209 Sports Topics: Argumentative Essay & Persuasive Speech Ideas

Persuasive speech is the art of convincing the audience to understand and trust your opinion. Are you ready to persuade someone in your view? Our list of sports persuasive speech topics will help you find a position to take and defend. If you need more options quick, apart from contents of this article, try a speech topic generator for school .

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Argumentative essays , on the contrary, dwell upon two possible opinions. You can make them balanced or defend one, contradicting the other. If you are unsure which perspective you should adhere to, sports argumentative essay topics are here for you.

Choose one of the following informative sports topics to develop your viewpoint. Plus, you can contact Custom-writing.org experts if you need any help with this or any other assignment.

  • 🔝 Top 10 Topics
  • 🏈 Football Topics
  • ⚽ Topics on Soccer
  • 🏀 Basketball Topics
  • ⚾ Topics on Baseball
  • 🏒 Hockey Topics
  • ✨ Debate Topics
  • 🏟️ General Topics
  • 🤼 Controversial Topics
  • 🏅 Other Topics

🔍 References

🔝 top 10 sports persuasive speech topics.

  • Athletes are overpaid.
  • Sport bets are not ethical.
  • Cheerleading is not a sport.
  • Extreme sports should be banned.
  • Colleges spend too much money on sports.
  • Olympic Games are not relevant anymore.
  • Women sports need to be promoted better.
  • Cybersport is as important as other sports.
  • Men coaches shouldn’t work with women athletes.
  • Children shouldn’t be allowed in competitions.

🏈 Great Persuasive Football Topics

When we say football, we mean American football. If you need soccer debate topics, then keep on scrolling! The football speech topics are controversial, so some research may be required to succeed.

  • Football is too violent to be played by children. Should we forbid underage children to play it? Or could we make a “lighter” version for them? Can we say that it teaches kids to show aggression?
  • In certain parts of the US (Texas and some others), football appears to be a religion. Do you agree with this statement? Does it relate anyhow to the theory of the exceptionalism of the US?
  • Does football culture praise self-sacrifice for the benefit of the team and playing despite severe pain? Do you think it gives the game the essence of unity and involvement? Can the spectators feel empathy with individual players, or are they concerned with the outcome more?
  • Are non-contact variants of American football played only by amateurs? Discuss touch football and flag football (or Canadian football). Are these games less fascinating? Should schools adopt them to prevent injuries of children?
  • Is racism still present in football? Is there a grain of truth in the statement that football players are mostly black while spectators are mainly white? If no, argument your opinion. If yes, how could it be changed for more equality?
  • Concussion rules in the NFL: do they spoil the game?
  • What should be done about offensive team names in football?
  • Deflategate: what does the US judicial system have to do with sports matters?
  • Should players’ jerseys display ads?
  • Is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning the greatest quarterback of our era?
  • Would making a safer helmet encourage the teams to use more violence during the game?
  • Do you think that real American football can only be played in America?
  • If tackling in football was forbidden, the game would lose its interest for spectators.
  • Playing football by children under 14 years old can cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy and other health problems.
  • Does football popularity suffer because of “nomadic” players who regularly change their teams, depending on who pays more?
  • When should you start playing football if you would like to become a professional player?
  • Is it a frustrating experience for students that some schools discontinue their football programs?
  • Should young athletes get paid for winning a football competition between schools?
  • Why does the NFL decide in which team a former school player is going to act, and is that fair?
  • Does dedication to football make childhood less fun?
  • College football competitions have enormous charitable potential, yet unexplored.
  • How could football players keep up with practice during the lockdown?
  • What personality features matter in professional football?
  • Does football promote mannish aggression?
  • Is the methodology of the Bowl Championship Series subjective and unfair?
  • Are college football playoffs better than BCS?
  • Could women be allowed to play for the NFL?
  • Is there any difference between football and rugby?
  • Is Thanksgiving football the best family-building tradition?
  • A team can play only 16 games in the NFL regular season, and it only stirs up interest.

⚽ Best Soccer Persuasive Speech Topics

The game of soccer offers some good topics for motivational sporting speeches. Just see for yourself:

  • Goal-line technology and some other innovations have added fairness to soccer. Which state-of-art technologies could make the game even more spectacular? Or do you support the conservative approach? Is the human eye enough to control the results?
  • Is it reasonable to hire players from other countries to national teams? Previously, the national team consisted of players from the specific area. But now the word “local” is just nominal. More than often, national teams consist of multinational players.
  • Soccer matches can raise violent confrontation among the spectators. What are the possible measures to avoid aggression and vandalism? Does it depend on the host country?
  • Why is women’s soccer less popular than its male variant? Women tend to play more gentle, is it the cause? Are there more male spectators who prefer watching men playing soccer?
  • Is the short career of a soccer player worth the long years of training? Typically, players’ careers last for 15 years. After that, they can work as coaches or fulfill their potential in another activity. Is it enough to be satisfied with one’s life?
  • Bayern Munich is only a good team because of its excessive funding: the issue of financing in soccer.
  • FIFA is too corrupt to function and should undergo a major overhaul.
  • Association football is experiencing a match-fixing crisis.
  • World Cups produce devastating effects on the countries that host them.
  • The World Cup bidding process is flawed and encourages human rights violations.
  • Who is the greatest legend of football: Ronaldo or Messi?
  • Does soccer need instant replay?
  • The US population is concerned with soccer during the World Cup only.
  • Can two good teams have a boring game?
  • Usually, the same teams win the cup, with minor variations. Is it their merit or a tradition?
  • Are soccer players’ salaries unreasonably high?
  • Normally, the same teams win the cup, with minor variations. Is it their merit or a tradition?
  • Why do soccer games last only 90 minutes?
  • Should we refuse from extra time, and why?
  • Goalposts are too thin and should be made thicker. How would it influence the game?
  • Clubs that buy famous players are criticized. Should they develop their young players instead?
  • How will technologies transform soccer in the next decades?
  • The visibility of soccer in America depends on the success of the US team.
  • Does soccer require more stamina than coordination?
  • What is the best soccer player of all time?
  • Does a local club preserve its local specifics if the majority of its players proceed from other countries?
  • Clubs are increasingly more concerned with selling their players than with earning by vivid performance.
  • Why do many secondary players become prominent coaches, but only a few famous players become good coaches?
  • How do natives of African countries become rich and famous soccer players, if their homeland has poor soccer infrastructure?
  • Is the contemporary FIFA rating methodology fair?

🏀 Basketball Persuasive Speech Topics

As the world’s third most popular sport, basketball naturally draws a lot of attention. Which basketball-related questions can you discuss in a speech on sports?

  • Do we need to raise the basketball rim? In the last century, basketball players have become considerably higher than their predecessors. Would this change favor the game? Or would basketball grow less impressive?
  • Should complicated goals earn more points? Free throw across the field requires much skill, and it should be rewarded. Thus the written rules would become more complicated, and games would become more interesting for the public.
  • Current NBA games are more gentle than they used to be a decade ago. Do you agree with the statement? Would today’s legends succeed in the basketball championships of the past?
  • Think of the psychology of competing in the NBA for many years, yet never gaining any ring. Does it discourage the players? Famous players keep on earning goals while their less prominent teammates are lagging. What could be done for their motivation?
  • Why is personal contact forbidden in basketball? If it did not constitute a personal foul, like in American football, how would the game be transformed? Would the players require to wear helmets and other protection?
  • Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time.
  • The NBA should implement a stricter dress code.
  • Beyond football: the issue of Native American mascots in basketball.
  • Should NBA teams be allowed to relocate at will?
  • What is an acceptable age range for basketball players?
  • Was Michael Olowokandi the most unsuccessful NBA player?
  • Michael Jordan was the idol of the 90’s, leaving many other top players without proper attention.
  • Why did Kevin Durant leave the Oklahoma City Thunder?
  • Is it a good idea to conduct a second championship among the teams that failed the league?
  • Who was the most infamous draft bust ever?
  • Is it possible to make mixed basketball teams of men and women in equal proportion?
  • How do advanced metrics help the teams to develop their playing strategies?
  • Are basketball championships a legitimate way to measure the players’ proficiency?
  • Is basketball the most “athletic” kind of sport?
  • Does the draft lottery in the NFL make the championship less competitive?
  • Should college basketball players be paid?
  • What was the most prominent NBA team ever?
  • What is the difference between the playing methods of Michael Jordan and LeBron?
  • Why did the NBA become the most famous league?
  • Why do basketball rules differ in the US and Europe?
  • How does the 24-second clock impact the game?
  • What makes a good basketball player: height, speed, or tactics?
  • Why is it forbidden to pick up a ball thrown out of play?
  • What are the common and different features between basketball and streetball?
  • Why shouldn’t you pick up a dead ball to renew the attack?

⚾ Sports Topics on Baseball

Is baseball your favorite sport? Then research it in more detail by using some of these great ideas of baseball speech topics:

  • Is designated hitter rule useless? Does it help the weak fielders and players with past injuries to keep up the career? If all players become hitters from time to time, would the outcome get worse for the team?
  • Can we say that individual baseball players are inherently talented? Imagine that teams are made of players depending on their success, rather than their nationality. For every goal, a player receives a personal point. After gaining enough points, they go to a better team. Would it add more competitiveness to baseball?
  • What if the best college team be preserved for playing in MLB? In-team relationships and mutual understanding are essential for success. After college, players go to different teams. How does it impact their career?
  • The most complicated thing to do in all kinds of sports is undoubtedly hitting a baseball. It requires precision and strength. Are these two skills hardly compatible?
  • Why are steroids one of the most controversial sports topics in baseball? Barry Bonds should have been at the top of the Hall of Fame, but steroid use impeded him. Still, he is a perfect player and deserves such merit. What other debatable examples do you know?
  • In pitching, control is less critical than command.
  • The RBI (runs batted in) statistic should not be given so much weight because it is meaningless.
  • Instant replays should be used in baseball.
  • Should Major League Baseball implement a salary cap instead of a luxury tax?
  • Should the designated hitter rule be eliminated?
  • Does the voting for the Hall of Fame need a reformation?
  • Will Major League Baseball ever accept steroid use for the Hall of Fame?
  • When a team wins a baseball championship, it is more about luck than we would like to think.
  • How did the extended playoff system worsen the game?
  • Is the 90 feet distance fair, or should it be decreased?
  • Is it easier to win as a defense team?
  • Does an excellent offensive system require a better run or a secure pass?
  • Pitching grants more success in playoffs than hitting.
  • Why is it dangerous to throw a curveball?
  • Is it correct to use Wiffle ball for training purposes?
  • What is the most breathtaking baseball movie?
  • Which hitter is the best in MLB?
  • Why is spring training so necessary in baseball, while other kinds of sport have no such widespread practice?
  • Spring training was canceled because of the 2020 pandemic. What will be the effect?
  • Does fantasy baseball have something in common with sports?
  • Should baseball players be trained as universal players, so that they could replace any team member?
  • Which baseball record will never be surpassed?
  • Would you choose the best player in the draft, regardless of age, or opt for a college youth?
  • Would Derek Jeter be a famous baseball player if he wasn’t a shortstop?
  • Baseball is all about the rivalry between the pitcher and the hitter.

🏒 Hockey Sports Topics

  • Was Wayne Gretzky the best hockey player of all time?
  • Does video goal judge make the game fairer, or should debatable goals be dismissed?
  • In hockey, penalties are easier to score than in soccer.
  • Think of the drawbacks of playing hockey for a living.
  • Hockey is the kind of sport that causes the most severe injuries.
  • What are the most valuable skills and personal traits for a hockey player?
  • Penalties make the game more exciting. But Is it fair to decide if a team won based on a penalty score?
  • Players should be severely punished for fights during hockey games.
  • What makes the outcome of a hockey game?
  • Would a prominent ice hockey player be a good field hockey player?
  • What is the most controversial rule in hockey?
  • If a goaltender violates the rules, another team member is punished. Why is it different from soccer where the goalkeeper is replaced?
  • Why are the Canadians more concerned with defeating the US than any other national team of the world?
  • Why are multi-year contracts with players a detrimental practice for a club?
  • Will the human factor of referees ever be eliminated?
  • Does NHL need expansion to more teams?
  • Are 4 on 4 playoffs an excellent way to know the winner?
  • Hockey has the highest risk of injuries among all kinds of sports.
  • Hockey is a full-contact sport. Is this the reason for frequent fights, despite that they are prohibited?
  • Why do women in Canada prefer ringette to ice hockey?

✨ Sports Debate Topics

  • College athletes can be smart—don’t fall prey to stereotypes.
  • Student athletes drink Red Bull to get wings, but get health problems instead.
  • Cheerleading is a sport and should be regarded as such.
  • Colleges waste too much money on sports programs.
  • Students should receive money for playing sports.
  • Animal sports (bullfighting, horse racing, etc.) should be banned.
  • Hunting in all forms should be prohibited by law.
  • Extreme activities for entertainment should be banned.
  • Tobacco and alcohol ads during TV sports events should be outlawed.
  • All forms of betting on sporting events should be prohibited.

🏟️ General Sports Topics to Talk about

  • Sports is the best stress reliever and reducer of obesity.
  • Should athletes be regarded as role models for children?
  • Instead of being prohibited, the use of steroids should be legalized and monetized.
  • Should sports fans be somehow censored?
  • Press conferences should be made mandatory for athletes.
  • Are gloves helpful for fighting? Hockey players take them off, but boxers put them on.
  • Every tennis tournament should give a separate award for the loudest player.
  • Sports management : a more lucrative degree than business administration.
  • We should have a separate radio station for sports chants so we can always listen to them.

🤼 Controversial Sports Topics

  • Cybersport: can experienced gamers be considered professional athletes? The speech can revolve around most prominent examples of cyber-sportsmen and their lives.
  • Should athletes use sports as a platform to promote their political views? Consider focusing on the ethical side of the problem.
  • The influence of sports on the development of eating disorders in female athletes. In this speech, you can present multiple examples of anorexia and bulimia in female athletes and discuss how disorders affect their lives.
  • Should gambling be legalized as professional sports across all states? Discuss the legalization of gambling in some countries and elaborate whether other states could use this experience.

🏅 Other Sports Topics

Sports persuasive speech topics: coaching.

  • Not all great sportsmen can become good coaches.
  • All’s fair in love and war, but not in sports. Coaches must care for athletes’ health.
  • Athletes’ inborn talents are more important than the skills of their coaches.
  • Even good coaches can lose their self-control.
  • Women coaches should work with women athletes.

Sports Topics to Talk About: Women’s Rights

  • Bodybuilding is inappropriate for women.
  • Women’s boxing is less popular than men’s boxing because of stereotypes.
  • Female tennis players can compete in the men’s league.
  • Female and male athletes should not get equal salaries in the same sports.
  • Women athletes are more likely to have injuries than men.

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics: Mind Sports

  • The first move advantage in chess can help only a good player.
  • Chess is not a waste of time and intelligence.
  • Poker players should be allowed to wear headphones during live events.
  • Chess is not a sport.
  • The winners of the World Memory Championships should work in international councils.

Sports Topics: Importance of Games

  • Benefits that daily exercise and sports bring to adolescents with physical or emotional challenges. Discuss how different types of activity (fitness, swimming, running, etc.) influence adolescents’ mood.
  • How does sport affect human cognitive skills and can it prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s? Focus on some examples from research to prove your point and create a unique speech topic
  • Regular exercises at a GYM do not only improve one’s health but also positively influence social skills. You might want to present examples from personal life and research, as well as focus on a life of sports stars.
  • Games can improve children’s fine and gross motor skills. In your speech about this topic, you should focus on typical games used in kindergarten and primary school (for example, sketching and coloring).
  • Sports and games can become great tools for creating and sustaining strong community ties. During the speech, you can discuss how communities are improved by local championships conducted annually.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics: Injuries

  • Increased risk of traumas in young athletes whose bodies are still developing. Talk about prevention methods that coaches and parents can learn and use.
  • How can a professional athlete prevent most common sports injuries? Review the most common ways of prevention that discussed in media and research.
  • Psychological issues such as depression and anxiety can increase the risk of getting injured during exercise. The speech can include both personal and professional opinions.
  • Both men and women need psychological rehabilitation after an injury. To prove it, use recent research on mental illnesses in professional athletes.
  • Traumas in young athletes can lead to severe long-term outcomes. In this speech, you can focus on the influence of sports on adolescents’ skeletal development.
  • Sports injuries can negatively impact stress management of athletes. This discussion can revolve around stress management strategies that athletes use in their professional and personal life.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics: Student Life

  • Are sports admission essays necessary? Elaborate how and why such admission essays demonstrate student’s awareness of the topic.
  • Colleges should support the integration of less popular sports such as swimming, fencing, handball, etc. You can engage your classmates in a heated discussion about the pros and cons of less popular sports disciplines.
  • Sports can positively affect student’s self-perception and confidence. This speech should base on recent research, as well as independently conducted surveys (if possible)
  • Sports can lead to underperformance in class. Discuss the stereotype that college athletes are less successful in studying than their peers.
  • High school sports fans and their perceptions of alcohol and drug use. Use recent examples from media that illustrate how drugs and alcohol affect fans and colleges in general.

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics: Health

  • Overtraining syndrome should not be overlooked in professional athletes. Elaborate how perfectionism negatively affects professionals.
  • Fitness can help individuals with mental illnesses improve their psychological well-being. Use examples from research to indicate how fitness regulates mood swings and reduces anxiety.
  • Green exercise and environment as essential aspects of healthy training. The speech needs to focus on the new trend of green activity and the importance of environment and nature for effective exercise.
  • Sports is not about competitiveness; it is about participation and cooperation. Talk about cooperative games and their impact on social ties of individuals.
  • Changes in lifestyle can prevent the development of physical and psychological diseases. Present examples of exercise used for the prevention and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes type II, obesity, etc.

Feel free to browse for other topics related to sports to prepare great informative speeches or write unique and persuasive essays.

If the typical and popular persuasive speech ideas, like the question of steroids in sports, are getting on your nerves, then stand out from the crowd!

Choose any of these fresh persuasive speech topics on sports to convince your audience and earn high grades.

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Now it’s time to get started! Just choose the topic of your dreams and start changing people’s minds.

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Sports Argumentative Essay Topics: 30+ Ideas to Get Started

Author Image

by  Antony W

May 27, 2023

sports argumentative essay topics

When it comes to writing a sports argumentative essay in sports, the idea is that you look at two sides of one issue but pick one side as your stance. By using rebuttals to respond to counterclaims, you can demonstrate why your stand on a sports issue makes the most reasonable sense.

The first step is to pick the right topic to explore. But the best ideas don’t just come to mind during brainstorming, especially if you’re in the last minute rush to complete and hand in the work.

So in this post, we’ve put together a list of sports argumentative essay topics to get you started.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a topic on a sport that you love playing or one that you’d spend the whole day watching.
  • We recommend choosing an interesting topic because it’s easier to write what you understand than what you don’t know at all.
  • The format used for argumentative essay is the same regardless of the sports topic that you’re going to choose.

30+ Sports Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

The following are 30+ argumentative essay topics for sports based on their different categories:

American Football

Most people think of the American football as one of the most challenging games in human history. Within this category are many topic ideas that can make for a great sports argumentative essay. Here are some examples:

  • Is the advertising on players’ uniforms too provocative, and should it be discontinued?
  • Do American football players require health insurance?
  • Why is playing rugby more challenging than playing American football, which is more comfortable?
  • Should the government place a permanent ban on American football due to the high risk of injury to players?
  • Is the NFL taking adequate measures to address racial inequality and social justice concerns among its players and fans?
  • Should college football players get compensation for their performance?
  • Does the culture of toxic masculinity in American football contribute to harmful stereotypes and behaviors among athletes and fans?
  • Should the Super Bowl halftime show serve as a platform for social and political commentary?

Basketball Topics

Known as the most popular indoor game on the planet, Basketball continues to garner a wider audience worldwide. Like the American football, the field is so wide that you can come up with literally hundreds of topics to write about. Here are some ideas that can fit into your argumentative writing:

  • Height should not be a mandatory requirement to get one to play basketball.
  • Basketball across all levels should ban performance-enhancing drugs, such as steroids.
  • Is the NBA draft system fair to all players?
  • High school basketball players should not have the permit to bypass college and join the NBA directly
  • Is the current basketball refereeing system impartial and just?
  • Does the NBA bear a responsibility to address social justice concerns like racial inequity and police brutality?

Soccer Topics

Invented in December 1863, soccer has evolved to become the world’s most famous sports. With millions of fans and clubs all over the world, soccer definitely has a lot in it that you can talk about literally forever. Here are some argumentative essay topics to consider for this one:

  • Would the use of video assistant referee technology improve the accuracy and fairness of soccer matches?
  • Should soccer players have the freedom to express their personal beliefs and political views while on the field?
  • Does modern soccer focus on commercial gain and profit?
  • Is it important for women’s soccer to receive equal recognition, funding, and media coverage?
  • Can we use soccer as an effective tool for promoting international cooperation and cultural exchange?

Summer Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some summer sports argumentative essay topics worth looking at:

  • Is it justifiable to prohibit the consumption of alcohol during the Tour de France?
  • Should we prohibit martial arts or have it permitted solely for self-defense?
  • Do athletes in team sports perceive their coaches differently based on their communication style?
  • Does psychological resilience influence performance in open water swimming competitions?
  • Is there a correlation between heat acclimatization and performance in triathlon races?

Winter Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

The following are some of the best winter sports argumentative essay topics you might find worth exploring in your next assignment:

  • Is Cross Country Skiing the safest winter hobby?
  • Are figure skating judges excessively demanding of participants?
  • Can people do jumps from the springboard with deep snow cover?
  • Should bobsleigh be taken more seriously as a sport?
  • Is there a connection between snow quality and snowboarding injuries?
  • Can virtual reality technology enhance downhill skiing training?
  • How does altitude affect the performance of elite cross-country skiers?

NBA Argumentative Essay Topics

If you’ve chosen NBA as the sports around which you’d like to write an argumentative essay, here are some topic ideas to consider: 

  • Are NBA All-Star games more entertaining to watch than Super Bowl events?
  • Is Michael Jordan’s popularity unjustified according to some opinions?
  • What are the arguments for and against enforcing player conduct policies in the NBA?
  • Is the NBA taking advantage of young athletes by requiring them to complete one year of college before joining the league?
  • Does the NBA have a role in promoting basketball on the international and domestic levels?
  • Should the NBA permit players to express their political and social views during games and on social media?

About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.


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Sat / act prep online guides and tips, should college athletes be paid an expert debate analysis.

author image



The argumentative essay is one of the most frequently assigned types of essays in both high school and college writing-based courses. Instructors often ask students to write argumentative essays over topics that have “real-world relevance.” The question, “Should college athletes be paid?” is one of these real-world relevant topics that can make a great essay subject! 

In this article, we’ll give you all the tools you need to write a solid essay arguing why college athletes should be paid and why college athletes should not be paid. We'll provide:

  • An explanation of the NCAA and what role it plays in the lives of student athletes
  • A summary of the pro side of the argument that's in favor of college athletes being paid
  • A summary of the con side of the argument that believes college athletes shouldn't be paid
  • Five tips that will help you write an argumentative essay that answers the question "Should college athletes be paid?" 


