27 of the Best Professional Bio Examples I've Ever Seen [+ Templates]

Lindsay Kolowich Cox

Published: December 20, 2023

80+ Professional Bio Templates & Examples

campaign biography example

Create a compelling professional narrative for a proper, attention-grabbing introduction.

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As a writer, I have to let readers and potential clients know my expertise, my skills, and why they should work with me or be interested in what I say. So, a professional bio is a must in my industry.

Hands type at a laptop

Though I'm definitely familiar with professional bios, I can admit they can be challenging. What do I include? What do readers need to know?

As daunting as writing a professional bio can be, professional bios are crucial when applying for jobs, seeking new clients, or networking. A professional bio also gives the world a brief snapshot of you and your professional ideals.

If you‘re at a loss for how to write a professional bio that packs a punch, I’ve got you covered.

I will walk you through how to write a professional bio, provide professional bio templates, and show you the best professional bio examples you can get inspiration from.

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What is a professional bio?

Professional bio templates, how to write a professional bio, best professional bio examples, how to write a short bio.

campaign biography example

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A professional bio or biography is a short overview of your experience. Professional bios usually include details about education, employment, achievements, and relevant skills.

Purpose of Professional Bios

A bio tells an audience about who you are, what you've done, and what you can do. It can help potential employers, fans, or customers understand your personality and what you stand for.

Writing a bio without a clear starting point is challenging — believe me, I've tried. To ease the process, here are some templates I put together to get you started.

I‘ve found it’s best to keep your professional bio honest and to the point. Too long of a bio, and you risk losing your audience's attention. After all, audiences will only read a web page for less than a minute before clicking elsewhere.

And honesty is key because most consumers and clients won‘t invest in someone or something if it doesn’t seem trustworthy. In fact, 67% of consumers say they must trust a brand before investing in its products or services.

campaign biography example

"Plus," she adds, "I'm always happy to talk about my cats at any given moment. You never know when a fellow cat mom could be reading."

Values and Work Approach

Your values can sometimes show your work ethic more effectively than your career path. It can also help you endear yourself to employers and colleagues who want to work with people with similar values.

So don‘t be shy: Share how you incorporate your values into your work. Whether it’s a commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, or ethical decision-making, explain what drives you and be enthusiastic about it.

Your Personality

Remember: Your bio should always include a taste of your personality! Your sense of humor, creativity, or collaborative nature could all give readers a sense of who you are. This helps readers connect with you on a more personal level.

Remember to tailor your bio for different platforms and audiences. Also, keep it concise and impactful while highlighting the most relevant information in each context.

First-Person Bio vs. Third-Person Bio

While first-person bios are common, third-person bios can be more effective in formal situations.

Your decision to write your professional bio in the first or third person depends on your desire to leave a more personable or assertive impression.

Both approaches work, provided you tailor them to your goals and audience. What’s important is to be clear and tell your story in a way that connects with your reader.

How to Write a First-Person Bio

Writing in the first person can be a great way to connect with your audience when building a personal brand. When you write a first-person bio, use "I" or "me" to make yourself relatable and approachable.

Here's one way I’d write a first-person bio:

"I'm a freelance writer specializing in small business content. I've worked with companies in a variety of industries like home care to fine leather goods."

Speaking in the first person here connects you with a client or brand based on your experience and opinions. Put another way, writing a first-person bio is like telling your story to your audience.

Here are a few tips to make your first-person bio great:

Don’t start every sentence with "I."

Showing instead of telling is a great approach.

Let’s say you’re a writer who wants to create a short professional bio. Instead of saying, "I love to write," you can say, "Writer. Bad but enthusiastic dancer."

This portrays your writing skill, shows your personality outside of writing as a dancer, and includes a little sense of humor, which is essential for a writer.

Remember, you know yourself better than anyone.

Adding a back story to your bio helps create context for the roles and successes you write about. Think of it like a case study about who you were, what you are now, and the process that got you to your current position.

Focus on valuable details.

Quick facts about you can showcase your identity and values. For example, if you're writing a bio for LinkedIn, think about how to tie your hobby into what you do.

Let's say Animal Crossing is your hobby. Does it align with your career aspirations? It can be a great addition to your bio if you want to pursue a video game career.

However, if your interests lie elsewhere, including a more relevant hobby is better.

How to Write a Third-Person Bio

Third-person bios sound more authoritative and objective. So, if you’re job searching in a formal industry, applying for grants, or trying to get published, you may want to stick to the third person.

For instance, when you write a third-person bio, you may start with:

"Jasmine Montgomery is a Senior Hiring Manager at L’Oreal based in New York. She recruits across several business units to connect with the brightest talent from around the globe."

By only using your name and pronouns to speak about yourself here, you are letting your title and skill set speak for themselves.

These bios create distance between the subject of the bio (you) and the reader through a third person. This person could be anyone, but they usually speak in a tone emphasizing their expertise.

This makes third-person bios feel aloof or overly formal sometimes.

Ideally, your third-person bio should sound friendly but polished, like a message from a close colleague at work. Here are a few tips on how to write a great third-person bio.

Write from the perspective of someone you know and trust.

It can be challenging to write about yourself, so try to see yourself from the perspective of your favorite person at work or a mentor you trust. This can help you write from a position of authority without feeling self-conscious.

Show the reader why they should trust your opinion.

A professional bio often reflects a specific industry or niche. With this in mind, your text should include relevant details that professionals in your industry know. Avoid jargon whenever you can.

Remember, you're telling a story.

If you want a third-person bio, but you're used to writing in first-person, it may help to write it the most comfortable way for you.

Your professional bio is an essential piece of writing, so edit it carefully. Edit your writing from both points of view and see which works best for your target audience.

Here's how to write a professional bio, step by step.

  • Create an 'About' page for your website or profile.
  • Begin writing your bio with your first and last name.
  • Mention any associated brand name you might use.
  • State your current position and what you do.
  • Include at least one professional accomplishment.
  • Describe your values and how they inform your career.
  • Briefly tell your readers who you are outside of work.
  • Use humor or a personal story to add flavor to your professional bio.

If you’re anything like me, you probably don't think about your professional bio until you’re asked to "send one over via email."

You have one afternoon to come up with it, so you scramble together a bio that ends up reading like this:

"Rodney Erickson is a content marketing professional at HubSpot, a CRM platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

Previously, Rodney worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. He graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing."

To be fair, in certain contexts, your professional bio needs to be more formal, like Mr. Erickson's up there. But there are also cases where writing a personable and conversational bio is good.

Whether you choose the formal or casual route, use the following steps to create a perfect bio.

1. Create an 'About' page for your website or profile.

You need an online space to keep your professional bio. Here are a few to consider (some of these you might already have in place):

  • Facebook Business page .
  • Industry blog byline .
  • Instagram account .
  • Personal website .
  • LinkedIn profile .
  • Industry website .
  • Personal blog .

As you'll see in the professional bio examples below, the length and tone of your bio will differ depending on the platforms you use.

Instagram, for example, allows only 150 characters of bio space, whereas you can write as much as you want on your website or Facebook Business page.

2. Begin writing your bio with your first and last name.

If your readers remember nothing else about your bio, they should remember your name. Therefore, it's a good idea for your first and last name to be the first two words of your professional bio.

Even if your name is printed above this bio (hint: it should), this is a rare moment where it's okay to be redundant.

For example, if I were writing my bio, I might start it like this:

Lindsay Kolowich

Lindsay Kolowich is a Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot.

3. Mention any associated brand name you might use.

Will your professional bio represent you or a business you work for? Ensure you mention the brand you associate with in your bio. If you're a freelancer, you may have a personal business name or pseudonym you advertise to your clients.

Here are a few examples:

  • Lindsay Kolowich Marketing.
  • SEO Lindsay.
  • Kolowich Consulting.
  • Content by Kolowich (what do you think ... too cheesy?).

Maybe you founded your own company and want its name to be separate from your real name. Keep it simple like this: "Lindsay Kolowich is the founder and CEO of Kolowich Consulting."

4. State your current position and what you do.

Whether you're the author of a novel or a mid-level specialist, use the following few lines of your bio to describe what you do in that position. Refrain from assuming your audience knows what your job title entails.

Make your primary responsibilities known so readers can know you and understand what you offer to your industry.

5. Include at least one professional accomplishment.

Just as a business touts its client successes through case studies, your professional bio should let your audience know what you've achieved.

What have you done for yourself — as well as for others — that makes you a valuable player in your industry?

6. Describe your values and how they inform your career.

Why do you do what you do? What might make your contribution to the market different from your colleagues? What are the values that make your business a worthwhile investment to others?

Create a professional bio that answers these questions.

7. Briefly tell your readers who you are outside of work.

Transition from describing your values in work to defining who you are outside of work. This may include:

  • Your family.
  • Your hometown.
  • Sports you play.
  • Hobbies and interests.
  • Favorite music and travel destinations.
  • Side hustles you're working on.

People like connecting with other people. The more transparent you are about who you are personally, the more likable you'll be to people reading about you.

8. Use humor or a personal story to add flavor to your professional bio.

End your professional bio on a good or, more specifically, a funny note. By leaving your audience with something quirky or unique, you can ensure they'll leave your website with a pleasant impression of you.

Following the steps above when writing your bio is important, but take your time with one section. People consume lots of information daily. So ensure your bio hooks 'em in the first line, and you won’t lose them.

(P.S. Want to boost your professional brand? Take one of HubSpot Academy's free certification courses . In just one weekend, you can add a line to your resume and bio that over 60,000 marketers covet.)

Why Good Bios Are Important for a Professional

You may think, "How many people read professional bios, anyway?"

The answer: A lot. Though there's no way to tell who is reading it, you want it catchy. Your professional bio will delight the right people coming across it on multiple platforms.

Professional bios can live on your LinkedIn profile , company website, guest posts, speaker profiles, Twitter bio , Instagram bio , and many other places.

And most importantly, it‘s the tool you can leverage most when you’re networking.

Bottom line? People will read your professional bio. Whether they remember it or it makes them care about you is a matter of how well you present yourself to your intended audience.

So, what does a top-notch professional bio look like? Let‘s review a few sample bios for professionals like you and me. Then, we’ll cover bio examples from some of the best people in the industry.

Short Sample Bios

Your bio doesn't have to be complicated. Here are five samples to glean inspiration from.

Example 1: Friendly Sample Bio

"Hey! My name is Ryan, and I'm a marketing specialist passionate about digital advertising. I have five years of experience managing various online campaigns and improving brand visibility for clients across multiple verticals. I love analyzing consumer behavior and leveraging data-driven strategies to maximize ROI. Outside work, I enjoy traveling, taking funny photos, and exploring new hiking trails."

Example 2: Mid-Career Sample Bio

"Jennifer Patel is a versatile graphic designer known for her creative approach and attention to detail. With a background in visual arts and eight years of experience, Jennifer has worked on diverse projects ranging from logo designs to website layouts. Her ability to understand and translate client needs into visually striking designs sets her apart. Jennifer finds inspiration in nature, music, and pop culture."

Example 3: Sales Sample Bio

"I'm a seasoned sales executive with a track record of exceeding targets and building strong client relationships. With a background in B2B sales, I've built a natural ability to understand customer needs and consistently exceed quota every month. I pride myself in my communication skills and strategic approaches, which have helped me thrive in highly competitive markets such as SaaS sales. Outside work, I enjoy playing basketball and volunteering at local charities."

Example 4: HR Sample Bio

"I am a dedicated human resources professional with a passion for fostering a positive workplace culture and facilitating employee development. With eight years of experience in talent acquisition and HR operations, I've played a key role in building high-performing teams. I'm known for my strong interpersonal skills and ability to create inclusive and supportive work environments. In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga and exploring new culinary experiences."

Example 5: Software Engineer Sample Bio

"David Chang is a senior software engineer specializing in backend development. With a strong background in computer science and six years of experience, David has successfully built scalable and efficient solutions for complex technical challenges. He is well-versed in various programming languages and frameworks like C++, Java, and Ruby on Rails. In his spare time, David enjoys reading science fiction novels and playing the guitar."

Below, we've curated some of the best professional bio examples we've ever seen on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the various places you might describe yourself.

Check 'em out and use them as inspiration when crafting your own.

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Author
  • Chima Mmeje: SEO Content Writer
  • DJ Nexus: DJ
  • Lena Axelsson: Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Mark Levy: Branding Firm Founder
  • Audra Simpson: Political Anthropologist
  • Marie Mikhail: Professional Recruiter
  • Wonbo Woo: Executive Producer
  • Chris Burkard: Freelance Photographer
  • Lisa Quine: Creative Consultant
  • Nancy Twine: Hair Care Founder
  • Trinity Mouzon: Wellness Brand Founder
  • Alberto Perez: Co-Founder of Zumba Fitness
  • Ann Handley: Writer and Marketer

1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie : Author

Bio platform: personal website.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie begins her professional bio with an invitation to her roots.

