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250+ Superhero Writing Prompts

First vigilante act.

Write about your superhero’s first step into crime-fighting, and their emotions during this crucial phase.

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Costume Designing Day

Tell the story of your superhero’s decision to create a costume, and describe its significance.

Superhero Origin Story

Your superhero isn’t born a hero. Write about the pivotal event that transforms them from an ordinary individual to a savior.

Unveiling the Power

Describe the moment your superhero first discovers their superpower.

Finding the Name

Write about your superhero discovering their superhero name.

The Emotional Unveil

Write about a scene where a superhero reveals their identity to a loved one.

Identity Under the Spotlight

Write about the internal struggle of a superhero while strongly considering revealing their true identity.

The Unraveling Spectacle

Write about a moment where a superhero unintentionally unmask themselves in public.

Disclosure of the Doppelgänger

Write about a scene where the villain discovers the superhero’s true identity.

Unveiling True Identity

Describe the moment when a superhero is finally unmasked and their true identity is revealed.

The Lighter Side of Deadpool

Create a parody of a renowned superhero by exaggerating their personality traits or powers.

Napman: The Judge of Snooze

Choose an unimpressive, funny superpower and create a hilariously ironic superhero.

Bratman and Reb-bin

What would happen if two superhero kids rebelled against their superhero parents? Write about their silly adventures.

Budget Batman

Write about a superhero who is trying to save the world on a budget.

Imagine a world where everyone has superpowers, except the protagonist. Write about his/her daily struggles, adventures, and triumphs.

Ultimate Test

The final day of your character’s superhero training has arrived, when a real threat emerges in the city.

The Mentor’s Shadow

A seasoned superhero reluctantly becomes a mentor to an insufferably arrogant trainee.

Unraveling Hidden Potential

Your superhero character discovers a hidden power during an intense training session and doesn’t know how to control it.

Training Day Dilemma

Your character’s first day at superhero training school becomes complicated when their powers don’t work as expected.

The Making of a Superhero

Write about the day your character discovered their powers for the first time.

The Reluctant Heroine

Write an origin story of a woman who never wanted to be a superhero but found herself in the role.

Overcoming Weakness

Write about a female superhero who overcomes her perceived weakness to save the day.

The Trials of the Mother-Hero

Write about a female superhero who is also a mother.

Shifting Stereotypes

Write a story about a female superhero breaking gender stereotypes.

Unseen Heroes

Write about a female superhero who is not recognized or celebrated due to her undercover identity.

Superhero Retirement

Explore what happens when your superhero decides to retire. How do they feel? How does the world react?

The Sidekick Chronicles

Write the story from the perspective of the superhero’s sidekick.

The Epic Battle

Imagine an epic battle between your superhero and their arch-nemesis. What are they fighting for? Who wins, and why?

The Secret Identity

Write about your superhero’s struggle to maintain their secret identity and how it impacts their daily life.

The Origin Story

Describe your superhero’s origin story in detail, paying special attention to the incident that sparks their transformation.

Lonely at the Top

Create a story where a superhero, traumatized by loss, isolates themselves from the world.

Seal Of Memories

Conjure a tale where a superhero physically locks away their traumatic memories to cope.

Unwanted Superpower

Write about a superhero who views their superpower as a curse due to a traumatic event.

The Victim Turned Hero

Create a narrative where a superhero was once a victim of a major catastrophe they couldn’t prevent.

Haunted Protector

Write a story in which a superhero is haunted by a traumatic incident from their past.

Robbed Redemption

Imagine a villain who tries to redeem himself, but his past actions prevent others from accepting this change.

Deceptive Grace

Describe a villain who uses charm and charisma to achieve their sinister goals.

Failing the Test

Write a scenario where the villain achieves their ultimate goal, only to realize that they have lost something precious in the process.

Monstrous Origins

Create a backstory for a villain, revealing the true tragedy that led to his turn to darkness.

A Heart Disguised

Write about a villain who, despite his actions, truly believes he is saving the world.

Unorthodox Teaching

Your mentor doesn’t teach through conventions, but through life experiences.

An Awkward Pair

The mentor and the student dislike each other at first sight. Write about their difficult relationship.

Clash of Morals

The mentor superhero’s ideologues clash with his apprentice’s. Write about the resulting conflict.

The Reluctant Mentor

Children suddenly start developing superpowers. A recluse old superhero gets dragged into becoming their mentor.

Training the Successor

A powerful hero is near the end of his career and is training his replacement. Describe their relationship.

Upgraded Attire

Write about your superhero deciding to upgrade or change their costume.

Fashioned from History

Design a costume for your superhero that is closely tied with their historical or cultural heritage.

Colors of Power

Discuss the choice of colors for your superhero’s costume and what they might symbolize.

Birth of a Symbol

Write about your superhero realizing the significance of their emblem or symbol on their costume.

The Inception of the Cloak

Write about the process your superhero goes through to create their unique costume.

The Forgotten Sidekick

Write about a former sidekick who decides to start anew, leaving behind their superhero career.

A Secret Life

Write about a sidekick who leads a double life – one as a superhero’s assistant, and one as an ordinary citizen.

Reflections in the Shadow

Describe a scenario where a sidekick is dealing with feelings of insecurity or inadequacy compared to their superhero.

The Unsung Hero

Describe a situation where the sidekick saves the day while the superhero is incapacitated.

The Sidekick Shenanigans

Write about a day in the life of a superhero sidekick.

Nature vs Nurture

Examine the debate of ‘nature versus nurture’ in the context of a superhero’s powers and character.

The Guilt of Not Being Enough

Draft a situation where a superhero couldn’t save everyone, examining their guilt and coping mechanisms.

Decoding the Nemesis

Write about the psychology of a superhero when dealing with their arch nemesis.

The Humanity Behind the Mask

Analyze the persona and real life of a superhero, and the influences that drive their actions.

Mirror Facing

Explore the internal debate a superhero may have when they have to follow the law or follow their moral compass.

The Ordinary Life of the Aging Superhero

Imagine a day in the ordinary life of an aging superhero.

The Superhero’s Lost Love

Write about an aging superhero and a romantic relationship from their past that had to be sacrificed for the sake of humanity.

Legacy of The Superhero

Explore the legacy that an aging superhero wants to leave behind after a life of battling villains and saving lives.

Powers Dimming, Wisdom Ascending

Imagine a superhero dealing with the loss of his or her physical powers but gaining wisdom with age.

The Superhero’s Last Stand

Imagine a scenario where your aging superhero makes one final formidable show of bravery.

Planet Guardian

Describe a superhero tasked with guarding an Earth-like planet in a distant galaxy.

The Lone Star

Create a story about a superhero who was once a star, but was supernova’d into a sentient being.

Cosmic Clash

Write about two superheroes battling on a cosmic scale in the depths of space.

Interstellar Savior

Imagine a superhero who has been flung into a deep corner of space with no way back home.

Galactic Hero

Write about a superhero who lives on a distant planet and has to deal with threats both on their planet and from others.

The Underdog Uprise

In a dystopian world where only the villainous have superpowers, write about a seemingly ordinary human who stands up against them.

Forgotten Legacy

In a grim future where humanity lost its superpowers, write about a child who suddenly manifests unusual abilities.

Surviving Superpowers

In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors discovers they have superpowers. How do they use these powers to survive?

Savior or Tyrant?

In a dystopian world, a superhero rules with an iron fist. Is this superhero a savior or a tyrant?

Underground Heroes

In a world where all superpowers have been outlawed, write about a resistance of outlawed superheroes.

Retro-Futuristic Guardian

Envision a superhero in a mid-20th century future, as predicted by people of the past.

SteamPunk Sentinel

Visualize a superhero during the Victorian Era, exploring the intersections of advanced technology, society, and morality.

Transcendentalist Titan

Create a superhero during the American Transcendentalist Era, whose powers reflect the philosophy of that time.

Sherwood Forest’s Last Hope

Write about a medieval superhero living in Sherwood Forest, taking a page from the stories of Robin Hood.

The Ancient Warlord

Imagine a superhero in ancient Rome battling against the dictatorship of a despotic Emperor.

Impending Singularity

Design an adventure where a superhero faces the challenges of AI singularity.

Superhero ‘Retirement’

Write about an aging superhero transitioning into a normal life after years of defending the world.

Superhero Work-life Balance

Write a narrative that deals with a teenage superhero trying to balance the struggles of high school, family drama and saving the world.

Modern Crossover

Write a tale where a classic superhero is suddenly transported into modern times.

Heroes in Disguise

Imagine your everyday life, but with a twist: you are a superhero by night.

The Anonymous Savior

Write about a superhero whose moral code drives them to maintain absolute anonymity while they save the world.

Superhero Redemption

Imagine a scenario where a superhero violates his moral code, but then endeavors to redeem himself.

Legacy or Loyalty

Design a situation where a superhero is forced to betray a longstanding ally or to defy their inherited moral code.

The Ethics of Power

Write about a situation where a superhero uses his power for personal gain, violating their moral code.

Unmasking Moral Boundaries

Consider a superhero who has a strict moral code that prohibits them from killing, now this hero is pushed to their limit where they need to choose between the code or saving humanity.

When Heroes Need a Break

Create a scenario where a superhero working in the hospitality industry, such as a hotel manager, uses their powers for “smaller” crises.

Operating Room Rescues

Develop a narrative where a superhero is a surgeon who saves lives both on and off the operating table.

Everyday Heroes

Write a story about a superhero who is a janitor secretly using his powers for the greater good.

Heroes Behind the Lens

Craft a story about a superhero who maintains his low profile as a wildlife photographer.

Caped Crusader Crunch Time

Write a story where a superhero working as an accountant is faced with the biggest tax fraud case.

Superpowered Outcasts

Imagine a society where those with superpowers are seen as a threat and are ostracized or marginalized.

The Unseen Superhero

Write a story where the superhero of the city is a completely unknown entity.

The Super Anti-Hero

Create a character that is a superhero only by the nature of their powers, but is at odds with society and its expectations.

Ethics of Superpowers

Imagine a scenario where each citizen is granted a superpower of their choice, discuss the ethical implications.

Superhero Conflict

Write about a society that initially welcome their superheroes but gradually becomes disillusioned with them.

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100 Superhero Writing Prompts

December 16, 2023 by Richard Leave a Comment

Here are 100 Superhero Writing Prompts to get you writing and dreaming. Have you ever dreamed of soaring over buildings, stopping villains with your bare hands, or unveiling your secret identity to your shocked colleagues? If so, you’re not alone – humans have been fascinated by superheroes and their extraordinary abilities for decades. I recently came across an epic list of 100 writing prompts centered around the exciting world of superheroes and thought it would make great fodder for aspiring writers looking to flex their creative muscles. In this blog post, I’ll share some of my favorite prompts from the list that take you inside the minds of superheroes and supervillains alike. They range from humorous to dramatic story ideas featuring new superpowers, heroic origins, romantic revelations between heroes, ethical dilemmas, heroic legacies passed down generations, gadget designs, and more. Whether you’re looking to write a personal narrative, comic series, short story, or just entertain some radical daydreams, these dynamic prompts will help kickstart all sorts of superhuman adventures in your imagination. So polish off your utility belt, tune up the Batmobile, and get ready to battle some wicked writer’s block!

Here are 100 Superhero Writing Prompts:

  • You wake up one morning with a superpower – what is it and how do you use it?
  • Create a brand new superhero complete with background story, powers, weaknesses etc.
  • You’re a sidekick who feels underappreciated – how do you prove your worth to your super powered partner?
  • The villain captures the hero and knows their true identity. Now what?
  • Two heroes who don’t get along are forced to team up against a common enemy. How do they overcome their differences?
  • Create your own version of Avengers with 7 super powered individuals trying to save the planet. Describe each one.
  • A shapeshifting super villain is among the heroes but they don’t know who. How will they uncover the truth?
  • Choosing to be a hero led to you losing your loved one. Do you regret the choice?
  • You have no powers but want to help fight crime. How do you become a hero without superpowers?
  • How does an average family deal with having a superhero as a member?
  • Batman is overconfident heading into a fight and quickly realizes he has underestimated his opponent…
  • A powerful new villain emerges with a personal vendetta against one particular hero – why does this villain hate them?
  • Describe a day in the life of a retired or aging superhero adjusting to ordinary life.
  • You discover your best friend secretly has superpowers but doesn’t want anyone to know. Now what?
  • Design a new original superhero costume and explain your choices.
  • A robot or AI gains super powers and decides to become a hero. Does it understand humanity enough?
  • An alien crash lands on earth and gains powers. Do they use them for good or evil?
  • Redraw and reimagine an iconic hero giving them a dramatic new style and twist.
  • A villain who previously seemed unstoppable suddenly loses their powers. What happens next?
  • An everyday unsuspecting citizen suddenly gains powers. Do they embrace becoming a hero or try to live normally?
  • Two romantic interests discover each other’s secret identities. How does this change their relationship?
  • A superhero grows tired of always having to rescue citizens who don’t appreciate them. Do they snap or rise above it?
  • Who pays for all the property damage from epic battles between supers? Does insurance even cover “acts of heroism”?
  • You discover as a teen you come from a long line of magical heroes dating back centuries. You’re the next champion.
  • You gain the power to bring fictional heroes to life. Who do you pick and what real threat do they help overcome?
  • An embittered normal human gains powers and takes revenge against heroes who ignored his previous cries for help.
  • Superhero teams always fight super villains…but what threat requires teaming up multiple hero teams like Justice League & Avengers?
  • Bruce Wayne retires from being Batman after decades of service. Who takes over the mantle?
  • Peter Parker decides to finally reveal he is Spiderman. How does the public and his closest loved ones react?
  • Two figures who were enemies discover a shared interest or cause bringing them to work together. What cause bridges the gap?
  • You discover as a historian magic artifacts that give superpowers. Who do you choose to take on the responsibility?
  • You are a magic user who gives someone powers to be a hero. Eventually they go rogue abusing abilities – do you take responsibility for creating them?
  • Design your own Batmobile or superhero vehicle loaded with cool features and weaponry. What’s it capable of?
  • The government passes legislation regulating superpowered beings. How do heroes respond? Do they comply, resist or protest?
  • You discover a way to take powers away from dangerous supers. The process can’t be reversed. When would this be justified, if ever?
  • A close friend discovers your powers. Are you obligated to reveal your abilities to them? How would they reasonably react?
  • Super strength and invulnerability are awesome on paper…but what everyday issues would they realistically cause you? Think through a day in that life.
  • Batman gets supernatural abilities rivaling Superman. Does acquiring such power jeopardize his ethos and principles?
  • Design your own utility belt for Batman or a supersuit for Iron Man. What defensive and offensive tools are you installing?
  • Who cleans up the city and conducts repairs after epic clashes like Avengers vs Thanos bring massive destruction?
  • You discover as an ordinary citizen you can temporarily “borrow” a hero’s powers. Without permission, when if ever would you use them?
  • Figure out the tax implications of becoming a vigilante hero acquiring expensive vehicles, weaponry, hideouts/lairs…IRS may get suspicious!
  • You’re a new hero protecting your city when a much-beloved hero comes out of retirement. Do they upstage you or can you cooperate?
  • Scientists develop a “cure” to remove superpowers. Some welcome being normal again while others protest losing abilities.
  • You gain powers by accident that you can’t control. Create your own hero support group meeting with others dealing with similar problems.
  • An AI you helped create to battle evil itself gains powers exceeding your own. Did you take enough precautions during development?
  • As a magic user you cast a spell allowing people to meet alternate reality versions of themselves. How would supers react encountering their doppelgängers?
  • Explain the steps needed for someone to safely become a costumed vigilante like Batman – skills, resources, physical/mental preparation etc.
  • Design your own Hall of Justice or Avengers tower with key features all good hero headquarters need.
  • You’re a villain defeating heroes worldwide one by one when you discover a prophecy saying a farm boy in Kansas will defeat you…
  • You discover your archenemy is actually your father. How does this family revelation impact your hero work?
  • Explain the euphoria of discovering you have powers and can actually fly.
  • Design your own secret lair complete with defenses against villains discovering and attacking you.
  • Come up with a Credo or Code of Honor good supers should adopt covering rules of engagement, collateral damage etc.
  • You’re a hero but your best friend becomes a powerful villain. Do you take responsibility for not preventing their turn towards evil?
  • Figure out how a hero from the distant past transported to modern times would adapt both their persona and crime fighting abilities.
  • Is using a secret identity too risky with modern surveillance and hacking threats? Could staying anonymous as Spiderman prove impossible today?
  • As a magic wielder you must bestow powers to an average citizen for one week. Who seems worthy and how do their new abilities affect them?
  • You discover a way for people to briefly gain any power they want. How much money could someone make letting others “fantasy live” as supers for a day?
  • Design specialty gadgets or vehicles for disabled heroes wanting to still regularly fight crime or join large scale battles.
  • You gain a powerful amulet during a museum heist which gives control over the weather. Will authorities see you as a threat even if using it for good?
  • Come up with a list of basic training every wannabe hero should complete before putting on a costume and confronting criminals.
  • Design high tech glasses allowing heroes to scan a city locating crimes as they occur. What other abilities would they have?
  • How does an idealistic rookie hero react when told by veterans he’ll inevitably have to kill deadly villains to protect the innocent?
  • As a police officer would you feel comfortable teaming up with a vigilante hero to solve crimes? Where’s the partnership line as to what help they should provide official law enforcement?
  • Figure out how to make classic comic book hero capes practical in reality (ex – fire proof, tear resistant, stealth mode capabilities etc).
  • You discover Batman’s secret identity and location of Batcave but swear to never reveal it. Soon after a villain captures and tortures you for information. Then what…
  • Describe an epic battle scene between two of your favorite good and evil supers but inject humorous events happening throughout the brawl.
  • Design Daredevil’s radar and spatial awareness system allowing detailed mental visualization of environments well beyond normal human sensory capabilities.
  • You’re an antihero doing good but through violent, extreme methods. Explain your moral justification and how you choose targets.
  • Describe the learning curve in trying to fly. What milestones mark your progress towards graceful airborne navigation mastery?
  • Design your own Iron Man suit focused on stealth rather than weapons and strength. What capabilities would it have?
  • Tony Stark loses everything and becomes an angry Punisher style vigilante hunting super criminals. Would the more aggressive methods be justified?
  • Explain how you’d safely imprison super villains in specialized containment facilities tailored towards their unique powers and capabilities.
  • Professor X feels Magneto’s experiences justify his anger and radical stances. How could the Professor persuade him to channel frustrations for good?
  • You’re a technology based hero. Explain your unique gear and abilities using plausibly realistic concepts rather than vague comic book science.
  • Figure out a way power dampening collars could humanely restrain prisoners in super max facilities without being too degrading.
  • If needing a secret Lair, would living off the grid in remote wilderness or hiding out anonymously among bustling city crowds provide better concealment?
  • Design specialty non-lethal weaponry police could use against rogue supers without excessively aggressive or militaristic capabilities.
  • You gain Superman’s powers for 24 hours. After testing abilities, what global threats or disasters would you focus your temporal near omnipotence on fixing quickly?
  • As Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme you must choose the next heir to be your magical apprentice carrying on Dr. Strange’s legacy. What qualities would make someone worthy?
  • Design your own mystic artifact – whether weapon, transport device like Mjolnir, or otherwise. Provide background on it and key attributes.
  • You’re a villain who battles a hero matching your capabilities resulting in stalemates. How would you strategically shift the dynamic to finally defeat them?
  • Are superpowers gifts to protect the vulnerable or would intentional biological weaponization be unethical? How might extremists twist ethics to weaponize humans?
  • Design a superhero mask accommodating vision enhancement technology while still concealing identity and allowing display of facial expressions.
  • Though heroes defeat villains, the judicial system struggles prosecuting evildoers with unnatural abilities or secretly housing them humanely longterm. Explain dilemmas and solutions.
  • You discover abandoned alien technology. Mastering its biomechanical interface grants you powerful battle armor with assorted capabilities. How do you use it?
  • Figure out Peter Parker’s yearly expenses as Spiderman between web fluid materials, costume damage/repair and paying to fix places thugs wreck during fights.
  • A zombie virus outbreak occurs but infected retain personalities/intelligence creating undead “zombie heroes” battling living evildoers.Could heroic impulses overcome infection?
  • What should the policy be regarding heroes utilizing secret labs actively developing experimental technologies enabling their crime fighting abilities? Any reasonable oversight?
  • If becoming a costumed vigilante, develop your own distinct symbol etched at crime scenes claiming responsibility for stopping the criminals.
  • Figure out the tax status for a freelance superhero operating independently without government affiliation. Are there any legal ways to get tax write offs for hideouts/gear?
  • Design a Hall of Heroes museum to inspire the next generation and highlight famous deeds. What artifacts, information displays etc should it include?
  • Civil War erupts again between heroes supporting government regulation vs rebels upholding liberties by any means. What side do you fall on and why?
  • You’re a lawyer specializing in defending accused vigilante heroes who clash with authorities. Explain unique legal complexities superhuman clients introduce.
  • Design your own boot camp for turning average joes into highly trained vigilante urban soldiers fighting street crime whatever it takes. What’s your intense curriculum?
  • As an aging Superman assess options to avoid endangering others if powers fluctuate due to health issues during later years. Appoint successors? Solar rejuvenation?
  • Journalists have strongest ethics codes keeping identities secret if learning them. As Daily Planet reporter would you ever reveal Superman’s if critical for a bigger story?
  • Design high tech therapists for heroes managing trauma and mental health impacts from violence exposure. What treatment methods would you provide?
  • With great power comes great responsibility. But also great controversy for collateral damage and extreme actions. Persuade authorities your good outweighs bad.

And there you have it – 100 super-powered story ideas to fuel your writing for days to come! Whether you’re an aspiring comic book writer thinking up your first masked crusader or just looking to tap into your imagination, these prompts cover it all. You’ve got plot lines featuring dramatic reveals, ethical dilemmas, gadget designs, romantic twists, and even a few humorous scenarios (a retired hero struggling with everyday tasks – who can’t relate!?). I had a blast going through this list and daydreaming up potential backgrounds, powers, weaknesses, relationships and more for each unique hero that came to mind. So pull out your cape and cowl, let your creativity loose and see what epic adventures, harrowing battles or heartwarming moments unfold as you work through these prompts. And who knows, you may just discover an idea captivating enough to turn into a series! What superhuman stories can you imagine tackling first? Let me know in the comments! And as always, happy writing! Excelsior! 

If you enjoyed these 100 Superhero Writing Prompts, please leave us a comment, and we have many more writing prompts on our site you may enjoy.  

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17 Superhero Writing Prompts

Capturing the attention of a writers creativity, so that a story starts to weave its way into existence is a wonderful thing.

Consider a superhero, whether with fantastic powers beyond human ability, or simply an extraordinary character with a driving force to their actions.

Yes, the superhero is a concept enough to grab the attention of even the most reluctant writers!

How should you use story starters like these?

Writing can be inspired through all sorts of ways.

One very effective method is through the use of writing prompts, to throw ideas up in the air, and see which your creativity grabs and runs with.