The NCAA is the organization that oversees and regulates collegiate athletics. 

What Is the NCAA? 

In order to understand the context surrounding the question, “Should student athletes be paid?”, you have to understand what the NCAA is and how it relates to student-athletes. 

NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (but people usually just call it the “N-C-double-A”). The NCAA is a nonprofit organization that serves as the national governing body for collegiate athletics. 

The NCAA specifically regulates collegiate student athletes at the organization’s 1,098 “member schools.” Student-athletes at these member schools are required to follow the rules set by the NCAA for their academic performance and progress while in college and playing sports. Additionally, the NCAA sets the rules for each of their recognized sports to ensure everyone is playing by the same rules. ( They also change these rules occasionally, which can be pretty controversial! ) 

The NCAA website states that the organization is “dedicated to the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes” and prioritizes their well-being in academics, on the field, and in life beyond college sports. That means the NCAA sets some pretty strict guidelines about what their athletes can and can't do. And of course, right now, college athletes can't be paid for playing their sport. 

As it stands, NCAA athletes are allowed to receive scholarships that cover their college tuition and related school expenses. But historically, they haven't been allowed to receive additional compensation. That meant athletes couldn't receive direct payment for their participation in sports in any form, including endorsement deals, product sponsorships, or gifts.  

Athletes who violated the NCAA’s rules about compensation could be suspended from participating in college sports or kicked out of their athletic program altogether. 


The Problem: Should College Athletes Be Paid? 

You know now that one of the most well-known functions of the NCAA is regulating and limiting the compensation that student-athletes are able to receive. While many people might not question this policy, the question of why college athletes should be paid or shouldn't be paid has actually been a hot-button topic for several years.

The fact that people keep asking the question, “Should student athletes be paid?” indicates that there’s some heat out there surrounding this topic. The issue is frequently debated on sports talk shows , in the news media , and on social media . Most recently, the topic re-emerged in public discourse in the U.S. because of legislation that was passed by the state of California in 2019. 

In September 2019, California governor Gavin Newsome signed a law that allowed college athletes in California to strike endorsement deals. An endorsement deal allows athletes to be paid for endorsing a product, like wearing a specific brand of shoes or appearing in an advertisement for a product. 

In other words, endorsement deals allow athletes to receive compensation from companies and organizations because of their athletic talent. That means Governor Newsome’s bill explicitly contradicts the NCAA’s rules and regulations for financial compensation for student-athletes at member schools. 

But why would Governor Newsome go against the NCAA? Here’s why: the California governor believes that it's unethical for the NCAA to make money based on the unpaid labor of its athletes . And the NCAA definitely makes money: each year, the NCAA upwards of a billion dollars in revenue as a result of its student-athlete talent, but the organization bans those same athletes from earning any money for their talent themselves. With the new California law, athletes would be able to book sponsorships and use agents to earn money, if they choose to do so. 

The NCAA’s initial response to California’s new law was to push back hard. But after more states introduced similar legislation , the NCAA changed its tune. In October 2019, the NCAA pledged to pass new regulations when the board voted unanimously to allow student athletes to receive compensation for use of their name, image, and likeness. 

Simply put: student athletes can now get paid through endorsement deals. 

In the midst of new state legislation and the NCAA’s response, the ongoing debate about paying college athletes has returned to the spotlight. Everyone from politicians, to sports analysts, to college students are arguing about it. There are strong opinions on both sides of the issue, so we’ll look at how some of those opinions can serve as key points in an argumentative essay.


Let's take a look at the arguments in favor of paying student athletes!

The Pros: Why College Athletes Should B e Paid

Since the argument about whether college athletes should be paid has gotten a lot of public attention, there are some lines of reasoning that are frequently called upon to support the claim that college athletes should be paid. 

In this section, we'll look at the three biggest arguments in favor of why college athletes should be paid. We'll also give you some ideas on how you can support these arguments in an argumentative essay.

Argument 1: The Talent Should Receive Some of the Profits

This argument on why college athletes should be paid is probably the one people cite the most. It’s also the easiest one to support with facts and evidence. 

Essentially, this argument states that the NCAA makes millions of dollars because people pay to watch college athletes compete, and it isn’t fair that the athletes don't get a share of the profits

Without the student athletes, the NCAA wouldn’t earn over a billion dollars in annual revenue , and college and university athletic programs wouldn’t receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from the NCAA each year. In fact, without student athletes, the NCAA wouldn’t exist at all. 

Because student athletes are the ones who generate all this revenue, people in favor of paying college athletes argue they deserve to receive some of it back. Otherwise, t he NCAA and other organizations (like media companies, colleges, and universities) are exploiting a bunch of talented young people for their own financial gain.

To support this argument in favor of paying college athletes, you should include specific data and revenue numbers that show how much money the NCAA makes (and what portion of that actually goes to student athletes). For example, they might point out the fact that the schools that make the most money in college sports only spend around 10% of their tens of millions in athletics revenue on scholarships for student-athletes. Analyzing the spending practices of the NCAA and its member institutions could serve as strong evidence to support this argument in a “why college athletes should be paid” essay. 


I've you've ever been a college athlete, then you know how hard you have to train in order to compete. It can feel like a part-time job...which is why some people believe athletes should be paid for their work!

Argument 2: College Athletes Don’t Have Time to Work Other Jobs

People sometimes casually refer to being a student-athlete as a “full-time job.” For many student athletes, this is literally true. The demands on a student-athlete’s time are intense. Their days are often scheduled down to the minute, from early in the morning until late at night. 

One thing there typically isn’t time for in a student-athlete’s schedule? Working an actual job. 

Sports programs can imply that student-athletes should treat their sport like a full-time job as well. This can be problematic for many student-athletes, who may not have any financial resources to cover their education. (Not all NCAA athletes receive full, or even partial, scholarships!) While it may not be expressly forbidden for student-athletes to get a part-time job, the pressure to go all-in for your team while still maintaining your eligibility can be tremendous. 

In addition to being a financial burden, the inability to work a real job as a student-athlete can have consequences for their professional future. Other college students get internships or other career-specific experience during college—opportunities that student-athletes rarely have time for. When they graduate, proponents of this stance argue, student-athletes are under-experienced and may face challenges with starting a career outside of the sports world.

Because of these factors, some argue that if people are going to refer to being a student-athlete as a “full-time job,” then student-athletes should be paid for doing that job.  

To support an argument of this nature, you can offer real-life examples of a student-athlete’s daily or weekly schedule to show that student-athletes have to treat their sport as a full-time job. For instance, this Twitter thread includes a range of responses from real student-athletes to an NCAA video portraying a rose-colored interpretation of a day in the life of a student-athlete. 

Presenting the Twitter thread as one form of evidence in an essay would provide effective support for the claim that college athletes should be paid as if their sport is a “full-time job.” You might also take this stance in order to claim that if student-athletes aren’t getting paid, we must adjust our demands on their time and behavior.

Argument 3: Only Some Student Athletes Should Be Paid

This take on the question, “Should student athletes be paid?” sits in the middle ground between the more extreme stances on the issue. There are those who argue that only the student athletes who are big money-makers for their university and the NCAA should be paid.  

The reasoning behind this argument? That’s just how capitalism works. There are always going to be student-athletes who are more talented and who have more media-magnetizing personalities. They’re the ones who are going to be the face of athletic programs, who lead their teams to playoffs and conference victories, and who are approached for endorsement opportunities. 

Additionally, some sports don't make money for their schools. Many of these sports fall under Title IX, which states that no one can be excluded from participation in a federally-funded program (including sports) because of their gender or sex. Unfortunately, many of these programs aren't popular with the public , which means they don't make the same revenue as high-dollar sports like football or basketball . 

In this line of thinking, since there isn’t realistically enough revenue to pay every single college athlete in every single sport, the ones who generate the most revenue are the only ones who should get a piece of the pie. 

To prove this point, you can look at revenue numbers as well. For instance, the womens' basketball team at the University of Louisville lost $3.8 million dollars in revenue during the 2017-2018 season. In fact, the team generated less money than they pay for their coaching staff. In instances like these, you might argue that it makes less sense to pay athletes than it might in other situations (like for University of Alabama football, which rakes in over $110 million dollars a year .) 


There are many people who think it's a bad idea to pay college athletes, too. Let's take a look at the opposing arguments. 

The Cons: Why College Athletes Shouldn't Be Paid

People also have some pretty strong opinions about why college athletes shouldn't be paid. These arguments can make for a pretty compelling essay, too! 

In this section, we'll look at the three biggest arguments against paying college athletes. We'll also talk about how you can support each of these claims in an essay. 

Argument 1: College Athletes Already Get Paid

On this side of the fence, the most common reason given for why college athletes should not be paid is that they already get paid: they receive free tuition and, in some cases, additional funding to cover their room, board, and miscellaneous educational expenses. 

Proponents of this argument state that free tuition and covered educational expenses is compensation enough for student-athletes. While this money may not go straight into a college athlete's pocket, it's still a valuable resource . Considering most students graduate with nearly $30,000 in student loan debt , an athletic scholarship can have a huge impact when it comes to making college affordable . 

Evidence for this argument might look at the financial support that student-athletes receive for their education, and compare those numbers to the financial support that non-athlete students receive for their schooling. You can also cite data that shows the real value of a college tuition at certain schools. For example, student athletes on scholarship at Duke may be "earning" over $200,000 over the course of their collegiate careers. 

This argument works to highlight the ways in which student-athletes are compensated in financial and in non-financial ways during college , essentially arguing that the special treatment they often receive during college combined with their tuition-free ride is all the compensation they have earned.


Some people who are against paying athletes believe that compensating athletes will lead to amateur athletes being treated like professionals. Many believe this is unfair and will lead to more exploitation, not less. 

Argument 2: Paying College Athletes Would Side-Step the Real Problem

Another argument against paying student athletes is that college sports are not professional sports , and treating student athletes like professionals exploits them and takes away the spirit of amateurism from college sports . 

This stance may sound idealistic, but those who take this line of reasoning typically do so with the goal of protecting both student-athletes and the tradition of “amateurism” in college sports. This argument is built on the idea that the current system of college sports is problematic and needs to change, but that paying student-athletes is not the right solution. 

Instead, this argument would claim that there is an even better way to fix the corrupt system of NCAA sports than just giving student-athletes a paycheck. To support such an argument, you might turn to the same evidence that’s cited in this NPR interview : the European model of supporting a true minor league system for most sports is effective, so the U.S. should implement a similar model. 

In short: creating a minor league can ensure athletes who want a career in their sport get paid, while not putting the burden of paying all collegiate athletes on a university. 

Creating and supporting a true professional minor league would allow the students who want to make money playing sports to do so. Universities could then confidently put earned revenue from sports back into the university, and student-athletes wouldn’t view their college sports as the best and only path to a career as a professional athlete. Those interested in playing professionally would be able to pursue this dream through the minor leagues instead, and student athletes could just be student athletes. 

The goal of this argument is to sort of achieve a “best of both worlds” solution: with the development and support of a true minor league system, student-athletes would be able to focus on the foremost goal of getting an education, and those who want to get paid for their sport can do so through the minor league. Through this model, student-athletes’ pursuit of their education is protected, and college sports aren’t bogged down in ethical issues and logistical hang-ups. 

Argument 3: It Would Be a Logistical Nightmare

This argument against paying student athletes takes a stance on the basis of logistics. Essentially, this argument states that while the current system is flawed, paying student athletes is just going to make the system worse. So until someone can prove that paying collegiate athletes will fix the system, it's better to maintain the status quo. 

Formulating an argument around this perspective basically involves presenting the different proposals for how to go about paying college athletes, then poking holes in each proposed approach. Such an argument would probably culminate in stating that the challenges to implementing pay for college athletes are reason enough to abandon the idea altogether. 

Here's what we mean. One popular proposed approach to paying college athletes is the notion of “pay-for-play.” In this scenario, all college athletes would receive the same weekly stipend to play their sport . 

In this type of argument, you might explain the pay-for-play solution, then pose some questions toward the approach that expose its weaknesses, such as: Where would the money to pay athletes come from? How could you pay athletes who play certain sports, but not others? How would you avoid Title IX violations? Because there are no easy answers to these questions, you could argue that paying college athletes would just create more problems for the world of college sports to deal with.

Posing these difficult questions may persuade a reader that attempting to pay college athletes would cause too many issues and lead them to agree with the stance that college athletes should not be paid. 


5 Tips for Writing About Paying College Athletes

If you’re assigned the prompt “Should college athletes be paid," don't panic. There are several steps you can take to write an amazing argumentative essay about the topic! We've broken our advice into five helpful tips that you can use to persuade your readers (and ace your assignment).

Tip 1: Plan Out a Logical Structure for Your Essay

In order to write a logical, well-organized argumentative essay, one of the first things you need to do is plan out a structure for your argument. Using a bare-bones argumentative outline for a “why college athletes should be paid” essay is a good place to start. 

Check out our example of an argumentative essay outline for this topic below: 

  • The thesis statement must communicate the topic of the essay: Whether college athletes should be paid, and 
  • Convey a position on that topic: That college athletes should/ should not be paid, and 
  • State a couple of defendable, supportable reasons why college athletes should be paid (or vice versa).
  • Support Point #1 with evidence
  • Explain/interpret the evidence with your own, original commentary 
  • Support Point #2 with evidence
  • Explain/interpret the evidence with your own, original commentary
  • Support Point #3 with evidence
  • New body paragraph addressing opposing viewpoints
  • Concluding paragraph

This outline does a few things right. First, it makes sure you have a strong thesis statement. Second, it helps you break your argument down into main points (that support your thesis, of course). Lastly, it reminds you that you need to both include evidence and explain your evidence for each of your argumentative points. 

While you can go off-book once you start drafting if you feel like you need to, having an outline to start with can help you visualize how many argumentative points you have, how much evidence you need, and where you should insert your own commentary throughout your essay. 

Remember: the best argumentative essays are organized ones! 

Tip 2: Create a Strong Thesis 

T he most important part of the introduction to an argumentative essay claiming that college athletes should/should not be paid is the thesis statement. You can think of a thesis like a backbone: your thesis ties all of your essay parts together so your paper can stand on its own two feet! 

So what does a good thesis look like? A solid thesis statement in this type of argumentative essay will convey your stance on the topic (“Should college athletes be paid?”) and present one or more supportable reasons why you’re making this argument. 

With these goals in mind, here’s an example of a thesis statement that includes clear reasons that support the stance that college athletes should be paid: 

Because the names, image, and talents of college athletes are used for massive financial gain, college athletes should be able to benefit from their athletic career in the same way that their universities do by getting endorsements. 

Here's a thesis statement that takes the opposite stance--that college athletes shouldn’t be paid --and includes a reason supporting that stance: 

In order to keep college athletics from becoming over-professionalized, compensation for college athletes should be restricted to covering college tuition and related educational expenses.

Both of these sample thesis statements make it clear that your essay is going to be dedicated to making an argument: either that college athletes should be paid, or that college athletes shouldn’t be paid. They both convey some reasons why you’re making this argument that can also be supported with evidence. 

Your thesis statement gives your argumentative essay direction . Instead of ranting about why college athletes should/shouldn’t be paid in the remainder of your essay, you’ll find sources that help you explain the specific claim you made in your thesis statement. And a well-organized, adequately supported argument is the kind that readers will find persuasive!

Tip 3: Find Credible Sources That Support Your Thesis

In an argumentative essay, your commentary on the issue you’re arguing about is obviously going to be the most fun part to write. But great essays will cite outside sources and other facts to help substantiate their argumentative points. That's going to involve—you guessed it!—research. 

For this particular topic, the issue of whether student athletes should be paid has been widely discussed in the news media (think The New York Times , NPR , or ESPN ). 

For example, this data reported by the NCAA shows a breakdown of the gender and racial demographics of member-school administration, coaching staff, and student athletes. These are hard numbers that you could interpret and pair with the well-reasoned arguments of news media writers to support a particular point you’re making in your argument. 

Though this may seem like a topic that wouldn’t generate much scholarly research, it’s worth a shot to check your library database for peer-reviewed studies of student athletes’ experiences in college to see if anything related to paying student athletes pops up. Scholarly research is the holy grail of evidence, so try to find relevant articles if you can. 

Ultimately, if you can incorporate a mix of mainstream sources, quantitative or statistical evidence, and scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, you’ll be on-track to building an excellent argument in response to the question, “Should student athletes be paid?”


Having multiple argumentative points in your essay helps you support your thesis.

Tip 4: Develop and Support Multiple Points

We’ve reviewed how to write an intro and thesis statement addressing the issue of paying college athletes, so let’s talk next about the meat and potatoes of your argumentative essay: the body paragraphs. 

The body paragraphs that are sandwiched between your intro paragraph and concluding paragraph are where you build and explain your argument. Generally speaking, each body paragraph should do the following: 

  • Start with a topic sentence that presents a point that supports your stance and that can be debated, 
  • Present summaries, paraphrases, or quotes from credible sources--evidence, in other words--that supports the point stated in the topic sentence, and
  • Explain and interpret the evidence presented with your own, original commentary. 

In an argumentative essay on why college athletes should be paid, for example, a body paragraph might look like this: 

Thesis Statement : College athletes should not be paid because it would be a logistical nightmare for colleges and universities and ultimately cause negative consequences for college sports. 

Body Paragraph #1: While the notion of paying college athletes is nice in theory, a major consequence of doing so would be the financial burden this decision would place on individual college sports programs. A recent study cited by the NCAA showed that only about 20 college athletic programs consistently operate in the black at the present time. If the NCAA allows student-athletes at all colleges and universities to be paid, the majority of athletic programs would not even have the funds to afford salaries for their players anyway. This would mean that the select few athletic programs that can afford to pay their athletes’ salaries would easily recruit the most talented players and, thus, have the tools to put together teams that destroy their competition. Though individual athletes would benefit from the NCAA allowing compensation for student-athletes, most athletic programs would suffer, and so would the spirit of healthy competition that college sports are known for. 

If you read the example body paragraph above closely, you’ll notice that there’s a topic sentence that supports the claim made in the thesis statement. There’s also evidence given to support the claim made in the topic sentence--a recent study by the NCAA. Following the evidence, the writer interprets the evidence for the reader to show how it supports their opinion. 

Following this topic sentence/evidence/explanation structure will help you construct a well-supported and developed argument that shows your readers that you’ve done your research and given your stance a lot of thought. And that's a key step in making sure you get an excellent grade on your essay! 

Tip 5: Keep the Reader Thinking

The best argumentative essay conclusions reinterpret your thesis statement based on the evidence and explanations you provided throughout your essay. You would also make it clear why the argument about paying college athletes even matters in the first place. 

There are several different approaches you can take to recap your argument and get your reader thinking in your conclusion paragraph. In addition to restating your topic and why it’s important, other effective ways to approach an argumentative essay conclusion could include one or more of the following: 

While you don’t want to get too wordy in your conclusion or present new claims that you didn’t bring up in the body of your essay, you can write an effective conclusion and make all of the moves suggested in the bulleted list above. 

Here’s an example conclusion for an argumentative essay on paying college athletes using approaches we just talked about: 

Though it’s true that scholarships and financial aid are a form of compensation for college athletes, it’s also true that the current system of college sports places a lot of pressure on college athletes to behave like professional athletes in every way except getting paid. Future research should turn its attention to the various inequities within college sports and look at the long-term economic outcomes of these athletes. While college athletes aren't paid right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a paycheck is the best solution to the problem. To avoid the possibility of making the college athletics system even worse, people must consider the ramifications of paying college students and ensure that paying athletes doesn't create more harm than good.

This conclusion restates the argument of the essay (that college athletes shouldn't be paid and why), then uses the "Future Research" tactic to make the reader think more deeply about the topic. 

If your conclusion sums up your thesis and keeps the reader thinking, you’ll make sure that your essay sticks in your readers' minds.


Should College Athletes Be Paid: Next Steps 

Writing an argumentative essay can seem tough, but with a little expert guidance, you'll be well on your way to turning in a great paper . Our complete, expert guide to argumentative essays can give you the extra boost you need to ace your assignment!

Perhaps college athletics isn't your cup of tea. That's okay: there are tons of topics you can write about in an argumentative paper. We've compiled 113 amazing argumentative essay topics so that you're practically guaranteed to find an idea that resonates with you.

If you're not a super confident essay writer, it can be helpful to look at examples of what others have written. Our experts have broken down three real-life argumentative essays to show you what you should and shouldn't do in your own writing. 

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  • Athlete Safety: Evaluating Protocols in Professional Figure Skating

Summer Sports Persuasive Essay Speech Topics

  • The Importance of Hydration in Summer Sports
  • Implementing Mandatory Sunscreen Policies in Outdoor Sports
  • Benefits of Water Sports: An In-Depth Study
  • Overcoming Heat Exhaustion: The Role of Sports Medicine
  • Surfing: Should It Become an Official Olympic Sport?
  • Beach Volleyball: Promoting Gender Equality in Sports
  • Equestrianism: An Underrated Summer Sport
  • Mountain Biking: Advocacy for Environmentally Friendly Trails
  • Encouraging Youth Participation in Summer Athletic Programs
  • Expanding Accessibility for Disabled Athletes in Summer Sports
  • Importance of Regular Health Checks for Athletes in Heat-Intensive Sports
  • The Need for Adequate Summer Sports Infrastructure in Schools
  • Extreme Sports: Should They Be Included in the Summer Olympics?
  • Female Empowerment Through Beach Soccer
  • Balancing Physical Exertion and Heat Tolerance in Athletes
  • Necessity of Life Guard Training in Water Sports
  • Cricket: The Unexplored Potential for Summer Entertainment
  • Combatting Stereotypes: Promoting Mixed-Gender Teams in Summer Sports
  • Summer Sports Camps: Evaluating Their Impact on Child Development
  • Water Polo: Proposing More Inclusive Rules
  • Global Warming’s Impact on Outdoor Summer Sports
  • Windsurfing: Advocating for a Stronger Presence in Sports Media
  • Tennis: Strategies for Coping with Extreme Summer Heat
  • Benefits of Incorporating Yoga into Summer Athletic Training
  • Golf: Rethinking Water Use in Drought-Prone Areas

American Football Persuasive Essay Topics

  • The Role of Protective Equipment in Reducing Concussions in American Football
  • College Athletes in American Football Deserve Compensation
  • Incorporating Women into Professional American Football: A Game Changer?
  • Enhancing Performance: Should American Football Legalize Certain Supplements?
  • American Football vs. Rugby: Which Sport Is More Physically Demanding?
  • The Impact of American Football on Youth Development
  • Cultural Influence: How Does American Football Shape Society?
  • Why Should High Schools Prioritize American Football?
  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE): The Hidden Cost of American Football
  • Evolution of American Football Rules: Safety or Spectacle?
  • American Football Coaching: Art or Science?
  • The Importance of Mental Health in American Football Athletes
  • Athlete Protests: Freedom of Speech in American Football
  • Understanding the Business Side of American Football
  • Performance-Enhancing Drugs: Unseen Enemy in American Football?
  • The Consequences of Early Specialization in American Football
  • Should the National Football League (NFL) Implement a Salary Cap?
  • Combatting Racism in American Football: Time for Change?
  • Are the Risks of American Football Worth the Rewards for Young Athletes?
  • College American Football: Exploitation or Opportunity?