In a few paragraphs, she describes when and where she was born, her family, her education, her honorary degrees, and the depth of her work, which has been translated into 30 languages and several publications.

campaign biography example

She can keep readers engaged by leading with a powerful hook that aligns with her target audience’s marketing needs.

campaign biography example
  • There’s clarity about who Chima serves.
  • The hook is bold, catchy, and compels anyone to read further.
  • Including client results makes clients visualize what they can expect.

3. DJ Nexus : DJ

Bio platform: facebook.

This New England-based DJ has single-handedly captured the Likes of over 2,000 people in and beyond Boston, MA. And even if you don‘t listen to the type of music he produces, it’s hard not to read his compelling Facebook bio.

For instance, consider his tagline, under "About" — " Quiet during the day. QUITE LOUD at night! " DJ Nexus tells you when he works awesomely. I got goosebumps just imagining a dance club where he might play music.

campaign biography example

campaign biography example

campaign biography example

The second is the "long version," which is even more interesting than the first. Why? It reads like a story — a compelling one, at that. In fact, it gets hilarious in some parts.

The second sentence of the bio reads: "He was frightened of public school, loved playing baseball and football, ran home to watch ape films on the 4:30 Movie, listened to The Jam and The Buzzcocks, and read magic trick books."

Here's another excerpt from the middle:

campaign biography example

campaign biography example

campaign biography example

It's a well-put value proposition that sets her apart from the rest of the HR industry.

Marie concludes her bio with a smooth mix of professional skills, like her Spanish fluency, and personal interests, such as podcasting and Star Wars (she mentions the latter with just the right amount of humor).

  • Straight off the bat, Marie uses a story to share her experiences of how she began as a recruiter.
  • It provides a subtle pitch for readers to check out her podcast.
  • The bio exudes Maries approachable, fun, and playful personality.

8. Wonbo Woo : Executive Producer

Wonbo Woo is the executive producer of WIRED's video content and has several impressive credits to his name. What does this mean for his professional bio? He has to prioritize.

With this in mind, Wonbo opens his bio with the most eye-catching details first (if the image below is hard to read, click it to see the full copy ).

campaign biography example

campaign biography example

I wouldn‘t necessarily be inclined to follow Chris if his bio had simply read, "I post beautiful images." But images that inspire me to travel? Now that’s something I can get behind.

Last, he ends on a humble, sweet note: "He is happiest with his wife Breanne raising their two sons." So inject personal information into your bio — it makes you seem approachable.

  • It highlights Chris’s achievement without bragging.
  • The last sentence portrays Chris as a responsible man who loves his family.
  • The well-written bio speaks to nature lovers who like the outdoors, surfing, and more. This gives them reasons to follow Chris.

10. Lisa Quine : Creative Consultant

Bio platform: portfolio website.

Creative professionals who specialize in visual art may find it challenging to balance the writing of their bio and displaying of their portfolio. Not Lisa Quine. Lisa has an exceptional balance of her professional bio and creative work.

Throughout her bio, you'll notice the number of murals she's completed and a brief timeline of her career. This helps her paint the picture of who she is as a professional.

campaign biography example

The rest of her bio similarly focuses on Twine's strengths as someone who’s able to take hair care "back to basics."

campaign biography example

Mouzon effectively grips the reader's attention with this introduction and then dives into some of her impressive accomplishments — including a brand now sold at Urban Outfitters and Target.

The language used throughout Mouzon's bio is authentic, real, and honest.

For instance, in the second paragraph, she admits:

"While building a brand may have looked effortless from the outside, starting a business at age 23 with no resources or funding quickly forced me to realize that early-stage entrepreneurship was anything but transparent."

campaign biography example

As an avid Zumba fan, I was excited to include this one. Perez styles his LinkedIn bio as a short story, starting with his background as a hard-working teen who held three jobs by age 14.

His bio tells the fun and fascinating origin story of Zumba, in which Perez, an aerobics teacher in Florida at the time, forgot his music for class and used a Latin music cassette tape instead ... "And it was an instant hit!"

His bio continues:

"Shortly after he was connected to Alberto Periman and Alberto Aghion, and Zumba was officially created ... What started as a dream now has 15 million people in more than 200,000 locations in 186 countries who take Zumba classes every week."

campaign biography example

campaign biography example

There's something in there for everyone.

  • The last section of the bio shows Ann’s warm personality — "Ann lives in Boston, where she is Mom to creatures two- and four-legged."
  • Written in the third person, this bio has lots of proof (like followers), which shows Ann is a terrific marketing leader.

If you're posting a bio on a social media account or sending a quick blurb to a client, you want to keep it short and sweet while showcasing your accomplishments.

To get started, use these best practices for writing your short professional bio:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • State what you do.
  • Add key skills or areas of expertise.
  • Include a personal mission statement
  • Celebrate your wins.
  • Provide your contact information.
  • Show them your personality.

1. Introduce yourself.

Your introduction is your first impression, so always begin by telling people who you are. You may start with a greeting like, "Hello, my name is" or "Hi! Let me first introduce myself …" when sending your bio as a message.

If you’re writing a bio for an online platform, stating your name at the beginning works as well.

Leading with your name — even as a question — is important for recognition and building relationships.

2. State what you do.

Give people an idea of what you do daily and where you work. Your job title is how the people put you into context and consider whether your profession relates to their industry.

So detail your most relevant work in your short bios, like CEO, professor, and author.

Take a cue from Angela Duckworth , who specifies what she does in her LinkedIn bio:

campaign biography example

3. Add key skills or areas of expertise.

If you send a bio to a client or potential employer, highlight your most valuable skills. For instance, if your expertise is in social media marketing and content creation, like Ivanka Dekoning , list these skills.

campaign biography example
  • A joke. "Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once. At least that’s what I learned when I created…"
  • Mention a hobby. "I’ll be honest: for me, tennis is life — Go Nadal!"
  • A fun fact. "Every year, I watch 100 new films! I’m a cinephile and love every movie genre."
  • A few emojis related to your interests. "🎶🤖🎾🎬🎭"

Whichever way you choose to get personal, give people a glimpse into who you are as an individual.

When writing a short bio, it can be tempting to pack in as much relevant information about yourself as possible — but this isn’t the most effective approach.

Instead, focus on including the details that you and your audience care about most and leave out the fluff.

Let's dive into a few examples of short professional bios.

Short Professional Bio Examples

  • Tristen Taylor: Marketing Manager
  • Lianna Patch: Copywriter
  • Precious Oboidhe: Content Strategist and Writer
  • Rebecca Bollwitt: Writer
  • Megan Gilmore: Cookbook Author
  • Bea Dixon: Feminine Care Founder
  • Tammy Hembrow: Instagram Influencer
  • Dr. Cody: Chiropractor
  • Larry Kim: Founder
  • Dharmesh Shah: Founder and CTO
  • Lily Ugbaja: Content Strategist
  • Ian Anderson Gray: Marketer
  • Van Jones: Political Commentator, Author, and Lawyer

1. Tristen Taylor: Marketing Manager

Bio platform: blog byline.

Tristen Taylor is a Marketing Manager here at HubSpot. She's written content for HubSpot's Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service blogs; her blog author bio is one of my favorites.

What I love most about Tristen's bio is that it’s a great example of how to deliver information about yourself that is relevant to your work while also sharing fun details that audiences will find relatable.

Her bio reads:

"Building from her experience with GoCo.io and Southwest Airlines, Tristen's work has been recognized by Marketing Brew and BLACK@INBOUND. She lives in Washington, DC, attending anime conventions and painting in her free time."

campaign biography example

campaign biography example

Gilmore further includes a CTA link within her Instagram bio that leads followers to free, ready-to-use recipes. You might think, " Why would she do that since it discourages people from buying her book?"

But that couldn't be further from the truth.

By giving her followers the chance to try out her recipes, she's slowly turning leads into customers. After I tried a few of her Instagram recipes and loved them, I bought her book, knowing I'd like more of what she offered.

  • The bio is short and direct.
  • The CTA link includes an invitation for people to join her newsletter. Meaning, she can build her email list.

6. Bea Dixon : Feminine Care Founder

Bea Dixon, Founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Company, efficiently uses the space on her Instagram profile to highlight who she is as a well-rounded human — not just a businesswoman.

For instance, while she highlights her girl boss attitude with a tiara emoji, she equally calls attention to her fashion interests (Free People), her pets, Boss and Sadie, and her love for ramen noodles.

campaign biography example

What more do you need to know?

Ian doesn't take his bio too seriously but uses every character to highlight everything about him.

He includes his skills as a marketer and podcast host, who he is outside work as a dad, and what he can help you do. His smiles also give the bio a sense of humor and realness.

campaign biography example

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campaign biography example

campaign biography example

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Best Practices for Writing Your Political Candidate Bio

campaign biography example

Every campaign website should include a candidate biography page . It’s a section where you can tell voters about yourself and why you are running for office.

Start with an introduction

Who are you? Begin with some background information about yourself. Try to include some qualities that separate you from your opposition. Keep it positive and perhaps touch on some issues that are of concern to voters.

  • Are you a dedicated parent who’s been advocating for local education reform? Mention it.
  • Have you served in the military, gaining a deep understanding of national security concerns? Highlight it.
  • Perhaps you’re a small business owner who knows the challenges faced by local entrepreneurs? Emphasize it.

Dig deep to into your background reveal what truly makes you unique and qualified for the position.

Describe your experience

What experiences in your personal, professional or political life have helped shape you and made you the person you are today? Discuss your education, job titles, community and civic work, awards and other offices you’ve held. How do those experiences translate into being a better candidate for the position you are running? Don’t just create a laundry list of accomplishments, but work your experience into a larger narrative. Make your biography statements informative and educational.

For example, if you’re running for city council and have successfully lobbied for environmentally friendly policies in the past, this sets you apart as a forward-thinking candidate.

Opt for a positive tone. This isn’t the place for mudslinging or making negative comments about your opponents. Focus on your own accomplishments and vision.

Add personal details

A little bit about you personally goes a long way. Voters want to know about you, but maybe not every detail of your life. Include some photos and even video for the page. Include both personal and professional content that helps provide a rounded idea of who you are.

You may want to include any endorsements you’ve secured. Have you won awards or been recognized by community organizations. Use those outside sources to help sell you. It’s easy to say great things about yourself, but when someone else does it, it carries a lot more weight.

What is it that you want to accomplish?

What do you want to accomplish during your time in office? Perhaps your goals can relate to previous accomplishments in your life. Use some examples if you can. Take a situation, describe how you handled it, and use it as a template for this section.

Take an issue profile and expand on it. What are your solutions or plans for tackling the issue? How do your plans differ from your opponent or the way the issue is being handled presently? Draw  connections between your past accomplishments and your current goals:

  • Building on Past Successes : Link your goals to achievements from your personal or professional life. “Just as I turned around [Previous Initiative] to benefit our local schools, I aim to revitalize our economy post-pandemic.”
  • Tangible Examples : Use specific situations you’ve encountered to highlight your ability to solve problems. It makes your goals more relatable. “When faced with a budget crisis at [Previous Position], I rallied a diverse team to find innovative solutions, a strategy I’ll bring to our district’s financial challenges.”
  • Issue Profiling : Dive deep into critical issues. Explain your solutions and how they differ from current approaches or your opponent’s stance. “On the issue of healthcare, my plan emphasizes preventative care and streamlined access, distinct from the status quo.”
  • Differentiate Yourself from Your Opponents : Highlight what sets you apart. Show how your vision contrasts with your opponent’s. “While my opponent favors top-down approaches, I believe in empowering local communities to shape their own futures.”

End on a strong note

Finish your candidate biography with a strong statement about your purpose for running and what you hope to accomplish in the office you seek. Be inspirational. Be specific in what issues you hope to tackle. Leave the reader knowing that you deserve their vote.

Write in first or third person?

Some candidates prefer to write about themselves in the third person. Other prefer a first person narrative (“I” and “me”). While first person may come across as more personal, that format is not very useful if you are trying to optimize your content for the search engines.Writing in the third person gives you plenty of opportunity to use your full name, which can help your material appear in search engine results for your name.

Have your candidate biography proofread

Have others that you trust read drafts of all your site content to check for grammar, spelling and content. Others will see your work with fresh eyes and be able to provide valuable feedback.

Create an elevator pitch to sell yourself

The candidate biography you finished writing should now be broken down. You’ll need a more succinct version, or an “elevator pitch”. Your elevator pitch will be a succinct summary of who you are and what you intend to accomplish in office. It’s just enough so that someone will quickly know the bare minimum about you. Make is very short and easily memorizable, so it shouldn’t be longer than 20 seconds or so.

