75+ Unique, Creative & Catchy Freelance Writer Business Names Ideas

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173 Freelance Writing Business Names that Pay the Bills

Freelance Writing Business Names

Have you decided to become a freelance writer? Congratulations on taking a leap toward becoming your own boss! When starting a freelancing career, it’s critical to have a business name that reflects your personal brand. Your business name is the first thing people will see before you even present yourself. To ensure you can start off on the right foot, we’re sharing hundreds of catchy freelance writing business name ideas that you can use as inspiration for your business name.

If you’re thinking of starting a freelance writing business, you undoubtedly want to stand out from the competition. Writing businesses are popping up all over the market, and to get a leg up on your competition it’s important to give your business a name that has some personality.

With so many options at your fingertips, sometimes searching for business name ideas can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’re here!

We’ve compiled a list of awesome freelance writing business name ideas to help kickstart your creativity and make things easier on you.

Not all of these names will be suitable for your niche or country they are operating out of, but hopefully, this list gives you some creative sparks. 

Let’s get started!

Catchy Freelance Writer Business Names

If you’ve made up your mind that it’s time to start working for yourself and take the leap into freelance writing, then finding the perfect name for your business should be at the top of your list.

There’s no denying that your business name is important. Your freelance writing business name can be a signal to the clients that you aim for. It says a lot about you and your commitment to what you’re offering.

When selecting a name for your freelancing business, it’s important to pick something memorable, meaningful and catchy, that resonates with your target audience.

With that in mind, we have gathered a lot of catchy freelance writing business name ideas for you to choose from. Take a look!

  • Writer Flow
  • Content Castle
  • Copy Center
  • Vibrant Content
  • Awesome Words
  • Word Weaver
  • Content Guru
  • Freelance Ninja
  • Writing Success
  • Penning Profit
  • Stellar Copywriter
  • Profitable Words
  • Speedy Content
  • Affluent Writer
  • Serendipity Writes
  • Fast Freelance
  • The Flex Writer
  • Guerrilla Writing
  • Write By Demand
  • The Freelance Flow
  • Specialty Writers
  • Content is King
  • The Content Cat
  • Writing Path
  • Writer’s Edge 
  • Lead Words 
  • Content Hive
  • Word Weaverz
  • Word Partner
  • Writer Girl Inc
  • Brainstorm Pro 
  • Ace Freelance Writer
  • First-Draft Writers LLC
  • The Writer Hut
  • All Seasons Freelance Writer
  • Ambitious Writer
  • Assured Freelance Writer
  • Authoritative Writer
  • Bold Creative
  • Helping Hand 
  • Little Miss Freelance
  • Writing For Success
  • The Writer’s Niche
  • Write on the Side
  • Write It Up
  • Outwrite Your Competition
  • Penning Profit First
  • Absolutely Awesome Writing
  • Get it Written Fast! (GiWF)
  • Freelance Writing Buddy
  • Freelance Nomad
  • Essential Essay Services
  • Express Write
  • Awesome Copywriters
  • Professional Plus
  • Digi-Writer
  • Writing Empire

Creative Freelance Writing Company Names

Planning to start a freelance writing company but can’t find a business name that matches your perfectionist standards? No worries, you’re not alone!

A name can say a lot about a business. A great business name can really help set you apart from other writers and grow your brand recognition. You should aim for something that immediately draws attention to your services.

We have put together a collection of creative freelance writing company name ideas that’ll get your creative gears rolling and help you land on an ideal one for your company.

  • Write it Right
  • The Content Diva
  • Writing to the Point
  • Write Anything
  • Custom Writing Pros
  • The Writing Goddess
  • The Word Factory
  • The Writer’s Place
  • Butterfly Effect Writing
  • The Write Angle
  • Writer’s Hub
  • Avant-Garde Writing
  • The Write Choice
  • Wanderer Writer
  • Get It Written
  • Dragon Writer
  • Wordville Writers
  • Scribble Writer
  • Creative Frenzy
  • Rapid Rewriter
  • Monkey Writer
  • Writer’s Den
  • Writer Babe
  • Write Place
  • Inspire Wordz
  • Creative Writing Whiz
  • The Small Business Writer
  • Elite Writers Club
  • Thoughtful Pen
  • Cutting Edge Writers
  • Ace Freelance Writing
  • Content Crafter
  • The Write Way

Unique Freelance Writing Business Names

Freelance writing businesses are becoming more and more popular in today’s job economy. People are coming to know that they can make money from their writing skills, even if they are not full-time writers.

As an aspiring freelance writer, you know how important it is to stand out. But with rising competition in this industry, it is becoming difficult to come up with a unique name. There are so many names that just sound bad or too similar to other businesses.

To save you time and effort, here are some unique yet attractive freelance writing business name ideas to help you find one that fits your needs.

  • The Serious Writer
  • Words and Art
  • Write Good Now!
  • Awesome Writers
  • Brilliant Writers
  • Write And Sell
  • Responsible Writing
  • Fire-up Formatting
  • Scribbling Writer
  • Word Crafting Company
  • Writer Alchemy
  • Writer Energize
  • Express Copy
  • Freelance Pro
  • Work of Writing
  • Go Pro Writing Services
  • The Lifestyle Writer
  • Zen of Writing
  • Epic Writing
  • Licious Lettering
  • Little Miss Wordsmith
  • Resident Writer
  • Write It Down
  • Chief Writer 
  • Venture Writer
  • The Pro Writer
  • Writing Pleasure
  • Better Words
  • The Wordsmith
  • Chief Wordsmith
  • Digital Writer
  • Fountain of Writing
  • Expert Wordsmith
  • Super Writer
  • Writing Factory
  • Chief Writer
  • Creative Pro
  • The Writing Company
  • Top Level Writers
  • Passion Writers
  • Dashing Writer
  • Uniquely Writing
  • The Great Writer
  • Live Your Writer
  • Write Tribe
  • Writer Journalist
  • Writing Ninja
  • Copywriting Dynamo
  • Muse Writer
  • Writer’s Soul
  • Writer’s Tonic
  • Turning Point

How to Name Your Freelance Writing Business?

You’re about to start your own freelance writing business, and before you dive into the business world, landing your first client, you want to give some thought to the name of your company. After all, it is your brand identity and will be the first thing people notice about your business.

Your business name will be the cornerstone of your brand. It will set the tone for how potential clients perceive your services. It is an essential part of your marketing strategy and will play a big role in helping you attract and retain clients. It’s an important decision, and you should take time to make sure you get it right.

A great name can do wonders in the promotion of your business. On the other hand, having a generic or boring name for your business can make you look amateurish and unprofessional. 

Naming your freelance writing business is challenging, exciting, and a daunting task at the same time. You need to consider your business goals, the niche you are serving, and what value you bring to the table. At the same time, it should reflect the quality of your services and help you capture the attention of people looking for writers.

You need to make sure the name is easy to remember, catchy, and unique enough to stand out from the sea of competitors. 

Here are a few things to consider when naming your freelance writing business:

  • Aim for something short and catchy (not more than 3 words)
  • It should be easy to spell and remember
  • Write down ALL the things you love about your writing
  • Think about what do you want people to say about your business?
  • What do you want your clients to appreciate the most about working with you?
  • Know your target audience and what values are important to them
  • The name should help you stand out from other writing businesses in the industry
  • Have some personality in your brand name
  • Keep your potential customers in mind. Ensure the name resonates with the target audience
  • Stay away from numbers and hyphens 
  • Check for domain name availability

Conclusion: Freelance Writing Business Names

Pat yourself on the back! You’ve reached the end of this article. We hope that you’ve found this list useful and it helped you come up with an attractive name for your freelance writing business.