Soccer Persuasive Essay Speech Topics

  • Increasing Diversity in Professional Soccer: A Necessary Change
  • Youth Soccer: Why Is Early Specialization Harmful?
  • Soccer Refereeing: The Need for Technology Integration
  • The Crucial Role of Women’s Soccer in Promoting Gender Equality
  • Dangers of Over-Commercialization in Modern Soccer
  • Elevating Grassroots Soccer for National Success
  • Is Fair Play Really Fair? Exploring the FIFA Fair Play Policy
  • The Mental Health Implications for Professional Soccer Players
  • Soccer Stadiums: An Environmental Concern
  • Financial Fair Play Regulations: Do They Stifle Competition?
  • Should We Reconsider the Traditional Soccer League Format?
  • Expanding the Role of Assistant Referees in Soccer
  • Artificial Turf: Assessing Its Impact on Soccer
  • The Case for Salary Caps in Soccer
  • Tackling Racism: An Urgent Need in Soccer
  • Implementing Comprehensive Concussion Protocols in Soccer
  • Do Transfer Fees Threaten the Competitive Balance in Soccer?
  • Managing Burnout: An Unseen Challenge in Youth Soccer
  • Influence of Foreign Investors on Local Soccer Clubs: Beneficial or Detrimental?

Basketball Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Influence of Height on Basketball Performance: A Critical Analysis
  • International Exposure: The Impact of Basketball Globalization
  • Female Representation: Breaking Stereotypes in Professional Basketball
  • Early Specialization vs. Multisport Participation in Youth Basketball
  • Pros and Cons of Implementing a Shot Clock in High School Basketball
  • The Role of Teamwork in Winning Championships: Case Studies From the NBA
  • Technology’s Impact on Modern Basketball: Improving the Game or Removing the Human Element?
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of Strict Player Transfer Regulations in Basketball
  • Analysis of Mental Toughness: The Key to Success in Professional Basketball
  • NBA’s Draft System: An Evaluation of Fairness and Effectiveness
  • Understanding the Influence of Nutrition and Diet on a Basketball Player’s Performance
  • Is the NBA’s One-and-Done Rule Beneficial for Student Athletes?
  • Necessity for More Rigorous Drug Testing Policies in Professional Basketball
  • The Socioeconomic Impact of Hosting Major Basketball Events: Case Studies
  • Consequences of Excessive Commercialization in Professional Basketball
  • Social Justice Advocacy in the NBA: Responsibility or Overreach?
  • Pioneering a New Age: Incorporation of Virtual Reality in Basketball Training
  • Endorsements in Professional Basketball: An Examination of Athletes’ Influence
  • College Basketball vs. NBA: Differences in Training Techniques and Their Results
  • Exploring the Overemphasis on Offense in Modern Basketball: Is Defense Being Underestimated?

Baseball Persuasive Essay Speech Topics

  • Should Instant Replay Be Used More Frequently in Baseball?
  • The Merits and Drawbacks of Using a Designated Hitter in Baseball
  • The Impact of Steroid Use on Baseball’s Integrity
  • Is Baseball Truly America’s Pastime?
  • Benefits of Encouraging Children to Play Baseball
  • The Importance of Salary Caps in Professional Baseball
  • How Does Baseball Promote Teamwork and Camaraderie?
  • The Role of Advanced Analytics in Modern Baseball
  • Assessing the Safety of Baseball: Are the Protective Measures Sufficient?
  • Should Baseball Games Be Shortened for Better Viewer Engagement?
  • How Has Baseball Influenced American Culture and Society?
  • Exploring Gender Issues in Baseball: Should There Be More Opportunities for Women?
  • Does Baseball’s Draft System Create a Fair Playing Field?
  • Considerations for Stricter Penalties for Doping in Baseball
  • Influence of Latino Players in Major League Baseball
  • Baseball’s Place in the World: How Can Its Global Popularity Be Improved?
  • Evaluating the Benefits of Artificial Turf vs. Natural Grass in Baseball
  • Inclusion of Sabermetrics in Baseball: Does It Enhance or Detract From the Game?
  • Impacts of High School Baseball on Student Development
  • Hall of Fame Inductees: Is the Voting Process Flawed?
  • The Environmental Impact of Baseball Stadiums
  • Racial Diversity in Baseball: Is the Sport Doing Enough?

Water Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • The Importance of Lifeguard Presence in Water Sports
  • Dangers of White-Water Rafting: Adrenaline vs. Safety
  • The Ethical Implications of Captive Dolphin Shows
  • Should Jet Skis Be Banned in Marine Protected Areas?
  • Professional Swimming: Is High-Intensity Training Worth the Risks?
  • Analysis of the Environmental Impact of Surfboard Manufacturing
  • The Role of Public Swimming Pools in Promoting Water Safety
  • Are Private Beaches Detrimental to the Democratization of Surfing?
  • Reevaluation of the Health Benefits vs. Risks of Scuba Diving
  • Promoting Kiteboarding: Environmental Impact vs. Recreational Value
  • Necessity for Speed Limitations in Powerboating
  • Are Women Underrepresented in Competitive Surfing?
  • Comparing Risks: Open Water Swimming vs. Pool Swimming
  • Balancing Tradition and Modernity in Dragon Boat Racing
  • Addressing the Dangers of Cold Water Shock in Winter Swimming
  • Should Children Participate in Competitive Synchronized Swimming?
  • Canoeing Versus Kayaking: Which Poses More Physical Danger?
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Water Sports Destinations
  • Evaluating the Threat of Overfishing to Recreational Spearfishing

Persuasive Speech Sports Topics on Badminton

  • Importance of Regular Badminton Training for Enhanced Stamina and Reflexes
  • Badminton: A Powerful Tool for Physical Education in Schools
  • Why Do Professional Badminton Players Deserve Higher Recognition in Global Sports?
  • Addressing Gender Inequality in Professional Badminton Competitions
  • Roles of Modern Technology in Enhancing Badminton Practice and Performance
  • Debate on Whether Badminton Should Be Promoted More Aggressively in the Olympics
  • Exploring the Impact of Proper Nutrition on Badminton Players’ Performance
  • Persuasive Analysis of Badminton as a Non-Destructive Sport for Public Spaces
  • Is Badminton the Best Option for Improving Cardiovascular Fitness?
  • Uncover the Hidden Talent: Encouraging Youth Participation in Badminton
  • Should Coaches Emphasize More on Doubles Strategy in Badminton Training?
  • Changing the Public Perception: Badminton Is Not a Backyard Sport
  • Inclusion of Badminton in Corporate Wellness Programs: A Worthy Investment
  • Rethinking the Value of Sportsmanship in High-Stakes Badminton Competitions
  • Ensuring Better Broadcast Coverage for International Badminton Tournaments
  • High-Tech Badminton Equipment: Enhancing Performance or Diminishing Skill?
  • Addressing Injuries in Badminton: Importance of Adequate Safety Measures
  • Transforming Grassroots Badminton: An Investment in Future Champions
  • Does the Inclusion of Badminton in the School Curriculum Improve Student Focus?
  • Advantages of Choosing Badminton as Your Primary Sport for Fitness and Health

Persuasive Speech Sports Topics on Athletics

  • Enhancing Athletic Performance: The Role of Dietary Supplements
  • Athletic Scholarships: Rewarding Talent or Creating Educational Disparities?
  • Mandatory Drug Testing: Is It Necessary for All Athletics?
  • Why Does Investing in Youth Athletics Contribute to Community Development?
  • Should Professional Athletes Share Responsibility for Role Modeling?
  • Physical Education in Schools: Athletics’ Role in Promoting Overall Wellness
  • Performance-Enhancing Drugs: Unethical Shortcut or Leveling the Playing Field?
  • Athletics and Academic Performance: Balancing the Dual Demands
  • Exploring the Ethical Dilemmas of Competitive Athletics
  • The Influence of Athletics on Body Image Perceptions Among Teens
  • Gender Equality in Athletics: Progress Made and Miles to Go
  • Encouraging Participation in Athletics: The Health and Social Benefits
  • Professional Athletes’ Salaries: Are They Justifiable?
  • Sponsorship in Athletics: A Necessary Evil or Commercial Exploitation?
  • Combatting Concussions: Improving Safety Measures in High-Contact Sports
  • The Impact of Athletic Participation on Social Skills Development
  • Is Intense Training for Young Athletes Doing More Harm Than Good?
  • Athletic Burnout: The Importance of Proper Rest and Recovery
  • Media Portrayal of Athletes: Reinforcing Stereotypes or Inspiring Youth?

Cycling Persuasive Speech Sports Topics

  • Pedal Power: Why Should Cycling Be Incorporated Into Daily School Curriculum?
  • Biking Infrastructure: Investment for Healthier Cities and Communities
  • Mandating Bicycle Helmets: Safety Measure or Freedom Infringement?
  • Cyclists’ Rights: Necessity for Stringent Road Laws to Protect Bicyclists
  • Combat Climate Change: Promote Cycling as a Preferred Mode of Transport
  • Mountain Biking: Ecological Impact vs. Health Benefits
  • Bicycle Racing: The Need for Stricter Doping Controls
  • Empowerment Through Cycling: Closing the Gender Gap in Professional Biking
  • Tour de France: Is It Promoting Unrealistic Body Image Among Athletes?
  • E-Bikes Revolution: A Threat or Opportunity for Traditional Bicycling?
  • Cycling to Work: The Corporate Benefits of Promoting Biking Culture
  • Amateur Biking Events: Encouraging Community Bonding and Fitness
  • Indoor Cycling: Fitness Trend or Effective Training Strategy?
  • Biking Tours: Boosting Local Economy and Promoting Sustainable Tourism
  • Cycle Lanes: Why Every City Should Have Dedicated Bike Paths?
  • Children on Bicycles: The Impact of Early Cycling on Child Development
  • Ride for Charity: Using Cycling Events to Raise Funds and Awareness
  • Bicycle Design Evolution: Its Influence on Performance and Accessibility
  • Health Rewards: Proving Cycling’s Long-Term Benefits for the Elderly
  • Tackling Obesity: The Crucial Role of Regular Cycling in Weight Management

Persuasive Speech Sports Topics on Chess

  • Implementing Chess in School Curriculums Enhances Cognitive Development
  • Strategic Thinking Skills: The Link Between Chess and Business Success
  • Investing in Chess Programs: A Boost for Community Engagement
  • The Underrepresentation of Women in Competitive Chess: Time for a Paradigm Shift
  • Elevate Mental Health: The Therapeutic Effects of Chess
  • Online Chess Tournaments: An Evolutionary Leap for Traditional Sports
  • Harnessing the Power of AI in Chess: Threat or Opportunity?
  • Fostering International Diplomacy Through Chess
  • Veterans and Chess: A Tool for Rehabilitation and Social Integration
  • Deeper Analysis of Chess Strategies: A Must for Developing Critical Thinking
  • Drawing Parallels: The Relationship Between Chess and Mathematics
  • Advocate for Chess as an Official Olympic Sport: Its Global Recognition and Merit
  • Incorporating Chess in Employee Training Programs: A Catalyst for Problem-Solving Skills
  • Junior Chess Leagues: A Platform for Nurturing Future Leaders
  • The Role of Chess in Reducing Age-Related Cognitive Decline
  • Endorse Chess Clubs: A Means to Counter Youth Delinquency
  • Propagate Chess Education to Foster a Culture of Non-Violence
  • Celebrate Chess in Art and Literature: An Unexplored Terrain
  • Transforming Prisons: The Impact of Chess Programs on Inmate Rehabilitation

Persuasive Speech Sports Topics on Golf

  • Integrating Technology in Golf for Performance Enhancement
  • Promotion of Women’s Golf: A Crucial Step Toward Gender Equality in Sports
  • The Inclusion of Golf in School Curriculums: Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Investment in Public Golf Courses: A Boost for Local Economies
  • Mandatory Golf Lessons for Executives: A Way to Enhance Networking Skills
  • Advantages of Golf Tourism for the Global Travel Industry
  • Shaping Character Through Golf: The Impact on Youth Development
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: The Hidden Benefits of Playing Golf
  • Green Golf: Implementing Eco-Friendly Practices in Golf Courses
  • Addressing Inequality: Ensuring Accessibility of Golf for Lower-Income Communities
  • Advancement in Golf Equipment: Improvement or Hindrance for the Game’s Tradition?
  • Establishing Greater Representation in Golf: The Need for Diversity in the Sport
  • Health Benefits: Making Golf a Key Component of Active Aging
  • Golf as Therapy: The Potential Role in Physical and Mental Rehabilitation
  • The Future of Golf: Indoor vs. Outdoor Courses
  • Standardizing Caddie Training: Raising the Professional Level in Golf
  • Pro Golfers’ Salaries: Are They Justifiable Compared to Other Sports?
  • Golf Etiquette: An Essential Element of the Game or an Outdated Tradition?
  • Fairways to Highways: The Role of Golf Cart Laws for Public Safety
  • Introducing Golf at an Early Age: A Strategy for Sports Development and Discipline

Argumentative Sports Speech Topics on Gymnastics

  • Impacts of Gymnastics Training on Overall Athletic Performance
  • Roles of Gymnastics in Promoting Flexibility and Strength
  • Should Gymnastics Be Considered a Sport or an Art Form?
  • Benefits of Gymnastics in Developing Coordination and Balance
  • Is Early Specialization in Gymnastics Beneficial for Young Athletes?
  • The Importance of Proper Nutrition in Gymnastics Training
  • Should Gymnastics Competitions Have Weight Categories?
  • Effects of Gymnastics on Bone Density and Injury Prevention
  • Is Gymnastics a Safe Sport for Children and Adolescents?
  • Psychological Benefits of Gymnastics Training
  • The Role of Gymnastics in Promoting Body Positivity and Self-Confidence
  • Should Gymnastics Competitions Be Judged Subjectively or Objectively?
  • The Role of Gymnastics in Shaping Discipline and Determination
  • Is Gymnastics an Expensive Sport to Participate In?
  • The Impact of Gender Stereotypes on the Development of Gymnastics
  • Should Gymnasts Be Allowed to Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs?
  • The Challenges Faced by Gymnasts in Balancing Academic and Training Demands
  • The Role of Gymnastics in Building Stronger Communities
  • Should Gymnastics Training Be Included in Physical Education Curricula?
  • Ethical Considerations of Gymnastics Training Methods
  • Should Gymnastics Competitions Be More Inclusive of Athletes With Disabilities?

Horse Racing Argumentative Speech Sports Topics

  • The Ethics of Horse Racing: Balancing Tradition and Animal Welfare
  • Jockey Weight Restrictions: Ensuring Fair Competition in Horse Racing
  • Enhancing Horse Racing Safety: Implementing Stricter Regulations
  • Gambling in Horse Racing: Should It Be Encouraged or Restricted?
  • The Use of Whips in Horse Racing: Cruelty or Necessary Tool?
  • Horse Racing and Public Perception: Overcoming Controversies
  • Horse Racing as a Sport: Celebrating Equine Athleticism
  • Horse Racing and Economic Impact: Assessing Its Significance
  • Doping Scandals in Horse Racing: Strengthening Anti-Doping Measures
  • The Role of Horse Racing in Preserving Equestrian Heritage
  • Female Jockeys in Horse Racing: Breaking Gender Barriers
  • Horse Racing and Equine Retirement: Ensuring Post-Career Welfare
  • The Impact of Technology on Horse Racing: Enhancing Performance or Diminishing Skill?
  • Horse Racing and National Identity: Cultural Significance and Pride
  • The Role of Breeders in Horse Racing: Shaping the Future of the Sport
  • Horse Racing and Environmental Sustainability: Balancing Tradition with Conservation
  • The Economic Divide in Horse Racing: Leveling the Playing Field
  • Horse Racing and Betting: Regulating the Industry to Prevent Exploitation
  • The Future of Horse Racing: Adapting to Changing Times
  • Horse Racing and Youth Participation: Inspiring the Next Generation
  • Horse Racing and its Impact on Local Communities: Examining Social Benefits and Challenges
  • Synthetic Tracks vs. Traditional Dirt Tracks: Evaluating Performance and Safety

Argumentative Sports Speech Topics on Lacrosse

  • The Growing Popularity of Lacrosse: A Beneficial Trend or a Threat to Traditional Sports?
  • Lacrosse: The Ultimate Team Sport for Building Camaraderie and Communication Skills
  • Is Lacrosse a Safer Alternative to Football for Young Athletes?
  • The Role of Gender Equality in Lacrosse: Breaking Barriers and Challenging Stereotypes
  • Should Lacrosse Be Recognized as an Olympic Sport?
  • Lacrosse vs. Soccer: Which Sport Offers Better Physical Conditioning?
  • The Evolution of Lacrosse: Traditional vs. Modern Techniques and Strategies
  • Lacrosse Scholarships: A Fair Opportunity or Biased Selection Process?
  • Should Lacrosse Players Be Required to Wear Helmets and Face Masks?
  • The Influence of Lacrosse on Native American Culture: Preservation or Appropriation?
  • The Rise of Professional Lacrosse Leagues: A Threat or an Exciting Development?
  • The Impact of Lacrosse on College Admissions: Should It Be Considered a “Recruiting Sport”?
  • The Controversy Surrounding Lacrosse: Cultural Appropriation or Cross-Cultural Exchange?
  • Is Lacrosse More Physically Demanding Than Basketball?
  • The Influence of Equipment Technology on Lacrosse: Innovation or Unfair Advantage?
  • Should Lacrosse Players Be Tested for Performance-Enhancing Drugs?
  • The Role of Lacrosse in Reducing Youth Crime and Promoting Social Integration
  • Lacrosse: A Sustainable Sport for the Environment or a Resource-Intensive Activity?
  • The Importance of Mental Health Support in Lacrosse: Addressing Athlete Well-Being
  • The Impact of Lacrosse on Collegiate Athletics: Financial Investments and Revenue Generation
  • Lacrosse in Schools: Should It Be Included in Physical Education Curricula?

Argumentative Sports Speech Topics on Martial Arts

  • The Significance of Martial Arts in Building Discipline and Character
  • Martial Arts: A Powerful Tool for Self-Defense and Personal Safety
  • The Cultural and Historical Importance of Martial Arts
  • Should Martial Arts be Included as an Olympic Sport?
  • Martial Arts vs. Traditional Sports: Which Offers Better Physical Fitness?
  • The Role of Martial Arts in Promoting Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being
  • The Ethics and Morality of Martial Arts Competitions
  • Martial Arts Training: Is It Suitable for Children?
  • Martial Arts and Gender Equality: Breaking Stereotypes
  • The Health Benefits of Practicing Martial Arts
  • Martial Arts vs. Team Sports: Which Fosters Stronger Camaraderie?
  • The Influence of Martial Arts on Popular Culture
  • The Evolution of Martial Arts Techniques and Styles
  • Should Martial Arts Be Taught in Schools as Part of the Physical Education Curriculum?
  • The Impact of Martial Arts on Youth Empowerment and Personal Development
  • Martial Arts and Sportsmanship: Finding the Balance
  • The Role of Martial Arts in Reducing Bullying and Violence in Schools
  • Martial Arts and the Philosophy of Balance and Harmony
  • The Role of Martial Arts in Developing Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • The Pros and Cons of Competitive Martial Arts Training

Persuasive Speech Sports Topics on Skating

  • The Importance of Skating as a Foundational Skill in Sports
  • Maximizing Performance Through Proper Skating Techniques
  • Enhancing Agility and Speed With Skating Drills
  • Benefits of Figure Skating for Overall Athleticism
  • Utilizing Skating as a Cross-Training Tool for Other Sports
  • The Role of Skating in Developing Balance and Coordination
  • Exploring the Psychological Benefits of Skating
  • Skating as a Low-Impact Exercise for Joint Health
  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem Through Skating
  • Skating Safety: The Importance of Protective Gear
  • Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity in Skating Communities
  • The Economic and Social Impact of Skating on Local Communities
  • Inspiring Youth Through Skating Role Models
  • The Evolution of Skating: From Traditional to Modern Techniques
  • The Environmental Benefits of Skating as a Green Mode of Transportation
  • Skating as a Tool for Stress Relief and Mental Well-Being
  • The Role of Skating in Promoting Discipline and Goal Setting
  • Breaking Gender Stereotypes in Skating: Empowering Female Athletes
  • Skating as a Therapeutic Activity for Physical Rehabilitation
  • The Role of Skating in Fostering Teamwork and Sportsmanship
  • Skating as a Form of Artistic Expression and Creative Outlet
  • Skating: A Lifetime Sport for All Ages and Abilities

Persuasive Extreme Sports Speech Topics

  • Thrilling Skydiving: Embrace the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush
  • Conquer the Waves: Unleash Your Surfing Potential
  • Dare to Ride: The Irresistible Allure of Motocross Racing
  • Soar to New Heights: The Freedom of Paragliding
  • Overcome Obstacles: Conquering Rock Climbing Challenges
  • Defy Gravity: Bungee Jumping for an Unforgettable Experience
  • Dive Deep: The Mesmerizing World of Scuba Diving
  • Push Your Limits: The Thrill of Extreme Mountain Biking
  • Taste the Speed: Experience the Thrills of Formula Racing
  • Precision and Grace: The Art of Freestyle Skiing
  • Unleash Your Inner Warrior: The Excitement of Paintball Battles
  • Riding the Wild: The Joy of Horseback Endurance Racing
  • Dance With the Wind: Kiteboarding for Adventurous Souls
  • The Ultimate Rush: Extreme White Water Rafting
  • The Freedom of Flight: Wingsuit Base Jumping
  • Taming the Wilderness: Exploring Off-Road ATV Adventures
  • The Rush of Speed: Roller Coasters and Theme Park Thrills
  • Embark on Frozen Adventures: The Thrill of Ice Climbing
  • Beyond Gravity: Exploring the World of Extreme Trampolining
  • The Thrill of the Fight: MMA and Mixed Martial Arts
  • Embrace the Heights: Highlining and Slacklining for Daredevils

Professional Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

  • The Impact of Salary Caps on Professional Sports
  • Enhancing Player Safety Measures in Contact Sports
  • Promoting Gender Equality in Professional Athletics
  • Implementing Stricter Drug Testing Policies in Sports
  • The Importance of Sports Psychology in Achieving Peak Performance
  • Addressing the Issue of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Athletics
  • The Role of Technology in Improving Sports Performance and Analysis
  • Supporting Athlete Mental Health and Well-Being in Competitive Sports
  • Combating Doping in Professional Sports: The Need for Stronger Regulations
  • Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion in Sports Organizations
  • Tackling the Problem of Match-Fixing in Professional Sports
  • Promoting Fairness and Integrity in Sports Officiating
  • The Influence of Social Media on Professional Sports
  • Benefits of Youth Sports Participation for Personal Development
  • The Ethical Dilemma of Transgender Athletes in Competitive Sports
  • Promoting Sustainable Practices in Professional Sports
  • The Role of Sports Sponsorship in Shaping Athletes’ Careers
  • Balancing Individual Achievements and Team Success in Sports
  • The Role of Coaches in Athletes’ Physical and Emotional Development
  • The Significance of Sports Rivalries in Boosting Fan Engagement
  • Promoting Sportsmanship and Fair Play in Competitive Athletics

