how to make money after phd

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18 High Paying Side Hustles for Grad Students (Ultimate 2024 List)

how to make money after phd

Attending graduate school is a massive accomplishment and it can be one of the best investments you can make.

However, it does come with a cost. The average cost of attending graduate school is around $66,340 which is a large investment in your future.

Having student loans can make managing your finances much more difficult and that's where starting a side hustle can help.

A side hustle can provide some much-needed financial relief and help you stay on top of your studies.In this post, I'll explore some of the best side hustles for grad students, how much money you can make, and much more . Let's get started!

  • Delivering food with Doordash
  • Pet sitting with Rover
  • Starting a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel

Best Side Hustles for Grad Students

1. deliver food with doordash.

One of the best side hustles for college and grad students is food delivery with apps like Doordash .

With this side hustle, you can work the hours you want – which can be especially helpful for busy students.

And the pay can be better than you think. You can earn $25 an hour delivering food in most areas but sometimes even more. Plus, you get to keep 100% of your tips!

This person worked an entire week with Doordash and made over $1,500! Not bad!

Doordash Earnings

Food delivery is a great side hustle if you live in a college town because there are so many students looking for food – meaning you can make money.

To get started, simply sign up below and start taking orders in your area. You can also learn how to make $500 a week with Doordash here!

how to make money after phd

2. Earn Money with Instacart

Instacart is another solid option if you want to use apps that pay you to drive . With this side hustle, you can pick up groceries for customers and deliver them to their doorstep. It's very similar to food delivery except instead of food, it's groceries.

The amount of money you can make will depend on your area but it's possible to earn over $25 per hour in some locations.

I've found that you can make more money with food delivery because of the amount of tips you can get, but grocery delivery is still worth it if you want a flexible schedule where you can work your own hours.

Be sure to check out these Instacart hacks to make more money before getting started!

how to make money after phd

3. Tutor Students

Looking for a hihger paying side hustle?

Tutoring is an excellent way to make extra cash while attending graduate school.

Not only will you be able to make some extra money, but you'll also be able to learn more about a subject yourself.

The amount of money you can make tutoring will depend on the subject you're teaching and your level of expertise.

Some tutors can make over $60 an hour for their time which is a great income for any grad student!

Make Money Tutoring

To find work, try posting your services on social media or browse online marketplaces like Craigslist.

If you're looking for a side hustle you can start with no money , this is for you!

4. Work as a Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is a great side hustle for many people in school because of the flexibility it provides.

For many VAs, you can work nights or weekends which is perfect if you have a busy school schedule.

What exactly is a virtual assistant?

In simplest terms, a virtual assistant is someone who can work to complete tasks for a person or business. This could include things like posting on social media, updating website content, or sending and responding to emails.

VAs are typically hired by online business owners or entrepreneurs who need assistance with the day-to-day tasks of running their business.

The pay will depend on your skills and qualifications, but some virtual assistants can make over $25 per hour for their time. For example, take a look at these VAs I found on Upwork.

Virtual Assistant Pay on Upwork

To find work, you can browse freelance sites and Facebook groups or connect directly with online business owners or bloggers to see if they need help.

If you're interested in getting started as a VA, I highly recommend Carrie's Virtual Assistant Accelerator course to learn how to become a VA and land your first clients!

5. Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is a great way to make money online for graduate students because you can do it whenever you have free time, like between classes or during your commute.

Taking surveys isn't going to make you rich by any means, but it's a good way to earn a few bucks for your time.

As a bonus, many of these apps will give your free money just for creating a new account.

Some of my favorite survey sites that pay cash include:

  • Rakuten Insight
  • InboxDollars

6. Pet Sit with Rover

Looking for an easy side hustle?

Dog sitting is a simple and easy way to make money from the comfort of your own home. Some people would consider this a passive side hustle because you don't really need to do much work at all to earn money.

By using a platform like Rover you can easily find pet sitting jobs in your area to start making money.

The amount of money you can make will depend on your city and the number of animals you're watching but it's possible to make $50 a day or more.

Rover Weekly Income

Create your free account below to get started!

7. Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of my favorite side hustles for just about anyone. There are tons of benefits and the pay can be lucrative making it a great choice for those in grad school.

Working as a freelance writer will allow you to work on your own time and complete assignments when it's convenient for you, making it a great option for students.

As far as pay is concerned, you can earn a great living freelance writing. I know many writers who have made it their full-time job!

Depending on your work, it's possible to earn over $100 an hour for your writing.

Freelance Writing Pay

Some jobs will opt to pay you per word written. In these cases, I've found that it's possible to earn up to $.50 per word or more. And for beginners, you can charge $.10 per word.

To find work, you can use freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr or you can try connecting directly with business owners who might need your services.

Another hack I've found to find clients is networking with other freelance writers. If they don't have time to accept new clients, they will often send work your way!

If you're looking for a flexible and high paying side hustle – you can't go wrong with freelance writing.

Here's a great guide on how to get started.

8. Work as a Research Assistant

As a graduate student, you likely have a lot of knowledge and research experience in your field of study.

This knowledge can be valuable to other researchers who might need help with their own projects.

Working as a research assistant is a great way to use your skills and knowledge to earn money on the side.

According to Glassdoor , you can earn around $41,000 as a grad school research assistant with little experience.

Grad Student Research Assistant Pay

9. Work as a TA

Teaching assistantships are a great way for graduate students to earn money while also getting some experience in the classroom.

TA positions are usually available through your school's department of education so you can check with your department or search online for open TA positions.

The pay for TA positions will vary depending on the school and the position, but you can expect to earn at least $15 per hour for your time, if not a little more.

Here's one opportunity I found in my area.

Teaching assistant job

10. Teach English Online

If you don't want to tutor a certain subject but you love helping other students, teaching English can be a good way to make extra cash on the side.

Whether you're a PhD student or you're getting a Masters degree, you can teach English online whenever you have a few hours on week nights or weekends.

The amount of money you can make will depend on the company you work for, but most companies will pay between $10 and $25 per hour.

11. Start a Blog

Blogging is a fun and lucrative way to make money online for anyone in grad school. With this digital side hustle , you'll get to explore your passions and share them with the web while making some money along the way.

Starting a blog doesn't cost much and in many cases can cost less than $100 a year, making it perfect for graduate students.

You can then monetize your blog through display advertising, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and more.

Some bloggers are capable of making over $10,000 every month from their website making it a great way to make money while at school .

For example, one of my blogs earned over $5,000 a month last month just from display ads alone!

Display Ad Earnings

Now, building a successful blog takes a ton of time and work, so don't expect to make a fortune overnight.

In many cases, it could be a few months before you make your very first dollar so if you need money desperately – you might want to choose another side hustle.

That said, if you want to make passive income online – blogging is a tremendous option that I would highly recommend.

You can get started by registering your domain with Namecheap and then securing your hosting with SiteGround . Check out the video below to learn exactly how to start a blog.

12. Become a Podcaster

Just like with blogging, podcasting can be a fun way to earn money while working on your graduate degree.

When it comes to podcasting, you'll need to do some work upfront to get started but you can make enough money with this side hustle to justify the effort.

To get started, you'll need some basic equipment like a microphone, audio editing software, and a computer. While you don't technically need these items, I believe if you're serious about your podcast you should invest a little bit of money off the bat.

Next, you'll want to determine the format of your show. Will you have guests? Or will your show be produced solely by yourself?

Either way, it's important to find what works for you.

Next, it's time to hit record and start taping your episodes before uploading them to podcasting platforms for the world to find.

Once your podcast is live, it's all about promoting your show to gain listeners. While this can be difficult, it's also an essential step to becoming profitable.

Once your show has a certain number of listeners, you can monetize it by offering show sponsorships and using affiliate marketing.

Some podcasts can make over $50k a month – talk about a serious money making machine !

Check out the video below for more help!

13. Build Websites

Looking for a side hustle that pays well and you can do from anywhere?

Making money building websites can be a lucrative side hustle option for many PhD students looking to work on their own hours.

With this side hustle, you'll need to be familiar with basic web development and some graphic design elements but you can find a number of online courses that can teach you the basics you'll need. Alternatively, if you're attending school for software engineering – this side hustle should be at the top of your list.

The amount of money you can make building websites can be lucrative. For example, most basic websites will cost over $1,000 to build and might take you less than a day to complete. More complex websites can cost over $10,000 and take a week or two to build.

Cost to Build a Website

If you want to make even more money, consider offering digital marketing services like scheduling social media posts, running Facebook ads, or conducting SEO audits so you can offer the full suite of marketing tasks.

14. Sell Your Old Notes

If you're in a PhD program or obtaining your Masters degree, there's a good chance your class notes can be very valuable for some future students.

If you want to make some cash on the side, start selling your notes online!

There are a number of websites that allow you to sell your notes, including Stuvia and Studynote.

The amount of money you'll make will depend on how popular your notes are as well as the price you set. Some people can make a few hundred dollars each year with this side hustle!