In order to be a successful freelance writer, you need to start off with a solid name for your business. Most freelancers just focus on their services and not the branding of their business and end up struggling to attract clients. You want to make sure that you are focusing on all the details to be successful.

Thanks for taking the time to go through this article. If you have any other nice suggestions for freelance writing business names that aren’t mentioned above, feel free to send us via email. We’d love to hear them and add them to the list. 

And as always, if you found this resource helpful, please share it with your friends! 

We do wish you great luck with your business and your freelancing career!

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Freelance Writing Business Name Ideas

212 Freelance Writing Business Name Ideas

Written by: Carolyn Young

Carolyn Young is a business writer who focuses on entrepreneurial concepts and the business formation. She has over 25 years of experience in business roles, and has authored several entrepreneurship textbooks.

Published on June 24, 2024 Updated on June 24, 2024

212 Freelance Writing Business Name Ideas

If you’re starting a freelance writing business , congratulations! You have an exciting journey ahead. You also have a host of decisions to make, and one of the most important is choosing your business name. 

The name will be the first impression people will have of your freelance writing business, so your decision should be made with careful consideration.

Choosing a winning name is not always easy, but luckily, you’ll find valuable tips and suggestions in this handy guide.

  • Freelance Writing Business Name Generator

Register domain

We’ve done some work and come up with some name suggestions for your freelance writing business. The names are divided into categories so that you can choose a one that fits your brand’s personality.

  • Write Savvy
  • Quill Quest
  • StorySphere
  • Verse Vista
  • Blurb Bridge
  • ScriptSight
  • Ideas With Personal Names
  • Isla Literary Lab
  • Beth’s WordSmith
  • Diana Storytelling Studio
  • Carter Script Solutions
  • Alex Creative Writing
  • Hannah’s Drafting
  • GavinScribe
  • Evan’s Prose
  • DianaScript
  • Fiona’s Penmanship
  • Jasper’s Compositions
  • Gavin Copy Creations
  • Beth Prose Professionals
  • Jasper Ghostwriting Guild
  • Isla’s Editing
  • Evan Editorial Experts
  • Diana’s StoryCraft
  • Gavin’s Narratives
  • Verse Visionary Ventures
  • Prose Prism
  • Quill Quantum Quarters
  • Draft Design Dynamics
  • Narrative Nexus
  • Textual Tapestry
  • Story Surge
  • ProsePioneer
  • Copy Curator
  • QuillHarbor
  • Ink Innovation Incubator
  • Storytelling Spectrum Sphere
  • VerseVanguard
  • ScriptVoyage
  • CopyCatalyst
  • Narrative Nectar Network
  • Textual Triumph Trio
  • Prose Pioneering Path
  • Quill Quester
  • Ink Innovate
  • Script Synergy Studio
  • Copy Creation Collective
  • Verse Virtuoso
  • Whimsical Word Workshop
  • Petal Prose
  • QuillCuddle
  • Snuggle Script Studio
  • Doodle Drafts
  • Cubby Content
  • Twinkle Text
  • DraftDoodle
  • Sprout Story Space
  • VerseVelvet
  • Cuddle Copy Creations
  • StorySprout
  • Doodle Draft Den
  • Velvet Verse
  • Igloo Ink Innovations
  • TextTwinkle
  • Whimsical Words
  • Twinkle Text Tales
  • Giggle Grammar
  • Jolly Journal
  • Pun Prose Pavilion
  • Joke Journal
  • Laughing Lines Lab
  • Funny Phrases
  • Humor Haven
  • Witty Wordsmit
  • Giggle Grammarian
  • JargonJugglers
  • Freelance Fables
  • Chuckle Chapters
  • Grammargantuan
  • WriteOnTarget
  • Quirk Quota
  • Ink Imagination
  • Fantasy Fabricators
  • Dream Draft
  • Inspire Inscribe
  • NovelNimbus
  • Melded Muses
  • Fantasy Fonts
  • Dream Drafters
  • Verb Visions
  • Inscribe Insights
  • Imagination Incubator
  • Nimbus Novels
  • Forge Fables
  • Creative Quill Quest
  • Muse Melding Magic
  • Idea Ink Innovators
  • Fantasy Font Foundry
  • Dream Draft Dynamics
  • Vision Verb Vistas
  • Inspire Inscribe Institute
  • Imagine Ink Impressions
  • Fable Forge Fellowship
  • CreateQuill
  • Target Audience-Based Names
  • Travel Tale Spinners
  • Foodie Phrases
  • Artful Articles
  • Edu Writing Experts
  • FashionFeather
  • Techie Texts
  • Science Scribes
  • TravelTales
  • Health Content Creators
  • Fashion Writing Flair
  • Tech Savvy Scripts
  • Business Blog Crafters
  • Eco Editorial Ensemble
  • Foodie Flavor Wordsmiths
  • Eco Wordsmith
  • Business Blurb
  • Science Script Specialists
  • Travel Chronicles
  • Fashion Script
  • Combination
  • Intuition Ink Innovators
  • Draft Dynamo Den
  • Verse Virtue Ventures
  • Prose Pulse Pro
  • Weld Word Workshop
  • Savvy Script Services
  • Text Tact Team
  • VerseVirtue
  • ScriptSavvy
  • Smith’s Script Solutions
  • InkIntuition
  • Story Swell Space
  • Swell Storytelling Studio
  • Word Weld Weavers
  • Dynamo Draft Designs
  • Virtue Verse Visionaries
  • Ink Intuition Inc
  • Craft Copy Creators
  • Abstract or Conceptual
  • ConceptCraft
  • NarrativeWave
  • Word Artistry
  • Script Synthesis
  • ProseMatrix
  • Verse Vision
  • Prose Prism Productions
  • Ink Fusion Creations
  • ImaginationSphere
  • Narrative Nexus Network
  • QuillSculpt
  • Concept Creation
  • ScriptHorizon
  • VerseMosaic
  • Quill Quest Ventures
  • Geographical
  • Delta Draft Designers
  • Valley Verse Ventures
  • Desert Quill Creations
  • City Scribe Storytellers
  • Island Ink Innovations
  • Tundra Text Treasures
  • Prairie Prose Pioneers
  • Valley Verse Vistas
  • Coastal Crafted Words
  • Mountain Script Solutions

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  • How to Choose a Name for Your Freelance Writing Business

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing your freelance writing business name.

1. Check Name Availability

When you come up with name options, make sure that they’re available and that they stand out from competitor names. You don’t want to copy competitors by choosing a name similar to theirs.

You’ll need to do a business name search on your state’s Secretary of State’s website to see if the name is available. The search will also show similar names, so you can ensure that your name is unique in your state.

Also, go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website to check if the name is trademarked.

2. Check Your State’s Business Name Regulations

Each state has rules regarding business names, often restricting words such as “bank” or “university.” Some states have stricter rules than others. For example, Michigan has a long list of prohibited words. You might not be able to name your business “Copywriting University.”

You should be able to find your state’s rules on the Secretary of State’s website.

Upon  creating an LLC , it’s mandatory to have either  ‘LLC’, ‘limited liability company’, or ‘limited liability’ as part of its official name . This ensures clarity and compliance with naming conventions for such entities.

3. Choose a Name with Relevance

Your name should be relevant to your freelance writing. It should also reflect your business mission. Often, if you write down a description of your brand identity, you’ll come up with words that have the potential to be used in your business name.

4. Keep It Simple

Your name should be easy to say so that it’s more memorable. It should also be easy to spell so that people can search for your freelance writing business online. 

5. Short and Unique

Short, unique, and catchy names tend to stand out. Think Google, which is so catchy and unique that it’s become a verb!

6. Get Feedback

Family and friends can give you an outside perspective on your freelance writing business name. They can offer suggestions and give you feedback on the names you have in mind.

