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16 High School Student Resume Examples Created for 2024

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High School Student Resume

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High school is one of the best times of your life, but it can also be one of the most difficult when looking for your first or second job. You’ve got to fill out applications, prep for interviews, and write your resume.

Using ChatGPT for resumes  is a cool idea, but can still feel daunting and overwhelming. We’ve all been there, and up until now, there hasn’t been a good resource for high schoolers to help  craft compelling resumes or student cover letters .

We’ve analyzed countless high school resumes to discover  what would get students job interviews in 2024 . While you may want to start with a simple  resume outline , keep reading to find 16 high school resume samples (plus writing tips) that are jam-packed with essential techniques and tricks.

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High school student resume example with 2 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • If you choose to use a template, make sure you adjust the  resume’s formatting  so that your text is big enough to read with one-inch margins on the side.
  • However, you should write your bullet points like you would for a job. Highlight any responsibilities and accomplishments relevant to the job you’re applying for now.
  • For example, if you’re looking for a job in sales, emphasize your ability to work in groups and create a good customer experience.

High School Student No Experience Resume

High school student no experience resume example with no experience

  • If you don’t have work history, include projects and volunteer work instead. Treat them like a job and write bullet points according to your responsibilities.
  • Make sure you start every bullet point with active verbs, and always double-check for typos. You’ve got this!
  • Include your unique skills, your desired position, and the company you hope to work for to make your objective stand out from the rest!

First Job High School Student Resume

First job high school student resume example with 2+ years of experience

  • To remedy that problem, add a  skills section on your resume  to give hiring managers an important overview of your strengths.
  • To really highlight your abilities, incorporate the same skills in your work experience, too. Demonstrate how you used your skills to better your workplace, and you can’t go wrong!
  • Adding stylistic elements like color and different fonts can help you show a bit of your personality (and make your resume more fun to read). 

Experienced High School Student Resume

Experienced high school student resume example with 2+ years of experience

  • Remember, your resume is a highlight reel, so you need to include what’s most important (like your achievements and relevant metrics). 
  • You can adjust your layout, font sizes, and margins, but keep it easy to read. 
  • Use a bit of color and some fun fonts, provided it still looks professional. You’ve got this!

High School Senior Resume

High school senior resume example experience with project experience

  • This statement must align with the potential employer’s needs, proving you understand the job requirements and have gone the extra mile to address doubts about your capabilities. As for experiences that might have prepared you for the job, workshops and volunteering programs you’ve participated in are prominent candidates.

Out of High School Resume

Out of high school resume example with project experience

  • Leisure activities range from soccer, hiking, drawing and sketching, robotics, and photography to journalism. But how do they fit in the picture? Well, a penchant for drawing and sketching could reflect creativity and an eye for detail, while journalism stints could hint at strong communication and critical thinking.

High School Graduate Resume

High school graduate resume example with newspaper and photography experience

  • Right from the first line of the career objective, you can see the candidate’s passion and willingness to work in this field. Notice how Serai’s love for photography is clearly backed by a previous project for a school newspaper.
  • These details will be perfect when Serai’s ready for the AI cover letter generator to bring her application to perfection.

High School Student Scholarship Resume

High school student scholarship resume example with volunteer and project experience

  • Your high school student scholarship resume should vividly show your positive contributions to noble causes, such as offering ADLs to seniors, and emphasize your impact on society.

High School Student College Application Resume

High school student college application resume example with 1 year of work experience

  • Ensure your high school student college application resume shows your practical and classwork achievements that emphasize your grand vision to make a positive contribution to society.

High School Student for College Resume

High school student for college resume example with 3 years of experience

  • Before hitting “submit,” always  check your resume  for typos and other minor errors. It’s amazing what you can miss during your first few reviews.
  • A good GPA can demonstrate, at least in part, your willingness to work hard. We’d recommend including your GPA only if it’s above 3.5, but anything above a 3 is a good average.

High School Student for Customer Service Resume

High school student for customer service resume example with 4 years of experience

  • Including projects, volunteer work, or club memberships is a great way to add value to your resume.
  • Your resume should focus on your abilities and other activities you’ve engaged in that will show your value.
  • Read the responsibilities and qualifications to look for key skills and tasks. Then, incorporate some of those skills and responsibilities into your high school student customer service resume.

High School Student Internship Resume

High school student internship resume example with 3 years of experience

  • For example, if the job description lists responsibilities like writing and analyzing data, include “written communication” and “data analysis” in your skills section.
  • One easy way to customize your resume is by focusing your  resume skills  on things that apply to the internship. 
  • Make sure you keep your resume professional and to the point. You don’t want to include anything too personal about your beliefs, religion, politics, or personal information.
  • For example, you can list “volunteering at local church,” but avoid saying “fasting every weekend.” It doesn’t show off relevant skills and is a bit too forward for a resume.

High School Student Office Worker Resume

High school student office worker resume example with 5 years of experience

  • Good projects include anything that demonstrates your leadership abilities or desire for knowledge. Senior projects, personal blogs, or even being on a sports team are all good examples to include!
  • Add work experience directly under your contact information and name, then add any relevant projects if you’re low on space. 
  • While there are plenty of  resume writing tips , your resume should be as unique as you. Don’t get so caught up in what you think you “should” do that your resume is bland and cookie-cutter. 

High School Student Sales Resume

High school student sales resume example with 6 years of experience

  • Numbers demonstrate your value, and they’re useful tools for the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) software that hiring managers use to sort through job applicants.
  • Trust us, and incorporate metrics into at least 80% of your bullet points!
  • For example, you know that different  resume templates  can change your resume’s appearance, but different templates can also stretch or streamline your content. 
  • Mess with multiple templates to see what your content will look like—you may find a template that allows for more room, or one that allows you to highlight your skills better.

High School Student Athlete  Resume

High school student athlete resume example with 4 years of athletic experience

  • Think of a time you proved you were the MVP on your team—Did you lead your team to a championship? Perhaps you made the game-winning shot in a crucial, nail-biting game?

High School Student Music Resume

High school student music resume example with 4 years of music experience

  • When you include hobbies like songwriting or your interest in classical music in your high school student music resume , it conveys to your recruiter that you’re super dedicated and passionate about your craft.
  • You can also include hobbies that are different, too. For example, if you enjoy experimenting with new recipes from around the world, that can show you’re ready to give new genres a whirl or that you understand that music—while art—is still supposed to be fun and adventuresome.

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High School Student Resume Examples & Writing Guide for 2024

Martin Poduška — Editor in Chief / Resume Writer

Getting your high school student resume right can be a game-changer. Whether you're going for your first job or applying to college, a good resume can make all the difference. 

Crafting a great resume might feel like a challenge, but don't worry — you've got this! With the right guidance, handy examples, and helpful templates, we can walk through this together. So, let's start building your resume, a showcase of your skills, abilities, and proudest moments, ready to impress.

Intern at Xactly Corporation Resume Sample

In this guide, we'll teach you everything you need to know about writing a resume as a high school student. Keep reading to learn all about:

  • Exploring high school student resume examples
  • Choosing the best format for a high school student resume
  • Writing a strong resume summary as a high school student
  • Selecting top skills for a high school student resume
  • Describing effectively past work experience and impact
  • Powering up your resume with effective action words
  • Properly listing education on a resume
  • Selecting relevant extra sections for your high school student resume
  • Avoiding common mistakes on a high school student resume
  • Pairing your resume with a relevant cover letter
  • Accessing top resources for job-seeking high school students

High school student resume example

High School Resume Template

Why does this high school resume sample work?

  • The all-rounder advantage: A key highlight of this high school resume sample is how it showcases the candidate's ability to handle a diverse range of tasks. It neatly captures their administrative skills, organizational abilities, process improvement initiatives, teamwork, and even presentation know-how. By listing these varied responsibilities, the candidate demonstrates their adaptability and proficiency in handling multiple roles, making them a highly versatile asset for any employer.

What could we improve?

  • Making a clear impact: While the resume showcases diverse abilities, its work experience section could use more specific details. Phrases such as "improved administrative procedures" and "prepared professional presentations" are a bit generic. Spicing them up with specifics could add a punch. For example, how many procedures were improved? How much efficiency was achieved? How many presentations were prepared? By including these details, you'd add weight to your responsibilities and make the impact of your work clear.

Part-time job resume sample

Part-Time Job Resume Sample

What makes this part-time job resume sample effective?

Acing clarity and initiative: The strength of this part-time job resume is its clarity and demonstration of initiative. In just a few concise sentences, the candidate presents themselves as a driven, communicative high school student ready to thrive in a sales role. The crown jewel is their account of creating a new Business Society at school and expanding its membership from scratch to 150 — displaying terrific initiative and leadership, both of which are highly attractive in a candidate.

What could be improved?

  • The unnecessary self-reference in the profile: The main improvement area for this part-time job resume lies in the self-reference within the professional summary. While it's common to write resumes in the third person, direct mentioning of your name ('Charlie') is usually avoided as it can come across as repetitive and unsophisticated. As resumes are personal documents, it's understood that the achievements and skills listed are yours. Removing such self-references can provide a cleaner, more professional presentation.

First job resume sample

First Job Resume Template

What makes this first job resume sample stand out?

