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How To Create a Project Presentation: A Guide for Impactful Content

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Corporate, academic, and business meetings share one common factor: successfully delivering project presentations. This is one skill professionals should harness in terms of articulating ideas, presenting plans, and sharing outcomes through an effective project presentation.

In this fast-paced reality where new tools and frameworks make us question the human factor value, we believe there’s much to be said about how working towards building presentation skills can make a difference, especially for making a project stand out from the crowd and have a lasting impact on stakeholders. We can no longer talk about simply disclosing information, the manner in which the narrative is built, how data is introduced, and several other factors that speak of your expertise in the subject.

This article will explore the art of project presentation, giving insights to presenters to deliver a memorable project plan presentation. Whether you are new to this experience or a seasoned presenter, this article promises to give you valuable information on how to build and present a project presentation that resonates with your target audience and will convert into your expected results for the project. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

  • Who is the audience of a project presentation?

Executive Summary

Project overview, the project process model, the project scope, the project resources, the project roadmap, the project activities plan, the project risks, quality control, project execution and monitoring.

  • The Project Team

What Is a Project Presentation?

A project presentation is a business activity that brings together stakeholders and team members to oversee a project from execution to completion. During a project presentation, one or two people present a document or slide deck with an overview of all the project’s details.

During a project presentation, the project manager highlights key data about the project initiation and planning activities, like the project scope, requirements gathering, a deliverable list, timelines, and milestones.

The first instance of a project presentation is right before the execution of the project itself. Then, during the project process life cycle, you present it again with timely updates and news about the progress.

Who is the audience of a project presentation? 

A project-related audience is made up of stakeholders – all individuals and entities that affect or are affected by the project’s existence.

Discuss the project presentation with team members that’ll work on the project so they know what’s at stake and what’s expected of them. They’ll need information like requirements, the roadmap, the work breakdown structure, and deliverables.


Present your project to the stakeholders that can authorize resources and expenditures. Show them how the project will offer the solutions they want under the conditions they impose in a set amount of time. 

Stakeholders want to know details like project scope, budget breakdowns, timing calculations, risk assessments, and how you plan to confront these risks and be ready for changes. 

The Structure of a Project Presentation

Project presentations follow a standard structure covering all critical elements. Follow this guideline to ensure that you cover everything with the slides, the speech, and the discussion.

In the next section, we describe a project presentation structure you can build with SlideModel templates. As you will see, most sections in the structure are summaries or overviews of project management practices completed during initiation and planning. 

At the start of your presentation, add an executive summary . This section is meant to welcome the viewer to the presentation and give an idea of what’s to come. To differentiate your executive summary from the project overview that comes right after it, use the opportunity to place the project into context. 

In the executive summary, show how this particular project fits into the overall strategy for the company or the section it belongs to. If, for example, your project is about TikTok Marketing, offer information as to how it fits in the overall marketing strategy.

Continue the presentation with a project overview to show the audience what to expect. This section covers one slide or a combination of slides depending on the layout. The project overview slide serves as the introduction to a project presentation and what’s inside.

Include these items:

  • An Introduction with a brief background about the project. 
  • A short explanation of the project’s objectives and completion goals.
  • A quick overview of the timeline with start and end dates.

Project Overview representation in a Project Presentation

The project life cycle is the series of phases that a project goes through from its inception to its completion. The project process model is the group of knowledge areas, processes, and their relationships that will guide the activities along the project lifecycle. The next slide should display the chosen project process model and explain how it’ll be carried out along the different lifecycle phases. Project process models examples include Waterfall, Scrum, and V Model for software development, and Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) and Swimlane for general business-related projects.

Process models are important for the team to understand execution processes. Stakeholders need to see the process model to understand the systematic process of activities and how long they will take. 

Use one slide for the model, show only high-level components, and offer details during the presentation if the audience asks for them.

The scope is a crucial element of any project and needs its own section in the presentation. The scoping process begins with requirements gathering and includes the creation of a work breakdown structure , an analysis of what’s in and out of scope, plus validation and scope management plans. 

One or two slides are enough to highlight key scope details in a dashboard-style layout mirroring the information on your project scope statement. Preferably, place the scope slides towards the start of the project presentation close to the process model and project resources.

Stages of a Project Scope

Every project needs resources, and that assessment must be included in the project presentation as well. In a general sense, all resources are what make up the overall budget for the project. In turn, you’ll need to show a budget breakdown that shows high-level resources.

Like many aspects of a project presentation, what you include depends on the industry you’re working for. Construction projects use constructors, materials, machinery, etc. Software projects use programmers, designers, software licenses, computers, etc.

Budget breakdown slide in a project presentation

Time is the main resource of any project. During project planning, the project management team estimates the required effort needed to complete the defined scope. Using the Project Process Model, Scope, and Resources, a plan is built. Present a roadmap to highlight the expected time for project completion and where each milestone falls along that line.

Roadmaps can be constructed with an infinite variety of visual layouts, from highly creative and illustrative to structured formats resembling spreadsheets and tables with color-coded roadmaps across the cells. Use one slide to show the roadmap highlighting time estimates, constraints, and projections. For updated project presentations, mark where the project is on the roadmap at that particular moment in time.

Project roadmap

Every phase of the roadmap is broken down into action plans . Action plans list activities, their duration, allocated resources (human, material, and financial), and the relationship between activities.

Present your project activities plan with a Gantt Chart and a Costs Report. The Gantt Chart will show the activities to execute, how long they will take, and who (person or team) will be responsible for them. The costs reports will show how much the execution of activities will cost.

During the presentation, you’ll spend the most time on this section, as this is when and where your entire plan is outlined. To show more detail than the roadmap overview, use a few slides to show specific sections of the main Gantt chart and show key activities per phase or milestone.

Project activities plan

All projects present risks, and to control them, they must be identified, assessed, evaluated, and mitigated . Visualize your risk assessment with a risk matrix and include it in the project presentation. 

Use this slide to explain to stakeholders how you plan to mitigate the identified risks. Share with team members what’s expected of them in order to keep the risks under control. Risk management is a critical component of project management and something stakeholders will always be looking at.

Risk matrices formats

Controlling the quality of project deliverables is critical for positive project outcomes and continued success with the deliverable. This process is called quality control or quality assurance.

The project process model includes which quality control techniques the team will use and when. Some quality assurance (QA) techniques include statistical process control (SPC), Six Sigma, ISO 9000, and Total Quality Management (TQM). Use one slide to visualize the process and your plan to execute it.

Once the project starts, the project plan is a living entity and evolves over time. This section will need to be regularly updated with progress reports, performance KPIs, and status updates.

Across these slides, explain how activities will be monitored and deliverable outcomes measured. Show exactly how you will determine if the project is on course or has deviations. Visualize all execution activities with a Gantt chart to show the current progress. Use big numbers and data points to highlight performance metrics. Use a comparison slide to visualize the completeness percentage vs. planned progress and budget consumption vs. planned budget.