Here's some data from Stuvia on how much most people make!

how to make money after phd

15. Pick Up a Part Time Job

Part time jobs can be some of the quickest ways for graduate students to make extra cash.

While it's not the most fun way to make money, it can be a great option to pay the bills.

There are plenty of part time jobs available if you spend some time searching. If you live in a college town, many employers can offer flexible schedules built around your classes.

The amount of money you can make will vary but there are many jobs that pay $30 an hour or more.

16. House Sitting

House sitting is just like pet sitting with the lack of one thing: animals!

With house sitting, homeowners will pay you to watch over their house while they are away vacationing or traveling for work.

Most homeowners will want someone they can trust so this side hustle may require some references.

But once you get started, house sitting can be a great way to make money while getting free rent!

The amount of money you can make will depend on your city but it's possible to earn a few hundred dollars each week with this side hustle.

17. Complete Odd Jobs

There are plenty of odd jobs you can do to make money while attending college or university.

Between yard work, cleaning houses, and helping people move, there are plenty of opportunities to make some extra cash.

Make Money Doing Odd Jobs

You can browse an app like Neighbor to find odd jobs in your area. The amount of money you can make will depend on the job but most tasks will pay $10-25 an hour.

18. Sell an Online Course

Selling online courses can be a great passive income source to make money while you sleep .

With this side hustle, you'll create a course on a topic you're passionate about and sell it to others online.

It can take some time to create a quality course but once it's live, you can make money each time someone buys it.

The amount of money you can make will depend on the price of your course and how many sales you can generate but some course creators are capable of making 6-figures from their business.

For example, this online course sells for $139 and has made a fortune.

how to make money after phd

Passive Income for Grad Students

Invest in real estate with arrived.

Investing in real estate is a great method to earn passive income for any grad student.

Arrived Homes Investing

By using a platform like Arrived , you can take the hassle out of investing so you can get started quickly with just $100.

Arrived allows you to invest in individual rental properties and split a portion of the profits with other investors. This makes it the perfect way to start investing without needing a fortune.

how to make money after phd

Invest in the Stock Market with Acorns.

Investing in the stock market is another excellent option to make passive income and grow your money.

If you want to reach financial freedom, using the stock market is a simple way to build your compound interest so you can live life on your own terms.

Invest in Stocks

With Acorns you can invest in a variety of stock market assets like index funds, dividend stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and more.

As a bonus, they're giving new customers $20 completely free so create your account below to get started!

Not sure which investments to make? Check out these investments to make money daily !

how to make money after phd

Why Students Need a Side Hustle

Starting a side hustle can be advantageous for many reasons, especially as a student.

With student loan debt increasing at an unprecedented rate, it's essential to tackle these debts as soon as possible when starting your career.

Average Student Loan debt

Starting a side hustle can allow you to do this by providing some extra income each month.

In addition, a side hustle can help you develop important skills and network with professionals in your field.

This can be extremely beneficial when it comes time to look for a job after graduation.

Final Thoughts on Making Money While in Grad School

There are plenty of side hustles for grad students to make a little extra cash in their free time.

Between managing social media accounts and other freelance work or starting a blog, the options are out there to grow your income.

Attending grad school can be very difficult and you should certainly focus on your studies, but if you want to make some extra income to cover your living expenses, starting a side hustle is a great option. So what are you waiting for?? Find your side hustle and get started!

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  • 15 August 2023

How to make the leap into industry after a PhD

  • Spoorthy Raman 0

Spoorthy Raman is a freelance science and environment journalist in St. John’s, Canada.

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Melanie Zeppel stepped off the academic path to become a data scientist in industry. Credit: Stephen Jackson

Plant physiologist Melanie Zeppel had heard that hard work, a good publication list and securing highly competitive postdoctoral research fellowships would guarantee a successful career in academia. Despite having it all, a faculty position eluded her for 12 years after her PhD.

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Nature 620 , 683-684 (2023)


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how to make money after phd

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Highest Paying Doctorate Degrees [2024 Guide]

We’ve identified the 25 highest paying doctorate degrees. Compare salaries and job prospects.

Highest Paying Doctorate Degrees

Completing a PhD may open up doors in terms of career advancement. Plus, it may not take as long as you think to complete if you enroll in the shortest doctoral programs .

Editorial Listing ShortCode:

The following list contains the highest paying doctorate degrees along with career outlook and job growth statistics.

25 Highest Paying Doctorate Degrees

All career statistics and salary data are provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics .

Click on the area of study you’re interested in to jump to that section.

Aerospace Engineering

Chemical engineering, pharmacology, business administration, cybersecurity, electrical engineering, data science, biochemistry, information security assurance, biomedical engineering, information technology and computer science, occupational therapy, criminal justice, engineering, organic chemistry.

While all of these industries are growing, some provide better job prospects than others.

immunologist checking a young patient

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $208,000
  • Job Growth: 4%

One of the more specialized high paying doctorate programs is in immunology. Immunology is the study of disease prevention and immunity. Due to the specialized nature of the study here, jobs are typically well paid and much more specific.

A person who has studied immunology may be expected to work in research or academia but is also likely to land high-paying roles within the medical industry and at hospitals. The demand for this area of expertise is also rising faster than the average job growth, meaning there should be plenty of opportunities for graduates.

A PhD in immunology is a lot of hard work and is, therefore, suited to someone who already has considerable experience working in the medical industry. Those with an academic background in medicine should consider applying for an immunology program.

physicists researching in a laboratory

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $129,850
  • Job Growth: 7%

Of the three main sciences, physics can be the one that is the most fruitful for taking a doctorate. People who take a PhD in physics are likely to land themselves a position as either a researcher or a professor.

There are also several other high paying positions that are possible for someone who takes this career path, including more specialized roles or becoming lead physicists and consultants.

Physics is also one of the job markets that is predicted to see a considerable amount of growth for the next 10 years. Pursuing a physics doctorate can be perfect for someone who already has experience in physics or someone who already has either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the subject combined with some practical experience.

aerospace engineer checking a plane

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $118,610
  • Job Growth: 3%

Aerospace engineering is a field that would likely attract those who already have a background in either science or engineering. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and demand for jobs is expected to increase as the years roll by. So the length it takes to get a PhD should be taken into consideration so you can quickly enter this field during its booming growth.

The doctorate focuses on the engineering of various different types of spacecraft and can be incredibly demanding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary potential for this field is as high as $171,220.

math professor teaching in a university

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $110,860

Math may not be the glamorous subject to study at doctorate level, but it can open up a wide range of potentially lucrative career options.

Math can allow students to work in various sectors of the economy and business, and they may also work in research or as a math lecturer or professor at a top university.

team of professionals in a meeting

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $109,760
  • Job Growth: 5%

Taking a doctorate in management can be a logical step in the career of someone who has a history of working in business, project management, or the economy as well as several other sectors.

Earning this doctorate can open up chief executive roles within companies and roles like chief operations officer and supply chain management. It may also lead to regional and national management roles.

chemical engineer working in a laboratory

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $108,540

Another engineering-based field that presents doctorate students with some big money career options is chemical engineering. The field combines a number of different disciplines, including all of the sciences, math, and statistics, as well as engineering.

It is a complex doctorate to take, but the rewards may be worth the effort, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing salaries up to $168,960 available in this field.

economics analyst working on her computer

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $108,350
  • Job Growth: 14%

One of the most popular PhDs to take is in economics. Economics is a social science that studies and theories about the production and consumption of goods and the effect that this has on society and the economy.

Taking a PhD in economics may open up a lot of doors. Working in the financial sector is usually lucrative, and a doctorate in economics can help give you an edge over competitors in what is a notoriously feisty industry. Top earners can make around $198,230 per year.

Economics analysis is a skill that is highly sought after, especially in the medical, legal, and education sectors.

While on the face of it, some people may believe that studying economics leaves you consigned to an office for the majority of your working life, the reality is that it can open up a lot of doors in a lot of different sectors. It may also provide you with a lot of travel opportunities and chances to meet new people.

A doctorate in economics may be perfect for someone who already has some experience in the field or for someone who has studied economics, math, finance, or business to a higher level and wants to take the next step in their academic and professional career.

pharmacist checking details of a medicine on computer

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $107,270
  • Job Growth: 6%

Pharmacology is big business these days, and taking a doctorate in the subject may lead to some lucrative opportunities. It is expected that someone who wants to study pharmacology will have a background in the subject with a master’s degree being heavily preferred.

There are a lot of pre-requisites for getting onto a pharmacology doctorate program, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics is showing salaries going as high as $164,980.

business professional working in the office

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $103,650

Getting a doctorate in business administration can open up a lot of doors. Students who end up taking their doctorate in business administration often end up working as leading and chief executives as well as entrepreneurs and financial advisors.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries for someone with a doctorate in this field can be as high as $208,000. It can be ideal for someone who has a background in business or economics who wants to take the next step in their career.