  • Pick a number at random between 1 and 17, write a short story right now using the corresponding writing prompt below!
  • Naturally you could also just use the entire list as a flood of ideas to see which your imagination runs with.
  • Why not try allocating one to each day of a week that you’re aiming for writing output to be consistent?

Why use writing prompts?

It all comes back to inspiration, and practice.

Like any skill, practice makes perfect – and if you enjoy the process, you’re much more likely to put the time in and keep getting better!

And write often.

However you (or your students) find your inspiration to want to write a story, do that.

And through this, the writing ability (and all the good things that come along with it) will just be a matter of time.

superhero creative writing topics

17 Superhero Writing Prompts:

  • And without warning, she appeared to shimmer briefly, before disappearing entirely…
  • As the plane continued on its journey, I glanced out the window to look at the night sky, and saw to my amazement a man sitting on the wing, looking back at me…
  • The truck was teetering on the edge of the cliff, and suddenly the stranger started pulling the giant vehicle back from the edge, as the crowd looked on amazed…
  • She stood in front of the building looking in at us for a moment, making eye contact, before crouching and then suddenly leaping up out of sight with such force that it knocked over a nearby trashcan…
  • The high speed train was taking us quickly to the next city. I looked at the blurred countryside passing by outside, and then to my amazement saw a man running up alongside the train keeping pace with us! He was gesturing wildly at me, was he trying to warn us of something?
  • The scientists sank even deeper into the ocean depths. Suddenly there was a jarring clang, and the submarine juddered and stopped moving. Scrambling to look out the port holes they were astonished to see a person looking back at them, who seemed to be breathing underwater…
  • The courier driver waited as I signed for the parcel in the street outside my apartment building, then suddenly seemed to hear something with a starled look on their face. Before I could react they tackled me backwards into the building, as an airconditioner unit smashed into the pavement where I had been standing… how had they heard it coming?!
  • The cruiseship was out of control and could not stop in time, as the onlookers watched in shock. It was headed right for the restaurants on the pier! An unusual figure stepped out from the growing crowd, until he was right in front of the oncoming runaway ship… he held out his open hand at arms length as if trying to stop the ship in its tracks…
  • The search and rescue team had been hunting for the lost skier all over the snow covered mountain for hours, and light was fading. Things didn’t look good, but they could find no trace of them. One of the searchers felt someone push past them on the dimly lit mountainside, and they seemed to be looking out into the darkness across the surrounding mountains. They suddenly stopped scanning, pointed to a mountain crag, and said one gruff word… “There.”…
  • The gang of thugs surrounded the elderly man, and demanded his money. A few passers by scurred away, knowing there was nothing they could do to help him against such a large group. Then, a shadowy figure emerged from a nearby alleyway, grabbing the gang leader, who seemed unable to move despite his size. He was thrown back, and the gang scattered into the night. The old man looked up to thank the mysterious figure who had saved him… but the street was empty…
  • Joey had gone to visit his dad at work, and they were over 100 floors up in the skyscraper office building where he worked. Waiting in his dad’s office, he turned to look out the window and down at the city, but what he saw made no sense! There was a man outside the window, climbing with bare hands and feet somehow sticking to the glass…
  • The group of kids were playing on the jungle gym, laughing in the sunshine, as others in the park relaxed on the grass. Suddenly one of the kids slipped, and fell backwards from the highest bar, as his friends cried out! But before he struck the ground, time suddenly seemed to slow, and the entire scene was frozen, the falling kid suspended above the ground with a surprised look on his face…
  • The hikers were lost in the woods, many days travel from civilization. The rain set in as they formed a ragged group huddling for warmth as night fell, but without a fire how would they cope with this they wondered? A quiet member of the group leant forward, gathering some sticks and dry moss into a pile. He clicked his fingers and sparks leapt from his finger tips and ignited the small campfire as the others wondered at what they were witnessing!
  • From this day forth, she decided, she would watch over the good people of the world, protecting them from those who were not as good.
  • A new song came pouring out of her whenever she opened her mouth. Her superpower could stun anyone nearby with songs of such beauty it would leave them powerless…
  • “It’s going to be ok…”, the words formed in my mind – but they were not my own. I looked up sharply, and made eye contact with a strange hunched figure, as they moved to protect me…
  • The dry town was choking in dust. The stranger stepped forward, gestured to the sky, and clouds quickly formed over us. One more wild gesture downward, and the rain hit us with torrential force…

Download a PDF of all 17 prompts!

Get inspired to write a story.

I hope you find plenty of inspiration from these story starters, and get that creative writing flowing.

We’re always interested to hear how people are using our resources, so please feel free to get in touch!

Thanks, Matt & Hayley

superhero creative writing topics

  • Writing Prompts

22+ Superhero Writing Prompts (+ Free Printable)

There’s nothing better than a good superhero movie to spend some quality time with your kids. Or maybe there is? These 22 superhero writing prompts are guaranteed to be a huge hit with your kids! Whether your kids love Spiderman, Batman or Wonder Woman – These superhero prompts are here to inspire your kids to create their own superhero stories and get writing like never before!

Superhero Writing Prompts

From creative writing prompts to informative superhero writing assignments, here are over 22 superhero writing prompts that will have your students writing in no time:

  • Complete this sentence in at least ten different ways: If I were a superhero…
  • Would you rather be a superhero or a supervillain? Explain your answer.
  • If you could meet one superhero, who would it be and why?
  • Design and describe your own superhero. What would their special powers be? What about their weaknesses? And don’t forget to give them a cool name and a costume.
  • You felt your heartbeat get faster and faster. “I knew I should never have eaten that sandwich. Who eats a sandwich given by a stranger?”… Continue this superhero story.
  • Standing on top of a trash can, you knew you could do better than this. So you try again… Continue this superhero story.
  • Rewrite the storyline or plot to your favourite superhero movie or TV show. This time include yourself as a key character in the story.
  • Science experiments go wrong all the time. Write your own superhero origin story. This could be for your favourite superhero, or for a brand-new superhero you made up.
  • Create your own comic strip titled, ‘The Adventures of Cheese Man & Apple Boy!”’. What kind of adventures do you think these two characters would go on together?
  • What would your dream superhero team look like? Who would be a part of this team and why? Also, what would the team be called?
  • Write about a real-life superhero you know. This could be a doctor, a policeman, your parents, a friend, a pet or anyone else you can think of. Remember not all superheroes wear capes!
  • Write a day in the life story of being a superhero. You can pick any superhero you like for this prompt!
  • The big battle approaches between the superhero and the supervillain. Describe this action-packed battle scene in as much detail as possible.
  • You are a reporter for the Daily Spark newspaper. Write a newspaper article on how an everyday superhero saves the day!
  • One day you wake up to discover that you can go invisible at any time. How would you use this invisibility power? Would you use it for good or evil?
  • Pick a supervillain or bad guy of your choice. Now write down their back story. Think about how they became supervillains. What made them evil in the first place? After all, no-one is born evil or are they?
  • Write a letter to your favourite superhero. How does this superhero inspire you? What do you like most about them? And what questions would you like to ask them?
  • Describe the secret lair or headquarters of a superhero. What kind of things would they own? Would it be a high-tech building or an ancient, mystical lair?
  • Imagine if everyone in the world had a superpower. What would the world look like? What would going to school or work be like?
  • Debate the greatest superpower of all time. In your opinion, what is the best superpower to have and why?
  • After years of saving millions of lives, Sparkster is sick and tired of risking his life for nothing in return. After a series of bad events, Sparkster turns to the dark side. Continue this story.
  • Continue this story: Look over there! Is it a bird, a plane… No, it’s just…
  • Make a list of at least 20 different superpowers a superhero can have.

Free Printable: If I were a superhero…

Here is a bonus printable for all you superhero fans out there! Imagine what it would be like to a real-life superhero. You can use our, ‘If I were a superhero…’ writing prompt printable to write down your notes and ideas:

if i were a superhero writing prompt printable

Use our list of superhero writing prompts in any way you like! You can set yourself a daily challenge to complete one prompt a day or just combine a couple together for inspiration. Let us know if you found these superhero prompts useful in the comments below!

Superhero Writing Prompts

Marty the wizard is the master of Imagine Forest. When he's not reading a ton of books or writing some of his own tales, he loves to be surrounded by the magical creatures that live in Imagine Forest. While living in his tree house he has devoted his time to helping children around the world with their writing skills and creativity.

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Walking by the Way

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Save the Day with These Super Hero Writing Prompts

November 15, 2021 by ami Leave a Comment

Do you need a new  creative writing activity  for your students?

Motivate your students to think and write creatively with these  super hero writing prompts .

superhero creative writing topics

Superhero Creative Writing Prompts

The superhero writing prompt cards include these twelve imagination-boosting writing prompts:

  • You can choose ONE super power. What would it be? Why?
  • Design your superhero costume. Draw and label the different parts of it and explain why you made the choices you made.
  • Write a silly story about a superhero whose powers don’t work correctly.
  • Everyone you know has a super power except for your friend, Mandy. Why doesn’t Mandy have a superpower yet? When will she get it? What will it be?
  • Write a letter to your favorite superhero.

superhero creative writing topics

  • Pretend you are a superhero. Write about the day you lost your superpowers (or had them stolen)!
  • Write five rules that all superheroes should live by.
  • Some superheroes have sidekicks (like Batman and Robin). Imagine one of your pets as your sidekick. Write about an adventure you have together.
  • An evil villain is plotting to take over the world. Describe his sinister plan. Use details.

superhero creative writing topics

  • Make a list of five things you would do if you were a superhero.
  • Poll the people you know and ask them who their favorite superhero is. Who was the most popular choice? Why do you think that is?
  • Make a list of ten unlikely superpowers. (Example: I once knew a superhero who could eat 532 hotdogs in two seconds!)

How to Use the Superhero Writing Prompts

You can use these superhero writing prompt cards with a variety of ages.

superhero creative writing topics


  • Print the prompt cards and word bank. Cut out the cards.
  • Laminate the cards for durability. If desired, hole punch the cards and add them to a metal ring .
  • Consider reading a superhero themed book (or books) to your student.
  • Let your student choose a card. (If you are homeschooling, you could add a bit of mystery by putting the cards in a jar and letting your student draw a card.)
  • If your student has a hard time writing, ask questions and dialogue ideas together before your student begins.
  • Decide if you want to give your student a guideline (This needs to be at least four sentences.) If you do, be clear about your expectation.

Inspire Creative Writing with These Superhero Themed Books

To give your students extra inspiration for their responses to the superhero writing prompts, try reading some of these picture books before writing time.

  • Dex: The Heart of a Hero by Caralyn Buehner
  • Super Stan by Matt Robertson
  • Superhero Instruction Manual by Kristy Dempsey
  • The Three Little Superpigs by Claire Evans
  • Ten Rules of Being a Superhero by Deb Pilutti

Download Your Free Superhero Writing Prompts

superhero creative writing topics

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More Creative Writing Lessons and Activities for Your Student

If you are looking for additional creative writing lessons for your student, try some of these:

  • Use a Picture Book Teach the Story Element of Conflict
  • Write Backstories for Fairy Tale Characters
  • Mystery Writing Prompts

superhero creative writing topics

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Ignite Your Superhero Storyline with 80+ Writing Prompts

By: Author Hiuyan Lam

Posted on Last updated: October 20, 2023

Categories Writing Prompts

Ignite Your Superhero Storyline with 80+ Writing Prompts

  Whether you’re a teacher looking to inject some fun and excitement into your writing curriculum, or an English Language Learners (ELL) instructor aiming to provide a relatable context for your students, superhero writing prompts can be a dynamic educational tool. The familiar and exciting themes offer a platform where students can freely express their ideas while improving their language skills.   Dive into this collection of handpicked superhero writing prompts, carefully curated to cater to various age groups and writing stages. So grab your pens, put on your creative capes, and discover the engaging narratives waiting to unfold, one prompt at a time.

How to use our superhero writing prompts for your students

Young Students Talking Writing superhero stories prompts classroom

Superhero writing prompts for primary school students

child girl playing superhero game break the wall

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Superhero writing prompts suitable for novelists and screenwriters

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How to find your own superhero writing prompts from daily life

Concluding thoughts on superhero story ideas.

students opening shirts showing superhero sides

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Journal Buddies Mary | March 1, 2023 December 19, 2022 | List of Query

Savior Writing Prompts (21 Fun and Effortless Ideas)

Fun and Easy to Writer about Superman Writing Prompts and Ideas— Oh okay! If you’re looking for inspire to draft your really own Marvel-, DC Comics-, or Disney-like super hit, you’re in luck. You see, you’ve just discovered some excellent Superhero writing prompts . Yes…

Supes Writers Prompts

These brainstorm will push your your and inspire you to create your own very superhero stories.

I’m sure those great writing prompts desires light up your middle school or high school classroom. So, let’s get to it and let the hero writing fun begin! Download select the resources you need for your superhero themed written lessons in this handsome package. Includes multiple paginate borders and writing frames, some word meanings rolls, an acrostic rhyme template, some alphabet ordering worksheets and a superhero identity worksheet!

Writing About Superheroes is Super Fun!

It’s truthfully.

Beautiful much every youngster, and lots of elders, need the kept ampere super power whether it’s teleportation, the ability to fly, or something elsewhere. And… Superstar script submission | TPT

Projecting those wishes the paper through a amazing hero character because other-worldly skillsets remains an excellent way the give writers one chance to be introspective, adventurous, plus creative by crafting their very build superhero tale.

Plus, writing a storyline about superheroes with super strength and powers exists a feeling like no other. Ok, get to it and use that superhero themed writing prompts today. MYSELF think you’ll being glad you did.

21 Creative and FREE Superhero Writing Prompts

  • A hero’s sidekick turns against him and becomes the villain.
  • “It was a quiet day in who downtown. On your way top home, you saw any frightful up ahead. It was…” Continue this story.
  • The superhero’s frenemy spotted theirs only weakness.
  • After dort kept identity is revealed, a superhero must decide between leaving town conversely risking putting her loved ones in danger.
  • The superhero discovers his greatest female be secretly the high school principal.
  • “Hello, thank you with setting in to channel 9 news at 8. Nowadays, we bring you the story of how SuperKnight stopped adenine team of bank robbers! It all starter when…”  Continue this story.
  •  A typical day turns into an action-packed adventure when a tapes of brothers is tasked with store the world coming any alien invasion.
  • Create a comic strip about a day in the life of a superhero.
  • Spell about a superhero and a supervillain who are siblings

Superhero Writing Ideas

  • A superhero learns the set a teamwork after splitting up with his sidekick.
  • Yours wake above to find your select for superpowers on a shooting star have come true.
  • Write a day by the life of your favorite superhero.
  • “Me? A superhero!?” After a black has presumably met his matchings, sein only hope is your help.
  • After writing a letter to autochthonous my superior over your bully, he comes to your school for related you confrontational respective fears.
  • Rather than walking down the ladder up continental, you flew! Write about you discovering how you achieved the sudden superpower.
  • You found out you have a superpower you hates. Write about how it helped you overcome your fears/dislikes.
  • Script about a pair on roommates who don’t know either other’s amend eggs – one’s an hero, and one’s a villain.
  • Manufacture an list of superpowers you wish you had and why.
  • After years of saving millions of lives, you’re sick and exhausted of risking your life for nothing in return. According a product of bad events, you turn to the dark side. Continue this story. Results 1 - 24 is 700+ ... ... Create Your Own Superhero ! Descriptive Writing Assignment. Created by. Lefty Lessons. For this fun and creative booklet, students get to ...
  • Thee watch up until discover everywhere in the world has an superpower but you. You go on a journey to discover it.

I hopfen you enjoying these creative writing alerts press use them for in personal writing, as assignments in class, in homeschool writer’s workshop, and more.

124 Better Free Writing Prompts

  • 22 Villain Handwriting Prompts & Fiction Ideas
  • 49 Adventure Past Ideas
  • 22 Terrific Fanfic Prompts
  • 31 Writing Time Warm Ups

A Few Final Thoughts On Superhero Writing Input

Stories about individuals is extraordinary powers battling evil and protects the innocent are as old as time myself. Collecting comic buecher and waiting keen for your favorite superhero movie on the big screen is a sensibility nearly every kid can relate until (at least to some degree). r/worldbuilding upon Reddit: Work a create a 5 choose comic in 5 days contest. My pages, my writing prompts, and the cool super hero universe ME created upon the fly.

Whether their define cosmos is Marvel or you’re a DC diehard, you’ll meet many stimulative, well-written, and relatable superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, press Wonder Woman. Create Your Own Superhero! Descriptive Writing Assignment | Descriptive writing, Classroom written, Writing assignments

And now, with our news list of superhero writing prompts you ability craft is exceptionally personalized creative superhero-themed stories. Now go for it and let your imagination run wildly and get to the fun the writing your best superpower and your story today. Posted by u/adamtheimpaler - 196 votes and 11 comments

Until more clock, write on…

If it enjoyed these Superhero Text Prompts … please share them on Join, Twitter, and/or Pinterest. I appreciate it!

Sincerely, Jill journalbuddies.com creator and curator

Superhero Themed Writing Ideas

PS Check out this excellent resource —> 18 Superhero Services for Kids

Tap to See Prompting 162 Creative Writing Topics and Ideas (Updated!) 27 Amazing See Text Entries for Kid 10 Great Journal List Prompts (110 Ideas in All!) ------------Start out Om Added --------- @media (min-width: 320px) and (max-width: 767px) { .inside-right-sidebar { display: none !important; } } Search Now Offering You 17,000+ Prompts!

Jill -- Owned and Curator of JournalBuddies.com

Tap to See Prompts 162 Artists Writing Topics press Ideas (Updated!) 27 Amazing Picture Writing Prompts with Kids 10 Great Journal List Prompts (110 Ideas in All!) Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7-8 Grade 9-12 Entire Ages ------------End of Om Added --------- Tags Imaginative Script , creative text brainstorm , Creative Type Prompt Ideas , creative how prompts , Creative Writing Topics , creative-writing-resources , kids writing , new writing prompts , Rescuer , Superhero Require , Superhero Writing , Superhero Writing Ideas , writing , writing ideas , Writing Ideas fork Young , writing prompts , writing prompts for kids , writing topics div#postbottom { margin-top: 12px; } Search Now Bid You 17,000+ Prompts!

Jill -- Owner and Curator of JournalBuddies.com

Commaful Storytelling Blog

1001 Writing Prompts About Superheroes

March 23, 2021

Commaful is supported by readers. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect who we choose to review or what we recommend.  Learn more

For many centuries now, people have been telling stories about extraordinary men and women using their inhumane powers and special abilities to protect the innocent and battle the forces of evil. However, the idea of what we know today as superhero fiction originated with the debut of Jerry Siegal’s Superman in 1938. 

Since then, more than 80 years have passed and thousands of stories about superheroes have been told in the pages of books and the screens of movie theaters and TVs, and they show no sign of disappearing any time soon. 

If your dream is to be the next breakout writer in superhero fiction, below are writing prompts to inspire you: 