  • Well-structured and comprehensive: One of this part-time resume's compelling features is its clever organization. Despite limited professional experience, it effectively starts with the most crucial part — education — setting a solid foundation. It further showcases a full range of both hard and soft skills, painting a complete picture of the candidate's abilities. The addition of volunteering activities is the icing on the cake, adding depth by highlighting initiative and a broader set of experiences.

What could be done better?

  • Outdated phrasing: Despite the well-arranged structure, one area that could use a touch-up is the use of the phrase 'was responsible for.' This term has outlived its usefulness in modern-day resumes, coming across as outdated and vague. A more impactful rephrase of "Was responsible for multiple society functions and supervised more than 20 other students." could be: "Oversaw multiple society functions, leading and coordinating the tasks of over 20 students." 

1. Choose the best format for your high school student resume

In general, the standard resume format is the reverse-chronological resume . This resume focuses on work experience, listing your most recent job first and working chronologically backward from there.

However, unless you have many years of experience working in professional positions, then you will likely not have enough work experience as a high school student for this format. As a result, you may want to consider one of the following alternative formats:

  • The Functional Resume: Functional resumes remove the focus from work experience and instead place it on education, skills, and unpaid experience (volunteer work, internships, etc.). This is often the best format for current students, as it allows you to prioritize academic experience and extracurriculars.
  • The Hybrid Resume: Hybrid resumes spread the focus of a resume out more evenly between all sections. This type of resume is well-suited for students who have held part-time jobs and have some work experience to showcase alongside their academic experience.

Choose your preferred template and make your resume shine.

Try our AI Resume Writer and have your resume ready in minutes!

2. craft an eye-catching high school student resume summary.

A resume summary is a brief introductory statement at the beginning of your resume that helps to show your best attributes to the person reading it.

When writing your summary, it's important to include compelling details such as academic accomplishments or key work experience. This will catch the attention of employers and encourage them to read further into your resume and remember you later on.

To help demonstrate how to write an effective resume summary, here is an example of a weak one followed by a correction and explanation.

Bad example of a high school student resume summary

Soon-to-be high school graduate seeking employment as an office assistant. Served as the school’s morning announcer and office assistant for several years. Flexible schedule, with after-school club activities on Tuesdays.

Why does it fall short?  In this example, the student includes great examples of their professional goals and how their in-school experience ties into these goals. However, they should strive to provide more specific and quantifiable details, such as how many years they worked as an office assistant or what clubs they are a part of.

Good example of a high school student resume summary

Hard-working High School Senior with 2+ years of experience volunteering as the high school office assistant, providing morning announcements and assisting with student check-ins. Co-president of the Student Debate Club, responsible for planning weekly Tuesday meetings.

Why is this example better?  In this example, the applicant is far more specific with their experience as an office assistant. Rather than stating they are a “soon-to-be graduate,” the applicant instead says the exact year in school they are (High School Senior). Overall, this example has a lot more detail and specificity that makes it a more compelling summary.

high school resume summary examples

3. Select top skills to put on your high school student resume

When listing skills on your resume, it is important to include a variety of different types of skills to choose from. Most abilities can be divided into two main categories:

  • Hard Skills: Hard skills refer to learned abilities, like being able to play a sport or learning a new concept in school. These skills are gained through education and training, showcasing your talents and technical ability.
  • Soft Skills: Soft skills are your people skills. These abilities deal with communication and comprehension, often governing how well you work with other people and understand the world around you. Soft skills can be both inherent and learned.

Including both of these types of skills on your resume is essential, as it will show the person reading the document that you know the importance of both. Plus, it will help you to showcase your diverse skillset!

With this in mind, here are 10 examples of both hard and soft skills that are great to include on a high school student’s resume:

The best high school student hard skills for your CV

  • Mathematics
  • Athletic ability
  • Graphic design
  • Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Computer skills (typing, making presentations, etc.)
  • Public speaking
  • Active listening
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data analysis

Effective soft skills for your high school student resume

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management
  • Responsibility
  • Adaptability
  • Willingness to learn
  • Self confidence

Find out your resume score!

Resume Analytics

4. Effectively describe your past work experience as a high school student

As a high school student, you likely do not have very much work experience just yet.

If you have worked in part-time positions, then these should be included within your work experience section. However, if you have never worked a job, you may need to consider extracurriculars you can describe and sub in for formal jobs in a section simply titled “Experience” or “Hands-On Experience.” This can include academic positions you have held, such as being a team captain or club president.

No matter what experience you choose to describe on your resume, consider which details will make these examples more compelling. The more specific you can be the better!

Bad example of a work experience section

Barron Collier High, Naples, FL Varsity Soccer Captain  August 2020 to Present 

  • Led soccer practices.
  • Got approval for new uniforms.
  • Encouraged teammates.

Why is it ineffective? This example lacks depth and specificity, making it less impactful compared to a well-detailed description. It simply lists duties without assigning much meaning to them or demonstrating their value. It doesn't fully capitalize on the chance to highlight essential skills or achievements related to the role.

Good example of a work experience entry from a high school student’s resume

Barron Collier High, Naples, FL Varsity Soccer Captain August 2020 to Present

  • Led team of 20+ students in daily practice drills, physical conditioning, and scrimmages.
  • Designed new uniforms for the team and successfully presented these designs to the Head Coach for approval.
  • Provided teammates with encouragement and motivating speeches, helping several to create more balanced schedules with time for their school work set aside. 

Why does it work? This example is detailed and purposefully tailored to reflect specific tasks, accomplishments, and the candidate's contributions to the team. By demonstrating leadership skills, initiative, and impact, it effectively presents a more compelling picture of the candidate's experiences and potential.

5. Power up your high school resume with action words 

Using action words in your high school student resume can make a big difference. They're dynamic 'doing' words that breeze energy and accomplishment into your application. 

These words can: 

  • Reflect your pro-activity and initiative
  • Illustrate your ability to make things happen
  • Make your resume more engaging and easy-to-read

Here are some power-packed action words for your high school student resume

  • Coordinated
  • Volunteered
  • Participated
  • Contributed

Integrating these action words throughout your resume can help you paint a vivid picture of your strengths and achievements, giving you an extra edge in your job or college applications.

high school student resume action words examples

6. Properly list education on your high school student resume

When you write a resume as a high school student, you will likely still be in the process of completing your education and earning your high school diploma.

It is always necessary to indicate on your resume that your education is ongoing. Additionally, you should list your expected date of graduation, as well as the specific name of the school to give credibility to your educational credentials .

If you have any notable academic achievements — such as membership in an honor society or extracurriculars — these can make good extra details to add to your education section as well.

Here's an example of a well-crafted education section on a high school student’s resume

East Rowan High School, Salisbury, NC High School Diploma

  • Expected Graduation: May 2023

Academic Achievements:

  • Student Body President, 2021 to Present
  • Principal’s Honor Roll, 2020 to Present

7. Select relevant extra sections for your high school student resume

Beyond your academic achievements and extracurricular activities, the extra sections you include in your resume can add depth and dimension to your profile, making you stand out from the crowd.

Choose extra sections that reflect your passions, talents, and experiences . For instance, if you're a budding artist, showcase your artistic endeavors with a " Creative projects " section, where you can list any art competitions, exhibitions, or personal projects you've worked on.

Another excellent addition could be a " Leadership and Volunteer Experience " section, where you can highlight any community service, mentoring roles, or leadership positions you've held. These extra sections paint a vivid picture of who you are beyond the classroom, making your resume an inspiring tapestry of your accomplishments and aspirations.

Here's an example of how to list an extra section on your high school student resume

Creative Projects

Art Competition - First Place Winner, City Art Fest (Date)

  • Participated in the annual City Art Fest and won first place for my acrylic painting titled "Vibrant Visions."

School Mural Project, School Name (Date)

  • Collaborated with a team of students to design and paint a mural representing diversity and unity on campus.

Personal Art Portfolio, Ongoing

  • Curated a personal art portfolio showcasing various drawings, paintings, and digital art pieces.

Still looking for a job? These 100+ resources will tell you everything you need to get hired fast.

8. Avoid common mistakes in a high school student resume

Creating a flawless resume may seem daunting, especially as a high school student at the start of your professional journey. Fear not, let's go through some typical mistakes and how you can avoid them:

  • Irrelevant information:  Include only information relevant to the role you're applying for. That trophy you won in third grade? Probably not essential here. 
  • Too wordy:  Keep it concise. Resist the urge to write an essay about each experience. Aim to be clear, concise, and specific.
  • Forgetting numbers:  Wherever possible, quantify your achievements. Numbers provide a tangible measure of your success and make your contributions easily understood.
  • Skipping proofreading:  Ensure your resume is free from typos and grammatical errors. These can give an impression of carelessness. 
  • Inconsistent formatting:  Consistent formatting helps your resume look professional and easy to read. Stick with one font style, size, and layout.

Remember, your resume is your personal marketing tool. Making it as polished and compelling as possible starts by avoiding these common pitfalls.

9. Pair your resume with a relevant cover letter

Including a cover letter with your high school student resume can be a wise move. It provides an extra opportunity to showcase your personality , explain achievements , and highlight why you're a strong fit for the job or college you're applying for.

Your resume and cover letter serve different purposes . Your resume is like a factual summary of your skills, accomplishments, and experiences. It's typically a quick, at-a-glance document for employers to assess your qualifications.