Olympics Persuasive Essay Topics

  • The Power of Hosting the Olympics: Economic Benefits and Global Recognition
  • Achieving Gender Equality in Olympic Sports: Breaking Barriers and Empowering Athletes
  • Preserving Olympic Spirit: Ensuring Fairness and Integrity in Sports
  • Olympic Legacy: Revitalizing Urban Infrastructure and Community Development
  • Embracing Diversity: Celebrating Cultural Exchange and Inclusion in the Olympics
  • The Olympics and Environmental Sustainability: Promoting Green Initiatives and Eco-Friendly Practices
  • Overcoming Adversity: Inspiring Stories of Triumph in Olympic History
  • Olympic Diplomacy: Fostering Peace and Cooperation Among Nations
  • Empowering Youth Through Olympic Education and Participation
  • Combatting Doping in Sports: Ensuring Clean and Fair Competition at the Olympics
  • The Evolution of Olympic Technology: Enhancing Performance and Safety
  • Accessibility in the Olympics: Removing Barriers for Athletes With Disabilities
  • Preserving the Amateur Spirit: Balancing Professionalism and Amateurism in Olympic Sports
  • The Economic Impact of Hosting the Olympics: Assessing Costs and Benefits
  • Protecting Athletes’ Mental Health: Addressing Psychological Challenges in Olympic Sports
  • Olympic Sponsorship: The Role of Corporate Partnerships in Supporting the Games
  • Olympic Sports and National Identity: Inspiring Patriotism and Pride
  • The Role of Sportsmanship in the Olympics: Encouraging Fair Play and Respect
  • The Olympic Torch Relay: Symbolism and Significance in the Games
  • Enhancing Olympic Security: Ensuring Safety and Counteracting Threats
  • Olympic Athletes as Role Models: Inspiring the Next Generation of Champions
  • The Paralympics: Recognizing and Celebrating the Achievements of Athletes With Disabilities

NBA Persuasive Essay Topics

  • The Impact of Superstars on NBA Franchises
  • Roles of Analytics in Modern NBA Strategy
  • Enhancing Player Safety: Addressing Injuries in the NBA
  • The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in NBA Organizations
  • The Evolution of Three-Point Shooting in the NBA
  • Developing a Sustainable Salary Cap System in the NBA
  • The Significance of NBA All-Star Games for Player Legacies
  • Promoting Mental Health Awareness in the NBA
  • Analyzing the Influence of Social Media on NBA Players
  • Balancing Competitive Balance in the NBA
  • The Impact of International Players on the NBA
  • Addressing the Issue of Tanking in the NBA
  • Exploring the Role of NBA Coaches in Team Success
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of the NBA Draft Lottery System
  • The NBA’s Efforts in Promoting Social Justice and Activism
  • The Rise of Player Empowerment in the NBA
  • Roles of NBA Officials in Maintaining Fair Play
  • The Importance of Youth Development Programs in the NBA
  • The Growth and Popularity of NBA eSports
  • The Impact of NBA Expansion on the League
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of the NBA Replay Review System

NFL Persuasive Essay Topics

  • The Impact of Concussions on NFL Players’ Long-Term Health
  • Enhancing Player Safety: The Need for Stricter Penalties for Helmet-to-Helmet Hits
  • The Importance of Mental Health Support for NFL Athletes
  • Examining the Role of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Professional Football
  • The Benefits of Implementing a Comprehensive Drug Testing Program in the NFL
  • Addressing Racial Inequality in NFL Coaching and Executive Positions
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in NFL Hiring Practices
  • The Controversy Surrounding the National Anthem Protests in the NFL
  • Roles of NFL Players in Advocating for Social Justice Issues
  • Impacts of Salary Disparities on Players’ Performance and Team Dynamics
  • The Need for Stronger Measures to Prevent Domestic Violence Among NFL Players
  • The Influence of Commercialization on the Integrity of the NFL
  • The Debate Over Expanding the NFL Season: Pros and Cons
  • Effects of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) on Retired NFL Players
  • The Role of Fantasy Football in Shaping Fans’ Engagement With the NFL
  • The Importance of Investing in Youth Football Programs for Long-Term Success
  • The Controversy Surrounding NFL’s Handling of Off-Field Misconduct by Players
  • The Impact of NFL Players’ Social Media Presence on Their Image and Brand
  • The Role of NFL Cheerleaders and Their Representation in the League
  • The Influence of Betting and Gambling on the Integrity of the NFL
  • The Ethics of Player Recruitment and Transfers in the NFL
  • The Significance of NFL’s Environmental Responsibility in a Changing Climate

NHL Persuasive Essay Topics

  • The Impact of NHL Expansion on the Sport of Hockey
  • Enhancing Player Safety in the NHL: Implementing Stricter Rules and Regulations
  • The Importance of Youth Development Programs in NHL Franchises
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the NHL: Breaking Barriers for Underrepresented Communities
  • The Economic Benefits of Hosting NHL Events and Stanley Cup Finals
  • Embracing Technology: How Is Data Analytics Revolutionizing the NHL?
  • Combatting Climate Change: Making the NHL a More Environmentally Sustainable League
  • The Role of Fighting in the NHL: Should It Be Banned or Regulated?
  • The Significance of Hockey Culture in Canadian Society
  • Women in the NHL: Advancing Gender Equality in Professional Hockey
  • The Impact of International Players on the NHL and the Globalization of the Sport
  • Balancing Tradition and Innovation: Updating NHL Jerseys and Logos
  • The Effectiveness of NHL Playoff Formats: Exploring Alternatives to the Current System
  • The Role of NHL Franchise Ownership in Shaping the League’s Future
  • Mental Health Awareness in the NHL: Supporting Players’ Well-Being
  • Improving Fan Engagement in the NHL: Enhancing the In-Arena and Digital Experience
  • Addressing Tanking and Competitive Balance in the NHL
  • The Influence of NHL Coaches on Team Performance and Player Development
  • NHL Player Salaries: Finding a Balance Between Fairness and Financial Sustainability
  • The Evolution of NHL Rule Changes: Adaptations for a Faster and More Exciting Game
  • Preserving the Legacy of NHL Legends: Honoring Retired Players and Their Contributions to the Sport

Other Sports Ideas

Persuasive sports speech topics to talk about: health.

  • Sports and Cardiovascular Health: A Winning Combination
  • The Effectiveness of Sports in Weight Management
  • Sports and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases
  • Psychological Benefits of Team Sports
  • The Importance of Sports in Promoting Bone Health
  • Sports as a Means of Stress Relief and Anxiety Management
  • The Role of Sports in Enhancing Overall Immunity
  • Sports and the Promotion of Longevity and Aging Gracefully
  • The Impact of Sports on Improving Motor Skills and Coordination
  • Sports as a Tool for Enhancing Cognitive Abilities
  • The Connection Between Sports and Improved Sleep Patterns
  • Sports and the Prevention of Lifestyle-Related Disorders
  • The Influence of Sports on Boosting Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Roles of Sports in Teaching Discipline and Time Management
  • The Psychological Benefits of Individual Sports vs. Team Sports
  • Impacts of Sports on Enhancing Social Interactions and Relationships
  • The Effectiveness of Sports in Building Leadership Skills
  • The Role of Sports in Empowering Women’s Health and Well-Being

Persuasive Sports Essay Speech Topics: Coaching

  • The Impact of Effective Coaching on Sports Performance
  • Athlete Development: The Role of Coaching in Nurturing Talent
  • The Ethical Responsibilities of Coaches in Sports
  • Enhancing Teamwork Through Effective Coaching Strategies
  • The Influence of Coaching Styles on Athlete Motivation
  • The Importance of Coach-Athlete Communication in Sports
  • Roles of Coaches in Preventing Sports Injuries
  • Gender Equality in Sports Coaching: Breaking Stereotypes
  • Benefits of Sports Psychology in Coaching Athletes
  • Coaches as Role Models: Shaping Character and Values in Sports
  • Coaching Youth Sports: Fostering a Love for the Game
  • The Impact of Technology on Sports Coaching Methods
  • Roles of Coaches in Addressing Mental Health Challenges in Sports
  • The Use of Analytics and Data in Sports Coaching
  • Coaching Athletes With Disabilities: Promoting Inclusivity in Sports
  • The Influence of Cultural Diversity on Coaching Approaches in Sports
  • Coaches as Educators: Teaching Life Skills Through Sports
  • The Role of Coaching in Building Resilience among Athletes
  • Effects of Coaching on Sports Performance in Individual vs. Team Sports

Argumentative Sports Speech Topics: Women’s Rights

  • The Gender Pay Gap in Professional Sports: A Case for Equal Compensation
  • The Need for Increased Investment in Women’s Sports Programs
  • Overcoming Gender Stereotypes in Sports: Breaking Barriers for Women
  • Examining the Lack of Female Coaches in Professional Sports
  • Women in Combat Sports: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
  • Promoting Gender Equality in Youth Sports Programs
  • The Importance of Female Role Models in Sports
  • Addressing Body Image Issues in Women’s Sports
  • The Impact of Sports on Women’s Empowerment and Self-Esteem
  • The Challenges Faced by Transgender Women in Sports
  • The Intersectionality of Race and Gender in Women’s Sports
  • Roles of Sports in Promoting Women’s Health and Wellness
  • The Need for More Sponsorship and Endorsement Opportunities for Female Athletes
  • The Role of Education in Encouraging Girls’ Participation in Sports
  • The Importance of Safe and Inclusive Spaces for Women in Sports
  • Roles of Sports in Breaking Down Cultural and Religious Barriers for Women
  • The Impact of Sports on Reducing Violence Against Women
  • The Need for Gender-Neutral Language and Policies in Sports
  • Exploring the Role of Sports in Addressing Gender Inequality in Developing Countries

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics: Student Life

  • The Impact of Competitive Sports on Academic Performance
  • Enhancing Student Life Through Sports and Physical Activity
  • The Role of Sports in Developing Leadership Skills in Students
  • Balancing Sports and Academic Commitments in Student Life
  • Should Sports Be Mandatory for Students?
  • Sports Scholarships: An Effective Way to Support Student Athletes
  • The Influence of Sports on Students’ Mental Health
  • Sports and Gender Equality: Breaking Barriers in Student Athletics
  • Benefits of Interscholastic Sports Programs in Student Life
  • The Role of Sports in Building Teamwork and Collaboration Among Students
  • The Ethical Dilemma of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Student Sports
  • The Impact of Sports on Students’ Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Roles of Sports in Teaching Discipline and Time Management to Students
  • Sports and Cultural Diversity: Promoting Inclusion in Student Life
  • The Role of Sports in Fostering a Healthy Lifestyle Among Students
  • Should Schools Prioritize Sports Facilities Over Academic Resources?
  • The Challenges Faced by Student Athletes: Balancing Sports and Social Life
  • The Influence of Sports Role Models on Students’ Behavior and Values
  • The Importance of Sports Education in Schools for Holistic Student Development
  • The Economic Impact of Sports on Student Life and Local Communities
  • Roles of Sports in Teaching Resilience and Perseverance to Students
  • Pros and Cons of Competitive Sports in Student Life

Mind Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Benefits of Chess in Cognitive Development
  • The Role of Strategy in Poker: Skill or Luck?
  • Critical Thinking in Competitive Scrabble: A Mental Workout
  • Is Competitive Sudoku a Legitimate Mind Sport?
  • The Psychological Benefits of Playing Go
  • The Ethics of Mind Sports: Fair Play and Cheating
  • The Mental Stamina Required for Competitive Bridge
  • Is E-Sports a Valid Mind Sport?
  • The Impact of Mind Sports on Memory Enhancement
  • The Evolution of Mind Sports: Traditional vs. Digital
  • Roles of Mathematics in Competitive Backgammon
  • The Strategic Complexity of Competitive Rubik’s Cube Solving
  • Is Competitive Crossword Puzzling a Form of Intellectual Sport?
  • The Influence of Mind Sports on Decision-Making Skills
  • Psychological Effects of Competitive Chess on Young Minds
  • The Debate: Mind Sports vs. Physical Sports
  • The Cognitive Benefits of Playing Competitive Memory Games
  • Roles of Endurance in Competitive Sudoku Tournaments
  • The Impact of Mind Sports on Problem-Solving Skills
  • The Psychological Factors in Competitive Scrabble: Word Knowledge vs. Strategy
  • The Role of Concentration in Competitive Mahjong

Argumentative Essay Topics: Injuries

  • The Impact of Concussions in Contact Sports: A Call for Enhanced Safety Measures
  • Prevention and Rehabilitation Strategies for ACL Injuries in Athletes
  • The Dangers of Overtraining: Balancing Performance and Injury Risk
  • Enhancing Safety in Youth Sports: Addressing the Rising Concerns of Head Injuries
  • Exploring the Long-Term Effects of Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • The Role of Proper Equipment in Preventing Sports Injuries
  • Analyzing the Relationship Between Field Conditions and Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Managing Heat-Related Injuries in Outdoor Athletics: A Vital Priority
  • The Psychological Impact of Sports Injuries: Overcoming Mental Hurdles
  • Promoting a Culture of Injury Prevention in Collegiate Athletics
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Protective Gear in Reducing Sports Injuries
  • Sports Injuries in Women: Understanding Gender-Specific Risks and Challenges
  • The Importance of Strength and Conditioning Programs in Injury Prevention
  • Exploring the Link Between Overuse Injuries and Early Sports Specialization
  • Sports Injuries in Professional Athletes: Analyzing the Impact on Careers
  • The Influence of Playing Surface on Injury Rates in Different Sports
  • Recognizing and Managing Sports-Related Head and Neck Injuries
  • The Role of Coaches and Trainers in Preventing and Responding to Sports Injuries
  • Rehabilitation Techniques for Common Sports Injuries: Restoring Performance
  • Sports Injuries in Aging Athletes: Challenges and Strategies for Active Living
  • Promoting Safety and Injury Prevention in Extreme Sports: Finding the Right Balance

Persuasive Sports Speech Topics: Importance of Games

  • The Significance of Athletics in Shaping Character
  • Enhancing Physical Fitness through Competitive Sports
  • Promoting Teamwork and Collaboration in Sports
  • Fostering Discipline and Self-Determination Through Games
  • Boosting Mental Agility and Critical Thinking in Athletic Pursuits
  • The Role of Sports in Developing Leadership Skills
  • Empowering Women in Sports: Breaking Gender Stereotypes
  • Harnessing Sports as a Tool for Stress Relief and Mental Well-Being
  • Sports as a Catalyst for Cultural Exchange and Global Understanding
  • Sports Diplomacy: Uniting Nations Through Athletic Competitions
  • Preserving Health and Preventing Chronic Diseases Through Active Engagement in Sports
  • The Role of Sports in Promoting Social Equality and Inclusivity
  • The Educational Value of Sports: Lessons Beyond the Classroom
  • The Psychological Benefits of Sports: Enhancing Resilience and Confidence
  • Sports as a Vehicle for Teaching Life Skills and Ethics
  • Exploring the Role of Technology in Enhancing Athletic Performance
  • The Importance of Sports in Reducing Crime and Juvenile Delinquency
  • Sports and Academic Achievement: Finding the Balance
  • Preserving Cultural Heritage Through Traditional Sports and Games

Fitness Persuasive Speech Sports Topics

  • The Importance of Regular Exercise in Maintaining Optimal Fitness Levels
  • Integrating Strength Training to Enhance Overall Fitness
  • The Role of Cardiovascular Exercise in Improving Heart Health
  • Implementing a Balanced Diet for Effective Weight Management
  • Exploring the Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Embracing Yoga and Its Positive Impact on Mind-Body Fitness
  • The Psychological Benefits of Regular Physical Activity
  • Incorporating Outdoor Activities for a Fun and Active Lifestyle
  • Utilizing Technology for Tracking and Monitoring Fitness Goals
  • Promoting Fitness in the Workplace for Improved Productivity
  • Exploring the Role of Personal Trainers in Achieving Fitness Goals
  • The Impact of Sleep on Athletic Performance and Fitness Levels
  • Benefits of Group Fitness Classes for Motivation and Accountability
  • Breaking the Sedentary Lifestyle Cycle: Tips for Staying Active Throughout the Day
  • Enhancing Flexibility and Mobility for Overall Fitness
  • The Role of Sports and Competitive Activities in Maintaining Fitness
  • Preventing and Managing Exercise-Related Injuries for Long-Term Fitness
  • Promoting Fitness Education in Schools to Cultivate Healthy Habits
  • The Influence of Social Media on Fitness Trends and Body Image
  • Overcoming Barriers to Fitness: Time, Motivation, and Accessibility
  • Promoting Active Aging: The Importance of Fitness for Older Adults

Dance Persuasive Essay Speech Topics

  • The Transformative Power of Dance: Inspiring Change and Empowerment
  • Enhancing Physical and Mental Health Through Dance
  • Preserving Cultural Heritage: Celebrating Dance as a Cultural Expression
  • Dance Education: Fostering Creativity and Discipline in Students
  • Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Promoting Equality in Dance
  • Dance as a Tool for Social Integration and Inclusion
  • Exploring the Art of Choreography: A Fusion of Movement and Expression
  • The Evolution of Dance: Tracing Its Historical and Cultural Significance
  • The Impact of Dance in Therapy: Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul
  • Dance as an Effective Stress Reliever: Finding Balance Through Movement
  • Competitive Dance: Nurturing Discipline, Teamwork, and Perseverance
  • Contemporary Dance: Embracing Innovation and Experimentation
  • Folk Dance: Celebrating Traditional Rhythms and Cultural Identity
  • Dance as a Form of Activism: Raising Awareness and Advocating for Change
  • The Role of Dance in Building Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Dance and Technology: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Innovation
  • Ballet: The Grace, Precision, and Elegance of Classical Dance
  • Dance as a Form of Communication: Conveying Emotions Without Words
  • The Influence of Dance in Popular Culture: Shaping Trends and Styles
  • Dance as a Career Path: Pursuing Passion and Professionalism
  • The Ethical Debate in Dance: Balancing Artistic Freedom and Cultural Appropriation
  • Dance as a Universal Language: Bridging Cultures and Connecting People

General Sports Topics to Talk About

  • Enhancing Performance: The Importance of Sports Psychology
  • Promoting Gender Equality in Sports: Breaking Barriers
  • Sports and Education: The Power of Athletic Scholarships
  • Addressing the Issue of Doping in Professional Sports
  • The Economic Influence of Major Sporting Events
  • The Social and Cultural Significance of Sports in Society
  • Sports and Technology: The Evolution of Athletic Equipment
  • Ensuring Fairness and Integrity in Sports: Combating Match-Fixing
  • The Benefits of Team Sports for Personal Growth and Development
  • Sports and National Identity: Uniting Nations
  • The Role of Sports in Promoting Inclusion and Diversity
  • The Ethics of Sports: Sportsmanship and Fair Play
  • Exploring the Relationship Between Sports and Media
  • The Environmental Impact of Sports Events and Facilities
  • Combatting Childhood Obesity Through Sports and Physical Activity
  • The Business of Sports: Opportunities and Challenges
  • The Role of Coaches in Shaping Athletes’ Characters
  • Sports and Politics: Navigating Controversial Issues
  • Exploring the Future of Virtual and Esports
  • Sports as a Platform for Social Change: Advocacy and Activism

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100+ Sports Essay Topics Titles & Examples

Published by Jamie Walker at September 16th, 2022 , Revised On July 10, 2023

Have you ever been asked to write a sports essay? Are you looking for the best sports essay topics but unsure about how to choose the best sport essay topic? On this page, you will find several interesting essay topics so you can choose an intriguing and manageable topic for your argumentative essay.

It is important to note that writing a sports essay can take many forms, whether discussing a specific sport or its history and psychology. Choosing unique sports research topics will help you express your thoughts freely on a particular subject.

Make sure there are enough sources related to the chosen topic. Outdated sources should not be considered.  Additionally, it is a good idea to brainstorm ideas with friends or look for a free essay topic source online. 

This list of top sports essay topics will assist high school and college students looking for inspiration.

Argumentative Sports Essay Topics

  • Alcohol and fast-food advertising during sporting events should be prohibited.
  • Gambling is a major component of any sport’s popularity.
  • There should be competitions in which performance-enhancing drugs are permitted.
  • Athletes are constantly under pressure to perform better, which is why they resort to doping.
  • Transgender athletes should compete in their divisions.
  • Women’s sports dress codes are intended to objectify the athletes.
  • Sports coaches can benefit from effective leadership strategies.
  • Governments should encourage more female college and university athletes to participate in sports.
  • Student-athletes should be subjected to random drug tests.
  • There is no single effective strategy for promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Student-athletes should submit to random drug tests regularly.
  • Sports events rely heavily on the media.
  • More women should appear on magazine covers without attracting sexual attention.
  • Parents should encourage their children to participate in high-impact sports.
  • Approaches to effective leadership for sports coaches
  • Female athletes should be compensated in the same way as male athletes.
  • Violent sports harm the psychological development of teenagers.
  • The university should compensate students who win sports competitions.
  • The government should penalize universities for failing to regulate student-athlete activities.

Persuasive Sports Essay Topics

  • Many current sports organizations are corrupt and need to be cleaned up.
  • Why aren’t good athletes also good coaches?
  • Why should more women participate in male-dominated sports?
  • Can sports help you live a longer life?
  • Physical exercises can help you manage your stress levels.
  • When sports clubs’ fans misbehave, organizers should punish them.
  • Is it true that physical activity can lower the risk of developing cancer?
  • Sports should be viewed as a universal language.
  • Some diseases can be reduced by participating in sports.
  • Why starting the day with a sports activity is critical for anyone.
  • Many people in the United States underestimate horse shows.
  • Boxers are better athletes than the majority of MMA fighters.
  • Why should more universities in the United States invest in summer sports camp organizations?
  • Should the NBA Summer League be cancelled?
  • Why is gymnastics a visually appealing sport?
  • College basketball players should be paid for every game.
  • Why is there a connection between hip-hop and basketball?
  • Working together allows a sports team to become unstoppable.
  • The government should prohibit alcohol advertising during sporting events.
  • What is the connection between hip-hop and basketball?

Controversial Sports Essay Topics

  • Should the media ban instant replay in sports?
  • Should female tennis players compete in league with male athletes?
  • Should women compete in bodybuilding?
  • Women should only coach female athletes.
  • Should the government regulate sports gambling?
  • Should governments prohibit tobacco and alcohol advertisements during sporting events?
  • Is it true that colleges spend too much money on sports?
  • How does Red Bull affect student-athlete health?
  • The prevalence of genetically engineered athletes.
  • Women’s soccer is becoming more popular.
  • How should schools recognize and reward young athletes?
  • Should the Olympic Games be abolished?
  • Why is football so important?
  • What would the world be like without sports?

History of Sports Essay Topics

  • What have been the most popular sports and games throughout the years?
  • Explain the Olympic Games’ history.
  • Look into the history of ancient sports.
  • How has history influenced the distinction between American and European sports?
  • What role has sportswear played in the evolution of sports?
  • When did sports become a paid profession?
  • Explain the history of female athletes in sports.
  • Discuss the establishment of club sports.
  • Explain the origins and evolution of sports.
  • What are some well-known sports dynasties?