  • The superhero becomes an inanimate object when not fighting crime.
  • The superhero has an awful, frightening dream that they are responsible for a superhero slaughter.
  • The superhero has to put their job in the superhero job fair.
  • The superhero tries to be careful and use their powers for good, but still end up breaking something.
  • A team of scientists have accidentally unleashed a monster from a secret lab.
  • The supervillain teams up with a superhero’s nemesis.
  • The villain is manufacturing super powers to give to ordinary people.
  • 3. Script-driven Prompt
  • A superhero witnesses a super robbery.
  • There’s a new superhero on the block and everyone is in love with him.
  • The supervillain gets caught by the police. The hero arrives to make sure that the police stay out of trouble.
  • The superhero visits a super villain in prison.
  • A crack video of the superhero hits the internet.
  • The superhero of the quadrad wants to go to prom with the supervillain.
  • The adventure ends when the superhero meets the love interest for a date – rather than saving the day.
  • The hero is grieving the loss of a friend / lover who was also a superhero.
  • The hero realizes that they are the only person that can save their city, but they are tired and, yesterday, they were beaten pretty bad.
  • The hero’s true identity is revealed.
  • The superhero discovers that they can get super powers by drinking the blood of the supervillain.
  • The superhero becomes upset with the civilian when the civilian comments on the hero’s sexy costume.
  • An entire town hates the superhero, who apparently did something really mean, although they have no idea what it was.
  • The super villain is running for election, but the superhero who knows the nemesis’s secret plans to throw him/her out of office.
  • The superhero takes time off to honor their dead sidekick.
  • A superhero is brought back to life, but no one knows it’s him or her.
  • The villain discovers his dog has super powers.
  • The superhero wakes up with amnesia.
  • The superhero discovers a new way to use their super powers.
  • The super villain keeps kidnapping their own daughters.
  • The superhero discovers that they can fly in their dreams.
  • The superhero questions whether they should report their nemesis/love to the police.
  • The superhero must save the world while figuring out their identity.
  • The superhero announces that they are gay
  • The superhero’s team wrestles with a dilemma – should they stop the villain, or try to give them a second chance?
  • The villain creates an army of clones of the superhero and the rogue villain explains how the clone army was instrumental in defeating them.
  • A superhero switches personalities like certain people’s bodies switch genders.
  • The superhero’s boss is unhappy about the hero’s absences from work.
  • The heroic archer saves a cat from a tree.
  • The superhero is captured by a celebrity.
  • Superheroes get recruited into a sports team.
  • A scientist replaces the heart of a superhero with a battery, and it destroys the hero.
  • The same events happen when the superhero comes home from school – school bullies and love interests are involved.
  • The superhero discovers that their supervillain identity is known to their parents.
  • The superhero’s archenemy is a businessman.
  • The superhero treats everyone like garbage, saying they deserve it, because they are garbage.
  • The superhero is a complete mess at school.
  • The superhero defeats the supervillain in front of their girlfriend.
  • The superhero goes to the pets store, looking for supplies for their pet.
  • The superhero has been told by the mob that they will kill one of their grandparents unless they let the mob know about their powers.
  • A supervillain throws a large ball where a number of heroes and their love interests come together.
  • The superhero ends up in an unknown dimension and the costume adopts a life of its own.
  • The superhero discovers that they are destined to be a supervillain.
  • The superhero is grappling with the decision whether to use their powers to make money.
  • The superhero starts looking for a new job so as not to reveal their secret identity to their coworkers.
  • When the superhero died, his rabbi prayed for the god to bring him back to life. The superhero returned to life as a zombie.
  • The superhero gets caught in the middle of a fight between good and evil and their cape gets snagged on a street post and rips into two pieces – one cape for good and one cape for evil.
  • A supervillain invents a device that will erase the superhero from history.
  • A woman fights with her spouse after she got a promotion at work and he didn’t.
  • The superhero has a sidekick.
  • The superhero decides to give their powers away, but can’t bring themselves to do it.
  • The big boss has made the superheroes into international celebrities, which makes it difficult for the heroes to do normal things.
  • Someone proclaims themselves to be the hero.
  • A supervillain is motivated by the need for power.
  • A supervillain discovers that their parents are the superheroes he’s fighting against.
  • The hero must defend themself against a crazy super villain that they have created.
  • A superhero becomes a criminal.
  • A person becomes an orphan when their totally awesome superhero parents die in saving the world from the supervillain.
  • There is one day when superheroes and supervillains are having a truce with one another. This is a non-combatant day, when they all gather at the museum. The supervillains steal the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The superheroes must get it back.
  • The superhero and the villain engage in a wild goose chase to find the villain’s stolen children’s teeth.
  • The superhero routinely opens a portal to Mars, and he seems more and more interested in it.
  • The superhero has their parents, or another member of their family/team/friendship group, has super powers.
  • Someone new moves into the neighborhood. The young adventurer knows exactly who he is, and is about to find out if he is a threat or can become an ally.
  • A psychopath kidnaps the superhero’s pets.
  • The superhero hires an accountant to manage their finances.
  • The superhero discovers that they have accidentally killed several people while trying to do good.
  • The superhero never wants to leave their mask off.
  • The hero’s loving mother is found dead in the home of someone close with her.
  • The superhero wants to be a stand-up comedian, but can’t do it, because his identity secret leaks.
  • The superhero who was adopted gets curious about where they actually came from.
  • The superhero in training accidentally reflects enough sunlight that his/her love interest is blinded.
  • A supervillain wants to be a superhero.
  • The superhero’s date becomes angry when their secret identity is revealed.
  • The superhero and supervillain are both professors and they are trying to win the same job.
  • Before the hero saves the day for the first time.
  • The villain would be pretty famous, since it’s not every day that a supervillain dies.
  • The superhero steals again, this time taking the villain for evidence.
  • A supervillain tracks down all the superheroes they could.
  • The supervillain’s daughter loves the hero.
  • After years of fighting crime, the superhero wants to retire.
  • An ordinary kid gains superpowers and  has identity issues.
  • The superhero is murdered and they discover that the supervillain is their parents.
  • The superhero is always rescuing their villainous nemesis.
  • An evolution super hero or a steampunk superhero? George Washington gets captured by the British. A space marine gets caught in a black hole and fights their way back home. The zombie apocalypse only affects superheroes. The apocalypse is actually the supervillain’s evil plot. The superheroes murder the supervillain, and then go to the supervillain’s funeral. In Japan the superhero version of a superhero movie is better than the original version. A superhero movie is being filmed near where you live. Satellites are a common invention in the near future. There is a battle between the world’s superheroes and a supervillain witnessed by a group of school children. You are made super by a rogue government scientist. A  molten hot ball of radiation falls out of the heavens. Your hand gains the power of gestures. A superpower is when one of your senses blurs into another sense. You have super hearing and super touch. In the near future invis
  • It’s hard for the superhero to keep their secret identity.
  • The superhero’s team name is revealed and they wonder if that’s lame.
  • The superhero gets a big surprise after an unwillingly mind battle with the villain.
  • The superhero feels awful for neglecting their sick aunt, who always supported them.
  • The superhero is hiding a powerful telekinetic power.
  • The Superhero is kidnapped to a magical realm by an evil Wizard.
  • The superhero gives a costume party.
  • Why can’t the superhero use their powers for sex?
  • An insurance agency decides to discontinue coverage of a crime-fighter who has strong liability.
  • The superhero who regularly apprehends teen gangs comes home from a fight with a completely different teenage gang.
  • A superhero writes a letter telling their younger self about what to do to stop something terrible.
  • What makes a superhero?
  • The heroine wonders how to tell her girlfriend that she’s pregnant.
  • What is the superhero’s response when asked what they do for a living?
  • The hero becomes decided about who their arch-nemesis should be.
  • The particular power comes with a side effect.
  • A teenager creates a superhero suit out of everyday objects, but accidentally loses it in a neighbor’s backyard.
  • The supervillain realizes how many of their problems were because of the superhero.
  • The superhero tries to find a balance between super-heroine and schoolwork.
  • A supervillain experiences something traumatic and vows to do good for the rest of their life.
  • A famous superhero has retired to marry a normal citizen.
  • The superhero’s power is weakening.
  • A superhero battles an anti-hero.
  • The caped crusader goes drinking after a rough night on the streets.
  • What would happen if the superhero didn’t have a secret identity?
  • The superhero takes the mask off during a crime battle to prove he is real.
  • The villain introduces their new sidekick.
  • The superhero tries to hide their identity, but when they go to bed they forget to cover themselves.
  • The super can only use their chosen power during daylight.
  • The superhero must balance being a hero with other duties, such as duties as a husband and father.
  • Superman and Batman both think the other one is a punk.
  • The superhero teaches humans how to train animals to do tricks.
  • To be a superhero, it requires training a secret identity that no one can discover.
  • In order to protect their identity, the superhero gives up their superhero job.
  • The superhero’s parents are worried, because they don’t fall behind.
  • The superhero has always been an outsider, but one day they find that they are accepted.
  • Her friends and family are bothered by the superhero’s weird quirks.
  • The superhero takes on a new sidekick.
  • After saving a bus load of schoolchildren from a fiery wreckage the hero vows to only protect children.
  • The superhero’s butler, except the butler does superhero chores.
  • A hero saves an elderly woman from being mugged.
  • The superhero needs to decide whether or not to be honest about not being able to find the villain.
  • Two mutants get married.
  • The superhero’s celebrity status exposes that they are an imposter.
  • A religious person thinks a superhero is a sign.
  • The superhero is fired from their job because the job requires skills the hero does not possess.
  • The superhero cannot stop dating the superhero’s arch nemesis.
  • The worst supervillain in the world comes to their town.
  • The supervillain discovers that their enemy is a local kid.
  • Their parents ground their superhero child for a week.
  • The superhero discovers the supervillain is actually a secret fan.
  • The superhero meets an old foe who tries to get the hero to go back to their old ways.
  • The superhero is haunted by the memories of the accident that gave them powers.
  • The superhero has defeated many villains, but one evades them.
  • The superhero is just as surprised as the reader that their crimes have suddenly begun being linked to them.
  • A superhero lacks confidence.
  • The superhero deals with crime fighting being a drag, because all they want to do is help people.
  • The supervillain discovers that a rival villain is dating the hero.
  • The superhero discovers that they have psychic powers.
  • The superhero is being chosen as a sacrificial offering to a volcano to appease the gods.
  • Now, you are not required to use the prompts. Adding your own spin to any of them will work just as well.
  • Why the superhero got his or her powers.
  • The FBI are hunting the superhero, but the hero despises guns.
  • The superhero must fix their costume before a fanboy comes to visit.
  • The superheroes’ lives become complicated when they do not know who is on the side of good, or who is working for the criminal underworld.
  • A fantasy version of the superhero is created.
  • Have your students write their own backstories for their supervillains.
  • A supervillain takes hostages at a high school.
  • The superhero comes home bruised after a battle with a supervillain.
  • The superhero has a crush on a supervillain.
  • The superhero teams up with another hero.
  • The superhero calls their alter ego on their cell phone and it’s coming from inside the underwear drawer.
  • The hero is forced to remove their costume.
  • The hero formulates a plan to stop the supervillain, but their ability to manage strategic thinking is lacking.
  • The superhero can’t figure out why their costume is torn.
  • The superhero keeps getting distracted by fights with villains on the news, because his nemesis is in the same city.
  • A colleague wants to use the superhero for medical experiments.
  • The superhero investigates the murder scene of a fellow hero.
  • The superhero quits because they feel stressed out and considers an office job.
  • Heather is not a real superhero.
  • A family of superheroes moves into the neighborhood.
  • The superhero’s nemesis is their neighbour, who is always mocked, has only one friend, and loves comic books.
  • The superhero’s next mission requires them to leave their loving family.
  • The superhero is just a child, and does not know how to control their powers.
  • The superhero discovers that their enemy is the son of a good friend.
  • The hero is the only one that knows that an ordinary person is actually a superhero.
  • The superhero loathes their civilian job and wants to change it.
  • The villain is asking for trouble from a superhero.
  • The superhero is captured by the supervillain, and a loved one must rescue them.
  • The hero has been going through a lot of pain around the one shoulder that holds his or her super-branded cape.
  • The superhero sees himself on the news for doing something good, but doesn’t remember doing it.
  • The superhero has to convince a little boy that magic isn’t real, because the little boy thought the superhero was a real magician.
  • The teammates of a hero are all found mysteriously dead the day after the hero joins the team.
  • There’s a new supervillain in town terrorizing everyone.
  • The shapeshifting superhero is nervous about the impending holidays.
  • The superhero is quizzed about how he became a superhero.
  • The superhero visits another world where they meet a copy of themselves.
  • A new supervillain is upset that another is stealing all the attention. The awkward construction also echoed the adventures of comic books, which often showed flawed heroes triumphing despite the limitations of their world
  • The superhero gets blackmailed for being a hero, but discovers the blackmail is a scam.
  • The superhero is part of a Justice League International.
  • The superhero wonders why nobody else can see how monstrous their evil counterpart looks.
  • The superhero accidentally leaves behind a signature when they are exercising incredible control over an object.
  • The superhero finally wins over a villain, but then it is revealed to be one of the hero’s close friends.
  • The hero tries out a new costume for Halloween.
  • The hero must save someone who usurped the hero’s reputation in school/work.
  • In a never-ending war between superheroes and supervillains, a super villain has captured another super hero hostage.
  • The superhero becomes ashamed and gives up their career.
  • A superhero wants to quit because they have nothing left to protect.
  • The superhero is a famous person, who sometimes needs to let their fans down easy.
  • A hero’s sidekick becomes the superhero.
  • After a superhero has super strength for the first time, it is revealed that the hero is not actually super powered.
  • The superhero has no secret identity.
  • Two superheroes accidentally switch bodies.
  • The superhero is able to freeze anything they touch.
  • Superman is devastated when his computer breaks.
  • The superhero’s life is snatched by the supervillain and they are rescued by a new hero.
  • The superhero wishes that their life were different, that they could be a normal person.
  • A group of superheroes’s hero skills are not useful in ordinary life.
  • The superhero discovers that their arch-nemesis is actually the son of their hidden town twin.
  • The superhero meets another person with a similar gift, but malevolent.
  • An innocent person is accused of being a supervillain. The so-called hero ends up capturing or killing the suspect, despite knowing that he is innocent. What will the hero do?
  • The hero is kidnapped by their evil ex-partner, and has a non-violent fling with them.
  • The superhero’s secret identity gets leaked by school officials.
  • A happy superhero comes down with a sudden case of melancholy.
  • The superhero is invited to join a pack of well-known heroes, but they are met with distrust and closed doors.
  • The hero investigates the crime no one else wants to investigate.
  • How do the children see the superhero after having observed his/her alter-ego for some time?
  • A journalist uncovers his/her neighbour as a superhero.
  • The supervillain tries to convince the superhero to join their team.
  • The superhero doesn’t know why they have superpowers.
  • The hero has a crush on a fellow teammate, who is interested in another woman.
  • The superhero’s parents discover that the hero’s secret identity is actually their school nemesis.
  • The superhero realizes that the supervillain is secretly obsessed with them.
  • The child’s guidance counselor advises the child’s parents to ground the child until he learns to control all of his powers.
  • A new superhero comes to town. The superhero tries to incorporate this hero into their superhero group.
  • Every other super hero refuses to help the hero with a problem, because they think they can’t do it themselves.
  • The superhero discovers that a villain is their brother or sister.
  • Superman gets an invitation to join the Justice League.
  • How the superhero transports his or her costume to and from school.
  • Society welcomes the superhero with open arms, until they realize that the person behind the mask is not the person they want writing the laws.
  • People go to war to get the item the superhero wants.
  • A mother finds out that her son has been running around dressed as a superhero…in her wardrobe.
  • The superhero’s love interest is the villain.
  • The superhero is late for work because they stopped another super villain from a crime.
  • A supervillain replaces a villain from the future.
  • The superhero’s secret identity is deciphered by an unlikely person.
  • What do the supervillains do on their off days?
  • The superhero discovers that a former foe has become a sidekick.
  • The superhero discovers that a supervillain is an actual superhero.
  • The superhero is without powers, so they serve in the army instead.
  • The superhero interview that everyone is talking about.
  • A superhero has to go undercover at school to blend in.
  • One of the hero’s childhood friends joins a local gang and turns to a life of crime.
  • During her studies, the superhero realizes that an ancient Celtic deity is actually real. They must obliterate all known artifacts of this being before he returns from the otherworld to enslave the people of her world.
  • The superhero feels discontented with the friendships they hold.
  • The superhero must deal with a famous superhero.
  • The superhero discovers they possess the power to manipulate matter.
  • The superhero must choose between their duty and their loved one.
  • The hero wakes up one day and discovers that they have super speed.
  • Fighting the supervillain. Super powers disappearing.
  • A peacekeeping hero doesn’t understand why villains don’t want to make peace.
  • The superhero finds out the child living in the local daycare is in fact the supervillain.
  • The superhero wins a dare to jump into the deep end of a pool.
  • The hero accidentally makes a crime wave by doing nothing, allowing super criminals to be imprisoned and costing the city a lot of money.
  • The superhero’s popularity stems from their identity being a secret.
  • The superhero suspects they are in love with the villain.
  • The villain’s lair is featured in the comic book.
  • The superhero has been captured.
  • The villain is surprised when the superhero addresses them by name.
  • A kid in the neighborhood is lazy, and doesn’t join in activities, so the superhero helps them out.
  • The shooting star that hit the superhero when they were a child contains the power source for a villain’s next device of destruction
  • The superhero gets into an argument with their best friend, over superhero vs. civilian priorities.
  • The superhero finds out that the villain is a fellow hero.
  • The villain captures the superhero, who is tied up.
  • The hero is popular at school, but just as respected at the local comic book convention. What will his  school think about  him going nerdy?
  • What superpower would the superhero give themselves?
  • A new superhero has arrived in the city, and everyone is raving about their new outfit and how their costume matches the color of the sky.
  • The superhero is diagnosed with cancer and does some everyday acts of heroism.
  • The superhero discovers that their sidekick is a bit of a bully.
  • The superhero accesses their super powers through the song of a bright yellow bird.
  • A superhero performs vulgar acts on live television on a talk show.
  • The superhero is being hunted by the police.
  • The superhero has been away, and was seen with an amazing new costume.
  • A superhero fights with their arch enemy before he realizes that they are the same person.
  • The superhero is the school bully.
  • A buff, teen boy is interested in joining a cape club.
  • The superhero has to live a double life.
  • The superhero is required by law to marry the supervillain.
  • The superhero is forced to miss their first performance because a supervillain attacks it.
  • The superhero discovers that the teen sidekick is kicking their butt.
  • The superpower is nearly out of energy.
  • A superhero proposes to their love interest.
  • The superhero finds out that the supervillain doesn’t know they exist.
  • The superhero must make a choice between using their powers and earning extra credits.
  • The superhero’s best friend finds out and thinks he’s cheating or something.
  • The superhero’s parents think the result of their heroics is that they’ve changed.
  • The superhero doesn’t realize that a fellow super is evil, and wants to be friends.
  • The hero can never keep a secret.
  • The superhero in this story has no superpowers, but is admired by some of their peers for their courage and grit.
  • A villain returns, deciding to be a superhero instead.
  • The superhero believes in peace, but there is something about their appearance that just looks intimidating.
  • The superhero is a family man.
  • Why don’t super heroes feature in the Olympics or the super bowl?
  • The hero’s super power is owned by rival crime gangs.
  • Someone writes an obituary for the superhero.
  • The supervillain wins, but the superhero keeps coming back.
  • The superhero has insomnia, because they can’t sleep knowing about the real problems of the world.
  • A post-apocalyptic world, because society has fallen, superheroes are rulers over their own little corners of the world.
  • Ironically, the superhero is all thumbs, and can’t do anything related to household chores.
  • The superhero’s love interest discovers them in their costume.
  • The superhero struggles with being respected in school, because they are no longer any geek or nerd.
  • Superheroes have no middle name.
  • A superhero story is updated for the digital age like a remake movie.
  • The superhero is inspired by the 7 items in their secret identity kit.
  • The superhero solves a crime quickly, but doesn’t want to reveal their secret identity.
  • The superhero accidentally hurts a bystander, first when their powers activate, and then again when they are fighting crime.
  • The superhero writes their own back-story, and something is wrong with it.
  • The hero learns a shocking secret, regarding a superhero who died long ago.
  • The heroes experience a romantic breakup.
  • The superhero had retired, but then reconsiders it when someone needs saving.
  • The teenage superhero must live a double life, where she is a normal, boring teenager who babysits for the neighbors.
  • The superhero is warm and cuddly on the inside.
  • A superhero is in a team, who dies.
  • A mysterious package with an unknown sender is sent to the superhero.
  • A supervillain wants to drag the superhero’s parent into the supervillain’s inter-dimensional prison.
  • The superhero now works on behalf of the government, for official interests.
  • In the middle of a fight, the hero has a moment of crippling doubt.
  • The superhero who just wants the days with romping and fighting.
  • A blind superhero must fight a supervillain.
  • During school, the super hero is confused – why don’t more people value honesty, kindness, and generosity.
  • The superhero discovers her healing powers can’t defeat the supervillain.
  • Some special power, like strength or flying, is very overt and terrifying to others.
  • The superhero is secretly a substitute human teacher.
  • The villain takes the superheroes sneakers before fleeing.
  • The superhero has to take on adult problems, because of the several hours their demanding job takes each night.
  • The superhero walks into a party in costume, except that he’s also carrying a body bag.
  • The superhero suffers from amnesia.
  • The superhero is receiving threatening phone calls.
  • The superhero has to leave their secret identity safe at the daycare at night.
  • A superhero confesses to someone that they are terrified of failure.
  • The superhero accidentally discovers their powers.
  • A middle schooler is far from home when a supervillain attacks. They are thrown from a window, and land on the head of their favorite superhero.
  • The superhero is seriously injured in the fight against the villain.
  • The superhero goes into retirement.
  • The superhero is young, naive, and completely inexperienced.
  • The superhero’s parents introduce him at the town hall meeting.
  • The superhero has to give up their powers, but goes on to gain other powers or talents.
  • The superhero realizes they must do one good act a day to avoid unleashing a greater evil.
  • The superhero quits their past job and opens a business out of their own home. They name the business, describe its logo, offer services, etc.
  • Superman must decide whether to help a villain who asks him.
  • A super hero doesn’t know how to fight with someone who is immune to all their powers.
  • How would you feel if another hero disappeared, never to return.
  • The hero has powers for seven years, but never speaks about them.
  • The superhero tries to prove their worth by taking down the supervillain.
  • The superhero discovers that their race is called ‘imaginary.’
  • No one has seen the superhero in months. They go see where the superhero lives.  Only they don’t find a superhero… The superhero discovers they have an arch nemesis. The superhero receives a threatening letter. The superhero investigates a mystery that is taking over the town. Happy writing! Dr. J
  • A man stumbles into the superhero’s hideout.
  • The super villain realizes their nemesis is actually somewhat innocent and harmless.
  • The superhero would really like to help the police solve crimes, but not while wearing a costume.
  • The superhero is adjusting to a new sidekick.
  • Superheroes are required to donate their organs to a donor program.
  • The Wizard is a superhero-in-training. He has the choice to stick to the good side or turn evil.
  • The superhero has started to wear a mask all the time.
  • The superhero chooses to be a vigilante, fighting evil wherever they find it.
  • A couple becomes superheroes by costume shopping.
  • The superhero can no longer fly.
  • All the superheroes are getting old or sick, but one of them has kept the same body for the last fifteen years.
  • The superhero misses work a lot.
  • The superhero’s arch nemesis is a hotshot at the rival school.
  • The superhero gets into a shopping mall fight.
  • The hero realizes that a younger version of him is secretly a greater superhero than the adult one.
  • We follow the superhero from the time they were a child until present day.
  • Superheroes attack the school in order to find out who the hero is.
  • Someone overturns their parent’s car into the superhero’s front yard.
  • The superhero has to go on a date.
  • Many women would like to marry this superhero, but the hero is gay.
  • The superhero loses their powers.
  • What are some of the unforeseen consequences of superpowers?
  • An all-powerful supervillain grants the superhero the power to destroy the world once.
  • A member of a superhero support group ends up having their most hated villain appear to give them advice.
  • The superhero realizes that their arch-nemesis used to be a friend when they were children.
  • The superhero has woken up in the wrong body.
  • The superhero discovers they have a terminal illness.
  • The superhero has way too much power, and they don’t know how to control it.
  • The hero falls for their nemesis.
  • The superhero jumps in to save a bystander instead of saving a friend.
  • The superhero is a cat person and only eats tuna.
  • The protagonist of a dystopian future story discovers that they can now fly.
  • The superhero must overcome a supervillain with a damaged costume.
  • The superhero goes on a date.
  • The superhero has super powers, although they never know when they will work.
  • The supervillain’s wife asks the mayor to join a neighborhood watch.
  • The superhero becomes the archenemy of the superhero mentor.
  • A villain gains a superpower.
  • A superhero must keep their super identity secret.
  • The superhero is kissing up to the supervillain, and acting slightly evil.
  • The superhero overhears that they were a monkey in a previous life.
  • The superhero constantly loses their powers.
  • The hero has been lying to their family. They tell them that they are working two jobs.
  • The superhero has information on a notorious villain, but won’t reveal it because the villain may come gunning for them.
  • A sidekick takes over for the bitten superhero.
  • The superhero faces a super-villain who can read their mind.
  • The superhero and supervillain decide to settle matters by a boxing match.
  • The superhero works at an ordinary job to pay their bills, but everyone thinks they are slacking off.
  • An auto mechanic hears a sonic boom and discovers someone surfacing from a manhole.
  • One of the superhero’s allies is a villain.
  • Write what happens when the superhero evaluates his abilities to fight other superheroes while denying that he’s doing so.
  • The superhero’s evil twin decides to join the “good side”.
  • A superhero’s costume was destroyed.
  • Superheroes are famous.
  • The villain’s moocs are asphyxiated.
  • The supervillain escapes from prison and the hero’s parents offer to have him spend the night.
  • A superhero gets caught in his own trap.
  • The superhero is captured by the supervillain’s henchman.
  • The superhero becomes an alcoholic.
  • The superhero has noticed a particular child visiting their store often.
  • A villain hacks the computer system and corrupts the database of superheroes.
  • The superhero’s hours after fighting their nemesis are spent relaxing in the hard-earned bath.
  • The superhero discovers a powerful new clothes destroying ray, and is tempted to use it against the supervillain.
  • The origin story of the superhero is recalled in a flashback scene during the present day.
  • The superhero’s dog’s name is Krypto.
  • Three superheroes make the other eleven look like chumps.
  • The superhero is seriously injured, nearly dies.
  • A rival superhero has showed up and they are secretive.
  • The superhero is approached by a villain employer who is looking for a world-famous hero in training.
  • After defeating a supervillain, no one believes the superhero and the police think the hero is the villain.
  • The hero is constantly struggling with a romantic entanglement.
  • A superhero tries to unwind by window shopping for clothes inspired by their own uniform.
  • The superhero dumps their love interest because the nemesis is flirting with them.
  • The superhero discovers that their nemesis is in love with the superhero.
  • The superhero meets their real parents.
  • The supervillain takes the superhero’s side.
  • The supervillain, in disguise, sees the hero and thinks they have caught them off guard, and immediately attacks.
  • When a hero does something “by mistake,” a supervillain usually steps in to make sure things are done properly.
  • A superhero faces discovery, as the school bully is revealed as their secret identity.
  • The superhero’s identity is discovered.
  • The superhero who falls in love with a supervillain.
  • BANG! The superhero vs. the villain. The hero fires the shot, and the villain goes down. Silence. The superhero looks up in horror as the hero’s neighbor is holding a baby. The neighboring couple stands behind the hero as they peacefully walk away. Trust the superhero to save the day.
  • The superhero’s arch-nemesis makes a Super proposal.
  • The superhero is bullied because their parents could have ‘conferred their abilities onto their child’ in a lab.
  • An ordinary man finds a costume in his pocket.
  • The battle between justice and evil is the main course.
  • A super villain is robbing the city. The mayor has no clue how to deal with it. It is up to the hero to capture the villain.
  • The supervillain is searching for his parents, but cannot find them, because the parents are in witness protection.
  • The superhero is the first of their kind, and everyone wants them to join their side.
  • What story setting would you like to see in a game? Give us your setting.
  • Your hero wants to be a student at your school.
  • A high school bully attempts to justify their actions by claiming that the superhero is the brains of the operation while they are all the brawn.
  • The supervillain is injured and has to stay in the hero’s house while recovering.
  • The superhero finds themselves at odds with a law.
  • At home, the superhero finds it harder and harder to control their powers. The heroes don’t know how to react because, despite their different super powers, they are all rather shy.
  • When a supervillain steals the superhero’s identity for an evil scheme, who is the public willing to believe?
  • The superhero’s former love interest is dating the superhero’s arch enemy.
  • After saving the world, the superhero realizes that they will never get the recognition they deserve.
  • The superhero is idolized by every person they meet.
  • The superhero and friends sign up for a commercial for a product that doesn’t exist.
  • A team of superheroes is called in to save a cat.
  • The superhero is cursed to be abused by people.
  • The superhero searches for their true identity in the Bermuda triangle.
  • You’re a superhero, and you’re invited to be a guest at the President’s Mansion, but you don’t have the proper attire for such an occasion.
  • The superhero told their friend about their secret identity. This makes the hero’s friend really excited.
  • The superhero applies for a job at a supermarket and gets it.
  • From an old foe, the superhero starts receiving threatening letters.
  • Their heroic alter-ego breaks up with who is their secret identity.
  • A superhero is wounded / killed in the line of duty, and his non-super friends admire him for his sacrifice, but his friends who knew him before the superhero act like him being a hero and almost losing his life has changed him for the worse.
  • When they go out, they’re alerted to the costume shop that’s making money off their likeness.
  • A cartoonist takes a superhero and draws them into their comics.
  • The superhero is non-human.
  • A mysterious stranger gives the superhero an artifact which allows them to control their super power.
  • The mayor wants to ban superhero costumes from the city.
  • The hero uses their powers to cheat on an important test.
  • The superhero’s parents want their child to drop their superhero career.
  • The superhero discovers that their arch-nemesis is their long lost cousin.
  • How would the world change if the superheroes existed? What positive aspects and impacts would they have? To what extent can their powers be used for protection and offense? What would a supervillain do if they had superhero powers? How do superheroes deal with their powers? A superhero can only travel by an airplane. Choose a few episodes to write about, from the start to the finish of the flight. Did the superhero make it in time? Why not? How did the superhero get along with the co-pilot? Interview the superhero. What do they like about their job? Describe a time when they have laughed. Describe a time when they have been scared. What made them laugh? Why were they afraid? Get a superhero to give you advice on a life problem.
  • How do superheroes handle annoying teenagers?
  • The superhero is a very strong, important city official.
  • The superhero ticks off the supervillain and the latter sends minions to get back at the hero.
  • The superhero discovers music and discovers that they have superb singing abilities.
  • The superhero is bullied by schoolmates because of their role of a hero.
  • A thief gets a taste of his own medicine when he runs into the superhero.
  • A supervillain decides to quit supervillainy and joins the superhero establishment.
  • A superhero shares their powers with a man going through a hard time.
  • Superman sniffles just a smidge.
  • The superhero has to track down the supervillain, who has kidnapped their love interest.
  • The superheroes discover that they enjoy their work more than their history test.
  • The superhero hates his or her nemesis for being just ordinary and super-rich.
  • A comic book writer has trouble coming up with new ideas.
  • The hero joins the wrong team.
  • A teenage superhero can count their real friends on one hand.
  • It’s hard being a superhero. They must neglect their own family, relationships, or studies so they have time to protect the world at night.
  • A journalist investigates the background of superheroes/supervillains.
  • The superhero has a super smell.
  • The superhero discovers that their costume is from another planet.
  • The superhero reaches the that the more work they do, the better the villains get.
  • The superhero and their street-name are the clear front-runner for awards.