IT specialist working on her computer

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $103,590
  • Job Growth: 31%

As the world of IT continues to grow, so does the demand for more and more cybersecurity. The field is one of the fastest-growing in the world, and getting a doctorate in the subject may land you a range of different high paying jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roles like IT managers can offer doctorates a salary of up to $208,000. This sector is also constantly growing, and as such, the demand and the salaries should continue to grow as time passes.

electrical engineer working on wires

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $100,830

When it comes to job demand, electrical engineering is one of the safest career paths to go down. Electrical engineering has a huge impact on our day-to-day lives.

Most of our day-to-day electrical appliances exist as a result of electrical engineering, and taking a doctorate in the field may open the door to some pretty lucrative research and project management positions. It is advised that someone who takes a PhD in electrical engineering already have practical experience in the field.

school principal checking the students before going on a field trip

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $98,490

A doctorate in education can open up a lot of different career options in that sector. A lot of doctors of education end up working in either research or in top positions at schools as principals and superintendents.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for someone working in education administration with a doctorate is around the $199,400 mark. A number of doctor of education programs do not require a dissertation .

data specialists checking the data room

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $98,230

Data is quickly becoming the most valuable commodity on the planet, and as such, the demand for data specialists and researchers is growing at an impressive rate.

Data science doctorates offer a gateway into these positions, and they usually come with some pretty high salaries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, salary for a data scientist can go as high as $165,230, and with this field ever-expanding, the demand for these positions should continue to increase.

biochemist working in a laboratory

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $94,270

Biochemists study the chemical and physical makeup of living organisms. Due to the specialized nature of the subject, research positions in this sector typically pay incredibly well.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, biochemist doctorates can start out at around $67,710 but can increase up to $169,860 or more. This doctorate may suit someone with a background in chemistry or some other science discipline.

IT engineers working in data center

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $92,870

Information assurance is a new discipline that has been created as a result of the times we live in. Information assurance is effectively another type of cybersecurity that is designed to protect people’s data from third parties and other potentially dangerous sources.

A background in any sort of computer or data-related field can be ideal for getting onto an information assurance course. Due to the increasing demand for data protection, jobs in this sector can be particularly lucrative, and the demand for these jobs is expected to increase as time rolls on.

The demand for experts in this industry is very high and is only predicted to grow over the next decade.

biomedical engineer working in a laboratory

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $92,620

Biomedical engineering is becoming an incredibly popular field of research. It is an ever-growing and developing industry, and as such, the demand for expertise in the area is on the rise.

Getting a PhD in biomedical engineering is likely to secure you a lucrative research job for a university or a job in a hospital or the medical industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average salary in this field for a senior position ranges from $127,980 to $169,860.

statistician analyzing data and working on her laptop

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $92,270
  • Job Growth: 35%

Statistics is one of the most versatile doctorates available today. Statistics are used in a wide range of different sectors, including finance, research, business, health care, government, and many others.

A doctorate in statistics can be ideal for someone who has a background in math or business. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top salary for someone working in statistics can be as high as $150,840.

computer programmers having a conversation

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $91,250
  • Job Growth: 11%

The world of IT is constantly growing, and as it does, the demand for experts grows with it. Getting a doctorate in information technology and computer science can be an incredibly lucrative career move, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing top earners taking home as high as $208,00.

The jobs that can be accessed, such as chief technology officers or research roles within the industry, tend to be incredibly well-paid. This doctorate attracts people who have backgrounds in IT-related fields, such as computer science or computer programming.

occupational therapist helping a patient during therapy session

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $86,280
  • Job Growth: 16%

For someone who already has experience working in occupational therapy, earning a doctorate in the field can be a huge benefit. Not only can it open the door for them to move up in the industry, but it can also expand their knowledge of the subject area.

It can provide them with theory-based research while also working on their leadership and management skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupational therapists holding a doctorate degree may reach a salary as high as $122,670.

The job growth for this doctorate is also incredibly high, which means it may be an excellent career path to enter in terms of job security.

forensic expert investigating a crime scene

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $86,110

The number of career options that are available to someone who has a doctorate in criminal justice is typically vast. Working as a criminologist, a criminal justice researcher, or a federal law agency admin can earn graduates a lot of money.

This course of study is best suited for someone who already has real-world experience working in the criminal justice or law sector.

engineering project manager supervising a construction

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $83,160

Engineering jobs are almost always in demand, and while there are a lot of high paying jobs available for those who have an undergraduate or master’s degree, taking a doctorate in the field can really help you advance your career.

An engineering degree is already one of the highest paying associate degrees , highest paying bachelor degrees , as well as one of the highest paying masters degrees , but the doctorate can be perfect for someone who already has experience working in engineering and wants to take that next step in their career.

A director of engineering job title and other project management positions may offer some very high salaries, about $208,000 or more, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

psychologist talking to a young child

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $82,180

With the stigma around mental health finally disappearing, the demand for jobs in psychology is on the rise. While a normal degree or masters in psychology may allow you to get jobs as a psychiatrist or a psychologist, higher-paying positions can become available following a doctorate.

It may also open up roles in research and as a university lecturer in the subject. The doctorate is suited to someone who already has their masters in psychology or who has a significant amount of experience working in the field.

philosophy professor teaching in a university

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $80,790
  • Job Growth: 9%

Getting a degree in philosophy can potentially lead to a surprisingly lucrative career in research or working as a lecturer. The doctorate is suited for someone who wants to work in research and who has a background in philosophy or religious studies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries in this field are around $80,790 per year working in a research role, and up to $180,360 for college professors.

geologist examining a rock

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $79,300

Organic chemistry, perhaps more than any of the other sciences, can open up a lot of different career options for doctorates. As well as research and academic positions, someone who studies organic chemistry may be able to land a job in a number of different areas, including geology, the pharmaceutical industry, and engineering.

Organic chemistry is a notoriously difficult subject to study, though, so it is vital that you have a solid background in chemistry and some work experience before attempting to join the program. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries can go as high as $139,650 in this field.

professional writers checking the manuscript before printing in a publishing house

  • Annual Median Salary (Bureau of Labor Statistics): $69,000
  • Job Growth: 2%

A doctorate in English can open a range of different academic doors for potential students. A PhD in English may be perfect for someone who already has an academic background in the subject and can also be perfect for qualified teachers and writers looking to take the next step in their career.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a doctorate in English may qualify you for a potential career in a lecturing position with salaries as high as $180,360, as well as positions within the publishing industry.

What Are the Different Types of Doctorate Degrees?

Different Types of Doctorate Degrees

There are six common types of terminal degrees.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – Traditionally reserved for those who want to remain in the world of academia, Ph.D. degrees focus on maximizing your ability to impart this advanced knowledge to incoming students. Outside of teaching, Ph.D. candidates also focus on pushing the limits of research and theoretical study within their chosen fields.
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – The DBA experience is all about turning your terminal research in the areas of finance, marketing, accounting, and other related fields into applicable real-world skills. DBA graduates traditionally work in the corporate sector as executive officers and other ranking members of various managerial teams.
  • Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) – PsyD students aim to provide clinical services within a wide range of settings, including group, familial, medical, scholastic, and even corporate environments. Earning this degree can give you the power to serve as a practicing clinician or specialized counselor.
  • Doctor of Education (EdD) – Capturing an EdD degree is the first step toward a leadership role within the corporate and administrative side of the education field. Working as a principal, district supervisor, or even regional superintendent all fit into the professional path of this degree.
  • Doctor of Social Work (DSW) – If you’re interested in educating others on the best practices and leading theories of modern social work and community interaction, then a DSW program could be your option. Holders of this degree research and educate others in the social work field via hands-on training in the classroom and the office, as well as provide answers and guidance in unique or exceptional social issue cases.
  • Doctor of Public Health (DPH) – Like most of the other degrees in this review, earning a DPH is all about the desire to lead others in a chosen workplace environment. In this case, that means maintaining residency as an administrator or public health coordinator at a hospital or a similar clinical setting.

The type of doctorate degree you will want to earn depends on your career goals and primarily whether you want to teach the subject or continue working in your field.

Campus or Online: Which One Is Right for You?

doctorate student studying on her computer in a college library

It’s no big secret that whichever doctorate route you choose, you will most likely be rewarded for your hard work and research via ample compensation. However, you can make this process a little easier on yourself by focusing on a path – either online or on-campus – that suits your unique needs and daily requirements.

While the appeal of the traditional college experience is the major selling point for the on-campus approach, working on your degree from home is a flexible alternative that can shape and mold itself to your current personal and professional schedule by allowing you to work on your research and coursework at your own pace.

Adding in that these doctorate programs often waive Graduate Record Examination (GRE) minimum scores based on your GPA, as well as reduce or completely remove residency requirements, is further proof that this approach is at least worth your consideration as you plan out your academic future.

Questions Related to Earning a Doctorate

Doctorate degrees

Here are our answers to a few more questions you might have.

How Much Do PhD Graduates Earn?

PhD Graduates make on average close to $100,000, with some job positions paying nearer the $70,000 mark and others going well about $208,000 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

There may be some who question whether it is worth taking the time to invest in a PhD. Doctorate programs require a lot of time and effort, but studies suggest that PhD students typically earn more and find it easier to attract higher-paying jobs than those with just an undergraduate or a master’s degree.