Explain all monitoring activities for the execution phase using a calendar or schedule that shows on what days activities will take place and who is involved.

minor project presentation ppt

The Project Team 

When presenting a project, include a stakeholder map to describe the management team, the sponsors, the main stakeholders, and the implementation team or teams. Depending on the size of the project, this will be an org chart or multiple org charts across a few slides.

Why is it important to present the project team to the stakeholders and vice versa? So that everyone involved knows the other parties and their responsibilities.

Another use for the team slide or slides is to present the next person who will speak during the project presentation. This gives the audience some background on that person’s role in the project.

Visual org chart of the project team

Case Study – Project Presentation Example

Using the structure we present above, we outlined a case study of a realistic project and how the project manager puts together the project presentation using SlideModel templates. The project presentation example is based on a complex project of building a bridge (Cline Avenue Bridge). For the educational purpose of this article, we are not delivering all the elements of the project presentation, as it is out of scope. Still, we illustrate the more representative slides of each section, show how to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation for a project and how simple it is to adapt the templates to the content that needs to be presented. As a disclaimer, all information we present is an adaptation and reinterpretation of the real project, modified by SlideModel to fit the use case learning goals. This information and presentation should not be considered a source of information related to the Cline Avenue Bridge Project.

In this slide, the presenter summarises the project highlights in a project charter style. The Project Manager can extend this introduction all over the project lifecycle, and the speech can jump from different knowledge areas without the need to change slides or get deeper into details. Specifically, in the Cline Bridge Project, the objective is narrated, the location is just mentioned and linked to a map for further details, and a set of important facts are presented (Building Information Modelling Process, Budget, Duration, Sponsor, and Constructor). Key Highlights of the final deliverable are listed (Segmental Bridge, Material Concrete, 1.7 miles of length and 46 feet of width)

Project Presentation Project Overview Slide

Process Model

The Process Model slide illustrates the framework for the project lifecycle, processes, planning, and execution. In this slide, the Project Manager will describe the model and how it is tailored to the specifics of the project. In this case, for the development and construction of the Cline Bridge, the builder has defined the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) as the process model. During this slide, the presenter can describe the lifecycle phases (Design, Production, Construction, Operation, and Planning) and drill down one level over the knowledge practices involved. For example, the initial stage consists of “Design”, which has two main knowledge areas, Conceptual Design, and Detailed Design. The project manager is able to explain this definition without the need to outline detailed processes and activities within them.

building information modelling project process model

The Scope section of the presentation generally involves several slides, as the content layout is a list of “requirements.” Based on this fact, a table layout is suggested to make good use of space. It is important to avoid abusing the “list” and present the group of requirements rather than specific requirements. Otherwise, the project manager ends up transcribing the requirements document.

In this project presentation example, we present 10 groups of requirements traversing different stages of the project lifecycle. 

  • Design Standards: Bridge design must comply with local, national, and international design standards, including relevant engineering and safety codes
  • Load Capacity: The bridge must be designed to safely carry a specific maximum load, which would include the weight of the bridge itself, traffic, pedestrians, wind, and other factors.
  • Seismic Design: The design must account for seismic loads. 
  • Aesthetic Design: The bridge must be designed to meet certain aesthetic criteria aligned with the artists and architects.
  • Accessibility and Use Requirements: Requirements for pedestrian walkways, bike lanes, vehicle lanes, load restrictions for vehicles, clearance heights for boats if over a waterway, etc.
  • Regulatory Approvals: The project must secure all necessary permits and approvals from relevant local and national regulatory bodies.
  • Environmental Impact: The project must take steps to minimize its environmental impact during construction and the operation of the bridge, including implementing erosion and sediment controls.
  • Materials Simulation: Materials should comply with regulations and usage expectations for current and future expected requirements.
  • Site Preparation: The project must include preparation of the construction site, including any necessary land clearing or grading.
  • Foundations Construction: Foundations will need to support materials weight and traffic expected for the next 30 years.
  • Site Acquisition: Acquire site and terrain for building and logistics.

build bridge project presentation scope slide

Building a bridge involves a high level of resource usage. In an executive meeting of a project presentation, the recommendation is to structure this section as a Financial table with only one level of detail. Further details are delegated to specific resources and cost analysis presentations.

The resources list presented is:

  • Professional Services
  • Construction Labour
  • Quality Assurance
  • Contingency
  • Waste Disposal and Cleanup
  • Subcontractors

In order to break the style of table after table during the project presentation, we suggest using visual elements as icons and colors metaphorically related to each of the elements listed.

project presentation resources slide template

Project Roadmap

As explained earlier in the article, the project roadmap serves to offer a comprehensive overview of the significant milestones that will happen over the course of time. Given the magnitude of a bridge construction project and its prolonged duration, it is advisable, particularly for such extensive endeavours, to present a roadmap that aligns milestones with corresponding lifecycle phases in a discernible manner. This approach enables the audience to mentally envision the sequential progression of the construction process.

Aligned with previous slides, in the example we created a roadmap with the following high level milestones, and sub componentes:

  • Project Budgeting and Financing
  • Land Purchase & Renting
  • Conceptual Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Access Routes
  • Waste Disposal
  • Simulations
  • Materials Tests
  • Seismic Tests
  • Fabrication
  • Preparation of Modular Pieces
  • Build and Assembly
  • Test under Acceptance Criteria
  • Stress Test
  • Operation and Maintenance

As you can see, the Project Manager decided over a sequential roadmap, presented with little detail in timings, with start and end dates to picture dimension over the diagram.

project roadmap template case study build a bridge

Action Plan

In the bridge construction project of the example, there will be plenty of activity plans. All along the project several of these slides will be created and updated. The most suitable option for presentation tasks, durations, precedence relationship and resource allocation is the Gantt Chart Template. We present the first Quarter of the project, over the Conceptual Design Activities. 

As displayed in the PowerPoint Slide , the subtitle clarifies the number of slides that will be used for this purpose.

The activities presented are:

  • Site Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Design Concepts
  • BIM Model Creation
  • Model Revision
  • Environmental Impact
  • Present Design

action plan conceptual design project presentation

Project Risks

Risk management is an iterative process all over the project life cycle. When presenting your projects, the risks will vary depending on the progress over the roadmap. For this specific example we decided to present the risks being discussed during the Ideation stage, where the developer is exchanging risks with contractors and the company that will build the bridge.

Our suggested layout for this kind of information is a simple table, where the risks are clearly readable and visible, while the description is a hint for discussion rather than an in depth explanation.

It is very important to classify the presented risks, at least with two dimensions; “Impact” and “Probability”. This will generate quality conversations around them. 

Outlined Risks during the Initiation Phase:

  • Design Errors
  • Construction Delays
  • Budget Overruns
  • Regulatory Changes
  • Site Conditions
  • Equipment Failures
  • Health and Safety Incidents

As the reader can spot, the risks outlined, are very high level, and each of them will trigger specific Risk Analysis Reports.

project presentations risks outline slide powerpoint template

The quality control section of the project presentation may vary depending on the quality process adopted. For large scale companies with a uniform portfolio of projects , it is common to see a continuous improvement quality model, which iteratively builds quality over the different projects (for example software companies) For construction companies like the example, the situation is not different, and the quality control model is aligned with the specific building process model. In this specific case, the project manager is presenting the quality control process to be applied over the BIM model and the Quality Control process to be followed for the physical construction of the bridge:

project presentation case study quality control BIM process model

Execution and Monitoring

During the project, several status meetings will be carried out. During the project presentation the manager can establish the pattern to be used along the project.