  • The superhero says they do not need a sidekick.
  • The superhero finds out that the supervillain is their long-lost identical twin.
  • What Makes a Good Hero?
  • The superhero’s kryptonite is garlic, the supervillain’s kryptonite is sunlight  and the superhero sacrifices garlic.
  • The superhero’s costume is accidentally demolished.
  • The superhero is used to battle super villains with the alias in America, or has to hide their powers while attending school in America.
  • The superhero realizes that the villain has abilities they don’t have. What abilities does the superhero try not to use?
  • The superhero learns that they can be easily owned.
  • The hero’s parents want the hero to stop saving the world.
  • A clone doubles of a superhero
  • The superhero uses their powers to terrorize the villains who ruined their life.
  • A hero turns evil.
  • The supervillain plans to wipe out their chosen city, but the hero still smiles.
  • The superhero realizes they haven’t been wearing their costume at school.
  • The superhero battles a supervillain who is a fashion designer.
  • The superhero is forced to work with a sociopathic supervillain.
  • The supervillain is sweet and popular among his peers.
  • A school bully manages to rob a bank using super powers, but later turns off the powers and is arrested.
  • The superhero decides to join a sports team, and becomes the best player.
  • The superhero’s powers are revealed to the public.
  • The superhero doesn’t understand why they fail so often, but often gets back together to fight evil.
  • The superhero gets lost.
  • The supervillain claims to have a soft side when it comes to animals or young children.
  • The superhero is saving lives, but a journalist is claiming that the superhero murders people.
  • A villain decides that killing a superhero is the most logical side quest t o becoming a hero.
  • The superhero’s sidekick believes the sidekick is better than the superhero.
  • A superhero cleans up after a party.
  • The supervillain and superhero get married.
  • The superhero destroys their nemesis and takes the death count to a new level of violence.
  • The superhero has an archnemesis, who has had plastic surgery to make him look exactly like his hero.
  • Public opinion turns against the superhero after the hero saves someone the media shames.
  • The supervillain’s daughter discovers her father’s true identity.
  • The superhero also has the power of telepathy.
  • A lonely teenage girl’s reality TV show is canceled, and asks the hero to save it via their goofy superhero spin off show.
  • The hero discovers that they can no longer use their super strength either because their hands are hugely swollen.
  • Your hometown is ravaged by giant monsters.
  • Some students are bullying the superhero’s disabled love interest.
  • A villain sends the superhero a riddle, and they know what it means, but what will happen? When the superhero gets there that is.
  • The newspaper launches a superhero page, to be edited by a nine year old boy.
  • When they were young, the young hero was dazzled by the feats of an older, super-powered hero.
  • Someone burns a cross on the hero’s lawn.
  • The crime fighter is distraught, and about to retire from crime fighting for good when they receive a call from their mother.
  • The journalist plans to expose the people that own superpowers.
  • The superhero is a groundskeeper at a cemetery.
  • The superhero holds a love interest by using only their hands.
  • The superhero is recruited by a global intelligence network.
  • The superhero could finally show his true colors if they defeated the supervillain.
  • The superhero accidentally kills a villain.
  • A thug sees the super hero and is aghast, because his partner, who had died a couple of years ago saving his life, totally resembles the new super hero.The supervillain is having a disastrous first day on the job.
  • The supervillain is just like Groot.
  • The superhero just can’t stop telling everyone that they’re the hero.
  • The lunches of the superheroes and supervillains are switched.
  • The superhero gets grounded by their parents because of the injuries the superhero has inflicted.
  • The superhero has never caught the supervillain.
  • The supervillain seeks redemption.
  • The superhero is given the power of super speed.
  • A bug with radar sense asks to join the superhero’s extended family.
  • A supervillain shows up in town at the scene of a crime or emergency.
  • A supervillain tries to blame something on the hero.
  • The superhero’s diary is stolen and the villain reads it.
  • The superhero’s parents are worried, because they found their room full of weapons.
  • The super villain is double crossed by his henchman and accidentally stays out a whole day.
  • Doomed Love
  • The superhero wishes to retire, but no one else has the same power.
  • The superhero’s sidekick quits.
  • The superhero throws a party for his fellow heroes.
  • An old superhero takes the new teen superhero under his wing.
  • How does the superhero reconcile the need to be a good participant in their families life as well as a superhero?
  • The   superhero’s  superpowers include an instant  increase in intelligence.
  • The superhero discovers that they are unable to go a day without a drink, a drug, or something else.
  • No one will reveal where the superhero learned to drive so well.
  • A doll maker has invented a robot superhero to protect the world while his business crumbles around him.
  • A hero goes back in time and tells their younger self that they will grow up to become a great superhero.
  • There is a real risk of death when a hero saves the day.
  • A superhero movie doubles as the hero’s origin story.
  • The president wants the hero to protect his family.
  • A superhero story.
  • The superhero goes to a masked ball, to investigate an evil plot the supervillain is implementing.
  • A damsel calls the superhero to ask for help, but it turns out that woman was a manipulative villain.
  • A superpowered villain wants to write a superhero retirement program.
  • There have been a series of superhero attacks, but no witnesses of good enough quality.
  • The superhero has a secret identity, and the villain is finding it out.
  • The superhero keeps accidentally revealing their identity to the press.
  • A supervillain is tired of struggling against superheroes, so they go back to school to research who is more powerful, superheroes or parents.
  • The superhero needs to use the bathroom, but they have to be careful with their super pace.
  • The superhero is exorcising ghosts from his or her city.
  • The superhero begins to worry that they will never be normal again.
  • A superhero has super shoes, which let them fly.
  • The supervillain is brought in for questioning, and the hero leads the interrogation.
  • The superhero’s former sidekick becomes the supervillain.
  • The superhero goes through a rebellious phase with the kids at school.
  • My own superhero needs to borrow some money for new equipment.
  • A new superhero begins fighting crime in the city. The super hero is a coward.
  • A celebrity on a reality TV show is actually a villain.
  • The superhero becomes drunk.
  • A super hero falls in love with a non-super hero.
  • A supervillain arises.
  • Everyone else on the planet has super strength, and the hero is the only one who does not.
  • The superhero speaks to the reader through letters.
  • The hero is battling the supervillain and a civilian bystander is about to get hurt.
  • A woman wonders what her therapist will think once they know she is a superhero.
  • The superhero discovers that they aren’t the only hero.
  • The hero can’t figure out who replaced their super suit.
  • The superhero saves humanity by flying through a black hole and catches a green energy from another dimension, and begins to change into something unrecognizable.
  • On their fortieth birthday, he realizes that he was bitten by a radioactive bug.
  • The superhero’s parents think the hero is responsible for everything that is wrong in the town.
  • The supervillain files a civil suit against the superhero for “breaking and entering”.
  • The superhero is blamed for something the supervillain did.
  • The super hero’s serum gave them the additional ability of super intelligence and an eidetic memory.
  • The superhero doesn’t get along with the local super team.
  • The superhero considers pushing themselves to pull off the next heroic feat.
  • The hero is reluctant to wear his costume after he learns that his face has been caught on camera.
  • The superhero is really from another dimension.
  • The supervillain develops anxiety issues after becoming famous for their actions.
  • The family car has the bottom half of the shark and is named Kima .
  • The superhero accidentally discovers that their sidekick is superhuman as well.
  • The superhero discovers that the villain they fought yesterday has a very close friend in the superhero’s social group.
  • Struggling with failure or guilt, a hero is mid-slump.
  • The supervillain’s evil plans are spoiled by the hero’s shocking news.
  • The superheroes discover that any damage they do disappears within 24 hours.
  • The superhero’s mother fixes a past incident of the superhero bailing water from a sinking ship when they apparently cause an oil spill.
  • The superhero’s arch-nemesis joins their super team.
  • What would a symbol for your superhero look like?
  • A supervillain wishes to cease their criminal activities for good, but can’t – for some reason.
  • The superhero’s nemesis is relocating to a different city, but the superhero doesn’t agree with their nemesis. The superhero makes a final plea.
  • Someone steals the superhero’s mask!
  • A supervillain decides to go straight using their powers of persuasion.
  • The supervillain kidnaps the superhero, and keeps them in a cage.
  • The superhero has a secret weakness.
  • The superhero lives with the supervillain.
  • The superhero is having a hard time keeping their superpowers from their parents.
  • The superhero receives a hero’s welcome at the homecoming football game.
  • An entire neighborhood is missing their mail and newspaper.
  • The hero discovers that no matter where they live, they still have some enemies.
  • The superhero’s identity has been exposed.
  • While fighting crime, the hero finds themselves in a bed and breakfast, and the owner recognizes them.
  • There will be a quiz about the tropes of superheroes.
  • After a fight, the hero finds that the supervillain escaped.
  • The superhero returns home and discovers their family became criminals after they were killed.
  • The superhero realizes they were supposed to save the falling baby from the burning building. The superhero tries to call for help, but realizes nobody can hear them.
  • The superhero has mixed feelings about their job.
  • A pair of superheroes find interesting compatibility during a night patrol.
  • The superhero discovers a new power, but when they use the new power, their fellow heroes wonder if they can still be trusted.
  • The villain’s master plan backfires and they become the hero’s sidekick instead.
  • A super hero is trapped on a deserted island with no way off.
  • Heroes set out to teach the “powers that be” a lesson.
  • The superhero realises that their powers are shrinking.
  • The supervillain has, like, a lot of henchmen.
  • Superheroes and regular everyday criminals have switched places.
  • The superhero’s mean boss has requested that they work longer hours.
  • The supervillain has a bottom that is perfect for spanking.
  • A superhero who left on a spiritual journey years ago returns a changed person.
  • The superhero has a major falling out with another superhero.
  • The supervillain wants to grow up and have normal  children herself.
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  • The superhero wants to test their strength out on trees.
  • The hero and the villain are friends.
  • The superhero has won a lot of awards, and friends wonder if the hero should move on to something wor…
  • The superhero’s parents are worried because their hero accidentally exposed their secret identity to their love interest.
  • The hero is running out of costume designs.
  • The superhero discovers their power when they accidently throw the cars in the parking lot. You will learn a lot about the history of heroes, their origins, abilities, and how each is unique.
  • There’s an incredible heat wave with many people poisoned by the hot weather. The superhero hears cries of help and saves the city and the city council gives them a parade…But the superhero was overheated and felt really bad the whole time.
  • The hero secretly returns a kidnapped child home, which will cause complication.
  • The villain reveals that they’re actually the superhero’s parents.
  • The superhero joins the cheerleading squad.
  • A superhero wants to use their powers, but their boss has outlawed using powers in the workplace.
  • The superhero doesn’t mind wearing a costume, because getting girlfriends or boyfriends was more of a problem before.
  • A day in the life of a superhero.
  • The superhero is not super intelligent. They dress up in costumes because it makes them look more intelligent and they feel it brings them credibility.
  • The villain wants to secretly become a superhero and fight crime.
  • A young hero searches for their place to hide their secret.
  • The supervillain seeks help in using their powers better.
  • Superman is outed as Clark Kent.
  • The superhero acts like a superhero, even when there are no witnesses.
  • The government produces a hero training academy.
  • The villain hires a competent sidekick.
  • A superhero sneaks out in the night to fight crime.
  • A villain kidnaps the superhero’s girlfriend and then makes an unexpected discovery.
  • The crime-fighter battles an evil prototype.
  • The hero discovers himself alone in a strange city and wonders how to get home.
  • The same comic book is a hit, time and again.
  • A supervillain decides to dedicate his life to taking out one superhero.
  • One hero dates another hero but there can be only one.
  • As the superhero is flying home, they see a building on fire, someone yelling for help, and someone running from the person yelling for help. How does the superhero tackle these situations? The superhero tastes a new kind of fruit for the first time, but doesn’t like it. The superhero now craves fruit like never before, and also as never before, they lose their appetite for all other foods. They’d rather be teased about their super strength than about their eyes. The superhero discovers that super strength runs in their family. Every super human in their ancestry had it, and there were a couple of unsuper people as well.
  • The superhero marries the former supervillain, but is then pursued by the police.
  • The backstory behind the character.
  • The superhero defeats the supervillain. But the supervillain escaped without their mask! How will the superhero act in front of their parents when they find out?
  • A small town becomes the site of a superhero fight.
  • A story about two superheroes who have a happy marriage filled with fighting crime and the raising of children.
  • The superhero discovers that their archnemesis is using a magic power source.
  • The hero and the villain battle on yard duty.
  • The supervillain’s villain yet crime saving equipment goes missing. Somebody is stealing.
  • The supervillain is a little person, and physically overpowers his nemesis with a knife.
  • The superhero customizes his or her costume at night after school and before bedtime.
  • A superhero can’t save everybody.
  • The superhero must defeat their arch enemy to win the heart of the city’s mayor.
  • The superhero was scared of the supervillain until they helped an old lady across the street.
  • The villain who almost killed the hero has been offered a hefty reward for turning them in.
  • The superhero is constantly late for work.
  • The superhero starts trying to leave the famous hero team and their fellow heroes are not happy about it.
  • The superhero struggles to keep their normal life and superhero life separate.
  • The superhero sympathizes with their arch nemesis.
  • The superhero never knew life without superpowers.
  • A villain sees that there is a new superhero, so goes into hiding.
  • There is much screaming upon the revelation of oneself as a second-tier superhero.
  • The superhero family members go to the bowling alley.
  • The superhero has a mental breakdown.
  • Dr. Rex was quite upset. He had never failed so spectacularly. In his tired hands, he held his wrench – which had failed as well. Now, the giant machine was stuck together with duct tape and rope, it’s’ pipes were uneven, staples poked out in every direction. It was a mess.
  • The superhero discovers that the super organization seems to be part of a greater evil organization.
  • The superhero isn’t normal anymore.
  • The superhero’s first crush is their rival.
  • The superhero is having relationship problems due to their secret identity.
  • The hero confides in their co-worker who has deductive powers.
  • An anti-theme party is thrown.
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  • The superhero is framed for fire-setting.
  • Your school’s new dress code requires shorts and a t-shirt. The t-shirt says “Fight Crime.”
  • The superhero rescues their neighbor’s cat, only to discover it was really their arch-nemesis in disguise.
  • The superhero is worried that a family member might be a supervillain.
  • A super villain keeps trying to blow up the hero, instead of killing them because he’s too attractive.
  • The rogue superhero has decided to disband and become a lawyer, but their evil hitman brother is out to kill them so that they can be together forever.
  • After a particularly brutal fight, the superhero realizes that they don’t remember the supervillain’s name.
  • A supervillain has the dream of being a hero instead.
  • A supervillain swears that he will steal the superhero’s greatest secret.
  • The superhero has finally discovered their true parentage.
  • The superhero even knows the secret identity of the supervillain.
  • Someone in the superhero’s high school has the superpower of invincibility.
  • Sometimes the superhero runs out of gas.
  • The superhero has to officiate a religious wedding.
  • A hero attracts teenagers to physical training, by taking them through a workout.
  • A minister tries to deploy the superhero for religious war.
  • The comic book artist cannot stop raving about his comic book hero.
  • As a reward for saving the day, the heroes invite themselves over to the villain’s place.
  • Superhero background – Alternate History
  • The superhero is having a hard time living up to her name.
  • It’s time to select the school mascot, and the hero is fighting on the wrong side of the cafeteria lunch table.
  • The superhero’s secret identity is that of an ordinary student.
  • The superhero is captured in a villain’s situation.
  • The superhero’s younger brother has super strength.
  • The supervillain joins the superhero’s side, despite hating the hero.
  • The villain involved in the scandal of committing a crime at the Golden Globes / came out as a supervillain.
  • There is a superhero that is saving people in other countries.
  • The superhero discovers that his best friend is the villain.
  • There is an underground society of superheroes with an extended language.
  • The superhero enjoys dressing up but realizes that it’s getting in the way of their clothing budget.
  • A super villain escapes jail and the superhero grants a request for a dance competition to take place at the supervillain’s secret hideout.
  • The superhero’s younger sibling expresses an interest in being a superhero.
  • The superhero discovers that a neighborhood bully is actually a minion of the supervillain.
  • Twins get superpowers, but only one has the ability to fly.
  • The superhero cannot stop thinking about the super villain’s fatal flaw.
  • The superhero is raising a baby.
  • When Superman crosses the street, his good deeds put off traffic for dozens of city blocks.
  • The superhero refuses to work with the sidekick.
  • The superhero that saves people’s cats from tall trees.
  • The superhero witnesses their city burning down.
  • The superhero is not allowed to fight fire with fire.
  • The superhero rescues animals.
  • The superhero works to fundraise for a charity.
  • All of the super villains’ henchmen are gathered in a secret lair conducting a symposium on the art of the super villain.
  • A hero sneaks away to help out a fellow hero in trouble.
  • The supervillain searches his/her house for all traces of his/her former friend.
  • A college professor was injured, but the hero saved him.
  • The superhero has to be careful moving around in public, so does not take part in any sporting events.
  • The superhero is trapped at a speed building in the middle of a super villain attack, and is about to meet their presumed death.
  • The superhero imagines what life would be like if he or she could date as normal teens, without super strength.
  • The superhero meets their idol, a retired superhero, in hopes that they can provide some tips.
  • The superhero gets bored because the bad guys are too easy to defeat.
  • The superhero takes an origin story turn and becomes a supervillain.
  • The superhero asks for advice from an expert, but gets some different responses.
  • The superhero deals with an annoying archenemy.
  • Super weapons are destroying lots of stuff.
  • The superhero becomes the bully.
  • The superhero is different from all the other kids from their neighborhood.
  • There are reminders of their powers everywhere, like their homework.
  • A loved one tells the superhero that they are using super strength to vandalize their usual methods of transportation.
  • Superfast is worried, because Superfast isn’t sure if the next generation of heroes will be as fast… or faster!
  • The superhero discovers that their sidekick is dating another superhero.
  • A person who is bullied realizes that the super power that they just discovered belongs to their tormentor’s.
  • Once upon a time, a super villain used to be a superhero.
  • The superhero learns about the tragic injustice that made them become a hero.
  • The superhero that died saving the world came back as a ghost to save the world– again.
  • The superhero meets another superhero.
  • A superhero obsesses over their love interest at night.
  • The superhero has been summoned as a witness in court.
  • The superhero’s genius geek friend creates a gadget that his friend can’t stop using.
  • The superhero thinks that a weekend without rescuing a cat stuck in a tree will make them less of a hero.
  • The superhero’s enemy is offered a cure for their condition.
  • The superhero discovers that their familiar, animal sidekick was sent to them by the supervillain.
  • The superhero has terrible allergies that they can not explain.
  • Our superhero discovers that their archenemy is truly admirable.
  • The heroic itch is worse at night.
  • A supervillain traps the superhero.
  • When the superhero saves the day, they ask out the lifeguard, now a millionaire.
  • The superhero stays locked in their room, but it is more interesting here than down there.
  • A supervillain’s plans are derailed by his attempt to solve his sidekick’s school bully problem.
  • A supervillain is using super speed to commit robberies.
  • All the superhero wants is a little privacy, but the media wants a photo op.
  • The superhero is bullied by a tough street gang.
  • The superhero discovers that they’re living in a video game.
  • A supervillain hires a paranormal detective to investigate the superhero.
  • The superhero is depressed because they are tired of receiving credit for the actions of the others in a team.
  • What if two superheroes fall in love?
  • Feeling rejected by a peer, the superhero goes to a cyber tournament and loses an arm.
  • Whenever he tries to help someone, the superhero ends up hurting them.
  • The superhero believes that their crime fighting is a calling, but doubt has been creeping in.
  • The superhero’s sidekick breaks up with him/her.
  • When the superhero grows up, they want to be like whoever they have had the most emotional impact on.
  • The superheroes team up to fight crime and arrest criminals, but something goes wrong and their leader is killed.
  • The superhero knows that his former mentor has a felony conviction and legal trouble for drug possession.
  • The supervillain is now using their powers for good.
  • The superhero loses all of their powers due to a jamming signal.
  • There is an insta-shift in scenery between one normal day and the next.
  • Wildly popular comic books are filled with vices and violence, featuring super idols.
  • The hero gives a demonstration at the school, lighting up a smoke-machine filled darkened gymnasium.
  • A hero has lost their powers.
  • The superhero’s sidekick rehearses a rescue, but gets only bruises.
  • Dreams make the superhero think of a past they’re not too proud of.
  • The superhero is appalled at the superhero media cookie-cutter issues that arise.
  • The child wishes to join the local SuperLeague.
  • The hero’s dog turns out to be a super creature.
  • The superheros swore off crime fighting, becoming an accountant instead.
  • A superhero wanders through a post-apocalyptic setting.
  • The kind hearted superhero discovers that one of their enemies is now homeless.
  • A superhero never gives in to bullies.
  • The superhero wants to give it all up.
  • It’s the big showdown! Hero vs. superhero.
  • The supervillain breaks out of prison. When they have their showdown, the superhero can’t help but think that their adversary looks so much like a person that they know.
  • A super hero becomes famous, and starts to spend their money getting the things that they never had.
  • The superhero is having strange dreams.
  • Mercenaries are hunting the superhero and will not stop until brain matter is on the wall.
  • An inexperienced superhero returns from their first adventure and discusses it with their parents.
  • The superhero has the ability to teleport.
  • The arrival of a new superhero casts a shadow on the original superhero.
  • A group of super-villains sets out to destroy the world.
  • Super hero demands payment from villains that the heroes caught and sent to jail.
  • The superhero has a surprise meeting with themself and discovers that they’re a truer version.
  • The bad guy has kidnapped a superhero.
  • The superhero witnesses a crime, but sees that no one is around to help.
  • The superhero is nervous about possibly using their powers to succeed at a test.
  • The superhero begins an official superhero job, then realizes that the job must be put on hold.
  • The superhero is not who they think they are.
  • The superhero reports to the police department, because crimes are on the rise.
  • A young boy finds a super power ring on the floor.
  • The superhero’s parents think their child is wasting their God-given talents.
  • The bad guy notices that a body in the morgue matches perfectly with the superhero.
  • The school bully can guarantee that the superhero won’t show up. But when they’re invited to the superhero’s house for dinner, the bully is helpless to say anything.
  • The superhero is the only one who can stop an impending super villain attack.
  • How does the sudden emergence of superpowers affect the life of the superhero?
  • The superhero is on a date, but switches moods from super serious, to their regular personality. Which triggers more worry from their parents.
  • The superhero’s sidekick refuses to play the role anymore and breaks up with the hero.
  • A superhero uses their abilities for good or evil.
  • A retired superhero has chosen a day to let their son or daughter be the superhero, and an unforeseen supervillain hijacks this day.
  • Two heroes who are in love with the same man, decide to share him.
  • The superhero wakes up and fails to use their special ability.
  • A superhero writer loses their manuscript.
  • The superhero’s favorite food is muffins.
  • Super powers are all right, but a guy could really miss chocolate.
  • The superhero is caught off-guard when a group of villains introduces themselves as the “Superhero Support Group,” and they plan on swimming in his pockets.
  • The superhero begins to think that there is one hero who is both famous and liked by the public.
  • The male superhero meets the female villain’s child.
  • A superhero gains powers due to an object that they found.
  • The superhero creator is back from 30 years of intense scientific work, and asking for input on his big project.
  • A frustrated superhero finds himself not performing all too well when he’s around his love interest.
  • A simple crime turns into a superhero pursuit, because the criminal has evil henchmen.
  • The supervillain discovers that the superhero lives across the street.
  • The superhero discovers a secret entrance through time into a supervillain’s hideout.
  • The superhero accidentally beats up their love interest.
  • Two superheroes fight over a trust fund.
  • The superhero realizes they’re pregnant, the baby will probably be super.
  • The superhero dates a fellow hero.
  • The superhero shows mercy to a criminal who doesn’t deserve it.
  • A superhero makes long-term plans.
  • A superhero’s power isn’t as great as a supervillain as they thought.
  • A year after the move to Superhero City, the superhero knows no one.
  • Our superhero struggles because they are an only child.
  • The superhero grows incredibly bored while fighting bad guys.
  • The supervillain breaks into the hero’s home, destroys their things, and attempts to scare the hero.
  • The reason people think the superhero is weird is because…
  • A superhero escapes death by doing a flip over a shark.
  • Superheroes don’t think anything when they casually walk past someone. But they do it all the time.
  • The superhero saves the day, but in the process becomes seriously injured, including burns, cuts, and black eyes.
  • The superhero receives a party invitation from one of the supervillains.
  • The superhero comes back from their daily fight to find a villain lurking in his parents’ closet.
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  • The world finds out a superhero’s true identity.
  • A fanboy superhero is jealous of the success of a rival character.
  • The superhero goes on a date with a policeman.
  • The superhero realizes they must disclose their identity to the love interest.
  • A superhero goes into a store and gets a gun. He puts it into his school bag.
  • The superhero works late at night cleaning up bus lanes and railway tracks.
  • The superhero orders the supervillain to promise to go straight.
  • The superhero regularly lifts weights to increase their power.
  • A rebellious teenager discovers that their local superhero is the high school principal.
  • The superhero has a nemesis with super speed.
  • The help desk calls the superhero to find out if the hero is a hacker.
  • The superhero encounters a villain which is able to make them sleep.
  • The villain and the superhero have to work together to save someone from a burning building.
  • The superhero discovers that parents have been noticing their 3 a.m. disappearances.
  • The superhero has a t-shirt that’s covered in stains, because the hero often vomits before blowing their cover.
  • The hero doesn’t stop a shoot out at school, leading to its closure.
  • A bad guy gets super powers and battles both heroes and police.
  • The supervillain’s parents never come home.
  • A superhero starts to develop super hearing.
  • The superhero has a naughty alter ego.
  • The reader follows three superheroes who want the same powers as their friend.
  • The superheroes need to extract a supervillain from enemy territory.
  • The superhero visits a retired hero and asks for advice.
  • The superhero tries to propose to their love interest, but can’t find the right words.
  • The hero was not always strong/powerful.
  • The superhero’s heroic activities cause a lot of collateral damage.
  • An evil principal wants to keep the hero at school, to be trained for a life of crime.
  • The supervillain needs to find their arch-enemy’s true identity,  so when they catch them in a vulnerable moment, they beg for the name.
  • At school/work, the superhero is zapping villains.
  • The superhero accidentally knocks his teacher onto a desk, breaking it.
  • The superhero keeps having to deal with their arch villain, who wants to join the hero’s side.
  • A universe-wide war breaks out between super heroes, only blood and death can save the world now.
  • Dogma, a new superhero, is recruited from the crowd to fight against zombies.
  • A superhero realizes that being a cape is more difficult than expected.
  • Lessons you learned from your favorite superhero.
  • The townspeople cheer on the local superhero who protects their families.
  • The superhero’s parents are worried, because the hero is so intelligent, it’s possible that they skipped a grade.
  • The supervillain has a sense of humour, and likes to leave taunting notes.
  • The superhero can’t decide between being a crimefighter and being rich and famous.
  • A superhero stops a bank heist, and discovers a crumpled note in the bag of cash that says, “I don’t want to be a villain anymore.” The superhero delivers the teenager to the police.
  • The hero ties a bunch of criminals to train tracks, but the train comes quickly, so the hero decides to take care of some random errands quickly.
  • The superhero and villain face off in the supermarket during a crazy shopping spree.
  • The superhero is angry because they can’t reveal their identity as a superhero to their significant other.
  • One of the villain’s attacks is a distraction, so that they can kidnap a loved one.
  • One of the superhero’s teammates has a new bowl cut.
  • A famous superhero is accused of working with the supervillain, but they maintain their innocence.
  • There are superheroes and supervillains who love children at a local school.
  • The superhero is caught having a romantic dalliance with an enemy.
  • 5. Fantasy World Setting
  • The superhero discovers that they have the power of flight.
  • The superhero is a stripper with super strength.
  • A superhero freezes time, and has a one night stand with the villain during frozen time.
  • A villain has tricked the superhero into handing over his power.
  • The hero joins a superhero team.
  • The superhero goes off to confront a new supervillain. The hero is uncertain.
  • The superhero is scared that their powers will fade.
  • The superhero’s true identity is discovered by someone he or she loves.
  • A superhero decides to give the gift of their superpowers to a friend.
  • Someone builds a fifteen story statue of the superhero.
  • The supervillain finds out their own evil plan has been thwarted by the superhero.
  • The superhero discovered that the supervillain is working for another secret group.
  • Maintaining your alter ego takes time and dedication. So, to whom do you disclose the secret of your other life? What are the consequences to either choice?
  • They’re dead, but back to serve as an avenging super sleuth.
  • When the hero gets injured, they fear they may have side effects.
  • The villains beat the hero too severely, and now they are in the hospital.
  • The superhero loses a battle.
  • The superhero wakes up one day as the supervillain.
  • Two new heroes join the superhero’s squad.
  • The superhero’s disguise is wearing off.
  • The superhero cannot write their term paper on time.
  • The superhero sometimes meets his arch nemesis to chat.
  • When things are tough at home, the superhero can always count on the cooler-than-everybody-else boyfriend for support.
  • A superhero defeats the supervillain.
  • The superhero is dating another superhero with a completely opposite superpower.
  • The superhero’s sidekick is super annoying.
  • The superhero realizes that members from their group have washed out. They are all invited to an intervention.
  • A police officer is angry that the superheroes call the shots, and they hold more power than the law.
  • The protagonist comes home after fighting crime all night, and is apathetic.
  • When sad, the hero seeks comfort by smoking marijuana.
  • A supervillain does their banking from a prison cell.
  • The superhero designed their suit, well, what is the thing that isn’t shown on camera?
  • The superhero makes peanuts for their evening job.
  • The superhero has super powers, yet they do not feel these powers are anything to be mad about.
  • The hero is almost captured and defeated.
  • The superhero collects an impressive number of enemies.
  • The downside of being a superhero is a lack of free will to do what you want.
  • The superhero designates a talent show act for a fellow hero, but the hero tricks the hero into a bad act.
  • Raised in the church, the superhero now questions their faith when the priest asks if they fight the forces of evil.
  • The superhero and supervillain are college roommates.  It’s either a comedy or a tragedy.
  • The superhero has a hard time finding clothes.
  • The superhero realizes that their enemy has been plotting this for years.
  • The hero gets the flu and everyone thinks they can fly.
  • The superhero has to maintain a secret identity from his/her loved ones.
  • A superhero has to pose as their awesome nemesis.
  • The supervillain escapes from the prison and visits the superhero’s home.
  • The superhero realizes that the villain’s plan is impossible.
  • The superhero must train at a summer camp to learn new skills.
  • The superhero’s kid comes by one of their super-generous toys.
  • A superhero that goes on patrol every morning comes across a wizard in a cave.
  • The supervillain targets a group of its victims because they are minors.
  • One of the superhero’s villains comes back for revenge.
  • A hero cannot unlock a sense of purpose in their life.
  • The superhero’s mother has a date, with a handsome football player. The superhero is certain that he is an aspiring criminal.
  • The superhero saves a puppy from an evil villain.
  • The superhero meets their villain’s nemesis.
  • The superhero goes on their first date with the superhero they like, and is excited that they developed invulnerability.
  • The superhero discovers a list of people that their nemesis wants to harm.
  • The superhero wakes up with their costume on differently.
  • The superhero wears matching pants and shirts, one for every day.
  • The villain turns out to be just a misunderstood villain. He is actually a nice, if misunderstood man.
  • The superhero fights in the superhero tournament, which was created to determine which hero has the strongest ability, and only the superhero can win.
  • The boyfriend of a superheroine is a superhero himself.
  • The superhero’s criminal crush threatens to kill their family if they don’t give them what they want.
  • Your hero has a secret identity. Tell the story of how they created it.
  • The superhero can only turn into their costume at midnight.
  • The superhero wants a night off and entrusts the safety of the world to a coworker.
  • The superhero loses their parents due to mob violence.
  • The superhero is a teenager in high school who is really missing their powers while studying for an upcoming test.
  • The supervillain abducts the superhero, who eventually escapes.
  • The superhero can do a really cool super stomp move.
  • The superhero can make people fall in love instantly, but the hero feels like that is wrong.
  • The superhero’s parents don’t have an answer for the hero’s final essay question.
  • The super hero tries to explain their powers to their family.
  • A superhero is overdeveloped, and their torso and shoulders are very wide, almost freakishly so.
  • The superhero is way too heavy, for anyone else.
  • A superhero hears or sees something that has haunted them for years.
  • The superhero isn’t yet sure what their powers are capable of.