You can also take portions of your biography and rewrite them as information for your campaign material, such as brochures and mailings.

If you have a detailed resume, use our AI Resume to Bio Tool to write a fleshed out candidate biography based on your work history and experience.

Related Content:


How to Craft a Quality Candidate Statement

campaign biography example

Click image to view full size.

What is a Candidate Statement?

Candidate statements educate your organization’s voters and capture their votes. These declarations let audiences know who someone is, why they’re passionate about being on the ballot, and why they deserve to win. Without a well-crafted message, voters may search for alternatives, like how to write-in a candidate, or not vote at all.

What Makes an Ideal Candidate Statement?

These steps can boost your confidence that your candidate is presenting themselves most effectively.

1. Prepare a Brief But Effective Introduction

Statements are crucial for introducing a candidate for election and must be relevant without rambling. To resonate with voters, candidates should briefly describe their experience and skills, establishing a clear connection between these qualifications and their desired leadership positions.

2. Showcase Successes

Demonstrate why they’re the right choice for the job. Have the candidate explain a previous achievement and how they reached it. Moreover, ask about a prior challenge and how they overcame it. Ensure the examples show how the candidate’s past experiences have prepared them for the position.

campaign biography example

3. Focus on the Future

Great candidate statements encourage voters to embrace change. Your candidate should acknowledge organizational challenges and how to resolve them, as well as paint a picture of how they envision the future and the steps to actualizing it. Outline ambitious yet attainable goals and show how their leadership will lead the organization toward growth and progress. A forward-thinking candidate will also highlight their adaptability and openness to change.

4. Provide the Proof

Present social proof to bolster a candidate’s resume. Examples include statements and endorsements from other well-respected community members and accolades from previous experiences.

5. Keep It Relatable

Ensure candidates portray themselves as relatable. Eliminate language that won’t resonate with voters. Your candidate can also share a personal story that keeps them “real” in voters’ eyes.

6. Emphasize the Benefits

Voters will want to know how a specific action benefits them. Have your candidate explain why voting for them provides advantages. The better a statement details what’s in it for voters, the likelier they are to vote.

7. Review and Refine

A well-crafted statement should be concise, error-free and vote-inspiring. Review it for brevity, concrete language and accuracy. Have trusted individuals review it to ensure your candidate hasn’t missed opportunities to strengthen the message.

Contact Survey & Ballot Systems for Your Next Organizational Election

SBS is a trusted, secure technology partner for leadership elections in organizations like labor unions, co-ops and credit unions. We offer reliable solutions to simplify private elections and connect organizations with their members.

Contact us  with questions or for information about how we can make your next election frictionless.

Who Are Your Candidates, Really?

Tony Hoff

Since joining SBS in 2011, Tony has led company communications, branding, and product launches, maintaining SBS as the go-to for governance solutions. He regularly hosts educational webinars and speaks at national trade association events across the United States. Tony’s expertise has earned him media recognition, with features in outlets like Rural Electric Magazine, The Association Adviser podcast, Associations Now, and NBC’s King 5 Mornings in Seattle.


Are you ready to improve your election with top-notch election products and services? Fill out our form or give us a call at 1-800-974-8099 to speak to an SBS election expert today.

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The Classroom | Empowering Students in Their College Journey

How to Write a Political Bio

Dr. Kelly S. Meier

How to Write the Objective in a CV for PhD Admissions

Campaigning for public office is more than shaking hands and kissing babies. Your political biography sets the tone for who you are as a candidate and reveals who you are as an individual. It establishes an image that conveys your values, qualifications and passion for the position. Don’t hold back as you write a story that compels voters to choose you in the next election. Consider a political biography an opportunity to establish an image that leaves a lasting impression.

Take Inventory

Begin by taking inventory of your personal and professional experiences. Write down key information such as your age, family, education, job titles, community service activities, civic engagement, awards and the public service offices you’ve held. Write a separate list of qualities that separate you from the other candidates running for office.

Collect Documentation

Collect photographs, memorabilia and videos that can serve as supporting documentation for your skills and experiences. If possible, take some new pictures that reinforce your commitment to the district you wish to serve. Remember that potential voters are drawn to candidates who are charismatic and accessible. Photographs and videos can fortify the words used to describe you.

Write your Story

Use the information you’ve collected to write your story. Be clear and concise with your words and remember that most voters will not know who you are. The tone of your biography should fit the candidate you espouse to be. Begin with background information that defines who you are as a person. Next, describe your skills and experiences that make a case for why you're best suited for the position. Finish with a statement of purpose or rationale for running. For print materials, intermingle photos that back up your biography. For a website, intermix photographs and video to bring your words to life. Be sure to have several people read and review your political biography, prior to publishing it.

Special Tips

Ask a campaign volunteer to write a version of your political biography and compare it to the one you wrote. Reading a biography written by someone who knows you and the campaign field will offer you a different perspective. You will likely need a shorter version that is a paragraph or less, to be used in leaflets or brochures. A longer version that is a one page or more can be used for a website. Write your political biography in the third person, as if someone else is speaking about you. Finally, address any negative personal issues in your biography so that you can be in control of the message at the beginning of the campaign.

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How to Write a 20-Page Term Paper

How to Write a 20-Page Term Paper

Dr. Kelly Meier earned her doctorate from Minnesota State Mankato in Educational Leadership. She is the author and co-author of 12 books and serves as a consultant in K-12 and higher education. Dr. Meier is is a regular contributor for The Equity Network and has worked in education for more than 30 years. She has numerous publications with Talico, Inc., DynaTEAM Consulting, Inc. and Kinect Education Group.

Ryvall Logo

  • April 11, 2022

How to write a good political biography as a candidate

A good biography should answer two questions: who are you and why are you good for this job?

Who are you?

You should place your name first in your biography. Even though it seems simple, your name should appear throughout your biography several times. It not only helps voters to learn your name, but it also helps Google recognize your website is the result people need to find when they search your name. The best way of doing this is writing the biography in the third person.

This biography is an introduction of yourself as the political candidate to the voters. So you should focus on your background and a little on the issues that made you want to run.

You can start with your connection to the area, maybe you moved to town to raise your family, maybe you have lived here your whole life. People trust people that they know, so how would your voters know you?

Why are you good for this political office?

Your current job and why it would prepare you to be a good public servant are good places to start. If you own a store or small business, you may have some insight into local regulations or tax laws. You may be a teacher and familiar with the changes that need to be made at the administrative level of the school district.

Tell a story, YOUR story.

What else makes you a good candidate for the job? This is a place to discuss your education, your community and civic work, and previous offices you may have held. Describe how your experiences qualify you for the job. Make sure you do not just list bullet points, but use short paragraphs (like the ones in this article). 

Political endorsements and awards

A biography can be a good place to mention endorsements you’ve received, awards you’ve received, or if you’ve been recognized by community organizations. If you list every single accomplishment in your biography, it will appear cluttered and hard to read. Don’t just list these accomplishments, weave them into a story when you share them.

Political values can connect to your biography

In addition, this is an opportunity to demonstrate your values instead of telling us about them. If faith is a big part of your motivation for running, you can share your volunteer work or leadership in your church. In the case of running on the basis of family values, you can highlight your time on the PTA of your children’s school or your free time spent teaching computer classes at the community center. You shouldn’t just list your values, but also demonstrate how you embody them. For conservative voters, actions speak louder than words.

Showcasing political issues 

Another question that should be answered by reading this biography is what do you want to accomplish during your time in office? You can cover these more in your issues section, but people really want to know: what’s in it for the voter? How will your work make a difference in the community and the lives of the voter?

It is important to distinguish yourself from the other candidates. You should only talk about yourself and your family. So, you can include some qualities that separate yourself from your opposition but above all else keep things positive.

Spacing in political biographies is important

Computers and readers both like lots of breaks in between text so try and keep your paragraphs just a few sentences long. This is not an English Literature assignment, and you don’t need to spend pages and pages with complex sentence structure to tell your story.

How long should a political biography be?

Don’t pend too much time stressing about your biography. If you wind up spending more than 30 min writing a biography you’re overthinking it. Time spent worrying about the website is time that will be better spent knocking on doors and talking to voters. This section is a modified stump speech, an elevator pitch, an introduction at a work meeting. It doesn’t need to be longer than a few hundred words if that’s all you can think to write.

Make sure you have someone read through your biography for grammar and misspelled words. Another set of fresh eyes will usually see something you missed. This is your first introduction to some potential voters, you don’t want virtual spinach in your teeth.

Finishing on an action

End your statement on a strong note. Be inspirational or give the voters an action. Leave the reader knowing why you deserve their vote on Election Day. Don’t be afraid to say it outright: “John Doe needs your vote this November.”


27 Political Slogans that Can Help You Win!

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Embarking on a political campaign requires not only a compelling message but also the financial resources to bring that message to the masses. It can

campaign biography example

Mastering Online Engagement: A Guide for Conservative Campaigns

In the fast-paced digital era, mastering online engagement is vital to a successful campaign. The internet has become the primary battleground for hearts, minds, and

Are you looking for a custom website?

Most frequent questions and answers, why choose ryvall.

While other web design options exist, Ryvall is built exclusively for campaigns. While other drag and drop website editors can make a beautiful site, they fall down when it comes to function. From day one, your site will collect valuable emails and volunteers that you can download easily. Additionally, Ryvall provides every candidate managed updates, so you never have to fiddle with the back end of your site. Instead, just send us an email and we will handle the updates for you, making editing your site painless. (Of course if you’re a tech savvy campaign that wants the freedom of access to the backend we can provide that as well).

What is included in the basic plan?

Every plan includes your domain name registration and hosting. Our hosting is backed by the Google Cloud Platform, delivering incredible reliability. Each site also includes a free SLL certificate. We handle all of the technical details so you don’t have to manage any hosting accounts and get lost in technical jargon.

What do I need to get started?

You will need to set up a way to accept contributions, write a short candidate biography, and have some kind of slogan for your campaign. With those items we can get a site up and running in three business days. Many candidates will also want to write short statements on the issues that are important to their campaign, as well as have professional photos taken. We can build a functional site with as little or as much content as you want.

Do basic plans include email?

Basic plans do not include email accounts. Instead, your website has a contact form that will be directed to the personal email of your choice, providing constituents a way to get in touch. If you need more advanced email features, consider upgrading to a standard or premium plan.

What design options come with the basic plan?

To start, you can select from three custom templates that are designed specifically for campaigns. Each template is mobile responsive, so your site will look great no matter what. With a basic plan you can upload a logo and select custom colors, or pick from one of our easy ready to go color palettes.


How to Write a Professional Bio, With Examples and Templates

Shrikant Damani, Growth Marketer

What is a Professional Bio? 

A professional bio is a brief summary of your professional background, skills, and achievements. It provides potential employers, clients, or customers with a snapshot of who you are and what you can offer. A well-written professional bio can help you stand out from other candidates and build your personal brand. 

A professional bio is typically included on your website, LinkedIn profile, or in a business proposal. You can also use it for personal or professional networking opportunities, such as conferences or job interviews.

In a business setting, your professional bio may also provide insight into your unique selling points, such as specific areas of expertise or notable projects you've worked on earlier.

Example of a Professional Bio 

A professional bio can take many forms and can vary in length, depending on its intended use. Here's an example of a straightforward professional bio. 

"Jane Doe is a highly motivated and experienced marketing professional with over 10 years in the industry. She has a proven track record of creating and executing successful marketing campaigns, increasing brand awareness, and driving sales. Jane is an expert in digital marketing, with a focus on social media and email marketing. In her current role as Marketing Manager at XYZ Corporation, she has led the company to record-breaking growth. In her free time, Jane enjoys traveling and photography."

In this example, the professional bio provides a brief overview of the person's background, years of experience, and areas of expertise. It also mentions their current position and personal interest, which helps to round out their professional profile. 

Short Professional Bio Template That You Can Use Right Away! 

The template below serves as a guide for crafting a comprehensive professional bio. It provides a framework that can be easily adapted to fit different scenarios. However, feel free to modify the professional bio template as needed to best showcase your unique skills and experiences.

[Name] is a [role] dedicated to [helping clients, customers, or employers] by offering [a unique approach or output]. [Name] holds a strong conviction that [belief about work].

[Name] boasts a wealth of [impressive experiences, accomplishments, and skills]. Currently, [Name] is [pursuing/studying/planning] [next professional goal].

[Name] holds [relevant certifications/awards/honors] and holds a [degree type] in [field of study] from [University].

When not [brief description of work], [Name] can be found [enjoying a hobby or interest].  