For this example, we set a basic progress dashboard where the project manager can present : 

  • The current timeline
  • Top 5 issues
  • Current Burndown
  • Top 5 risks.

project presentation case study PowerPoint dashboard

The art of project presentation goes beyond listing data in random slides. A project presentation is a powerful tool to align stakeholders and foster an environment of trust and collaboration over factual information.

With a structured approach, all members involved in the project design and execution can understand the direction that’s being taken and the importance behind certain decisions. We hope these insights can turn your project into a powerful presentation that inspires and deliver results.

minor project presentation ppt

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How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

A project presentation is a perfect opportunity to highlight the tasks initiated and finished by project managers and their teams. To truly excel in creating a project presentation, it's important to understand that a successful presentation involves several key elements that work in harmony. Here are more details.

How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

In any business, project managers need to be able to communicate a project strategy to clients effectively. It can bring in new, long-term clients to your agency if done correctly. However, doing so incorrectly could seriously undermine your efforts to acquire or retain clients. One thing that unites business, academic, and corporate meetings is making a project presentation look good. 

Professionals need this skill when effectively communicating ideas, outlining goals, and sharing project results. Creating and delivering a project presentation that connects with your target audience will lead to the project’s anticipated outcomes, regardless of your level of presentation experience. This blog will walk you through the art of presenting a project and offer business professionals advice on making their project plan presentation stand out. 

What is a Project Presentation?

A project presentation is a business activity where team members and stakeholders come together to supervise a project from start to finish. It is a formal submission of a project to stakeholders for discussion of a topic and acceptance. One or more business professionals provide a document or slide deck summarizing every project detail during a presentation.

The project manager presents essential information regarding the start of the project and its preparation, including the project scope, requirements collection, deliverables list, schedule, and milestones. A project management presentation is typically made for the first time before the project’s implementation. Then, as the project progresses, you reintroduce it to the stakeholders with timely updates and news.

How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

Who is the Audience for Your Project Presentation?

Team members and organizations involved in the project’s success or failure comprise stakeholders and other team members:

Show the project presentation to the team members who will be working on the project so they are aware of the expectations and the risks involved. Information such as the requirements, the work breakdown structure, the plan, and the deliverables will be required.


Show your project to the people who can approve funds and resources, i.e., the stakeholders. Demonstrate to them how the project will provide the desired solutions for the problems they raise within the specified time frame. 

The stakeholders are interested in the project’s scope , budget breakdowns , scheduling computations, risk assessments, and your plans for mitigating those risks and adapting to changes. Hence, they are the ideal audience for your project management presentation.

How to Successfully Create a Project Presentation?

Before jumping onto how to present a project, let us see what steps you should follow to create a successful project presentation:

Establish Objectives for Your Project

  • Layout your Plan
  • Outline the Problem and Solution
  • Keep the Slides in your Presentation Brief
  • Use More Images and Less Text

Utilize Good Quality Diagrams, Presentation Aids, and Visuals

  • Pay Attention to Design
  • Begin with a Template for your Presentation

How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

Before delving into the essentials of your project presentation, you should respond to the following queries:

  • What goals does your project aim to accomplish?
  • Why is it crucial that you and your group meet your objectives?
  • How are you going to let your audience know what your objectives are?  

Your project is already doomed to failure if it lacks specific goals. It’s common for project managers  to skip the goal-setting stage. However, this is not advised. That’s because you can make things easier for yourself to fail. Stakeholder buy-in can be achieved once project goals are well-defined.

The question now is: How do you set and accomplish project goals? Using the SMART goal-setting process is one way to do that. 

SMART project goal-setting:

  • “SMART” is an abbreviation for the words “specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound”.  
  • Setting and carrying out effective project plans need the use of SMART targets . It requires a closer examination of the more minor elements that matter most to your audience.

How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

Layout Your Plan

Outlining your strategy for achieving your goals is a crucial next step after setting them. Putting your idea into an executable plan with steps for execution is a great place to start. 

You may be wondering why this is a necessary stage in making a project presentation that works. Well, p lanning a project , no matter how big or small, is easier when you have a thorough strategy, structure, and layout. It eliminates ambiguity and makes it easier for your audience to understand the project roadmap without missing anything.

Both technical and non-technical project aspects should be included in your plan layout. As a result, you should use a project presentation template that outlines all the procedures and activities in detail to offer yourself an advantage. Additionally, the structure of your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation should be straightforward and understandable.

Depending on the kind of project, your plan might contain important information like:

  • The earlier-described aims and objectives
  • Your project’s framework, technique, and scope
  • Project deliverables, acceptance criteria, and milestones
  • Timeline and schedule for the project 
  • Estimates of resources and budget, etc.

You can use a pre-made customizable project management presentation template available online, like SlideUpLift . You can make this presentation template uniquely yours by modifying it.

When creating a project plan, there are no hard and fast rules. However, you should divide it into three sections if you want to develop an engaging approach that will stick with your audience:

  • Introduction
  • Conclusion and key takeaways

Outline the Problem and its Solution

You have just finished drafting your project action plan . It’s time to let your audience know about your project’s objectives and plan. It’s your responsibility to hold your audience’s attention from the beginning to the end, whether you’re pitching a project plan to clients or an investor deck.

Emphasizing your audience’s problems is one of the best strategies to get their attention.  Having stunning slides highlighting your outstanding product features and project activities is insufficient. Ensure that your project presentation is set up to:

  • List the problems that your audience is facing.
  • Stress how your initiative, offering, or service helps them with their problems.
  • Describe the advantages of using your product or contributing to your project for them.
  • Simply put, your audience should understand how your project improves their lives. As soon as they know this, they will pay attention to your suggestions and act accordingly.
  • Avoid assuming anything about your audience in general. 

If you want the audience on board, discuss their issues and potential solutions in a separate presentation. Make sure they know how your initiative will help them.

Keep the Slides in Your Presentation Brief

Prioritize quality over quantity while designing project presentations. Make sure your slides are brief and easy to understand. Your audience will appreciate that you respect their time when you do this. 

The following justify why you should keep your presentation short:

  • Not only may concise presentation slides be effective, but they may also be memorable.
  • There is a noticeable decline in attention span after 30 minutes during project or business presentations. You run the risk of losing the interest of your audience midway through if you make long speeches. 
  • No one wants to spend hours watching you flip a ton of slides. Focus your audience’s attention and get them to pay attention to the material by using shorter slides.

Use More Images and Less Text  

Using more images and less text in your presentations is another excellent method to keep them engaging but succinct. Recall that your slide show should support, not take the place of, your spoken presentation. Therefore, you want to avoid cramming too much data onto a single presentation. 

Adding too much text to your presentation could: 

  • Bore and overwhelm your audiences.
  • Draw the audience’s focus to the text, which will lessen the impact of your presentation.