7. Allow for Expansion

As your business grows, you may expand into new product or service lines, so you don’t want a business name that’s too narrow.  

For example, “CopyCraft” might suggest you are only a copywriter and limit your input to creative writing categories. The name should also have timeless appeal. Don’t try to capture a trend — trends continuously change, so you don’t want a name that could become outdated. 

8. .com is Best

Check if the .com domain name is available for your chosen name. Those domain names generally reflect more credibility than alternatives. You can use our Domain Name Search Tool to find an available website name and get the perfect domain name for your business.

9. Use Keywords to Boost SEO

Create an SEO-friendly business name in order to boost your organic search engine rankings.

Adding keywords might be your specialty, so use this knowledge to your advantage. If you have a creative writing freelance business, you can add words like “creative writing,” “freelance creative writing,” and “Quill” to your name and on your website.

10. How Does it Sound?

Say the name out loud to see how it rolls off the tongue. Is it pleasant? Does it evoke positivity? You’d be surprised how different a name sounds when you say it compared to when you think it. 

11. Appeal to Emotions

Names that evoke positive emotions can create a connection with your target customers. You want them to feel good about your freelance writing business.

Choosing the right business name is crucial for a freelance writer because it plays a significant role in creating a strong brand identity. It’s the first impression potential clients have of your services. A well-chosen name can convey professionalism, expertise, and the type of writing services you offer, making it easier to attract the right clients.

When brainstorming business names, consider the following tips:

  • Start with a clear understanding of your niche and target audience.
  • Explore wordplay, puns, or literary references related to your writing style.
  • Think about the emotions or messages you want your name to convey.
  • Seek inspiration from books, quotes, or your own writing projects.
  • Test potential names with friends and colleagues for feedback.

Whether to include your own name or choose an abstract name depends on your personal branding strategy. Using your name can create a personal connection with clients and can be beneficial if you’re well-known in your field. On the other hand, abstract names can provide more creative freedom and flexibility in branding. Consider what aligns best with your goals and target audience.

Yes, you can change your freelance writing business name if you’re not satisfied with it. Freelancers often evolve and rebrand their businesses to better align with their changing focus, target audience, or personal preferences.

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Freelance Writing Business Name Ideas


Hello, fellow word nerds! Choosing the right name is crucial if you’re considering starting a freelance writing business. It’s more than just a label; it’s the foundation of your brand.

This post will provide you with inspiring names for your business and guide you in crafting your unique brand identity. So, let’s discover what name suits your vision best!

Good Freelance Writing Business Names

Good business names speak volumes about your brand’s values and vision. They resonate with your target audience and have a lasting impact. As a freelance writer, a good name for your business could reflect your expertise and communicate reliability. Choosing such a name can help establish trust with potential clients, making them more likely to choose your services.

  • Bubble Blogs
  • Charming Charters
  • Content Craftsmen
  • Copy Clever
  • Crafty Chapters
  • Crafty Copy
  • Eco Essayists
  • Ink Invaders
  • Insightful Inklings
  • Laughing Letters
  • Lyrics Luminaries
  • Mirthful Margins
  • Pen Pioneers
  • Phoenix Papers
  • Prose Poppies
  • Quill Thrill
  • Research Reporters
  • Saga Sails Stories
  • ScriptSphere
  • Social Media Savants
  • Story Swirls
  • Style Scribe
  • Tech Text Tribe
  • Verse Vine Ventures
  • Wordy Wonderland
  • X Factor Xerographers
  • Zealous Zoology Zibblers

🖋️ Identify your unique value proposition.

The first checkpoint on your freelance writing business adventure is identifying your unique value proposition (UVP) . But what exactly is a UVP, you ask? Simply put, it’s the special sauce that sets your business apart. You bring the combination of skills, expertise, and approach to the table, distinguishing you from countless others in the field.

Your UVP guides potential clients through the sea of freelancers toward your shore. It can be your niche expertise in a certain topic, your innovative approach to storytelling, or your ability to deliver work at lightning speed. Whatever it is, understanding your UVP is key to selecting a business name that truly represents what you offer. Once you know what makes your service stand out, you’re on your way to finding a name that sings your brand’s unique melody.

📚 Dive deeper : Media Business Name Ideas

  • Beauty Biz Writers
  • Bio Builders
  • Content Crafters
  • Documentary Drafters
  • Elm Editing
  • Essay Eagles
  • Humour Hacks
  • Jazzy Journals
  • Kitten Keys
  • Musing Meadows
  • Niche Narrators
  • Page Pandas
  • Pomegranate Papers
  • Proposal Penmen
  • Prose Petal
  • Rhyme Rascals
  • Saffron Scripts
  • Sassy Scripts
  • Script Strategists
  • Text Tide Times
  • Travel Tales Texts
  • Wellness Wordsmith
  • Witty Word Waves
  • Wordsmith Wonders
  • Xenozoic Xylographers

Unique Freelance Writing Business Names

Unique business names help you stand out in a crowded market. They provide a distinct identity that’s unmistakably yours, setting you apart from the competition. With a unique name, your business becomes more than just a service—it transforms into a remembered and recommended brand.

  • Agile Authors
  • Agri Authors
  • Artisan Authors
  • E-book Engineers
  • Expert Epistles
  • Health Heed Writers
  • Innovative Inklings
  • Lively Letters
  • Manuscript Makers
  • Military Manuscripts
  • Page Packers
  • Pencil Pandas
  • Quill Quicksilver
  • Quirky Quills
  • Quiz Question Crafters
  • Review Renaissance
  • Rhyme Rabbits
  • Syntax Surfers
  • Tale Teasers
  • Text Twilight
  • Tutorial Typists
  • Word Wardens
  • Write Ranger Reviews

🖋️ Reflect your writing style in your name.

Choosing a name for your freelance writing business? Don’t forget to let your writing style shine through! The name of your business alerts potential clients to the type of writing service they can expect. If your style is crisp and concise, a straightforward and no-nonsense name can immediately signal your approach. On the other hand, if you have a flair for the poetic, a more evocative name might be the perfect fit.

Why is this important? Your business name is essentially the cover of your brand’s book. Just as the cover gives readers a taste of the story within, your business name should reflect the essence of your writing style. It helps set the right expectations and attracts clients who appreciate your approach.

🚀 Explore further : Virtual Assistant Business Name Ideas

  • 7StarWriting
  • Culinary Quill
  • Diction Dawn
  • Fantasy Freelancers
  • Hawk Eye Writing
  • Horror Hacks
  • Job Ad Jugglers
  • Journey Journalists
  • Keystone Keysmiths
  • Op-ed Oracles
  • Poetic Pens
  • Political Pensters
  • Prancing Prose
  • Prose Professionals
  • Rhyme Ripple
  • Satire Sages
  • Scribe Tribe
  • Ten Minute Tales
  • Text Temple
  • Unique Underwriters
  • User Guide Gurus
  • Visual Verse
  • Web Wordsmiths
  • Wedding Word Weavers
  • Wildlife Wordsmiths
  • Word Wind Voyages
  • Write Raccoons
  • Write Rangers

Clever Freelance Writing Business Names

Clever business names are a stroke of genius. They showcase your creativity, wit, and intellect, leaving a strong impression on your potential clients. Clever names can often make potential clients smile, and who wouldn’t want to work with a business that brings joy?

  • Auto Article Artisans
  • Copy Carpenters
  • Design Dissertation Doyens
  • ExpressInk360
  • Financial Freelancers
  • Ghost Write Guys
  • Ink Imprint Impressions
  • Knowledge Kibitzers
  • Parchment Pulse
  • Phrase Fountains
  • Playwright Pros
  • Romance Writers
  • Scribble Squad
  • Script Sprout
  • Serpent Script
  • Snazzy Syntax
  • Verb Voyagers
  • Versatile Verse
  • Whimsical Words
  • Witty Waves
  • Write Ravine
  • Xpress Xerography
  • Zestful Zoography Zibblers
  • Zesty Zibelines

🖋️ Avoid too narrow or broad names.