Top Trending Sports Essay Topics

  • The clothing required for women’s sports is designed to objectify the athletes.
  • The constant pressure to perform better is the primary motivator for athletes to use drugs.
  • Sports and a healthy lifestyle cannot be promoted with a single successful technique.
  • Professional sports necessitate numerous sacrifices, many of which are often in vain.
  • Many of today’s sports organizations are dishonest and should be changed.
  • Participation in school athletics and self-esteem issues may be linked.
  • Why don’t successful athletes make it as coaches?
  • What is a basketball’s anatomy and which muscle groups should you focus on?

Yoga Sports Essay Topics

  • GABA levels in the brain rise due to yoga practice – why and why not?
  • Yoga’s transition from Eastern to Western practices.
  • Yoga’s impact on depression and anxiety.
  • Can yoga aid in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder?

Fitness Sports Essay Topics

  • Fitness and social media: beneficial or detrimental?
  • Physical fitness programs that are both competitive and cooperative.
  • A healthy sleeping pattern is just as important for fitness as physical activity.
  • Why is it destructive to follow every fitness trend?
  • Physical fitness has a genetic component.

Best Sports Essay Topics for School Students

  • Should school sports be specialized, or should they cover a wide range of activities?
  • Can the sport be used as a form of education?
  • Describe the gender differences in school sports.
  • Is there a link between athletic success and academic success?
  • There could be a link between self-esteem issues and school sports participation.
  • How can school sports help you develop leadership skills?
  • Discuss the Western world’s cultural aspects of school sports.
  • Are certain sports overly violent?
  • What is the significance of team-based games in the classroom?
  • Explain the importance of protective equipment in school sports. 

Best Sports Essay Topics for College Students

  • What is the efficacy of the current methods for detecting PED use in sports?
  • Should players be allowed to protest peacefully by kneeling?
  • Should the NCAA do away with the one-and-done rule in collegiate sports?
  • How can athletes improve their performance by eating the right foods?
  • Is sports nutrition a legitimate and reputable sub-field of healthy eating?
  • Should people who aren’t athletes use sports nutrition to gain muscle and lose weight?
  • What have sports nutrition strategies been most successful in the last 20 years?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of drinking caffeine while exercising?
  • Why are turf-related injuries among collegiate and professional football players becoming more common?
  • Should professional sports prohibit instant replay?

 Medicine Sports Essay Topics

  • Is ultrasonic therapy useful in sports medicine?
  • Examine the significance of physical therapy in sports medicine.
  • Explain sports medicine application in athlete burnout.
  • What are the most effective sports medicine prevention techniques?
  • Is sports medicine concerned with nutrition?
  • Write about the use of cryotherapy in sports medicine.
  • What ethical issues arise in sports medicine research?
  • Talk about sports medicine and gene therapy.
  • How can the negative effects of imaging in sports medicine be reduced?
  • What are the most common sports medicine diagnoses?

Sports Psychology Essay Topics

  • A practical application of sports psychology in everyday life.
  • Competitive sports have both positive and negative psychological aspects.
  • In professional sports, the psychological trauma of a physical injury.
  • Psychological counselling is a tool for developing a winning attitude.
  • Marketing psychology at sporting events.
  • Sports have problem-solving components.
  • Professional athletes with anxiety disorders.
  • The relationship between professional athletes’ emotional states and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What rules should we follow while writing a sports essay.

When writing a sports essay, follow these rules:

1. Stay focused on the topic.

2. Provide accurate information.

3. Use proper grammar and punctuation.

4. Support your arguments with evidence.

5. Structure your essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

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argumentative essay topics for athletes

Essay on Sports: 100+ Topics and Examples

argumentative essay topics for athletes

How to Write an Essay on Sports

Various sports, like basketball, tennis, and soccer, are popular among young and older generations worldwide. In addition to the fact that playing sports brings mental and physical health in shape, it also projects sportsmen and women's leadership skills. These role models give sports fans reasons to keep rooting for their favorite players and fuel young athletes' motivation to keep practicing and perfecting themselves in various youth sports.

If you are interested in professional sports or the career development of professional athletes, we encourage you to write a college essay on sports.

Choosing a relevant topic when writing an essay on sports requires deep knowledge of a specific sports industry and its representatives.

how to write essay on sport

  • Choose a topic of your interest. Usually, tasks we are genuinely curious about require equal mental stimulation but less tension and stress. For instance, you could choose the topic of the influence of physical fitness on mental health in case you are interested in health science.
  • Look for relevant resources to provide trustworthy and valuable information regarding the shortlist of sports essay topics. For example, you could check out famous journals that prioritize writing about physical activity and sports cultures, such as the British Journal of Sports Medicine or the Journal of Human Sport and Exercise.
  • After gathering relevant data, list the major issues you will write about in the sports essay. For instance, if you'd rather concentrate on the features your favorite athlete acquires, we suggest you write on persuasive sports essay topics. Highlight the major events in the sports career of chosen male or female athletes that helped them go pro.
  • Construct an essay outline highlighting the major points you will touch down throughout your essay. This will loosen the essay writing process and will save some time for you as well.
  • As you point out the major issue of reflection in the thesis statement part of your introductory paragraph, proceed with the body paragraphs of arguments supporting your perspective regarding the statement.

Keep reading to find a variety of essay topics like an essay on sports day in English, as well as specified issues relating to sports competitions, such as an essay on concussions in sports, etc.

Essay Topics on Sports

College students who are interested in doing and writing about sports can find many essay topics listed below on sports ranging from Olympic games to performance-enhancing drugs, sports nutrition to sports injuries, and so on.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Sports

  • Cross-country skiing is the most dangerous winter sport.
  • American universities should pay college athletes
  • Ice-Skating is the most aesthetically pleasing sport.
  • Soccer is one of the most played college sports in the US.
  • Alcohol consumption should be prohibited during the Olympic games.
  • More awareness should be raised about racist team players in all kinds of sports.
  • FIFA's primary mission is to promote intercultural relations.
  • We should reconsider the age range of baseball players.
  • There is a link between team sports and math.
  • Dealing with Medicine is the most disputable issue of the Olympic Games.
  • Sports culture in the US is much higher than in East European countries.
  • Cricket should be included in the Summer Olympics.
  • The UEFA Championship promotes youth sports.
  • The New Orleans Saints as a revolutionary NFL team.
  • Everyone should be developed at least in one sport.
  • Fitness obsession is a benefit for physical health.
  • Sports nutrition is more important than physical activity.
  • Dancing is one of the best confidence boosters.
  • The rise of Charlotte Horne's value because of MJ.
  • International teams in football attract a wide range of audience.

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Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports

  • Should major sports events be taken in politically dangerous zones?
  • Sports programs should be accessible through all types of TV channel packages.
  • Transgender athletes should have the freedom to choose their own pronouns.
  • Current sports organizations are corrupt.
  • Athletic training should be psychological too.
  • Soccer is number one of the most popular sports around the US.
  • The most quality games were played at the World Cup 2022.
  • School athletics should be paid for.
  • American football is not popular around the world.
  • Ice hockey is the most dangerous of winter sports.
  • Sporting events are mostly watched during work days.
  • Physical exercise is as important as mental through athletic development.
  • Sports psychology: implementation of a mental training course for student-athletes.
  • Many current sports organizations degrade women's sports.
  • Sports history: development of baseball around the USA.
  • Playing sports should be obligatory for school children.
  • Professional athletes should be paid more in Western European countries.
  • Toxic masculinity ruins the success of team sports.
  • Cheerleading should be part of the Olympic games.
  • Are video games sports?

Simply ask to do my paper on various argumentative essay topics on sports and receive the high-quality finished product in the nick of time.

Essay on Sports and Games in School

  • Should sports be made compulsory in schools?
  • The impact of promoting Air Jordans on developing a winner's mindset in school children.
  • The importance of having sports clubs in schools.
  • Should school sports participation be an excuse to miss classes?
  • Governments should encourage more youngsters to play school sports.
  • Is sports a solution to the current mental health crisis in school children?
  • Should governments promote more opportunities for high schoolers to pursue aesthetically pleasing sports?
  • Which sport is most popular among youngsters around the US?
  • Should prospective basketball players be rejected due to height measures in school basketball teams?
  • The importance of physical therapy in high school athletes.
  • Does sport teach the importance of teamwork?
  • Should parents encourage students to play sports?
  • Can the gym be a substitute for physical fitness?
  • Do sports conflict with academic learning?
  • Sports medicine application to mental exhaustion in school athletes.
  • Does sport help students develop leadership skills?
  • Is playing chess stimulating analytical thinking?
  • Importance of media coverage of sports events.
  • The pressure of performance in sports
  • The chances of school students making it into the national basketball team.

Argumentative Essay on Gender Inequality in Sports

Check out some of the best sports essay topics if you are willing to write an argumentative essay on gender inequality in sports:

  • Why are female athletes paid less than their male counterparts in most sports?
  • Male athletes have more chances of going pro in basketball than women.
  • Club sports exclude some players based on gender.
  • Male and female athletes are equally resilient to sports injuries.
  • Soccer and Ice hockey are male-dominated sports.
  • The marketing strategies of UCR's Women's Basketball are inefficient.
  • Height should not be a decisive factor for either men's or women's basketball.
  • Gender prejudices discriminate against myriads of potentially successful athletes in various sports.
  • National teams should be completed with males as well as females.
  • Women's sports are not valued as much as Men's sports.
  • Sports medicine is actively used by female athletes under pressure to enhance performance.
  • The number of female athletes participating in the Olympic games should increase.
  • Fewer female students choose to play sports after graduating from high school compared to the number of male students.
  • Negative psychological aspects of post-traumatic stress disorder in athletes.
  • More female students should be encouraged to play sports while performing their academic duties.
  • Comparatively, more men make it to major league baseball than women.
  • Performance-enhancing drugs adversely affect growing healthy muscle groups.
  • Ancient sports like the ancient Greek Olympics have nothing in common with modern Olympic games.
  • Lack of women professional football players in America.
  • Women's soccer is less promoted by European high schools than Men's.

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Essay on Benefits of Games and Sports

Playing professional sports brings about its advantages. Consider writing an essay on benefits of games and sports and choose from a wide variety of topics below:

  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved concentration
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Increased dopamine and serotonin level
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved mood
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved sleeping habits
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Reduced stress and depression
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Boosted Self-confidence
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Development of leadership traits
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved mental health
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Healthy sleeping habits
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Maintaining healthy body weight
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved academic performance in school children
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Better scholastic outcomes
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Active blood circulation
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Developing school athletes as better team players
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Enhanced analytic thinking
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Effective multitasking
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Improved mental and physical health.
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Opportunity to develop a career outside the home nation.
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Better communication skills.
  • Benefits of Playing Sports: Smart time management.

Essay on My Favorite Sports Person

Famous sports figures often inspire school students. Take a look at the list of topics to write an essay on my favourite sports person:

  • Roger Federer: my favorite tennis player
  • Tiger Woods: the best golfer in the US
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: The GOAT of GOATs.
  • Rafael Nadal: the most prominent tennis player in Spain
  • Kevin Durant: the rising star of the NBA
  • Lebron James: the best basketball player in the modern NBA
  • Usain Bolt: greatest sprinter of all time
  • Alexi Lalas: most beloved American soccer player
  • Michael Schumacher: seven-time World Champion
  • Frank Thomas: greatest baseball player
  • Shaun White: the best American snowboarder
  • Jennie Finch: most honorable softball player in America
  • Dirk Nowitzki: the guy who beat Lebron James.
  • Kevin Garnett: most emotional and dedicated in NBA
  • Ray Bourque: the best of hockey players
  • Billie Jean King: Honor for women tennis players
  • Bill Elliot: Nascar's most popular driver
  • Mark Messier: greatest leader in hockey history
  • Khvicha Kvaratskhelia: Rising star of European football
  • Maradona: most prominent soccer player of all time

Feel free to write an essay on sports and games for 10th class from the above topics.

Persuasive Essay on Sports Betting

If you decide to write a persuasive essay on sports betting, take some inspiration from the topics below:

  • Beginners should be taught how to place a bet.
  • Money-line betting is addictive
  • Sports betting should be prohibited under the 18
  • Betting on NFL wins totals
  • Scandal and controversy in sports are always connected to betting
  • Game theory has a direct relation to gambling
  • Online casinos should be banned
  • Math is used in gambling to assess the risks of winning
  • Sports bettors are great analysts
  • Mobile betting is a better option than desktop
  • Sportsbooks are the main guide to learning sports betting
  • Gambling is more entertaining than addictive
  • The FIFA World Cup has the biggest betting volume
  • The Super Bowl makes up half of all sports bets summed up
  • Kentucky Derby is one of the highest-rated betting events in horse racing
  • The Grand National horse racing attracts the highest sports bettings around the UK
  • Las Vegas is the best gambling destination in the world
  • Singapore has one of the strictest gambling rules in the world
  • Monte Carlo is the classiest gambling point
  • Aruba is the Vegas of the Caribbean

Common App Essay on Sports

You can easily craft top-notch essays related to sports in your college application. Take some of the examples from the topics listed below, and do not hesitate to write a common app essay on sports.

  • Learning to take constructive criticism as a soccer player
  • Sports is the greatest teacher of teamwork
  • Keeping a winner mindset through the challenges of chess
  • How I Learned to be a leader through my college sports experience
  • Basketball taught me the value of my own contribution to the team's success
  • How Failures in soccer championships boosted my self-confidence
  • The constant practice resulted in major success: how sport taught me the value of invested work
  • How I learned to appreciate my body through the aesthetics of ice skating
  • Hip-Hop dancing is the best teacher of networking with people of multicultural origins
  • Winning a national tournament in swimming after numerous defeats
  • Overcoming a sports injury and going back to a fresh start taught me resilience
  • Being a part of the basketball team helped me better perceive my athletic abilities
  • Coming from a family of immigrants, my soccer team helped me develop a sense of belonging on American land
  • Being a high school student and an athlete led me to better time management
  • Baseball player enhanced my concentration skills; within me
  • Getting in touch with professional sports persons and mentors led me to personal growth
  • Learning from mistakes and using defeat for my own benefit is what playing ice hockey taught me
  • Running on the track made me become mentally sharp
  • I learned how to lead the game through soccer
  • Playing sports led me to broaden my network of professionals

Sample College Essay on Sports

The winning mindset plays a major role in helping athletes develop to the best of their potential. The profound legend of modern-day basketball, Michael Jordan is one of those rare athlete leaders that set an example for millions of college basketball players in and out of the USA on mastering his mind and shaping himself through tough discipline. Therefore, if you are interested in sports psychology, you could pick a related topic and represent an athlete or specific sports teams that similarly show off psychological discipline through their performance that later results in their success.

We have prepared a sample essay on sports below. Examine it carefully to understand a sports research paper format better!

Final Words

We are hoping that not only have you gained some ideas about essay topics on sports, but you are also leaving this article with the motivation to keep working despite any rejections or failures that come along the way.

Meanwhile, you can always use a research paper writing help service, and our experts will guide you through your winning essay writing process.

Need a High Score for Your Assignment?

Provide us with any trending sports essay topics, and trust our experts to construct a winning essay for you.

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Essay Freelance Writers 

121 Sports Argumentative Essay Topics To Ace Your Paper

Dec 22, 2022

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Dec 22, 2022 | Topics

Sports are a popular topic for argumentative essays, as they provide ample opportunities for discussion and debate. Whether you are writing about high school sports, physical education, professional sports, or sporting activities in general, there are plenty of good topics to choose from. Here are some sports argumentative essay topics to consider when writing your paper:

Best Sports Argumentative Essay Topics To Write

  • Should high school sports be mandatory for all students?
  • Is physical education necessary in schools?
  • Should professional sports players be paid more than teachers or doctors?
  • Is it fair for college athletes to be paid for playing sports?
  • Should video games be considered a sport?
  • Is it important for young people to participate in sporting activities?
  • How does participating in sports affect a student’s academic performance?
  • Should female athletes receive equal pay as male athletes?
  • Is it fair for athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs?
  • Should sports events be held in countries with poor human rights records?
  • Should athletes be required to pass drug tests before competing?
  • Should schools be required to provide equal funding for girls’ and boys’ sports teams?
  • How does playing sports contribute to a person’s overall physical health and well-being?
  • Should sports betting be legal in all states?
  • How does participating in sports affect mental health?
  • Should college athletes be allowed to profit from their name, image, and likeness?
  • Should there be stricter rules and regulations for youth sports leagues?
  • How does playing sports contribute to teamwork and leadership skills?
  • Is it ethical for professional sports teams to relocate to different cities?
  • Should female athletes have more opportunities to compete at the professional level?

Interesting Essay Topics About Sports

  • Should there be stricter rules for fan behavior at sports events?
  • Should athletes be required to undergo mandatory mental health screenings?
  • How does participating in sports help to build self-esteem and confidence?
  • How do sports and physical activity reduce the risk of obesity and other health issues?
  • Should there be stricter regulations for athletes’ training and conditioning programs?
  • How does playing sports contribute to social skills and friendships?
  • Should there be stricter rules for athlete conduct off the field?
  • How do sports and physical activity benefit children’s development?
  • Should there be more opportunities for disabled athletes to compete at the professional level?
  • Should there be stricter rules and regulations for using artificial turf in sports?
  • How does participating in sports contribute to a sense of community and belonging?
  • Should there be stricter rules for athlete safety in contact sports?
  • How do sports and physical activity benefit mental health and stress management?
  • Should there be stricter rules and regulations for using performance-enhancing drugs in sports?
  • How does playing sports contribute to mental toughness and resilience?
  • Should there be stricter rules for athlete conduct on social media?
  • How do sports and physical activity benefit cardiovascular health?
  • Should there be stricter rules and regulations for using performance-enhancing supplements in sports?
  • How does participating in sports contribute to a sense of accomplishment and achievement?
  • Should there be stricter rules and regulations for using performance-enhancing procedures in sports?

Simple Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • How do sports and physical activity benefit muscle strength and endurance?
  • Should there be stricter rules and regulations for using performance-enhancing technology in sports?
  • Should sports leagues have a salary cap to promote parity among teams?
  • Should athletes be required to take a break from competition after a certain number of years or several games played?
  • Should there be stricter rules for athlete safety in extreme sports?
  • How does participating in sports benefit coordination and balance?
  • Should stricter rules exist for using performance-enhancing procedures in sports, such as blood doping?
  • How does playing sports contribute to stress management and mental health?
  • Should stricter rules exist for using performance-enhancing technology in sports, such as wearable devices?
  • How do sports and physical activity benefit bone health and prevent osteoporosis?
  • Should stricter rules exist for using performance-enhancing supplements in sports, such as protein powders or amino acids?
  • How does participating in sports contribute to the development of discipline and self-control?
  • Should stricter rules exist for using performance-enhancing drugs in sports, such as steroids or HGH?
  • How do sports and physical activity benefit respiratory health?
  • Should stricter rules exist for using artificial turf in sports, such as concerns about player safety or environmental impact?
  • How does participating in sports contribute to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise habits?
  • Should there be stricter rules for athlete conduct on social media, such as guidelines for appropriate content or behavior?
  • How do sports and physical activity benefit immune system health?
  • Should there be stricter rules for athlete safety in contact sports, such as concussion protocols or neck injury prevention?
  • How does participating in sports contribute to improved sleep and relaxation?

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  • Should there be stricter rules for fan behavior at sports events, such as preventing violence or harassment?
  • How do sports and physical activity benefit cognitive health and brain function?
  • Should there be stricter rules for athlete conduct off the field, such as criminal behavior or substance abuse?
  • How does participating in sports contribute to increased self-esteem and confidence?
  • Should there be stricter regulations for athletes’ training and conditioning programs, such as limits on training hours or mandatory breaks?
  • How do sports and physical activity benefit cardiovascular endurance and cardiovascular health?
  • Should there be stricter rules and regulations for youth sports leagues, such as limits on practice time or mandatory coaching education?
  • How does participating in sports contribute to improved mental toughness and resilience?
  • Should there be stricter rules for athlete safety in extreme sports, such as limits on certain tricks or mandatory safety equipment?
  • Should stricter rules for using performance-enhancing supplements in sports, such as testing for banned substances or limiting dosage?
  • How does participating in sports contribute to the development of coordination and balance?
  • Should there be stricter rules for using performance-enhancing drugs in sports, such as stricter penalties for violators?
  • Should stricter rules exist for using performance-enhancing procedures in sports, such as blood doping or gene therapy?
  • Should there be stricter rules for the use of performance-enhancing technology in sports, such as limits on the use of certain devices?
  • Should high schools require physical education for all students?
  • Should professional sports teams have to pay their athletes more?
  • Should young people be encouraged to participate in sports?
  • Do the health benefits of playing sports outweigh the risks of injury?
  • Is it necessary for female athletes to receive equal pay as male athletes?
  • Should professional athletes be held to higher moral standards than the general public?

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

  • Are video games a suitable substitute for physical activity?
  • Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in professional sports?
  • Are sports events too commercialized these days?
  • Should there be stricter rules to prevent concussions in contact sports?
  • Should there be stricter rules to prevent doping in professional sports?
  • Should all athletes be required to undergo regular drug tests?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use medical marijuana for pain management?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use stem cell therapy to treat injuries?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use blood transfusions to enhance performance?
  • Should young athletes be allowed to specialize in a single sport at an early age?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use cryotherapy to speed up recovery after workouts?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to enhance performance?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use electrical muscle stimulation to enhance performance?
  • Is it fair for athletes to receive endorsements and sponsorships?
  • Should athletes be required to undergo mental health screenings?
  • Should athletes be required to follow a specific diet?
  • Should athletes be required to undergo regular physical exams?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use sports psychology to improve performance?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use hypnosis to improve performance?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use acupuncture to improve performance?

Easy Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should athletes be allowed to use chiropractic care to improve performance?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use herbal supplements to improve performance?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use aromatherapy to improve performance?
  • Should sports leagues have a salary cap?
  • Should sports leagues have a luxury tax?
  • Should sports leagues have a minimum wage for players?
  • Should sports leagues have a maximum wage for players?
  • Should sports leagues have a draft system?
  • Should sports leagues have a free agency system?
  • Should sports leagues have a salary floor?
  • Should sports leagues have a salary escalator?
  • Should sports leagues have a revenue-sharing system?
  • Should sports leagues have a salary arbitration system?
  • Should athletes be required to undergo regular training camps?
  • Should athletes be required to undergo regular conditioning drills?
  • Should athletes be required to undergo regular weightlifting sessions?
  • Should athletes be required to undergo regular cardio workouts?
  • Should athletes be required to undergo regular yoga classes?
  • Should athletes be required to undergo regular martial arts training?
  • Should athletes be required to undergo regular dance classes?
  • Should athletes be required to undergo regular pilates classes?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, sports can be a great source of argumentative essay topics, as there are many different aspects of sports to discuss and debate. From the issues of high school sports and physical education to the professional level of sports, there are many different angles to take when writing an essay about sports. Whether you are interested in the health benefits of playing sports, the moral standards of professional athletes, or the commercialization of sports events, there are plenty of argumentative essay topics to choose from.

Ultimately, the key to writing a good argumentative essay about sports is finding a topic you are passionate about and doing thorough research on both sides of the argument. You can effectively ace your sports argumentative essay by considering all of the available evidence and presenting a well-reasoned argument.

