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E-learning management system for thesis process support from a supervisor perspective : the case of scipro system at university of rwanda, full record, online access, copyright/license, collections.


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Developing a Web-Based Learning Management System (LMS) for Master’s Thesis Process in the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

Profile image of Sareh shakerian

Journal of Medical Education

Background: A large number of students enrolled in many universities and the low ratio of supervisors to the student have challenged the process of developing education and research. Today, information and communication technology (ICT) tools have changed the learning environments. We assessed the improvement in challenges in the thesis process for Master’s degree virtual students using learning management systems (LMS). Methods: This study is a translational research design focusing on adaptation of educational technology and was conducted in three stages: Preparation, implementation, and assessment in the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in 2017. In the preparation stage, we matched LMS with technical support requirements. In the experimental stage, the effectiveness of a web-based system (LMS) for thesis support was assessed in 67, 65, and 51 master students in 2017, 2018, and 2019, respectively, and they were followed two years. In the post- experimental stage, the...

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Dr. Rehmat Shah /AP/TTS/Education/JBD

Conventional education has taken on a new meaning in the last several years. It's no longer necessary to be in class to learn, due to the internet and modern technologies. If you're online, you can obtain a great education anytime and whenever you choose. A new age has dawned with the advent of online schooling. With the advent of learning management systems and a rise in home computer use, more and more students and teachers are turning to online learning environments. Learning management system implementation is a significant decision for every higher education institution. Student-faculty engagement may be encouraged through virtual chats, discussion forums and announcement publishing. The purpose of this study was to uncover issues caused by the new LMS, which affected student academic performance. This study was done utilising a quantitative research approach. Three campuses in Sahiwal were selected as the study population for the virtual university, which enrolled 200 ...

e learning management system thesis

chih-hung chung , Chang Koh

Strides in Development of Medical Education Journal

Abstract Background: E-learning is one of the new methods of education that helps to increase people’s knowledge and performance by using new technologies. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitude of graduate and postgraduate students of Kerman University of Medical Sciences toward using e-learning technology. Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out among graduate and postgraduate students of Kerman University of Medical Sciences in autumn 2017. The data were collected by a researcher-made questionnaire whose validity and reliability was verified (α = 0.82). Data were analyzed using descriptive and analytical tests (including t-test, ANOVA, and Spearman correlation) to investigate the relationship between the mean score of e-learning usefulness and students’ demographic information in SPSS software. Results: About 80% of e-learning students found it a good tool for the exchange of information and educational content between faculty and students at different universities and more than 40% believed that e-learning could improve the quality of education. About 57% of the participants were interested in using the technology. More than 70% of the students reported e-learning to be useful. Also, there was a significant relationship between the mean score of the usefulness of e-learning with age (P = 0.049), computer use skill (P = 0.025), and mobile use skill (P

Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

International Journal of Medical Education

Florian Behringer

Objectives To investigate medical students´ utilization of and problems with a learning management system and its e-learning tools as well as their expectations on future developments. Methods A single-center online survey has been carried out to investigate medical students´ (n = 505) usage and perception concerning the learning management system Blackboard, and provided e-learning tools. Data were collected with a standardized questionnaire consisting of 70 items and analyzed by quantitative and qualitative methods. Results The participants valued lecture notes (73.7%) and Wikipedia (74%) as their most important online sources for knowledge acquisition. Missing integration of e-learning into teaching was seen as the major pitfall (58.7%). The learning management system was mostly used for study information (68.3%), preparation of exams (63.3%) and lessons (54.5%). Clarity (98.3%), teaching-related contexts (92.5%) and easy use of e-learning offers (92.5%) were rated highest. Inter...

Open Praxis

Sidra Noreen

Over a number of years, the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has encouraged and supported moves to Learning Management System (LMS) replacing aspects of paper-based and face-to-face teaching and learning including, assignments, workshops and examination. The views of learners and academics were explored to consider the advantages of the system as well as potential challenges. Twenty-two participants were involved in qualitative data gathering by means of focus group discussion and semi-structured interviews, which were comprised of 12 M.Phil students and 10 academics from the Faculty of Education. Thematic analysis was carried out by applying themes and codes. Numerous advantages were identified with the use of Learning Management System. However, it was found that the approach did face some challenges. Learners often lacked easy Internet access and the necessary skills to use new technologies efficiently. Academic staff required considerable time for the development of online ma...