On the other hand, your cover letter is your chance to tell a compelling story about who you are. It's where you can dive deeper into specific accomplishments or experiences and explain why you're interested in the opportunity. A well-written cover letter can complement your resume and give recruiters more context about you as a candidate.

So, when should you include a cover letter? When it's specifically requested , or when you feel that the resume doesn't capture the whole picture of your potential. It's one more tool in your job application toolkit, and if used well, it can help you stand out and make a strong impression.

Let your cover letter write itself — with AI!

10. find top job search resources for high school students .

When you're in high school and looking for your first job, it can feel like a bit of a minefield. Navigating the job market isn't easy, but thankfully there are plenty of resources out there designed specifically to help high school students like you: 

  • Your school's career center: Most high schools have a career center that provides various resources from resume help to job listings specially catered for students.
  • Websites & apps: Websites and apps such as Snagajob , Indeed , and LinkedIn offer part-time, internship, or entry level job listings suitable for high school students. Make sure to set filters suitable for your experience level while searching.
  • Job fairs: Attend job fairs conducted in your local community or school district. These provide a platform to meet potential employers face-to-face. 
  • Networking: You can network with people through your connections at school or community activities. Volunteering can also be a great way to meet people and build connections.
  • Internship programs: Check out internship programs in your local area or fields of interest. Websites like Internmatch or Chegg Internships can provide leads.
  • Career-focused social media: Platforms such as LinkedIn provide an excellent space for professional networking and job search. And what's more, you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a polished resume within a few seconds.

Remember, the job search can be a bit of an adventure, so keep an open mind and keep learning along the way. Don't be disheartened by rejections. Treat them as learning experiences and continue refining your search. Happy job hunting!

High School Student Resume FAQ

Absolutely! Non-work related activities, particularly those involving leadership roles or skills directly related to the job you're applying for, can demonstrate your values, commitment, and versatility. Highlight team sports, club participation, volunteer work, or even notable class projects.

It's completely normal for high school students to have limited work experience. Focus on transferable skills you've gathered from school, extracurricular activities, or volunteering. Think of instances where you've demonstrated teamwork, problem-solving, or leadership, as these are highly desired by employers.

There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but typically starting with a strong introduction about yourself, followed by education, experience/extra-curricular activities, and skills sections work well for high school students. Remember to keep it concise, clear, and relevant.

While function should definitely take precedence over the form, a clean, professional, and easy-to-read resume can make a great first impression. Steer clear of overly complicated designs and stick with standard fonts, bullet points, and white space to improve readability. 

Absolutely. Customizing your resume for each job application shows the employer that you're genuinely interested in the role. Highlight the relevant skills and experiences that match the job description - it takes a little extra effort, but it can make all the difference.

Martin Poduška — Editor in Chief / Resume Writer

Martin Poduška

Martin is a resume expert and career advice writer at Kickresume. In his five years at Kickresume, he has written hundreds of in-depth, painstakingly researched resume advice articles and, as chief editor, he has also edited and revised every single article on this website. Tens of thousands of job seekers read Martin’s resume advice every month. He holds a degree in English from the University of St Andrews and a degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Amsterdam .

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  • Humanities Student
  • Student Internship
  • Natural Sciences Student
  • Professions And Applied Sciences Student
  • Social Sciences Student
  • University Student

All high school student resume examples

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english template

10+ Free High School Resume Templates for 2024

Background Image

Writing your high school resume is already hard as it is - you shouldn’t have to spend hours working on your resume layout and format.

Want to fast-track your resume-creation process?

Use one of these 10+ free high school resume templates!

All you have to do is pick a template that resonates with you and fill in the contents. Zero formatting hassle is required!

10+ Free High School Resume Templates [Pick & Download]

#1. simple resume template.

high school resume template 1

This timeless layout works for everyone - highschoolers and seasoned professionals alike. 

The understated design and clean look put equal emphasis on all parts of your resume.

#2. Professional Resume Template

high school resume template 2

The Professional template puts more emphasis on your work experience and skills. Don’t have much work experience? You can always replace it with some other relevant section like extracurricular activities or volunteering experience.

#3. College Resume Template

high school resume template 3

Created with recent graduates in mind, this template is also suitably structured for any applicant with little to no work experience. 

#4. Creative Resume Template

creative high school resume

If you’re looking for a job in the creative industry or want to try something a bit bolder, the Creative template is right for you. It’s guaranteed to stand out in any resume pile with its light on dark header and circle style skill graphs. 

#5. Modern Resume Template

modern high school resume templates

The Modern template is a step up from the more basic designs. It has an organized look featuring brackets and squares.

#6. Functional Resume Template

functional high school resume template

The Functional Resume template puts more emphasis on your educational background, making it a perfect fit for highschoolers or just about anyone with no work experience.

#7. One Color Resume Template

one color high school resume template

This template is quite simple and to-the-point. The sections are clearly separated, and the resume objective is located top and center. Bonus points: you can even personalize this high school resume template by customizing the color scheme.

#8. Two-Column Resume Template

two column high school resume

The template has a rather unique two-column resume structure . It is easy to skim and pleasant to look at. 

It also has a very compact look, making it perfect for job-seekers with no work experience.

#9. Vertical Header Resume Template

Vertical Header Resume Template

What’s interesting about this template is the vertical layout in the header section. It looks refreshing and straight-up cool. However, it’s a hit or miss kind of situation. The recruiter will either be intrigued by it, or be bothered by having to turn the page to the side. Use at your own risk.

#10. Infographic Resume Template

Infographic Resume Template high school

Infographic resume templates in general use graphs and charts to illustrate the information. This template in particular uses bubbles to portray skills and level of competence, as well as icons to illustrate interests. This makes the resume quick to skim through and the information easy to understand. 

How Long Should a High School Resume Be?

The resume length discussion has been going on for ages and typically, the answer tends to vary depending on industry and years of experience. 

When it comes to a high school resume, however, there’s no room for discussion: your resume should be one-page max. 

It’s justifiable to have a two-page resume in case you have, say 10+ years of experience in the industry (which you don’t).

If your draft resume ends up being longer, revise your content with a critical eye and cut out anything that’s not relevant for the job you’re applying for.

Remember: the recruiter wants to know what your top skills and experiences are, not your entire life story!

What Should I Include In My High School Resume?

In your high school resume, include the following sections:

  • Contact Information - This consists of personal and contact information like first and last name, phone number, e-mail address, or links to other profiles. Make sure everything is written correctly so the recruiter can reach you back.
  • Resume Objective - This is a 3-4 sentence statement that describes your career goals and aspirations as well as mentions your skills and achievements. It’s used to grab the recruiter’s attention and ensure that they read the rest of your resume.
  • Education - You can already guess what this one’s about, right? You should list down your education institution (high school) as well as any academic-related certifications or achievements.
  • Extracurricular Activities - This is your resume’s selling point. The equivalent of work experience, if you will. Your extracurriculars are usually participation in high school clubs or various events and they show the recruiter you’re a competent and engaged individual.
  • Projects & Gigs - In this section, you’d mention any independent projects you’ve worked on outside of academics. For example, a side-gig or your own blog - anything that shows you’re a self-starter.
  • Work Experience (optional) - If you have any, you can list your work experiences. An internship or volunteer work also qualifies for this section.
  • Languages - An extra language or two will definitely give you an edge over the other candidates. So, if you’re good at languages, make sure to list a dedicated section for that!
  • Hobbies & Interests - Choose a few things that will give the recruiter some insight into your personality. Bonus points if these hobbies and interests are related to the industry where you’re applying - they’ll show you’re passionate and genuinely interested in the job.

And that’s about it!

How to Create a High School Resume With No Work Experience?

You’ve probably heard of the famous trope:

“You need work experience to get a job, but a job to get work experience.”

Fortunately, it’s not actually true.

If you’re applying for an entry-level position in any field, no one’s actually expecting you to have work experience.

Instead, you can focus on the experiences you do have to stand out from the rest of the applicants. Some things you can include in your resume are:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Projects & gigs
  • Hobbies & interests
  • Internships

Key Takeaways

And that’s about it on high school resume templates!

If you want to know more about what to write and how to write it, check out our in-depth guide to writing a high school resume .

Before you go your way, let’s go over the main points of this article one more time:

  • Always use a high school resume template instead of working on your resume from scratch - trust us, it’s going to save you a lot of time.
  • Stick to the one-page resume limit. The recruiter wants to know about your work experience, not about your entire life story.
  • Instead of work experience, focus on alternative sections like extracurricular activities, projects, volunteering experience, and so on.

Discover More Resume Templates

  • Word Resume Templates
  • Google Docs Resume Templates
  • Chronological Resume Templates
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How to Write a High School Student Resume

Get Writing Tips and Examples for Jobs or College Applications

how to make a high school resume

Take Inventory

Start your resume, proofread your resume carefully.

  • Student Resume Example

High school students may need a resume to apply for a job or as part of a college application. Even if you haven't held a paid position before, there's still plenty of information to include on your resume. High schoolers can highlight educational achievements, after-school activities, and volunteer work. 

Here are some tips for writing your high school resume.

Start by thinking through what information you want to include on your resume. Take some time to write a list of any awards, accomplishments, and extracurricular activities you engage in.

Just write down rough notes, for now. Later, you'll sort this information into sections and add dates and details. 