What should be included in your bio

Certain elements are important to make your professional bio effective and impactful. These elements are vital to introduce yourself, showcase your skills and experiences, and establish your personal brand.

Here are the main components of a good bio. 

  • Name and Title: Start with your name and professional title to establish your identity and set the tone for the rest of the bio.
  • Professional Background: Highlight your education, experience, and accomplishments to demonstrate your expertise and credibility.
  • Skills and Abilities: Outline your core skills and strengths, such as technical expertise, leadership qualities, or communication skills.
  • Unique Qualities and Personalities: Describe your unique personality traits and qualities that set you apart from others, such as your passion for your work or your ability to work well under pressure.
  • Professional Interests: Mention your areas of interest and expertise, such as your passion for a specific industry, technology, or project type.
  • Awards and Recognitions: List any professional awards, honors, or recognitions you have received to further show your accomplishments and expertise.
  • Contact Information: Lastly, include your contact information, such as your email, phone number, and professional social media profiles.

By incorporating these elements into your professional bio, you can create an efficient and impactful introduction that accurately represents you and your abilities.

6 Steps to Write a Professional Bio

01. introduce yourself.

The starting point is an introduction. In this section, you will want to introduce yourself and provide a brief overview of who you are and what you do. Start with your full name (first name + last name) and current title or profession. 

You can also include your industry or field of expertise, as well as any relevant certifications or degrees you hold. 

This section should give your reader a good understanding of your background and qualifications, setting the stage for the rest of your bio. Try keeping it brief and to the point, as you will delve deeper into your achievements and professional experiences in later sections.

02. State your Company or Brand Name 

By specifying your company or brand name, you let your audience know what you represent and what kind of work you do. Remember to use the correct spelling and capitalize the first letter of each word to ensure that it looks professional and polished. 

03. Explain your professional role - what you Do 

Your professional role is a critical component of your professional bio, as it gives your audience an understanding of what you do and what you bring to the table. In this step, you should clearly state your current job title, niche, and your responsibilities within the organization. 

Explain what tasks and projects you handle regularly and what skills and expertise you bring to the table. 

Be specific and concise. Plus, avoid using overly technical terms that might be unfamiliar to your target audience. Remember, your goal is to make your professional role understandable and relatable to those reading your bio.

04. Include Professional Achievements 

When writing a professional bio, it's vital to include your professional achievements. It will give potential clients, employers, or colleagues a clear picture of your competence and help establish your credibility. Here are some tips on how to include your professional achievements in your bio. 

  • Be Specific: Mention specific awards, certifications, or projects you have completed. It will give concrete examples of your accomplishments and show that you have experience in your field.
  • Use Numbers : Quantify your achievements where possible. For example, if you received an award for being the top salesperson in your company, mention the number of sales you made and the timeframe you achieved it in.
  • Highlight Your Skills: Focus on the skills you have developed through your professional achievements. These could be technical skills, leadership skills, or problem-solving skills, for example.
  • Showcase Your Impact: Explain how your professional accomplishment has impacted your clients, colleagues, or the industry. It will give a better understanding of the value you bring to the table.
  • Be Honest: Being honest is always a good idea. Do not exaggerate your achievements or include accomplishments that are not true. Your bio should be an accurate representation of your personal experience and accomplishments.
  • Keep it Relevant: Only include achievements that apply to the audience you are writing for. 

05. Discuss your Passions, Values, and Personal Interests 

In order to stand out in today's competitive job market, you must create a professional bio that genuinely represents who you are as a person. That's why including information about your passions, values, and personal details is essential. Here are some tips to help you get started. 

  • Get clear on your passions: What excites you? What are the things you would pursue even if you weren't getting paid for them? Highlighting your passions in your professional bio gives potential employers or recruiters a sense of your drive and motivation. 
  • Showcase your values: Your values are the beliefs and principles that guide your decisions and actions. By including them in your bio, you're giving people a glimpse into what is most important to you and what you stand for.
  • Share your personal interests: Your professional bio isn't just about your work experience. Including information about your personal interests helps to paint a more complete picture of who you are and what you enjoy doing outside of work. You can talk about your hobbies and what you're passionate about. 

06. Share your Contact Details 

It's important to share your contact details in your professional bio so interested parties can get in touch with you effortlessly. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, or job seeker, providing your email address, phone number, and other relevant details will make it easier for potential clients, customers, or employers to reach out to you. 

Make sure to include the most appropriate methods of communication for your line of work and to keep your information up to date.

Real-Life Bio Examples 

Here are some of the best real-life professional bio examples to inspire you to create yours today! 

  • Ann Handley 

campaign biography example

Source: NameCheap 

Why it works: Marketing expert Ann Handley's profile succinctly highlights her strengths and how she can benefit you and your business. This brief yet effective bio is ideal for personal websites and other similar platforms.

  • Chima Mmeje 

campaign biography example

Source: Hubspot 

Why it works: In her professional bio, Chima takes a unique approach to showcase her expertise and accomplishments. Instead of simply listing her accolades, she shares tangible results she has delivered for her clients, building reader confidence in her ability to deliver. 

It also serves as a practical way to name-drop her clients in a professional setting.

Chima outlines her process at a high level, offering potential clients a comprehensive overview of what they can expect when they work with her. The casual call-to-action, "Drop a message," in her email inbox serves as an invitation to learn more about her services and start the conversation.

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  • Marie Mikhail 

campaign biography example

Why it works: As a seasoned recruiter, Mikhail immediately showcases her "passion for recruiting" in her opening sentence, effectively capturing the attention of her profile visitors with a compelling background story.

In a highly competitive industry, Marie recognizes the importance of standing out. To achieve this, she concludes her first paragraph by highlighting her unique value proposition of "getting people excited about the things [she's] excited about." 

It sets her apart from other HR professionals and showcases her genuine interest in connecting with her clients. 

  • Chris Burkard 

campaign biography example

Why this works: Chris Burkard's LinkedIn bio is a strong example of how to showcase your accomplishments without coming across as boastful. Written in the third person, his bio tells a compelling story, starting with his mission to "capture stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature."

He highlights his notable achievements, such as giving a TED talk and publishing books, but instead of bragging, ties his talents to his goal of helping others through social media. By sharing his vision, he hopes to inspire his followers to explore and discover new experiences. 

Adding personal information, such as being happily married with two sons, makes him seem more approachable and endears him to his audience.

  • Alberto Beto Perez 

campaign biography example

Why it works: Perez's LinkedIn bio is written in the style of a short story, beginning with his humble beginnings as a hardworking teenager who held three jobs at the age of 14. 

What we love most about this bio is Perez's creative approach to using the space to tell the story of his business rather than just listing his achievements. This approach makes Perez's introduction more personal and colorful, making him relatable and inspirational.

  • Lisa Quine 

campaign biography example

Why it works: Lisa Quine has taken a unique approach by quantifying her creativity in her professional bio. As you read through her bio, you'll see the number of murals she's completed and a timeline of her career, which provides a comprehensive view of who she is as a professional. 

Lisa's bio is a fantastic example of how to write an effective professional bio. She starts with her full name, location, and area of expertise. She then showcases her creativity by mentioning the well-known brands she has worked with and highlighting some of her most notable projects. 

Written in the third person perspective, this bio gives readers a glimpse into Lisa's life not only as a professional but also as a traveler, wife, mother, and learner. 

  • Trinity Mouzon 

campaign biography example

Why it works: Trinity's powerful introduction immediately draws the reader in and showcases her impressive achievements, including creating a brand that's now available at top retailers like Urban Outfitters and Target.

The language throughout her bio is genuine, sincere, and candid. For example, in the second paragraph, she candidly reveals the challenges she faced as a young entrepreneur starting a business with limited resources and funding.

This bio not only showcases Mouzon's background but also showcases how she can support readers in starting and growing their own businesses. By keeping the focus on the reader, Mouzon effectively demonstrates the power of a well-crafted bio to convert readers into leads and customers.

Tips For Writing a Short Bio 

Here are some tips for writing a short bio. You can use these to craft a Twitter bio or personal bio for Facebook or Instagram. 

  • Keep it brief: Your bio should be no longer than two or three sentences. Stick to the most vital information and make every word count.
  • Focus on your strengths: Highlight the skills and experiences that make you unique and set you apart from others.
  • Show your personality: Your bio is a chance to let your personality shine through. Use a conversational tone and add a touch of humor if it fits your brand.
  • Use keywords: If you want your bio to be searchable online, be sure to use keywords that describe your industry, skills, and experience.
  • Update regularly: Your bio should reflect your current skills and accomplishments. So, update it regularly.

With these tips in mind, you'll be able to create a short and impactful bio that showcases your professional skills and personality.

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campaign biography example

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campaign biography example

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campaign biography example

campaign biography example

20 of the Best Short Professional Bio Examples to Inspire You

campaign biography example

Every working professional needs a short bio to make a positive statement about their skill set.  Whether it’s for a LinkedIn bio, Twitter account, or business website, this bio needs to be brief and striking to captivate readers and invite them to learn more about you. 

Everyone needs three types of bios, long, short, and two-liners.

  • The long bio can be a page and goes on your website.
  • A short bio is about a paragraph and is used as your default bio. 
  • Your bio should summarize your professional qualification and experience, accomplishments, and skills.

Each of these bios should make you stand out from other professionals. They should explain why people would want to work with you. 

With that in mind, here are 20 of the best short professional bio examples. Hopefully, you can use these examples to create your engaging bio.

1. Rebecca Bollwitt

You should include a professional bio on all of your social media accounts and website. Some people craft a single professional bio template. However, each platform is different, and so it’s important to mix it up accordingly. 

campaign biography example

LinkedIn is a professional network where you can showcase your professional background and qualifications to prospective clients. Facebook is more geared towards personal interactions, while Twitter is more concise and direct. Meanwhile, Medium requires a deeper and more detailed bio. 

2. Lena Axelsson

You should use a well-written professional bio if you publish content on industry-relevant websites. Niche websites are a great spot to share your professional experiences with people who work in your sector.. 

campaign biography example

In this example from Lena Axelsson, she begins her bio by first connecting with the readers. She acknowledges the problems that her audience is suffering from and empathizes with them. 

She then proceeds to explain how she helps clients and the benefits they can gain from her services. More importantly, she highlights her professional skills and qualifications, how she differs from other practitioners in the field, and why she would be best suited to help the clients and their families.

The final paragraph then showcases her educational background, an important piece of information for readers. Overall, the professional bio is compassionate, empathetic, and understanding– traits that are crucial in counseling clients. 

3. Audra Simpson

Another great bio example on the professional website is from Audra Simpson, an Anthropology professor from Columbia University. Here is the bio that she uses on the University website. 

campaign biography example

Professional bios are often written in the first person to give it a personal touch, but in this example, it’s written in the third person to give it more authority. It also allows the writer to showcase her impressive accomplishments and qualifications without sounding boastful. 

In a limited space, the professional bio shares her work experience and interests. It displays Audra’s credentials, specializations, and even her work ethic. 

4. Corey Wainwright

Corey Wainwright’s professional bio on HubSpot’s website is the definition of keeping it cute and simple. As mentioned in her bio, she is a content marketer for the company, among other things. With less than 25 words on her bio, she presents a very approachable and friendly vibe to the readers.

campaign biography example

Even though it’s written in the third person, the bio has character due to its casual and personal content. It’s almost as if she’s giving readers a piece of her personal life. 

This professional bio connects to her social media profiles so people can learn more about Corey. This type of bio doesn’t work in every situation. Some websites require a more serious tone, so it’s important to assess the medium before crafting your professional bio template. 

5. Marie Mikhail

When companies look for recruiters, they would want to hire someone passionate and genuinely interested in the field and your product. 

campaign biography example

Marie Mikhail makes this particularly known to the readers. Not only does she express her love for recruiting, but she also presents a relevant story about it. Telling a story is also a good tactic in professional writing. 

Some may not find talent acquisition the most interesting career path out there, but Marie does a good job turning a relatively dull topic into something exciting. This LinkedIn bio from her profile details her professional experiences and her love for the company’s products. She also includes relevant qualifications to build up her profile. 

6. Megan Gilmore

Another good example of a professional bio on Instagram is from cookbook and food writer Megan Gilmore. 

Most professionals try to establish themselves on one or two platforms first instead of selling themselves short on over five or ten other platforms. Focusing on a few platforms allows you to customize the content for each platform, which means you’ll need two different bios.

You can use these bios to cross-promote your brand on each platform. 

campaign biography example

Megan does this by highlighting her “no fad” writing style and listing down some books she has written. After this, she uses a pointing emoji to link her LinkedIn profile where readers can access her recipes. 

This is a great way to show off her credentials to potential book buyers. 