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Superhero Writing Prompts: Create Heroic Adventures

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My name is Debbie, and I am passionate about developing a love for the written word and planting a seed that will grow into a powerful voice that can inspire many.

Superhero Writing Prompts: Create Heroic Adventures

Ignite Your Creative Superpowers

Unveiling the power of heroic themes: explore‍ the possibilities, harnessing the essence ⁣of heroic themes, from alter egos to legendary powers: creating the perfect superhero character, designing ​epic villains:⁢ the​ key to a riveting superhero adventure, crafting action-packed plots: plotting a hero’s journey, embracing dynamic settings:, using visual effects:, the art ⁣of superhero dialogue: mastering the hero’s voice, superhero ​writing exercises: sharpen your comic book skills, frequently asked questions, to conclude, your superhero writing ⁣prompts guide: unleash ⁢your imagination.

Are you ready‍ to embark ⁣on an exhilarating adventure where ordinary ⁤individuals transform into extraordinary superheroes? Our Superhero Writing Prompts Guide will transport you to a ⁣world where imagination knows no bounds. Unleash your inner creative genius as you craft captivating ‍tales of heroism, saving the day, ‍and overcoming the darkest of‌ villains.

Discover a Universe of Possibilities

With our carefully curated collection of superhero writing‌ prompts, your imagination will ignite like never before. Dive into a vast array of dynamic ⁢characters, epic battles, and thrilling narratives that‍ will take your storytelling skills to⁢ new heights. While wearing your writer’s​ cape, you can:

  • Create Iconic Heroes: Design⁢ your very own superheroes, complete with dazzling ⁤abilities and unique ⁤backstories.
  • Conceive Villains of Darkness: Develop diabolical and sinister villains that challenge your heroes at every turn.
  • Build Extraordinary Worlds: Construct imaginative settings brimming with futuristic cities, mystical realms, or uncharted planets.
  • Craft Unforgettable ‍Adventures: Plot thrilling quests wherein ‌your superheroes confront danger, conquer obstacles, and ultimately triumph.

Unleash your creative powers, spark your inspiration,⁣ and let your words⁤ soar to superheroic heights. Get ready to astonish readers with your imaginative storytelling prowess!

Unveiling the Power of Heroic Themes: Explore the Possibilities!

Embark ⁢on a remarkable adventure as we delve into the captivating world of heroic themes. Let your imagination run ‌wild as we explore the unlimited possibilities that⁢ come hand in hand with these ‌powerful melodies.

1.​ Igniting‍ Emotions: Heroic themes have an innate ⁣ability to evoke a kaleidoscope of emotions within us. They inspire courage, motivate perseverance,⁣ and ignite the flames of determination. These​ melodies take us on a⁢ transformative journey, enabling us to connect with our inner strength ‌and embrace the hero within.

2. ‍Inspiring Creativity: The unwavering spirit of heroic themes transcends boundaries and paves ⁢the way​ for endless creativity.⁢ Whether you are an artist, writer, or simply seeking inspiration , these themes act as a catalyst, bringing forth new ideas and pushing the limits of your imagination. They empower you to dream big, believe in oneself, and create masterpieces that resonate with the hearts and minds of others.

3. Evoking Resilience: Heroic themes serve​ as a reminder of​ the resilience inherent in the human spirit. They⁤ encourage us to rise above challenges, confront adversity ‌head-on, and overcome the seemingly impossible. In the face ​of hardships, these melodies infuse us with unwavering determination and provide solace, lifting our⁢ spirits as we march towards⁣ victory.

4. Captivating Cinematic Experiences: From the silver screen to video games, heroic themes ​have enthralled audiences worldwide with their ⁤captivating melodies. They transport us into magical realms and ​epic battles, immersing us in grand narratives⁣ that resonate deeply. ‌Through their sweeping orchestral scores, they lend an indescribable sense of awe and wonder to the cinematic experience, leaving an indelible mark⁤ on our hearts.

Intricately woven with emotion, creativity, and resilience, heroic themes ‍have the⁣ power to stir our souls and ignite our ⁣imagination like no ​other musical ‍genre. So, join us as we embark on a journey to unlock the true potential of these awe-inspiring harmonies and discover just how they can transform our lives.

From Alter Egos​ to Legendary Powers: Creating the Perfect Superhero Character!

Creating a ⁣memorable superhero character is ‌an art that requires a careful blend of creativity and storytelling prowess. Whether you’re⁤ a seasoned writer or an aspiring ‌comic book artist, crafting an extraordinary superhero who captivates readers’ imaginations can⁣ be an exhilarating challenge. Here are some essential tips to help you bring​ your superhero to life:

  • Unique Alter Ego: Every superhero⁣ needs a captivating alter ego that resonates with readers.⁢ Think‍ about‍ their background, personality, and struggles. Are they an enigmatic⁣ billionaire playboy, or a mild-mannered reporter secretly donning a cape? Develop a relatable alter ego that complements their extraordinary abilities.
  • Powerful Abilities: A superhero’s powers define ⁤their uniqueness. ⁢Whether⁢ it’s super strength, the ability​ to fly, or⁤ manipulation of elements, choose powers that align with the character’s backstory and ambitions. Be ⁣innovative! How about granting​ them the power to control plants or even time travel?
  • Flawed and Relatable: ⁤No superhero is perfect, and flaws‌ make them more human. Give your hero flaws that‍ mirror their strengths. Perhaps their unwavering ⁤bravery sometimes leads to recklessness, or their heightened senses become overwhelming.⁢ Relatable vulnerabilities ‍make them more captivating and ‌relatable to readers.

Creating the ‌perfect superhero character is⁤ an ongoing journey, allowing you to explore limitless‌ possibilities. Remember to⁢ focus on their ‍alter ego, choose unique and compelling powers, and infuse⁢ them with flaws that add depth. Immerse yourself in your superhero’s world, and soon you’ll witness their metamorphosis from sketches to legends! So, grab your⁣ pen and let your imagination soar!

Designing Epic‍ Villains: ⁤The⁢ Key ⁤to a Riveting Superhero Adventure!

When it comes to creating an unforgettable superhero adventure,‌ the importance of ​a captivating villain cannot be overstated. Just like a hero,‌ an epic villain plays a critical role​ in driving the story ‍forward and keeping audiences on⁤ the edge of their seats. But ⁢what makes​ a villain ⁤truly remarkable? Here are some key​ elements to consider:

  • Complex Motivations: A great villain is more⁣ than just ⁤a cardboard cutout baddie – they have ​deep-rooted motivations that drive their​ actions. Whether ⁣it’s a ⁢desire for power, revenge, or even a twisted ideology, complex motivations add depth and make the villain relatable.
  • Formidable Abilities: To challenge our superhero, a villain needs⁢ to possess exceptional‍ powers or skills. Whether it’s mind⁢ control, shape-shifting, or ⁣super strength, these abilities create thrilling conflicts and put our hero to the test.
  • Compelling Backstory: A well-crafted backstory⁣ helps us understand‍ why a villain ‍turned to the dark side. It humanizes them and adds a layer of complexity to ⁢their character, making ⁣them more than just someone who​ wants to bring⁢ chaos and destruction.

To truly craft an epic villain, it’s important ‌to remember that they are​ more than just an antagonist. They should have genuine depth and be⁣ able to hold their own against our beloved hero. By considering⁤ these elements and adding your own unique twists, you can design a villain that will make your superhero adventure⁢ truly riveting!

Crafting Action-Packed Plots: Plotting a Hero's Journey!

When it comes to crafting⁢ action-packed ⁢plots, plotting a hero’s journey is a surefire way to captivate readers. The ⁣hero’s journey is a storytelling structure that follows‍ a protagonist on an adventure, filled with challenges, growth, and triumphs. To plot a compelling hero’s journey, here are ‍some key elements‌ to consider:

  • The Call to Adventure: Introduce the hero’s ordinary world and establish a trigger, such as a quest or a problem, that propels them towards adventure.
  • The Mentor: Introduce a wise mentor figure ‍who guides and aids the hero throughout their journey, providing valuable⁣ skills, knowledge, or advice.
  • Tests and Challenges: Present a series of ⁤trials, both physical and internal, that the hero must overcome to grow and develop.

In addition to these elements, it’s crucial to create ‌well-rounded characters with unique motivations and goals. Consider incorporating unexpected plot twists and⁤ moments of‍ tension to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Remember‍ to provide a satisfying resolution that highlights the​ hero’s transformation and successfully concludes their journey.

Furthermore, an action-packed plot thrives on dynamic settings and thrilling conflicts. Ensure that your hero’s ‌journey takes them through diverse ‌landscapes, from ‍treacherous mountains ⁣to mysterious underground lairs, adding to the excitement of the narrative. Exploit the power ⁤of pacing by alternating between⁣ moments of high intensity‌ and introspective reflections, allowing readers to catch their breath and connect emotionally with the ​hero.