Joseph Oleksandr

With a passion for education and student empowerment, I create blog content that speaks directly to the needs and interests of students. From study hacks and productivity tips to career exploration and personal development

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Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay About Sports

Last updated on: Jun 19, 2023

How to Write an Argumentative Essay About Sports: Tips Included

By: Barbara P.

Reviewed By: Caleb S.

Published on: Mar 6, 2023

Argumentative essay about sports

Writing argumentative essays can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to topics related to sports. 

You have to make sure you present your argument in an organized and convincing way, while the facts remain accurate. 

It's easy for readers to spot errors or inconsistencies in argumentative essays about sports. 

To solve this problem, MyPerfectPaper.net has come up with a solution!

In this guide, we will help you craft a winning argumentative essay on sports with ease! 

We'll show you how to research your topic effectively, structure your argument logically, and use evidence from reliable sources. 

With this guide, writing an argumentative essay about sports won't seem so intimidating anymore!

Let's dive in!

Argumentative essay about sports

On this Page

Why Write an Argumentative Essay About Sports?

Argumentative essays about sports are a great way to explore passion and excitement. It comes with being a fan of any professional sport. 

From playing football to basketball, argumentative essays can allow you to share your feelings. You can argue about why you think one team is better than another or pros and cons of a particular event. 

Writing argumentative essays about sports also allows you to explore the history of a sport and its impact on society. 

You can use argumentative essays about sports to discuss points like:

  • How different teams or events have shaped popular culture 
  • How World Cups influenced legislation
  • How participation in sports affects student athlete’s lives.

Finally, argumentative essays are a great way to practice your critical thinking skills. 

Enhance your argumentative writing skills with our comprehensive argumentative essay guide.

Writing argumentative essays requires you to assess both sides of an argument and make a compelling argument for one side. This is a great way to stretch your analytical skills and hone your writing abilities! 

Explore our samples to see what argumentative essays about sports might look like!

Argumentative essay about team sports

Argumentative essay about sports in school

Argumentative essay about sports injuries

Argumentative essay about extreme sports

Argumentative essay on sports should be compulsory in schools

Argumentative essay about sports and Politics

Argumentative essay about college sports

What are the benefits of playing sports essay

Order Essay

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Examples of Persuasive Essay About Sports

Before you start researching and writing your argumentative essay about sports. It can be helpful to look at a few examples of persuasive essays. 

Here are a few argumentative essay examples  to get you started: 

Persuasive essay about sports

Persuasive essay about sportsmanship

Be sure to check out our blog of argumentative essay examples for some creative and inspiring ideas.

Best Argumentative Essay About Sports Topics

The best argumentative essay topics are those that tap into people's passions and interests. 

Here are some popular sports argumentative essay topics to consider: 

  • Should college athletes be paid? 
  • Is it ethical for professional athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs?
  • Is boxing a sport or a form of violence? 
  • Should the Olympics include video games as an event? 
  • Is cheerleading considered as a sport? 
  • Do professional leagues have an obligation to make sports safer for their players? 
  • Are high school sports programs important enough to receive special funding? 
  • Is it ethical to pay college athletes differently based on gender?  
  • Should sports betting be legalized? 
  • Is it possible for professional athletes to be good role models? 

Seeking more argumentative essay topics that will keep your readers engaged? Our blog has a variety of ideas to choose from!

Argumentative Essay Topics About Athletes

  • Should athletes be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs to improve their performance?
  • Are professional male athletes overpaid compared to their female counterparts?
  • Should athletes be held responsible for being role models to the younger generation?
  • Should college athletes be paid for their participation in sports?
  • Should athletes be allowed to participate in contact sports with the risk of long-term brain injuries?
  • Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in sports according to their gender identity?
  • Should athletes be encouraged or discouraged from using their platform to engage in political activism?
  • Should there be age limits for athletes in professional sports leagues?
  • Are current anti-doping measures effective in maintaining fair competition among athletes?
  • Has the commercialization of sports negatively impacted the integrity of athletic competition?

How to Choose an Argumentative Essay Topic?

Now that you've seen some argumentative essay topics about sports, it's time to narrow down your choices. Pick the one that is perfect for you. 

Here are a few tips on how to choose an argumentative essay topic: 

  • Think About What Would Interest You Most – Choosing a topic that interests you will make writing your argumentative essay about sports more enjoyable and much easier. 
  • Consider the Audience – Who are you addressing with your argumentative essay? Make sure the argument you make is relevant to the people who will be reading it. 
  • Research Thoroughly – Do your research on any argumentative essay topic before settling on one. Make sure you have enough evidence to support your argument and that the argument is compelling. 
  • Be Creative – Argumentative essays about sports don't have to be boring! Think of an original argument or perspective on a topic that hasn't been discussed yet. 

Tough Essay Due? Hire Tough Writers!

Tips For Writing An Effective Essay

When it comes to writing an effective essay, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Here are some valuable tips for writing an effective essay:

  • Understand the Prompt

Carefully read and comprehend the essay prompt or question. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of what is being asked before you start writing. If you have any doubts, seek clarification from your instructor or professor.

  • Plan and Organize

Before diving into writing, create a solid plan and outline for your essay. Organize your thoughts and structure your essay in a logical manner. This will help you maintain a coherent flow of ideas throughout your essay.

  • Conduct Thorough Research

Gather relevant and credible information to support your arguments. Use a variety of sources such as books, scholarly articles, reputable websites, and academic databases. Ensure that your research is up-to-date and provides a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

  • Develop a Strong Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement should clearly state your argument or main point. It serves as a roadmap for your essay and guides your readers on what to expect. Make sure your thesis statement is concise, specific, and arguable.

  • Provide Strong Evidence

Back up your arguments with reliable evidence. This can include statistics, research findings, expert opinions, examples, anecdotes, or historical facts. Ensure that your evidence is relevant, accurate, and effectively supports your claims.

  • Consider Counterarguments

Acknowledge and address counterarguments to strengthen your essay's credibility. Anticipate opposing viewpoints and present a compelling rebuttal to showcase your understanding of the topic.

  • Write with Clarity and Conciseness

Use clear and concise language to convey your ideas effectively. Avoid unnecessary jargon, complex sentence structures, and excessive wordiness.

  • Revise and Edit

Take the time to revise and edit your essay. Check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Ensure that your sentences are well-structured and coherent.

Take some time to watch the video to compose an engaging argumentative essay!

Now that you've seen some argumentative essay topics and examples about sports, it's time to start writing your argumentative essay!

Argumentative essays about sports allow you to explore the passion and discuss how teams practice critical thinking skills.

If you do not know where to start on your argumentative essay, it can be helpful to reach out to a reputable paper writing service. MyPerfectPaper.net has a professional argumentative essay writer who can help you write persuasive pieces of argumentative essays about sports.

With the help of our argumentative essay writing service, you could craft a powerful argument. It will engage audiences and make an impact!

So, do not hesitate to place your " do my paper online " request! Get started on your argumentative essay about

Barbara P.

Literature, Management

Dr. Barbara is a highly experienced writer and author who holds a Ph.D. degree in public health from an Ivy League school. She has worked in the medical field for many years, conducting extensive research on various health topics. Her writing has been featured in several top-tier publications.

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Argumentative Essay Writing

Argumentative Essay About Sports

Cathy A.

Win the Debate - Writing An Effective Argumentative Essay About Sports

Published on: Mar 1, 2023

Last updated on: Jul 21, 2023

argumentative essay about sports

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Are you searching for a way to score that winning point in the classroom? 

Are you wanting to take your sports knowledge and turn it into an impressive argumentative essay? 

Well, look no further - we have the perfect guide on how to win the debate through effective argumentation! 

This post will provide tips on how crafting an argumentative paper around sports can help you ace your next assignment. 

Let's get started!

On This Page On This Page -->

Why Do We Write an Argumentative Essay About Sports?

Argumentative essays are meant to demonstrate a student's ability to think critically.

When writing about sports, you can use an argumentative paper as a way of exploring the different sides of any issue. 

This could include debates on rules changes, the impact of technology in sports, or the role of sports in society. 

By delving into these topics, you will be able to learn more about the topic. This way you  can make an informed argument for your side. 

Check out this amazing blog on argumentative essay outline to craft perfect outlines.

Examples of Argumentative Essay About Sports

Before you start writing your argumentative essay, it's a good idea to check out some example essays. 

This will give you an idea of what to write and the structure of a high-scoring paper. 

Here is a sample written by our experts. 

Here are some great examples by CollegeEssay.org: 

argumentative essay about team sports

argumentative essay about college sports

argumentative essay on sports should be compulsory in schools

argumentative essay about sports and physical activities

What are the benefits of playing sports essay

Check our extensive blog on argumentative essay examples to ace your next essay!

Examples of Persuasive Essay About Sports 

Sports persuasive essay is a form of argumentative writing that presents the writer’s opinion on a certain sports topic. 

The topics can cover anything from professional sports to health issues related to sports, to ethics in sports, and more. 

Writing an effective persuasive essay requires research, organization, and passion. 

Below are some examples of persuasive essays about sports that you can use as inspiration.

Persuasive essay about sports

Persuasive essay about sportsmanship

Order Essay

Paper Due? Why Suffer? That's our Job!

Best Argumentative Essay About Sports Topics

Choosing a good argumentative essay topic can be a daunting task. 

But with the right approach and focus, you can easily find one that is both interesting and relevant to your paper.

Here are some of the best sports argumentative essay topics for you to consider: 

  • Should student-athletes receive special privileges? 
  • Are professional sports teams more important than amateur ones? 
  • Should there be greater regulation of doping in professional sports? 
  • Is it ethical to pay athletes so much money? 
  • Should college athletes be paid for their participation in sports? 
  • How can we prevent injuries in youth sports? 
  • Are video games an effective way to teach sports skills? 
  • Should the use of performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in professional sports? 
  • Is it important to have gender equality in sports? 
  • How can we encourage more girls and women to participate in sports? 

Check our comprehensive blog on argumentative essay topics to get more topic ideas!

How to Choose an Argumentative Essay Topic?

When choosing an argumentative essay topic, there are some things to consider. 

  • Make sure the topic is something you're passionate about or interested in.
  • Research your topic thoroughly and make sure it's current and relevant to today's society.
  • Consider both sides of the argument when selecting a topic.
  • Ensure that there is enough evidence available for your chosen topic to make a convincing argument.
  • Choose an argumentative essay topic that you can easily defend.
  • Make sure the topic is not too broad or too narrow to fit within your essay's scope.
  • With the right topic and approach, you will be able to write a compelling persuasive essay that engages readers.

Check out this video about selecting the right argumentative essay topic.

Argumentative essay writing about sports can be a great way to explore and discuss important topics in today’s society. 

With the right topic and approach, you can easily make an informed argument for your side.

If you need help, CollegeEssay.org offers a complete argumentative essay writing service to help get you a high-scoring paper. 

Our expert essay writer can make you get the grade you deserve. 

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argumentative essay topics for athletes

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100+ Winning Sports Persuasive Essay Topics to Inspire You

Table of Contents

Looking for an engaging topic to write a persuasive essay about sports? Look no further! Check out our list of 100+ unique and thought-provoking sports persuasive essay topics.

persuasive essay topics for sport

List Of 99+ Sports Persuasive Essay Topics to Make Your Point

  • Should college athletes be paid for their performance on the field?
  • Is it ethical to use performance-enhancing drugs in sports?
  • Should athletes who test positive for performance-enhancing drugs be banned from their sport for life?
  • Is it fair for athletes to have an advantage due to their genetic makeup?
  • Should high school athletes be required to take drug tests?
  • Should college athletes be required to take drug tests?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use medical marijuana for pain management?
  • Is the use of technology, such as instant replay, making sports more fair or taking away from the human element of the game ?
  • Should athletes be held to a higher standard of behavior off the field?
  • Should sports teams be required to change their name if it is considered offensive to a certain group of people?
  • Should athletes be allowed to kneel during the national anthem as a form of protest?
  • Should youth sports be more focused on skill development or winning at all costs?
  • Should athletes be required to speak to the media after games?
  • Should sports teams be allowed to use Native American mascots?
  • Should high schools be allowed to recruit athletes from other schools?
  • Should athletes be allowed to transfer to other schools without sitting out a year?
  • Should college athletes be allowed to unionize?
  • Should professional sports teams be allowed to relocate to different cities?
  • Should the use of steroids be legal in sports?
  • Should athletes be allowed to use hypnosis or other psychological techniques to enhance their performance?
  • Should sports leagues be required to provide better healthcare benefits for retired athletes?
  • Should sports organizations be required to donate a portion of their profits to charity?
  • Should athletes be required to take courses on financial management?
  • Should athletes be required to take courses on mental health?
  • Should athletes be required to take courses on diversity and inclusion?
  • Should college athletes be required to maintain a certain grade point average to be eligible to play?
  • Should high school athletes be required to maintain a certain grade point average to be eligible to play?
  • Should athletes be required to pass a drug test before participating in a competition?
  • Should sports teams be required to disclose information about injuries to their players?
  • Should sports organizations be required to disclose information about their finances to the public?
  • Should sports teams be required to hire a certain percentage of female coaches?
  • Should sports teams be required to hire a certain percentage of minority coaches?
  • Should sports teams be required to provide equal pay for male and female athletes?
  • Should athletes be required to participate in community service?
  • Should sports teams be required to play games on holidays?
  • Should athletes be required to stand during the national anthem?
  • Should sports teams be required to participate in political activism?
  • Should athletes be allowed to participate in the Olympics if they have previously used performance-enhancing drugs?
  • Is cheer leading a sport? Discuss why it should or should not be considered a sport.
  • Should athletes be allowed to kneel during the national anthem?
  • Should college athletes be paid for playing their sport?
  • Is it ethical for professional sports teams to use Native American names and mascots?
  • Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in sports that align with their gender identity?
  • Is it fair for high schools to recruit top athletes from other schools to join their sports teams?
  • Should professional sports teams be held accountable for the behavior of their fans?
  • Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed in sports?
  • Should college athletes be drug tested?
  • Should athletes be allowed to compete in sports while wearing religious attire, such as a hijab?
  • Should there be age restrictions for athletes in certain sports?
  • Should sports teams be allowed to use technology to challenge referees’ calls?
  • Should athletes be required to take a cognitive test to assess the risk of head injuries?
  • Is it ethical for coaches to put pressure on athletes to continue playing through injuries?
  • Should parents be allowed to force their children to participate in sports?
  • Is it appropriate for professional sports teams to use military appreciation events as marketing tactics?
  • Should college athletes be allowed to profit from their name, image, and likeness?
  • Should referees be required to explain their calls to coaches and players?
  • Should athletes be held responsible for off-field behavior that negatively impacts their team or sport?
  • Is it fair for certain sports to receive more funding than others in schools?
  • Should high school athletes be required to maintain a certain GPA in order to participate in sports?
  • Should schools be allowed to cut funding for sports programs that consistently underperform?
  • Should professional sports teams be required to hire a certain percentage of minority coaches and executives?
  • Should sports leagues have stricter policies in place for domestic violence and sexual assault allegations?
  • Should athletes be allowed to choose their own medical treatment or should the team have control over their care?
  • Should sports organizations be held accountable for the long-term health effects of playing certain sports, such as football?
  • Should women’s sports receive equal funding and media coverage as men’s sports?
  • Should athletes be required to participate in community service as part of their contracts?
  • Should children be allowed to play contact sports, such as football, at a young age?
  • Should the Olympics be held every four years or should it be more frequent?
  • Should athletes be required to pass drug tests in order to compete in the Olympics?
  • Should sports teams be allowed to relocate to different cities without the consent of their fans?
  • Should schools be required to offer a variety of sports options to students, regardless of gender?
  • Should professional sports teams be required to disclose their team’s finances to the public?
  • Should college athletes be allowed to transfer to different schools without penalty?
  • Should sports teams be allowed to use their logos and team names for gambling and betting purposes?
  • Should athletes be required to attend college before entering professional sports leagues?
  • Should sports teams be required to disclose their players’ injury reports to the public?
  • Should athletes be required to disclose their mental health struggles to their team?
  • Should high schools be allowed to have co-ed sports teams?
  • Should athletes be required to wear body cameras during games to prevent cheating?
  • Should athletes be required to complete diversity and inclusion training?
  • Should sports teams be allowed to use technology to enhance player performance, such as virtual reality training?
  • Should athletes be required to wear helmets in all sports, not just contact sports?
  • Should college athletes be paid for their performance?
  • Should the World Cup be held every two years instead of four?
  • Should athletes be held to higher academic standards?
  • Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  • Should sports betting be legal in all states?
  • Should children be allowed to participate in extreme sports?
  • Should athletes be drug tested regularly?
  • Should high school athletes be allowed to compete on club teams during the school year?
  • Should parents be allowed to attend their child’s sports practices?
  • Should sports teams be allowed to use Native American names and mascots?
  • Should the Olympics have separate events for men and women?
  • Should student-athletes be required to maintain a certain GPA to participate in sports?
  • Should sports be required in schools?
  • Should high school athletes be required to wear headgear in contact sports?
  • Should professional athletes be role models?
  • Should sports teams be allowed to recruit athletes from other states or countries ?

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, there’s no denying the impact that sports have on society. From issues of fairness and equality to the economics of professional sports, there are countless topics to explore. By using persuasive writing, you can make your voice heard on these important issues and contribute to the ongoing discussion about the role of sports in our world. So go ahead, pick a topic, and make your point.

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argumentative essay topics for athletes

Should College Athletes Be Paid? Pros and Cons

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What’s Covered:

History of the debate: should college athletes be paid, why college athletes should be paid.

  • Why College Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid
  • Where To Get Your Essay Edited For Free

College athletics provide big benefits for many schools: they increase their profile, generate millions of dollars in revenue, and have led to one of the most contentious questions in sports— should college athletes be paid? Like other difficult questions, there are good arguments on both sides of the issue of paying college athletes. 

Historically, the debates over paying college athletes have only led to more questions, which is why it’s raged on for more than a century. Perhaps the earliest group to examine the quandary was Andrew Carnegie’s Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, which produced a mammoth study in 1929 of amateur athletes and the profits they generate for their universities. You don’t have to get past the preface to find questions that feel at home in today’s world:

  • “What relation has this astonishing athletic display to the work of an intelligence agency like a university?”
  • “How do students, devoted to study, find either the time or the money to stage so costly a performance?” 

Many of the questions asked way back in 1929 continue to resurface today, and many of them have eventually ended up seeking answers in court. The first case of note came in the 1950s, when the widow of Fort Lewis football player Ray Dennison took the college all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court in an effort to collect a death benefit after he was killed playing football. She lost the case, but future generations would have more success and have slowly whittled away at arguments against paying athletes. 

The most noticeable victory for athletes occurred in 2019, when California Governor, Gavin Newsom, signed legislation effectively allowing college athletes in the state to earn compensation for the use of their likeness, sign endorsement deals, and hire agents to represent them.

The court fights between college athletes and the NCAA continue today—while not exactly about payment, a case regarding whether or not schools can offer athletes tens of thousands of dollars in education benefits such as computers, graduate scholarships, tutoring, study abroad, and internships was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in March 2021. A decision is expected in June 2021. 

There are a number of great reasons to pay college athletes, many of which will not only improve the lives of student-athletes, but also improve the product on the field and in the arena. 

College Athletes Deserve to Get Paid

In 2019, the NCAA reported $18.9 billion in total athletics revenue. This money is used to finance a variety of paid positions that support athletics at colleges and universities, including administrators, directors, coaches, and staff, along with other employment less directly tied to sports, such as those in marketing and media. The only people not receiving a paycheck are the stars of the show: the athletes. 

A testament to the disparate allocation of funds generated by college sports, of the $18.9 billion in athletics revenue in 2019, $3.6 billion went toward financial aid for student-athletes, and $3.7 billion was used for coaches’ compensation. A February 2020 USA Today article found that the average total pay for Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) college football head coaches in 2020-21 was $2.7 million. The highest-paid college football coach—the University of Alabama’s Nick Saban—earns $9.3 million a year and is the highest-paid public employee in the country. He is not alone, college coaches dominate the list of public employees with the largest salaries. 

If there’s money to provide college coaches with lavish seven-figure salaries (especially at public institutions), why shouldn’t there be funds to pay college athletes? 

Vital Support for Athletes 

A 2011 study published by the National College Players Association (NCPA) found that an overwhelming number of students on full athletics scholarships live below the federal poverty line—85% of athletes who live on campus and 86% athletes who live off-campus. “Full scholarship” itself is a misnomer; the same study found that the average annual scholarship for FBS athletes on “full” scholarships was actually $3,222. Find out more information about athletic scholarships . 

Paying student-athletes would help eliminate the need for these student-athletes to take out loans, burden their families for monetary support, or add employment to their already busy schedules. The NCAA limits in-season practice time to 20 hours a week, but a 2008 NCAA report shows that in-season student-athletes commonly spent upward of 30 and 40 hours a week engaged in “athletic activities.” 

Encouraged to Stay in College Longer

A report produced by the NCPA and Drexel University estimated the average annual fair market value of big-time college football and men’s basketball players between 2011 and 2015 was $137,357 and $289,031, respectively, and concluded that football players only receive about 17% of their fair market value, while men’s basketball players receive approximately 8% of theirs.

If colleges paid athletes even close to their worth, they would provide an incentive for the athletes to stay in college and earn degrees, rather than leaving college for a paycheck. This would also help keep top talents playing for college teams, improve the level of competition, and potentially lead to even higher revenue. On a side note, this would incentivize athletes to complete their degree, making them more employable after the end of their athletic career. 

Limit Corruption 

Just because there are rules prohibiting the compensation of college athletes doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, and over the years there have been numerous scandals. For example, in 2009, six ex-University of Toledo players were indicted in a point-shaving scheme , and in 2010, Reggie Bush returned his Heisman Trophy after allegations that he was given hundreds of thousands of dollars from sports agents while he played for USC.  

Paying college athletes will likely not totally eliminate corruption from college sports, but putting athletes in a less-precarious financial position would be a good step toward avoiding external influence, especially when you consider some of the players involved in the University of Toledo point-shaving scandal were paid as little as $500. 

It’s a Job (and a Dangerous One) 

As mentioned before, college athletes can put in upward of 40 hours a week practicing, training, and competing—being a “student-athlete” is a challenge when you’re devoting full-time hours to athletics. A New York Times study found a 0.20-point difference in average GPA between recruited male athletes and non-athletes. The difference is less pronounced among females, with non-athletes averaging a 3.24 GPA and recruited women athletes at 3.18.

It’s not just the time commitment that playing college athletics puts on student-athletes, it’s the risk to their health. A 2009-2010 CDC report found that more than 210,000 injuries are sustained by NCAA student-athletes each year. Full athletic scholarships are only guaranteed a year at a time, meaning student-athletes are one catastrophic injury away from potentially losing their scholarship. That is to say nothing of the lasting effects of an injury, like head traumas , which made up 7.4% of all injuries in college football players between 2004 and 2009.

argumentative essay topics for athletes

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Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

There are a lot of great reasons why college athletes should be paid, but there are also some compelling reasons why college athletes should not be paid—and why not paying athletes is actually good for both the institutions and athletes. 

Compensation Conundrum 

One of the most common reasons cited against paying college players is compensation. Will all college athletes get compensated equally? For example, will the star quarterback receive the same amount as the backup catcher on the softball team? A 2014 CNBC article estimated that Andrew Wiggins, a University of Kansas forward (and soon-to-be first-overall draft pick), had a fair market value of around $1.6 million.

