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Case question for banking (Citi)

Last month, I was rejected by McKinsey after a long journey (3 interviews in the final round). Then, I've decided to start to looking for new opportunities and I've applied for LATAM New Analysts Program for Citibank. 

Now, I'm in the second round of the program which consists in personal interviews + case interview.

 I would like to know if this case interview is similiar with management consultant cases.

Has someone already interviewed with Citi for analyst role? Can you help me? 

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Yes indeed, the process is similar. 

The good thing is that you can perfectly apply the skills that you have developed (for casing, the math, structuring and top-down communication. For FIT, the prep it´s almost identical).

This also applies for tech! As you can see, doing consulting interview prep properly is something that can be useful is so many moments down the road. 

Good luck with Citi!

Hope it helps!

From the candidates I've supported the citibank cases are similar, but of course not identical!

Feel free to reach out for help - I can support you based on my prior candidate's experiences.

Interviews will be very similar, so you can leverage your consulting preparation.

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citi case study interview reddit

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Citi Summer Analyst Interview

waltersobchek - Certified Professional

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Couldn't find much on the website, anyone been through it recently or in the past? I have my first round in person next week. Mostly fit or technical? Any brainteasers or random hard shit?

and sorry for another SA interview thread

CityGirl's picture

first round? i thought citi only had one round - no?

waltersobchek - Certified Professional

I'm pretty sure they have several rounds.....the HR person said first round

Veluch's picture

If you have an internal contact that counts as your 1st round fit so you just have the one final round interview. If no one is pushing for you internally, they do a 1st round fit, but you're right CityGirl, most SAs only have one round.

Ah okay, I had an MD pass it on, but since I only knew him through an alum, I probably have a first round.

jackofalltrades - Certified Professional

For London IBD : I had a first round over the phone with two separate people back to back, 45 minutes each. It was all fit, i.e. why banking, describe leadership, how would you deal with a person who..., etc.

dosk17 - Certified Professional

Mostly fit questions unless you've had some kind of finance internship or have a finance background... if you haven't, do expect a few questions on basic valuation techniques, etc. In general summer analyst interviews take less time than full-time interviews and have fewer questions.

In general you will only get brainteasers if you say something that warrants them, e.g. saying you're really good at math, or if your interviewer doesn't like you for some reason. They may ask you a few basic math questions but there's usually little reason to torture a summer analyst candidate with brainteasers .

As with all banks, be prepared to answer the "Why Citi ?" question - they all really like to ask this, so do some research on the culture before the interview.

Thanks for the insight guys.

The "Why ____" question is definitley popular, and I got drilled on it at JP Morgan .

I read the WSJ/NYT a lot, but is there a place that kind of outlines the major strengths of each bank? Stuff like JP Morgan being strong in high-yield and such..... got drilled on not knowing that.

ewong - Certified Professional

look them up on vault or wikipedia

bigbadbanker1's picture

Honestly, when asked the inevitable why do you want to work at XYZ bank, I wouldn't just memorize and rattle off facts that you read on the company's website, Vault, Wetfeet, WSJ, NYTimes, etc. You are already expected to be familliar with these sources and knowing them won't put you ahead of the pack. While it's important to show the interviewer that you've down your homework, i.e. you know the company's leaders, culture / guiding principles, and the differences between the universal banking platform and the more traditional model (if you are interviewing with Citi , JPM , BofA ), I wouldn't spend too much time on them in your answer. The interviewer already knows about all of this. This question is your main opportunity to sell yourself as a good fit for the firm. Talk about a few factors that are important in a employer (higher level of analyst to associate promotion, smaller deal teams, strong Real Estate Group, etc.) and how this particular firm does better than their competitors in these areas. One thing that I used to do was examine the league tables and a firm's recent transactions before I interviewed. I was very interested in the tech. industry, so if I found a bank was #1 in Internet M&A during the past year, I would make sure to include this in my answer to why I want to work in Tech for XYZ bank.

Thanks for the help guys..... hopefully this will be easier than the Lazard interview

freeway's picture

Citi Equity Research Interview ( Originally Posted: 04/08/2014 )

My girlfriend is interviewing for a Citi research role so I am posting here on her behalf :)

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Citi or their research team? Some previous threads I read mentioned they were big on "thought leadership", but anything else unique/special about Citi?

