1. (PDF) Cyber Security Awareness Among University Students: A Case Study

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  2. EastNets Cyber Security Case Study

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  3. (PDF) A Wireless Network Performance and Security Case Study

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  4. Case Study: Top 3 Global Cybersecurity Company

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  5. (PDF) A Case Study of the Challenges of Cyber Security in Malaysia's

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  6. Case Studies: Cyber Security Protects Sensitive Data

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  1. Internet Security Full Course

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  3. Creating a Culture of Customer Centricity and Engagement to drive better Customer Experience

  4. Security+ 30 Day Study Plan

  5. 80,000 Visitors in 80 Days (part 2)



  1. 15 Cybersecurity Case Studies [Deep Analysis][2024]

    15 Cybersecurity Case Studies [Deep Analysis] [2024] In our digital world, robust cybersecurity is critical. Each of the 15 case studies in this collection explores the challenges, strategies, and results of securing digital assets against cyber threats. Covering real-world scenarios from various organizations, these case studies offer insights ...

  2. Cybersecurity Case Studies and Real-World Examples

    To understand the gravity of cybersecurity challenges, one need only examine real-world examples—breaches that have rocked industries, compromised sensitive data, and left organizations scrambling to shore up their defenses. In this exploration, we'll dissect notable cybersecurity case studies, unravel the tactics employed by cybercriminals ...

  3. Small Business Cybersecurity Case Study Series

    Small Business Cybersecurity Case Study Series Ransomware, phishing, and ATM skimming are just a few very common and very damaging cybersecurity threats that Small Businesses need to watch out for. The following Case Studies were created by the National Cyber Security Alliance, with a grant from NIST, and should prove useful in stimulating ongoing learning for all business owners and their ...

  4. Case Studies

    Upholding Cloud Security with Less Effort, More Consistency. In this case study, we explore a means for your your organization to uphold cloud security while saving both time and money. Published on 06.10.2022.

  5. The 15 Internet Crime Stories That Make ...

    Internet crime stories are dime a dozen but these examples will show you why online security is essential. From ethical hacking to blackmail and car hijacking, these true stories show how you must act now to secure your well-being in the digital landscape. We carefully curated the best, most fascinating tech stories that cover the risks involved in any digital activity of device, so use the ...

  6. Cyber Security Case Studies

    Our high-quality cyber security case studies are produced by a team of experienced risk managers focused on providing a balanced perspective of cyber security failures to help organisations navigate the cyber security labyrinth. Download our FREE demo case study or contact us today!

  7. PDF A Case Study of the Capital One Data Breach

    The results of this research and the case study will help government entities, regulatory agencies, companies and managers in understanding and applying recommendations to establish a more mature cyber security protection and governance ecosystem for the protection of organizations and individuals.

  8. Cyber Security Case Studies

    Our elite cyber security leaders deliver end-to-end cyber security services across the globe. Browse our latest cyber security case studies here.

  9. Case Studies (Cyber)

    K-8 students learn cybersecurity through gamification. Security Staff. October 24, 2022. K-8 students can learn cybersecurity techniques through a gamified education platform called Cyber Legends. Learn more in this case study.

  10. Case Study: Cybersecurity Success in Business

    In our comprehensive case study, we explore how a particular business — let's call them "Company X" for confidentiality — faced its cybersecurity challenges head-on. Company X, operating in ...

  11. PDF Target Cyber Attack: A Columbia University Case Study

    Executive Summary. In this case study, we examine the 2013 breach of American retailer Target, which led to the theft of personally identifiable information (PII) and credit card information belonging to over 70 million customers from Target's databases. This case study will first consider Target's vulnerabilities to an external attack in ...

  12. Cyber Security Case Studies with Digital Defense

    Select one of the detailed and industry-specific cyber security case studies from Digital Defense. Understand how we can similarly assist your business.

  13. Unpacking Cyber Crime: In-depth Analysis and Case Studies

    Unpacking Cyber Crime: In-depth Analysis and Case Studies. In an era characterized by unprecedented digital connectivity, our reliance on the Internet and other digital technologies has grown exponentially. However, this dependence has also opened gates to a nefarious world of crimes committed in cyberspace, known as cyber crimes.

  14. A Comprehensive Analysis of High-Impact Cybersecurity Incidents: Case

    Firstly, over the span of a decade, from 2011 to 2020, 50 significant cyber incidents have served as pivotal studies in the realm of cyber threats and security. Examining these case studies ...

  15. Case Study: Cloud-Native Security Using Zero Trust

    Case Study: Cloud-Native Security Using Zero Trust. For most organizations, cloud usage is now the norm. Much like the adoption path of many technologies, the road to cloud normalization started with an initial reluctance and has only recently begun to gain wider acceptance. More specifically, many organizations had initial reservations about ...

  16. Case Study

    Read Case Study. Read, watch and download whitepapers, case studies, and videos on how to eliminate phishing attacks, prevent ransomware, and stop malware with our secure web isolation platform.

  17. PDF National Cybersecurity Alliance Case 5: A Dark Web of Issues for A

    The content of the case studies is a combination of publicly available information, business-submitted information, and fictional details to create an educational scenario.

  18. 7 Real-Life Data Breaches Caused by Insider Threats

    Read about recent real-life data breaches caused by insider threats and learn how to improve your cybersecurity to prevent similar incidents.

  19. Internet of Things Security Case Studies and Internet of Things Core

    Koo, Jaseong, "Internet of Things Security Case Studies and Internet of Things Core Service Comparions" (2021). Electronic Theses, Projects, and Dissertations. 1321. This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Ofice of Graduate Studies at CSUSB ScholarWorks. It has been accepted for inclusion in Electronic Theses, Projects ...

  20. Case study: Interactive visualization for Internet security

    Internet connectivity is defined by a set of routing protocols which let the routers that comprise the Internet backbone choose the best route for a packet to reach its destination. One way to improve the security and performance of Internet is to routinely examine the routing data. In this case study, we show how interactive visualization of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) data helps ...

  21. Internet security: a case study of firewall selection

    Following an overview of the threats of Internet‐based electronic commerce, this paper discusses two Internet firewall architectures and seven Internet access control technologies. A case study of how a small company, SunCom Int'l Corporation (SIC), selected its Internet firewall is presented. Finally, this paper concludes with a summary ...

  22. Internet Security Case Study

    In an era dominated by digital interactions, internet security stands as the bedrock of a safe online experience. The ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats necessitates a closer look at the dynamics of internet security. This article delves into a captivating case study that not only highlights the challenges faced but also provides insights into effective …


    The SI will encompass a wide range of themes, including AI-driven generation of standardized traffic datasets, network management aided by Generative AI, interpretable and trustworthy AI solutions for Internet traffic analysis, and real-world applications of generative and explainable AI in network optimization and security.

  24. Why Britain Just Ended 14 Years of Conservative Rule

    Why Britain Just Ended 14 Years of Conservative Rule Last week, the center-left Labour Party won the British general election in a landslide.