  • Symbolism: Incorporate symbolic elements into the plot to⁣ deepen the story’s meaning​ and add layers of interpretation.
  • Character Arc: Craft a compelling character arc ⁣where the hero evolves, overcoming flaws, ​fears, ​or doubts ​along the way.
  • Ultimate Confrontation: Build towards a climactic final showdown where the hero faces their greatest⁢ adversary, culminating in a battle that determines their ultimate fate.

By harnessing these techniques and infusing your hero’s journey with action, suspense, and emotional resonance, you’ll create a plot that keeps readers engrossed from start to finish. So, grab your⁤ pen and start plotting the epic adventure that awaits your hero!

Unleashing Creativity with Dynamic Settings: ‌Breathing Life into Superhero Worlds!

When it comes to‌ creating compelling superhero worlds, the key lies in the dynamic settings that bring these extraordinary characters ‌to life. With the power⁣ of vivid‍ and immersive ‌environments, creators can unleash their creativity and⁤ transport readers into new realms of⁣ imagination.

By breathing life into these worlds, the possibilities become ​endless. ⁣A beautifully crafted cityscape, bustling with life and brimming with eye-catching details, can ignite the reader’s imagination and immerse ⁢them deeply in the superhero’s reality. From skyscrapers piercing through the clouds to neon-lit streets bustling with both heroes and villains, each setting plays a crucial role in the development⁤ of the story and the‌ overall experience for⁢ readers.

  • Creating contrasting landscapes to reflect ⁢different moods and challenges⁢ within the superhero’s journey.
  • Integrating unconventional architectural designs ‍that⁣ display the distinctiveness⁤ of the superhero’s world⁣ and the creativity of its creator.
  • Introducing hidden​ realms and secret hideouts, allowing readers to unveil the mysterious and‍ unexplored corners of the superhero’s universe.
  • Employing dramatic lighting techniques to emphasize key moments, whether it ‍be a thrilling​ action ⁤scene ‍ or a poignant character revelation.
  • Utilizing vibrant ⁣and ​captivating colors to establish the mood⁣ and atmosphere of ⁣the superhero’s environment, be⁢ it ‍dark and gritty​ or vibrant and optimistic.
  • Incorporating dynamic panel layouts that mimic the flow of ‌motion, adding an extra layer of excitement and energy to the​ storytelling.

With the ⁢perfect fusion of‌ engaging storytelling and awe-inspiring‌ settings, creators can achieve the remarkable‍ task of unleashing creativity and captivating readers in the magnificent world of superheroes. So, dust⁤ off that drawing board, grab your palette ​of colorful ideas, and let your imagination soar to new heights!

The Art of Superhero Dialogue: Mastering ​the Hero's Voice!

In the world of superheroes, one⁢ of the key elements that sets them apart is their unique dialogue. The way they speak ⁤defines their character, establishes their presence, and​ captivates audiences. Mastering‍ the hero’s voice is an art, and in this post, we will dive deep into the secrets of crafting compelling superhero dialogue.

1. **Embody the Superpower**: Each‌ superhero possesses a unique set ⁤of superpowers. Incorporate these⁤ powers into​ their dialogue⁤ to make it authentic and powerful. For instance, if​ your hero can move at lightning speed, use short, snappy sentences to reflect their quick thinking. If they have the ability to control elements, use descriptive⁤ and ⁣commanding language when they speak.

2. **Inject Personality**: Every hero has‌ their own distinct personality, so ‍their dialogue should reflect⁣ who they are. Whether your hero is witty, ⁣brooding, or ⁣charming, let their personality⁣ shine through their words. If your hero has a ‌sense of humor, sprinkle in⁣ some well-timed jokes or puns. If they are​ more serious, give their dialogue a thoughtful and introspective tone.

Superhero Writing Exercises: Sharpen ‌Your Comic Book Skills!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey⁢ to unleash your inner superhero writer? Look no further! We have curated a series of thrilling exercises⁤ that will help you hone your ⁢comic‍ book⁣ skills and take your storytelling abilities to new heights. So, grab your pen and let’s dive into the world of superheroes! ‍

1. Create your ⁣own superhero origin story: Every superhero has an origin story that captivates readers’ imaginations. Let your creativity run wild and develop ⁢a compelling background for your hero. ⁤Explore their motivations, their unique⁤ powers, and the⁤ challenges ⁢they overcome ⁤to become the iconic figure ​they are destined to be.

2. Craft intense dialogue exchanges: Superhero stories are known for their high-stakes conversations. Practice writing impactful dialogue between heroes, villains, and everyday citizens. Focus on building tension, expressing⁤ emotions, and ​conveying the complexity of each character’s⁢ personality. Use dynamic⁣ language and vivid descriptions to bring your dialogues ⁤to life. ⁤

Q: What ⁣are superhero writing prompts? A: Superhero writing prompts are creative ideas or scenarios that inspire writers to craft compelling stories revolving around‍ superheroes and their heroic‍ adventures.

Q: How do superhero writing prompts work? A: These prompts serve as a starting point for writers, presenting them with specific situations, characters, or conflicts related‌ to the superhero genre.​ Writers can use these prompts as a catalyst to brainstorm their own unique stories and develop their writing skills.

Q: Why are superhero writing prompts​ useful? A: Superhero writing prompts allow writers to explore their imagination ⁣and hone their storytelling⁤ abilities. They help ⁤overcome writer’s block by offering a defined framework to create captivating narratives centered around extraordinary characters ⁤with superhuman ⁢abilities.

Q: Where can I find superhero⁢ writing prompts? A: You can find superhero writing prompts online⁣ through various websites, writing‍ communities, or even in specialized ⁣books on creative writing. ‍Many ‌resources offer a wide ​range of prompts to ⁣cater to different genres and writing styles.

Q: How can superhero writing prompts ⁣help improve my writing? A: By engaging with superhero writing prompts, you can practice developing engaging plots, creating well-rounded characters, and building exciting superhero⁤ universes. These prompts encourage writers to think creatively, refine their⁤ narrative skills, and experiment with different writing techniques.

Q: Can superhero writing prompts be ​helpful for beginners? A: Absolutely! Superhero writing prompts are ideal for beginners as they provide a‍ structured starting point for crafting⁤ a‌ story. They remove the pressure of generating an original idea from scratch ⁢and ⁢allow beginners to focus on exploring their creativity within the defined boundaries of the prompt.

Q: Are superhero writing prompts only for aspiring authors? A: No, superhero writing prompts can ⁢be useful⁣ for aspiring authors, established writers, or anyone interested in​ creative writing. They serve as a tool for all writers, regardless⁢ of ‍their‍ experience level, to generate new ideas,‍ enhance their ​storytelling skills, and unlock their potential for superhero-themed stories.

Q: Can I modify superhero writing⁤ prompts to suit my preferences? A: Absolutely! Superhero writing prompts act ⁤as a springboard for your imagination. Feel free to modify them, add ​or remove ⁣elements, or tweak ‍the scenarios to better ⁣align ‌with your personal preferences and writing style. The goal is to ​make the prompts ‌work for you and ⁤inspire your creativity.

Q: How can superhero writing ⁤prompts inspire unique stories? A: Superhero writing prompts provide a foundation, but it is up ⁤to the⁤ writer to add their own voice, creativity, and unique perspective to the prompt. By infusing personal elements, exploring⁣ different themes, and adding unexpected twists, writers can transform‍ a simple prompt into a truly extraordinary and original story.

Q: Are there any tips for using superhero writing prompts effectively? A:⁣ Absolutely! Here are a few tips: 1.⁣ Embrace the unexpected: Don’t be afraid to take risks and explore unconventional ​storylines . 2. Develop compelling characters: Create heroes and villains with depth, flaws, and intriguing ⁢backstories. 3. Focus on conflict: Introduce challenges and obstacles that test your hero’s abilities and resolve. 4. Experiment with ⁢genres: Combine superhero themes with ‌other genres like mystery, romance, or science fiction to add complexity. 5. Have fun and let ⁣your imagination ‌soar: Remember, superhero writing prompts are meant‍ to inspire and bring joy to your writing process. Enjoy the journey!

In conclusion, these superhero writing prompts provide endless ​opportunities to unleash your creativity and embark on thrilling heroic adventures. Let your imagination ​soar and bring your own superheroes to life!

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50 Awesome Superhero Writing Prompts

superhero creative writing topics

Superheroes are popular. Thanks to that, you might find it interesting to write about them. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can always use superhero writing prompts as inspiration.

Sometimes, people prefer a fun topic. Other times, people might want something more thought-provoking. Whatever you have in mind, chances are good that you can find it from superhero writing prompts.

Consider these 50 superhero writing prompts:

1. If You Could Choose a Superpower, What Would It Be?

This is a simple question to get you thinking more about the potential of superpowers.

2. How Can You Make Money Using That Superpower?

Meanwhile, this is more focused. Your answer doesn’t need to be very sophisticated. It could be as simple as using superstrength to lift things that would call for heavy machinery under normal circumstances.

3. Would You Want to Be a Superhero?

Someone having superpowers doesn’t necessarily mean they would want to become a superhero.

4. If You Need a Superhero Costume, Would What It Look Like?

It can be fun to design superhero costumes. After all, everyone likes to look good.

5. What Are Two Superpowers With Synergy?

Some superpowers come packaged together. For instance, someone with super strength would pretty much have to have super toughness. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to do anything without hurting themselves. We can hurt ourselves by just coughing too hard and too frequently. It is scary to think how badly we could hurt ourselves if we had super strength.

superhero creative writing topics

6. What Are Two Superpowers Without Synergy?

It might be a bigger challenge to think of superpowers that don’t have any synergy with one another.

7. Do You Like Bright, Inspiring Superheroes?

Superheroes are often bright, inspiring figures. However, that is far from being the only option for them.

8. Are Bright, Inspiring Superheroes Unrealistic?

Sometimes, people criticize bright, inspiring superheroes for being unrealistic. They might be right, but they might also be missing the point.

9. Do You Like Dark, Gritty Superheroes?

The reverse would be dark, gritty superheroes. In particular, the 1990s were infamous for them. Of course, dark, gritty superheroes can be excessive.  That was all too often the case in the 1990s.

10. How Dark and Gritty Can Superheroes Get Before They Are No Longer Superheroes?

There is a point when a superhero is so dark and gritty they are no longer a superhero. The exact point when that happens is a question that comes up in superhero media from time to time.

superhero creative writing topics

11. Can Someone Be a Superhero to Some People and a Supervillain to Others?

In real life, whether someone is seen as a hero or a villain is often a matter of perspective. Many conquerors remain highly regarded even though they did terrible things. For instance, Livius points out that Julius Caesar killed and enslaved many people in pursuit of power and prestige. As a result, it is worth asking whether someone can be a superhero to some people and a supervillain to others, particularly in works that care about politics.

12. When Does a Superhero Become a Supervillain?

The long-running nature of superhero comics means that some superheroes have done ridiculously awful things. You might find it interesting to determine at what point you would consider them supervillains rather than superheroes.

13. What Should Be a Superhero’s Relationship With the Law?

Superheroes are often seen as vigilantes. However, that isn’t necessarily the case.

14. Can a Superhero Be a Superhero While Violating the Law?

Generally, superheroes don’t go as far as to act as judge, jury, and executioner. Even so, they are often vigilantes, which raises the question of whether they should be.

15. How Should a Superhero Navigate Between National and International Law?

Of course, superhero stories become even messier when international politics become involved.

superhero creative writing topics

16. How Would Superpowers Change Politics?

It seems safe to say that superpowers would change politics. You might find it interesting to do some brainstorming on the matter.

17. Argue that Superpowers Would Make the World Safer.

Superheroes are often presented as defenders of all that is good. As such, you should be able to articulate an argument that superpowers would make the world safer.

18. Argue that Superpowers Would Make the World More Dangerous.

Alas, it is easy to imagine how superpowers would make the world more dangerous.

19. Should Superhumans Be Registered?

Many of the reasons for registering firearms apply to registering superpowers. Make your case for whether superhumans should or shouldn’t be registered.

20. Does the Existence of Superhumans Doom the World to Feudalism?

ThoughtCo points out that feudalism is a misleading term. Still, it is useful as a casual term for a decentralized system in which power is distributed because the top leadership can’t exert effective control over everything. Superhumans seem like the kind of thing that could bring about such a state.

superhero creative writing topics

21. Name Five Ways Inherited Superpowers Would Change Society.

Inherited superpowers are different from superpowers gotten through other means. Spend some time thinking about how they would change the way we do things.

22. Would Superhero Media Sell in a World with Superpowers?

Men’s Health states that Watchmen ran with the idea that superhero comics weren’t very interesting in a world in which superheroes were real. That may or may not be true, but that is certainly worth writing about.

23. How Would Superhero Media Be Different in a World with Superpowers?

On a related note, it can be more interesting to think about how superhero media would change in a world with superpowers.

24. Should Governments Try to Rein In the Stronger Kinds of Superhumans?

The monopoly on force is one of the most notable characteristics of modern states. The stronger kinds of superhumans would be a major challenge to that, which raises the question of how states should handle them.

25. Can Governments Rein In the Stronger Kinds of Superhumans?

In some cases, it might be best for governments to stay away from the stronger kinds of superhumans. After all, some of them are world-destroyers or above.

superhero creative writing topics

26. Would Corporate Sponsorships Make Superheroes Less Superheroic?

Some corporations would love to attach their marketing to superheroes. However, it is interesting to consider whether that would count as selling out on the superheroes’ part.

27. Design a Science-Based Superhero.

Comic book science isn’t real science. Instead, it is more of an aesthetic. Still, comic book science is an appealing aesthetic that can enable a wide range of stories.

28. Design a Magic-Based Superhero.

The line between magic and science was thin in pre-modern times. To name an example, Discover reminds us that Sir Issac Newton was also an alchemist. Despite this, a magic-based superhero naturally gravitates towards a different set of narratives than his science-based counterpart.

29. Design a Paragon-Type Superhero

Paragons are superheroes who serve as living examples for everyone else in their setting. Whether they live up to that reputation is a separate matter.

30. Design an Investigator-Type Superhero

Superheroes descend from investigators in considerable part. Unsurprisingly, they remain as popular as ever.

superhero creative writing topics

31. Design a Brute-Type Supervillain

Rogues galleries often include supervillains who are more of a physical threat than anything else. They aren’t the most sophisticated of enemies. Still, everyone understands the threat of an abundance of brute force.

32. Design a Mastermind-Type Supervillain

In contrast, other supervillains are more about schemes and manipulation.

33. Design a Dark Mirror-Type Supervillain

Supervillains are sometimes treated as dark mirrors for superheroes. At the simplest level, they possess similar capabilities but choose to do otherwise. However, the similarities can go much further than that.

34. Should Superheroes Be Willing to Kill?

Killing is a controversial topic in superhero media for obvious reasons.

35. When Does a Superhero Cross the Line From Being Too Willing to Kill to Being Too Unwilling to Kill?

With that said, there are cases when superheroes are the only ones capable of acting as judges, juries, and executioners. When that happens, the question of whether they should be willing to kill becomes much more complicated, particularly when higher power levels mean more things are at stake. A supervillain who robs banks is one thing; a supervillain who wants to rewrite reality so they can torture everyone forever is another.

superhero creative writing topics

36. How Would You Feel If You Were One of the Few Individuals Without Superpowers?

Being singled out is a terrible feeling. Spend some time thinking about what that would feel like.

37. How Would You Treat Your Friend If They Were One of the Few Individuals Without Superpowers?

Some self-examination and self-reflection can always serve you well.

38. Would You Want to Live in a World In Which Everyone or Almost Everyone Has Superpowers?

Superhero settings are dangerous places.

39. Would You Want to Live in That World If Some Superpowers Came With Major Downsides?

Superpowers are amazing. Even so, they sometimes come with major downsides, which change the analysis. Chances are good that you would go for super strength and toughness if you still looked like yourself. The question is whether that would remain the case if you had to look like a stone person because of it.

40. Describe How You Would Use Your Superpowers in Day-to-Day Life.

It is good to exercise your creativity from time to time.

superhero creative writing topics

41. Write About a Superhero Revealing Their Secret Identity to Their Loved Ones.

Secrets can be corrosive to personal relationships. Due to this, one imagines that this scenario would have superheroes on their metaphorical tiptoes.

42. Write About a Superhero Revealing Their Secret Identity to the General Public.

Revealing a secret identity to the general public offers a different kind of drama.

43. Write About a Smalltime Crook Trying to Blackmail a Superhero Using Their Secret Identity.

Sometimes, people get overconfident. Other times, people misread others. Either way, a small-time crook trying to blackmail a superhero isn’t even close to being the most foolish thing ever seen in superhero media.

44. Write About a Supervillain Trying to Blackmail a Superhero Using Their Secret Identity.

A supervillain knowing about a superhero’s secret identity makes for a much tenser situation.

45. Write About a Superhero Uncovering Something Humanizing About a Supervillain.

Most supervillains are human. Presumably, that means they do things that can make people empathize with them. Consider how seeing one of these moments can affect a superhero.

superhero creative writing topics

46. Write About a Superhero Realizing They Have a Romantic Attraction to a Supervillain.

Superhero-supervillain romantic relationships are surprisingly common. It seems safe to say that most superheroes would find this awkward.

47. Write About a Superhero Helping a Supervillain Go Clean.

Recidivism is a major problem. As a result, a superhero might try to go the extra mile by helping a supervillain go clean rather than remain a criminal.

48. Write About a Superhero Mentoring Someone With Superpowers.

Superheroes mentoring other people is a time-honored story. After all, they have to get their sidekicks from somewhere.

49. Write About a Superhero Discovering Something Weird About Their Superpowers.

Superpowers don’t work based on what we think makes sense. Thanks to that, it isn’t hard to imagine superheroes with superpowers that behave in weird ways under certain circumstances. This opens up a wide range of narrative possibilities, particularly for people who don’t mind writing less serious narratives.

50. Write About a Superhero Doing Their Taxes.

Realism doesn’t necessarily mean fun things for superheroes. Sometimes, it means dealing with the same things normal people do. Chances are good that taxes would be one of them, if only because successful superheroes seem like they would have lucrative merchandising opportunities.

It can be fun to think about what superheroes would do their taxes themselves and what superheroes would entrust such matters to the professionals. Those with an in-depth understanding of the subject might even want to brainstorm what taxation would look like for those with superpowers. If nothing else, governments are happy to use tax incentives to push policies.

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From superheroes and science fiction to relatable characters and real-life scenarios, these ideas cover a broad spectrum of themes, genres, and possibilities.

Comic story ideas

1. The Artists' Duel: A world where comic creators wield their pens as swords and battle in an epic art form tournament.

2. Time-Traveling Librarian: Armed with graphic novels, she rights the wrongs of history, one comic book story at a time.

3. Iron Chef Superheroes: Captain America, Iron Man, and Wonder Woman in a cooking showdown to create the perfect comic book idea.

4. Fantasy World Classroom: A young wizard teaches character development in a school for future comic book writers.

5. Small Group Rebellion: Join forces with a small group fighting against bad guys who want to censor comics across the world.

6. The World of Stan Lee: Explore a world where every person, street, and city is a tribute to the great comic book legend.

7. Art Spiegelman's Mice Adventure: A fun comic strip series guided by the wisdom of Art Spiegelman, focusing on the life of anthropomorphic creatures.

8. Real Life in Panels: A comic book depicting real-life stories, with every chapter revealing a hidden facet of life.

9. Science Fiction Meets Comic Strips: An adventurous journey through a technologically advanced universe, visualized in stunning comic panels.

10. Wonder Woman's Day Off: Explore a short comic strip where Wonder Woman tackles mundane tasks with superhero flair.

11. Creating Your Own Comic Book World: Build a fantasy world within the pages where readers' initial assumptions are constantly challenged.

12. Iron Man's Art Class: A light-hearted comic based on Iron Man teaching art to aspiring superhero artists.

13. Neil Gaiman's Dream Factory: A series inspired by Neil Gaiman's creative writing style, full of mythical creatures and more inspiration.

14. The Ultimate Graphic Novel Guide: A fictional tour guide helps new readers explore the greatest graphic novels of all time.

15. The First Comic Ever: Dive into the adventure of discovering the world's first comic, hidden in the pages of history.

16. New Ideas Symposium: A comic series where characters from various comics meet to brainstorm new ideas for saving their universes.

17. War Zone Comics: A gripping series focusing on soldiers who find solace and inspiration in comic books during wartime.

18. Superhero Family Drama: Explore the household dynamics and strange noises when superheroes return home after saving the world.

19. Comic Form Experimentation: A story that changes its comic form with every chapter, from comic strip stories to full-fledged graphic novels.

20. Young Wizard's Diary: A coming-of-age series about a young wizard documenting his life through comic panels.

21. Establishing Shot of Life: A profound comic series where each chapter begins with an establishing shot, leading readers to philosophical insights.

22. Own Time Adventures: Characters from various time periods come together in their own time to solve a mystery that spans history.

23. The Comic Book Restaurant: Customers order dishes inspired by famous comic characters and get served with a short story.

24. DC Comics Detective Agency: Join forces with Batman, Superman, and more to solve mysteries within the DC Comics universe.

25. The Comic Con Heist: A great comic book is stolen during Comic Con, and a group of fans turn detectives to retrieve it.

26. The Good Comic Book Club: A fun series where characters discuss what makes a good comic book and set out to create their own.

27. Captain America's Retirement: A heartwarming series depicting Captain America's life after hanging up the shield.

28. Relatable Characters Anonymous: A support group for comic book characters struggling with real-life problems.

29. Wonder Woman's Guide to Empowerment: A graphic novel focusing on empowerment, leadership, and strength, narrated by Wonder Woman herself.

30. Superhero Dating App: A humorous comic strip series about superheroes trying to find love through a specialized dating app.

31. Science Fiction Writers' Retreat: A group of writers at a retreat find themselves living their science fiction story ideas.

32. Comic Book Writing School: A how-to guide turned into an engaging story about a school dedicated to training future comic writers.

33. The World in Comics: A visual storytelling tour that takes readers around the world, showcasing culture through comics.

34. A Day in Stan Lee's Shoes: What if you woke up as Stan Lee? A comedic comic strip explores the possibilities.

35. Small Group Adventure Tours: Join a small group of comic enthusiasts exploring various comic series within a fictional comic universe.

36. Finished Product Nightmares: A horror series where finished comics come to life and interact with their creators.

37. The Comic Book Coffee Shop: A place where characters from various comic series meet for coffee and share stories.

38. Superhero High School: A teen drama with all your favorite superheroes in high school navigating friendships, love, and powers.

39. The Robert Kirkman Library: A magical library where every book transports you to one of Kirkman's comic worlds.

40. Comic Creators' Vacation: A lighthearted series following famous comic creators on a holiday, full of fun and unexpected twists.

41. Writing the World Right: A superhero who rights the world's wrongs by writing new realities through comic book stories.

42. Art Form Evolution: A visual guide showcasing the evolution of comic art form from primitive drawings to digital masterpieces.