Selecting a name that’s too narrow could limit your business growth. For instance, if you name your business “Techie Texts” because you initially focus on technology topics, you might feel boxed in when you later want to explore healthcare or finance writing. Conversely, choosing a too broad name, such as “All Topics Texts”, may lack the focus needed to attract your ideal clients.

Striking the right balance is selecting a name that’s versatile enough to grow with your business yet focused enough to define your brand. So, aim for the sweet spot that allows flexibility and specificity.

🔍 Discover more : Ecommerce Business Name Ideas

  • Brief Booksmiths
  • Dazzling Dialect
  • Family Fable Freelancers
  • Font Fountain Flow
  • Grant Getters
  • Grin Galleys
  • Lexeme Luster
  • Lexicon Loom
  • Lifestyle Letterers
  • Literary Lions
  • Meteor Manuscripts
  • Nifty Nouns
  • Page Pilots
  • Parchment Pilot Publishers
  • Planet Prose Pioneers
  • Profitable Prose
  • Reliable Reporters
  • Retail Review Writers
  • Roaring Reads
  • Scales Script
  • Script Shifters
  • Space Scribes
  • Text Tacticians
  • Travel Text Tribe
  • Verb Vistas
  • Zealous Zephyrs

Catchy Freelance Writing Business Names

Catchy business names are the ones that stick. They’re memorable, engaging, and tend to reverberate in the minds of your potential clients. A catchy name can be the hook that draws clients in and keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds.

  • Academic Authors
  • Business Book Bards
  • Creative Quill Craft
  • Manuscript Munchkins
  • Nature Narrative Nerds
  • Nonfiction Nimbuses
  • Parable Paradise
  • Pen Pro Publications
  • Peppy Paragraphs
  • Phrase Phenom
  • Prose Palette
  • Quick Quillers
  • Quill Quake
  • Quill Quest Quorum
  • Realty Writers
  • Script Sculptors
  • Script Sphere Studios
  • Self-Help Scribes
  • Snazzy Scripts
  • Snicker Scripts
  • Travel Tale Tailors
  • Video Script Virtuosos
  • Viral Content Virtuosos
  • Word Whisperers
  • Wordy Wizards
  • Write Wombats
  • Youthful Yarns

🖋️ Think about visual appeal (logo and branding).

Your freelance writing business name isn’t just about words but also vision. Visual appeal is vital in capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression. How your business name looks on a website header, business card, or social media post can significantly impact its allure.

Your business name will be the cornerstone of your branding. Is it adaptable to graphic representation? Does it lend itself to a certain color scheme or typography ? If you can imagine your business name coming alive visually, enhancing its appeal, you’re onto a winner.

🗺️ Venture Ahead : Magazine Name Ideas

  • 9AM Writers
  • Bunny Books
  • Business Bards
  • Chuckling Chapters
  • Code Copy Creators
  • Coral Quill
  • Dissertation Doyens
  • Draft Doyens
  • Game Gurus Writers
  • Green Writes
  • Laughing Lexicons
  • Manuscript Majesty
  • Memoir Makers
  • Olive Branch Ink
  • Opulent Oration
  • Page Pulse Publications
  • Parchment Paradise
  • Prolific Pen
  • Resumé Rangers
  • Sci-Fi Scribes
  • ScribeStream
  • SEO Storytellers
  • Speech Savants
  • True Crime Typists
  • Witty Word Smiths
  • Word Wizards

Creative Freelance Writing Business Names

Creative business names demonstrate your ability to think outside the box. They hint at your innovative approach and artistic flair, key attributes in freelance writing. Creative names can ignite curiosity, spark interest in what you offer, and make people more likely to explore your services.

  • Adventure Authors
  • Case Study Craft
  • Crime Copywriters
  • Engaging Epistles
  • Fashion Freelancers
  • Firefly Freelancers
  • Funny Fonts
  • Game Guide Gurus
  • Ghostwrite Gurus
  • Happy Hyphens
  • Journalism Juniors
  • Kid Lit Creators
  • Literati Luminaries
  • Mirthful Manuscripts
  • Outdoors Oration Creators
  • Peacock Pen
  • Puns ‘n Pens
  • Quicksilver Quills
  • Quill Quips
  • Quill Quokkas
  • Rhetoric Rays
  • Text Tanglers
  • Text Twirls
  • Thriller Thinkers
  • Verse Vista

🖋️ Do you feel comfortable using your name?

When you use your name, you intertwine your personal and professional identities . This can be empowering and even lend a personal touch to your services, which some clients appreciate. However, it also means that you, as an individual, become the face of your brand. Everything you do professionally reflects directly on you.

So, if you’re comfortable stepping into the spotlight, using your name can be an authentic and personable way to brand your freelance writing business.

🧭 Uncover fresh ideas : Marketing Business Name Ideas

  • 101 Creative Words
  • Branding Bards
  • Draft Druids
  • Font Fountain
  • Font Frolic
  • Garden Ghostwriters
  • Ink Imprint
  • Life Sci Literary
  • Manuscript Meadow Muses
  • Motivational Manuscript Makers
  • NonProfit Narrators
  • Occult Opus Creators
  • Parchment Pilots
  • Penmanship Palace
  • Prolific Pages
  • Prose Pioneers
  • Prose Pirates
  • Prose Posse
  • Quill Quenchers
  • Riddle Ripple
  • Screenplay Sages
  • Script Shadow
  • Sporty Scripts
  • Syntax Sprout
  • Text Tickles
  • Undergraduate Essay Umpires
  • Zen Zibeline Writers

Cute Freelance Writing Business Names

Cute business names have a charming appeal. They can make your business feel approachable and friendly, qualities that resonate well in freelancing. A cute name can add a personal touch to your brand, creating a comforting and inviting vibe.

  • Diction Dawn Dazzle
  • Eagle Eye Editors
  • Giggle Grammar
  • Jocund Journals
  • Legal Logographers
  • Paper Parade
  • Personal Development Pens
  • Phrase Phantoms
  • Playful Parchment
  • Prose Plumbers
  • Purrfect Prose
  • Quill Crest
  • Quill Quartz
  • Quill Quest
  • Riddle Ripple Readings
  • SciComm Scribes
  • Scribble Sphere
  • Story Spinners
  • Sunflower Scribes
  • Tech Talk Texts
  • Tech Text Masters
  • Text Twilight Tales
  • Verse Vista Views
  • Write Light
  • Write Right
  • Youthful Yardstick

🖋️ Look at successful examples in your field.

As you carve your path in the freelance writing world, it can be helpful to glance at those who have tread the path before you. Not to copy but to learn and be inspired. By examining successful examples in your field, you can gain insights into what business names resonate with clients and stand the test of time.

Perhaps they tend to be short and catchy, or they might use certain words or structures that evoke a sense of creativity or reliability. Studying these names is about understanding what works and why. It’s a chance to learn from the best while ensuring your business name remains yours.

  • Dandy Dictionaries
  • Doodle Docs
  • Factual Freelancers
  • Giggly Grammars
  • Grammar Gurus
  • Ivy League Ink
  • Jolly Jottings
  • Journalism Jugglers
  • Keystone Scribes
  • Kids Copy Creators
  • Literati Lantern Labs
  • News Ninjas
  • Nifty Notes
  • Novel Nuggets
  • Phrase Phenomena
  • Plot Puzzles
  • Poetic Peeps
  • ProsePlanet
  • Rebranding Reporters
  • Scribe Vibe
  • Silly Sonnets
  • Text Treasures
  • Ticklish Text
  • Universal Understudies
  • Verse Voyage
  • Write 24×7
  • Write Whiskers
  • Yoga Yarn Spinners

Funny Freelance Writing Business Names

Funny business names can make a lasting impression. They convey a sense of humor and lightheartedness, making your brand more relatable and appealing. A funny name can help show off your personality, creating an instant bond with clients who appreciate a dash of humor.