Finally, I also know they have taken a pretty big reputation hit in recent years, any ideas on how to give a good "Why Citi?" pitch ?

lou - Certified Professional

It depends if it's lateral, on campus (SA or FT). If it's for a SA role, it would be a mix of fit and technical. If it's FT /lateral, it'll be mostly technical and a bit of fit.

Hopefully she networked within the firm and can give out names of people that she believes is a great representation of what the firm is about.

Delta Storm - Certified Professional

Citi S&T Interview - Technical Questions? ( Originally Posted: 09/24/2014 )

I got a phone interview with a trader from Citi and was wondering what kind of technical questions I should anticipate?

Waymon3x6 - Certified Professional

Do you have access to Vaseline?

localhero - Certified Professional

bump, also curious.

gavin_volure - Certified Professional

What desk? What's your background (year in school, past internships, major, etc) Depends on that really

tringuy's picture

Phone Interview with Citi - What to expect? ( Originally Posted: 10/25/2011 )

hey everyone,

as the title says, I have a phone interview with Citi global transaction services next week? what sort of questions should expect?

thanks in advance

prachi81's picture

Please let me know how your interview .I have interview with Citi GTS this wednesday. I a curious to know whether it will be technical or behaviourial.

thanks in advance Prachi

exeunt's picture

Citi Equities Interview ( Originally Posted: 02/28/2009 )

How are citi's equities trading summer internship interviews usually like? More technical or behavioral?

When you apply for the position, you apply under the general equities category, but don't really specify which group of products ( equity derivatives , etc.).

Would you be asked specific technical questions on derivatives, funds, and so on?

IBnutz - Certified Professional

this wouldn't be for a position in dallas would it?

financenes's picture

Citi S&T Telephone Interview ( Originally Posted: 04/11/2012 )

Hello Gents!

Will have soon two interviews - one with HR, one with business representative for S&T . I will be called from London.

Applied to graduate S&T programm.

What to expect? Will the questions be more motivation side or technical ?

Any info appreciated.

JeremyLinMVP's picture

Honestly, you have to be prepared for everything at his point if you are serious about getting a job. So: 1) Fit questions 2) Technical questions 3) Market awareness + trade ideas 4) brainteasers

In my opinion 1 and 3 seemed to be the most important. + be careful about making any statements such "I know thing x", "I am really interested in X" if you can't follow up on them - if you say that you are interested in derivatives and you can't answer basic questions about derivatives then you're making a fool out of yourself. Lastly, interviews are all about making other people to like you - keep that in mind and try to engage them in conversation instead of having one way interrogation.

zeropower - Certified Professional

London-based interviews (at least in my experience) are very heavily focused on behavioural (fit) questions. Brush up on the typical strengths/weaknesses questions and what you could bring to the table.

Higheck123's picture

Citigroup Interview Insight ( Originally Posted: 02/11/2011 )

Hello again,

I have an upcoming phone screen for Citi risk management summer analyst internship and I am curious to know what I could expect? I am also curious as to how I could answer the obvious why citi question. I do not have a background in finance so I am also curious on how this will affect the phone screen.

anaismalcolm - Certified Professional

I'd also like answers to these questions.

For future people searching, I was asked about how I manage my time and activities and why I wanted to work in risk management. I also had to pitch a stock, and the interviewer recommended knowing the multiples of comparable companies so you can talk about the multiple of the company you are pitching and discuss it in that light. He also asked me about the ways to value a company. Kind of a bit of the basics of everything. Also be prepared to ask the interviewer some questions.

collegekid89's picture

They ask you to pitch stocks for risk management internships too? O_O

collegekid89: They ask you to pitch stocks for risk management internships too? O_O

No actually it was 90% fit. the rest was economic concepts and current event type q's.

Higheck123, did your interviewer tell you what the timeline was? Mine had no idea.

anaismalcolm: Higheck123, did your interviewer tell you what the timeline was? Mine had no idea.

He did not give a specific time line. He just told me to expect a call next week to schedule a first round.

hopespringseternal's picture

I had my first round (OCR) on the 11th, got invited to the second round later that same day, had my second round the 18th, and was an extended an offer on the 19th. This was for global risk management.

hey can you tell me what the other 10% of the questions were?