7. Tim Cook

Tim Cook is the CEO of the multinational technology company Apple since 2011. You would think that, with such a massive title, people who visit Apple’s website already have a pretty good idea of who he is. 

campaign biography example

Nonetheless, Tim’s professional bio on Apple’s website doesn’t assume this. It is professionally written and highlights his position as Apple’s CEO. It also includes the fact that he serves as one of its board of directors. 

Moreover, it narrates details about his earlier career and his time as COO of Apple. Even with such an impressive resume, he provides readers all the information they need to know about him.

8. Shaquille O’Neal

Most professional bios, like some of the examples above, are written in the third person. That can make it sound more professional. It also allows people to list their experience and qualifications without sounding like they’re bragging. 

Writing in the first person can also be highly effective.

campaign biography example

This is exemplified by NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s LinkedIn bio. Aside from being a famous athlete, he also has a bachelor’s, a master’s, and a doctorate. 

Since it’s something he is most known for, Shaq begins his bio with his greatest achievement as a basketball player. He then proceeds to his accomplishments and credentials outside of basketball by detailing his business ventures with some of the big brands he’s worked with and his speaking events nationwide.  

He is a man of many talents, and professional bio writing is one of them. 

9. Richard Branson

Richard Branson starts off his professional bio by introducing the Virgin Group, a British company he founded. He is a man known equally for his failures as well as his many successes. 

campaign biography example

His bio summarizes his career, but the last few sentences are the highlight. He shifts from a professional tone to a more fun and personable one by using the term “tie-loathing adventurer” and referring to himself as “Dr. Yes.”

10. Anthony Gioeli

If not written properly, bios tend to sound boastful, making some professionals hesitant to talk about themselves and their achievements. However, highlighting these achievements and skills is important as it can attract people to do business with you.

campaign biography example

 Anthony Gioeli holds no stops in boasting his professional accomplishments. Rather than sounding big-headed, he does it confidently and factually. One of the skills he highlights is being an expert negotiator working with multimillion firms like Vodafone. 

campaign biography example

Notice how his professional bio has good formatting. He does this by using a series of paragraphs and bullet points to present information to readers. 

While keeping your professional bio short and concise is effective, you can also be detailed like Anthony– you just need the right format. 

11. Katrina O.

Professional bios can sometimes seem repetitive and boring, which is why putting a little spin on it can work wonders. To do this, you will need to arouse curiosity from your readers so that they’ll be encouraged to read further. 

campaign biography example

Katrina Ortiz does this in her LinkedIn bio. The first sentence alone sparks intrigue by using a line like “caught fire coding.” It’s different and, in turn, intrigues readers. Even her name ‘Katrina O.’ catches your attention.

In just three words, Katrina could captivate readers and give them an idea of her work. As an enthusiastic software developer, she highlights both her professional and personal experiences. She also shares the programming languages she is proficient with. 

12. Karen Abbate

We love a good list. Lists are a good way to organize ideas or thoughts in an easier way for readers to grasp. While it’s an unusual method in writing professional bios, it’s probably more unusual than this example from Karen Abbate uses numbers instead of bullet points. 

campaign biography example

In her list, she presents six important and notable things about her professional and personal details.  She uses a confident and professional tone, just enough not to sound boastful. She starts by mentioning impressive brands she’s worked with and discusses her love for everything on the web. 

The bio also details her educational background, work experience, and passions. She also shares a personal backstory and relates it to her work. All in all, it is an innovative bio. 

13. Gijo Mathew

Another good use of the list on LinkedIn bios is this example from Gijo Mathew. A list can help improve readability and organize information that, if written otherwise, can seem complicated. Appearance-wise, it also makes the bio seem more compelling. 

campaign biography example

In this bio, Gijo uses bullet points to list information to express why clients should choose to work with him. It makes his LinkedIn profile look more interesting and easy to grasp. 

14. Genevieve McKelly

LinkedIn is one of the most important channels for promoting yourself. You will need this perspective when crafting your professional bio on LinkedIn. 

campaign biography example

A social media marketer’s mission is to instigate engagement or start a conversation among readers or consumers. Genevieve McKelly encourages this conversation by giving readers book and podcast recommendations in the last few sentences of her bio and, in turn, asking the readers for recommendations too. It’s a great ice breaker and makes her sound friendlier.

Aside from asking for great reads and listens, she also throws in an industry-related question. She then ends it with approachable words that welcome discourse. 

15. Darrell Evans

Identifying customer pain points is important in setting up marketing campaigns or a business in general. Pain points are specific problems that potential customers may be experiencing.

campaign biography example

In this bio by Darrell Evans, he brings up a common pain point that most businesses suffer from: spending money on marketing and not the return on investment. Darrell then gives them a solution by telling readers the kind of work he does and the benefits it offers. 

campaign biography example

Going further, he introduces who he is and what his company does. He also gives readers some facts and figures to suggest that his professional services are the best and help them solve their marketing predicament. 

16. Fernando Silva

Professional bios almost always start with the ‘professional’ aspect rather than the bio. It’s a common formula to showcase your credentials before adding a personal touch to make it seem friendlier and more approachable. 

campaign biography example

However, Fernando Silva mixes things up with his LinkedIn bio by starting with personal information first. He kicks things off by describing himself as a “city dweller who loves to travel” and then proceeds to more professional details like his experience in SaaS.

Although short, it is a very passionate bio because it showcases things that he loves, like traveling and meeting new people. 

17. Nikki Ivey

Being relatable is a great way to connect with potential leads and clients. Nikki Ivey does this by sharing a heartfelt story about the struggles she had to face to become the “sales coach wing-woman” she is today. 

campaign biography example

Her story shows empathy and allows readers to relate to her. It also encourages conversation among readers who may have experienced a similar situation. With this shared history, readers can get emotionally invested in her and make them open to working with her. 

campaign biography example

However, this approach can be tricky as it needs to be sincere and relevant enough to attract attention. 

18. Raphael Parker

You should include your professional experience in your bio. Raphael Parker shows off his experiences in a very unique, unconventional way. He uses the term ‘ex’ to refer to his work history. He then indirectly discusses his current work by presenting it as a passion instead of a career. 

campaign biography example

Raphael’s bio leaves a lot to the reader’s imagination but builds him up as an experience career man nonetheless. That is pretty impressive, considering he only uses a few words and sentences. 

19. Allison Zia

First impressions count. Having a striking first sentence in your professional bio can hook your readers into learning more about you. 

campaign biography example

These first sentences are typically a few words long but should have a lasting impact. Allison Zia does this with only five words: “I like to solve problems”. It’s a bold statement that makes you want to read more. 

Allison moves on to her work experience, specialities, and skills to sustain her reader’s attention. She also includes relevant examples to relate to readers. 

20. Ann Handley

Ann Handley’s bio is a great example of how even a few words can make the best impression. She is an experienced marketer and, although many can claim this to be true, she evokes this kind of credibility with her choice of words. 

campaign biography example

She encourages readers to read more by clicking a link on her website with little information she provides. Even after clicking the about page of her website, she keeps things short and simple by dividing information with bullet points. If readers are interested to learn more, she provides a few relevant links. 

This bio used as her header highlights her achievements as a writer, speaker, and partner in a major marketing company.  

A professional bio is your opportunity to attract a potential client, customer, or employer. Some may be short, while some may be detailed. The bottom line is that they should make you stand out in a crowd.

Use these examples as helpful templates you can use in creating your compelling professional bio.

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30 Professional Bio Examples and Templates to Showcase Your Expertise

30 professional bio examples and templates to help you craft a compelling and impactful bio that showcases your expertise and personal brand

Professional Bio Examples

Table of Contents

Your professional bio is more than just a few lines of text on a website or social media profile. It's your chance to make a strong first impression and tell your unique story to the world. Whether you're a job seeker, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a professional in any field, a well-crafted bio can make a significant impact on your personal brand.

But how to write a professional bio that stands out and accurately represents who you are and what you've accomplished? That's exactly what we'll explore in this blog post. We'll provide you with valuable tips and practical examples of professional bio to help you in writing a professional bio that captures attention, highlights your expertise, and leaves a lasting impression.

Let's get started.

How to write a professional bio

Writing a professional bio can be a valuable tool for various purposes, such as a website, social media profiles, speaking engagements, or professional networking. It provides a concise and compelling summary of your background, expertise, achievements, and aspirations.

Here are tips for writing a professional bio

1. Identify your purpose

Determine the specific purpose and target audience for your bio. Are you writing for a professional website, LinkedIn profile, or conference brochure? Understanding your audience and their expectations will shape the tone and content of your bio.

2. Start with a strong opening

Begin your bio with a captivating and attention-grabbing statement. This can be a notable achievement, an intriguing personal detail, or a unique selling point that sets you apart. It should quickly engage the reader and make them want to learn more.

3. Provide relevant background information

Offer a concise overview of your professional background and expertise. Highlight your educational qualifications, relevant work experience, and any specialized training or certifications you possess. Focus on the aspects most relevant to your target audience.

4. Highlight key achievements

Showcase your significant accomplishments and milestones. These could include notable projects, awards, publications, successful campaigns, or any other achievements that demonstrate your skills and expertise. Use quantifiable data whenever possible to provide tangible evidence of your success.

5. Showcase your skills and expertise

Discuss your areas of specialization, core skills, and unique abilities that make you stand out in your field. Emphasize how these skills align with the needs and interests of your target audience. Use specific examples or testimonials to illustrate your capabilities.

6. Demonstrate your value proposition

Clearly articulate the value you bring to your audience. Explain how your expertise, experience, or products/services can solve their problems, meet their needs, or provide valuable solutions. Focus on the benefits you offer rather than just listing features.

7. Incorporate personal elements

While your bio should primarily focus on your professional accomplishments, including some personal details can help humanize your profile. Mentioning relevant hobbies, interests, or volunteer work can create a connection with your audience and showcase your well-rounded personality.

8. Keep it concise and focused

Aim for a bio length of around 150-300 words, depending on the platform and purpose. Use clear and concise language, avoiding jargon or technical terms that might be unfamiliar to your audience. Make every sentence count and ensure that each piece of information is relevant and impactful.

9. Edit and proofread

After writing your bio, review it carefully for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Ensure that it flows smoothly and is easy to read. Consider seeking feedback from trusted colleagues, mentors, or friends to get a fresh perspective and make improvements if needed.

10. Update regularly

Your professional bio should be a living document that evolves as you progress in your career. Keep it up to date by revisiting and revising it periodically to reflect your latest achievements, skills, and goals.

19 Professional bio examples

Here are five professional bio examples for different fields and purposes

1. Business professional bio example

John Smith is an experienced business strategist and consultant with over 10 years of experience in helping companies drive growth and maximize profitability. As the founder and CEO of XYZ Consulting, John has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies on strategic planning, market expansion, and organizational development. His expertise lies in leveraging data-driven insights to identify opportunities, streamline operations, and deliver sustainable results.

John holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, playing the piano, and volunteering with local business mentoring programs.

2. Creative professional bio example of graphic designer

Sarah Thompson is a passionate graphic designer and visual storyteller known for her innovative and captivating designs. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of branding, Sarah has worked with leading global brands, creating impactful visual identities and marketing campaigns. Her work has been featured in several design publications and has earned her multiple awards, including the prestigious AIGA Design Excellence Award.

Sarah holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. When she's not immersed in design projects, she can be found exploring art galleries, experimenting with new art techniques, or traveling to gain inspiration from different cultures.

3. Medical professional bio example

Dr. Emily Davis is a board-certified cardiologist with a specialization in interventional cardiology. With over 15 years of clinical experience, Dr. Davis is dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care to her patients. She is recognized for her expertise in complex coronary interventions and has performed hundreds of successful procedures, saving countless lives.

Dr. Davis completed her medical degree at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and pursued her fellowship training at the renowned Cleveland Clinic. She actively participates in medical research and has authored numerous publications in esteemed cardiology journals. Outside of her practice, Dr. Davis enjoys spending time with her family, practicing yoga, and advocating for heart health awareness.

4. Tech professional bio example

Alex Johnson is a seasoned software engineer and technology leader with a passion for innovation and problem-solving. With over 12 years of experience in the tech industry, Alex has led cross-functional teams in developing cutting-edge software solutions for global enterprises. His expertise spans full-stack development, cloud architecture, and machine learning.

Alex holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Stanford University and has been granted several patents for his groundbreaking work. He frequently shares his knowledge as a guest lecturer at tech conferences and mentors aspiring developers through coding bootcamps. In his free time, Alex enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and experimenting with new coding languages.