  • 4EverScribes
  • Chuckle Chapters
  • Critic Creators
  • Diction Dew
  • Diction Doodles
  • Fitness Freelancers
  • Fizzy Fonts
  • Foodie Freelancers
  • Health Hemmingways
  • Indie Inksters
  • Instruction Inkers
  • Moonstone Manuscripts
  • Outsource Oxford
  • Page Prowlers
  • Parchment Parade
  • Pen Pals Plus
  • Prose Petal Prints
  • Scribble Squirrels
  • Script Springs
  • Tale Turtles
  • Tickled Text
  • Upbeat Underlines
  • Web Word Wizards
  • Wolf Pack Writers
  • Word Weavers
  • Word Wizard Works
  • Xcellence Xerographers
  • Yogi Yarn Spinners

🖋️ Consider using a business name generator for inspiration.

Business name generators are like that eccentric friend who tosses ideas left and right. They’re here to spur your creativity, even if some suggestions seem out there. Harnessing their potential can add a pinch of unexpected inspiration to your naming process.

Our business name generator , available freely online, can kick-start your namestorming. Click the Generate Business Names button, and voila! You have a list of names that revolve around your core offering. And who knows, among the array of options, you might stumble upon a gem or find a base to craft your unique name.

  • Adventure Article Artists
  • Aesthetic Authors
  • Bouncy Books
  • Diction Diggers
  • Diction Domain
  • Education Essayists
  • Fable Fiesta
  • Finance Phrases
  • Fluent Freelancers
  • Guffaw Glyphs
  • IT Inksters
  • Kickstarter Copy Kings
  • Lotus Leaf Literary
  • Manuscript Meadow
  • Music Manuscript Makers
  • Nature Narrators
  • Page Pioneers
  • Pegasus Pen
  • Plot Penguins
  • Query Quill
  • Quicksilver Quill Quality
  • Scribble Sorbet
  • Scribe Stream Studios
  • Script Sparks
  • ScriptSprout
  • Sustainability Scribes
  • Text Tempest
  • Witty Weavers
  • Youthful Yarn Crafters

The Write Name Makes All the Difference!

In freelance writing, a compelling business name can be your game-changer. It’s your first impression, the instant hook that captures attention, and the lasting memory you imprint in your clients’ minds. So, invest time crafting a name that resonates with your brand, tickles curiosity, and builds a meaningful connection with your potential clients.

If you found value in this guide, I encourage you to share it with others on the same journey. And remember, your thoughts matter to us, so please feel free to leave a comment. Here’s to your success in the freelance writing business!


Andi Khaerul Nasruddin teaches accounting and business at Ujung Pandang Polytechnic in Indonesia. When he's not screaming at his TV during NBA matches. During his free time, he enjoys writing for business sites.

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1,000+ Best Content Writing Company Names

So, you've come up with the perfect content writing company idea, but in order to launch, you need a good business name.

And not just a name , but a creative and descriptive name that will make your content writing company stand out.

The name of your business will forever play a role in:

  • Your customers first impression
  • Your businesses identity
  • The power behind the type of customer your brand attracts
  • If you're memorable or not

We've put together a list of the best content writing company ideas, provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to name your business and give real-world examples of how other founders came up with the name of their business.

Additionally, we provide you with a free business name generator with an instant domain availability check to help you find a custom name for your content writing company.

Need to start an LLC? Create an LLC in minutes with ZenBusiness .

Content Writing Company Name Generator

Want to come up with your own unique company or brand name?

You can generate thousands of content writing company name ideas for free using our business name generator and instantly check domain availability.

Catchy content writing company name ideas

  • Conceptual Curriculum check availability
  • The Initial check availability
  • Precise Subject Co check availability
  • Low Happy Pro check availability
  • Typical Open Ended Place check availability
  • Alcoholic Message Group check availability
  • Swanson Content check availability
  • The Livejournal Hiroshi check availability
  • Capacity Pro check availability
  • Current Carnet Place check availability
  • Carnet Place check availability
  • Blogger Trading Co check availability
  • PositiveContent check availability
  • Publicizing Place check availability
  • The Educational Message check availability
  • Low check availability
  • Educational check availability
  • The Cellular check availability
  • The Based Code check availability
  • The Google check availability
  • Propositional Message check availability
  • The Corporate check availability
  • Communicate Group check availability
  • The Excellent check availability
  • Digital Message Co check availability
  • Verbal Happy Place check availability
  • Active Wordpress check availability
  • Brag Pro check availability
  • Cellular Composition check availability
  • Latent Subject Matter Collective check availability
  • The Google Blogging check availability
  • Mobile Open check availability
  • Satisfy Advertise check availability
  • The Residual check availability
  • Own Wordpress Co check availability
  • RelativeContent check availability
  • The Intellectual Happy check availability
  • External Blogging check availability
  • BasedBlog check availability
  • Based Backlink check availability
  • Higher Satisfied check availability
  • Reflective Weblog Co check availability
  • Concrete Contained check availability
  • Empirical check availability
  • Active check availability
  • Cognitive Contained check availability
  • Internet Code Place check availability
  • Style Blogger check availability
  • The Informative check availability
  • Smug Spot check availability
  • Easygoing Collective check availability
  • IntellectualContent check availability
  • ManifestContent check availability
  • The Moral check availability
  • Surprised Advertise check availability
  • Professional Open Group check availability
  • Magnified Advertise check availability
  • InfluentialBlog check availability
  • Advertisement Place check availability
  • Audio Open Ended Place check availability
  • Alcoholic check availability
  • Based Blogging check availability
  • Promote Collective check availability
  • Extol Place check availability
  • Audio Open Ended Group check availability
  • Publish Place check availability
  • The Manifest Happy check availability
  • Objective Substance Place check availability
  • Based Open check availability
  • Blogging Group check availability
  • The Multimedia Contentedness check availability
  • Alcoholic Subject Group check availability
  • Alcoholic Happy Collective check availability
  • Capacity Group check availability
  • Weblog Co check availability
  • The Personal check availability
  • Specific check availability
  • Identify Advertise check availability
  • The Professional Carnet check availability
  • Spiritual Satisfied Collective check availability
  • Brag Group check availability
  • Technical Happy Collective check availability
  • OfficialBlog check availability
  • Own check availability
  • Volatile Easygoing Spot check availability
  • Written Webpage Collective check availability
  • Typical Pok Co check availability
  • Influential check availability
  • InitialContent check availability
  • Video Weblog Pro check availability
  • Wordpress check availability
  • SubstantiveContent check availability
  • Ideological Satisfied Co check availability
  • Webpage Group check availability
  • The Maximum Easygoing check availability
  • The Entire Wordpress check availability
  • Pok Group check availability
  • Weblog Group check availability
  • Thematic check availability
  • Academic Smug Pro check availability
  • Individual Weblog check availability
  • Ethical Easygoing Trading Co check availability
  • Cellular Satisfied check availability
  • Webpage Co check availability
  • Cotton Content check availability
  • Livejournal Blogger Group check availability
  • Substance Trading Co check availability
  • The Actual check availability
  • Typical Blogger check availability
  • Conceptual Complacent check availability
  • Audio check availability
  • Project Content check availability
  • Easygoing Pro check availability