Similarly, will compensation take into account talent? Will the All-American point guard get the same amount as the captain of the swim team? In all likelihood, paying college athletes will benefit big-time, revenue-generating sports and hurt less popular sports. 

Eliminate Competitive Balance 

According to the NCAA , in 2019, the 65 Power Five schools exceeded revenue by $7 million, while all other Division I colleges had a $23 million deficit between expenses and revenue. If college athletes were to get paid, then large, well-funded schools such as those of the Power Five would be best positioned to acquire top talent and gain a competitive advantage. 

From a student’s point of view, paying college athletes will alter their college experience. No longer would fit, college, university reputation, and values factor into their college decisions—rather, choices would be made simply based on who was offering the most money. 

Professionalism vs. the Classroom

There’s a feeling that paying college athletes sends the wrong message and incentivizes them to focus on athletics instead of academics, when the reality is that very few college athletes will go on to play sports professionally. Just 1.6% of college football players will take an NFL field. NCAA men’s basketball players have even slimmer odds of playing in a major professional league ( 1.2% ), while the chances of a professional career are particularly grim for women basketball players, at a mere 0.8% . 

Although the odds of a college athlete turning pro are low, the probability of them earning a degree is high, thanks in part to the academic support athletes are given. According to data released by the NCAA, 90% of Division I athletes enrolled in 2013 earned a degree within six years. 

It Will End Less-Popular, Unprofitable Sports 

If colleges and universities pay their athletes, there is a fear that resources will only go to popular, revenue-generating sports. Programs like football and men’s basketball would likely benefit greatly, but smaller, unprofitable sports such as gymnastics, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling could find themselves at best cash-strapped and, at the worst, cut altogether. 

It’s just not less-popular sports that paying athletes could threaten—women’s programs could also find themselves in the crosshairs of budget-conscious administrators. Keep in mind, it was just in March 2021 that the NCAA made national news for its unequal treatment of the men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournaments. 

Financial Irresponsibility 

Former ESPN, and current FOX Sports, personality Colin Cowherd made news in 2014 when he voiced a popular argument against paying college athletes: financial irresponsibility. In Cowherd’s words:

“I don’t think paying all college athletes is great… Not every college is loaded, and most 19-year-olds [are] gonna spend it—and let’s be honest, they’re gonna spend it on weed and kicks! And spare me the ‘they’re being extorted’ thing. Listen, 90 percent of these college guys are gonna spend it on tats, weed, kicks, Xboxes, beer and swag. They are, get over it!”

A look at the professional ranks bolsters Cowherd’s argument about athletes’ frivolous spending. According to CNBC , 60% of NBA players go broke within five years of departing the league and 78% of former NFL players experience financial distress two years after retirement.

Writing an Essay on This? Where to Get Your Essay Edited for Free

Writing an essay on whether college athletes should or shouldn’t be paid? CollegeVine can help! Our peer review tool allows you to receive feedback and learn the strengths and weaknesses of your essay for free.  

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argumentative essay topics for athletes

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argumentative essay topics for athletes

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Athletes Argumentative Essays Samples For Students

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Do you feel the need to examine some previously written Argumentative Essays on Athletes before you start writing an own piece? In this free catalog of Athletes Argumentative Essay examples, you are given a fascinating opportunity to examine meaningful topics, content structuring techniques, text flow, formatting styles, and other academically acclaimed writing practices. Adopting them while crafting your own Athletes Argumentative Essay will definitely allow you to finish the piece faster.

Presenting the finest samples isn't the only way our free essays service can help students in their writing ventures – our authors can also create from scratch a fully customized Argumentative Essay on Athletes that would make a genuine foundation for your own academic work.

Sexploitation In The Athletic Field Argumentative Essays Example

Free a great debate: should college athletes be paid to play argumentative essay example, free argumentative essay about giving athletes alternative exams.

Most universities in America understand the difficulty athletes face in an attempt to study while at the same time taking part in co-curricular activities. Because the two are essential for any institution to be termed as being successful, there is a need for the universities to support the athletes. Several strategies can be used to achieve this. Giving them alternative exams is one of the strategies. However, this is not enough. Many more strategies should be employed. This is what this paper discusses.


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Good Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Argumentative Essay Example

Good argumentative essay about what is the most important factor in motivating an athlete; intrinsic or extrinsic, good argumentative essay on are actors and professional athletes paid too much, argumentative essay on collegiate athletes v/s ncaa, should nfl players be forced to talk to the media argumentative essay samples, good example of should division 1 college athletes be paid argumentative essay, argumentative essay on some facts, free argumentative essay on performance-enhance substances, example of should college athletes be paid argumentative essay, example of why athletes should receive big salaries argumentative essay, sample argumentative essay on the immorality of denying student-athletes their due share, use of drugs in sports argumentative essay example, argumentative essay on should college athletes be paid an argumentative essay, professional athletes: a poor choice for role modeling argumentative essay samples, argumentative essay on should college athletes be paid to play, should college athletes be paid to play, free argumentative essay on students who do poorly in their academic courses should be allowed to participate, example of nba players should not earn a lot of money argumentative essay, can exercise improve cerebral palsy argumentative essay.

Cerebral palsy or the medicinal name static encephalopathy is the group name used to explain a band of chronic movement disorders which affects body and muscle dexterity. These disorders are generally caused by injury to some areas of brain. The difficulty in movement can diverge from just visible to exceedingly severe.

Ethics In Physical Education Argumentative Essay

Exemplar argumentative essay on gender in “i won, i’m sorry” and “gender role behaviors and attitudes” to write after, good example of argumentative essay on should players have to wait till they are 19 years old to play in the nba, or should they be able to play straight out of high school, the benefits of anabolic steroids argumentative essay, sample argumentative essay on professional athletes are not overpaid, what kind of attention is tbi getting in professional sports argumentative essays example, babe ruth: the raise of an icon argumentative essay samples, argumentative essay on sport management, write by example of this my thoughts about the article “why women are not welcomed on the internet” argumentative essay, art history essay argumentative essay samples, the positive impact of legalizing anabolic steroids argumentative essay, good chris herren unguarded: american dream or american tragedy argumentative essay example, argumentative essay on nature vs. nurture argument.

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50 Argumentative Essay Topics

Illustration by Catherine Song. ThoughtCo. 

  • M.Ed., Education Administration, University of Georgia
  • B.A., History, Armstrong State University

An argumentative essay requires you to decide on a topic and take a position on it. You'll need to back up your viewpoint with well-researched facts and information as well. One of the hardest parts is deciding which topic to write about, but there are plenty of ideas available to get you started.

Choosing a Great Argumentative Essay Topic

Students often find that most of their work on these essays is done before they even start writing. This means that it's best if you have a general interest in your subject, otherwise you might get bored or frustrated while trying to gather information. (You don't need to know everything, though.) Part of what makes this experience rewarding is learning something new.

It's best if you have a general interest in your subject, but the argument you choose doesn't have to be one that you agree with.

The subject you choose may not necessarily be one that you are in full agreement with, either. You may even be asked to write a paper from the opposing point of view. Researching a different viewpoint helps students broaden their perspectives. 

Ideas for Argument Essays

Sometimes, the best ideas are sparked by looking at many different options. Explore this list of possible topics and see if a few pique your interest. Write those down as you come across them, then think about each for a few minutes.

Which would you enjoy researching? Do you have a firm position on a particular subject? Is there a point you would like to make sure to get across? Did the topic give you something new to think about? Can you see why someone else may feel differently?

50 Possible Topics

A number of these topics are rather controversial—that's the point. In an argumentative essay, opinions matter and controversy is based on opinions, which are, hopefully, backed up by facts.   If these topics are a little too controversial or you don't find the right one for you, try browsing through persuasive essay and speech topics  as well.

  • Is global climate change  caused by humans?
  • Is the death penalty effective?
  • Is our election process fair?
  • Is torture ever acceptable?
  • Should men get paternity leave from work?
  • Are school uniforms beneficial?
  • Do we have a fair tax system?
  • Do curfews keep teens out of trouble?
  • Is cheating out of control?
  • Are we too dependent on computers?
  • Should animals be used for research?
  • Should cigarette smoking be banned?
  • Are cell phones dangerous?
  • Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?
  • Do we have a throwaway society?
  • Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago?
  • Should companies market to children?
  • Should the government have a say in our diets?
  • Does access to condoms prevent teen pregnancy?
  • Should members of Congress have term limits?
  • Are actors and professional athletes paid too much?
  • Are CEOs paid too much?
  • Should athletes be held to high moral standards?
  • Do violent video games cause behavior problems?
  • Should creationism be taught in public schools?
  • Are beauty pageants exploitative ?
  • Should English be the official language of the United States?
  • Should the racing industry be forced to use biofuels?
  • Should the alcohol drinking age be increased or decreased?
  • Should everyone be required to recycle?
  • Is it okay for prisoners to vote (as they are in some states)?
  • Is it good that same-sex couples are able to marry?
  • Are there benefits to attending a single-sex school ?
  • Does boredom lead to trouble?
  • Should schools be in session year-round ?
  • Does religion cause war?
  • Should the government provide health care?
  • Should abortion be illegal?
  • Are girls too mean to each other?
  • Is homework harmful or helpful?
  • Is the cost of college too high?
  • Is college admission too competitive?
  • Should euthanasia be illegal?
  • Should the federal government legalize marijuana use nationally ?
  • Should rich people be required to pay more taxes?
  • Should schools require foreign language or physical education?
  • Is affirmative action fair?
  • Is public prayer okay in schools?
  • Are schools and teachers responsible for low test scores?
  • Is greater gun control a good idea?
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Overpaid Athletes: Debate Essay

Introduction, common ground, works cited.

Professional athletes’ pay often becomes the center of discussion among the public. Annually, magazines reveal the list of the highest-paid sportspersons and talk about their salaries, comparing them to famous actors and CEOs of major companies. The debate regarding this topic presents two major sides – the first group states that athletes are extremely overpaid for their performance, while the other group argues that they earn the amount of money they deserve. In reality, the border between these two statements may be less clear if one takes into account the fact that players are often judged not only by their performance but also their popularity and exposure. Some professional athletes’ pay is inequitably high in comparison to salaries of specialists in other spheres, although less recognized players may be underpaid due to the lack of celebrity status.

The pay of the most popular players is often questioned regarding its necessity. According to McIntyre, journalists and sports fans are often concerned with the amounts that some athletes receive because of their contracts (1). For example, in 2014, Forbes released a list of athletes with the largest salaries, revealing how much money a sports celebrity can earn in a year. The list included such players as Christiano Ronaldo, Floyd Mayweather, and Kobe Bryant (Korzynski and Paniagua 186). The last of these athletes, while not being at the very top of the list, still managed to earn “almost eight times [more] than any other basketball player” (Korzynski and Paniagua 186). This data shows that a disparity between athletes’ wages exists in the industry.

Earnings also differ from one country to another. A study by Liu et al. revealed that U.S. baseball players earned as much as 75 times more than Taiwanese athletes (865). While this number may be connected to the economies of these countries, the correlation between it and perceptions of athletes in the states is also present. Many factors affect the players’ pay: performance (both personal and of the team), experience, contract length, and received awards (Liu et al. 866). Popularity and status can also be considered, although they are not included in the calculation explicitly.

Some people believe that athletes’ pay is justified for a number of reasons. First of all, professional players are viewed as entertainers and public figures whose primary responsibilities are not limited by sports-related activities (Korzynski and Paniagua 186). Therefore, their salaries may be compared to those of famous performers and actors. Some individuals can even view them as role models for children and young persons if players are framed as people who have achieved their dreams.

Another argument states that athletes sacrifice their personal lives in order to achieve a high level of professionalism. Indeed, professional sportspersons spend a significant amount of time training, and many of them start pursuing this path in their childhood. College football and basketball players, for instance, often play without any monetary incentives, although they often have to forgo other activities in order to compete and maintain good grades (Berry 246). Thus, high salaries may be interpreted as compensation for players’ past time and efforts.

Presented arguments show that athletes should be earning enough money as famous and hard-working specialists. Nevertheless, it is necessary to note that the high salaries of popular athletes do not contribute to the overall earnings in the industry but create and exacerbate income inequality. The sports business is rather monopolistic – athletes engaged in a particular sport have limited options for business affiliations (Humphreys and Pyun 677). Therefore, the competition for earning a place in a team may restrict players’ ability to demand better treatment. Thus, some less famous players may have lower salaries in comparison to their famous counterparts (Korzynski and Paniagua 186). Such inequity may be enforced further if one treats athletes only as entertainers.

Moreover, the inequality between different industries may also be viewed as a reason to argue that athletes are overpaid. As this occupation remains to be among the ones with the highest salaries, less recognized careers may seem undesirable and undeserving of high compensation. Healthcare professionals and teachers can also be framed as role models, similarly to the presented above argument. Nevertheless, their salaries often cannot compete with those of professional athletes, although their duties and training are also demanding.

It is possible for one to see a connection between these arguments. Indeed, athletes sacrifice their free time in order to train and achieve results. Therefore, they should be rewarded according to their efforts. However, this statement applies to other occupations as well and should be regarded as unifying and not separating for different industries. Furthermore, the disparity between more and less famous athletes, as well as the lack of financial compensation for younger players, should be addressed. It may be possible that young athletes may benefit from a more just system of financial support.

The issue of overpaid athletes should center on the fact that a small number of famous individuals attract the attention of the public and form the view of the whole industry. It is vital to address the inequity of salaries for different types of players and the difference in perceptions of various careers. Athletes deserve fair pay as much as other committed professionals. Nonetheless, some arguments dismiss the problems in the sphere of sports, neglecting the disparity that high salaries create for less recognized sportspersons.

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Argumentative Essay Topics About Sports

Argumentative Essay Topics About Sports

Argumentative Essay Topics About Sports: Sports continue to make our life more fun and interesting. With numerous variety of sports, there arise issues that affect us directly or indirectly.  If you want to come up with an argumentative essay on sports, we have compiled topics that will help you come up with the best essay.

1. Bodybuilding is an unsafe sport.

2. Hockey is a more challenging sport than soccer

3. In sports, good character is more important than good skills.

4. Animal sports should be ban

5. The use of steroids should be legalized

6. Women coaches should only work with women’s teams

7. Should college athletes be compensated?

Read: Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

8. Are anti-doping measures applied with biases?

9. Footballers are overpaid

10.Sports betting should be banned

11. The Olympic games are better than the football World cups

12. Athletes should not be involved in product endorsement

13. Does the type of foot wear an athlete wear affect their performance?

14. Women should not be allowed in wrestling

Read: Sports Informative Speech Topics

15. Sports are are better form of physical activity compared to routine gym work out

16. Should transgender athletes compete on a different level in the Olympics

17. Advertisement of fast foods and soda’s should not feature in sporting activities

Argumentative Essay Topics On Sports

1. Cheerleading doesn’t play an important role in sports

2. Extreme sports should become illegal

3. Diet plays a role in developing a strong player.

4. Racism in sports is championed by supporters

5. Performance expectation affects the Mental health of players

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6. Top-earning sports players have poor financial skills.

7. Should eSports have recognized national championships

8. Traditional sports vs eSports, which is better?

9. Should sporting events be used to advertise products?

10. Is the change of nationality to play for another country ethical?

11. Can concussions in sports lead to mental illness?

12. Is the FIFA men’s world cup more important than the FIFA women’s cup?

13. Men coaches are better than female coaches

Read: Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

14. Children should not participate in sole sporting activities that don’t support teamwork

15. Should successful athletes be considered as good role models

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

1. Professional footballer teams are only good because they can buy the best players

2. It is possible for FIFA officials to influence the team that will win the world cup

3. Playing in EPL is more important than playing in the FIFA world cup

4. Being a successful coach is better than being a successful player

5. Basketball playing skills are more important than the physique one has

6. Genes play a role in helping one become a good sportsperson

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7. Becoming a good footballer is more demanding that becoming a successful basketball player

8. Should sports teams be liable for the misbehaving actions of their supporters

9. Is doping important?

10. Do sports make our world a better place?

11. World Cups have a negative economic impact on the host country

12. Footballers’ pay should be standardized

13. Should gay teams be created?

14. Should players’ jerseys display advertisements?

15. Is college education important for athletes?

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Conclusion: Argumentative Essay Topics About Sports

As you come up with a good argumentative essay, ensure you bring out your main points in a clear way. This will convince your readers that you understand the topic you have chosen.


Betty is a qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Education (Arts). In addition, she is a registered Certified Public Accountant. She has been teaching and offering part-time accounting services for the last 10 years. She is passionate about education, accounting, writing, and traveling.

Argumentative Essay Guide

Argumentative Essay Topics

Last updated on: Dec 19, 2023

Argumentative Essay Topics - Compelling Ideas to Get Started

By: Jared P.

18 min read

Reviewed By: Melisa C.

Published on: Oct 22, 2019

Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you about to write an argumentative essay but still confused about the topic?

Argumentative essays help students learn more about the subject matter of a particular course. This kind of writing is a genuine key to learning argumentative skills. You must pay attention to your subject while choosing a strong topic for your essay.

But what if you don’t even know what to write about? 

Don’t worry! Here is a list of topics and tips to help you decide on the perfect topic for your argumentative paper. 

So read on and make choosing a topic easier!

Argumentative Essay Topics

On this Page

Argumentative Essay Topics for students

Argumentative essay writing is one common academic assignment that almost every student will get to draft. In order to help the students, we have prepared a list of argumentative topic ideas. Pick a topic that works the best for you.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  • What age is suitable for kids to start schooling?
  • Should students be allowed to evaluate their teachers?
  • Metal music should be banned due to its violent lyrics.
  • What are the pros and cons of making friends virtually?
  • Can we conserve energy as a society?
  • Does playing violent video games contribute to making a person violent in real life too?
  • How close is reality TV to real life?
  • Do girls face more societal pressure than guys?
  • What is the biggest challenge faced by students today?
  • Should there be cash rewards for getting a good score on standardized tests?
  • The rich should pay more taxes than the poor.
  • Cartoons are better than movies.
  • Teachers Vs. Parents: who plays a bigger role in shaping a child?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Grade 6 

Here are some argumentative essay topics for 6th-grade students:

  • Should schools start later in the morning?
  • Is confining wild animals within zoos a cruel practice?
  • Should there be stricter laws for texting and driving?
  • Are social media sites like Facebook and Twitter bad for our society?
  • Should the voting age be lowered to allow young people a voice in democracy?
  • Should the school year be longer or shorter? 
  • Is it okay for children to play violent video games?
  • Should cell phones be banned from schools?
  • Should recycling become a mandatory practice in all households?

Argumentative Essay Topics for 7th Graders 

  • Should schools provide free meals to all students?
  • Are uniforms necessary for student success?
  • Does standardized testing accurately measure student progress?
  • Are after-school activities important for student development?
  • Is there too much emphasis on social media in education today?
  • Should schools place a stronger emphasis on physical education?
  • Are required classes in high school helpful or harmful to students?
  • Should all students have access to laptops and tablets in the classroom?
  • Is technology taking away from traditional learning methods in the classroom?
  • Should gym classes be mandatory for students?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Grade 8

Looking for argumentative essay topics for teenagers? Check out the ideas below: 

  • Should the drinking age be lowered? Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Is it necessary for governments to fund childcare?
  • Is there too much emphasis on standardized testing in schools?
  • Are schools doing enough to prevent bullying from happening?
  • Do adolescents need more sleep than adults?
  • Should students be allowed to have cell phones in school?
  • Is social media affecting the way we interact with each other?
  • What should be done about the student loan crisis?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  • Is homeschooling better than the public school educational system?
  • Smartphones help the learning process.
  • Is co-education more advantageous than single-sex education?
  • Are GMOs safe for human consumption?
  • Is fast food healthy or a serious threat to physical health?
  • Teenagers feel more comfortable talking on social media rather than face to face.
  • Should it be legal to get a tattoo for kids younger than 18?
  • Are standardized tests beneficial for school students?
  • A negative high school experience you believe is important when it comes to personality.
  • Does the education system prepare a student for the real world?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Our society works on gender equality.
  • Subjects that should be removed from the high school program.
  • Is hate crime growing in high school?

Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

  • Is the current taxation system effective or not?
  • Are men paid more than women in our corporate sector?
  • Should Shakespeare still be studied as part of the college curriculum?
  • Is college tuition becoming way too expensive?
  • Are test scores the only way to judge the competency of a student?
  • Getting a College degree is worth the cost.
  • Is the system of the electoral college still viable in the US?
  • Youngsters on social networks don’t realize the significance of privacy on these online sites.
  • Life is incomplete without faith.
  • Students nowadays face greater social pressures compared to the past.
  • Your past does not define you.
  • What can be done about gun control in the United States?
  • Is it ethical to genetically modify children to protect against diseases?
  • Do we need more gender diversity in STEM programs?

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Argumentative Essay Topics for University Students 

  • Should mental health services be made available for free?
  • Is income inequality a necessary part of capitalism?
  • Should the minimum wage be raised in all countries?
  • Does technology have a positive or negative impact on mental health?
  • Should universities be allowed to charge students for taking classes?
  • Is it necessary for governments to fund space exploration?
  • Should religion be taught in public schools?
  • Are animal experiments necessary for medical progress?
  • Should young students join a political party to enhance the democratic process?
  • Does free speech help promote extremism in society?

Argumentative Essay Topics for O Levels 

  • Should the government regulate the use of social media?
  • Is the death penalty an effective way to prevent crime?
  • Are online classes replacing traditional courses in schools?
  • Do standardized tests accurately measure academic achievement?
  • Should abortion be legalized in all countries?
  • Do celebrity role models have a positive or negative influence on young people?
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory in all schools?
  • Should the Internet be censored by governments around the world?
  • Should GMO foods be allowed in supermarkets?
  • Does free trade help or harm developing economies?

Topic Generator

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Best Argumentative Essay Topics

Just as important as it is to create compelling content, choosing a great topic is equally important. If you want to score well in academics, you will have to impress your instructor with the best argumentative essay topics.

Below are some great topic ideas for you related to different fields. Choose the right topic for your essay and start the process.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Can video gamers be counted as true athletes?
  • By participating in sports, can children be kept out of trouble?
  • Should girls be allowed to participate in the same sports as boys?
  • Should alternatives to steroids be legalized for professional athletes?
  • Do you consider cheerleading a sport?
  • Does your College spend a lot of money in the name of sports programs?
  • Student-athletes should get money for playing.
  • Betting on sports should be illegal.
  • Sports events shouldn’t broadcast alcohol and tobacco ads.
  • Are female athletes looked upon as sexual objects by the media?
  • All athletes should be tested for drugs before their performance.
  • Females should not be allowed to take part in extreme sports.
  • Impact of bodybuilding on a woman’s body in old age.

Argumentative Essay Topics Education

  • Parents should have an active role in their child's education.
  • The grading system shouldn’t exist to judge a student’s abilities.
  • Standardized tests should be abolished in schools.
  • All students must wear a uniform in high school.
  • Does technology benefit the educational system?
  • Studying in a single-sex class is better than studying in a mixed one?
  • All students must be made to learn a foreign language?
  • Programming should be made compulsory for all students.
  • Should students have sex education classes at school?
  • Should schools have the right to test students for drugs?
  • Girls should be equally encouraged to take part in sports in school.
  • The world should have a uniform language.
  • Hard work isn’t enough for being successful in a student’s life.
  • Should teachers be allowed to physically discipline their students?
  • How to bring change in the education system of the United States?