5. Academic professional bio example

Dr. Jessica Rodriguez is a renowned professor of sociology and social justice advocate. With a Ph.D. in Sociology from Yale University, Dr. Rodriguez has dedicated her career to advancing research on inequality, race relations, and social change. Her scholarly work has been published in leading academic journals and has been influential in shaping public policy.

Dr. Rodriguez is a sought-after speaker at conferences and has delivered TEDx talks on issues of social justice and equity. She is deeply committed to mentoring the next generation of scholars and serves as a faculty advisor for various student organizations. Outside of academia, Dr. Rodriguez enjoys exploring new cuisines, volunteering at local community centers, and practicing mindfulness meditation.

6. Legal professional bio example

Elizabeth Davis is a highly accomplished attorney specializing in intellectual property law. With a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School, Elizabeth has successfully represented clients in high-profile copyright and trademark infringement cases. Her expertise also extends to licensing agreements and intellectual property portfolio management.

Elizabeth is a partner at ABC Law Firm, where she heads the Intellectual Property Practice Group. She is a frequent speaker at legal conferences and serves as a mentor to young lawyers. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and volunteering with organizations that promote access to justice.

7. Marketing professional bio example

Jennifer Lee is a results-driven marketing strategist with a track record of driving revenue growth through innovative digital campaigns. With a deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends, Jennifer has helped numerous companies expand their online presence and optimize their marketing efforts. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from New York University and is certified in Google Analytics and Facebook Ads.

Jennifer is a regular contributor to marketing publications and is often invited as a guest speaker at industry events. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, practicing yoga, and exploring new cuisines.

8. Education professional bio example

Dr. Michael Thompson is a dedicated educator and thought leader in the field of educational psychology. With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Dr. Thompson has served as a professor at prestigious universities, where he specializes in child development, motivation, and educational policy. He is the author of several influential books on parenting and education, which have been featured on The New York Times Bestseller list.

Dr. Thompson is a sought-after keynote speaker at education conferences and has appeared as a guest expert on national television programs. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar, hiking with his family, and volunteering with local literacy programs.

9. Finance professional bio example

Sarah Johnson is a seasoned financial advisor with over 15 years of experience in wealth management. As the founder and CEO of XYZ Financial Services, Sarah has helped countless individuals and families navigate complex financial landscapes and achieve their long-term financial goals. She holds an MBA in Finance from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).

Sarah is a regular contributor to financial publications and has been featured in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. Outside of work, she enjoys playing golf, practicing yoga, and serving as a board member for local nonprofits.

10. Journalism professional bio example

Emily Wilson is an award-winning investigative journalist with a passion for uncovering the truth and holding those in power accountable. With a Master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University, Emily has worked for leading news organizations, where she has covered a wide range of topics, including politics, social justice, and environmental issues.

Her in-depth reporting has led to significant policy changes and has earned her recognition from the Society of Professional Journalists. Emily is a regular contributor to national newspapers and frequently appears as a guest commentator on news programs. In her downtime, she enjoys hiking, reading non-fiction, and mentoring aspiring journalists.

11. Human Resources professional bio example

Michael Anderson is a seasoned human resources executive with a proven track record in talent acquisition and organizational development. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Michael has led HR teams at global companies, developing effective recruitment strategies and fostering a positive work culture.

He holds a Master's degree in Human Resources Management and is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). Michael is a frequent speaker at HR conferences and is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Outside of work, he enjoys playing golf, cooking, and volunteering with local career development organizations.

12. Healthcare professional bio example

Dr. Sarah Mitchell is a dedicated pediatrician committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to children of all ages. With a medical degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Mitchell has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of pediatric conditions. She is known for her warm bedside manner and ability to establish strong relationships with her young patients and their families.

Dr. Mitchell is actively involved in medical research and has published articles in renowned pediatric journals. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing the violin, and volunteering at children's hospitals.

13. Sales professional bio example

David Turner is a dynamic sales executive with a proven record of exceeding targets and driving revenue growth. With a background in business development and relationship management, David has successfully built strategic partnerships and closed multi-million dollar deals for global corporations. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Sales and Marketing and is certified in advanced sales techniques.

David is a sought-after speaker at sales conferences and has developed training programs to help sales teams improve their performance. Outside of work, he enjoys playing basketball, attending live music events, and mentoring young professionals interested in pursuing a career in sales.

14. Nonprofit professional bio example

Rebecca Nguyen is a passionate advocate for social change and the executive director of a prominent nonprofit organization focused on community development. With a Master's degree in Nonprofit Management, Rebecca has dedicated her career to addressing issues of poverty, education, and affordable housing. She has successfully led initiatives that have transformed the lives of vulnerable populations and empowered communities.

Rebecca is a sought-after speaker at nonprofit conferences and serves on the boards of several community-based organizations. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing mindfulness meditation, exploring nature trails, and supporting local artists.

15. Entrepreneur professional bio example

Mark Thompson is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of a successful tech startup that specializes in artificial intelligence solutions. With a strong background in computer science and a passion for innovation, Mark has developed groundbreaking AI algorithms that have revolutionized industries such as healthcare and finance. His entrepreneurial journey has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Mark is an active mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs and frequently speaks at technology conferences. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess, attending hackathons, and supporting STEM education initiatives.

16. Real Estate professional bio example

Laura Johnson is a trusted real estate agent with extensive knowledge of the local market and a reputation for delivering exceptional service. With over a decade of experience in residential and commercial real estate, Laura has helped numerous clients navigate complex transactions and achieve their property goals. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Real Estate Management and is a certified Realtor®.

Laura's commitment to excellence has earned her recognition as a top producer in her agency. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, painting, and volunteering with organizations that promote affordable housing.

17. Fitness professional bio example

Daniel Ramirez is a dedicated fitness coach and personal trainer, committed to helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals. With a background in exercise science and multiple certifications in fitness training, Daniel has guided individuals of all fitness levels to success. He specializes in weight management, strength training, and functional fitness.

Daniel's personalized and motivating approach has garnered him a loyal following and positive testimonials. He regularly conducts fitness workshops and contributes articles to health and wellness publications. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys practicing yoga, hiking with his dog, and experimenting with new healthy recipes.

18. Public Relations professional bio example

Rachel Anderson is a seasoned public relations strategist with a passion for building strong brands and fostering positive media relationships. With a Master's degree in Strategic Communication, Rachel has led successful PR campaigns for global corporations and high-profile individuals. Her expertise lies in crafting compelling narratives, crisis management, and influencer partnerships.

Rachel's strategic approach and attention to detail have earned her recognition in the industry. She frequently shares her insights as a guest lecturer at communications conferences and mentors aspiring PR professionals. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys attending cultural events, exploring art museums, and volunteering with nonprofit organizations.

19. Culinary professional bio example

Chef Alex Torres is a highly acclaimed chef with a talent for creating culinary experiences that blend innovation and tradition. With formal training at prestigious culinary institutes and experience working in Michelin-starred restaurants, Chef Torres has elevated the dining scene with his exquisite dishes. He has been featured in prominent food publications and has received numerous accolades for his culinary prowess.

Chef Torres is dedicated to using locally sourced ingredients and promoting sustainable cooking practices. In addition to his culinary pursuits, he enjoys traveling, foraging for unique ingredients, and mentoring aspiring chefs.

Ensure to customize these examples to align with your own professional background, accomplishments, and aspirations. A professional bio should reflect your individuality and showcase your expertise and impact in your chosen field.

6 Short Professional Bio templates for experienced professionals

Here are 6 short professional bio example templates for experience professionals.

Professional bio template 1

With over 10 years of experience in the field, I am a seasoned marketing professional specializing in digital strategy and brand management. I have successfully executed numerous integrated marketing campaigns for both local and international clients, driving significant growth and revenue. I am highly skilled in market research, data analysis, and customer segmentation, enabling me to develop tailored marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences. Known for my creative thinking, strong leadership abilities, and excellent communication skills, I thrive in fast-paced environments and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Professional bio template 2

As a dedicated software engineer, I have a solid background in developing innovative solutions for complex business challenges. With expertise in multiple programming languages and frameworks, I have successfully delivered robust software applications for diverse industries, including finance, healthcare, and e-commerce. I am passionate about writing clean, efficient code and staying updated with the latest industry trends. With strong problem-solving skills and a keen eye for detail, I consistently deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget, earning the trust and satisfaction of clients and stakeholders.

Professional bio template 3

With a background in finance and accounting, I am a highly skilled professional with a proven track record in financial analysis and risk management. Over the years, I have successfully guided organizations through complex financial landscapes, analyzing market trends, and identifying opportunities for growth. My expertise lies in financial modeling, budgeting, and forecasting, as well as in implementing robust internal controls. With a strong attention to detail and exceptional analytical abilities, I provide strategic insights that drive sound decision-making and contribute to long-term business success.

Professional bio template 4

With a background in human resources and talent management, I am a results-oriented professional specializing in recruitment and employee development. I have successfully sourced and placed top-tier candidates across various industries, utilizing innovative sourcing strategies and conducting comprehensive interviews. Additionally, I have designed and implemented training programs that enhance employee performance and engagement. Known for my strong interpersonal skills and ability to build rapport, I excel at fostering a positive and productive work environment.

Professional bio template 5

As a skilled project manager, I have a proven track record of delivering complex projects on time and within budget. I possess a strong understanding of project management methodologies and tools, allowing me to effectively plan, execute, and monitor projects from initiation to closure. With excellent communication and leadership abilities, I thrive in cross-functional teams, coordinating resources and ensuring seamless collaboration. Known for my problem-solving skills and ability to mitigate risks, I consistently drive successful project outcomes.

Professional bio template 6

With a background in sales and business development, I am a dynamic professional experienced in driving revenue growth and building strategic partnerships. I possess a deep understanding of market dynamics and customer needs, enabling me to identify new business opportunities and develop tailored sales strategies. I excel at building and maintaining long-term relationships with clients, utilizing strong negotiation and closing skills. With a passion for achieving sales targets and a proactive approach, I consistently exceed expectations and contribute to overall business success.

5 Short professional bio examples for freshers

Here are 5 short professional bio examples for freshers.

A results-oriented and enthusiastic entry-level professional seeking a challenging position in [industry/field]. With a strong educational background in [relevant degree/program], I possess a solid foundation in [key skills/competencies]. Eager to contribute my knowledge and learn from experienced professionals, I am a quick learner with excellent problem-solving abilities. I am committed to delivering high-quality work and thrive in collaborative environments that foster growth and innovation.

A proactive and detail-oriented recent graduate with a degree in [relevant field]. I am passionate about starting my career in [industry/field] and utilizing my strong analytical and communication skills to contribute to organizational success. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to continuous improvement, I am eager to learn from experienced professionals and adapt to new technologies. Seeking an entry-level position that provides opportunities for growth and development.

A highly motivated and adaptable professional with a degree in [relevant field] seeking an entry-level position in [industry/field]. Equipped with strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills, I am eager to apply my knowledge and contribute to a dynamic organization. With a passion for innovation and a willingness to learn, I am committed to delivering results and exceeding expectations. I thrive in fast-paced environments and possess excellent teamwork and communication abilities.

A dedicated and proactive recent graduate with a degree in [relevant field]. I am eager to kickstart my career in [industry/field] and make a positive impact. With strong problem-solving abilities and a keen eye for detail, I am committed to delivering exceptional work. Seeking an entry-level position where I can contribute my skills in [specific area] and learn from experienced professionals in order to grow and excel in my field.

A detail-oriented and ambitious graduate with a strong academic background in [relevant field]. Equipped with a solid foundation in [key skills/competencies], I am ready to embark on a successful career in [industry/field]. With a proactive and result-driven approach, I am eager to contribute my abilities in [specific area] to an organization that values innovation and growth. Seeking an entry-level position where I can apply my knowledge, learn from experienced professionals, and make a meaningful contribution.

A professional bio is a powerful tool for showcasing your skills, experience, and unique personality. By following the tips and examples we've provided in this blog post, you can create a compelling bio that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Remember to keep your bio concise and focused, highlighting your most relevant achievements and qualifications. Use a professional tone and tailor your bio to suit your target audience. Don't be afraid to inject a bit of personality and showcase your passions and interests.

Lastly, don't forget to update your bio regularly as your career progresses and new accomplishments come your way. A well-maintained and thoughtfully written professional bio can open doors, create opportunities, and help you stand out in a competitive professional landscape.

So, take the time to craft a bio that truly represents who you are and what you bring to the table. Invest in your personal brand and watch as your professional bio becomes a powerful tool in your journey to success.

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Campaign Biographies Samples For Students

2 samples of this type

Regardless of how high you rate your writing abilities, it's always a worthy idea to check out an expertly written Biography example, especially when you're dealing with a sophisticated Campaign topic. This is exactly the case when WowEssays.com directory of sample Biographies on Campaign will come in handy. Whether you need to come up with an original and meaningful Campaign Biography topic or inspect the paper's structure or formatting peculiarities, our samples will provide you with the necessary material.