What Are the Highest Paying Degrees?

Highest Paying PhD Degrees

A lot of degrees can lead to well-paying jobs. The more specialized a degree is in a certain field, the higher the chances are that it will be well paying. These degrees currently tend to be those in the engineering sector, as these are the ones that offer the most in-demand jobs.

What Is the Highest Paying PhD Degrees?

Once again, this one will depend on how specialized your PhD is and how in-demand that expertise is at a given time. Engineering PhDs tend to be evergreen, while there is an increasing demand for those with PhDs and knowledge in computer science and other IT related subjects.

PhDs usually provide those who have them with a lot of the highest paying jobs opportunities.

Are There Any Degrees Higher than a PhD?

higher degrees than PhD

No, there are no higher degrees than a PhD.

A PhD, also regularly referred to as just a doctorate, is as high as you can go academically. It is a specialized research doctorate that demonstrates a high level of expertise in a field. Most people who obtain their PhD tend to stay on at universities as either a member of a research team or as a lecturer.

Do you need a masters to get a PhD ? While many PhD programs require you to earn a masters first, it is possible to earn your PhD without having earned a masters. These are the direct entry bachelor’s to PhD programs offered by some universities.

Getting Your Doctorate Degree

Getting Your Doctorate Degree

It is important that you take the time to do your research into what doctorate will help your career the most. Once you have done this, you can begin to find the right university and program for you and begin the next step in your academic and professional career.

Now that you understand your career prospects and doctorate opportunities, it’s time to lay out the blueprint for a successful future.

Outside of conducting research on each of the areas that interest you, feel free to use the search tool below to find accredited universities that offer online doctoral programs in your chosen field.

When paired up with the rest of what you’ve learned here, there’s nothing that can stop you from finding the right school – and program of study – to fit your personal and professional goals moving forward.

how to make money after phd

What if you could turn your PhD knowledge, expertise, and passions into income,

so that you can finally leave the toxic academic career behind?

how to make money after phd

This free guide will show you 17 ways to turn your PhD into income. 

Income that will give you autonomy and allow you to create a life of freedom and joy.

What if you could...

Reignite your passions & work on projects you love.

No longer be dictated by grant funding or department priorities.

Put your health and well-being at the center of your life

No more sacrificing yourself for unrealistic job requirements.

Live and earn income anywhere in the world

No more uprooting your family for for career advancement.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Multiple ways to motetize your PhD online right now
  • What makes each method a good fit for PhDs
  • How much you can charge/make for each method (Yes actual dollar amounts!)

how to make money after phd

Hi there, I'm Dr. Mel!

I know first-hand how overwhelming it can be to make the leap from academia, because I was in your shoes 3 years ago.

Surrounded by those on the academic path, it can feel like an impossible dream to have a life and career that bring you joy (and income). 

After successfully making the leap myself and building a thriving, lifestyle aligned business from my expertise, I want to help you do that too.

I put together this FREE guide on how to monetize your expertise, passions and knowledge to show you that the path to your dreams is possible!

Don't delay any longer sign up to get this freebie right now!


how to make money after phd

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5 Ways PhD Students Can Earn Money while Studying

' src=

Most grad students face this dilemma at one point or another: the stipend they receive (if they receive one at all) just isn’t enough to get by. You generally don’t have a lot of time to contribute to an outside job but you need the money, so it’s key to find one with the highest possible hourly rate.

Here are a few of the most popular part time jobs for grad students:

Bartending/Wait Staff

You can make a good hourly wage bartending and serving, especially if you’re a people person. And, the hours can be flexible—days or evenings—around a crazy grad student schedule. Even if you’ve never done this before, many places will still hire you. And when it’s slow, you can catch up on your reading or have a co-worker run through your oral exam flashcards with you.

Find a moderately wealthy neighborhood, especially one where many children go to a private school, and put up posters in the local café advertising tutoring by a PhD student . Families will often pay upwards of $50 an hour for you to help junior with his 7 th grade math homework.

Freelance Writing

Especially for grad students in the humanities, finding work as a freelance writer can be easy and can afford you a decent hourly rate. Look online at websites that provide you such opportunities.

Related: Are you a PhD student looking for work? Check out these “earn while you learn” options!

Freelance Textbook Editing

Many textbook publishing companies use “subject-matter experts” to help them write their textbooks. You are a subject matter expert! Ask around and see if any of your colleagues have done this work. If not, the next time you’re at a conference, find a few of the major textbook publishers in your field and ask them about contract work.

Teach a Class at a Local Library or Community College

Look in your area for local libraries and community colleges that offer courses. What can you teach that these places might want to offer their students? Your courses can often resemble a 100-level intro college class, so this is good experience.

While there are plenty of other jobs you can do—babysitting, errand running service, coaching, or substitute teaching at a local school. These jobs are few that will get you the best pay per hour, at least in the United States. Other ideas? Leave a comment and share the wealth!

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how to make money after phd

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how to make money after phd

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how to make money after phd

What should universities' stance be on AI tools in research and academic writing?

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3 Ways Your PhD Set You up for Wealth

  • Posted by: Chris

Updated July 22, 2020

I always thought being rich meant having a baloney sandwich on white bread.

Let me explain.

When I was a kid, we didn’t have much. My dad worked as a maintenance man to support a family of five and my mom stayed home to raise us.

They were great parents. But we were the kids who couldn’t afford things. School trips. New clothes. And baloney on white bread.

My lunch came in a washed clear milk bag (in Canada milk comes in a bag). It was usually sliced homemade bread with jam, or leftovers from supper before.

Now I don’t begrudge my mom sending me leftovers or homemade bread. And now that I have my own kids I find myself packing the same lunches.

Still, I always thought that the kids who had baloney sandwiches on white bread—in a nice shiny ziplock bag no less—had access to a level of opulence that I didn’t.

I’ve made a lot of bad wealth decisions in my life. I was poor through 15 years of studying. I was poor when I worked building highways, installing lawn-sprinklers, and as a waiter. No shame in any of those jobs, but there was no money either.

And the poverty that came with academia, and especially the poverty that it promised if I stayed, was just the last straw.

Does this sound a little superficial? Perhaps. But I decided that I’m tired of living in overdraft.

My studying was supposed to give me access to a better life, somehow. When my mom and dad sent me to university, they wanted me to get out of our small town and have opportunities that they never had.

I traveled, learned languages, and met all sorts of interesting people. But—like a lot of firstgen students—my degree didn’t translate into a full bank account. I didn’t have the network of people to tap into and I didn’t have wealthy people around me to learn from.

Things have changed, and now that I’ve begun my career I’m able to build some wealth. And I realized that a PhD can set you up for wealth in a couple of ways.

1. You can earn more with a PhD—but start ASAP

The studies aren’t all in agreement, but there is some evidence that suggests that PhDs will eventually make a higher median wage than their counterpart s and perhaps make more in their lifetimes .

Whether this makes a PhD a good investment (especially if you subtract the price of tuition and the years of lost earnings) is open to discussion and not really the point here. I’m assuming if you’re reading this that you’re already in some advanced degree and it’s a moot point.

My advice to you would be to finish fast and get the hell out.

Don’t stick around for an extra five years hoping for an academic job to drop in your lap. Or at the very least, find some well-paying work while you play the job market.

I’m convinced that one thing that devastates the financial future for a lot of PhDs is the time they waste between finishing the doctorate and getting to good, career-level income. For some PhDs this transition can take years.

( See the related post where I show how you can waste hundreds of thousands of dollars by delaying your career ).

Don’t wait.

2. You think about income differently

I’ve been on the personal finance bandwagon for a while. And I know that one of the other gifts of a PhD is that we don’t get hung up on a bi-weekly paycheck.

Some months you make more than others. When the grant comes through you eat steak. When it doesn’t you fill up on ramen noodles.

This is a tremendous gift that will take you far in life. Most people think in terms of a paycheck—expecting month to month to get the steady income. And to be honest, it can be nice at times.

But the reason many people never follow their dreams is that they get tied to the paycheck.

The paycheck sticks people to jobs WAY longer than they should stay there.

Now I’m not saying to do reckless things in pursuit of a dream, nor am I saying to live in poverty and debt. I hope the point above made that clear.

But do you know who else lives like PhDs?


That’s right, in terms of the money coming in PhDs and entrepreneurs have a lot in common. Both have to learn to surf the good waves and sit out the bad ones. ( I wrote more about this here. )

Hopefully by this point you’ve learned to live on what you’ve got when you’ve got it and to be content (I hope you’re not taking out debt to cover the difference).

This skill will set you free. Because if you go into consulting, or some other type of piece-work when you graduate, you’ll be able to make way more than most. And all because you know how to live without a regular paycheck.

3. You know that time doesn’t have to equal money

I was so frustrated when I went back to working by the hour after living off of grants. Hourly work, even if you’re making $40 or $60 dollars an hour, is aggravating. Because the old saying of “time is money” doesn’t mean that you have to spend your life trading your time for money.