And do you think the interview for this will be the same as the operations analyst position (give or take)

Again, for the future searchers, at the Citi risk super day I was asked mostly fit questions . Definitely know "Why Citi?" as well as have a great answer to "Why risk?" I also was asked to explain a lot of my activities on my resume, so (like for any interview) know your resume well and what strengths you can talk about based on your activities.

so-cal's picture

Citigroup Interview Coming-Up....a few Q's ( Originally Posted: 01/14/2007 )

I have a C interview coming up (NYC). Well prepared on the technical side but want to know more about culture and bank specifics and how it sets the bank apart from others.

I know it is THE international ibank. Don't know much about culture, except I have heard people call it a "blue-collar" bank. Does any body know what the hell that means?

Thanks much,

in regards to the 'blue collar' bank statement , I have thought that it many be in reference to the old Salomon culture, but don't know.

also, i have heard their m&a group is very good along with sponsors, consumer, healthcare, and fig . Right? Anything else.

GoldwingX - Certified Professional

dude city only accepts the best

Rickets - Certified Professional

Citi has a large commercial banking operation. Some feel that the existence of a consumer franchise drags down the prestige of the whole bank.

dang i wanna in

i like the sound of that

HFPM - Certified Professional

Energy is ok, not spectacultar. M&A is ok - if you think a product group is right (which I don't, even for M&A).

Zmei - Certified Professional

Citi want to be Goldman basically - they try to measure up to the best. So if wanna talk prestige to them - you can drop a line that in terms of senior banker quality you think they are at par with Goldman. First round interviews tend to be technical too. In general - big bank, you love the international presence, like the balance sheet strength - can get any deal out there, strong brokerage arm (SSMB) to push the new product offerings, etc. Definitely not a blue collar attitude - Citi has an inferiority complex in general so they stick to the "we hire only the best and the smoothest". However they also tend to be on the cheap side of comp and therefore are more open to 2nd tier schools (as compared to Goldman). Big push throughout Citi for cost cutting (you figure what gets cut first....). Still a great place for Ibanking in terms of prestige.

"However they also tend to be on the cheap side of comp and therefore are more open to 2nd tier schools (as compared to Goldman)"

'cheap side of comp?' I heard from multiple people they paid 85k bonuses to top 1st years last season. I believe this is equal or slightly greater than what i heard from 1years at other BBs . Is this wrong?

GenghisKhan - Certified Professional

Here's my personal view of Citigroup :

Most firms on Wall Street wish they had done what Citi has the last five years. They've gone from being a lower-half bulge bracket (as Salomon was) to being the only firm on Wall Street that can honestly say they are top three in every major product.

We see them in places they never were five and ten years ago (name a Salomon tech deal before Oracle/Peoplesoft, for example). Now they're everywhere. We're holding the line against the Citis and the JPMorgans of the world on the M&A advisory side and in equity, but the dominance of the the old monoline investment banks has never been more in doubt.

I'm not sure what the next ten years looks like, but I think we're all going to look a lot more like Citigroup and JPM than we do today. John Mack has already signalled a desire to move MS that way. A lot of us believe that Stan O'Neal was dressing Merrill up for a sale before the downturn put everything on hold. My guess is that Merrill will end up with HSBC before all is said and done.

Don't kid yourself with the "old" stereotypes. They're dead and gone. From what I know of them, Citi today very little resembles the Salomon of yesteryear. I'd work there, no question.

Five years ago, the old "J-dot-P-dot-Morgan" just looked and dressed different from the Merrills, Goldmans, and Lehmans of the world - today's JPMorgan is a completely different beast. We all revel in the latest reports of trouble with the idea of the "financial supermarket". Personally, I detest the concept.

However, whenever I look at the league tables, I know who's winning, and the top of that list is Citigroup. My suspicion is that when Lloyd Blankfein goes to sleep at night, he doesn't worry about Morgan Stanley as much as he worries about Citigroup.

thanks for the comments so far...they are greatly appreciated.

corgi95 - Certified Professional

"My suspicion is that when Lloyd Blankfein goes to sleep at night, he doesn't worry about Morgan Stanley as much as he worries about Citigroup ."

Actually he probably worries more about his FICC trading team than anything else.

when interviewing, will they ask you about group preference? What groups do you think are the best to be in at Citi at this time?