Do you want to get a specific job, or are you looking to highlight your work for a college application? Once you have a sense of the information you wish to include in your resume, review the various  parts of a resume , resume skills for high schoolers, and  tips for writing your first resume as a high school student . 

Before writing your resume, it can be helpful to review samples such as these student resume templates. Don't copy the samples' content; instead, use them for inspiration for how to phrase things and proper formatting. 

Begin your resume with your name, address, phone number, and email address.

It’s best not to use a “cutesy” email address like or

Set up a professional email account that you can use for job and college applications, comprised of your name only (i.e.,

Emphasize Teamwork and Leadership

Good teamwork skills are necessary for most entry-level jobs, and so it’s wise to provide examples of how you’ve participated in school, church, club, or scouting roles requiring  teamwork . It’s even better to describe any leadership roles you’ve held, since this demonstrates to your employer that you can hold responsibility, take personal initiative, and organize and support others.

The chances are high that you haven’t had a lot of paid work experience since you're a high school student. While you should describe any actual “real” jobs you’ve held, it’s also a good idea to describe volunteer experience, accompanied by dates, your responsibilities, and your contributions in these roles.

Volunteer experience is important for high school students because it provides experience and shows that you're trying to find out what you might be interested in.

At the end of your resume, include a statement of selected interests. Employers (and universities, if you are using your resume for a college application) like candidates who are well-rounded and involved in their communities.

They’ll get a better idea of your personality if you mention a few sports that you play or interests like theater, music, or environmentalism. Be careful, however, not to mention interests that are too political or might distract you from your job (such as excessive video-gaming).

Write a Cover Letter

Once you’ve finished your resume, you should craft a cover letter to introduce yourself to a hiring manager. Review these student cover letters for help in getting started.

Resumes that are full of spelling and grammatical errors create red flags in an employer’s mind because they hint that your work performance might be sloppy as well. Take the time to edit and correct your resume and cover letter, following  these proofreading steps . If you feel unsure about your proofreading skills, ask a friend, parent, sibling, or teacher to help you.

Read each sentence aloud to yourself. This slows you down and makes you concentrate on the words, which will bring attention to any errors.

High School Student Resume Example

The following is an example of a resume for a high school student. It includes both formal and informal work experience, volunteering and academic achievements. The resume lists work experience first, followed by the student's volunteer experience and achievements and then education. If you have no formal work experience, you should know how to format  your resume to reflect this appropriately. 

Also, note that the resume has a  summary  that focuses on the student's skills that are the best match for the job they are applying for. This way, the employer can see at a glance why the applicant would be a good candidate for the job.

Carly Applicant 6 Oak Street Arlington, VA 54321 (555) 555-5555

Honor roll high school student with extensive experience working with youth of all ages, who has been praised and awarded for her organizational skills and ability to develop fun, engaging activities for youth of all ages, seeks an entry-level child position with an area child care provider or retail firm.


THE RETAIL STORE, Arlington, VA Sales Associate/Manager , September 2019–Present Maintain and restock inventory; provide customer service; responsible for training incoming associates in operating cash register system due to track record of excellence.

  • Named “Employee of the Month” three times.
  • Attended a “Sales Associate Training” conference in Washington, D.C.; was selected as one of 10 out of 1,000 sales associates from Virginia to attend the conferences.
  • Promoted to manager in 2020; was the youngest associate to reach the position in store history.

KINDERFUN PRESCHOOL; Arlington, VA Child Care Provider , September 2017–August 2019 Provided childcare for a dozen families after school, on weekends, and during school vacations.

  • Developed and implemented fun, educational activities for children from ages 1 to 8 years.


RUN FOR LIFE, Arlington, VA Publicist , November–December 2020 Assisted in marketing the charity run via social media; oversaw clean-up after the race.

  • Managed 20 volunteers of all ages in setting up booths, operating the registration, and facilitating the race.

High School Diploma (June 2022; Expected Graduation Date); GPA 3.9 Arlington High School, Arlington, VA

  • Honor roll each semester; captain of the debate team; president of the Key (service) Club.
  • Elective Classes and Activities: Screen Printing, Culture & Foods, Independent Living, Family Advocacy, Wind Ensemble, Stage Crew

Other Interests:

Member of the Arlington High School Tennis Team • Girl Scout • Piano, 10 years

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

  • Show that you're well-rounded and use any work experience you have, highlighting after-school activities and volunteer work on your resume.
  • Emphasize your achievements and mention a strong high school GPA or any academic awards or recognition you have achieved.
  • Focus on teamwork and leadership by presenting examples of your team participation and leadership in school and extra-curricular activities. 
  • High School Graduate Resume Example

Resume Examples

  • Common Tasks & Responsibilities
  • Top Hard & Soft Skills
  • Action Verbs & Keywords
  • Resume FAQs
  • Similar Resumes

Common Responsibilities Listed on High School Graduate Resumes:

  • Assisting with filing and organization of documents to ensure efficient office management.
  • Performing data entry tasks to input information into databases or spreadsheets accurately.
  • Handling customer service inquiries via phone or email, providing information and resolving issues.
  • Supporting event planning and execution, including setup and breakdown for school or community events.
  • Maintaining inventory of supplies and placing orders when necessary to ensure availability of necessary materials.
  • Assisting with the creation of presentations or reports using software like Microsoft PowerPoint or Word.
  • Conducting basic research or gathering data to support staff members on various projects or initiatives.
  • Operating office equipment such as printers, copiers, and scanners to manage and distribute documents.
  • Participating in team meetings, taking notes, and distributing meeting minutes to ensure effective communication.
  • Managing social media accounts or updating website content under the guidance of a supervisor.
  • Providing support to finance department by helping with basic bookkeeping or processing invoices.
  • Assisting with the coordination of volunteer activities or outreach programs organized by the school or affiliated organizations.

Speed up your resume creation process with the AI-Powered Resume Builder . Generate tailored achievements in seconds for every role you apply to.

High School Graduate Resume Example:

  • Streamlined data entry processes for a local non-profit, enhancing data accuracy by 15% and reducing time spent on data input by 20% through the creation of a custom spreadsheet template.
  • Coordinated a community event that attracted over 300 attendees, managing logistics and volunteers, which resulted in a 50% increase in funds raised compared to the previous year.
  • Developed and delivered a presentation on community engagement strategies that was adopted by the school's leadership team, leading to a 25% increase in student participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Revamped the filing system at a small business office, increasing document retrieval efficiency by 30% and reducing misfiled documents by 90% within the first three months.
  • Handled customer service inquiries with a 95% satisfaction rate, resolving issues promptly and improving the company's reputation for excellent customer support.
  • Assisted in managing the company's social media accounts, growing the follower count by 40% and enhancing online engagement by creating content that resonated with the target audience.
  • Data Entry and Spreadsheet Management
  • Event Planning and Coordination
  • Community Outreach and Engagement
  • Presentation Development and Delivery
  • Organizational Systems Improvement
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Social Media Management and Content Creation
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Processing
  • Volunteer Management and Retention
  • Digital Tools Proficiency for Team Collaboration
  • Time Management and Efficiency Optimization
  • Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Effective Communication
  • Project Management

Top Skills & Keywords for High School Graduate Resumes:

Hard skills.

  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Computer Literacy
  • Organization
  • Customer Service
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Attention to Detail

Soft Skills

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Time Management and Organization
  • Leadership and Initiative
  • Resilience and Perseverance
  • Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Decision Making and Judgement
  • Networking and Relationship Building

Resume Action Verbs for High School Graduates:

  • Collaborated
  • Participated
  • Contributed
  • Volunteered
  • Implemented
  • Facilitated
  • Demonstrated
  • Coordinated

Generate Your Resume Summary

how to make a high school resume

Resume FAQs for High School Graduates:

How long should i make my high school graduate resume, what is the best way to format a high school graduate resume, which keywords are important to highlight in a high school graduate resume, how should i write my resume if i have no experience as a high school graduate, compare your high school graduate resume to a job description:.

  • Identify opportunities to further tailor your resume to the High School Graduate job
  • Improve your keyword usage to align your experience and skills with the position
  • Uncover and address potential gaps in your resume that may be important to the hiring manager

Complete the steps below to generate your free resume analysis.

Related Resumes for High School Graduates:

High school student first job, high school student with no experience, beginner teacher assistant, graduate teacher assistant, substitute teacher with no experience, entry level substitute teacher, first year teacher.

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How To Write A Resume In 7 Steps (With Examples)

  • How To Write A Resume
  • Resume Skills Section
  • Resume Objective Section
  • Career Objective Section
  • Resume Reference Section
  • Resume Summary Section
  • Resume Summary Example
  • Resume Interests Section
  • Address On Resume
  • Relevant Work Experience
  • Anticipated Graduation Date On Resume
  • Education Section On Resume
  • Contact Information On Resume
  • Statement Of Qualifications
  • How To List Publications On Resume
  • Accomplishments On Resumes
  • Awards On Resume
  • Dean's List On Resume
  • Study Abroad On Resume

Resumes are still the most important document in your job search . Generating a professional and interesting resume isn’t easy, but there is a standard set of guidelines that you can follow. As hiring managers usually only spend a short time looking over each resume, you want to make sure that yours has a reason for them to keep reading.

If you’re looking to write a resume, rewrite a resume you already have, or are just curious about resume format, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will go through the steps to writing an excellent resume, as well as offering examples for what sections of the resume should look like.