When information is presented visually and in bite-sized portions, people remember it better. This holds for corporate leaders, project managers, both B2B and B2C audiences.

Presenting projects successfully requires the use of visuals. Visual aids help viewers retain 95% of a message, drawing them in and holding their interest. However, they maintain just approximately 10% when exchanged by text. 

You can employ a wide range of visual aids in your presentations, such as:

  • Pictures Videos 
  • Charts and graphs
  • Maps of heat and choropleth
  • Dispersion charts 

Your chances of gaining audience engagement and encouraging answers to your call-to-action (CTA) will increase if you include images and videos. Mind maps, Gantt charts , and whiteboard drawings are excellent tools for visualizing project plans in their early stages. Using maps, graphs, charts , and trees, you can display the architecture for projects, including technology. 

How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

Pay Attention to Design  

Your project presentation may succeed or fail based on its design. Whether you are a rookie or an expert designer, design tools offer you an advantage. In minutes, you can produce visually striking presentation designs for your company.

The good news is that creating eye-catching project presentations doesn’t have to break the cash. Millions of breathtaking royalty-free photos and lovely pre-made layouts are available for your slides. 

These are some pointers to keep in mind when creating your slides.

  • Make Use of a Proper Color Scheme 

Use color sparingly in your presentations if you want them to look appealing. Everyone loves color, so we get it. However, using too many colors may make your presentations disorganized and unpleasant.

  • Make Use of Clearly Identifiable Typography 

Changing your font can influence readers’ understanding of your words. Therefore, ensure that your slides convey the intended content and look professional and well-organized. 

Begin With a Template for Your Presentation

Making powerful project presentations can take much time, regardless of experience level. Suppose you are facing an impending deadline. Writing your project plan, making your slide notes, creating your slides, finding and including images, and other tasks would be on your plate. Creating these things from scratch could take longer and result in messy presentations. 

Using presentation templates might relieve all of your worries. They make it quick and simple for you to create project presentations that appear professional. Because the slides are pre-designed, there will be space for you to add any type of content you would require. The design is present in every form—progress bar, chart, graph, table , video , or image. All you have to do is enter text, add data, or add an image. And just like that, your presentation is set to go. 

Case Study For a Project Presentation

The Cline Avenue Bridge is an example of a difficult project that serves as the basis for the project presentation example. Since it is outside the purview of this article, we are not providing all of the presentation’s components for instructional purposes. Nevertheless, we demonstrate how to create a PowerPoint presentation for a project, how to customize the templates to the content to be presented, and how to show the more typical slides of each component. 

This is a case study of a real project and how the project manager uses templates to put together the project presentation using the structure we presented above.  Here’s how to create a PowerPoint presentation for a project, along with some project presentation ideas.

How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

Project Overview:

The presenter provides a project charter-style summary of the project’s highlights on this slide. The project manager can expand upon the introduction throughout the project lifespan, and the speech can seamlessly transition across several knowledge domains without requiring a slide change or in-depth discussion. 

In particular, the Cline Bridge Project narrates its goal, briefly mentions its location, provides a link to a map for additional information, and presents several key statistics (Building Information Modelling Process, Budget, Duration, Sponsor, and Constructor). The final deliverable’s salient features—a concrete segmental bridge measuring 1.7 miles in length and 46 feet in width—are enumerated.

Process Model:

The framework for the project lifecycle, processes, planning, and execution is shown in the Process Model presentation. In this slide, the project manager will discuss how the model is customized to the project’s particulars. In this instance, the builder has specified the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) as the process model for the design and construction of the Cline Bridge. 

During this slide, the presenter might further detail the knowledge practices involved in each lifecycle phase—Design, Production, Construction, Operation, and Planning. Conceptual and detailed design are the two primary knowledge areas that make up the first stage, for instance, “Design.” 

Since the content arrangement for the scope section of the presentation consists of a list of “requirements,” it typically consists of multiple slides. This information leads to a recommended table arrangement that maximizes available space. It’s crucial to portray the set of needs rather than the individual requirements and to refrain from misusing the “list.” If not, the requirements document is transcribed by the project manager.

This example project presentation shows ten categories of requirements covering various project lifecycle stages. 

  • Conceptual Design
  • Construction
  • Construction Logistics

Utilizing a lot of resources is necessary when building a bridge. Organizing this component of a project presentation as a single-level financial table at an executive meeting is advised. Specific resources and cost analysis presentations are tasked with providing more information.

The list of available resources is as follows:

  • Expert Services
  • Construction labor, land machinery, materials, and quality assurance
  • Backup Subcontractors for Waste Disposal and Cleaning

We recommend incorporating visual elements, such as icons and colors that are symbolically tied to each of the items stated, to break up the monotony of table after table throughout the project presentation.

Project Schedule:

The purpose of the project roadmap , as previously mentioned in the article, is to provide a thorough overview of the critical turning points that will occur over time. Owing to the size of a bridge-building project and its extended duration, it is recommended to provide a roadmap that clearly matches milestones with relevant lifespan stages, especially for such large-scale undertakings. This method helps the viewers visualize the step-by-step development of the building process.

In keeping with earlier slides, we developed a roadmap in the example that included the following high-level benchmarks and subcomponents:

  • Project Start-Up
  • Contracts, Clearances, Budgeting, and Financing for Projects
  • Buying and Renting of Land
  • Initial Design Detailed Design Conceptual Design
  • Site Setup: Clearing, Grading, and Access Routes
  • Waste Management Examination
  • Tests of Materials
  • Site Evaluations
  • Tests for seismic activity
  • Manufacturing Fabrication
  • Assembly of Modular Components
  • Building, Assembling, and Construction
  • Test of Quality under Acceptance Standards
  • Stress Exam
  • Management and Upkeep

As you can see, the project manager chose a step-by-step plan that was given with minimal scheduling specifics and start and end dates to provide context for the diagram.

Project Hazards:

Throughout a project, risk management is an iterative process. The risks you face while presenting your initiatives will change based on how well they proceed along the roadmap. In this particular instance, we have chosen to showcase the risks deliberated about at the ideation phase, wherein the developer trades risks with contractors and the bridge construction business.

Our recommended structure for this type of material is a straightforward table with easily readable and visible risks and a description that serves more as a starting point for conversation than a thorough explanation.

It is crucial to categorize the risks given, if just in terms of their “impact” and “probability.” This will lead to some really interesting discussions about them. 

Risks outlined in the first phase:

  • Mistakes in Design
  • Building Hold-Ups
  • Overspending on the Budget
  • Modifications to Regulations
  • Conditions of the Site Equipment Failures
  • Incidents about health and safety

The hazards listed are highly serious, as the reader can see, and each will result in a different Risk Analysis Report.

The project presentation’s quality control component may change depending on the quality process used. A continuous improvement quality approach, which iteratively improves quality over many projects, is typical for large organizations with a consistent portfolio of projects (for example, software businesses). The scenario is the same for construction organizations , such as the example, and the quality control model aligns with the building process model. In this instance, the project manager is outlining the quality control procedure to be used on the BIM model as well as the procedure to be adhered to during the bridge’s actual construction:

Using a simple dashboard, we created in this example, allowing the project manager to show: 

  • The Existing Chronology
  • Top 5 Problems
  • Present-Day Burnout
  • Top 5 Risks

How to Present a Project Management Presentation?