Citi hires directly into groups. So yes, you will get asked. Choose based on industry preference, all groups are good.

does any one know if Citi Healthcare group is good?

alstmdrll's picture

Citi does not hire directly into groups. If you don't know, don't say anything.

alstmdrll - you are very wrong...they changed the process this past hiring season

gibranmeng's picture

What's the strongest group at Citi ?

What do you mean by this past season? Are you talking about the class of 2007 analysts or 2008?

by last bonus season i meant june/july 2006...the bonuses awarded to analysts completing there first year in summer 2006 (the class of 2005).

Well, I asked the question to Zmei. I am pretty sure that Citigroup does not hire directly into groups. It's unheard of.

you are pretty sure but you are absolutely clueless. class of 2008 will be hired next year. class of 2007 was hired this autumn. directly into groups. im talkin personal experience here so update you info.

so does anyone know which of these groups are good?

Well, I was a summer intern and am going back to Citi in the class of 2007.

then you were hired on a general basis for the summer and simply continued with your group for the FT . everyone who interviewed outside of the intern class was interviewing for specific groups. the process was changed in the autumn. you can call CM to confirm :).

luke77 - Certified Professional

Are you talking about the IBD division, capital markets, or sales and trading ?

Zmei, are you talking about IBD or something else? Also, which one of the recruiters do you communication with? Her initials would suffice.

Mis Ind - Certified Professional

Citi does not and will not (this season at least) hire full-times direct to group en masse. A few people take the early-start option, which puts them directly into a group beginning either in January or May (vs. an early July start date for the rest of the class). This process is handled on a case-by-case.

The summer class, on the other hand, is a different matter. You were talking about the summer class, weren't you?

Just FYI, I've heard from people in the know that one of the surest ways to land an offer from Citi is to have an offer from Goldman. I believe it, too.

beep2's picture

zmei..unless you were an intern that took up a fulltime, you were hired into the general pool..i know this from personal experience..the group decision happens during/after you can ask CM abt that yourself ;-)

that could be the reason we have different info. Mis Ind is right about the Goldman/ Citi thing. However, how many do you think turn down GS for Citi:))

Yeeah's picture

Zmei: that could be the reason we have different info. Mis Ind is right about the Goldman/ Citi thing. However, how many do you think turn down GS for Citi:))

I know someone who turned down GS for Citi because he got IB at Citi and S&T at GS

I knew someone who turned down GS for Citi . Apparently he felt that GS had a nasty, snobby culture. Who knew?

buysideanalyst's picture

I have no idea why everyone has such a hard on for GS as an investment bank. Outside of a few prestigous deals a year, they generally do the same crap every other bank does and they cut a lot more corners doing it. Some of the shoddiest IMs I have read are from GS .

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CitiBank Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

Citi Bank (Citi CSC) came to our campus to hire Technology Analyst Interns.

All pre-final year students from any branch could apply.

  • Online Test – 12th September 2021
  • Technical Interview – 15th September 2021
  • HR interview – 15 September 2021

ONLINE TEST: Criteria: CPI 6+ and no active backlogs

Test consisted of 5 sections. There were sectional timers. You cannot switch between sections. Also you cannot navigate through the questions within a section. There was no negative marking. It was video proctored.

General tip: Be real quick while solving questions!

1. CS subjects’ based MCQs (25 Questions in 35 minutes)

  • MCQs based on stacks, queues, trees, searching, sorting techniques, output prediction, basic programming questions, OOPS etc

Your basics should be really clear and you will be through this section.

2. Aptitude (16 Questions in 16 minutes)

  • MCQs on topics like work and time, probability, permutations and combinations, percentages, ages, profit and loss, etc. I don’t remember exactly what the questions were, but they were doable. 
  • The only thing is you need to be fast.

3. Logical Reasoning (14 Questions in 14 minutes)

  • I don’t clearly remember the questions of this section. 
  • But the questions were of easy to moderate level.

4. Verbal Reasoning (22 Questions in 18 minutes)

  • Antonyms, synonyms, prepositions and passages etc. The questions were easy.
  • Tip: There were two passages. Each passage had around 3-4 questions. 
  • So reading the passage carefully once helps a lot.