Key Takeaways:

A resume is a short document that details your professional history in a way that tailors your experience and skill set for the particular job you’re applying for.

Resumes follow a few standard formatting practices, which hiring managers and recruiters expect to see.

Highlighting your work experience, skills, and educational background with relevant keywords can help you get past applicant tracking systems and into more interviews.

How To Write A Resume

How to write a resume

Writing a resume involves using the proper formatting, writing an introduction, and adding your work experience and education. Stuffing your entire professional life into a single page resume can feel overwhelming, but remember that you’re distilling the relevant parts of your professional experience in order to catch the eye of the recruiter .

Formatting your resume. To start, use a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Google docs. Standard resume formatting calls for:

1 inch margins

10-12 point font

A professional, commonly-used font

Additionally, there are three resume formats that are commonly used. Most people should stick with a chronological resume format , but the combination resume format and functional resume format can be effective for more advanced workers or those who have significant gaps in their resume.

Write a resume header . It doesn’t matter if you have the best resume in the world if the hiring manager can’t contact you. Every single resume should include the following contact information:

Your full name. First and last.

Your phone number. Use a personal phone number, and make sure your voicemail is set up properly.

Your email address. Nothing inappropriate — [email protected] is a safe choice.

Location. City, State, Zip Code is fine, but you can include your full mailing address if you think it’s appropriate.

Your social media (optional). LinkedIn is the obvious one you’d want to include, but make sure your profile looks good. If you have an online portfolio , either on a personal blog/website or on a site like Journo Portfolio , feel free to include that here as well.

Your job title. Also optional, but can be useful for applicant tracking systems.

Resume introduction. You have four options for your resume introduction: a resume objective, summary statement, resume profile, or qualifications summary. For most job-seekers, a resume summary statement is the best choice. Regardless of which resume introduction you choose, avoid first-person pronouns (I/me/my).

Resume objective. A resume objective is the goal of your resume. Since the objective of every resume is to land a job, this is not the most original or impressive opener you can have.

On the other hand, it’s a good choice for an entry-level applicant or someone who is changing career paths . This should be a 1-3 sentence summary of why you’re motivated to get the position you’re applying for.

Who should use a resume objective: Entry-level applicants, career-changers, and recent college graduates.

Resume summary. This is the best opener for most job-seekers. As the name suggests, a resume summary highlights the most salient aspects of your resume.

It should include your current position, how many years of experience you have, some of your biggest achievements, and possibly your career goals. This should be a 1-3 sentence spiel and should include some quantifiable experiences.

Who should use a resume summary: Most job seekers; anyone with quantifiable accomplishments to emphasize and a broad range of skills.

Qualifications summary. A bullet point list (4-6 points is the sweet spot) of your qualifications for the position. It’s best used by applicants going for jobs that require a fixed skill set. It’s not a great choice for entry-level applicants who lack quantifiable achievements.

You’ll notice that a qualifications summary takes up more space than a resume objective or summary, but it can actually save the hiring manager time if you provide a bunch of valuable information right off the top.

Who should use a qualifications summary: Those applying to a job with requirements for certain skills and job-seekers who have a lot of experience in their industry and/or field.

Resume profile. A resume profile is similar to a resume summary, but goes into more detail about your accomplishments at your current or former job, while also telling the reader about your career goals. Think of a resume profile as a section that pulls all the best parts of your work experience section into one place.

Who should use a resume profile: Anyone with significant accomplishments under their belt, expertise in a niche field, or applying to a job in the same industry that they have lots of experience in.

Resume headline. Resume headlines aren’t necessary, but you can include one alongside any of the four types of resume introduction listed above. A resume headline comes between your contact information and the resume introduction of your choice.

Headlines can be used by entry-level applicants and experienced job-seekers alike. The important point is that your headline should be short and to the point. Additionally, you should use title case when writing your resume headline (capitalize words as you would for a book title).

Who should use a resume headline: Any job-seeker who wants to showcase their experience or unique value right off the bat.

Work experience. Your work experience section is the place to let hiring managers know that you have relevant experience that would allow you to handle the job you’re applying for.

If you’re using the chronological resume format, your work experience section would come after your resume summary/objective. In a funcitonal reumse, it would follow your skills section. Either way, work experience should be listed in reverse-chronological order (most recent experience at the top).

When listing your work experience, you should include all of the following information:

Job title. Start by stating the position you held at the company. These are easy cue for the hiring manager to look at and determine whether your past positions would help you succeed at their company.

Company Info. Include the name of the employer, the location where you worked, and perhaps a brief description of the company, if it isn’t a well-known name.

Dates Employed: Use the mm/yyyy format if you want to be sure that most applicant tracking systems (ATS) will pick it up. Whatever format you use for dates, be consistent, or your resume will look sloppy.

Job Description. Don’t just list your job’s responsibilities; hiring managers and recruiters already have an idea of your duties based on the job title. Instead, list your most important and impressive responsibilities/achievements at the job with bullet points. Determine which of these are most relevant for your new role based on the job description.

Ideally, each bullet should be no longer than a single line. However, two lines is acceptable, if used sparingly.

Always start with a strong action verb, followed by a quantifiable achievement and a specific duty. For example: “Developed ad campaigns for clients, increasing sales by an average of 27%.” Each job title should include 3-5 bullet points.

The order that you include this information can be changed around, as long as you are consistent throughout your resume. However, the bullet points detailing your job’s achievements should always be the last item for each entry.

It’s important that you tailor your resume’s work experience section to the job you’re applying for. We recommend reading the job description carefully and highlighting the action verbs in one color and the skills, adjectives, and job-specific nouns in a different color.

Educational background. In almost all cases, your education section should come after your professional history. If you’re a recent college graduate with limited work experience, you may choose to put your educational achievements first.

Like the section on your professional history, educational experiences should come in reverse-chronological order, with your highest level of education at the top. If you have a college degree, you don’t need to add any information about your high school experience. If you didn’t finish college, it’s okay to give a list of what credits you did complete.

Each educational experience can be listed in the following format:

Degree/Program Name College/University Name Dates attended

You don’t need to add anything else, especially if your resume is already impressive enough. But if you’re struggling to fill up the page, or you feel that aspects of your educational experience will help make you a standout, you may consider also including:

Minor. If you think it rounds out your not-exactly-relevant-to-the-job major nicely.

GPA. Only if it was 3.5 or higher. Otherwise, it’s not going to do you any favors to include this.

Honors. Dean’s List, Cum Laude, etc.

Achievements. If you wrote a killer thesis/dissertation that showcases intimate knowledge relevant to the job to which you’re applying, you can include its title and a very brief description.

Extracurricular activities. Only include if they’re relevant. For example, if you’re applying for a management position and you were president of your student government.

Certifications/Licenses. If the job you’re applying for requires/likes to see certain certifications or licenses that you have, you may include them in this section as well.

Skills section. Your impressive skills should be scattered logistically throughout your professional history section, but you should also include a section solely dedicated to highlighting your skill set . Skills can be broken down into two categories:

Hard skills are skills you learn through training and indicate expertise with a technical ability or job-specific responsibility.

Soft skills are your personality traits, interpersonal abilities, and intangible qualities that make you more effective at your job.

Your resume should have a healthy mix of hard and soft skills, as both are essential to job performance. However, since soft skills are harder to prove in the context of a resume, we recommend leaning more toward hard skills. Additionally, whenever you list a soft skill, make sure that it has a correlating item in your work experience section.

For example, if you say you are skilled in collaboration, you should mention a time when a team project was a major success somewhere in your work experience section.

Optional sections. If you still have space left or there’s more you want to show off that doesn’t quite fit in any of the above sections, you may consider adding an additional section covering one or more of the below categories:

Language . Being bilingual is always impressive, and can be included on a resume for any company. Highlight this more if your position involves liaising with international distributors and/or clients. Don’t lie about your proficiency level.

It may be best to not mention it if you’re not particularly proficient speaker . Such as if you took courses in school, or haven’t really managed to gain fluency. It can end up looking like an attempt to inflate your credentials, which you want to avoid.

Volunteer experience . Always a good thing to include. It shows you’re a team player who behaves in a way that promotes the greater good, without thought of personal gain. Especially good for entry-level candidates and those applying for jobs at a non-profit. If you have gaps in your work history, you can also consider including volunteer experiences in your work history section instead.

Personal projects. A personal blog, published works, or a portfolio of your past projects are all good things to include. They show you take initiative, enjoy and take pride in your work, and that you can handle the responsibilities of the job, if relevant.

Certifications/licenses. If you didn’t include these in your education section, this is another good place to list relevant certifications or licenses that you have.

Interests . This is largely just a space filler if your resume is light in other areas. However, if your hobbies are directly related to the job that you’re applying for, it’s not a bad idea to include them. And it might draw a recruiter’s attention if you end up sharing some of the same interests as they do.

If you have several seemingly random items that are valuable, but don’t warrant creating a whole separate section for, you can also make a section called “Additional Experience.” Here you can include all of the above categories in one place. Just make sure that each item is clear and easy for readers to understand.