Creative content writing company name ideas

  • Informational Smug Place check availability
  • Code Collective check availability
  • The Overall Complacent check availability
  • Honest Content check availability
  • Emotional Contentedness Co check availability
  • Code Place check availability
  • Publicize Co check availability
  • Low Contentedness check availability
  • Individual check availability
  • ActiveBlog check availability
  • Specific Message Collective check availability
  • Separate Weblog Trading Co check availability
  • Substantive Easygoing check availability
  • The Simple Code check availability
  • Total Subject check availability
  • Simple Code check availability
  • Substance Collective check availability
  • Moral Message Pro check availability
  • Cellular check availability
  • The Style check availability
  • Advertisements Collective check availability
  • Communicate Pro check availability
  • The Latent check availability
  • The Hosted check availability
  • Longer Smug Trading Co check availability
  • The Single Open check availability
  • Alive Advertise check availability
  • Front-end Content check availability
  • The Cultural check availability
  • Advertize Pro check availability
  • TotalContent check availability
  • Informative Blogging Spot check availability
  • Pacified Advertise check availability
  • The Representational Substance check availability
  • The Intellectual Message check availability
  • The Educational Complacent check availability
  • Informational Smug check availability
  • The Successful check availability
  • Cognitive Complacent Spot check availability
  • Extol Group check availability
  • Verbal Happy check availability
  • Maximum Contentedness Pro check availability
  • Audio Blogger Pro check availability
  • Typical Pok check availability
  • The Objective check availability
  • Online Advertise check availability
  • The Particular check availability
  • FirstBlog check availability
  • The Livejournal check availability
  • Written check availability
  • Cultural Contentedness Place check availability
  • Message Trading Co check availability
  • The Substantive Happy check availability
  • The Alcoholic Subject check availability
  • Typical Blogging Place check availability
  • Advertize Place check availability
  • Subject Matter Trading Co check availability
  • Looking check availability
  • New Wordpress Spot check availability
  • The Private Weblog check availability
  • Based check availability
  • Advertize Advertise check availability
  • AnonymousBlog check availability
  • Happy Collective check availability
  • Gauntlet Content check availability
  • The Active check availability
  • Weblog Spot check availability
  • The Internal Webpage check availability
  • Carnet Trading Co check availability
  • Written Open Trading Co check availability
  • Solid check availability
  • Contant Content check availability
  • The Verbal check availability
  • The Daily Webpage check availability
  • Specific Message Co check availability
  • The Digital Satisfied check availability
  • Obscure Wordpress Spot check availability
  • Typical Hiroshi Trading Co check availability
  • Popular check availability
  • Single check availability
  • The Bacterial Subject check availability
  • Representational check availability
  • Portent Content check availability
  • Inside Advertise check availability
  • Advertisement Spot check availability
  • The Academic check availability
  • Cultural Complacent check availability
  • Email check availability
  • Reflective Carnet check availability
  • Interesting Carnet Pro check availability
  • The Organic check availability
  • PrivateBlog check availability
  • Real Wordpress check availability
  • Informative Blogging Group check availability
  • Latent Complacent Co check availability
  • The Wordpress check availability
  • VideoBlog check availability
  • First check availability
  • Personal check availability
  • The Minimum check availability
  • EntireBlog check availability
  • FakeBlog check availability
  • Concrete Cognitive Content check availability
  • The Based check availability
  • Maximum Message check availability
  • Related Open Spot check availability
  • Bacterial Subject Group check availability
  • Promote Group check availability
  • Official check availability
  • Based Bookmark check availability
  • Justify Advertise check availability
  • Mcnaughton Content check availability
  • Sporting Content check availability

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Funny Content Writing Company Names

  • Cellular Contains check availability
  • Genocide Advertise check availability
  • Digital Subject Matter check availability
  • DigitalContent check availability
  • Concrete Composition check availability
  • Latent Easygoing Pro check availability
  • Style check availability
  • Happy Trading Co check availability
  • Organic check availability
  • Essential check availability
  • Obscure check availability
  • The Residual Easygoing check availability
  • Cognitive Context check availability
  • Longer Happy Collective check availability
  • Live Blogging check availability
  • Public Hiroshi Group check availability
  • Cellular Satisfied Group check availability
  • Minimum Happy Co check availability
  • Representational Satisfied check availability
  • Separate Carnet Co check availability
  • Personal Carnet Place check availability
  • The Semantic check availability
  • Contentedness Place check availability
  • Extol Spot check availability
  • Conceptual Complacent Group check availability
  • The Mean check availability
  • The Ethical Satisfied check availability
  • Ads Trading Co check availability
  • Technical check availability
  • Subject check availability
  • AverageContent check availability
  • The Low check availability
  • Complacent Trading Co check availability
  • Design Advertise check availability
  • Residual check availability
  • Advertisement Pro check availability
  • The Professional check availability
  • The Professional Hiroshi check availability
  • The New check availability
  • First Weblog Pro check availability
  • The Entire check availability
  • Regular Wordpress check availability
  • PopularBlog check availability
  • Representational Happy Group check availability
  • Conceptual Subject Trading Co check availability
  • WordpressBlog check availability
  • Open Trading Co check availability
  • Substance Co check availability
  • Interesting check availability
  • Publicize Collective check availability
  • Informational check availability
  • The Individual Open check availability
  • Constance Content check availability
  • OriginalBlog check availability
  • Ads Collective check availability
  • Pok Trading Co check availability
  • Device Advertise check availability
  • Afterlife Advertise check availability
  • Wanted Content check availability
  • Pok Spot check availability
  • Moral check availability
  • Residual Complacent Group check availability
  • Unsatisfied Advertise check availability
  • RelatedBlog check availability
  • ExternalBlog check availability
  • Popular Code check availability
  • The Dry check availability
  • The Public check availability
  • Ethical check availability
  • Conceptual Message check availability
  • Daunting Content check availability
  • Spiritual Easygoing Trading Co check availability
  • Subject Matter Collective check availability
  • The Interesting check availability
  • Substantive Complacent Collective check availability
  • Emotional Substance check availability
  • Subject Matter Group check availability
  • Advertisement Group check availability
  • Public Open check availability
  • Easygoing Group check availability
  • Dynamic Subject Trading Co check availability
  • Standardized Advertise check availability
  • Entice Advertise check availability
  • DynamicContent check availability
  • The Symbolic check availability
  • Conceptual Capacity check availability
  • Online Code check availability
  • Declassify Advertise check availability
  • Political check availability
  • Ratified Advertise check availability
  • Smug Trading Co check availability
  • Open Pro check availability
  • Corporate Carnet Spot check availability
  • Cultural Curriculum check availability
  • Obscure Blogger Group check availability
  • Bacterial Subject Matter Trading Co check availability
  • Promote Place check availability
  • Complacent Collective check availability
  • The Internal check availability
  • Fake check availability
  • Taunting Content check availability
  • Complacent Pro check availability
  • Residual Substance check availability
  • DryContent check availability
  • Contest Content check availability
  • DailyBlog check availability
  • The Objective Subject check availability
  • Weblog Place check availability
  • Internet check availability
  • Bacterial check availability
  • Email Wordpress check availability
  • Ronson Content check availability
  • The Emotional check availability