Another activity area of our write my paper company is providing practical writing support to students working on Campaign Biographies. Research help, editing, proofreading, formatting, plagiarism check, or even crafting fully original model Campaign papers upon your request – we can do that all! Place an order and buy a research paper now.

Free Portia Simpson-Miller Biography Sample

American national biography examples, george armstrong custer.

Don't waste your time searching for a sample.

Get your biography done by professional writers!

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38+ Biography Templates with Images – Download in Word & PDF

campaign biography example

Experts in various fields are often more than capable of excelling in the arts and sciences, business and sports. However, for some individuals, no matter how affluent they are in their area of expertise, they have a tough time talking about themselves. This makes writing an author’s biography strangely difficult for some people. In today’s world, a biography may be written by another person, or by the individual themselves, such as when an individual need to self-promote themselves on a Kickstarter, website, or self-promote their book. Whatever the reason, biography templates are used for that purpose. These templates can be used for personal or professional endeavors, from authors, business people, athletes and those in the arts and sciences.

Biography templates are an absolute must for any author. Writers need to connect to their fan base, they need to intrigue people, they must present an interesting image of themselves in the world to assist people in becoming familiar with their works. These templates will usually include, but not be limited to: Author’s name, interests, any awards, released and/or upcoming books, collaborations, publishers, where they live and work, along with a website url. Biography templates guide you in knowing what to leave in and what to leave out of the biography.

We are providing up to 15 different biography templates available for immediate use. All of these biography templates are beautifully done and professionally designed in order to create a perfectly written biography. These templates come with gorgeous page designs and border designs. Using our templates, you’ll have no problem filling in the information you need, as all of our templates have fields for you to insert your information, including the imagery of your choice. Our templates are easy to use, just customize, and either save to file or print. Using our beautifully designed templates will assure that your biographies will appear professional and receive the acknowledgement they deserve.

Biography Templates for Microsoft Word

How to write a biography

Personal Biography Template 

Faculty biography template.

Faculty Biography Template

Biography Examples

Biography Examples

We hope these templates and samples will help you writing your own bio with style and professionalism. Thank you for coming on our site. We hope to see you again.

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15 personal bio examples that are fun, creative, and get the job done.

Struggling to write about yourself? These personal bio examples show how you can talk about your professional and personal life in a creative, engaging way.

Published on Nov 27, 2022

By Austin Distel

campaign biography example

Personal bios can be hard to write. Waxing lyrical about yourself can be uncomfortable, especially in the context of professional achievements and amazing things you’ve done.

But, in a world where we’re often separated from other humans via a screen, your personal bio is one of the easiest ways for a company, colleague, or a potential lead to learn more about you.

‍ If you don’t know what to include or how to get started, we’ve pulled together some personal bio examples that showcase a handful of creative and engaging ways to present yourself on your social media accounts, your personal website, and on any bylined articles you write outside of your site. 

We also provide some cool personal bio generator templates from our AI marketing platform , Jasper. Now you won’t have to scramble around at the last minute to come up with a short bio of yourself when you’re suddenly asked to send one over via email!

The business case for personal bios: why you should write one

You might wonder what the big deal is—it’s just a bio, right? Do people even read them? The answer is actually, yes; they do. Personal bios can be a great way to find out more about the person behind a website or an article. This helps establish a connection and encourages readers to relate to you. 

The thing is, you might not think a lot of people care about where you went to school or what you like to do in your spare time, but you just don’t know who’s reading your professional bio.

It might be a hotshot manager for your dream company who also loves to spend their weekends kayaking the coast. Or it might be the marketer for a well-known brand looking for a writer .

Learning little nuggets of information about you can put you ahead of other candidates they’re researching or other freelancers they’re in talks with. It could be the difference between getting that contract and not. 

What’s the difference between a personal bio and a resume?

Your resume is a list of your professional roles. Your personal bio digs deeper than this and gives readers an insight into things like: 

  • Your interests outside of work
  • Your backstory
  • What gets you up in the morning 
  • Your passions and values 
  • Your goals 

Understanding this information can help them see if you’d be a good fit, or if you have the personal qualities they’re looking for in someone they want to work with. This information also helps you connect better with like-minded people.

Say, for example, you’re scrolling through Twitter, see a fun Tweet, and click on the person’s bio only to find out they also run 5km every evening and are passionate about addressing climate change. Chances are, you’re going to want to connect with them. 

How to write a personal bio

Before we share some creative bio examples, let’s take a look at what your personal biography should include. Bear in mind that this will vary depending on what platform you’re posting it on (platforms like Twitter and Instagram have a limited word count).

However, you can have a “master” bio that you pull snippets from for other platforms. Not only does this keep your messaging cohesive across platforms, but it makes it easy to get a bio together at short notice because you already have all the information you need written down. 

What to include in a bio on your site

For this ‌exercise, let’s focus on what you need to include in a personal bio on your website. This will be your “master” bio as it’ll probably be the longest and go into the most detail.

People who are poking around on your website have already shown an interest in who you are and what you do, so they’re more likely to stick around and read a longer bio. Here’s what you should include:

  • Your name: obviously, you need to state your name. Most people choose to include their full name, including surname, at the start of their bio. However, if your website URL or personal brand is already your full name, you can shorten it to just your first name. 
  • Your position: your current position and the tasks you’re responsible for should get a mention. This is particularly important if you’re looking for jobs or are writing a bio for a networking platform like LinkedIn. 
  • Your work experience: mention any key roles you’ve held in the past and how you got to where you are today. Stories like this show readers your journey and give an insight into your specialisms and professional skills. 
  • What you do and who you do it for: kind of like stating your “niche”, talking about what exactly it is you do (like graphic design or paid ad campaigns), and who you do it for (like finance companies or busy e-commerce owners) can help readers identify if you’re a good fit. 
  • What you do outside of work: personal bios should be more personal than a resume or professional bio and should therefore include personal details about what you like to do when you’re not working. Do you frequent pop-up restaurants? Attend dog shows with your puppy? Rock climb in the mountains? 
  • Professional accomplishments: talk about what you’ve achieved both at work and outside of work. This gives readers an idea about the things you value and what you might be able to achieve for them (it’s also a great talking point for people who want to reach out). 
  • Personal story: share a personal, creative story to add a splash of personality. It can be anything from the disastrous first birthday party you held for your daughter to the time you were taken in by a local family after getting lost in Mongolia. Don't forget to add a custom image !

How often should you refresh your personal bio? 

The life you live now isn’t the same life you were living ten, five, or even two years ago. Your personal bio should reflect your current situation, which means it’ll probably need to be regularly updated.

If you’re not sure about when to give it a refresh, consider:

  • When you land a new job 
  • When you achieve a big milestone (either at work or in your personal life)
  • When your old one doesn’t have the same ring to it 

Schedule time every few months to go back over your personal bio and see if everything is still true and up-to-date. 

Where to display your personal bio 

Your personal bio can be displayed anywhere that you might want people to find out more about you. Often, this will be places like social media, your website, guest post bylines, or your speaker profile, but you can also include it in other marketing materials like flyers for events you’re hosting or the blurb for your latest ebook. 

  • Twitter: cramming a personal bio into 160 characters can be hard, but it can also be a great lesson in identifying what information matters the most. Use up as many of the characters as you can, and use them wisely..
  • LinkedIn: the summary section of your LinkedIn profile gives you up to 2,000 characters to use. This is the ideal place to share your “master” bio.
  • Instagram: at 150 characters, you have just a few words to explain who you are and what you do on Instagram—use them wisely.
  • Personal website: people who land on your website are already interested in you—share your “master” bio here in all its glory. 
  • Guest posts: bylined articles need a couple of sentences about the author. Make it engaging to encourage readers to click through to your site or remember your name. 
  • Speaker profile: if you speak at events or conferences, you’ll need a short but sweet speaker bio that gets attendees interested in your session.

Get inspired: fun personal bio examples 

#1 twitter bio example: sally fox.

Sally Fox Twitter Bio

Sally includes what she does and who she does it for, as well as a humorous bit of information about her and her contact information—all within Twitter’s 160 character limit.

#2 Twitter bio example: Kash Bhattacharya

Kash Bhattacharya Twitter Bio

Kash showcases his accomplishments as well as a bit of backstory about what he’s doing and how long he’s been doing it.

#3 Twitter bio example: Jay Acunzo

Jay Acunzo Twitter Bio

Jay shares his mission in his Twitter bio, as well as what he’s best known for.

#4 Pinterest bio example: Grey & Scout

Grey & Scout Pinterest Bio

Liz of Grey & Scout introduces herself and tells her followers what they can expect to see from her—not an easy feat with such a limited word count.

#5 Guest post bio example: Justin Champion

Justin Champion Guest Post Bio

In this guest author byline, Justin uses the third person to introduce who he is and what he does, as well as share his goal with readers.

#6 LinkedIn bio example: Katrina Ortiz

Katrina Ortiz LinkedIn Bio

Katrina uses her LinkedIn bio to tell a story. Readers are hooked from the first sentence, but she also gives key insights into her specialties and achievements. 

#7 LinkedIn bio example: Karen Abbate

Karen Abbate LinkedIn Bio

Karen does things a bit differently with her LinkedIn summary and lists out key things readers might want to know about her and her career. 

#8 LinkedIn bio example: Katie Clancy

Katie Clancy LinkedIn Bio

Katie starts her LinkedIn bio with an analogy that serves to hook readers from the start. From there, she branches out into how it relates to her profession, as well as her key achievements and career highlights.

#9 Personal website bio example: Dave Harland

Dave Harland About Page Bio

Dave Harland’s About Page shares the story of how he got into writing‌. At the end, he highlights his experience and why this story has helped him become a go-to copywriter.

#10 Personal website bio example: Gummi Sig

Gummi Sig About Page Bio

Gummi Sig begins his bio in the third person before diving into first-person storytelling mode. Perhaps the best part about this personal bio is the call to action at the end that encourages potential leads to get in touch.

#11 Personal website bio example: Leigh Whipday

Leigh Whipday About Page Bio

Leigh Whipday of Toy Fight has a short professional bio on the website. It includes both his professional achievements as well as insights about his life outside of work to attract his target audience.

#12 Personal website bio example: Blake Fili Suarez

Blake Suarez About Page Bio

Blake includes both a short and a long version of his bio so that readers can choose the best option for them. Both include what he does as well as personal anecdotes about his life and business.

Create your own with the Jasper personal bio template

Jarvis Personal Bio Template

# 13 Personal website bio example: Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore Personal Bio

Besides a short professional bio that’s more focused on her work, Kaleigh Moore also has a personal bio on her site. It goes into detail about her first e-commerce business and how it led her into writing for the biggest names in e-commerce. It also shares some fun facts and photos of Kaleigh.

#14 Instagram bio example: Carlos Gil

Carlos Gil Personal Instagram Bio

Carlos Gil does a good job of using limited space wisely, mentioning accomplishments, what he does and for who, as well as what he’s working on.  

#15 Instagram bio example: Samantha Anderl

Samantha Anderl Personal Instagram Bio

Co-founder of Harlow, Samantha Anderl, uses her personal Instagram bio not only to promote the company but also to give some insight into her personality. As this bio shows, a little humor can go a long way in attracting like-minded people to both you and your business.

Struggling with a blank page? Not sure which words to put down first? Overwhelmed by all the great professional bio examples out there and have now got writer’s paralysis? That's where an AI writing assistant can come in handy. Jasper’s personal bio template, in particular, can save the day. 

Simply plug in a few key pieces of information about yourself (use the list we mentioned above as a starting point) and choose the tone of voice you want to portray . Jasper will then work its AI magic and create a collection of personal bios you can tweak or use as they are. For example, here’s the start of a short bio for Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs. 

Jasper Personal Bio Template

Jasper can create well-written, engaging bios for anyone in any role, as long as you provide the right info. For instance, besides setting the point of view and tone, we gave Jasper some basic details, including a fictional name, role, and location for a Senior Product Marketing Manager. 

As you can see from the bio options below, Jasper added emotion and personality to the details we gave. And he even added missing details such as past companies and years of experience, which we could easily swap out for factual details when writing a bio for a real person. 

Jasper Personal Bio Template For Marketing Manager

We provided similar details for the bio of a fictional social media marketer, feeding Jasper info on specialties, previous roles, and hobbies. This time in the third person, Jasper added flair to our inputs, as well as some additional details that could be verified or swapped out, such as Luisa being from Columbia. 