When I won a $105k grant, the application didn’t take me much longer to do than the $5k grant I won. And it definitely took less time than a semester of TA work that paid my bills when I didn’t have a grant.

This lesson will carry you far in the real world, especially if you choose to do consulting . Your income does not need to be a result of trading your hours for dollars. If you’ve learned to live with uncertainty, you can go for big payouts.

A research project as a consultant that pays $15k pays that whether the project takes 50 or 350 hours to do. This is a way to make tons of money off your PhD that most PhDs don’t know about. If you can handle a bit of instability in your income (and as we established in the last point, most PhDs can) you can take advantage of being set free from the clock.

These are some of my wealth lessons from my PhD. What are yours?

trust yourself

Why You NEED to Trust Yourself

It was one of those stupid “get rich quick” ads online. You know the type. The “I made $5 million last year selling my online

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how to make money after phd

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Do PhD Students Get Paid?

Starting your doctoral program brings with it plenty of exciting new questions. For instance, what classes will you take? What area of study will your dissertation focus on? What renowned faculty will you have the chance to work alongside? What fulfilling career will you pursue after graduation?

Another question you might be pondering: do PhD students get paid? The answer can look different depending on your unique financial situation, your school, and your chosen course of study. While PhD students generally don’t earn a traditional salary, there are a number of ways they may be able to financially sustain themselves while earning their degree, like pursuing paid fellowships, paid research opportunities, or part-time or freelance employment. 

Read on to learn the different ways you might earn money as a PhD candidate.

Teaching Assistantships

One of the most common ways that PhD students may be able to earn money while completing their degree is by working as a teaching assistant, or TA. Teaching assistants may be paid either through the Federal Work-Study program (as part of an overall financial aid package) or through institutional funds. 

Working as a teaching assistant can be an excellent way to get hands-on experience in the classroom, which may be helpful if you plan on going into the world of academia after graduation. As a teaching assistant, you’ll have the chance to work alongside experienced professors and deepen your own knowledge through pedagogy.

As a teaching assistant, your duties might include : 1

  • Evaluating and grading papers and exams
  • Proctoring and observing exams
  • Leading seminars and discussions
  • Meeting with students after class hours for assistance
  • Assisting the professor with any administrative work or research related to the course

Paid Fieldwork or Research Fellowships

Many PhD programs require candidates to complete fieldwork or research as part of their coursework. Depending on what you’re studying, this could include:

  • Supervised work with clients in a clinical setting
  • Research in the field or in a laboratory
  • Archival work
  • Assistant work for professors or researchers 

Some of these programs can also be paid , but it’s important to keep in mind that these stipends are considered taxable income.

You can also look into applying to paid research fellowships. These fellowships can provide financial support while also encouraging PhD candidates to gain experience in underserved or understudied areas of research. For example, the American Psychological Association offers several different fellowships for doctoral candidates through its minority fellowship program, including: 2

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Doctoral Fellowship – A doctoral fellowship that focuses on culturally competent training in behavioral health services for minority populations.
  • Services for Transition Age Youth Fellowship – A doctoral fellowship that provides training in mental health services for ethnic youth between the ages of 16 and 25.
  • Leadership and Education Advancement Program for Diverse Scholars – A mentorship and development program that focuses on building research and leadership skills in early-career scientists.
  • Interdisciplinary Minority Fellowship Program – A program aimed at increasing the number of minority mental health providers while also improving mental health care for racial and ethnic minorities with mental or substance abuse disorders.

Research fellowships or teaching assistantships are more than just a way to pursue earning extra income– they’re also a great opportunity for building connections and earning hands-on experience that may serve you well once you’ve begun your career.

Part-Time Work

While you most likely won’t have the time (or the mental energy) for a full-time job as a PhD student, you might be interested in pursuing part-time or freelance work that can more easily fit into your schedule.

When searching for a part-time job, it’s important to consider work that you can easily balance against your rigorous coursework and study schedule. It’s also important to make sure you can still reserve time for yourself to relax and recharge. 

Some examples of part-time or freelance jobs that might be a flexible fit for a PhD student’s busy lifestyle include:

  • Freelance writing or graphic design 
  • Driving for rideshare services, like Uber or Lyft
  • Bartending, waiting tables, or working as a barista
  • Private tutoring for in-demand areas, like SAT prep or language classes
  • Babysitting or nannying
  • Walking dogs or house sitting
  • On-campus positions, such as working as a library clerk
  • Remote positions, like data entry or customer service
  • Work that allows you to pursue an existing passion, like selling art on Etsy or teaching fitness classes

Earning Money as a PhD Student

While you might not be earning a traditional salary as a PhD student, there are still a number of avenues that you can pursue to earn money and gain new experiences. Whether you choose to spend time in the world of academia as a teaching assistant, in the laboratory during a research fellowship, or at a part-time job, there are options you can explore to supplement your income.

At Alliant International University, we understand that students are busy pursuing an income, as well as an education. That’s why we offer a number of flexible doctoral degree programs, so you can continue your education while maintaining your work schedule. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t wait— request information on Alliant’s programs today!

  •  “Graduate Teaching Assistant Job Description, Salary | Resilient Educator.” ResilientEducator. 2020.… . Accessed January 30, 2022.
  •  “Psychology Fellowships and Programs.” APA. 2021. . Accessed January 30, 2022.
  •  Sims, C., 2021. “My 11 part-time jobs made me a better PhD student.” Nature. January 13, 2021. . Accessed January 30, 2022.

Alliant International University

Alliant International University

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The Savvy Scientist

The Savvy Scientist

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How to Earn Money Online for Students

Making extra money as a student

Who doesn’t love making extra cash? Read on to learn my top tips for how students can earn money online without compromising your studies.

Whether you’re looking for high hourly rates, flexible hours, or opportunities to enhance your personal and professional development, this guide has got you covered. Discover various income streams that can supplement your student loan or PhD stipend while making the most of your time as a student.

Let’s explore the endless possibilities of online earning!

Student Money Making Considerations

I think it is first worth saying that your time is valuable. Being a student opens up a fantastic range of opportunities that are not open once your graduate, so do make the most of them! Here is a post I’ve written about making the most of opportunities.

If you’re already satisfied with your finances then making extra money may not be a good use of your time. This is especially true with inefficient jobs which require a large time commitment at a low hourly rate.

But if you’re determined to learn how to make earn money online, read on for my in-depth student’s guide. In this post I have focused on streams of income with immediate earning potential, however if you’re feeling entrepreneurial you can of course start your own business. This tends to involve a great deal of upfront effort, but may prove fruitful in the long term.

I am going to focus on ways to earn money online which fulfil as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • High hourly rate
  • Flexible hours
  • Contribute to your personal and professional development
  • High availability

Tutoring is probably the first job that sprang to mind when you considered how to earn money online as a student. The only tutoring I’ve done has been free of charge (see below*) but I do know many PhD students who do it on the side. It can be rewarding both financially and personally, as you start to see improvements in the students.

The typical scenario will see you helping students prepare for school exams but you may also find opportunities to help more junior university students. Pay will vary a lot depending on your credentials and how you market yourself, £30 per hour and above is typical.

Online tutoring is as flexible as you make it, however do factor in the time it takes for preparation.

Hourly rate: 4/5 Flexible hours: 3/5 Personal development: 2/5 Availability: 3/5 Tutoring Overall Score: 12/20

*Feeling altruistic and want to help out students who can’t afford a tutor? Universities often have volunteering schemes such as Pimlico Connection at Imperial. I did this for one term when I started my PhD. No pay but a lot of satisfaction and the potential to make a big difference to the students you help.

Matched Betting

Image showing back and lay odds for matched betting, this is one example of how to earn money online for students

The wildcard! In a nutshell matched-betting involves taking advantage of promotional sports betting and casino game offers: flipping the odds in your favour, massively increasing your odds of regularly winning.

You might have seen sketchy looking adverts about it, but rest assured that you genuinely can make decent cash doing it from the comfort of your bedroom. I subscribe to a matched betting service* which makes the process of finding and capitalising offers very simple.

A typical offer may see you make £20 for 20-30 minutes work , with some offers being much more time efficient and others less so. There are a series of simple sign-up offers you can begin with which got to me to a quick profit of around £1000 profit. After these sign-up offers there are usually recurring offers for existing customers too.

*This is an affiliate link, please read more about my policy relating to them here .

I started matched betting several years ago and in total have made almost £10,000. The nice thing with matched betting is that it is tax free!

You can do it as much or as little as you have time for and it’s easy to fit around your work. You won’t learn anything useful from doing it but the flexibility is almost unrivalled. In summary, provided you’re careful it’s a fantastic way to make money as a student!

If you’re interested I have now written a huge post, guiding you through matched betting:

  • The Student Guide to Matched Betting: Make Easy Money Online

Hourly rate: 4/5 Flexible hours: 5/5 Personal development: 1/5 Availability: 5/5 Matched Betting Overall Score : 15/20

Market Research Sessions

You’ve probably seen TV shows with a group of consumers thrown in a room to discuss their use of a certain product, with executives taking notes behind a one way mirror. The setting isn’t always like that, but the opportunities to make money as a student with market research are prevalent. It’s becoming increasingly common for virtual opportunities to be offered too.

