1. (PDF) Quality management practices and their impact on organizational

    quality management research papers


    quality management research papers

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    quality management research papers

  4. Quality Management: A Comprehensive Exploration Free Essay Example

    quality management research papers


    quality management research papers

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    quality management research papers


  1. Comprehensive Analysis of Quality Management in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

  2. Best Practices in Quality Management

  3. Total Quality management in laboratory, tqm, laboratory quality management system (part 1)

  4. Quality Management: What You Need To Ensure Quality Products & Services

  5. Management Aspects of Quality

  6. Quality Management in Clinical Research: Quality Management Challenges Part 3


  1. Full article: Quality 2030: quality management for the future

    The paper is also an attempt to initiate research for the emerging 2030 agenda for quality management, here referred to as 'Quality 2030'. ... The authors are all active members of the academic community, driving quality management research and education in Sweden. They share SQMA's goal of strengthening QM research and practice by ...

  2. Total Quality Management Practices' Effects on Quality Performance and

    This paper begins with a literature review that examines the current state of TQM, the relationship among TQM, quality performance and innovation performance. ... 5087-5107 [3] Flynn B.B., Schroeder R.G., and Sakakibara S., (1994), A framework for quality management research and associated measurement instrument [4] Feng J., Prajogo D.I., Sohal ...

  3. Quality Management Journal

    Quality Management Journal (QMJ) is the first journal to link the efforts of academic researchers and quality management practitioners. QMJ provides a forum for communicating and discussing research findings. New research that scientifically explores the principles of quality management is actively sought for the journal. Suitable Articles.

  4. Total Quality Management: a Literature Review and An Agenda for Future

    Total quality management (TQM) is a revolutionary approach to effective management. The research in TQM has emerged from practical needs of organizations embracing this philosophy, and the literature is mostly conceptual and practitioner‐oriented. There is a lack of sound theoretical framework classifying past efforts and guiding future research.

  5. A literature review on total quality management (models, frameworks

    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the evolution of total quality management (TQM) models, frameworks, and tools and techniques in higher education (HE) over the last thirty years from 1991 till 2020, based on a literature review,30 articles from 52 journals were used to perform this detailed literature review.

  6. Full article: Four decades of research on quality: summarising

    The purpose of this paper is to identify and depict the key areas around which research on quality has orbited during the past 37 years. ... T., Durmuşoğlu, A., Delibaş, D., & Avlanmaz, N. (2011). An analysis of the papers published in total quality management & business excellence from 1995 through 2008. Total Quality Management & Business ...

  7. Quality Management Journal

    Description. The Quality Management Journal (QMJ) is a peer-reviewed journal, published by ASQ. It aims to link the efforts of academic researchers and quality management practitioners by publishing significant research relevant to quality management practice and provide a forum for discussion of such research by academics and practitioners.

  8. PDF From total quality management to Quality 4.0: A systematic ...

    From total quality management to Quality 4.0: A systematic literature review and future research agenda ... areas for future research. Thus, 46 journal papers published from 2017 to 2022 were selected from the Scopus database. These publications were analyzed and classified into four research themes, including Quality 4.0 ...

  9. Increasing the value of quality management systems

    The purpose of this paper is to explore how different types of uses of QMS correlate with management perceptions of quality management in terms of respect, cost and strategic importance.,The paper is based on a mixed method data collection strategy, quantitative data being collected from a survey in 8 organisations (n = 108) and qualitative ...

  10. Quality management practices and their impact on performance

    Purpose - This paper aims to explore the relationship between quality management practices and. their impact on performance. Design/methodology/approach - First, critical quality management ...

  11. (PDF) Quality Management System and Practices

    The primary method used in this study was the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) analysis on the furniture production process, and the method was adopted from previous studies [1, 4,7,[9][10 ...

  12. 46908 PDFs

    Effectiveness and success... | Explore the latest full-text research PDFs, articles, conference papers, preprints and more on TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Find methods information, sources ...

  13. Total quality management in the health-care context: integrating the

    Therefore, undertaking a systematic literature review in this aspect of research is germane, and this paper is poised to do as such. This paper conducts a systematic literature survey to provide a foundation stone on which research on TQM in the health-care context can be built, to evaluate the current state of evidence for TQM in the health ...