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Are social networks an effective platform for communication?
  • Do people really get a job through LinkedIn?
  • Is Facebook legally allowed to leak the private information of its users?
  • Is it possible to earn a good amount of money from YouTube?
  • Should Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter be banned permanently?
  • Social media has successfully increased employment rates.
  • Celebrity endorsements are unethical.
  • Social media has destroyed real-life communication.
  • Social media has made doing business easier.
  • Blogging is an irrelevant profession.
  • How is social media depicting beauty standards?
  • How has social media become a major source of inferiority complex among teenagers?
  • Is it possible to have a life without social media at this time?
  • Should underaged children be allowed to own social media accounts?
  • Pros and cons of social media.

Argumentative Essay Topics Technology

  • Are cell phones harmful to the human race?
  • Are spy applications invading the privacy of users?
  • Are Millennials more dependent on computers than Baby Boomers?
  • Is Typescript the future of front-end development?
  • The impact of microwave tech on our biology.Technology has made us lazier.
  • Should coding be taught from middle school?
  • Cognitive Computers like Watson are unethical.
  • Should a candidate’s social media profiles be considered in the hiring process?
  • Children shouldn’t be given personal mobile phones.
  • Self-driving cars and the future of transportation.
  • Has technology made people less efficient?
  • Technological advancements in the field of psychology.
  • Is the future in the hands of Artificial Intelligence?
  • Pros and cons of depending a lot on technology.

American History Argumentative Essay Topics

  • What was the impact of European colonization on Native Americans?
  • What was the role of women in the movement toward revolution?
  • What were the key causes of the American Revolution?
  • The key issues that caused conflict between North and South and led to the civil war?
  • The effects of the Great Depression on the banking industry in America.
  • Did the Civil Rights Movement reduce or lead to racial violence?
  • Post World War II, how did America grow?
  • 21st-century American foreign policy.
  • Is Barack Obama the first American president who made history?
  • Was slavery an inevitable part of the development of American society?
  • Should the Indian Removal Act be considered an act of genocide?

Mental Health Argumentative Essay Topics 

  • Are antidepressants overprescribed in modern society?
  • Should mental health services be made free for all?
  • Is social media affecting mental health negatively?
  • Is there a stigma attached to seeking out mental health help?
  • What role do genetics and environment play in determining mental illness?
  • Can art and music therapy be effective treatments for mental illness?
  • How can we tackle the stigma associated with mental illness?
  • What can be done to reduce the prevalence of anxiety in young people?
  • Should there be mandatory mental health education in schools?

Social Issues Argumentative Topics

  • Should male workers receive paternity leave too?
  • Is age a major factor in relationship success or failure?
  • Is torture acceptable under any circumstance?
  • What are the primary causes of down syndrome?
  • What should the punishments be for failed parenting?
  • A candidate’s appearance shouldn’t be considered in a job hiring process.
  • Some common stereotypes in your society.
  • Cheating is increasing every day.
  • We are way too dependent on computers and technology.
  • Is boredom the cause of getting into trouble?
  • Beauty magazines should stop photoshopping models.
  • Capitalism vs. socialism. What would benefit society more?
  • Is the women’s rights movement justified?
  • The real objectives of Feminism.
  • Impact of homosexuality on society.

Argumentative Essay Topics Animals

  • Hunting for fun and sports is unethical and must get banned.
  • Aggressive dog breeds such as pit bulls should not be allowed as pets.
  • Testing beauty products on animals is justifiable.
  • Using monkeys for research in labs is a necessary evil.
  • Wearing fur and leather shouldn’t be unethical.
  • Is genetic modification of livestock beneficial?
  • Animal dissection in medical school is a good way to learn.
  • Owning pets reduces the risk of getting diseases. Do you agree?
  • Emotional support animals can truly help lonely people.
  • Keeping exotic animals as pets is inhumane.
  • Stronger laws must be enforced against animal cruelty.
  • Pros and cons of animal testing.
  • How can the emotional support of animals help in treating mental problems?
  • Significance of microchipping the pets.
  • Rights enjoyed by the ESA owners.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  • Ways to decrease childcare costs in the United States.
  • Are literate people better parents?
  • Challenges faced by female politicians.
  • Is rehab effective for sex offenders?
  • Is music a form of real art?
  • Spanish is a simple language to learn.
  • Schools should ban vending machines on-campus.
  • Are teachers to blame when a student performs poorly?
  • Are gender stereotypes encouraged by parents?
  • Illegal immigrants and terrorism: is it related?
  • Can imposing a tax on sugar help fight obesity.
  • Should age be a factor in relationships?
  • Do dreams have a symbolic meaning?
  • Should South and North Korea become one?
  • Can depression be cured using natural ways?

Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

Looking for some general argumentative essay topic ideas? Here is an ultimate list of great topics that can make your essay writing fun for you and your readers.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should same-sex marriage be legal in all 50 states within the United States of America?
  • Is the feminist movement ruining the minds of young girls?
  • Corruption and its effects on increasing wages.
  • Hunting should be banned globally. Do you agree?
  • Which is more beneficial for society, Communism or Capitalism?
  • Should human cloning be allowed or not?
  • Abortion – A pro-life or a pro-choice?
  • Do anti-discrimination laws reinforce discrimination?
  • Should patients be entitled to request medically-assisted suicide in cases of terminal illness?
  • Can beauty standards be more inclusive?
  • Workplace dating should not be allowed, and here’s why.
  • Displaced immigrants and refugees should be given shelter by every country.
  • Is vegan or vegetarian life good for health?
  • Online dating has ruined the essence of old-school romance.
  • Chocolate can help improve our bad mood.
  • Is it ethical to eat meat?
  • Mothers make better parents naturally.
  • Politics can never be clean and fair.
  • Should the drinking age be lowered?

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Are girls more intelligent than boys?
  • Parents of middle schoolers should control their internet.
  • Was Johnny Depp the best choice for Burton’s Ed Wood?
  • Do religious movements cause the outbreak of war?
  • Are human beings the major source of global climate change?
  • Is it ethical to have kids perform chores?
  • Is using LEDs making a difference?
  • How does being a vegan help the environment?
  • Should teenage marriages be allowed?
  • Social media has brought families closer. Is there any truth to this statement?
  • If the House of Lords had veto power over the House of Commons, Britain would’ve been better off.
  • It’s okay to date multiple people at the same time.
  • HIV is falsely associated with homosexuals. Why?
  • Why are the laws neglecting tobacco and alcohol?
  • Most of the modern-time artists are one-hit wonders.

Fun Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is panda hugging a viable career option?
  • Does Justin Bieber owe his success to negative PR?
  • Is it true that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?
  • Is the Bermuda Triangle a real thing?
  • Is it okay for parents to lie to their children about Santa Claus?
  • Did the feminist movement ever help you?
  • How did the feminist movement ever help you?
  • There is no such thing as organic food.
  • How to make your roommate believe that moving out is the best option.
  • Why should I join a different family?
  • Fans should not judge players after losses or failures.
  • Is social promotion a helpful practice?
  • Is racism a natural condition of human society?
  • Dieting must not be practiced by schoolers.
  • Should tattoos be perceived as a social deviation?

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Argumentative Essay Topics 2022

  • Are US elections always fair?
  • Is the death penalty an effective punishment for criminals?
  • Is it wise to replace soldiers with machines and artificial intelligence on battlefields?
  • Should animals be used for performing experiments?
  • Effects of terrorism on the foreign policy of the United States of America's cosmetic surgery worth the risks?
  • What is your point of view on a terminally ill person having the right to assisted suicide?
  • Life 100 years ago was much easier than it is today.
  • Is religion a factor that contributes to war?
  • A woman who doesn’t have enough resources to raise a child to be allowed to abort?
  • Physical activities are the most convenient way to relax.
  • The best way to enhance education is to decrease the number of classes.
  • Sports classes should become mandatory for everybody.
  • The pros and cons of using gadgets for studying purposes.
  • What is the most important socio-political movement of the modern era?

Argumentative Essay Topics 2023

The following are some amazing topics for argumentative essays. Have a look at them to get a better idea.

  • Fast food is responsible for childhood obesity in the US.
  • Is the United States ready for a female president?
  • Parents need to be very friendly with their kids.
  • Are smartphones harmful to our health?
  • Education needs to be free for all.
  • Is single-sex education still a good idea in 2020?
  • Should all people pursue a university degree worldwide?
  • Internet access must be unlimited and free.
  • Modern education has to eliminate grading systems.
  • Capitalism should acquire more socially significant policies.
  • Tourist tax is mandatory to save cultural heritage.
  • Kindergartens must introduce foreign language instruction.
  • Is hunting good for environmental well-being?
  • Using animals for research must be banned.
  • Women perform better than men in official positions and occupations.

Choosing a Good Argumentative Essay Topic

So you know the importance of choosing the right topic when writing an argumentative essay.

But what are you going to write about?

You sure don’t want to pick an argumentative essay topic that everyone else is working on. And you don’t want to research an argumentative topic where information and data are impossible to find.

You hopefully want to write on a debatable topic that will interest both you and your reader. Here are the criteria we use to choose a topic for argumentative essays:

  • It has to be interesting to the writer. You’ll be outlining, researching, and writing in-depth, so pick an engaging topic for your argument.
  • Have some information to begin with. The more familiar you are with the subject area, the easier it will be for both you and the reader.
  • The best argumentative essay topics are mostly controversial. If there’s no conflict and everyone agrees on everything, it won’t qualify as an argumentative essay.
  • An arguable thesis statement can be created according to the topic.

What Makes a Good Argumentative Essay?

A good argumentative essay is one that presents a well-reasoned and logical argument. It should be supported by facts and evidence, not just speculation or opinion. To create an effective argumentative essay, the writer must provide a strong case for their position on any given topic.

Strong Introduction and Thesis 

The first element of a good argumentative essay is an interesting and clear introduction. This should introduce the topic in a way that engages readers and makes them want to learn more. 

It should also provide an overview of the writer's position on the issue, as well as any evidence they will be using to support their argument.

Good Research and Evidence 

Good argumentation requires good evidence. So a good argumentative essay should be backed up by research and evidence. 

If a writer is making an assertion, they must provide evidence to back it up. This could include physical evidence such as statistics or quotes from experts in the field, as well as logical arguments that support their position.

Organized Structure 

The structure of an argumentative essay is also important. It should be structured in a way that makes it easy to follow and understand. 

This could include using headings, subheadings, and bullet points to break up the text into more manageable pieces. In addition, it should have a clear flow of ideas, with each paragraph logically leading to the next.

Effective Conclusion 

Finally, a good argumentative essay should have an effective conclusion. This should provide a summary of the writer's main points and reiterate their position on the issue.  The conclusion should also leave readers with something to think about, leaving them informed and with new insight.

After reading our list, don’t be surprised if your mind starts coming up with additional topics for an argumentative essay. We recommend that you keep a notebook or journal handy to record these topic ideas for later.

These were some of the most interesting essay topics . Did you find a topic to write on?

Now, before you overwhelm yourself by jumping straight to the writing process, we have a helpful tip for you. Go through this detailed article to learn how to craft an argumentative essay effectively.

Seeking help from professionals is nothing to be ashamed of, especially when your grades are at stake. It is quite common for some students not to have a knack for writing. Also, some might not have the time to complete assignments.

If you can relate to such students, you should consider taking help from a reliable essay writing service such as 5StarEssays.com . You can simply request ‘ write my essay '. And we will have an expert essay writer to provide you with high-quality assignments regardless of type and field.

Or, use our AI Essay Generator , for AI powered writing help to guide your way!

Jared P.

Masters Essay, Literature

Jared P. is a renowned author and writing service provider with over fifteen years of experience in the publishing industry. He has a Ph.D. degree in English Literature and has spent his entire career helping students achieve their academic goals by providing expert writing assistance.

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Argumentative Essay Topics

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Exploring Argument Writing With Visual Tools

Teachers can have students use graphic organizers and timelines to clarify their thinking during the writing process.

Illustration of person writing with thought bubble made of pieces of wadded paper

As a teacher who loves to write and engage students with writing, I’ve experienced many challenges in attempting to bring composition into the classroom. While some students readily fill up blank pages with words inspired by their lives and stories they love, others are seemingly always in search of the best words.

More challenging still are those moments when I’ve led students through the steps necessary for expository and research-based argument writing. I’ve found that my students who are comfortable with the narrative mode are now thrust into compositing in a way that is unfamiliar ground.

This article explores some ways I’ve applied graphic organizers and visual planning strategies to the work of argument writing—which is perhaps the mode I consider the most challenging in the classroom.

Sifting Content

First among the challenges for argument is the way that debate and disagreement are often portrayed in popular culture—shouting matches and interruption rounds where it seems that the loudest voice wins out. In my classroom, the approach that I attempt to foster for argument is one of thoughtful intention and wisely applied rhetorical strategies.

As with much of the secondary curriculum I have worked with from middle-grades English to advanced composition, sorting information into categories (ethos/ethics, logos/logic, and emotion/pathos) is a helpful step once a topic is shared and resources are gathered.

But sorting through multiple paragraphs and pages in search of the “just right” evidence can be challenging and is a critical reading practice all on its own. To support these steps in criticality, I suggest that students create a simple three-column chart in which they can begin to sort the emotional, logical, and ethics-driven elements of their argument. Using a visual scaffold to support exploration of a complex reading is an essential step for me—and I used a similar strategy just this past week in my junior-level English class to sort out ideas and compare the writings of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke.

By sorting ideas in this way, students can physically see how balanced their argument actually is, and they can begin thinking about what they need to ramp up for the eventual presentation of the case. 

Gathering Further Ideas

Another challenge in composing arguments is not only sorting and interpreting information, but also applying it in a way that includes informative and persuasive techniques.

As students consider the ways to apply these skills, they can begin to think through additional sources that they can use to build their foundation for thinking about the issues they’re presenting and noting the sources that help them build the strongest case. This type of exploring and writing is especially important when practicing synthesizing ideas across multiple sources.

On the surface, this process sounds like reading and rereading multiple sources (and it is). However, I apply a visual scaffold to this process to help students think about how their resources are linked and support or contradict each other. I illustrate the claim, counterclaim, and rebuttal aspects of argument structure through a visual outline, but the work of fleshing out these sections of the discussion takes place best in a mind map structure.

A simple three-circle Venn diagram can help students begin placing ideas into the claim section, and they can explore how authors overlap ideas with one another through this graphic organizer format. Ideally, they reach a point where the strongest ideas are in the center “target” point of the argument structure. They can think about best placement of these strongest ideas as leading points or final rebuttals—depending on what they want to leave their audience with. This approach is also helpful for relieving some of the stress that can surround framing what might be a challenging and less comfortable form of writing.

The additional details they gather can then be sorted further into areas of the argument structure that make sense.

Establishing Timelines

Further adapting the outline style, I encourage students to think about the argument as a timeline wherein their audience is most likely to connect with information early and remember information late. Outlining is almost always a building block of what I ask students to engage with when composing. For debates and discussions in our class, writing a timeline is an effective process.

From this timeline (prompting discussion and exploration of evidence and argument), students can practice writing their own arguments and responses by modifying it and including aspects of evidence and ideas they want to share (in whatever particular order they'd like to present their research).

Crafting Closing Arguments

By approaching an argument step-by-step, as discussion and collaboration that improves through a process, I have the goal of making what might seem complicated and overwhelming much more attainable and inviting—even, dare I say, active and interesting.

I recognize that many of my students might not have had vast experiences with all of the modes of writing and composing, and I take into account that some will be more naturally inclined to some ways of writing and sharing than others. Some students eagerly take the lead in an oral debate process, while others more readily engage in the research roles and independent writing components of the work.

As with much of my work in literacy, I attempt to make an invisible process clear and visual—in this case, through graphic organizers. I am aware that teachers might find other graphic organizer options that work more effectively at particular aspects of the argument process. For example, the Venn diagram might not communicate in the ways that a teacher may want, and so a flow chart/mind map or T-chart might work as a better substitute.

I encourage teachers to modify any steps in order to better support their students and focus on the importance of critical thinking and composing for all students.

Read our research on: Israel | Internet & Technology | Election 2024

Regions & Countries

10 facts about americans and alcohol as ‘dry january’ begins.

As Americans hang fresh calendars and debut New Year’s resolutions, some will swear off alcohol, whether as part of a “Dry January” challenge or a longer-term goal . Here are 10 key facts about Americans’ behaviors and attitudes when it comes to drinking alcohol and how these have changed over time, drawn from surveys and sales data.

Pew Research Center conducted this analysis to understand Americans’ experiences with alcohol and how they have changed over time. Survey data comes from Gallup and the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future Survey . Data on Americans’ drinking habits comes from the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse (NIAAA) , and alcohol sales data is from the U.S. Census Bureau’s monthly retail sales survey .

A line chart showing that a majority of U.S. adults say they drink alcohol

Overall, 62% of U.S. adults say they ever drink alcohol, while 38% abstain completely, according to a July 2023 Gallup survey . Gallup has asked Americans for more than eight decades whether they have “had occasion to use alcoholic beverages such as liquor, wine or beer.” During that span, majorities have consistently said they consume alcohol. This share peaked in the late 1970s, when 71% of adults said they drank alcohol.

Adults ages 35 to 54, those with a college degree, those with household incomes of $100,000 or more, and those who attend church less than once a week are all more likely than other Americans to drink alcohol.

A bar chart showing that middle-aged U.S. adults, those with higher incomes and college graduates are more likely to drink

Most adults who consume alcohol have done so recently, according to the July Gallup survey. Among adults who drink, 69% say they last had a drink within the past week. This includes 32% whose most recent drink was in the last 24 hours, and 37% who most recently had one within the last two to seven days. Another 32% say they last consumed alcohol more than a week ago. 

About one-in-five adults who drink alcohol (19%) say they sometimes drink more than they think they should, the Gallup survey shows. Some demographic groups are more likely than others to say this:

  • Men: Men are more likely than women to say they sometimes overindulge (21% vs. 16%).
  • Younger adults: About two-in-ten adults younger than 35 (22%) and ages 35 to 54 (20%) say this, compared with 14% of those 55 and older.
  • Upper-income adults: 24% of adults with annual household incomes of at least $100,000 say they occasionally drink too much, compared with 10% of those with household incomes of less than $40,000.

Among adults who don’t drink, the most common reason given is that they just don’t want to, the Gallup survey found. About a quarter of nondrinkers (24%) say in an open-ended question that they have no desire to drink or do not want to.

Other common answers include that they do not like drinking (16%); it is unhealthy (14%); they are afraid of the consequences (13%); and they had a bad past experience with alcohol (13%).

On average, Americans have been consuming more alcohol in recent years, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) , which has data going back to 1970. In 2021, the most recent year with data, the average American age 21 or older consumed 2.83 gallons of pure alcohol – the equivalent of about 603 “standard drinks.” (A standard drink, per the NIAAA , contains 0.6 ounces of alcohol.)

A line chart showing that for the average American, alcohol intake has gone up in recent years

Per-capita alcohol consumption peaked in the early 1980s at 3.28 gallons, or almost 700 drinks. It bottomed out in the late 1990s at 2.45 gallons per person, or about 523 drinks.

A chart showing that Americans are drinking less beer - and more wine - than they used to

Americans drink less beer and more wine than they used to, according to the NIAAA. Since 1970, the peak year for beer consumption was 1981, when the typical American age 21 or older drank 36.7 gallons. By 2021, beer consumption had fallen to 26.5 gallons per person. Over those four decades, the amount of wine the average American drank annually rose from 3.2 gallons to 3.8 gallons. Meanwhile, consumption of distilled spirits dropped slightly, from 3.0 to 2.8 gallons. Looked at another way, 17.4% of all alcohol consumed by Americans in 2021 came from wine, up from 12.0% in 1971. The share coming from beer fell from 44.6% to 42.3% during the same period, while the share coming from spirits fell from 43.5% to 40.3%.

Per-capita alcohol consumption appears to be highest in the West and lowest in the South, based on the NIAAA data. On the state level, it appears to be highest in New Hampshire and Delaware, and lowest in Utah. However, state-level consumption estimates can be affected by such factors as sales to people from neighboring states (especially when there are significant differences in alcohol tax rates) and alcohol consumption by tourists (think Nevada, Florida, and Washington, D.C.).

A U.S. map showing the per-capita pure alcohol consumption by state among adults ages 21 and older

Young adults today are less likely to drink than young adults two decades ago – but older adults are more likely to do so, according to Gallup . The share of adults ages 18 to 34 who say they  ever drink dropped from 72% in 2001-03 to 62% in 2021-23. (Gallup looked at the data in three-year time periods to allow for reliable age-group analysis.)

A line chart showing that fewer young adults in the U.S. drink today than two decades ago

Young adults who drink, meanwhile, are less likely than those two decades ago to have had a drink recently : 61% say they had a drink in the week before the survey, compared with 67% in the early 2000s. And the share who say they sometimes drink more than they think they should has declined from 28% in the early 2000s to 22% now.

Americans 55 and older, on the other hand, are more likely than their counterparts two decades ago to say they do all of these things. Among those ages 35 to 54, the shares who do these things have remained relatively stable over time.

Underage drinking among U.S. teens has declined over the last 20 years, according to the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future survey . In 2023, 46% of 12th graders said they had consumed alcohol in the 12 months prior to the survey, as did 31% of 10th graders and 15% of eighth graders. These shares are down from 2001, when 73% of 12th graders, 64% of 10th graders and 42% of eighth graders said they had drunk alcohol in the previous year.

Across all three grade levels, the shares who said they had drunk alcohol in the 30 days prior to the survey and who reported binge drinking – having five or more drinks in a row during the last two weeks – also declined between 2001 and 2023.

Annual sales at beer, wine and liquor stores have been on the rise, typically peaking each year in December. Even after adjusting for inflation, sales at beer, wine and liquor stores rose gradually throughout the 2000s and 2010s, until spiking in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic . Since midsummer 2020, sales volume has gradually fallen, though it remains above pre-pandemic levels. (Not all alcoholic beverages are bought at beer, wine and liquor stores, but these figures provide insight into broader trends.)

A line chart showing that year after year, December is the peak month for U.S. retail alcohol sales

In a typical year, sales are highest in December. In 2022, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s monthly retail sales survey , December sales at such retailers were 37% above the average for the other 11 months of the year. Conversely, January and February are typically the slowest months for those sellers.

argumentative essay topics for athletes

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About 1 in 10 restaurants in the U.S. serve Mexican food

Americans who have worked for tips themselves are usually more likely to leave one, tipping culture in america: public sees a changed landscape, 32% of americans have a tattoo, including 22% who have more than one, most popular.

About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts .


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    In 2021, the most recent year with data, the average American age 21 or older consumed 2.83 gallons of pure alcohol - the equivalent of about 603 "standard drinks." (A standard drink, per the NIAAA, contains 0.6 ounces of alcohol.) Per-capita alcohol consumption peaked in the early 1980s at 3.28 gallons, or almost 700 drinks.