's affair with his friend Polixenes, Leontes orders that Hermione go to prison and that their daughter should be abandoned. Thanks to Paulina and Antigonus ...

  6. A Winter's Tale

    Leontes later says of Hermione "Let what is dead in Sicily be cheap" referring to what Leontes senses at that moment when Hermione succeeds in persuading Polixenes to stay. Leontes sees what he describes as their "whispering", their "cheek to cheek", their "meeting noses" and their "kissing with inside lip" at that moment.

  7. The Winter's Tale Analysis

    An anthology of essays by a variety of authors, discussing Shakespeare's comedies from various points of view. Derek Traversi's treatment of The Winter's Tale is mainly concerned with the ...

  8. Leontes' Original Sin: Genesis 3 and The Winter'S Tale

    The play's divine movement of restoration is thus characterised by grace—what Rowan Williams defines in an essay on Shakespeare and Religion as 'the advent ... Staples Press, 1947), p. 48. For attempts to explain the precise genesis of Leontes' jealousy, see John Ellis, 'Rooted Affection: The Genesis of Jealousy in the Winter's ...

  9. Introduction to Shakespeare's Leontes from The Winter's Tale

    In The Winter's Tale, the jealousy of Leontes is not less, but more fierce and unjust, than that of Othello. No lago whispers poisonous suspicion in Leontes' ear. His wife is not untried, nor did she yield to him her heart with the sweet proneness of Desdemona : —. "Three crabbed months had sour'd themselves, to death.

  10. Leontes Character Analysis in The Winter's Tale

    Polixenes. The king of Sicilia. While his close childhood friend Polixenes is visiting him, he suddenly suspects that Polixenes is sleeping with his wife Hermione. He quickly becomes consumed by intense jealousy, and flies into a rage, trying to get Polixenes killed and throwing Hermione in jail.

  11. The Winter's Tale Quotes and Analysis

    Archidamus, 1.1. When Camillo remarks that the love between Leontes and Polixenes is remarkably strong, Archidamus agrees, and predicts that there is absolutely nothing in the world that could come between them. Of course, his assertion is an ironic foreshadowing of Leontes's jealousy that will soon destroy the friendship between the two men.

  12. The Winter's Tale: Essay Q&A

    The Winter's Tale. The Winter's Tale: Essay Q&A. Essay Q&A. 1. At what point in the play does Leontes become jealous? Commentators often remark on how quickly Leontes' jealousy erupts, and with such little cause. But it is possible that Leontes conceives his jealous of Polixenes even before the play begins. It may be that he has been jealous of ...

  13. The Winter's Tale Act 3 Summary and Analysis

    These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Winter's Tale. Transgenerational Redemption in The Winter's Tale 'Tis Time; The Circle of Life: Art vs. Nature in Achieving Natural Order in the Winter's Tale; A Meeting of the Petty Gods; Leontes' Jealousy in The Winter's Tale; View our essays for The Winter ...

  14. Explore the ways in which Shakespeare presents Leontes and his turn

    Explore the ways in which Shakespeare presents Leontes and his descents into jealousy. Camillo and Archidamus, two loyal and committed courtiers, introduce the character of Leontes to us in the opening scene. . He is presented as a loving father to his son Mamillius, a gracious host and most of all a kind and dedicated friend to Polixenes.

  15. The Inception of Leontes' Jealousy in The Winter's Tale

    Roger J. Trienens; The Inception of Leontes' Jealousy in The Winter's Tale, Shakespeare Quarterly, Volume 4, Issue 3, 1 July 1953, Pages 321-326, https://doi.or

  16. In The Winter's Tale, how does Leontes' jealousy contribute to his

    Start an essay Ask a question Join ... I think the play makes it quite clear that it is the irrational jealousy of Leontes that is responsible for the problems that he faces later on in the play ...

  17. FREE Analysis of Leontes Jealousy in The Winters Tale Essay

    From the moment that Polixenes agrees to stay, Leontes starts to show symptoms of jealousy. When Hermione "gives her hand to Polixenes" Leontes anger and jealousy appears and he says "Too hot! Too hot! To mingle friendship far is mingling blood" "My boosom likes not, nor my brows" Leontes suddenly turns from being a loving and caring husband to ...

  18. Leontes' Irrational Jealousy

    Consumed by irrational jealousy, Leontes can't be convinced of his wife's virtue. Consumed by irrational jealousy, Leontes can't be convinced of his wife's virtue. ... Great Teachers Essay Contest; Scholastic Scrimmage; Poetry Out Loud; Artist of the Week; WVIA's PBS Kids in the Classroom; WVIA Student Showcase; Be My Neighbor Day;

  19. The Winter's Tale

    In act 1 scene 2 of 'The Winter's Tale' by William Shakespeare, King Polixenes announces his departure from Sicilia, however Queen Hermione manages to persuade him to extend his stay after her husband, King Leontes fails to do so. Leontes is seized with jealousy that Polixenes is the father of his pregnant Queen's child.

  20. Essays on The Winter's Tale

    3 pages / 1392 words. Act IV, Scene IV, of William Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale marks a shift away from the Sicilian, courtly world that dominates the previous three acts and much of Act IV. The chaos and disorder resulting from court happenings, Hermione's apparent death, Perdita's abandonment, Polixenes' betrayal...

  21. The Winter's Tale Critical Essays

    Critical Evaluation. Written after Cymbeline (pr. c. 1609-1610, pb. 1623) and before The Tempest (pr. 1611, pb. 1623), The Winter's Tale is as hard to classify generically as is the fully mature ...

  22. Leontes' jealousy in The Winter's Tale.

    Semantic Scholar extracted view of "Leontes' jealousy in The Winter's Tale." by M. Schwartz. Skip to search form Skip to main content Skip to account menu ... Search 217,607,265 papers from all fields of science. Search. Sign In Create Free Account. Corpus ID: 12998809; Leontes' jealousy in The Winter's Tale.