  14. 25 years of quality management research

    The purpose of this paper is to explore and describe how research on quality management (QM) has evolved historically. The study includes the complete digital archive of three academic journals in the field of QM. Thereby, a unique depiction of how the general outlines of the field as well as trends in research topics have evolved through the ...

  15. Quality Management Journal: Vol 31, No 2 (Current issue)

    Published online: 21 Mar 2024. Published online: 15 Mar 2024. Published online: 15 Mar 2024. Explore the current issue of Quality Management Journal, Volume 31, Issue 2, 2024.

  16. Digital technology for quality management in ...

    To understand the digital-based quality management research status, 108 articles related to the topic were collected, and 44 are further analyzed in Section four. In this paper, a brief overview of the leading existing digital technologies applied to quality management is presented in Section two.


    Introduction. This paper is to provide a general understanding of Total Quality Management, a concept that is. aimed at ensuring quality with continuous improvement. It takes Oakland's "Total ...

  18. Artificial Intelligence Applications in Quality Management System: A

    This paper presents a systematic literature review and bibliometric analyses of publications in the field of Quality Management System (QMS) by authors who applied artificial intelligence (AI) in ISO 9001:2015 audits. Scopus-indexed papers that were published from 1998 to 2021 were evaluated based on the research publication metrics made available by Scopus. From the 142 extracted Scopus ...

  19. Full article: Emerging research trends of total quality management in

    Emerging research trends of total quality management in the COVID-19 pandemic: a dynamic evolution analysis. Anran Xiao a Business School, ... Finding new research areas and the most influential papers on TQM research to present the evolution and differences of publications pre and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

  20. PDF A Literature Review on Quality Management Practices

    Abstract: The objective of this paper is to review the Total Quality Management (TQM) and organizational performance. Total Quality Management (TQM) plays an important role in the industry in improving the productivity and quality of products. This paper seeks to conduct a study to evaluate the variables of Total Quality Management in the ...

  21. Audit quality and accrual quality: Evidence from Saudi -listed firms

    This research explores the association between audit quality and accrual quality. Drawing upon the self-interest perspective, previous theories on ownership and management contend that when shareholders are excluded from managerial responsibilities, it grants greater power to management, leading to potential benefits for themselves rather than prioritizing the interests of the business ...

  22. Total Quality Management: A Review of Recent Trend

    IJTRD | Nov - Dec 2021. Available [email protected] 40. Total Quality Management: A Review of Recent T rend. 1 Djojo Dihardjo and Lena Ellitan, 1 Faculty of Economics and Business, Wijaya ...

  23. Products, Solutions, and Services

    Cisco+ (as-a-service) Cisco buying programs. Cisco Nexus Dashboard. Cisco Networking Software. Cisco DNA Software for Wireless. Cisco DNA Software for Switching. Cisco DNA Software for SD-WAN and Routing. Cisco Intersight for Compute and Cloud. Cisco ONE for Data Center Compute and Cloud.

  24. Adopting quality management practices in the industry 4.0 era: an

    This research contributes significantly to the existing knowledge base in the field of Quality 4.0 as it establishes and ranks the barriers to adopting quality practices when organisations have digitalised their operations, hence providing an understanding of the various challenges involved while also filling a gap in the academic literature.

  25. Department of Human Services (DHS)

    Our mission is to assist Pennsylvanians in leading safe, healthy, and productive lives through equitable, trauma-informed, and outcome-focused services while being an accountable steward of commonwealth resources. DHS Executive Leadership.

  26. Quality management practices and their impact on organizational

    This paper is about total quality management (TQM) practices in some selected manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. The empirical study reports the main findings based on the survey of 150 ...

  27. Full article: Artificial intelligence and statistics for quality

    This paper presents a brief introduction to the special issue, where AI-based solutions are presented to solve problems that are typically faced in the area of quality technology. Limits and advantages of AI-based solutions are briefly discussed to stimulate creative attention to novel solutions and new directions for future research.