Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Costa

In my role as food counters specialist at Waitrose supermarket I have gained a wide range of skills which I hope to successfully transfer to this role. Meeting and working with people of different ethnicities and ages has given me the confidence to interact with people from all walks of life in order to manage the food counters at Waitrose skillfully and efficiently. I have learnt to work confidently under pressure whilst delivering excellent customer service and to grasp key skills such as multitasking and prioritizing of certain duties when confronted with long queues of customers. Whilst switching between managing both the fish and meat counters at Waitrose I have gained a valuable appreciation of the importance of health and safety and hygiene. Even my experience in stacking shelves will prove relevant to the arrangment of displays of stock in the UCLU cafe. I also have experience with cashing up through my responsiblity of the tills at Waitrose and working in kiosks at various sporting events with Brightsparks Recruitment.

Moreover, I have more recently taken on a new challenge of working in the Waitrose cafe as part of some overtime work, proving my ability to learn and adapt to a unfamiliar and stressful environment. This opportunity has also given me some useful experience of working with coffee-based beverages.

In addition to the above skills, one of the main skill sets I have been able to improve on whilst working at Waitrose, and indeed whilst completing my first year at UCL is time-management. I have learnt to confidently juggle a part-time job, my academic studies, bi-weekly training and matches with a Sunday-league football team and a healthy social life. Although I have now found a comfortable balance between both my degree and my job I hope to get more involved with the opportunities at my university and get the most out of being a part of the UCL community for the short time I am here.


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