5. Coding section (2 Questions in 60 minutes)

  • a. Trapezium Pattern Printing . Passed 11/11 test cases
  • b. Rat in a maze

I followed a backtracking approach and I managed to pass 25/32 test cases

40 students were shortlisted for the interviews

ROUND 2(TECHNICAL INTERVIEW): Duration: 20 minutes (on zoom)

  • The interviewer was really friendly and he began the interview by introducing himself. Then he asked “Tell me about yourself”. He looked quite impressed with my introduction and he spent around 1-2 minutes describing what he liked about my introduction. This made me feel quite comfortable.
  • He had my resume and asked me how much would I rate myself in Java on the scale of 10 (as I had java on my resume) to which I replied 6/10

Then he asked me the following questions

  • Abstraction can be achieved by both interfaces and abstract classes. What is the difference between interfaces and abstract classes? Which one is preferable?
  • Can static members be inherited?
  • When a protected member of the base class is inherited what will be the access modifier of that member in the derived class?
  • Volatile keyword in java (This I could not answer and I clearly stated that I was not aware of this. He said no problem)

After this he asked me about HTML (mentioned on my resume), He asked me what HTML is and what all I have learnt in HTML. 

  • Next he asked what happens when you enter something in a text field on a website.
  • Then he moved on to my project and asked me to describe my project. I used the STAR approach to explain my project. He was happy with my explanation.
  • Next, he asked me about the data structures that I am proficient in. I replied to arrays, strings, trees, linked list, stacks, queues.
  • Then he asked me a coding question : nth node from end of a linked list
  • I gave him two approaches(better and optimal) and he was satisfied. He did not ask me to code.
  • At the end he asked whether I had any questions for him (Always ask questions! It shows your interest in the company)
  • I asked him two questions and his replies were full of advice and his experiences.

26 students were shortlisted for the next Round

ROUND 2(HR ROUND): Duration: 30 minutes (on zoom)

Tip: Be confident and be yourself!

The HR gave her introduction and then asked the following questions

  • Tell me about yourself and your family
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Do you like to work in a team or individually?
  • Have you worked on a group project? How was your experience and what did you learn?
  • Why do you want to intern with Citi?

Finally, 10 students were shortlisted for the internship and I was one of them!


  • Course: GFG DSA 
  • Resources: Love Babbar’s 450 questions, InterviewBit, Striver’s SDE sheet,
  • Youtube channels that I like: Anuj Bhaiya, Apna College, Take u Forward
  • Must Do coding questions: Before the coding round as revision
  • Love Babbar’s Cheatsheet: This sheet covers all the important topics
  • OS playlist: (this playlist is the best according to me)
  • Before your interview going through these links would be really beneficial
  • last minute notes of OS , Most commonly asked interview questions:
  • Love Babbar’s Cheatsheet: Covers all the important topics that you must know
  • For OOPS, be very clear with the 4 pillars, their analogies and real life examples. These are the most frequently asked questions.
  • Love Babbar Cheatsheet( Again! This covers all the important topics.
  • Before your interview just go through the following links
  • Last-minute notes of DBMS, Most commonly asked interview questions 1, Most commonly asked questions 2, SQL important interview questions and answers

CN: As far as internships are concerned they don’t ask CN questions generally, but you can be prepared with the basics

SYSTEM DESIGN: Resources that you can follow (

APTITUDE: IndiaBix: kaafi hai

FOR EVERYTHING: Pre placement checklist(, Interview prep resources(

  • Always read company archives on GFG(and practice questions company wise as well)
  • Give mock interviews as well (on interviewbit)
  • Be well versed with your projects. I used the STAR(Situation, Task, Action, Result) approach to explain my projects.
  • Prepare for the HR interview as well. It is always better to be prepared with the most commonly asked HR questions.
  • Internship sab kuch nahi hota hai! (don’t be harsh on yourself, but work hard)
  • It’s never too late to begin, never! Just chaalu kardo
  • It is never about knowing everything and answering each question in an interview, it’s always about how confidently you handle situations where the question is unknown
  • Always explain your logic and make very sure that you have completely understood what the interviewer is asking, speak out loud, tell the interviewer your approach and then code.
  • Don’t get confused: there are tons of resources available online, stick to a few only

I know all of this is too much, but trust me, I have been there, have faith in yourself. You will be writing your interview experience for sure, very soon!

All the very best!

Thank you GfG, this was possible only because of you!

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Improve your Coding Skills with Practice


Citigroup Application Process and Interview Questions

Citi’s Graduate Programmes

What is citi looking for in its graduates, top tips for applying to citi, receiving an offer, citigroup application process and interview questions.