Resume samples

Now that we have a good idea of how to write a resume, let’s take a look at some example resumes:

resume example zippia resume builder

Jack Pilgrim Washington , DC 14015 – (555) 444-3333 – [email protected] – Resume Summary Graphic designer with 3+ years of experience creating and implementing promotional materials and social media graphics. Worked with sales and marketing teams to increase inbound calls by 23% YoY through compelling digital media. Adept at planning, managing, and prioritizing multiple deadlines at once, and thrives in fast-paced work environment. Work Experience Creative Designs | Washington, DC Lead Graphic Designer | June 2018-Present Worked with sales and marketing teams to create landing pages, sales proposals, and supporting media elements to drive sales by over $250,000 per quarter Trained, managed, and mentored team of 4 junior designers to fulfill 40+ project orders on a weekly basis Conducted UX research through surveys, usability testing, and data analysis to plan content marketing strategy, driving organic search traffic by 12% Presented proposals, results, and status updates to set of 4-7 clients, ensuring customer satisfaction at or above 95% for 3 years straight Happy Place | Alexandria, VA Junior Graphic Designer | July 2016-May 2018 Translated client needs and branding strategies into design and content strategy, increasing client retention by 22% Reduced project turnaround time by 8% by Utilizing web-based ticket system for completing and archiving finalized pieces Posted digital artwork to network IPTV using web interface to produce high-end info-graphics and other materials Happy Place | Alexandria, VA Marketing Intern | September 2015-July 2016 Assisted marketing team with data collection, analysis, and presentation using Google Analytics Drew up storyboards for new marketing campaigns alongside sales team, increasing brand awareness through social media Wrote 500-1000 word articles to pair with graphical elements on page, leading to a 40% boost in engagement on company website Education Savannah College of Art and Design | Savannah, Georgia May 2016 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Skills Adobe Creative Suite Typography HTML/CSS WordPress Collaboration Organization
Allison Neederly Chicago, Illinois , 60007 | (333) 222-1111 | [email protected] | Resume Summary Dedicated customer service representative with 4+ years experience resolving customers’ needs in-person, online, and over the phone. Top achiever at XYZ Inc. with a 100% customer satisfaction rate for Q1 of 2020. Friendly personable, and knowledgable about company’s products and services. Relevant Skills Customer Service Responded to upwards of 200 customer queries daily with XYZ Inc., reducing the average wait time by 56% and increasing customer satisfaction rates by 13% Ability to resolve conflict and create a positive atmosphere for shopping for both new and existing customers through technical proficiency Expert product knowledge and communication skills, and experience training and mentoring new customer service staff Web Chat and Phone Skilled in 3 web chat platforms for helping online customers resolve their queries quickly and accurately Achieved fastest call resolution rate at XYZ Inc., with an average resolution time of under 5 minutes per customer Performed outbound calls for customer satisfaction surveys, as well as writing web-based surveys for 10,000+ customers Troubleshooting Detailed product knowledge allowed for customer technical issues to be resolved at rate within top 5% of all customer service associates at XYZ Inc. Created manual for step-by-step directions for troubleshooting that was implemented for team of 100+ customer service reps Positive attitude took average tech-related negative response from 1/5 stars to 4/5 stars, increasing trust in brands and services Work Experience XYZ Inc. | Philadelphia, PA Customer Service Associate New Look Global | Burlington, VT Junior Customer Service Representative L.L. Bean | Burlington, VT Sales Associate Education University of Vermont | Burlington, VT May 2012 Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
Priya Laghari New York, NY | (222) 111-0000 | [email protected] | Resume Profile Strategy Development: Grew John Deere’s international sales by 13% by tapping into undeserved countries in Southeast Asia Management: Oversaw a team of managers representing marketing, sales, and product teams. Streamlined collaborative, cross-functional communications through agile and scrum management system CRM: Developed, customized, and implemented new customer relationship management database for accounts totaling over $10M in value Work Experience Business Development Manager 01/2015-Present Microsoft | Redmond, WA Developed product strategies and roadmap for Google AdWords, increasing inbound traffic by 26% YoY Reduced time training on new software by 50% for new and existing employees by implement e-learning programs Spearheaded digital marketing campaign worth $1M that saw a return of 200% in first year by qualifying leads earlier in the sales funnel Regional Sales Manager 11/2012-01/2015 Big Things Inc. | St. Louis, MO Managed territory encompassing 29 regional locations with an annual revenue of approx. $55M Worked with C-level executives to plan business strategies, resulting in 20% reduction in overhead costs Increased client retention by 12% in first year by implementing a CRM approach based on account profiling and elevating levels of relationship selling Account Manager 02/2009-11/2012 Solutions Corp. | Chicago, IL Implemented and developed CRM strategic plans, increasing retention of long-term clients by 22% Maintained 50+ accounts totaling over $35M in value Generated leads through one-on-one consultation via phone inquiries, online check-ins, and meeting office walk-ins Relevant Skills CRM: Proficient with Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot; some experience with Keap. Used various CRM software over a decade to successfully manage customer relations and quick to adapt to new software and tools that aid in quality of customer experience. Salesmanship: Negotiated and closed over several deals worth $1M+ and skilled in upselling and cross-selling. Adept at working closely with marketing and product teams to maximize the efficiency of the sales funnel for both inbound and outbound traffic. Presentation: Represented Microsoft Northwest Region at quarterly board meetings, ensuring all stakeholders were kept abreast of new developments and opportunities. Also deliver monthly presentations to big clients and vendors to maintain positive relationship. Data analytics. Expert at integrating data from various analytics platforms, including Google, Microsoft Power BI, and SAP BusinessObjects Education Colgate University | May 2008 MBA Fordham University | May 2006 Bachelor’s Degree in Business

For more resume examples and templates:

Resume examples by job

Google docs resume template

Resume templates

Resume builder

Resume Headers Samples:


Tip : Never put your contact info in the header of your document; some applicant tracking systems might miss it.

For more on how to write a resume header:

Resume Header

Resume Titles

Resume introduction examples

Entry-Level Resume Objective.

Recent graduate with a bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Virginia seeking an entry-level role in content marketing. Excellent copywriter with 2+ years experience editing content as a member of the UVa Writing Center.

Career Change Resume Objective.

Eager to apply 7+ years of experience with customer success management to make successful outbound B2B calls, deliver customized business solutions to new and existing customers, and provide expert product knowledge in the role of Account Manager for XYZ Inc.

Example Resume Summary Statement.

Accountant with over 8 years of experience in the medical industry. Adept at advising on management of cash deficits, reconciling departmental accounts, and creating new accounts and codes. Coordinated invoice preparation system for ABC that reduced contractor overhead by 19% YoY.
English teacher with a love of language and 6 years of experience teaching high school students. Developed new curriculum that boosted freshman reading comprehension scores by 12% and created after school book club for AP Lit class, resulting in 100% of participating students achieving a 5 on the AP Lit test.

Example Qualifications Summary.

Executive assistant with 5+ years experience helping maintain efficiency in an office of 25 employees Communicated directly with internal and external stakeholders, helping Senior Vice President manage projects worth $5M+ Proactively managed office schedules, identifying and prioritizing changes to ensure client satisfaction Recognized in a company of 500 for “Outstanding Achiever” in May 2019

Example Resume Profile.

Detail-oriented IT Specialist with 4 years of experience overseeing and improving the infrastructure of IT systems. Adept at building and running troubleshooting systems and testing services. Decreased security risk by 47% through continual optimization, while also improving the speed of client portal by 22%. Excellent communicator both internally and for client-facing discussions. Achieved 98%+ customer satisfaction ratings through weekly and monthly check-ins with accounts valued cumulatively at $500,000.

Entry-Level Resume Headline.

Bilingual College Graduate with 80 WPM Typing Speed and Tutoring Experience

Experienced Resume Headline.

Business Development Specialist with 6+ Years Experience Scaling Start-Up Tech Teams

For more on resume introductions:

Resume objective statement

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Sample resume work experience sections

sample resume work experience section

Work Experience XYZ Industries | Seattle, WA Marketing Associate | May 2019-Present Delivered weekly presentations to client-base to communicate brand messaging, increasing client retention by 11% Served as liaison between marketing and product teams, resulting in projects finishing 2 weeks early, on average Leveraged Excel skills to create and maintain spreadsheet to track consumer insights, emergent trends, and inform decisions of marketing team through competitive analysis Managed team of 5 contractors to juggle multiple priority projects simultaneously, never missing a deadline Initiated an affiliate referral program that PR team went on to turn into a revenue-generating stream valued at $30,000 annually ABC Corp | Seattle, WA Marketing Intern | September 2018-May 2019 Developed, maintained, and processed 20+ digital consent forms and distributor forms Worked collaboratively with a team of 10 marketing professionals, closely aligning our goals with the PR team Provided data analysis using Google Analytics and performed keyword research to increase blog traffic by 56% over six months Answered up to 50 customer queries by phone and email each week

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Examples Of Education Resume Sections

Graduated recently from a 4-year program.

Western Illinois University | Macomb, Illinois May 2020 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology | Minor in Psychology 3.95 GPA magna cum laude Dean’s List all semesters

Two degrees.

Fordham University | Bronx, New York April 2016 Master of Chemical Engineering Stony Brook University | Stony Brook, New York April 2014 Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Anticipated graduation date (not yet graduated).

DePaul Univeristy | Chicago, Illinois Bachelor of Arts in History – Degree anticipated May 2021 Current GPA: 3.8

Older job seeker (graduated 10+ years ago).