Cool content writing company name ideas

  • Dynamic check availability
  • Rotten Content check availability
  • Minimum Happy Pro check availability
  • Daily Webpage check availability
  • Mental Subject Matter Pro check availability
  • Volatile check availability
  • Subject Co check availability
  • The Rich check availability
  • Relative Substance Co check availability
  • Current Open Ended Collective check availability
  • The Propositional Easygoing check availability
  • Classified Advertise check availability
  • Official Wordpress Spot check availability
  • Pok Co check availability
  • Code Pro check availability
  • LatentContent check availability
  • Cultural Components check availability
  • Content check availability
  • Propositional Contentedness Collective check availability
  • Professional Weblog check availability
  • Symbolic Subject Group check availability
  • Popular Hiroshi check availability
  • Positive check availability
  • Official Open Pro check availability
  • Multimedia Easygoing check availability
  • Real check availability
  • Extol Pro check availability
  • Looking Open Group check availability
  • Based Blurb check availability
  • The Total check availability
  • The Lower Complacent check availability
  • Content Pok check availability
  • Actual Capacity Trading Co check availability
  • Extol Trading Co check availability
  • Collaborative Carnet Pro check availability
  • Average Subject Place check availability
  • Longing Content check availability
  • Concrete Curriculum check availability
  • Separate check availability
  • EmailBlog check availability
  • Current Code Group check availability
  • Satisfied Place check availability
  • Ideological check availability
  • Essential Complacent Trading Co check availability
  • Total Happy Trading Co check availability
  • Maximum check availability
  • Clarify Advertise check availability
  • Particular check availability
  • Open Ended Place check availability
  • Overall Complacent Group check availability
  • Correspondent Content check availability
  • Cellular Contentedness check availability
  • EmpiricalContent check availability
  • The Alcoholic Substance check availability
  • Regular Open Ended Group check availability
  • The Average Smug check availability
  • Latent check availability
  • Academic Happy Pro check availability
  • Publish Co check availability
  • Open Ended Group check availability
  • Higher check availability
  • Promote Spot check availability
  • The Manifest check availability
  • Substance Pro check availability
  • Original Wordpress Co check availability
  • Code Spot check availability
  • Ads Place check availability
  • Initial Easygoing check availability
  • The Collaborative check availability
  • Typical check availability
  • Nonsense Content check availability
  • Advertize Co check availability
  • ObscureBlog check availability
  • Concrete Context check availability
  • Substantive Contentedness Collective check availability
  • The Ideological check availability
  • The Cognitive check availability
  • Longer check availability
  • Promote Pro check availability
  • ExcellentBlog check availability
  • Conceptual Contentedness check availability
  • The Higher Smug check availability
  • ParticularBlog check availability
  • The Volatile check availability
  • Capacity Place check availability
  • Highest Subject Co check availability
  • Individual Weblog Spot check availability
  • Educational Substance check availability
  • Separate Open check availability
  • Happy Pro check availability
  • Asinine Advertise check availability
  • Advertised Advertise check availability
  • The Own Blogger check availability
  • Cognitive Cognitive Content check availability
  • Higher Subject Matter Trading Co check availability
  • Contentedness Pro check availability
  • Advertize Collective check availability
  • Hosted Carnet check availability
  • The Longer check availability
  • The Internal Weblog check availability
  • Actual Message Pro check availability
  • OverallContent check availability
  • Dreamt Content check availability
  • CognitiveContent check availability
  • The Mental check availability
  • Internal check availability
  • Happy Group check availability
  • The Online check availability
  • Multimedia Happy Place check availability
  • Publicizing Collective check availability
  • Semantic Message check availability
  • Sacrifice Advertise check availability
  • Lower Subject Matter Place check availability

Unique content writing company name ideas

  • Pok Pro check availability
  • Contentedness Group check availability
  • WeeklyBlog check availability
  • Content Wordpress check availability
  • Haunted Content check availability
  • Based Blogosphere check availability
  • Overall Satisfied check availability
  • Satisfied Advertise check availability
  • AcademicContent check availability
  • Semantic Capacity check availability
  • Publish Pro check availability
  • Objective Contentedness check availability
  • Advertisements Pro check availability
  • Typical Blogging check availability
  • Solid Substance Collective check availability
  • The Informational check availability
  • Real Open check availability
  • The Highest check availability
  • The Cultural Satisfied check availability
  • CollaborativeBlog check availability
  • Subject Matter Place check availability
  • The Solid check availability
  • The Conceptual check availability
  • Positive Subject Pro check availability
  • The Looking check availability
  • SeparateBlog check availability
  • Blogging Pro check availability
  • The Overall check availability
  • HighContent check availability
  • Entire check availability
  • Blogging Spot check availability
  • Cognitive Composition check availability
  • Precise Contentedness Group check availability
  • Actual Subject check availability
  • Context Content check availability
  • Maximum Contentedness check availability
  • RichContent check availability
  • The Average Complacent check availability
  • Video check availability
  • The Separate Hiroshi check availability
  • Organic Substance check availability
  • Obscure Open Ended Group check availability
  • Internet Hiroshi check availability
  • Average Smug check availability
  • Promote Co check availability
  • Comply Advertise check availability
  • The Latent Subject Matter check availability
  • Specific Satisfied check availability
  • MaximumContent check availability
  • The Educational Satisfied check availability
  • Based Bulletin Board check availability
  • Message Co check availability
  • Representational Easygoing check availability
  • Pok Collective check availability
  • Cellular Capacity check availability
  • High check availability
  • Contentedness Trading Co check availability
  • Video Weblog check availability
  • Digital check availability
  • The Single check availability
  • Excellent Weblog check availability
  • Satisfied Spot check availability
  • InternalBlog check availability
  • The Factual check availability
  • Publicizing Spot check availability
  • OnlineBlog check availability
  • Public Blogger Pro check availability
  • Theoretical check availability
  • Internet Blogging Collective check availability
  • The Weekly Blogger check availability
  • The Email check availability
  • Convent Content check availability
  • Lower Subject Group check availability
  • Professional Open Co check availability
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Guide: How To Name Your Business

Why is your business name important.

Your business name is one of the single most important pieces to starting a business.

Because your business name has power.

It reflects your reputation, your mission, values, and represents what people (and customers) are searching for.

It impacts the way in which people remember, refer you, and perceive your business

When choosing your business name, there's a lot to think about in order to get it right - so it's important not to rush this process.

Let's take a look at everything you need to consider before deciding on a business name:

Tips To Consider When Naming Your Content Writing Company:

Simple is always better

This means a few different things. Your content writing company name should always be:

  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to remember

Consider avoiding long names as much as possible, as this will only lead your customers forgetting your name and feeling frustrated.

To test this point, try to think of any well-known reputable brand off the top of your head.

The first that come to mind for me are Alexa, Google, Nike, Apple - each unique in their own way (hence, easy to remember) , less than six characters and easy to spell.

Your Business Name Should Define What You Do

The name of your business should reflect a defining characteristic of what you do.

Before your customer goes to your website or speaks to you, the name of your business should spark some initial thoughts in their brain as to what you're all about.

For example, marketingexamples.com describes exactly what their company is about: providing great examples of marketing tactics.

Consider SEO When Naming Your Business

Bottom line: If you don't show up in google, you're going to make it that much more challenging for customers to find you.

There are several different aspects to think about when it comes to SEO & naming your content writing company:

  • Try not to pick a business name that's crowded with other businesses
  • Consider naming your business based on highly searched keywords
  • Make sure the name of your business matches search intent and what people are looking for

Think about the emotions you want to evoke

Your business name has the power to evoke certain emotions and thoughts from your customer.

It has the ability to evoke a positive or a negative feeling. An inclusive or an exclusive feeling. A fearful or a loving feeling.

It's not to say that any of these feelings are wrong, but it's important to ensure that they are in line with your values and mission.

For example, the brand Death's Door makes me feel a bit risky and uncertain - but that's the point. They're selling Gin.

Try Not To Pick Something Too Limiting

Your business name should be fitting for the future and growth of your business , that way you don't have to confront a re-brand down the road.

If you choose something too narrow, it may be challenging to diversify your product and revenue streams down the road.