A project plan is an official document that follows a set format and flow. Your presentation should follow this flow for maximum impact. 

To present a project plan , you should go over the following eight steps:

  • Give an overview. Provide a brief overview of the project, outlining its goals and rationale. 
  • Examine the key results and objectives, or OKRs. Talk about the main deliverables and anticipated deadlines. Before starting a project, what crucial information should you obtain from a client? Think about this before engaging in conversation.
  • Describe the exclusions and expectations. Make assumptions clear and restate anything that is outside the project’s scope. You might be wondering when to show a client the project cost. This is the right moment to ensure both of you have clear expectations.
  • Give a high-level timetable. Use a Gantt chart to show the important milestones and dependencies in the project schedule. 
  • Give a brief introduction of your group. Present the customer to coworkers with whom they will be working closely, as well as anyone whose experience will strengthen your reputation (such as a seasoned subject matter expert.)
  • Explain communications. Make sure your client is aware of the collaborative process. Mention how they can contact you with any queries or issues and how they will be updated.
  • Talk about the unexpected. Examine the procedure you’ll use to address requests for changes and problems when they come up.   
  • Q&A. To make sure nothing was missed, conclude with a Q&A session. 

Top 5 Project Management Presentation Templates From Slideuplift

Here are some templates which will help you make your desired presentations. These will also give you project presentation ideas. Feel free to click on the images to download SlideUpLift’s templates.

  • WBS Project Management PowerPoint Template:

How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

Streamline project planning with this template focused on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) , offering clear visual guidance for breaking down complex projects into manageable tasks.

  • Scrum Agile Project Management PowerPoint Template:

How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

Perfect for Agile enthusiasts, SlideUpLift’s Scrum Agile Project Management template provides visually engaging slides explaining the Scrum framework, roles, ceremonies, and critical components to enhance Agile project communication.

  • Circular Project Management PowerPoint Template:

How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

Enhance project visualization with this template featuring circular diagrams and charts, ideal for representing project cycles, feedback loops, and continuous improvement processes.

  • SIPOC Project Management PowerPoint Template:

How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

Optimize process mapping using this template designed for SIPOC (Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer) models, facilitating the illustration of information and resource flows in projects or processes. 

  • Risk Management PowerPoint Template:

How to Create a Successful Project Presentation?

Navigate project uncertainties seamlessly with this template tailored for Risk Management . Expect insightful slides on identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks, providing a comprehensive overview to keep your projects on track.

Questions To Ask The Client Before Starting The Project Management Presentation

The client project focus ensures that your client’s business goals are sufficiently handled and that transparency is maintained throughout the project. Objectives, milestones, acceptance criteria, etc., are frequently discussed beforehand.

You might still need to ask a few questions, though, and these are the top five:

  • Who are the project stakeholders in your organization? What authority and interest levels do the people who intend to be associated with the project have? 
  • Have you already worked on projects similar to this one? How did you overcome the obstacles, if any? 
  • What characteristics, outputs, or specifications should we constantly focus on?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping at night because of anything related to this project? If yes, what would it be?
  • Do you have any questions about risks, difficulties, or other project parts we haven’t yet covered? 

Questions the Client Might Ask During a Project Presentation and How To Answer Them

For new speakers, the Q&A section can often be their biggest worry. The most difficult part of being ready for this is that you never know what queries a client may have. 

Client inquiries frequently revolve around their worries about potential problems. You’ll be able to anticipate their questions more accurately when you know about their priorities. Assume that your client has a tight deadline for finishing the project. Among the queries they might have are:

  • How are you going to guarantee that the project is completed on time?
  • How would you respond if deadlines begin to elude you?
  • Which risks could cause the project to be delayed?

You can prepare well-reasoned responses to their questions by considering their priorities and potential issues beforehand. But what about those unexpected queries that come out of nowhere? 

Three pointers to help you handle unforeseen queries from clients during a project presentation are as follows:

  • Firstly, thank them for raising the question. Encourage your client to speak with you and express their worries upfront. 
  • Find out what motivates the question. Ask why a question is being asked if it appears pointless or strange. Perhaps the client possesses knowledge that you are unaware of. You will also have extra time to consider your response as a result.
  • Put it on the table for later. Inform the customer that you will investigate and get back to them if you are unsure of the response. Give your client a timeframe during which they can anticipate receiving your response.  

Establishing objectives and having a well-thought-out plan to reach them are the first steps in producing an effective project presentation. It also calls for effective delivery, careful attention to design, and the creation of captivating content.  

A strong pitch deck that explains the specifics of your idea and its potential for success is essential if you want to seal those transactions. Using a user-friendly project presentation program such as SlideUpLift can be a game changer. 

The ideal design tool for producing eye-catching and captivating project presentations is something SlideUpLift specializes in.  You can use various features and tools with SlideUpLift to assist you in achieving your ideas for your projects.  

To help your presentation succeed, SlideUpLift offers hundreds of presentation templates , graphic components, font styles, data visualization tools, and pre-installed stock photos and videos.  

You now have all the advice and resources you need to ace the project presentations for the future. With the presentation templates from SlideUpLift, get tips and tricks on standing out when presenting, go ahead and amaze your audience!

How do I effectively present my project?

To present your project effectively, focus on clear communication, use visuals, and tailor your message to your audience’s level of understanding.

How can I present my project as a project manager?

As a project manager, presenting a project involves clear communication of goals, methodologies, and outcomes while addressing potential risks and solutions.

What are the best ways to present a project?

The best ways to present a project include engaging visuals, storytelling, and addressing key points such as objectives, timelines, and potential challenges.

Are there templates for project management presentations?

Several platforms, including SlideUpLift, offer templates specifically designed for project manager presentations .

What are effective ways to present my project to clients?

Effective ways to present your project to clients include emphasizing value, addressing their specific concerns, and showcasing project outcomes.

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Top 10 Project Overview Templates with Examples and Samples

Top 10 Project Overview Templates with Examples and Samples

Kavesh Malhotra


Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

- Alexander Graham Bell

Before beginning work on any project, you need to make a plan to execute it better. Planning is the very first step in starting any project. It allows the process to run smoothly without any obstacles. Moreover, while planning, you can also predict possible outcomes and strategize how to tackle these better beforehand. That is why managers create a project overview to stay organized and ahead.

What is a project overview? Simply put, a project overview summarizes the project or its blueprint. It allows for planning the project by incorporating essential details such as project timeline, team members, roles, project duration, cost, scope, and expected outcomes.

Not only is it beneficial in executing the project, it also acts as a reference until completion. A large amount of information can be summarized and presented to help the members understand it better. Apart from that, a project overview allows managers to keep track of progress. Every project overview has its objectives and reasons. But a good one answers all the questions about the project and provides clear and resourceful information. No matter what your industry is, a project overview is vital to reach your goal.