University of Chicago | Chicago, Illinois Bachelor of Business Administration

High school graduate (no college degree).

Johnston High School 2016-2020 Head of Computer Club

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Education resume section

GPA on resume

Dean’s list

Magna cum laude

Examples Of Skills For Resume

Examples of hard skills include:

Examples of soft skills include:

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Resume skills section

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Skills-based resume

Resume writing FAQ

What is a resume?

A resume is a one to two-page document that focuses on professional experience, past achievements, education and certifications, and specific skills tailored to the job you’re applying for.

Almost every job application requires a resume, and hiring managers use them as a first impression in determining which applicants get a shot at an interview.

Whether you’re fresh out of college or have 30 years of professional experience, this guide should help craft a resume that stands out from the crowd and get you one step closer to landing your dream job.

What is the format for writing a good resume?

Most people will want to use a chronological or reverse-chronological resume format. This format is compatible with most applicant tracking systems (ATS) and is easy for employers to read. Additionally it helps highlight your experience, which helps prove your qualifications.

How far back should a resume go?

A resume should go back no further than 10 to 15 years. However, it is important that all your information is relevant. Therefore, do not include job experience that is irrelevant to your application, even if it’s fewer than 10 years old. Save that information for later discussions.

Should you personalize your resume for each job?

Yes, you should personalize your resume for each job you apply to. Many recruiters use ATS now, which will search for keywords in a resume and reject those that don’t have them. That means that the skills you choose to highlight as well as your opening, such as your resume summary, should be altered to suit each job you apply to.

You don’t need to rewrite the entire resume for each job, but it does show attention to detail and initiative to make sure that your resume is customized. It also makes it more likely that you’ll get past the first step of the process.

State of New York Department of Labor – Resumes, Cover Letters and Job Applications

Harvard University – Create a Resume/CV or Cover Letter

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10 High-Paying Jobs That Require Only Associate Degrees

Posted: February 29, 2024 | Last updated: March 18, 2024

<ul> <li><strong>Annual dividend: </strong><span>$1.944</span></li> <li><strong>Oct. 9, 2020 price: </strong><span>$48.03</span></li> <li><strong>Dividend yield: </strong><span>4.05%</span></li> </ul> <p><span>In terms of revenue, Cardinal Health is one of the biggest companies in the U.S. This multinational conglomerate delivers health care products, services and logistical support to hospitals, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centers, doctor’s offices and clinical labs around the world.</span></p>

How does the potential to make over $65,000 without spending four years in school sound? There are a number of jobs -- from healthcare to technology -- that pay well and are growing in demand. Best of all, they require only a two-year associate degree. In fact, there are some jobs where you can even earn six figures.

Read Next: 7 Things You Must Do To Start Making $1K a Month in Passive Income Learn More: 6 Genius Things All Wealthy People Do With Their Money

You can do very well for yourself with just a couple of years in college and the motivation to succeed.

"Your network connections and inside champions are really what opens doors to hidden opportunities," said Larry Cornett, owner of Brilliant Forge career coaching. "Then, once you're at the table, your reputation and experience will help seal the deal more than any degree on paper."

To help get your foot in the door, take a look at these 10 high-paying careers with bright futures that you can pursue with an associate degree, identified by Resume Genius.

<ul> <li><strong>Median annual salary: </strong>$132,250</li> <li><strong>Number of jobs:</strong> 23,000</li> <li><strong>Estimated job growth:</strong> 1%</li> </ul> <p>Air traffic controllers are responsible for managing the flow of air traffic. Their vital job keeps airplane crew and passengers safe.</p> <p><strong>Job Duties: </strong>Duties can include providing pilots with updates on weather, flight paths and runway information, as well as analyzing flight data to prevent delays.</p> <p><strong>Education Requirements: </strong>To land this high-paying job, you would need an associate degree in the field or the equivalent of three years of work experience. You must also pass the Air Traffic Skills Assessment test, medical and security screenings, and complete intensive training by the Federal Aviation Administration.</p> <p><strong>Try This: <a href="" rel="">12 Key Ways the Rich Multiply Their Wealth</a></strong><br><strong>For You: <a href="" rel="">30 Best Games That Pay Real Money in 2024</a></strong></p> <p><strong>Sponsored: </strong><a href="" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Owe the IRS $10K or more? Schedule a FREE consultation to see if you qualify for tax relief.</a></p>

1. Air Traffic Controller

  • Median annual salary: $132,250
  • Number of jobs: 23,000
  • Estimated job growth: 1%

Air traffic controllers are responsible for managing the flow of air traffic. Their vital job keeps airplane crew and passengers safe.

Job Duties: Duties can include providing pilots with updates on weather, flight paths and runway information, as well as analyzing flight data to prevent delays.

Education Requirements: To land this high-paying job, you would need an associate degree in the field or the equivalent of three years of work experience. You must also pass the Air Traffic Skills Assessment test, medical and security screenings, and complete intensive training by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Try This: 12 Key Ways the Rich Multiply Their Wealth For You: 30 Best Games That Pay Real Money in 2024

Sponsored: Owe the IRS $10K or more? Schedule a FREE consultation to see if you qualify for tax relief.

<ul> <li><strong>Median annual salary: </strong>$100,420</li> <li><strong>Number of jobs:</strong> 5,900</li> <li><strong>Estimated job growth:</strong> -1%</li> </ul> <p>Nuclear technicians work with physicists, engineers and other professionals to conduct nuclear research and aid in the production of nuclear energy.</p> <p><strong>Job Duties: </strong>These technicians use computers and specialized equipment to monitor and manage nuclear reactors.</p> <p><strong>Education Requirements: </strong>This job typically requires an associate degree in nuclear science, nuclear technology or a related field. There is also extensive on-the-job training on operational, safety and regulatory procedures.</p> <p><strong>Explore More: <a href="" rel="">How I Make $5,000 a Month in Passive Income Doing Just 10 Hours of Work a Year</a></strong></p>

2. Nuclear Technician

  • Median annual salary: $100,420
  • Number of jobs: 5,900
  • Estimated job growth: -1%

Nuclear technicians work with physicists, engineers and other professionals to conduct nuclear research and aid in the production of nuclear energy.

Job Duties: These technicians use computers and specialized equipment to monitor and manage nuclear reactors.

Education Requirements: This job typically requires an associate degree in nuclear science, nuclear technology or a related field. There is also extensive on-the-job training on operational, safety and regulatory procedures.

Explore More: How I Make $5,000 a Month in Passive Income Doing Just 10 Hours of Work a Year

<ul> <li><strong>Median annual salary: </strong>$89,530</li> <li><strong>Number of jobs:</strong> 15,900</li> <li><strong>Estimated job growth:</strong> 2%</li> </ul> <p>If you want to work in the medical field but don't have a four-year degree, this role is a great option thanks to its high pay.</p> <p><strong>Job Duties: </strong>Radiation therapists plan and deliver radiation therapy to patients with cancer and other diseases.</p> <p><strong>Education Requirements: </strong>This job typically requires an associate degree in radiation therapy or a healthcare-related field. Many states also require you to pass a national certification exam.</p>

3. Radiation Therapist

  • Median annual salary: $89,530
  • Number of jobs: 15,900
  • Estimated job growth: 2%

If you want to work in the medical field but don't have a four-year degree, this role is a great option thanks to its high pay.

Job Duties: Radiation therapists plan and deliver radiation therapy to patients with cancer and other diseases.

Education Requirements: This job typically requires an associate degree in radiation therapy or a healthcare-related field. Many states also require you to pass a national certification exam.

<ul> <li><strong>Median annual salary: </strong>$85,300</li> <li><strong>Number of jobs:</strong> 18,100</li> <li><strong>Estimated job growth:</strong> 0%</li> </ul> <p>This high-paying healthcare industry job doesn't require a medical degree, or even a bachelor's degree.</p> <p><strong>Job Duties: </strong>Nuclear medicine technologists prepare and administer radioactive drugs to patients, typically those with cancer.</p> <p><strong>Education Requirements: </strong>To obtain this job, you will likely need to graduate from an accredited nuclear medicine technology program with an associate degree.</p>

4. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

  • Median annual salary: $85,300
  • Number of jobs: 18,100
  • Estimated job growth: 0%

This high-paying healthcare industry job doesn't require a medical degree, or even a bachelor's degree.

Job Duties: Nuclear medicine technologists prepare and administer radioactive drugs to patients, typically those with cancer.

Education Requirements: To obtain this job, you will likely need to graduate from an accredited nuclear medicine technology program with an associate degree.

how to make a high school resume

5. Dental Hygienist

  • Median annual salary: $81,400
  • Number of jobs: 219,400
  • Estimated job growth: 7%

Going to dental school isn't the only path to the lucrative field of dentistry. Instead, train to become a dental hygienist with an associate degree and still have solid earning potential.

"If you want to do well by doing good, this is a great career to consider," said Cheryl Palmer, president of Call to Career, an executive career coaching firm.

Job Duties: As a dental hygienist, you'll actually be doing much of the preventative work of dentistry, which can include cleaning and examining teeth. Part of the job is also informing patients about oral health and what they can do better.

According to Palmer, a dental hygienist should have good physical stamina and be positive, friendly and patient.

Education Requirements: Ready to jump all in? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), an associate degree in dental hygiene is typically needed to enter the career. It's important to note this can take three years to complete. Every state requires these professionals to be licensed, but exact requirements vary.