Jasper Personal Bio Template For Social Media Manager

Any of Jasper’s outputs could be combined, edited, or expanded in minutes to create a polished bio that showcases your areas of expertise, your professional goals, and your personality. Writing about yourself doesn’t have to be hard!

Also related: the Jasper company bio template

Companies can also make use of Jasper’s bio templates with the company bio template. Again, just input some key facts about your business, and— voila! —Jasper will create a fun and creative bio you can use wherever you like. 

Create your punchy personal bio today

Never again be asked to send over a personal bio “on the fly”. Instead, create a “master” bio that can be chopped up into engaging chunks and shared on your chosen promotional platforms.

Include key information about your job title, achievements, and what exactly it is you do, as well as personal anecdotes, your interests, and how you spend your spare time.

Your personal bio is a chance to connect with potential clients, hiring managers, and like-minded colleagues, so take the time to write one that really presents you as you want to be presented.

‍ Start a free trial to create your Personal Bio using Jasper today.

Meet The Author:

Austin Distel

Austin Distel

Austin Distel is the Sr. Director of Marketing at Jasper , your AI creative assistant. He's also an Airbnb superhost in Austin, Texas. You can follow Austin's adventures around the internet and the world at distel.com .

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Wife of Investor Who Pushed for Harvard President’s Exit Is Accused of Plagiarism

Neri Oxman, a former M.I.T. professor, is accused of copying from Wikipedia. Her husband, William Ackman, vowed to check the work of the entire M.I.T. faculty.

  • Share full article

Neri Oxman, gesturing with one arm, speaks at a gathering.

By Anemona Hartocollis and Anna Betts

Accusations of plagiarism appear to be the newest weapon in the raging battle over the leadership and direction of elite universities.

For weeks, William Ackman, the billionaire hedge fund manager, has campaigned on social media against Claudine Gay, who resigned as Harvard’s president amid accusations of plagiarizing other scholars and of not taking a strong enough stand against antisemitism on campus.

But that battle was brought home after Business Insider, an online publication, posted similar accusations of plagiarism against Mr. Ackman’s wife, Neri Oxman, an architect and designer, who holds a Ph.D. in design computation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Business Insider said on Friday that Dr. Oxman “stole sentences and whole paragraphs from Wikipedia, other scholars and technical documents in her academic writing.”

Those examples came a day after the publication reported on several errors in attributing others’ work in her dissertation. Dr. Oxman apologized for those errors on Thursday and said they involved only a few paragraphs of a 330-page thesis.

On Friday evening, before Business Insider had posted its latest story, Mr. Ackman posted on social media that the publication had contacted his wife about its recent findings, but that he and Dr. Oxman, a former tenured professor at M.I.T., had not had time to research the accuracy of the accusations.

“It is unfortunate that my actions to address problems in higher education have led to these attacks on my family,” Mr. Ackman, founder of Pershing Square Capital, said on X, the social media platform, where he has a million followers.

In response, he wrote, he would begin a plagiarism review of all current M.I.T. faculty members; Sally Kornbluth, the president of M.I.T.; and the university’s governing body, and would share the results with the public. “This experience has inspired me to save all news organizations from the trouble of doing plagiarism reviews,” Mr. Ackman wrote.

He posted later on Friday that he would also review the work of reporters at Business Insider.

It was unclear whether he was targeting Dr. Kornbluth because his wife had received her Ph.D. at the university or because of what he considered Dr. Kornbluth’s inadequate denunciation of antisemitism at a congressional hearing last month.

Through a spokesman, Mr. Ackman and Dr. Oxman declined to comment beyond their comments on X. Kimberly Allen, a spokesperson for M.I.T., said in an email that the university’s leaders “remain focused on ensuring the vital work of the people of M.I.T. continues, work that is essential to the nation’s security, prosperity and quality of life.”

Jonathan Bailey, a copyright and plagiarism consultant who also runs the website Plagiarism Today, said he worried about the “weaponization of plagiarism.”

“I worry that we’re going to see a sharp rise in shoddy analyses that attempt to either blow minor issues out of proportion or show plagiarism where the evidence doesn’t support it,” he said.

The first volley from Business Insider against Dr. Oxman came on Thursday, two days after Dr. Gay stepped down, and the accusations seemed similar to those against Dr. Gay.

Dr. Oxman apologized the same day.

“As I have dedicated my career to advancing science and innovation, I have always recognized the profound importance of the contributions of my peers and those who came before me,” she wrote on X.

In the age of A.I., plagiarism accusations could be easier to make and can easily be weaponized by either side in a dispute.

“Without a doubt on both sides, plagiarism has become a weapon, just like the criminal justice system has become weaponized,” said Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, who had his own spat over plagiarism accusations years ago and was cleared by Harvard. “Everything is weaponized in America today.”

Dr. Gay was accused of plagiarism in her 1997 Harvard dissertation and in other academic papers. She acknowledged a handful of errors of citation and asked for corrections, according to Harvard. The university’s governing board said it had convened a three-member independent review board that cleared her of academic misconduct. But it has declined to publicly disclose the names of the scholars.

Mr. Ackman played a large role in discrediting Dr. Gay, posting frequent broadsides against her.

After Dr. Gay resigned as president, Mr. Ackman criticized the decision to let her remain on the Harvard faculty. “There would be nothing wrong with her staying on the faculty if she didn’t have serious plagiarism issues,” Mr. Ackman wrote on X . He added that rewarding her “with a highly paid faculty position sets a very bad precedent for academic integrity at Harvard.”

After Business Insider ran the accusations against Dr. Oxman on Thursday, Mr. Ackman wrote on X: “You know that you struck a chord when they go after your wife, in this case my love and partner in life, @NeriOxman.”

In its first article, Business Insider accused Dr. Oxman of plagiarizing “multiple paragraphs” of her 2010 doctoral dissertation at M.I.T., “including at least one passage directly lifted from other writers without citation.”

On Thursday, Dr. Oxman, a former tenured professor at M.I.T.’s Media Lab, said that she had cited the sources but “omitted quotation marks for certain work that I used” in four paragraphs of her 330-page thesis.

Not including quotation marks is a “violation of MIT’s academic-integrity handbook , both as it is currently written and as it was at the time,” Business Insider wrote.

Dr. Oxman also apologized on Thursday for paraphrasing a sentence from a book by Claus Mattheck in her thesis and not citing him.

Dr. Oxman was portrayed in a 2018 profile in The New York Times as a brilliant, quirky scholar who founded a discipline she called material ecology, which worked “with natural organisms like slime molds, monarchs and silkworms, to make extraordinary objects and structures that do all sorts of extraordinary things.” Israeli-born, she was a first lieutenant in the Israeli Air Force. She and Mr. Ackman were married in 2019.

Kirsten Noyes contributed research.

Anemona Hartocollis is a national reporter for The Times, covering higher education. More about Anemona Hartocollis

Anna Betts reports on national events, including politics, education, and natural or man-made disasters, among other things. More about Anna Betts


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  1. Tips for Writing Your Political Candidate Biography

    By Shane Daley Anyone running for office needs to write a political candidate biography. A good story adds a personal touch to your campaign. It provides information about your background, qualifications, and positions on important issues. Your candidate biography is a profile about yourself.

  2. Outlining Your Campaign Bio

    Your bio. Traditionally this is a fairly straightforward piece of information that usually starts with your name, where you're from, what you're running for and why you're running. And oh, it's normally written in third person.

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    How to Write a Short Bio 80+ Professional Bio Templates & Examples Create a compelling professional narrative for a proper, attention-grabbing introduction. LinkedIn Summaries Speaker Intros Website Bios Professional Profile Download for free Learn more What is a professional bio?

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    For example, Ballotpedia may provide a brief biography that does not mention a prior public office held by the candidate if their key campaign messages already mention that office. Note that Ballotpedia first introduced its policy for standardized biographies in 2018, meaning that biographies written before 2018 may vary substantially in format ...

  5. Best Practices for Writing Your Political Candidate Bio

    Every campaign website should include a candidate biography page. It's a section where you can tell voters about yourself and why you are running for office. Start with an introduction Who are you? Begin with some background information about yourself. Try to include some qualities that separate you from your opposition.

  6. Candidate Bio Examples

    Aim to keep candidate bios standardized and concise. What to include: Professional history: employer, past board experience, past committee experience, etc. History with the organization: length of membership, previous volunteer roles, membership type (if relevant), awards, etc.

  7. PDF Political Candidate Biography Worksheet

    Start with a basic summary Begin by just writing a summary of who you are and what you are running for. Make is short enough that it would fit into your social media profiles. For example: Sam Smith is 2024 candidate for Mayor in TinyTown, NY. Good. Now you've created your micro-biography. Hang onto this. OnlineCandidate.com

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    1. Prepare a Brief But Effective Introduction Statements are crucial for introducing a candidate for election and must be relevant without rambling. To resonate with voters, candidates should briefly describe their experience and skills, establishing a clear connection between these qualifications and their desired leadership positions. 2.

  9. How to Write a Political Bio

    Campaigning for public office is more than shaking hands and kissing babies. Your political biography sets the tone for who you are as a candidate and reveals who you are as an individual. It establishes an image that conveys your values, qualifications and passion for the position.

  10. How to write a good political biography as a candidate

    April 11, 2022 How to write a good political biography as a candidate A good biography should answer two questions: who are you and why are you good for this job? Who are you? You should place your name first in your biography. Even though it seems simple, your name should appear throughout your biography several times.

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    My name Ardi Davari and I am a homeowner in Paramount. I was raised in Culver City, Los Angeles County and graduated high school in the city of Santa Monica. After high school I attended college and earned my Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of California at Irvine. I am currently employed as the Southwest Area Recruiter for ...

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    Schedule a Demo Scalenut's Year-End AI-SEO Days are Live - Get 55% Off, Guaranteed Add-ons, and 2X Limits. Want to write a professional bio for Linkedin or a personal website? We've got you covered. Here are some professional biography examples and templates to inspire you!

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    6. Megan Gilmore. Another good example of a professional bio on Instagram is from cookbook and food writer Megan Gilmore. Most professionals try to establish themselves on one or two platforms first instead of selling themselves short on over five or ten other platforms.

  14. Presidential Campaign Biographies

    Presidential Campaign Biographies The Presidential Campaign Biography Collection was begun in 1964 when the graduating class of Central Michigan University gifted the Clarke Library with funds to acqure biographies written as part of an individual's quest for the presidency.

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    Personal biography template. This is a personal biography template: [Photograph] [Your name] [Job Title and credentials if applicable] [Two to three sentences introducing yourself and the brand or item you're marketing using first-person language]. [Paragraph outlining your accomplishments and successes with the brand.

  16. Candidate Bios and Interest Statements

    I have been serving as a delegate to the UNC Staff Assembly since July 2022. My dedication, loyalty and "can-do" attitude pushes me to go the "extra mile". Case in point, in July 2022 Chair Crystal Woods tasked me and two others to work on researching "bereavement" opportunities that could be granted to our Staff.

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    Here's a sample bio that you can use as a template for writing your short biography. This biography example is for a Chief Marketing Officer, but it could be modified to write a bio for any type of management or marketing position. ... including heading up the 2004 campaign in his community. John holds a bachelors degree from Stanford ...

  18. 30 Professional Bio Examples & Templates Elevate Your Profile

    5. Academic professional bio example. Dr. Jessica Rodriguez is a renowned professor of sociology and social justice advocate. With a Ph.D. in Sociology from Yale University, Dr. Rodriguez has dedicated her career to advancing research on inequality, race relations, and social change.

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    2 samples of this type Regardless of how high you rate your writing abilities, it's always a worthy idea to check out an expertly written Biography example, especially when you're dealing with a sophisticated Campaign topic. This is exactly the case when WowEssays.com directory of sample Biographies on Campaign will come in handy.

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    38+ Biography Templates with Images - Download in Word & PDF Advertisements Business, Publishing Templates Experts in various fields are often more than capable of excelling in the arts and sciences, business and sports.

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    What to include in a short bio Your short bio is often the first (and perhaps only) thing a potential employer, client or contact will read before deciding to contact you, so it is important that your bio be accurate, informative and memorable. It's a good idea to include: Your name Your current job title

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    If you don't know what to include or how to get started, we've pulled together some personal bio examples that showcase a handful of creative and engaging ways to present yourself on your social media accounts, your personal website, and on any bylined articles you write outside of your site.

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    An example of a professional bio written in the third person. Target the word count. You will likely have to stick to a certain word count. On Twitter, your bio can be a maximum of 160 characters, while Instagram allows a maximum of 150 characters. TikTok's character limit is much shorter, at only 80 characters.

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    Neri Oxman, a former M.I.T. professor, is accused of copying from Wikipedia. Her husband, William Ackman, vowed to check the work of the entire M.I.T. faculty.