Here are some tips to avoid making this mistake:

  • Try not to name the business after a particular geographical area (this makes it hard to grow in other areas)
  • Try not to name the business after only one product you sell
  • Try not to name something based on a current trend

Brainstorming Names For Your Business

If you're in the brainstorming phase and trying to come up with a business name, there are a few key things to think about in order to get the juices flowing:

  • Write out a list of words that reflect your brand, personality, team etc. These should be the first things that come to your mind and you shouldn't have to think too hard about it.
  • Look at competition in the space and see if there's a common theme. Write down some key words or phrases that resonate with you and add them to the list.
  • Think about the emotion you want to evoke with your business name
  • Ask yourself: If I had to describe my business in one word, what would it be?

From there, you can create a shortlist based on the words that resonate best with you and follow the naming guidelines above.

Tips on naming your business

In addition to the requirements from the State, there are some general naming guidelines that may help you down the road as well.

We've put together a full guide here for naming your business here but will also cover the most critical pieces below:

Is your URL available? Social media handles?

You can check for domain availability here:

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

As soon as you resonate with a name (or names), secure the domain and social media handles as soon as possible to ensure they don't get taken.

Other general naming tips

  • Consider SEO when naming your business
  • Consider naming your business something that reflects what you do and/or who you are
  • Keep it simple! Easy to spell, easy to pronounce and easy to remember
  • Try not to pick something too limiting that could impact your businesses growth in the future!

Check out our full naming guide here .

Here is a video covering all factors to consider when naming your LLC :

Examples of Great Business Names

When choosing a business name, it's critical that you look at other examples of businesses not only in your space, but business names in other industries that have done particularly well.

Here are a few examples of great business names (+ how some of these businesses came up with their name):

Competitor Analysis Example

One great way to name your business is by looking at the competition and getting inspiration.

Gia Paddock, founder of Boutique Rye analyzed other businesses in the space and added her own personal spin to her business name:

A popular national brick & mortar women’s boutique that many may have heard of is called Francesca’s… How original, right? So we came up with Boutique Rye named after our son, Riley. We put "boutique" in front to be a little different.

The name "Boutique Rye" checks the boxes for naming a business:

  • Short and simple
  • Easy to spell and easy to remember
  • Clearly defines what the company does
  • Optimized for SEO (people searching for boutiques)
  • Unique and personal touch - tells a story.

Ask Other People

Sometimes, coming up with a name is as easy as asking other people, whether that be friends, family, people at a coffee shop, or in Spyq Sklar case, his own customer!

How we came up with the name Cat Sushi :

So, we put together a quick business plan and set aside some money that we were willing to risk. One of our loyal customers actually came up with the name. We still give them free cat food.

Read the full story ➡️ here

The name "Cat Sushi" checks all the boxes for naming a business:

  • Memorable and funny
  • Obvious that they sell treats for cats
  • Fun & unique story - their customer literally came up with the name of their business!

The Amazon Example

Formerly called "Cadabra", Jeff Bezos decided that the name was too obscure, hard to spell, and easy to misinterpret.

The name Amazon came from a simple dictionary search .

Jeff Bezos wanted something that started with an A, looked through a dictionary and came up with the word Amazon.

When he told his team, he didn't care for anyone else's input. He was set on it.

Here's how the word "Amazon" checks all the boxes (aside from being worth a trillion dollars):

  • Represents the largest river in the world, making it very memorable
  • The story and meaning of the word matches the vision of the company: To be the larger and better than any other business!
  • The name allows for future growth opportunity - they didn't name something specific to just "books," even though at the time, that's what it was.
  • Easy to spell, pronounce and recommend!
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Define Your Brand Identity for a Creative Writing Business Name

Determine your target audience : To choose a creative Writing business name idea, start by identifying the people you want to appeal to with your creative Writing brand. Consider their age, gender, interests, and preferences. This will help you create a name that resonates with your ideal customers and sets the foundation for a successful creative Writing brand.

Define your creative Writing brand personality and values : Your brand's personality should be reflected in your creative Writing business name. Think about the characteristics you want your creative Writing business to embody, such as playfulness, warmth, or creativity. Make a list of adjectives and values that align with your creative Writing brand, as these can serve as inspiration for your business name.

Identify your unique selling proposition (USP) for your creative Writing business : What sets your creative Writing business apart from the competition? Your USP should be a core element of your creative Writing business name, helping to convey your business's distinct qualities. It's important to communicate what makes your creative Writing products or services special in a way that is memorable and appealing to your target audience.

Generate Creative Writing Business Name Ideas

Combine words and concepts for a creative Writing name : Brainstorm words and concepts related to your creative Writing brand and consider combining them in interesting ways. This can help you create a unique and memorable creative Writing business name that captures the essence of your brand while appealing to your target audience.

Use puns and wordplay in your creative Writing name : Puns and wordplay can add a fun and whimsical touch to your creative Writing business name. Think about phrases or idioms that relate to your brand, and see if you can incorporate a playful twist that aligns with your creative Writing brand personality.

Incorporate a rhyme in your creative Writing name : rhyming can make your creative Writing business name more memorable and engaging. Experiment with word combinations that create a pleasing rhythm or sound, making your creative Writing business name stand out and stick in people's minds.

Take inspiration from literature, mythology, or pop culture for your creative Writing name : Look into books, myths, or popular culture for creative Writing names or phrases that could work well for your business. These sources can provide a wealth of creative ideas for a creative Writing business name that is both meaningful and memorable.

Experiment with foreign words or translations for a creative Writing name : Explore words in other languages that relate to your creative Writing brand or have a pleasant sound. This can add an exotic or sophisticated touch to your creative Writing business name while still communicating your brand's values and personality.

Test Creative Writing Business Name Options

Create a focus group or survey for your creative Writing business name : Gather feedback from your target audience by conducting a focus group or survey. This will help you understand which of your creative Writing business name ideas resonate most with your potential customers, ensuring your final choice will have broad appeal.

Test creative Writing names for memorability and pronounceability : A good creative Writing business name should be easy to remember and pronounce. Try saying your creative Writing name options out loud, and ask others to do the same. Note any challenges or difficulties people experience, and use this information to refine your creative Writing business name ideas.

Evaluate creative Writing names for emotional appeal : Your creative Writing business name should evoke positive emotions and create a strong connection with your target audience. Assess the emotional impact of your creative Writing name options by considering the feelings and associations they bring out in people. Choose a creative Writing business name that aligns with your brand's personality and values while generating a positive emotional response.

Legal Considerations for Creative Writing Business Names

Check for trademark availability of your creative Writing business name : Before choosing your creative Writing business name, search trademark databases to ensure that it is not already in use by another company. This will help you avoid potential legal issues and ensure that your creative Writing business name is truly unique.

Verify domain name availability for your creative Writing name : Having a website is essential for any modern business, so check if your preferred creative Writing business name has an available domain. This will make it easier for your customers to find you online and help establish a cohesive brand presence.

Research local business name regulations for your creative Writing name : Different jurisdictions have various rules and regulations surrounding business names. Before settling on your creative Writing business name, research your local laws to ensure that your chosen name meets all necessary requirements and does not infringe upon any existing trademarks or business names.

Finalize Your Creative Writing Business Name

Reflect on feedback and personal preferences for your creative Writing name : Take into account the feedback you've gathered from your target audience, as well as your own personal preferences. Consider which creative Writing business name ideas best represent your brand's identity, values, and unique selling proposition, while also appealing to your ideal customers.

Ensure your creative Writing name aligns with brand identity : Before making a final decision, double-check that your chosen creative Writing business name aligns with your overall brand strategy. This will help create a cohesive brand image and make it easier for customers to understand and connect with your business.

Announce your new creative Writing business name and launch your brand : Once you've chosen the perfect creative Writing business name, it's time to share it with the world. Announce your new name through marketing materials, social media, and your website. Celebrate your creative Writing business name with your customers, and use it as a foundation for building a successful, memorable brand.

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