Updated May 31, 2022

Edward Melett

Citi , also known as Citigroup , is the third-largest bank in the United States, employing over 200,000 people.

It is one of the world’s largest investment banks, collectively known as the ‘bulge bracket’ , and offers financial services including investment, wealth management and premium banking services.

Citi offers various graduate programmes, as well as internships and placements.

Internships usually run for 12 weeks over the summer; placements last for between 6 and 12 months, and are arranged by certain universities.

There is also a week-long ‘1st year programme’, which offers new students insights into what it would be like to work in the finance industry.

For its graduate programmes , Citi offers roles at various levels, including:

  • Full-Time Analyst
  • Academy Analyst
  • Management Associate

Graduate roles cover different areas of the business, including investment banking, technology, operations, corporate banking and global consumer banking.

When you apply for a graduate programme with Citi, you will choose which business area you are interested in. The graduate scheme includes rotations, so you’ll get experience in other areas of the business as part of your training.

The Citi graduate programmes begin in the summer , where you’ll have several weeks of in-depth training in your chosen area.

You’ll then move into a rotation of different areas of the business, with the whole graduate scheme taking between 18 and 24 months to complete.

Citi says its graduate schemes will provide you with opportunities to partner on projects, participate in department-wide initiatives and develop your leadership and technical skills .

For the Full-Time Analyst programme , Citigroup is looking for motivated, intelligent and ambitious individuals with excellent communication skills . The graduate scheme offers mentoring, in-depth training and plenty of opportunities to work with clients and senior management.

Candidates for the Academy Analyst programme should possess the same attributes as ‘Full-Time Analysts’. You’ll be focused on the technology, operations or legal areas of the business, and receive ‘best-in-class’ business and operations training.

Citi’s Management Associate programme looks for graduates with the same motivation and drive. As part of this graduate scheme, you’ll get a customised management training programme – which includes mentoring from business leaders and rotations across the whole organisation.

citi case study interview reddit

In general, Citi is looking for graduates who are on track to receive, or have gained, a 2:1 in their undergraduate degree.

If the particular scheme is very competitive, you may be required to have a higher final grade or master’s degree.

Due to the nature of Citigroup’s work and the banking industry generally, the company looks for people who are:

  • Adaptable and able to work in a fast-paced environment;
  • Excellent communicators with good teamwork skills ;
  • Able to plan, organise and multi-task effectively;
  • Focused on solving problems .

As well as these skills, Citi is looking for graduates with specific personality attributes, such as:

  • Intellectually curious and eager to learn;
  • Committed to personal and professional growth;
  • Dedicated to ethical behaviours and decision-making.

Because the organisation operates in around 160 countries, Citi says it’s a plus if you have an interest in the global and local business landscape you’ll be working in.

The company is also keen on graduates with knowledge and fluency in a second language.

Citi's Application Process

The Citi application process for its graduate schemes has four stages:

  • Online Application Form

Online Test

  • Telephone or In-Person Interview
  • Assessment Centre

1. Online Application Form

The first step in your Citi employment application is to complete an online application form, which also asks that you upload a CV and cover letter .

You may also be asked to upload a copy of your latest university transcript.

The cover letter is a great way for you to showcase your motivation for applying to the graduate scheme at Citigroup.

Use this as an opportunity to talk about your personal ambitions, why you’d like to work in the specific business area for which you are applying, and why you’re interested in working for Citi.

Showing that you’ve researched the company and understand what they do can help your cover letter to stand out .

In your cover letter, try to include references to skills you have which are relevant to the role. Some of the key attributes and skills Citi employees say a graduate needs for the programme are:

  • A passion for the role and industry
  • The ability to work in a team
  • Flexibility
  • Soft skills , such as good judgement

Highlighting these skills in your cover letter – and CV – can help your application stand out, and show Citi you understand what’s required for the role.

A good CV should be clear, concise and include facts about your career history and experience.

Include your professional experience, achievements , academic qualifications, voluntary work and interests.

A final section at the end of your CV titled ‘Additional Skills’, is a good way to include information about your technical and language skills.

Recruiters at Citigroup recommend that your CV shouldn’t be more than two A4 pages long, so try to keep it concise and make every word count.