There are agencies you can register with and they’ll regularly email new opportunities targeted at various demographics. I’ve done sessions on topics as diverse as gardening through to chocolate bars. You don’t need to be a student to apply for these but they do suit the potential flexibility of being a student.

The premise is simple: you provide an insight into your decision making process or feedback on a product to inform product development. Sometimes the work will involve going to a single one hour long session, other times you’ll be recording video diaries for a week or a month from home. Pay is often around £50 per hour or more.

Along with the products themselves I’ve received bonuses like an iPod to be able to record video diaries on which is an extra perk.

If you decide to attend a session in person make sure to factor in commuting time: earning £75 for a one hour session might sound great but if it takes an hour to get there it’s less efficient than it sounds. The sessions can be interesting but don’t really offer much in the way of personal development. Opportunities are sporadic and certainly not financially dependable so see them as a bonus.

Here are some companies which email me with market research opportunities:

  • TakePartInResearch *
  • Trend Market Research

*These are both affiliate links, please read more about my policy relating to them here .

Hourly rate: 5/5 Flexible hours: 4/5 Personal development: 1/5 Availability: 2/5 Market Research Overall Score: 12/20

how to make money after phd

Prolific is similar to other online survey sites, but as well as making money you’re participating in academic studies. As of February 2021 I’ve been using Prolific for a few months now and have made just over £100 at roughly £10 an hour .

The nice thing compared to other ways of making money is that you can pick up studies at your convenience. A lot of the time the studies are actually pretty interesting too.

The worst thing about it is that there aren’t currently a constant stream of high earning surveys so the potential to earn lots of money is limited. Hopefully as the platform develops the opportunities will increase.

I wrote a whole article with my thoughts and tips for using Prolific here .

Hourly rate: 2/5 Flexible hours: 3/5 Personal development: 3/5 Availability: 2/5 Prolific Overall Score: 10/20

Bank Switching Offers

To entice customers, banks often give out free cash for you to switch to them. Usually these offers are for £50-£100. Recently I got paid £100 to switch a current account to RBS, not bad for 10 minutes work.

In 2019 I detailed some of the money I made from these here . See available offers in the UK listed here .

Switching is now really simple, with all your direct debits etc automatically carried across, so switching takes less than half an hour: making this a good hourly rate!

If you’re able to save money, the linked savings accounts associated with many of these accounts are great too. The issue is that there aren’t that many banks and you can’t do these offers that frequently so it certainly isn’t a long term solution to make money. I still recommend making the most of these very easy offers and I usually switch accounts every 12 months or so.

Do be aware that sometimes there are required minimum monthly deposits. Usually you are okay to “game” it (i.e. if deposits of £1000 per month are required, you can simply transfer money back and forth amongst several of your own accounts up to this amount).

Hourly rate: 4/5 Flexible hours: 4/5 Personal development: 1/5 Availability: 1/5 Banking Offers Overall Score: 10/20

Selling on eBay

how to make money after phd

I make money selling old belongings on eBay, and have averaged about £200 per month since starting my PhD.

This method of reliably making money only really applies if you’ve got loads of old belongings hanging around which A you no longer want and B have value. So it’s certainly not for everyone nor a sustainable long term income source. Nevertheless it’s worked great for me to both make money (over £10,000!) and give my belongings a new lease of life.

I wrote a post about it here: How I make money selling belongings on eBay .

It is great to see the rise in thrifting and reducing our demands on the planet. Even if you’ve just got some old clothes you’re no longer wearing, try selling them. As well as eBay there are loads of other platforms this applies to such as Depop , Shpock etc.

Hourly rate: 2/5 Flexible hours: 5/5 Personal development: 1/5 Availability: 2/5 eBay Overall Score: 10/20

How to Earn Money Online for Grad Students

In addition to the money making opportunities listed above, there is one additional way of making money open to you specifically as a masters or PhD student.

But before we delve into it I’ll first address whether it’s ok to earn extra money during your PhD, after all you’ll usually be receiving a stipend to pay you for your work.

The simple answer is that usually you are fine to make some extra money on the side and working as a graduate teaching assistant is often actively encouraged .

However there will normally be limits on the number of hours you can work outside of your PhD studies, so if in doubt consult your department for further details.

Although not strictly limited to grad students, a lot of consulting roles will want you to demonstrate some expertise. Having several years of experience and a degree or two under your belt will significantly help with this.

I’ll begin by saying that I only have a small amount of experience in this area. Opportunities exist in many fields and you’ll typically hear about consulting opportunities through one of the following channels:

  • Your supervisor may have a history of working with certain companies
  • Department-wide emails targeted at PhD students to provide specialised help
  • Adverts around campus
  • Signing up to a consultancy agency

Of course you can also set yourself up as an independent consultant. Working with an external company through consulting can be a valuable experience for both academia and industry.

Recently I signed up to Kolabtree , a website connecting businesses and independent consultants. I’ve had some offers for work but haven’t yet taken on any. Be aware of the 20% platform fee. Even so I like the idea and setting up a profile doesn’t take long.

Hourly rate: 4/5 Flexible hours: 3/5 Personal development: 5/5 Availability: 2/5 Consulting Overall Score: 14/20

In addition to all of the ways to earn money online described above, I’d also encourage PhD students to keep an eye on any graduate teaching assistant (GTA) opportunities available. For more details see my full post on GTA roles .

The majority of these will be in person, but you may also find the occasional online role from time to time.

Summary: How to Earn Money Online for Students

Below is a brief summary of the key points we’ve discussed above.

  • Tutoring: Offer your expertise to help younger students prepare for exams. Tutoring can be financially rewarding and flexible.
  • Matched Betting: Take advantage of promotional sports betting and casino offers. Matched betting can be a lucrative way to make money online as a student.
  • Market Research Sessions: Participate in market research studies to provide feedback on products or decision-making processes. These sessions can pay around £50 per hour or more.
  • Prolific: Participate in online surveys and academic studies through the Prolific platform. Studies can be interesting and you can earn money at your convenience.
  • Bank Switching Offers: Take advantage of banks’ offers to switch accounts and receive free cash. This can be a quick way to make money, but opportunities are limited.
  • Selling on eBay: Sell old belongings on eBay or other platforms like Depop or Shpock to make money and give your items a new lease of life.
  • Consulting (typically for graduate students): If you have expertise in a field, consider consulting opportunities, which can be beneficial for academia and industry connections.

As you can see, there are loads of ways for students to earn money online, each with their own pros and cons. No single one of these income streams is perfect for everyone, so which to choose will depend on your own skills, availability and priorities. However, there is nothing to stop you from utilising a mix of different income streams, giving you exposure to more opportunities to make money.

Keep in mind any limitations on the number of hours you can work outside of your studies, especially for graduate students receiving stipends.

Personally, from this list I’ve made the most money from eBay and matched betting . Then a much smaller and less dependable source has been market research opportunities and Prolific.

Best of luck with smashing both those money making and academic goals. Happy hustling!

Hopefully that’s helped to answer the question of how to earn money online for students. If you have any suggestions for income streams I should include, please do let me know in the comments.

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How Do PhD Students Make Money Whilst Studying

Avatar photo

A recent article published in the Guardian states the following: “ PhD students told to consider selling Avon products to make ends meet “.

The article continues by saying: “Postgraduates chosen for their “excellent potential” to become future leaders in environmental science and sustainable business should consider selling Avon products, pet-sitting, and joining clinical trials to cope with the cost of living crisis”

The truth is, most PhD students face this dilemma at one point or another: the stipend they receive – if they get one at all – isn’t enough to get by, especially in the inflationary environment we live in today. Not only that but in many cases, PhDs aren’t even allowed to work over a certain amount of hours every week because to do so would interfere with completing the course on time.

Given the current state of the world, what we need now more than ever is to promote and empower researchers. Having said that, here are the ways you as a PhD student can increase your income whilst pursuing your studies.

If you’d like to talk to one of our financial advisors, feel free to book a time here. This is completely free and the aim is to open up the discussion on financial literacy and the steps you can take towards your future.

1. PhD Stipend

A stipend is a non-repayable grant provided to doctoral students to help support their studies. This is usually in the form of a Tax-Free scholarship, meaning no tax needs to be taken off that. The stipend is used to cover living costs such as rent, food, bills, and basic travel, the only expectation of receiving a stipend will be that you maintain continuous progress within your degree.

For example in the UK, PhD students can receive a stipend which varies between £15,000 and £18,000 per annum.

2. Industry internship

An internship is a short-term work experience offered by companies and other organizations for people — commonly students, but not always — to get an entry-level exposure to a particular industry or field. This is usually a great opportunity to get business exposure and see how you can utilize your research knowledge to bring value to the private industry. In many cases universities themselves sponsor internships (i.e. Internship projects for PhD students at Karolinska Institutet , Sweden). One key suggestion here is that you look for paid-only internships. It is quite often that companies will try to hire interns without paying them in exchange for learning and experience, however, we strongly suggest you always look for projects where you do get compensated.