Now that we understand the importance of a project overview, the question arises: How do we create one? Well, creating a project overview can be cumbersome and take time. But you need not worry as we are here with the right solution. SlideTeam brings you project overview templates using which you can create an overview of your upcoming project in no time. All these templates are content ready and 100% customizable, making it more accessible than ever to create the project overview that meets your requirements.

Check out our list of our top 10 project overview templates.

Template 1: project scope overview powerpoint presentation slides.

Our Project Scope Overview PowerPoint Presentation Slides allow you to plan every detail of your project such as inputs, tools, and technique. It assists in distinguishing what is and what is not part of the project and controls what is allowed or removed when the project is executed.

You can execute all processes when you know exactly what you need to make your project successful. Using this template, you can manage your team and determine the number of employees required to complete the project as well.

Project Scope Overview

Download Now!

Template 2: Project Brief Summary PowerPoint Presentation Slides

If you are looking for a template that allows you to provide a concise description of your project, then this PPT Layout is for you. Using these 20-Slide template, you can provide complete information about the project to your audience. It allows you to pinpoint key risks and issues and the paths to tackle them. Apart from this, other details, such as the project budget and benefits, can be represented. Get this template and keep track of processes and ensure that the project is completed on time.

Project Brief Summary

Template 3: Digitalization Strategy to Accelerate Project Overview for Digital Transformation

A business's online presence is vital, but brands must execute it strategically. If you want to digitize your business, this amazing template is proven to be beneficial. This template allows your audience to understand the project in detail and helps you implement digital transformation. The slides incorporate project description, location, budget, and objectives to create an excellent project overview. In addition, you can dispense project duration by providing an expected end date and ensuring you complete the project on time by downloading this template.

Project Overview for Digital Transformation

Template 4: Determine Charter for Project Overview Project Management Playbook

Before the project begins, it is vital to ensure that your team members and project associates have a shared understanding of the objectives, resources required, the people needed, and their roles. With Determine Charter for Project Overview Project Management Playbook, you can provide your audience with a map about how the project needs to progress. Using this template, you can provide information on stakeholders involved, project constraints, and various deliverables.

Determine Charter for Project Overview

Template 5: Feasibility Study Templates for Different Projects Construction Project Overview

Starting a commercial project is a good decision, and by using this template, you can make a better decision for your company. Before starting any business, it is vital to understand whether it will work practically. So, feasibility study becomes essential. With our Feasibility Study Template, you can outline the project's viability and know whether or not you should proceed. In addition, using this construction project overview, you can provide information on essential features of required commercial sites.

Construction Project Overview

Template 6: Project Overview IT Change Execution Plan

Executing change is about bringing theoretical planning into practice. This change execution can either make or break your project. It is a risky and costly step. It would help if you planned out the project overview to avoid any mistakes. Using Project Overview IT Change Execution Plan, you can summarize the transition by providing information regarding the purpose, key deliverables, budgets, risks, and issues. It also covers the employees' details and the estimated time to complete the project.

Project Overview

Template 7: Program Charter Showing Project Overview Management Team and Milestones

If you are looking for a template that helps create a precise and effective project overview, then this template is for you. This unique template offers the three-stage processes: Program Charter, Project Charter, and Project Management to Project Overview. It helps provide you with the project overview, from purpose, scope, and key deliverables to resources, tools, and budget. You can represent milestones and demonstrate the status of ongoing projects. Get this template to ensure that your project is on the right track.

Program Charter Showing Project Overview…

Template 8: Current Network Strategic Alignment Project Overview Knowledge Organization

Strategic alignment, together with appropriate organizational skills, is essential for the success of your project or business. However, it can derail if the execution is not planned. This PPT template can help you strategically organize your current network to use the available organizational skills. In addition, this graphical template, with its distinctive visual appeal, allows you to engage your audience and convey your message and incorporates seven planning stages.

Current Network Strategic Alignment Project Overview Knowl…

Template 9: Project Brief Objectives PPT Summary Example Introduction

Team members working on any project need to know about it and its expected outcomes to work more efficiently. Using this template, you can create an engaging and informative project overview and a clearer picture of the outcomes, making every choice simpler and faster. It lets you brief your audience on the project, describe the objectives, and show the status. Download this template and your team will know where to focus.

Project Brief

Template 10: One Page Project Overview Charter Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Do you want a crisp and precise project overview? Then you must download our following striking and functional PPT Template to brief your project. Using this template, you can make your team members understand their roles, the scope of the project, and how it will be carried out. This template also represents delegation of authority. You can define the milestones of the project, the performance of employees, and the project status. This template will help you plan and monitor all the steps and processes of the project; download right away.

One Page Project Overview Charter

Plan Your Success 

Planning is essential to starting any project, whether big or small. It creates a clearer picture for you and your employees. Thus, it helps you achieve your expected goals more effectively and smoothly. Choose the template that suits your requirements and download it now to create an outstanding project overview.

FAQs on Project Overview

What is a project overview report.

A project overview report is the summary of the project. It includes the project's purpose, objectives, budget, deliverables, project location, cost, and duration. By planning the project ahead of time, you can assess various risks and issues associated with it and strategize a plan to tackle them. No matter what industry, big or small, it is essential to create a project overview. You can use SlideTeam's templates and build a breakthrough project overview.

What is the project overview example?

A project overview example is SlideTeam's groundbreaking templates with samples that offer a detailed project description. They provide a brief on the project goals and objectives in a striking format and help formulate the outline of necessary resources and tools to achieve your goals.

Why is a project overview important?

Having a project overview is important because:

● It helps represent essential details and elements of the project, providing clarity to your team members. ● It acts as a roadmap and guides the members through project stages. ● It saves time, accelerates the process, and improves the success rate.

What should we write in a project overview?

A project overview is simply a brief of the entire project. Elements that you should incorporate in the project overview are:

● Project Timeline ● Major Deadlines ● Project Budget ● Project Status ● Deliverables ● Team Members and their Roles ● Project location, cost, duration, scope ● Project brief/summary ● Expected outcome ● Status

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Engineering and technology ppt inspiration example introduction continuous process improvement

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Project proposal presentation templates, download and customize these free and easy-to-edit templates for google slides and powerpoint to present your new project proposal. your partners will appreciate the nice slide designs and appealing backgrounds..

Gender Pay Gap Solutions Proposal presentation template

Gender Pay Gap Solutions Proposal

Download the Gender Pay Gap Solutions Proposal presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. A well-crafted proposal can be the key factor in determining the success of your project. It's an opportunity to showcase your ideas, objectives, and plans in a clear and concise manner, and to convince others to invest...

Research Project Proposal presentation template

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Research Project Proposal

Before embarking yourself on a new project, especially if it’s about research, you need to set out a proposal to explain its viability. Here at Slidesgo we’re offering this theme that you can actually use for any kind of project, regardless of the topic.

Engineering Project Proposal presentation template

Engineering Project Proposal

What is the best way to build your own successful future? Giving a presentation made thanks to our new free business template! Your audience will appreciate your engineering project proposal, paving the way for new deals and investments.