2. Online Test

If you’re successful and pass the application form stage of the application process, you’ll be asked to complete an online test .

There may be a significant length of time between submitting your application and receiving an invitation to take the test – some candidates say it can take up to a month.

You’ll be asked to take either a numerical reasoning test or a logical reasoning test , depending on the area of Citi for which you are applying. This means that you should prepare by practising both.

Both the numerical reasoning and logical reasoning tests are Talent Q Elements tests . Former graduate applicants have said these are particularly challenging, due to the time limits and the type of questions you are required to answer.

For the numerical reasoning test, you may be presented with information in lots of different formats, such as tables, figures and diagrams.

Candidates report there are lots of answers to choose from – and lots of ‘small print’ in the questions, which can make selecting the right answer from the multiple choice a little harder.

The logical reasoning test may be quite different to other ones you’ve taken. It’s based on patterns and logic sequences within a complex image, where you may be asked to find multiple patterns and progressions (rather than only one).

For both types of test, former graduate scheme applicants have pointed out that the time limits for completing the tests can cause stress, as they are particularly demanding.

It’s also mentioned that the practice questions provided on the tests may not be representative of the difficulty of the test itself.

Because the online numerical reasoning and logical reasoning tests for Citi are unique, we recommend spending plenty of time practising these types of aptitude tests before you begin the application. This includes completing them within set time limits.

Something important to note is that you will be asked to re-take this online test if you reach the assessment centre stage of the application process. This is to confirm that it was you who took the test originally and not someone else.

Therefore, practising them and answering them honestly is crucial.

3. Telephone or In-Person Interview

If you’re successful in the online test, you’ll move onto the next stage in the Citi graduate scheme application process.

This is a short competency-based interview , probably in the form of a telephone interview , to understand more about you and to see whether you’re suitable for the programme.

The purpose of this interview is to help Citi recruiters understand whether your personality, skills and attributes are compatible with what the organisation wants in its graduate scheme candidates.

As well as talking about yourself, your ambitions and your values, you will be asked about Citigroup and the industry in which it operates.

Make sure to do your research before the interview, so you can showcase your knowledge and talk confidently about the organisation and the banking industry.

Some example telephone interview questions you may be asked are:

  • Why do you want to work for Citi?
  • Why do you want to work in your chosen area?
  • Tell me about your employment history.
  • Talk me through your CV.
  • What are some of the current issues facing financial service providers?
  • How does investment banking work?
  • Can you give me an example of a time when you had to make a quick decision?

You are also likely to be asked essential competency questions related to your ability to work with data and your digital skills.

4. Assessment Centre

The final stage of the Citi graduate scheme application process is a day at an assessment centre .

This part of the Citibank recruitment process helps Citi understand how well you work in a team. It also tests you on specific skills and tasks you’re likely to encounter on the graduate programme.

At the assessment centre you’ll take part in individual interviews, group activities and online tests.

The following is an example of the order in which you might undertake each of the different activities, though you may take them in a different order, depending on the assessment centre and number of candidates.

You’ll be asked to retake the online test you did in the second stage of the application process. This is to confirm that you did take the first test – rather than someone else taking it for you – and that you can perform effectively under different circumstances.

For this reason, we recommend practising numerical reasoning and logical reasoning tests even when you have passed the second stage of the application process. That way, you'll feel more confident and calm when asked to take the test at the assessment centre.

Citigroup application process

Group Activity

The group activity will test your ability to communicate, listen to others, put forward ideas and come to unanimous conclusions, as well as your time management skills.

You will be given a case study to read independently, followed by questions about the case study.

These questions will replicate situations you may face during your graduate scheme with Citi, such as deciding on investment options for an organisation or how the company should allocate funds.

As a group of between five and six people, you will then be asked to discuss the case study and your answers, then come to a joint conclusion about which is the best option to take.

During the assessment centre group activity, the Citigroup assessors will be observing you to see how well you can:

  • Communicate with others;
  • Share opinions confidently and with good reasoning;
  • Make decisions;
  • Manage time effectively.

The assessment centre also includes a series of individual interviews with different members of the Citi team, including people from the business area to which you are applying.

These interviews will be about 30 minutes each and you’ll have three of them.

It is likely that one of the job interviews will focus on your CV: the work experience you’ve had, the skills you’ve obtained and your interests.