<ul> <li><strong>Median annual salary: </strong>$78,210</li> <li><strong>Number of jobs: </strong>142,800</li> <li><strong>Estimated job growth: </strong>10%</li> </ul> <p>Associate degrees can really pay off, particularly in the medical field.</p> <p><strong>Job Duties:</strong> These individuals operate special imaging equipment so doctors can diagnose medical conditions. They might work in a hospital setting, physician's office or medical lab.</p> <p><strong>Education Requirements:</strong> The BLS states a prospective job candidate should have an associate degree or complete a one-year certificate program, which some schools or hospitals offer. You'll also want to receive professional certification, as well as certification in CPR. Only a few states require these techs to be licensed.</p> <p><strong>Check Out: <a href="" rel="">10 Ways To Double Your Income With ChatGPT</a></strong></p>

6. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Cardiovascular Technologist/Technician

  • Median annual salary: $78,210
  • Number of jobs: 142,800
  • Estimated job growth: 10%

Associate degrees can really pay off, particularly in the medical field.

Job Duties: These individuals operate special imaging equipment so doctors can diagnose medical conditions. They might work in a hospital setting, physician's office or medical lab.

Education Requirements: The BLS states a prospective job candidate should have an associate degree or complete a one-year certificate program, which some schools or hospitals offer. You'll also want to receive professional certification, as well as certification in CPR. Only a few states require these techs to be licensed.

Check Out: 10 Ways To Double Your Income With ChatGPT

<ul> <li><strong>Median annual salary: </strong>$74,410</li> <li><strong>Number of jobs: </strong>10,200</li> <li><strong>Estimated job growth: </strong>8%</li> </ul> <p>If you want to work with aircraft or spacecraft -- and get paid well for it -- this job fits the bill.</p> <p><strong>Job Duties:</strong> These technologists and technicians work on testing and maintaining aircraft and spacecraft to ensure they are safe and reliable.</p> <p><strong>Education Requirements:</strong> Most jobs require an associate degree in engineering technology or a related subject, although some employers may accept candidates with a high school diploma or a certificate of program completion.</p>

7. Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technologist/Technician

  • Median annual salary: $74,410
  • Number of jobs: 10,200
  • Estimated job growth: 8%

If you want to work with aircraft or spacecraft -- and get paid well for it -- this job fits the bill.

Job Duties: These technologists and technicians work on testing and maintaining aircraft and spacecraft to ensure they are safe and reliable.

Education Requirements: Most jobs require an associate degree in engineering technology or a related subject, although some employers may accept candidates with a high school diploma or a certificate of program completion.

<ul> <li><strong>Median annual salary: </strong>$70,740</li> <li><strong>Number of jobs: </strong>161,000</li> <li><strong>Estimated job growth: </strong>4%</li> </ul> <p>This is another high-paying job in the aviation industry that doesn't require a four-year degree.</p> <p><strong>Job Duties:</strong> These mechanics and technicians repair planes and helicopters. This can involve diagnosing and fixing mechanical or electrical issues, replacing defective parts, and ensuring that aircraft comply with federal safety standards.</p> <p><strong>Education Requirements:</strong> An associate degree is required, as well as completing coursework at an FAA-approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School.</p>

8. Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanic and Technician

  • Median annual salary: $70,740
  • Number of jobs: 161,000
  • Estimated job growth: 4%

This is another high-paying job in the aviation industry that doesn't require a four-year degree.

Job Duties: These mechanics and technicians repair planes and helicopters. This can involve diagnosing and fixing mechanical or electrical issues, replacing defective parts, and ensuring that aircraft comply with federal safety standards.

Education Requirements: An associate degree is required, as well as completing coursework at an FAA-approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School.

how to make a high school resume

9. Respiratory Therapist

  • Median annual salary: $70,540
  • Number of jobs: 133,100
  • Estimated job growth: 13%

Although respiratory therapists help people who are dealing with breathing emergencies, you might have trouble catching your own breath knowing that this career pays over $70,000 and requires only an associate degree. Not to mention the profession is growing faster than average over the next few years.

In this profession, "you will need to be able to work well under pressure, multitask, communicate well and function optimally in a team environment," Palmer said.

Job Duties: In addition to responding to emergency care, these professionals might perform diagnostic tests that measure lung capacity, use chest physiotherapy and administer aerosol medications.

Education Requirements: An associate degree is typically needed to enter the field, as well as passing a state licensing or professional certification exam.

<ul> <li><strong>Average salary:</strong> $42,600</li> <li><strong>Pay growth 2021-2022: </strong>6.07%</li> <li><strong>Job growth:</strong> 87,700 vacancies annually</li> <li><strong>Why pay is expected to increase:</strong> Healthcare services continue to be in high demand.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Check Out: <a href="" rel="">10 Tips To Start a Business With Very Little Money, According to Entrepreneurs</a></strong></p>

10. Radiologic or MRI Technologist

  • Median annual wage: $67,180
  • Number of jobs: 264,100
  • Job growth: 6%

Radiologic and MRI technologists can earn a satisfying paycheck with two short years of training.

Job Duties: These individuals operate diagnostic equipment. Radiologic technologists, also known as radiographers, might perform X-rays on patients. MRI technologists, on the other hand, use magnetic resonance imaging scanners to create diagnostic images.

Education Requirements: An associate degree is typically needed to enter this profession. According to the BLS, many MRI technologists begin as radiologic technologists. Most states require radiographers to be licensed or certified, whereas only a few states require it for MRI technologists.

However, if you want the best job prospects, you'll want multiple certifications and to graduate from an accredited program.

Ga brielle Olya contributed to the reporting for this article.

Data is sourced from Resume Genius , unless otherwise specified, and is accurate as of Feb. 5, 2024.

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The collapse killed six construction workers and halted most maritime traffic through Baltimore’s busy port. The controlled demolition will allow the Dali to be refloated and restore traffic through the port, which will provide relief for thousands of longshoremen, truckers and small business owners who have seen their jobs impacted by the closure.

Officials said the detonation went as planned. They said the next step in the dynamic cleanup process is to assess the few remaining trusses on the Dali’s bow and make sure none of the underwater wreckage is preventing the ship from being refloated and moved.

“It’s a lot like peeling back an onion,” said Lt. Gen. Scott Spellmon of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Explosive charges are detonated to bring down sections of the collapsed Francis Scott Key...

Officials expect to refloat the ship within the next few days. Then three or four tugboats will guide it to a nearby terminal at the port. It will likely remain there for a several weeks and undergo temporary repairs before being moved to a shipyard for more substantial repairs.

“This was a very big milestone for our progression forward,” Col. Estee Pinchasin, Baltimore District Commander for the Army Corps of Engineers, said in the immediate aftermath of the demolition. She said crews don’t anticipate having to use any more explosives.

The  Dali’s crew  remained on board the ship during the detonation, and no injuries or problems were reported, said Capt. David O’Connell, commander of the Port of Baltimore.

The crew members haven’t been allowed to leave the grounded vessel since the disaster. Officials said they’ve been busy maintaining the ship and assisting investigators. Of the crew members, 20 are from India and one is Sri Lankan.

Engineers spent weeks preparing to use explosives to break down the span, which was an estimated 500 feet (152 meters) long and weighs up to 600 tons (544 metric tons). The demolition was  postponed Sunday  because of thunderstorms.

“This is a best practice,” Gov. Wes Moore said at a news conference Monday, noting that there have been no injuries during the cleanup to date. “Safety in this operation is our top priority.”

Fire teams were stationed in the area during the explosion in case of any problematic flying sparks, officials said.

In a videographic released this week, authorities said engineers were using precision cuts to control how the trusses break down. They said the method allows for “surgical precision” and is one of the safest and most efficient ways to remove steel under a high level of tension. Hydraulic grabbers will now lift the broken sections of steel onto barges.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the FBI are conducting investigations into the bridge collapse. Officials have said the safety board investigation will focus on the  ship’s electrical system .

Danish shipping giant Maersk had chartered the Dali for a planned trip from Baltimore to Sri Lanka, but the ship didn’t get far. Its crew sent a mayday call saying they had lost power and had no control of the steering system. Minutes later, the ship rammed into the bridge.

State and federal officials have commended the salvage crews and other members of the cleanup operation who helped recover the remains of the six construction workers. The last body was recovered from the underwater wreckage last week. All of the victims were  Latino immigrants  who came to the U.S. for job opportunities. They were filling potholes on an overnight shift when the bridge was destroyed.

Officials said the operation remains on track to reopen the port’s 50-foot (15-meter) deep draft channel by the end of May. Until then, crews have established a temporary channel that’s slightly shallower. Officials said 365 commercial vessels have passed through the port in recent weeks. The port normally processes more cars and farm equipment than any other in the country.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Baltimore native whose father and brother served as mayor decades ago, compared the Key Bridge disaster to the overnight bombardment of Baltimore’s Fort McHenry, which long ago  inspired Francis Scott Key  to write “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the War of 1812. She said both are a testament to Maryland’s resilience.

Pelosi, a Democrat who represents California’s 11th district, attended Monday’s news conference with two of her relatives. She praised the collective response to the tragedy as various government agencies have come together, working quickly without sacrificing safety.

“Proof through the night that our flag was still there,” she said. “That’s Baltimore strong.”

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