Implementation Plan Project Proposal presentation template

Implementation Plan Project Proposal

Download the Implementation Plan Project Proposal presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. A well-crafted proposal can be the key factor in determining the success of your project. It's an opportunity to showcase your ideas, objectives, and plans in a clear and concise manner, and to convince others to invest their...

Solar Power Project Proposal presentation template

Solar Power Project Proposal

More and more people are becoming aware of the environment and global warming. If you need to present a project proposal and want a little help with the design, you’ve come to the right place! With this new template, your work will shine by itself.

Mowgl-1 Project Proposal presentation template

Mowgl-1 Project Proposal

Do you feel brave today? Great! Let's help you present a project proposal to other colleagues or, even better, investors or your higher-ups! This template is wild, it has abstract shapes, only for those who let their creativity run free! Offer a little sneak peek of your product and state...

Project Proposal with Waves presentation template

Project Proposal with Waves

You want to make a project proposal? Alright, then we also have a proposal for you: this beautiful template made specially with your needs in mind. First of all, the most surprising part of it: its abstract design with waves in pastel colors. Isn’t it beautiful? It will attract the...

Simple Project Proposal presentation template

Simple Project Proposal

Leonardo Da Vinci said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This is a universal truth, but even more when it comes to the project proposal arena. Making a simple presentation about your proposal will trigger a positive response from your audience, without diverting their attention to other issues. Try this...

Organic Chicken Farming Project Proposal presentation template

Organic Chicken Farming Project Proposal

Download the Organic Chicken Farming Project Proposal presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. A well-crafted proposal can be the key factor in determining the success of your project. It's an opportunity to showcase your ideas, objectives, and plans in a clear and concise manner, and to convince others to invest...

Corporate Identity Renewal Project Proposal presentation template

Corporate Identity Renewal Project Proposal

A company's corporate identity is a crucial element in its success, as it creates a visual image and brand recognition in the minds of customers and stakeholders. However, over time, corporate identities can become outdated, losing their relevance and appeal. If that happens... time for a fresh new image! With...

Underwater Life Conservation Project Proposal presentation template

Underwater Life Conservation Project Proposal

Download the Underwater Life Conservation Project Proposal presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. A well-crafted proposal can be the key factor in determining the success of your project. It's an opportunity to showcase your ideas, objectives, and plans in a clear and concise manner, and to convince others to invest...

Construction Project Proposal presentation template

Construction Project Proposal

Are you an architect? Do you like designing new buildings and supervising their construction? If you need to present a project proposal related to the construction industry, let Slidesgo help you with your slide deck.

Horror Film Project Proposal presentation template

Horror Film Project Proposal

Download the Horror Film Project Proposal presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. A well-crafted proposal can be the key factor in determining the success of your project. It's an opportunity to showcase your ideas, objectives, and plans in a clear and concise manner, and to convince others to invest their...

Minimalist Grayscale Project Proposal presentation template

Minimalist Grayscale Project Proposal

If you have a business idea and need a good presentation to go with it, this project proposal template is just what you are looking for. It has a formal and serious style, with gray as the main color, which gives it versatility. And to make it dynamic we have...

Sun Glow Palette Project Proposal presentation template

Sun Glow Palette Project Proposal

Download the Sun Glow Palette Project Proposal presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. A well-crafted proposal can be the key factor in determining the success of your project. It's an opportunity to showcase your ideas, objectives, and plans in a clear and concise manner, and to convince others to invest...

Sophisticated and Minimalist Project Proposal presentation template

Sophisticated and Minimalist Project Proposal

Download the Sophisticated and Minimalist Project Proposal presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. A well-crafted proposal can be the key factor in determining the success of your project. It's an opportunity to showcase your ideas, objectives, and plans in a clear and concise manner, and to convince others to invest...

Scientific Project Proposal presentation template

Scientific Project Proposal

Impress everybody with this cool scientific project proposal template that’s a good reflection of all things systematic and methodical—just as science should be. Gentle on the eye and with a wide spectrum of layouts, it’s going to be hard to reject your proposal!

Business Proposition Canvas presentation template

Business Proposition Canvas

Let's say you are in a meeting, the whiteboard is in front of you, full of notes and drawings, and you're trying to decide the best course of actions for your company. Reimagine that situation and reflect it in this presentation template! Each slide is like a colorful board in...

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Slidesgo AI Presentation Maker puts the power of design and creativity in your hands, so you can effortlessly craft stunning slideshows in minutes.

Project Presentation-web

Project Presentation Template

Outline all your key project information with a visually-appealing design to encourage buy-in from investors and get everyone on the same page.

Trusted by 65M+ users and leading companies

About the Project Presentation Template

Our customizable and professional presentation template helps you plan your upcoming project presentation for clients, investors, and stakeholders. Using our modern design, you can create a stunning presentation that outlines all your key project information. 

To create your presentation, you can customize our existing decks to suit your target audience. Add or remove slides, change their order, and upload your company brand assets to create a professional and effective project presentation. 

What is a project presentation? 

A project proposal presentation (sometimes known as a project kickoff presentation) provides an overview of an upcoming project. The purpose of the presentation is to update clients, investors, key stakeholders, and team members on your project plans. You’ll discuss changes and improvements delivered by the project and get approval to launch. 

The aim is to get everyone on the same page. Investors and shareholders will understand why you’re running the project, and your project team will understand what they need to do to make it happen. 

Tips for making the perfect project presentation 

Creating a successful and engaging project presentation is easier said than done. Here are some tips to get you on the right track. 

Use a professional template. Save time and create a professional, visually-appealing presentation with a Project Presentation Template. Creating one from scratch will be more time-consuming, and it might not look as striking or professional as a ready-made template. 

Present the problem. Be clear about why you want to launch this project. Is it to solve a customer problem? Or maybe to improve an internal process? Whatever it is, clearly present the problem and show how your project will fix it. 

Clearly communicate your project goals. Everyone needs to know what you want to achieve with your project, so be sure to clearly outline what your goals will be and how you plan to measure them. Take a look at the SMART goals framework to help with this. It’ll also show stakeholders and investors what the project will do for the business (which can help get buy-in and approval to launch). 

Break down your project plan. Show everyone what’s involved in the project by clearly breaking down your project plan. You don’t need to outline every single detail, just the key milestones and the top-level plan. A Scope of Work Template can also help you outline this information. 

Keep slides short. If you go into too much detail in your slides, you risk standing in front of your audience and reading off the screen. To improve your presentation delivery and keep your audience engaged, only include the top-level, necessary information on all your slides. 

Use quality visuals and presentation tools. Give stakeholders, clients, and investors a good impression by using high-quality visual elements to create a clean and professional design. For example, only use high-quality images and keep everything on-brand. Professional presentation tools like Miro will also help you create a well-designed and engaging presentation.

How to create a project presentation with Miro's customizable template 

Use Miro’s digital workspace to organize your thoughts, jot down notes, and share ideas with your project team. When you’re ready to create your presentation, simply select the template and start customizing it to suit your needs. You can add your own color palette, vector icons, and any other graphic elements that you need.  