You might be asked to talk through your CV or expand upon one or two of the roles you’ve held. It’s important that, before you attend the assessment centre, you read through the CV and cover letter you originally submitted – so you know them inside out and can confidently answer any questions about them.

The other two interviews are likely to be competency -based, where you will be asked to provide examples from your education and experience that demonstrate you have the skills and attributes Citi is looking for. This will be like the telephone interview you had earlier on in the application process.

A useful interview tip is to try and think of several examples from your experience that you can use to demonstrate your competencies . That way you waon't have to repeat the same answers that you used in the telephone interviews.

Some of the questions in the one-to-one interview might include:

  • Tell me about a time when you demonstrated good leadership skills.
  • Give me an example of when you had to work successfully in a team.
  • Can you tell me about a situation in your life where you needed to work under pressure?
  • Have you ever disagreed with a colleague about a course of action? How did you manage that situation?

It’s also likely you’ll be asked about current financial topics , including Citi as an organisation.

Take time to research the company before attending the assessment centre, and keep up-to-date with the latest financial news, so that you can confidently answer any questions on these subjects.

You may be asked questions like:

  • What’s the biggest challenge in banking at the moment?
  • How do you think the political situation in the UK is going to affect our industry in the next couple of years?
  • What’s the biggest global trend impacting financial services right now?
  • What’s your opinion on the European debt crisis? [or another current topic]
  • What was our stock price this morning?
  • If you were the CEO of Citi, what would be the first thing you would change about our business?

Individual Task

Finally, you will be asked to complete an individual task . This is normally reading a case study or report, then creating a short presentation on your findings.

There will also be several situational judgement questions that you will have to answer. You might be asked to make recommendations about where the client in the case study should invest, or which stock options it should retain or let go, based on the information in the document.

You will then be given time to prepare a short presentation of your recommendations, which you will present to a member of the Citi team.

The presentation is done one-to-one; your assessor is likely to ask you follow-up questions to help them better understand your thought process.

While this activity can feel daunting, the Citigroup assessors are more interested in the way you work and think through problems than whether your recommendation is exactly the same as theirs would be.

Try to structure your presentation in a clear and logical way so it’s easy for the assessor to follow your thought process, and make sure to explain your reasoning for each recommendation.

As with other graduate schemes for well-respected investment banks, the Citi graduate programme is very competitive.

Be sure to follow these tips:

Read through your CV and cover letter so you know it inside-out.

Spend time researching the company, fully understanding what the programme entails. Showing how you can contribute to the success of the company will give you an advantage during the selection procedure.

The application process for Citi’s graduate scheme comprises an online application, online test, telephone interview and assessment centre. Make sure to practise each of these stages in advance.

Each graduate scheme has varying opening and closing dates. Keep an eye on the Citi website so you can apply as soon as you’re able to.

If you are unsuccessful at any stage in the process you will have to wait for a year before applying again. Unfortunately, Citi is unable to offer feedback unless you get through to the final stage, due to the volume of applicants.

If you successfully complete all the stages, you can expect to receive an offer for the Citi graduate scheme between a week and a month after the assessment centre.

Citigroup advises that during busy periods and depending on the role for which you are applying, response times can vary quite a lot.

You might also be interested in these other Wikijob articles:

How to Start a Career in Investment Banking 2024

Or explore the Interview Advice / Company Interview Questions sections.

Working at Citi is far more than just a job. A career with us means joining a team of more than 230,000 dedicated people from around the globe. At Citi, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your career, give back to your community and make a real impact.

citi case study interview reddit

At Citi, we stand firm in our commitment to our values, and we look for people who share those values with us. We believe in doing what is right – for our clients and our people.

Citi's mission is to serve as a trusted partner to our clients by responsibly providing financial services that enable growth and economic progress. We have set expectations for how we must act to bring our mission to life. These expectations are at the heart of our Leadership Principles – we take ownership, we deliver with pride and we succeed together.

citi case study interview reddit

A Mission of Enabling Growth and Economic Progress

We have more than 200 years of experience helping our clients meet the world’s toughest challenges and embrace its greatest opportunities. What you can expect from us and what we expect from ourselves. Learn More

citi case study interview reddit

Our vision is for Citi to be the preeminent banking partner for institutions with cross-border needs, a global leader in wealth management and a valued personal bank in our home market of the United States. Find Out More


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