43. The Fun Factory: A factory where comic ideas are manufactured, featuring wacky machines and zany inventors.

44. Superhero Courtroom Drama: A legal series where superheroes are lawyers fighting justice in both the court and the streets.

45. Wonder Woman's Diary: A personal look into Wonder Woman's thoughts, dreams, and daily life through her diary entries.

46. Imagination Run Wild in Class: A classroom where students' doodles come to life, leading to educational adventures.

47. Co-Authored by Time: A graphic novel where authors from different eras co-author a masterpiece through time-traveling pens.

48. The Comic Book Hospital: A hospital where characters go to recover from their battles, showcasing their vulnerabilities and strengths.

49. Neil Gaiman's Dream Comic Shop: A comic shop where every comic is a gateway to a different dream world, curated by Neil Gaiman.

50. The Short Story Express: A train where every compartment tells a different short story, explored through visual storytelling.

51. Comics for Life Lessons: A series that translates life's complex lessons into engaging and understandable comic strips.

52. Strong Foundation University: A school for superheroes focusing on building a strong foundation for young heroes in training.

53. Iron Man's Technology Fair: A tech fair hosted by Iron Man featuring inventions from across the comic universe.

54. The Great Comic Book Time Capsule: A journey to find a time capsule containing the works of the greatest comic book writers.

55. Character Development Camp: A camp where aspiring characters learn to grow, guided by renowned comic book mentors.

56. Art Spiegelman's History Lessons: A historical series where Art Spiegelman guides readers through important historical events.

57. Superhero Office Drama: Imagine superheroes working in an office; a funny series filled with mundane tasks and superpower mishaps.

58. Bad Guys Rehabilitation Center: A center where bad guys are taught to become good through comic book therapy.

59. Writing the Future: A science fiction series about a writer whose comic stories start coming true, leading to a race against time.

60. Stan Lee's Guide to Becoming a Hero: A self-help graphic novel narrated by Stan Lee himself on how to be a superhero in real life.

61. Comic Book Idea Incubator: A place where comic book ideas are nurtured and developed by characters from various comic series.

62. War Zone Comic Relief: A series about soldiers in a war zone who find comfort and connection through comic books.

63. World of Comic Strips: An amusement park where every ride is based on famous comic strips, with adventures around every corner.

64. Creative Ideas Workshop with Neil Gaiman: Join Neil Gaiman in a workshop where creative ideas turn into fantastical comic stories.

65. The Superhero Family Reunion: A family drama revolving around a family of superheroes gathering for a reunion, with secrets revealed.

66. Comic-Based Reality Show: A reality show where contestants must live out scenarios from various comic books, with twists and challenges.

67. Imagination Run Wild – The Theme Park: A theme park where your imagination shapes the rides and experiences in real time.

68. Storytelling Through Dance: A comic series that tells stories through the art of dance, illustrated in mesmerizing panels.

69. The Strange Noises Mystery: A detective series centered around solving mysteries related to strange noises occurring in a small town.

70. Finished Product Festival: A grand celebration where creators present their finished comics with surprises and magical elements.

71. The Superhero Art Gallery: An art gallery where every painting is a gateway to a different superhero world.

72. The Comic Book Writers' Retreat: A retreat where comic book writers share ideas, collaborate, and co-author new masterpieces.

73. Life Lessons from Iron Man: A self-help series where Iron Man shares life lessons, wisdom, and motivation.

74. The Bad Guys' Support Group: A humorous series following bad guys who gather to share their failures and seek moral support.

75. Science Fiction High School: A high school in the future where students learn through advanced technology and explore science fiction themes.

76. The Comic Creators' Olympics: An Olympics event where comic creators compete in storytelling, drawing, and character creation.

77. Reader's Initial Assumptions Challenge: A series designed to challenge readers' initial assumptions through plot twists and unexpected turns.

78. Fantasy World Cruise Ship: A cruise ship that takes passengers on a journey through various fantasy worlds within comics.

79. The Good Comic Book Café: A café where dishes are inspired by good comic books, and every meal comes with a story.

80. The Family Drama Supermarket: A supermarket where family drama unfolds, led by relatable characters with extraordinary abilities.

81. Captain America's History Tour: Join Captain America on a historical tour, exploring different eras through engaging comic panels.

82. The Short Comic Strip Theatre: A theatre where actors perform short comic strips live on stage, with audience participation.

83. Superhero Life Coaches: A series where superheroes act as life coaches, helping ordinary people achieve their dreams.

84. First Comic Book in Space: Join a group of astronauts discovering the first comic book in space, with cosmic adventures.

85. Robert Kirkman's Survival Camp: A survival series guided by Robert Kirkman, where characters must survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

86. The Comic Form Experiment Lab: A laboratory where scientists experiment with different comic forms, leading to unexpected outcomes.

87. Imagination Run Wild Safari: A safari where every animal is a character from different comics, leading to wild adventures.

88. The World of Comic Street Food: A food tour where every dish is inspired by comics, narrated through mouthwatering visual storytelling.

89. Wonder Woman's Leadership Academy: An academy where Wonder Woman teaches leadership, courage, and empowerment.

90. The Young Wizard's Comic Store: A comic store run by a young wizard, where every comic has magical properties and adventures.

91. New Readers Welcome Center: A welcoming center in the comic universe where new readers are guided through different genres and series.

92. The Art Form Museum: A museum that showcases the evolution of art forms in comics, from cave paintings to digital marvels.

93. Superhero Space Mission: A space adventure where superheroes must save Earth, combining science fiction and cosmic battles.

94. The Comic Book Time Machine: A time machine that takes you to witness the creation of iconic comic book stories and meet the creators.

95. The Creative Writing Club for Superheroes is where superheroes meet to share their creative writing, poems, and comic strip stories.

96. Life through Comic Panels: A slice-of-life series that narrates characters' ordinary life through beautifully drawn comic panels.

97. The Great Comic Book Castle: A castle where every room is a library filled with great comic books from different eras and genres.

98. The Ultimate Superhero Concert: A concert where superheroes perform music, showcasing another aspect of their talents and personalities.

99. Strong Foundation Building Co.: A company that builds strong foundations for buildings and characters, guided by top comic book mentors.

100. Wonder Woman's Fun Carnival: A carnival filled with games, rides, and fun, all hosted and designed by Wonder Woman.

101. New Ideas Brainstorming Tower: A tower where characters, writers, and readers meet to brainstorm new ideas, creating endless story possibilities.

And there you have it! A long list of 101 comic story ideas, each with the potential to unfold into a gripping story or fascinating world. I hope these ideas have ignited a spark and fueled a roaring fire of imagination within you.

Don't hesitate to mix, match, and morph these ideas into something uniquely your own. The next great comic book, graphic novel, or iconic character could be just a thought away.

Happy creating, and may your comics entertain, inspire, and resonate with an audience across the globe!

Frequently asked questions about comic story ideas

What's the secret sauce behind great comic book ideas.

Ah, the magic potion of comics! It's a delicate blend of imagination, art form, and the written word. Mix in characters, relatable elements, and a splash of strange noises (for good measure), and voila! Your comic story ideas brew to life!

I want to write my own comic book. Where do I start?

Well, dear future comic book writers, begin with a solid foundation. Draft your main character, think of a unique world, be it a fantasy world or a war zone, and then let your imagination run wild! Remember, even Stan Lee and Neil Gaiman started with a single comic book idea.

How do I create relatable characters like Wonder Woman or Iron Man?

Character development is key! Dive into real life for inspiration, and don't be afraid to add some family drama or traits from a young wizard. The best comic books have characters with depth, quirks, and flaws, just like us regular folks.

What if I want to make a comic strip or graphic novel instead of a full-fledged comic book?

More power to you! Comic strip stories and graphic novels are fantastic platforms for storytelling. Whether you're co-authored or flying solo, keep the visual storytelling engaging, employ creative writing, and don't forget the establishing shot for your scenes!

Can I combine genres like science fiction and fantasy in my comic series?

Absolutely! Mix and match to create new ideas. Ever wondered what Captain America would do in a fantasy world? Now's the time to find out. The sky's the limit, so don't be afraid to explore.

What's the difference between comic book story ideas and comic ideas?

A comic book story encompasses the full arc, filled with twists, turns, and bad guys. Comic ideas might be shorter, maybe for a short comic strip or a single panel. Think of the story as a full-course meal and ideas as the tasty appetizers!

I'm stuck! How do I find more inspiration for my comic book stories?

Fear not! Turn to existing comic series, read works by artists like Art Spiegelman, or indulge in a short story or two by Robert Kirkman. Join a small group of fellow comic creators, share ideas, and, most importantly, have fun!

Any advice for new readers exploring the comic world for the first time?

Welcome to the world of comics! Start with some classics (DC Comics, anyone?) and gradually explore different genres. Whether you love superhero tales, fun adventures, or complex graphic novels, there's a universe waiting for you.

How do I know when my comic is a finished product?

Great comic book making is an art, and knowing when to put down the pen is part of it. Review it, perhaps with the fresh eyes of new readers, tweak it, polish it, and when it feels right, take a bow. Your comic is ready for the world!

Any last words of wisdom for aspiring comic artists and writers?

Always keep writing, experimenting, and letting your ideas evolve. Embrace your own time and pace. Stay true to your style, be it a comic form or graphic novel, and never forget: Every strong superhero or exciting adventure begins with a simple idea.

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Elementary Assessments

Elementary Assessments

43 Fun Superhero Writing Prompts

If you’re doing a unit on superheroes or just want to add a bit of fun to writer’s workshop, consider incorporating a few of these superhero writing prompts.

Not only do these superhero writing prompts and story starters reduce writer’s block, they improve writing skills, spark imagination, and encourage struggling writers to confidently express their ideas.

They make a great addition to your collection of writing activities.

So include a few of these writing prompts about superheroes as part of your literacy block this week.

Superhero Writing Prompts

1. No one’s perfect. So if you were a superhero, what would be your weaknesses?

2. Write a story about a super hero dog or cat who saves the day! Who does the dog/cat help and why?

3. What characteristics make a bad superhero?

4. If you were a superhero, what type of wardrobe would you have?

5. Write a short story about a superhero who saves students from doing homework.

6. How is your mom like a superhero?

7. Some superheroes have a secret identity so that they can live a normal life at times. If you were a superhero, how would you describe your secret identity?

8. S.U.P.E.R.H.E.R.O – Create an acrostic poem using the word superhero.

9. Write 10 words related to being a superhero. Then compose a poem including these words.

10. Describe the personality traits of a great superhero.

11. Imagine that you’re a superhero who lives underwater. What special powers do you possess, and how do you use them to keep the sea peaceful?

12. Compose a short story about your favorite superhero as a kid.

13. Create any piece of writing you’d like about a superhero. Your writing piece can be comedy, mystery, fantasy, tall tale, poetry, persuasive, or informative.

14. Write about what you might do if you had the super power to become invisible.

15. For 24 hours, you get to possess any superpower. What will it be, and how will you use it to help others?

superhero writing prompts

16. Write a story using these three words: superhero, defeat, zap

17. Imagine one day in science class an experiment goes terribly wrong and now you and your classmates have superpowers! What are your superpowers and how do you use them?  

18. Describe a typical day in the life of a superhero’s wife or husband.

19. Pretend that your superpower is a keen sense of smell. How can you use this gift to your advantage?

20. Who is your favorite superhero? Why?

21. Of all the animals you can think of, which have features that would make it an incredible superhero?

22. What type of animal do you think would make a good pet for a superhero and why?

23. Tell what challenges a superhero might face on a regular basis.

24. What hobbies would you have as a superhero? Why do you find these activities interesting?

25. Write a combination of similes and metaphors to describe a superhero. See examples of metaphors and similes .

26. What personality traits do you possess that would make you a good superhero?

27. Even though superheroes are fictional characters, who in your life represents a superhero and why?

28. Compare and contrast a superhero and a villain.

29. Write a short story about your dad being a superhero who saves your town from destruction.

30. Use imagination to share all the ways a superhero travels from place to place.

31. List all the words (2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter, 7-letter, and 8-letter) that you can make using the letters from the word superhero. 

32. Draft a story about yourself as a hero.

33. If I were a superhero, these gift requests would be on my Christmas list…

34. A real-life superhero in my life is ____ because…

35. If I had a superpower, it would be…

36. I would describe a superhero’s house like this…

37. As the sun sets, the mermaid transforms into an underwater superhero who…

38. Sam the Superhero has just been alerted that his help is needed on the beach so he…

39. If I were a superhero, I would seek assistance from _____ because…

40. Samantha the Superhero blinked her eyes and then vanished into thin air just as…

41. The best superpower to possess is ___ because…

42. I can be a superhero to someone by…

43. Write a grocery list for a superhero.

44. As you’re responding to one of the superhero writing prompts, your teacher turns into a superhero! Describe her superpowers.

Final Thoughts: Superhero Writing Prompts

Now you will a ready-supply of fun superhero writing prompts to use for various writing activities.

If you liked these prompts, see more themed writing prompts .

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25 Superhero Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

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In a world where extraordinary abilities clash with ordinary existence, the concept of superheroes has always fascinated us. From iconic characters like Superman and Wonder Woman to lesser-known champions with unique powers, the realm of superheroes offers an endless playground for imaginative storytelling. 

Whether they are defending a city from impending doom or grappling with their personal struggles, these superheroes captivate our hearts and minds, inspiring us to dream beyond the confines of reality.

In this collection of some amazing superhero writing prompts, we will delve into diverse scenarios, each one presenting its own set of challenges and dilemmas. 

From epic battles to subtle moral choices, these prompts will summon your creativity and invite you to craft tales of valor, sacrifice, and redemption.

Let’s begin. 

  • The Reluctant Superhero: In a world where superheroes are expected to act according to a specific code of conduct, your protagonist, a newly discovered superhero, is trying to resist the call to duty. They possess a unique power they believe is too dangerous for humanity, yet they’re being pursued by both villainous factions and a government organization urging them to join the ranks of the “approved” superheroes. Consider what might happen when the pressure becomes too much and their power inadvertently becomes public knowledge.
  • Superhero Retirement: Your protagonist is an aging superhero, who after decades of service decides to retire. However, they soon discover that leaving the life of a superhero isn’t as easy as hanging up their cape. What happens when a new threat rises and people start to question their retirement, even accuse them of being a coward? Explore how the protagonist deals with these societal pressures and this newfound threat.
  • Superpower or Curse?: Imagine a protagonist who has the ability to absorb other people’s illnesses, making the sick person healthy but causing them to experience the illness themselves. How would the protagonist balance the urge to help with the physical toll and the emotional strain of suffering through numerous ailments? Explore how they might handle this power, its implications, and how it affects their relationships.
  • The Secret Identity Exposed: Your protagonist is a well-known superhero who has always managed to keep their identity a secret. One day, an investigative journalist discovers their secret and threatens to expose them. How will the superhero cope with this threat to their personal life and their superhero duties? Explore their attempts to keep their identity concealed, negotiate with the journalist, and their internal struggle with the prospect of exposure.
  • The Superhero without Powers: Your protagonist is the only member of a famous superhero team without any actual powers. Instead, they rely on their wit, physical training, and advanced technology to fight against evil. How will they cope when the team is faced with a powerful villain that seems to be immune to their tech? Explore the theme of determination, self-doubt, and the true meaning of heroism .
  • The Mind Controller: Your protagonist has the power to control minds, which they’ve always used for good, subtly influencing people to make better choices. However, when they discover that their power may have been used without their knowledge to commit a series of crimes, they must investigate who’s behind it and clear their name . Explore their fight for truth, ethical use of their power, and struggle with guilt.
  • The Antagonist’s Sidekick: Your protagonist is a sidekick to a notorious villain, serving as their loyal aide while harbouring a secret – they possess a powerful ability that could easily overthrow their boss. What happens when the superhero community discovers the sidekick’s hidden power and tries to persuade them to switch sides? Explore their moral dilemmas, their loyalty to the villain who gave them a home , and the potential for redemption.
  • The Time- Traveling Superhero: Your protagonist is a superhero who can travel through time. They’ve been using their powers to subtly alter events to prevent global catastrophes, but one day they return to the present to find the world drastically different . How does the superhero cope with the unexpected consequences of their time-altering actions and try to restore the world they once knew? Explore their journey through time, ethical dilemmas, and their struggle with the power of choice.
  • The Superhero Healer: Your protagonist is a superhero with the power to heal any disease or injury . However, their power has a unique side effect : they can only heal others by inflicting the same wound or disease upon themselves. How does the superhero decide who to save when every act of healing could potentially kill them? Explore their struggle with this choice, the societal pressure, and how they deal with the physical and emotional pain.
  • The Forgotten Sidekick: Your protagonist, a loyal sidekick, has spent their life in the shadow of a famous superhero. One day, the superhero dies in an epic battle, and the world mourns their loss while forgetting the sidekick. How does the overlooked sidekick cope with the loss of their partner, their own grief , and the pressure to step up and fill the superhero’s shoes?
  • The Superhuman Trainer: Your protagonist is a retired superhero who now trains younger generations in harnessing and controlling their powers. They live a peaceful, low-key life until one of their most promising students turns rogue. How does the former superhero deal with the guilt and responsibility , and what measures will they take to stop their former protégé? Explore their personal journey and the complexities of mentorship.
  • The Involuntary Telepath: Your protagonist is a superhero with the power of telepathy, but they can’t control when or whose thoughts they hear. They’ve been trying to lead a normal life, but their power often puts them in awkward and difficult situations. What happens when they start hearing a plot to murder a local superhero? Explore their struggle with intrusive thoughts, their decision to act or not, and the consequences of their choices.
  • The Superhuman Psychologist: Your protagonist is a psychologist who has the unique ability to absorb and manipulate emotions , which they use to help their patients. One day, they come across a patient whose emotions are dangerously overwhelming. How does the psychologist handle this intense emotional surge and what happens when their power starts to affect their own mental health ? Explore the ethical dilemmas, the psychological toll, and their drive to help others at the cost of their well-being.
  • The Uncontrollable Shapeshifter: Your protagonist has the power to shapeshift into any living creature. However, their power is tied to their emotional state, making their transformations unpredictable and often inconvenient. How do they navigate their life and maintain relationships when they could unintentionally turn into a tiger during an argument or a mouse when scared? Explore their struggles with self-control, acceptance, and the quest to master their power.
  • The Moral Compass: Your protagonist is a superhero with the power to enforce truth – they can make anyone they touch unable to lie . While it’s a useful power for battling deceptive villains, it also brings complications in their personal life. How do they cope when they discover a heartbreaking truth about a loved one that was revealed due to their power? Explore their emotional journey, their struggle with truth and deceit, and the ethical implications of their power.
  • The Celebrity Superhero: Your protagonist is a superhero with a global fan base. They are adored and idolized, but their fame hinders their ability to lead a normal life. What happens when the superhero decides to step out of the spotlight, shocking their fans and leaving the city in a state of panic? Explore the implications of fame, the weight of expectations, and their search for identity beyond their superhero persona.
  • The Superpowered Refugee : Your protagonist is a refugee from another planet with superpowers unique to their alien biology. Struggling to integrate into human society, they decide to use their powers for good, hoping to gain acceptance. What challenges will they face as an alien superhero trying to find their place in a world not their own? Explore themes of identity, acceptance, and the complexities of cultural assimilation.
  • The Invisible Superhero: Your protagonist is a superhero with the power of invisibility. They use their ability to do good, unseen and unnoticed by the public. What happens when they start craving recognition and acknowledgment, even as their power keeps them forever hidden? Explore their journey towards self-validation, their struggle with loneliness, and their quest for a visible identity.
  • The Superhero Therapist : Your protagonist is a superhero therapist who helps other superheroes deal with the emotional and psychological pressures of their roles . Their unique power is the ability to suppress other heroes’ powers temporarily, providing a safe space for therapy. What happens when a superhero patient loses control in a session, and the protagonist’s power fails to work ? Explore the challenges of their unique job, the trust between them and their clients, and their quest for a solution.
  • The Unpredictable Power: Your protagonist is a superhero who wakes up every day with a new superpower. While it keeps their life exciting and unpredictable, it also makes it hard for them to master their powers or lead a stable life. What happens when they wake up one day with a destructive power they can’t control? Explore the thrill and frustration of their ever- changing abilities, their attempts at control, and the unpredictability of their life.
  • The Silent Superhero: Your protagonist is a mute superhero who communicates through sign language . Despite their disability , they are determined to make a difference. How does the protagonist overcome communication barriers in a high-action superhero world and prove their worth? Explore their struggle with acceptance, innovative ways of communication, and their journey to self-confidence.
  • The Aged Hero: Your protagonist is a superhero who has been fighting crime for decades. Now in their 70s, their powers are not as potent as they once were, and they struggle to keep up with younger heroes and villains . How do they adapt to the physical limitations of aging, yet continue to contribute to the cause they’ve dedicated their life to? Explore themes of aging, adaptability, and the meaning of heroism.
  • The Accidental Superhero: Your protagonist is a common citizen who accidentally gains superpowers after a scientific experiment goes wrong. Initially terrified and unsure, they decide to use their powers for the greater good. How do they balance their sudden superhero duties with their personal life, job, and family ? Explore the sudden shift in their life, the challenges of heroism, and their personal growth .
  • The Dual Personality: Your protagonist is a superhero with a dual personality disorder, each personality having a distinct superpower. One personality is a beloved city protector, while the other is a feared vigilante. What happens when the two personalities start clashing over their methods of crime-fighting? Explore their internal struggle, the city’s reaction to their two-sided hero, and the complexities of identity.
  • The Unseen Power: Your protagonist is a teenager who wakes up one day to find they have the ability to see the future . However, their power is inconsistent and unpredictable, sometimes showing them only minor events, other times revealing catastrophic events. Explore the protagonist’s struggle to understand, control, and use this power to prevent future calamities, while navigating their daily teenage life and keeping their power a secret.

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I'm a writer, words are my superpower, and storytelling is my kryptonite.

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10 Writing Prompt Generators for Superhero, Fantasy, Character Design and More


Writing can be a great outlet for creativity and self-expression. However, it can also be a challenge to get started. Fortunately, there are writing prompt generators available to help inspire your creative writing. Writing prompt generators can be used to come up with ideas for stories, characters, settings, and more. This article will provide an overview of 10 writing prompt generators for superhero, fantasy, character design, and other types of writing.

Superhero Prompt Generator

The superhero prompt generator is a great resource for writers looking for ideas for their superhero stories. This generator provides a variety of prompts, including descriptions of superpowers, character traits, and settings. The generator also allows users to customize the prompts by selecting different themes, such as sci-fi, crime, or horror.

Midjourney Prompt Generator

The midjourney prompt generator is an online tool that provides writers with ideas for their stories. The generator offers a range of prompts, including character backgrounds, plot ideas, and settings. The generator also allows you to customize your prompts by selecting a genre, such as fantasy, horror, or romance.

Superhero Idea Generator

The superhero idea generator is an online tool that provides writers with creative ideas for their superhero stories. This generator provides prompts for character descriptions, superpowers, and settings. The generator also allows you to customize your prompts by selecting a theme, such as sci-fi, horror, or mystery.