Our interactive slides (or frames ) can be easily edited. You can add or remove slides and restructure their order in your presentation. All of the slides also have placeholder text, which you can remove to add your own presentation content.

Once you’re ready to present your slides, all you have to do is hop into Presentation Mode . This automatically puts your presentation in fullscreen, and you can move between the slides using the arrow keys.

How do you structure a project presentation? 

Every project presentation is different, so there’s no correct way to structure your presentation . However, there are some common topics that occur in most project presentations: 

High-level information for stakeholders: Your presentation shouldn’t go into too much detail about the specifics of your project. Instead, it should provide top-level information that stakeholders can easily digest — for example, your budget, your return on investment expectation, and your goals. 

Timelines: It’s helpful for your audience to know when you want to start the project and how long it will last. Outline your project timeline so they can see what you plan to do and when you plan to do it (but remember, keep it top-level). 

Deliverables: What will the result be? Tell your audience what your deliverables and outputs will be, so they know what to expect.

Goals: Show your audience how you plan to measure success. As mentioned, take a look at the SMART goals framework to create clear and specific goals.

What do you write in a project presentation?

Your project presentation should outline the top-level information about your upcoming project. This includes the problem you’re trying to solve, your budget, the project timeline, key deliverables, and your goals.

How do you introduce a project presentation?

Start by telling the audience who you are and what the presentation is about. This means summing up your project presentation in a couple of sentences (ideally, you’ll have this prepared beforehand). Show them an agenda so they know what to expect and give a rough timeline for when the presentation will wrap up.

How can I make a perfect presentation?

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mini project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

minor project presentation ppt

mini project

Civil engineering – powerpoint ppt presentation.

  • S.Manimaran - 410512103338
  • M.Saravanan - 410512103011
  • 1. Introduction
  • 3. Statement of the project
  • 4. Loads on the structure
  • 5. Objective of structural design
  • 6. Design and analysis
  • 7. References
  • Our project is based on the design and analysis of the guest house building.
  • Analysis is done through using the STAAD-PRO.
  • Notation adopted through out the project is same as in IS-456-2000.
  • IS-4562000 Design code for rcc structures
  • IS-875(part1) Code for dead Loads
  • IS-875(part2) Code for imposed Loads
  • IS-875(part3) Code for wind Loads
  • IS-875(part4) Code for seismic loads
  • 1.Utility of building Residential building
  • 2. No of story's G2
  • 3.Shape of the building Rectangular
  • 4.No.of staircases 2 nos
  • 5.Type of walls Brick wall
  • Ground Floor 4.0 M Floor
  • Floor Height 3.0 M
  • Height of Plinth 0.6 M above G.L
  • Depth of Foundation 2 M below G.L
  • Concrete Grade M20
  • Grade of steel HYSD
  • REINFORCEMENT of Grade Fe415
  • Bearing Capacity of Soil 150 KN/2
  • Type Of Construction R.C.C framed structure
  • Design of Slabs
  • Design of Beams
  • Design of Girders
  • Structural Analysis using Staad system
  • Structural Design of Columns
  • Design of Footings
  • Design Drawings by using Auto-Cad
  • Imposed loads
  • Seismic loads
  • Involves self weight of
  • Beams columns
  • Imposed also known live loads
  • Load over the floor i.e. load of persons it is calculated as 0.2 kn/m2
  • This load is applied over the length
  • of structure
  • Wind is air in motion
  • Wind loads are calculated according to
  • IS875 (part 3)
  • Intensity of wind and exposure are applied in the directions as required
  • The structure should be analysed for
  • combination of loads as in practice
  • we have number of loads in various directions act
  • Some of the combinations to be
  • checked are
  • a. 1.5(DLLL)
  • b. 1.5(DLWL)
  • Structure designed should satisfy the ultimate strength.
  • Structure should satisfy the serviceability
  • It should satisfy the stability against
  • overturning , sliding , and buckling.
  • The notation adopted thought out the work is same as in IS 456-2000
  • Using partial safety factors for loads in accordance with
  • clause 36.4 of IS 456-2000
  • Partial safety factor for material in accordance with clause 36.4.2
  • IS 456-2000 is taken as 1.5 for concrete and 1.15 for steel
  • Using partial safety factors in accordance with clause
  • 36.4 of IS 456-2000 combination of load
  • (D.L L.L) 1.5
  • (D.L L.L W.L) 1.2
  • Density of materials used
  • i) Plain concrete - 24.0 KN/m3
  • ii) Reinforced - 25.0 KN/m3
  • iii) Flooring material (cu.m) - 20.0KN/m3
  • iv) Brick masonry - 19.0KN/m3
  • v) Fly ash - 5.0KN/m3
  • LIVE LOADS in accordance with IS 875-86
  • i) Live load on slabs - 3.0KN/m2
  • ii) Live load on passage - 3.0KN/m2
  • iii Live load on stairs - 3.0KN/m2
  • For slabs,depth is 100 mm provided minimum depth is 60mm
  • Overall depth of slab125mm
  • Factored Load on slab is 9.187Kn/m for beams,after calculations are done
  • Main reinforcement10mm diameter of bar _at_ 150mm c/c.
  • Distribution reinforcement 8mm diameter of bar _at_ 330mm c/c.
  • Typesingly reinforced continuous rectangular beam
  • Size of beams 300mm x 500mm
  • For slabs,depth is 467 mm provided minimum depth is 300mm
  • Overall depth of slab500mm
  • Factored Load on slab is 9.75Kn/m for beams,after calculations are done
  • Mid span _at_ 4 nos of 16mm diameter (2/16 curtailed)
  • Support steel _at_ 4 nos of 16mm diameter (2/16 curtailed)
  • TypeShortcolumn
  • Factored load2300kN
  • Column size400mm x 400mmLongitudinal reinforcement8 nos of 25mm diameter
  • Lateral ties8mm lateral ties _at_ 300mm c/c
  • Soil bearing capacity of soil 150kN/m2
  • Factored load 1320kN
  • Size of footings 3m x 3m (square footing)
  • Effective depth 580mm overall depth660mm
  • Reinforcement 3 nos of 16mm diameter of bars
  • Typedoglegged staircase
  • Factored load22.50kn/m
  • Rise160mm tread 275mm
  • Minimum steel 8 nos 10mm diameter of bars
  • Distribution steel 8mm diameter of bars _at_ 380mm c/c
  • Analysis is done using STAAD PRO
  • developed by BENTLEY
  • Once the loads and load combinations are assigned to the structure, analysis is to be done
  • Analysis is done for RCC structure
  • Code is assigned as IS456-2000
  • The parameters are assigned to the structure
  • Commands to be given are
  • a.Concrete design
  • b.Member takeoff
  • Staad pro become more and more critical in the analysis of engineering scientific problems
  • This facilities for the implementations of more effective professional engineering software
  • It should be affordable to promote their wide spread usage amongst civil engineering at a global scale
  • Structural analysis by S.RAMAMRUTHAM
  • IS456-2000 CODE used
  • Design of RCC structures by B.C PUNMIA
  • S.Manimaran
  • M.Saravanan

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