3. Teaching at your university

Quite often PhD students teach or have demonstration hours during their doctorate as a way of earning money and gaining experience at their home university or research center. Some of the main responsibilities for PhDs include leading undergraduate seminars, grading assessments and providing laboratory demonstration or supervision. In some cases PhD candidates can also work as Teaching Assistants (TAs) taking on a more administrative role being in charge of planning, giving classes, sending emails and grading. Our suggestion is that you ask your supervisors for teaching hours, they will at least know who to redirect you to.

4. Teaching privately

Working as a private tutor is another way you can increase your revenue. In many cases students, parents, and private individuals want support whilst studying and preparing for exams. This is usually a good opportunity for you, as a researcher in a given topic, to use your niche and look for customers wanting to pay you for tutoring them. Some of the platforms that might help you do it include:

  • GoStudent – link
  • UniversityTutor – link
  • Spires – link
  • Apprentus – link

5. Competitions & Prize money

Although many PhD students undermind such revenue opportunities, there are quite often university competitions, startup hackathons, and events where it is possible to win prize money. In many cases, private companies who either want to recruit, universities who want to engage with their students, or startup organizers who want to bring together people to tackle existing challenges, offer cash prizes to attract more participants. This is a great opportunity to not only meet people but also have fun whilst doing it. Here’s a list of competitions that might be interesting for you to have a look at: Student competitions

6. Part-time work

A part-time job is no surprise. However, the opportunity often lies in doing something that is completely different from what you currently do whilst pursuing your PhD. This is a great way to be creative, engage with people, or even work on your sales skills. If you’d like a part-time job, feel free to email us at: [email protected]

7. Content creation work & personal branding

Content creation is the foundation of all modern digital marketing efforts. It includes the process of conducting research, generating ideas, crafting those ideas into high-value pieces of information, and then promoting them to a target audience. Digital content can take many forms, including web pages, blogs, infographics, videos, and social media posts.

This is a great opportunity for you to work on your personal branding, where you consciously and intentionally make an effort to create and influence public perception of you as an individual, elevating your credibility. This can take many shapes and forms that can lead you to generate income, some of which include:

  • Youtube – Ads and Channel membership

By creating videos and posting content on YouTube, you can create an audience and grow it to the point where you can make money from YouTube Ads and Channel Memberships. Here’s a more in-detail post by Google on how you can monetize from Youtube: How to Earn Money on Youtube

  • Affiliate marketing

This is the process by which you earn a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. You as a PhD can simply search for a product you enjoy using, then promote that product and earn a part of the profit from each sale the company makes. A good place to start might be to look at the different tools you use in your daily life as a researcher and see which ones you can promote and earn a commission on.

  • Sponsorships

This involves a business relationship between two parties, where the sponsor provides support in the form of funding, resources, or services to the beneficiary. The beneficiary, in return, promotes the sponsor’s products. A great distribution channel for this type of revenue stream is TikTok and Instagram. If you can create a following in any given niche, companies will approach you to see how they can advertise their products through you.

@citationsy1 via @Study tips & hacks – students ♬ original sound – Citationsy

8. Consulting, sell your knowledge to companies who need it

Consulting companies look for subject-matter experts who can bring value to their portfolio of services. Look for companies in the private sector that are offering services in your field of research. This might be a good opportunity for you to work with them and sell your hours. If you are brave you can also start your own consulting gig where you invite companies to hire you for a number of hours.

Here’s a great video by Ciara Feely, a PhD student in Dublin who shares the story of her different income streams as a PhD:

online master's programs

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In this passionate monologue, Savage expresses concern over the actions of politicians Schumer, Sanders, and Nadler, who have taken a stance against Israel in supporting Hamas, a group similar to Nazis. He criticizes their timing during sacred holidays for Christians and Jews and expresses doubt about their moral character. He also shares personal stories of his experiences with the supernatural, including encounters with a Fijian card reader, surviving a car accident, and a heart attack while praying in Hebrew. He emphasizes the spiritual aspect of medicine and the interconnectedness of different worlds and religions. Additionally, he criticizes the Biden Administration for its call for a ceasefire. He offers prayers for the souls of Schumer, Sanders, and Nadler and encourages true Christians and Jews to understand the concept of many worlds. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Savage and Stephen Gardner expose the Left in their plot to erode America's borders, language, and culture. Savage quotes Voltaire: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." He shares examples of the Left's "absurdities" leading to "atrocities": defunding police, open borders, gender ideology, critical race theory, etc. They discuss how corporate greed and the Left are working to decimate our borders and bring down our civilization. Learn why Letitia James' prosecution of Trump is a political persecution. Savage explains why the Civil War is already here as the left is waging an insurgency to destroy America from within, without firing shots. Savage debunks the idea of "democratic socialism" and explains how Bernie Sanders played a role in shaping Biden's economic policies and federal budget. They discuss Trotskyism and the violent Bolshevik Revolution. It's time for people to wake people up to the underlying agenda and threats we face! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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This week, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson suggested during oral arguments that the First Amendment should not be allowed to “hamstring” the government amid a crisis. For years, Savage has been warning against the threat radical DEI justices posed to our future freedoms. Listen to this remarkable broadcast from 2012 where Savage exposed the Left's efforts to redefine the U.S. Constitution. Learn the shocking claims the late leftist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg made about the U.S. Constitution. Once again, Savage was ahead of the pack in his effort to sound the alarm on the progressive plot to unravel our republic! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Investigative reporter and best-selling author Peter Schweizer shares the BOMBSHELL revelations he uncovered in his new book Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans. Savage and Schweizer dig into the shocking details, revealing the deep influence China wields on America today. Learn about China's strategy of "cognitive" and "disintegration" warfare and how it is being employed to fragment American society; Why American tech companies like Meta are pushing the sale of TikTok; China's alleged involvement in the production and distribution of fentanyl in the United States; The long-term strategy for China to get revenge on the West for the Opium Wars; How Hollywood studios have co-financing deals with Chinese propagandists; The increasing influence of Chinese financing on Hollywood films and streaming services like Netflix; How Chinese-funded groups are linked to the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Black Lives Matter, and other left-wing organizations; And which politicians are financially profiting from Chinese influence. Share this alarming podcast so others learn the truth! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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The Diversity Con with Best-Selling Author Kent Heckenlively - #697

Savage and best-selling author Kent Heckenlively expose the systemic cancer of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) which has poisoned universities and communities worldwide. Savage shares his personal struggle for academic opportunities due to affirmative action during his time at the University of California, Berkeley. Heckenlively exposes how these policies have been pervasive in corporate America for decades and have now moved into universities, creating a dangerous divide among people. They argue that DEI policies aim to separate people and create hatred, preventing them from recognizing their similarities and uniting against the real oppressors in society. Heckenlively expresses optimism that transparency and open discussions about these issues can help turn the tide against DEI policies and restore the pursuit of excellence in society. They discuss the resignation of Harvard President Claudine Gay and the quick fall of phony leaders along with the consequences of their actions. They emphasize the necessity of open dialogue and engaging with opposing viewpoints. They warn about the dangers of DEI and the destructive ideology behind targeting certain groups.Learn how George Soros and others fund foundations and manipulate the media. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Dr. Savage thanks for opening my eyes to the critical importance of ‘Borders, Language and Culture’. Without those we are nothing as a country

Podcast and YouTube

Ben Shapiro has done a lot of good.

Shame on you Dr. Savage

I appreciated your program prior to 3/25/24 interview with Rabbi Barclay. It is imperative to engage with multiple perspectives rather than solely relying on one party’s narrative to gain a comprehensive understanding of any issue. Unfollowing your podcast after 10+ yrs.

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Biden says Baltimore bridge rebuild should be paid for by the federal government after collapse

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden said he wants the federal government to pay to rebuild the Baltimore bridge that collapsed early Tuesday after a large cargo ship sailed straight into one of the bridge's support pillars.

"We’re going to work with our partners in Congress to make sure the state gets the support it needs. It’s my intention that the federal government will pay for the entire cost of reconstructing that bridge, and I expect the Congress to support my effort," Biden said in brief remarks from the White House before he left for North Carolina.

Biden said that it will take "some time" to rebuild the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which transverses the Patapsco River, but that he told Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, a Democrat, that he's directing the federal government to "move heaven and earth" to reopen the port and rebuild the bridge "as soon as humanly possible."

He said he also plans to visit Baltimore as "quickly" as he can.

"Our prayers are with everyone involved in this terrible accident and all the families — especially those waiting for the news of their loved one right now," Biden said. "I know every minute in that circumstance feels like a lifetime. You just don’t know. It’s just terrible."

Biden said that a search and rescue operation is the top priority and that ship traffic and the Port of Baltimore have been suspended until further notice.