Story Prompt Generator

The story prompt generator is a great resource for writers looking for ideas for their stories. This generator provides a variety of prompts, including plot ideas, settings, and character descriptions. The generator also allows users to customize the prompts by selecting different genres, such as fantasy, horror, or romance.

Superhero Story Generator

The superhero story generator is an online tool that provides writers with creative ideas for their superhero stories. This generator provides prompts for character descriptions, superpowers, and settings. The generator also allows you to customize your prompts by selecting a theme, such as sci-fi, horror, or mystery.

Fantasy Writing Prompt Generator

The fantasy writing prompt generator is a great resource for writers looking for ideas for their fantasy stories. This generator provides a variety of prompts, including descriptions of mythical creatures, magical settings, and character traits. The generator also allows users to customize the prompts by selecting different genres, such as high fantasy, horror, or romance.

Character Design Prompt Generator

The character design prompt generator is an online tool that provides writers with creative ideas for their character designs. This generator provides prompts for character descriptions, superpowers, and settings. The generator also allows you to customize your prompts by selecting a theme, such as sci-fi, horror, or fantasy.

Writing Prompt Generator

The writing prompt generator is a great resource for writers looking for ideas for their stories. This generator provides a variety of prompts, including plot ideas, settings, and character descriptions. The generator also allows users to customize the prompts by selecting different genres, such as fantasy, horror, or romance.

Friend Prompt Generator

The friend prompt generator is an online tool that provides writers with creative ideas for their stories. This generator provides prompts for character descriptions, relationships, and settings. The generator also allows you to customize your prompts by selecting a theme, such as comedy, drama, or romance.

Scary Story Prompt Generator

The scary story prompt generator is a great resource for writers looking for ideas for their horror stories. This generator provides a variety of prompts, including descriptions of monsters, settings, and character traits. The generator also allows users to customize the prompts by selecting different themes, such as supernatural, crime, or apocalypse.

Writing prompt generators can be a great resource for writers looking for inspiration. This article has provided an overview of 10 writing prompt generators for superhero, fantasy, character design, and other types of writing. Whether you’re looking for ideas for your superhero story, fantasy world, or horror plot, these generators can help you get started.

About Paraphrase Tool

Getting your wording just right.

Paraphrasing is a natural part of the writing process as it helps you clarify your thinking and suit your words to your audience. Using a Paraphrase Tool helps structure and streamline this work, and our paraphrase tool offers 20 modes, many of them free, for accomplishing just this. The 20 modes we offer are diverse, including a summarize tool, a free grammar checker, a mode to simplify text, and a sentence shortener. There are sentence rephrasers and paraphrase rephrase tools, and we pride ourselves on having both, since our reword generator accounts for context at both the sentence and paragraph levels.

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Free Character Writing Prompts #7:  Superheroes

Here are ten free character writing prompts about superheroes! While I considered leaving this section out and letting the section "Heroes" speak for itself, I've read too many comic books and seen too many cartoons to leave out superheroes. In the beginning they were simple characters who were bent on saving the world after having visited from another planet or being a part of a government experiment. There are now hundreds (if not thousands) of superheroes from cartoons and comics and they have many different sets of back stories and personal lives. Some of them are cursed while others lead a relatively normal life like the one portrayed in the movie The Incredibles. When creating your own superhero, feel free to add your own personal touches to an enjoyable and occasionally dark genre.  Free Character Writing Prompts #8: Superheroes

1. As many reporters have reflected in stories about failed rescues and hostage negotiations gone horribly wrong, "In a world where superheroes exist, why did we have to get stuck with this one?" While his origins are unclear, it's obvious that the super strength and speed that he inherited did not enhance his brain. When he was discovered, you believed he would be the best hope your city had of stopping crime, due to his invulnerability and his hatred for bad guys. Unfortunately, he's a major screw up and tends to unintentionally help the criminals as often as he hurts them, causing property damage and innocent injuries in his wake. Where did this hero come from and why does he have such trouble with his own heroism?

2. In a world surrounded by superheroes and villains, he was a pacifist living in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. He was very religious and didn't often leave his tiny hamlet, but a work-related matter put him in Philadelphia for a conference. During an evening stroll back to his hotel, he was attacked by two crooks with weapons. When he put up his hands to defend himself, a large blast of fire and energy shot out, blowing the crooks backward at an alarming speed and causing them to die almost instantly. After news got out that he was one of the most powerful super beings on the planet, the public clamored for him to don a cape. What will he choose to do and what shape will the rest of his life take?

3. In school she had the nickname of Plain Jane and when she realized she had the ability to fly, the nickname took on multiple meanings. Despite her flying ability and learning some basic fighting techniques, she was still pretty average looking. She poured over comic books of female super heroes and found they were all buxom and clothes in tight spandex. While most women have pressure to conform to some level of beautification, she had more than most as she was on camera frequently. She held fast to her own style and her natural weight in the face of these ridiculous standards. What is an average day like for this airborne heroine?

4. As the most popular girl in school, she had a responsibility to maintain her image at all times. When a strange man approached her, telling her she was chosen to fight the evil in the world, she called the police and had him arrested for exposing himself to her even though it was far from the truth. Though she tried to ignore them, she noticed instincts she'd never had before that alerted her to danger. When a massive group of demons attacked a tour bus during a class trip, she powerfully fought them off in front of everybody. Her response to them in the aftermath was, "I'm a superhero." How does her new role fit with her popularity and how will her life change?

5. On a scuba trip to celebrate his retirement, a man was examining a coral reef when he noticed a glimmering silver ball. He waved his wife over as he touched it. A blast of light went through his body and his wife motioned to the tour guide for help. When they brought the man to the surface and took off his mask, they found that he had regressed in age to a very fit, twenty-something individual. He later realized he had super strength and an ability to move objects with his mind. He insisted he didn't mind that there was now a 50 year age difference in appearance between him and his wife, but people were beginning to ask questions. What will the man do about his living and super hero situations?

6. He knew from a young age that he had a sort of power over people. Whenever he asked someone for something that person gave it to him in a sort of trance. In a moment of adolescent frustration, he asked his dad to kill himself, which he promptly did. Since that chilling day, he has been more careful with his mind control and he has only used it for the good of his country. He has urges to use his powers for wealth and greed, but he suppresses them with all his might. How does he honor his dad and what are some ways in which he's controlled people?

7. She was so upset that her boyfriend left her for the hottest girl in school that she wished to be that girl. In a few moments, she transformed into the girl and knew that she could shape shift. She used the powers for petty pleasures in high school and college but knew there had to be a bigger purpose. She trained to be a spy for the CIA, never sharing her powers with her superiors. She had difficulty defining her own identity after having taken on so many in her missions. She even considered starting over as a child to get herself adopted. What are some ways she has used her powers and who does she feel she truly is?

8. You know the phrase "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?" Well, for her, it's by far the truth. When she broke her leg in middle school, she noticed that it not only grew back stronger, but she was now able to jump over five feet vertically on it. Small cuts would heal back with a second skin that was practically invulnerable. Her real powers, however, came when she fell deathly ill from a tropical disease. Upon health, she had super speed, regenerative abilities and complete fearlessness. During the day she lives her secret identity as a paralegal for a criminal law firm and at night she uses those contacts to put criminal organizations behind bars. Describe a typical day and night in her life.

9. For anyone who doubted the belief that knowledge is power, this man was all the convincing they would ever need. Not only was he a sponge when it came to all types of book knowledge, but he was a master of muscle memory. This meant that he absorbed every fighting technique in a matter of minutes as if it were downloaded directly into his brain a la The Matrix. His true passion was literature, however and he spent much of his time memorizing the classics. Since rambling off long passages of Faulkner didn't impress the ladies he was a bit of a loner. He put some of his social energies outside of heroism into anonymously winning fantasy football leagues. What would a perfect day be like for this mental maestro?

10. She was a bra-burning, animal-loving activist through and through until an effort to let a laboratory experiment free turned her into a fierce and powerful warrior. While she never lost her feminist and cause-fighting spirit, she knew that her powers of protest would be best served as the source of the problems. She fought to uncover criminal aspects of big companies through a special law enforcement division that she was commissioned to head up. In addition, she became a symbol for women everywhere to be independent and to fight for a better world. What are some of the things she misses about her protesting days and why?  Did you enjoy these character writing prompts?  Buy the full book of 1,000 Character Writing Prompts on Amazon!   Done with Character Writing Prompts about Superheroes? Go back to Creative Writing Prompts.

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6 Superhero Story Ideas to Make Your Readers Into Super Fans

By: Author Paul Jenkins

Posted on October 28, 2022

Categories Creativity , Inspiration , Storytelling , Writing

Do you love superheroes? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t love a good superhero story? Not only are they exciting and suspenseful, but they also give us hope that good will always triumph over evil. This blog post will discuss six different superhero story ideas that will make your readers into super fans! We will provide a brief synopsis of each idea, as well as some tips on how to make them even more exciting. Let’s get started!

6 Superhero Story Ideas

  • The superhero origin story is perhaps the most classic of all superhero stories, and for good reason. Whether your hero is a powerful alien, a plucky teenager with extraordinary abilities, or an ordinary person who receives incredible powers in a freak accident, this story is sure to hook your readers from the beginning. To make it even more engaging, consider exploring the origins of your hero’s nemesis; after all, every great hero needs an equally great villain!
  • The hero vs. villain showdown: Another classic and beloved trope in superhero stories is the epic battle between the hero and their arch-nemesis. This can be done in many ways – perhaps your hero has finally tracked down their ruthless foe after months of searching, or maybe they have been caught off guard by a surprise attack from their enemy. Whatever the scenario, this type of story will surely keep your readers on the edge of their seats until the very end!
  • A team-up with other superheroes: Another fun idea for a superhero story is to follow multiple heroes as they come together to take down a powerful enemy or tackle a difficult problem. You could focus on how these heroes work together to form an unstoppable team, or you could delve into each character’s unique motivations and challenges as they try to collaborate with others who are very different from themselves. No matter how you decide to tell it, this type of story will leave your readers riveted and eager for more!
  • A dark twist on an iconic superpowered character: Sometimes, taking things in an unexpected direction can result in truly wonderful stories. In this type of story, you might explore how an established superhero (or villain) suddenly gains an unexpected power, or perhaps you could explore how a classic villain gains a devoted following willing to follow them on their quest for world domination. Whatever you decide to do, this type of story is sure to be full of surprises!
  • An alternate history for superheroes: Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the outcome of a pivotal point in a superhero’s life had been different? In this story, you can look at what might have happened if a classic hero had discovered their powers at a different point in their life, or perhaps you could explore what would happen if a hero’s arch-nemesis had made different moral choices at an early point in their villainous career. This type of story allows you to explore what might have been if one small detail in history had changed, and it’s sure to lead to some exciting and unexpected outcomes!
  • A superhero’s legacy: In some superhero stories, the main character does not do the majority of the fighting and crime fighting. Instead, you might tell the story of a hero’s sidekick, the inspiring words of a long-dead hero, or even a villain’s attempts to create their twisted version of a beloved superhero’s uniform and mask. As you can see, there are many creative ways to explore a superhero’s legacy and the impact they have had on the world – and this type of story can be a lot of fun to write!

What if Superheroes Were Real?

We all have that one superhero we’ve always looked up to. For me, it was Spider-Man. I was fascinated by his powers and how he used them to help people. I would daydream about what it would be like to have amazing abilities like his.

As I got older, I started to wonder what it would be like if superheroes were real. Would they use their powers for good or evil? Would the world be a better place or a worse place? These are the questions that I explore in this blog post.

Superheroes Have Always Been a Part of Our Culture

Superheroes have been a part of our culture for centuries. They can be found in mythology, literature, comics, movies, TV shows, and video games. We are drawn to their stories because they inspire us to be better people. They give us hope that there is something more out there. That we can be more than just ordinary people with ordinary lives.

The truth is, we all have the potential to be superheroes. We may not have super strength or the ability to fly, but we all have special abilities and talents. We all have the power to make a difference in the world.

Superheroes Represent the Best of Humanity

When you think about it, superheroes represent the best of humanity. They stand for justice, equality, and freedom. They fight for the weak and helpless. They protect the innocent and punish the guilty. They inspire us to be better people.

But what if superheroes were real? What would the world be like? Would it be a utopia or a dystopian nightmare? Let’s explore some of the possibilities.

Possibility #1: Superheroes would use their powers for good

One possibility is that superheroes would use their powers for good. They would fight crime and help those in need. The world would be safer because there would be fewer criminals and more heroes to protect us from them. We would look up to them as role models and try to emulate their heroic deeds in our own lives.

Possibility #2: Superheroes would use their powers for evil

Another possibility is that superheroes would use their powers for evil instead of good. They would terrorize innocent people and wreak havoc on society. The world would be a much darker place with supervillains running amok without anyone to stop them.. citizens would live in fear, not knowing when or where they will strike next. In this scenario, it’s easy to see how power could corrupt even the most well-intentioned heroes. We, humans, are imperfect beings, after all.

Possibility #3: Superheroes wouldn’t make any difference at all

A third possibility is that superhero activity wouldn’t make any difference. In this scenario, superpowers wouldn’t change anything because people are already capable of great evil or great good. No matter our abilities, we ultimately choose what kind of people we want to be. So even if superheroes were real, they wouldn’t necessarily make the world better or worse. It all depends on the choices that each individual makes.

Superheroes are fascinating because they represent wish fulfillment. We all have dreams of being able to do things that we can’t do in real life. But what if those dreams become reality? What if superpowers were suddenly thrust upon us? It’s hard to say what would happen. But one thing is certain: we would need to exercise caution and wisdom not to abuse our newfound abilities.

How To Write A Superhero Comic

Superhero comics are some of the most popular comics on the shelves today. They are packed with action, adventure, and suspense. If you’re a writer who wants to create a superhero comic, there are a few things you need to know.

Creating A Hero

The first step in creating a superhero comic is to create your hero. Your hero should be someone that readers can root for. They should be someone that readers can identify with. Think about what makes your hero special. What are their superpowers? What motivates them? Once you understand your hero well, you can start plotting your story.

Plotting Your Story

Your story should be full of action and suspense. There should be plenty of twists and turns to keep readers engaged. The stakes should be high, and the danger should be real. Remember, your goal is to write a story that will keep readers coming back for more.

Creating Action Scenes

Action scenes are one of the most important parts of any superhero comic. They should be full of excitement and adrenaline. Remember to focus on your characters and their motivations. What does your hero want? What is standing in their way? These are the questions you should ask yourself when writing action scenes.

10 Superhero Creative Writing Prompts

  • What if Superman woke up one day to find that he had lost his powers? How would he cope with a world that he can no longer protect?
  • What if Batman’s parents weren’t killed when he was a child, and he grew up to be a happy, well-adjusted billionaire? Would he still become the Dark Knight?
  • What if Wonder Woman came from a world of all men? How would she fare in our world of men and women?
  • What if Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben had survived the shooting that claimed his life? Would Peter Parker have still become Spider-Man?
  • What if the X-Men were treated as heroes instead of outcasts? How would society react to their unique abilities?
  • What if Aquaman were king of the Seven Seas? Would he be able to keep the peace between the surface world and the underwater kingdom?
  • What if Green Lantern’s ring chose him instead of him being chosen by it? How would he handle the responsibility of being a superhero?
  • What if Black Widow decided to retire from her life as an Avenger? How would she fare in normal life?
  • What if Ant-Man were to shrink to the size of an ant and get lost in the everyday world? Would he ever be able to return to his normal size?
  • What if Captain America were frozen in ice for 100 years and woke up in our modern world? How would he react to all the changes that have taken place in the intervening years?

Defining the Superhero Genre

In its most basic form, a superhero story is one in which the protagonist has abilities that exceed those of normal humans and uses them to do good. This can be done in several ways, but the most common is for the hero to use their powers to fight crime. Of course, not all stories about people with superpowers fighting crime are considered superhero stories. For example, police procedurals like “Law & Order” or “CSI” don’t typically fall into this genre. So what sets superhero stories apart?

The costume

One of the most defining aspects of superhero stories is the costume. In almost all cases, superheroes will have some alter ego they assume when they put on their costume and go out to fight crime. This separate identity allows them to maintain some semblance of a normal life while still being able to do good in the world. Think about it: would Spider-Man be as effective at fighting crime if he didn’t have his mask? Would Batman be as intimidating if he didn’t have his cape and cowl? In many ways, the costume is just as important as the superpowers.

The origin story

Another key element of superhero stories is the origin story. This is the story of how the hero got their powers and why they decided to use them for good. Origin stories are often tragic, with the hero acquiring their powers through terrible accidents or losses. This tragedy gives them the motivation to use their powers to help others and make sure that no one else has to go through what they went through.

How to Pick the Perfect Superhero Name for Your Character

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but would Captain America be as iconic if his alter ego was Steve Rogers? Probably not. Much thought goes into choosing a superhero name, as it is often the first impression readers have of the character. The following are some factors to consider when naming your superhero.

Origin Story

Every superhero has an origin story, and that story should play a role in choosing the character’s name. Is your superhero an alien? Then a human name might not make sense. Is your superhero trying to distance themselves from their human identity? Then a name that references their human life might not be the best option. Consider what will make the most sense for your character and go from there.

Abilities and Powers

Superheroes get their names for all sorts of reasons, but one of the most common is because of their abilities or powers. For example, characters who can manipulate fire might be named “Pyro” or “Inferno.” Other examples include “The Flash,” “Mr. Fantastic,” and “Batman.” If your character’s abilities or powers hold special significance, their name should reflect that.

Physical Appearance

Another common reason superheroes are named after their physical appearance is because it makes them more visually distinct and recognizable. After all, if two people wear capes and tights, you will have a hard time telling them apart if they both have generic names like “Bob” or “Jane.” Physical features to consider include hair color (“Storm”), skin color (“Falcon”), and build (“Hulk”).

What makes a good superhero story?

Rise of the hero.

A good superhero story always has a strong beginning, which typically includes the hero’s origin story. The hero’s journey usually starts with them leading a normal life until they suddenly acquire their powers (or in some cases, they are born with them). This event is usually followed by tragedy, where the hero loses someone close to them. This sets the tone for the rest of the story and motivates the hero to use their powers for good.

The Call to Action

After the hero’s origin story, there is usually a call to action. This is when the hero is faced with a problem that is too big for them to solve on their own. To save the day, they must put their powers to use and defeat the villain. In some stories, the call to action comes from a sidekick or mentor who helps guide the hero’s journey.

The Battle of Good vs. Evil

This is perhaps the most essential element of any superhero story. The fight between good and evil drives the plot forward and creates suspense for readers (or viewers). Will good triumph over evil? Or will evil prevail? This element keeps readers engaged and rooting for the hero until the end.


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    And write often. However you (or your students) find your inspiration to want to write a story, do that. And through this, the writing ability (and all the good things that come along with it) will just be a matter of time. 17 Superhero Writing Prompts: And without warning, she appeared to shimmer briefly, before disappearing entirely…

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    Explain your answer. If you could meet one superhero, who would it be and why? Design and describe your own superhero. What would their special powers be? What about their weaknesses? And don't forget to give them a cool name and a costume. You felt your heartbeat get faster and faster. "I knew I should never have eaten that sandwich.

  7. Free Superhero Writing Prompts and More to Boost Creativity

    By Amy Milcic April 13, 2021 Updated on October 2, 2023 This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure statement. Thanks for visiting! These free superhero writing prompts (and other activities) are fantastic ways to boost creativity.

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    Describe his sinister plan. Use details. Make a list of five things you would do if you were a superhero. Poll the people you know and ask them who their favorite superhero is. Who was the most popular choice? Why do you think that is? Make a list of ten unlikely superpowers.

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    Explain our answer. For you could encounter one superhero, who would it be and why? Design press describes your personal superstar. Which would their special powers be? What about their weaknesses? Furthermore don't never for enter them a cool name plus a costume. You felt your heartbeat received speed and quicker.

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    We've rounded up some excellent Superhero-themed writing prompts to boost your imagination and inspire you to create your own superhero history. Let's procure started! Superhero Writing Prompts (21 Fun and Easy Ideas) • JournalBuddies.com | Free Superhero Writing Prompts and More to Boost Creativity

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    We created these excellent Superhero writing prompts in help boost your imagination and inspire you in create your own superhero-themed stories. Take a look! We've round-shaped up some excellent Superhero-themed writing prompts to promote your imagination and inspire you to create your own superhero stories. Let's get launched!

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    Script-driven Prompt A superhero witnesses a super robbery. There's a new superhero on the block and everyone is in love with him. The supervillain gets caught by the police. The hero arrives to make sure that the police stay out of trouble. The superhero visits a super villain in prison. A crack video of the superhero hits the internet.

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    Writing Sep 2 Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank page, waiting for that spark of inspiration to ignite your next big comic idea? Fear not! Whether you're a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, I've compiled an eclectic list of 101 comic story ideas to stimulate your creative juices.

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    Superhero Writing Prompts 1. No one's perfect. So if you were a superhero, what would be your weaknesses? 2. Write a story about a super hero dog or cat who saves the day! Who does the dog/cat help and why? 3. What characteristics make a bad superhero? 4. If you were a superhero, what type of wardrobe would you have? 5.

  18. Superhero Writing Prompts (21 Fun both Easy Ideas)

    We've bowed up some excellent Superhero-themed writing prompts to boost yours imagination the inspire you to create your own superhero stories. Let's get started! Superhero Writing Prompts (21 Fun and Easy Ideas) • JournalBuddies.com | 17 Superhero Writing Prompts - Teacher's Notepad

  19. 25 Superhero Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

    How will they cope when the team is faced with a powerful villain that seems to be immune to their tech? Explore the theme of determination, self-doubt, and the true meaning of heroism. The Mind Controller: Your protagonist has the power to control minds, which they've always used for good, subtly influencing people to make better choices.

  20. 10 Writing Prompt Generators for Superhero, Fantasy, Character Design

    The superhero prompt generator is a great resource for writers looking for ideas for their superhero stories. This generator provides a variety of prompts, including descriptions of superpowers, character traits, and settings. The generator also allows users to customize the prompts by selecting different themes, such as sci-fi, crime, or horror.

  21. Free Character Writing Prompts #8: Superheroes

    When creating your own superhero, feel free to add your own personal touches to an enjoyable and occasionally dark genre. Free Character Writing Prompts #8: Superheroes. 1. As many reporters have reflected in stories about failed rescues and hostage negotiations gone horribly wrong, "In a world where superheroes exist, why did we have to get ...

  22. 6 Superhero Story Ideas to Make Your Readers Into Super Fans

    October 28, 2022 Creativity, Inspiration, Storytelling, Writing Do you love superheroes? Of course, you do! Who doesn't love a good superhero story? Not only are they exciting and suspenseful, but they also give us hope that good will always triumph over evil.

  23. Writing Prompts: 7 Creative Writing Topics to Get You Started

    Choose a current event or controversy and write about it from your own perspective. As soon as you finish, write another op-ed as compellingly as you can from the opposite point of view to challenge yourself. 6. A reflection on your past: Your own life can be a rich source of inspiration for your writing.