The Port of Baltimore, one of the largest shipping hubs in the U.S., is the top port in America for both imports and exports of automobiles and light trucks, Biden said, noting that 850,000 vehicles are moved through the port annually.

"We’re going to get it up and running again as soon as possible. ... Fifteen thousand jobs depend on that port, and we’re going to do everything we can to protect those jobs and help those workers," he said.

He also said that the bridge is "critical for travel," not just for Baltimore but for the Northeast Corridor, saying more than 30,000 vehicles cross it daily. 

Several vehicles plunged into the water when the collision occurred at 1:30 a.m. ET. At least six people were still believed to be missing, Moore said at a news conference. Sonar used by rescue crews also detected at least five vehicles in the water, he said: three passenger cars, a cement truck and another vehicle.

Moore said the ship, the Dali, which had just left the Port of Baltimore en route to Sri Lanka, notified authorities about a "power issue" on board and issued a mayday moments before the crash. Moore credited that call with saving people's lives.

how to make money after phd

Rebecca Shabad is a politics reporter for NBC News based in Washington.

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  • Science of Success
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Beyoncé's first country music foray drew harsh criticism—here's how she used it to craft a No. 1 single


Even Beyoncé isn't exempt from harsh criticism and feedback — and you can learn from the way she responds to it.

The 42-year-old singer is set to release her eighth studio album, "Cowboy Carter," on Friday. Its lead single, "Texas Hold 'Em," has already made her the first Black woman ever with a No. 1 song on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart. But she wasn't always met with open arms in the genre.

"This album has been over five years in the making. It was born out of an experience I had years ago where I did not feel welcomed…and it was very clear that I wasn't," Beyoncé wrote in a recent Instagram post .

She was likely referring to a 2016 performance of her first country song, "Daddy Lessons," at the annual Country Music Awards. Joined by The Chicks, who were known at the time as the Dixie Chicks, Beyoncé put on a six-minute show that received an onslaught of social media backlash.

"@Beyonce [with] the @DixieChicks at the #CMAawards50… SO NOT country!! HATED IT!!!," one user on social media platform X posted . "Much as I like some country crossovers, @Beyonce and @DixieChicks was a step too far," someone else wrote .

Instead of letting those opinions deter her, Beyoncé spent five years crafting her country album, she wrote.

"Because of that experience, I did a deeper dive into the history of country music and studied our rich musical archive," she wrote. "The criticisms I faced when I first entered this genre forced me to propel past the limitations that were put on me. [Cowboy Carter] is a result of challenging myself, and taking my time to bend and blend genres together to create this body of work."

She added: "My hope is that years from now, the mention of an artist's race as it relates to releasing genres of music, will be irrelevant."

How to manage negative criticism

Just about everyone knows what it feels like to receive external criticism that hits you in the gut.

"Negative social feedback, the sense that you might be excluded or thought poorly of, actually influences your nervous system," Wharton organizational psychologist Adam Grant told CNBC Make It in 2018. "That can feel like you can't breathe ... and in some cases, it feels like you've just been the victim of an attack and you don't know if you can be successful moving forward."

Your manager's harsh critique of a project you just turned in — or even your spouse saying a meal you made wasn't their favorite — can send you spiraling, if you aren't practiced at internalizing feedback in a healthy way.

Start with these three steps, Grant said:

  • Practice listening to outside opinions. Ask people around you to provide small critiques of your professional or passion projects, to help you become more comfortable receiving feedback.
  • Assess your response to negative feedback. Prioritize figuring out ways to improve going forward, rather than focusing on how the criticism makes you feel. Your goal should be to avoid incurring the same upsetting critique again.
  • Predict the feedback you'll receive beforehand. "Prepare yourself by imagining what is the most negative feedback I could possibly get in this situation," Grant said. Any negative feedback you receive afterwards will probably sting less, and won't be so surprising.

These tips can help you better process criticism without taking it personally, and separate legitimate feedback from character attacks that can trigger your "flight or fight" emotional response, Grant added.

Want to make extra money outside of your day job?  Sign up for CNBC's new online course How to Earn Passive Income Online to learn about common passive income streams, tips to get started and real-life success stories. Register today and save 50% with discount code EARLYBIRD.

Plus, sign up for CNBC Make It's newsletter to get tips and tricks for success at work, with money and in life.

How this millennial is living on $17,000 in New York City

Truth Social’s stock price is soaring. It’s not just Trump supporters buying in.

how to make money after phd

More than two years after announcing the merger that would take it public, Trump Media – the parent company to Donald Trump’s social media platform Truth Social – hit the stock market Tuesday under the ticker DJT. 

Investors went wild .

The stock was bolstered by Trump supporters and mom-and-pop investors looking to make a quick buck on the stock’s soaring price. At one point during its first day, the price of Trump Media gained nearly 60%, and it seesawed enough to make the Nasdaq stock exchange temporarily pause trading.

Meme stocks also gained traction as a way to go against the hedge funds that had been shorting, or betting against, companies like GameStop. Other investors were simply in it to make money. But no matter the incentives for buying in, experts have warned about risks associated with these volatile bets. 

Now, much like these "meme" stocks, experts say they expect a tumultuous journey for Trump Media.

“If you're an investor looking for stable returns, I would not touch this with a 10-foot pole,” said Derek Horstmeyer, a finance professor at George Mason University in Virginia who specializes in corporate finance.  

In it for the money

Mitchell Standley bought his first shares in Digital World Acquisition – the public shell company that merged with Trump Media to take it public – back in early 2022. 

Standley, 39, of Chandler, Arizona, had been active in the Wall Street Bets subreddit for a few months and saw an opportunity to make a profit off of the stock given the former president’s fanbase. 

“I'd seen how relentless his followers are, and I thought I would take a shot. And I ended up making a ton of money,” he said. 

He timed his bet right; a $750 investment made him about $4,500 by the time he pulled out just four hours later.

When Digital World’s stock price started to climb ahead of its merger with Trump Media, Standley decided to try his luck with the stock once again.

He used a more advanced investing tactic, purchasing two "call options" with the company last week: one for $100, and another for a little over $160. Both were easy to sell off due to the stock's high demand, he said, and he walked away with more than $3,000 in profit. ( A call option gives an investor the right, but not the obligation to purchase a stock at a specific price.)

DJT had a good first day: Trump's Truth Social media stock price saw rapid rise

Standley – a registered independent – said he felt no political motivations for investing with Trump's social media company.  

“I'm playing the market for the money and not for the politics. But I certainly have an eye on the politics because I see how staunch his followers are,” he said. “So when I see something like this, it's kind of a no-brainer.”

Online forums on sites like Reddit are filled with people like Standley, who have no plans to hold their investments in Truth Social.

“We know from the meme stock craze, (that) whenever there's a bubble, it tends to attract a lot of other more rational investors who are just trying to realize the big gain, even though they have no serious interest in the company in the long run,” said Albert Choi , a University of Michigan law professor. 

Investing to support Trump

Other Trump Media investors, like Teri Lynn Roberson, couldn’t care less about potential earnings.

Roberson, 52, from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas, said she purchased five shares of Trump Media at about $72 a pop, right around the stock price’s Monday peak.

But she called the investment “all fun and games.” For her, it’s more about sending a message than anything else.

“It’s mainly to support Trump and his legal battles. Or making a statement,” she said. “It’s more just to show that people are supporting him.”

Roberson said the only other time she’s tried her hand at investing was back in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when the cruise industry was at a standstill . She purchased shares of Royal Caribbean’s stock as a show of support.

Roberson said she’s not worried if her Trump Media shares don’t yield a return. She plans to hold onto them – at least until the 2024 presidential election is over – and “just see where it goes from there.” 

That sort of investing helped Trump Media end Tuesday with a market value of nearly $8 billion.

“I do not think that the fundamentals of the company justify this valuation,” said Usha Rodrigues, a professor at the University of Georgia's School of Law who specializes in corporate finance and securities law. “There were definitely a lot of investors who were interested in it because they had this opportunity to invest in the Trump brand.”  

In the first nine months of 2023, Truth Social's parent company made $3.4 million in revenue while losing $49 million, according to filings.

Is Truth Social the next GameStop?

Predicting stock market moves is no easy task, but most experts agree that Trump Media will continue to see volatility.

“It's going to be like GameStop, where it goes up, and then it comes crazy down, and then it goes up again,” Horstmeyer of George Mason said.

That’s because the stock’s performance so far isn’t based on traditional metrics – investors are “just going to be riding waves of sentiment," he said.

That sort of volatility could pay off for investors like Standley, or even Trump himself, who saw his net worth soar in the aftermath of Trump Media’s public launch. The former president was worth roughly $4.5 billion on paper as of Tuesday afternoon , thanks to his roughly 60% stake in the company.  

For others, it could lead to losses. The stock has already seen one major dip, falling from about $72 to under $58 in one hour toward the end of the day Tuesday. 

Rodrigues of the University of Georgia said that investors "run the risk of losing money" anytime they pump money into a stock that's rising due to other investors' behavior instead of the company's performance.


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