Madorawa Journal of Arts and Social Sciences (MAJASS)

Hassan Aliyu

The learning management system has been the easiest means for: tracking students' development and progress in learning; keeping records of students' performance; facilitating classroom instruction with interactive audio/visual devices that enhance deep understanding of the subject matter; accessing relevant information within a fraction of a second; communicate with colleagues via forums, to mention but a few. The study investigated factors influencing adoption, attitude and satisfaction of LMS, acceptance of LMS, perception of LMS and usefulness for classroom and online instruction. The study adopted a systematic review of related literature between 2005 and 2018. In this review, researchers are purely interested in only recently published peer-reviewed articles on learning management systems, electronic education, and electronic learning. The outcome reveals that globally, educational institutions are patronising LMS as a means of executing teaching and learning tasks, physically and/or virtually. There is a high level of satisfaction indicated by the respondents of many studies. Lastly, users saw the usefulness of the LMS, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

Saranyaelangovan Margaret

IOER International Multidisciplinary Research Journal

IOER International Multidisciplinary Research Journal ( IIMRJ) , Louie Agustin

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a type of web-based software that is hosted on a server and is used to handle students' information, program enrollment, course content, and evaluation tools. The primary goal of this study was to ascertain the efficacy of learning management systems in affecting change in this new normal school context. The research study engaged 38 students from various courses who were enrolled in the Citi Global College's Weekend Education Program. A descriptive research design was adopted in this study. Descriptive research is one in which the range of one or more variables is described without respect for any causal or other assumption. The frequency (f) and percentage (%) relevant factors were used to determine the respondents' demographic profile in terms of age, sex, course, year level, available internet connection, and gadget use at home; whereas the weighted Mean (WM), ttest, and f-test variables were used to analyze the gathered data regarding the level of effectiveness on the quality characteristics of the learning management system and to determine if there were significant differences in respondents' assessments. The study's findings indicate that respondents were all working students; the majority of them use mobile data as their available internet subscription; and that there was no significant difference in the level of effectiveness of LMS's quality characteristics when respondents were grouped according to their demographic profile. The study recommended that instructors allow students sufficient time to process their output at the LMS because they were working students; prepare video tutorials to familiarize students with the LMS platform; use a good or faster internet connection of at least 4 Mbps and at least Android Marshmallow or iOS 8 on their mobile devices; and that the Learning Management System may be proposed for use by other neighboring schools.


Politiques et management public

Frederique Pigeyre

Sara Martínez-Loriente



Regina Wecker


Muafa Abadi

RESWARA: Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat

Yasir Maulana

Nature Conservation

Antonella Petrocelli

British Journal of Political Science

Benjamin A. T. Graham

Revista Argentina De Radiologia


Farida Linda Sari Siregar

Computational Statistics & Data Analysis

Hernando Ombao

Acta Biochimica Polonica

Maciej Stobiecki

Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Byeong Cheul Moon

Heino Neumayer

Bakht Muhammad Khan

Journal of Polymer Research - J POLYM RES

Prof. Vijay Kumar Sinha

General physiology and biophysics

Zoltán Galajda

Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property

Johanna Gibson

Journal of Psychedelic Studies

Robert Villa


Andreani Moutsou

Social Science Research Network

Pedro S Martins

Annals of Human Genetics

Tadashi Imanishi

Jurnal Kreativitas Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat

Azriel Restu

UoB毕业证成绩单 UoB毕业证成绩单

Investigaciones sobre audio espacial y estética del arte sonoro (Di Liscia y Farina (Comp.)

Simón Pérez


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    The thesis uses diverse sources from software's official documentation, reputable website articles, and research conducted by large companies. In ... Learning Management System is the dominant technology that is now used to organize and deliver online courses. This software has come an ineluctable part

  2. (PDF) Learning Management Systems (LMS)

    Learning Management S ystems (LMS) is a widespread information system used in many Higher Education. Institutes (HEI)in order to facilitate educational efforts. The system can be used for support ...

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    organization of e-learning, led t o the development of Learning Management Sy stems (LMS). The LMS seek to automate the administration o f the co urses, to record users, to

  4. PDF Learning Management System (LMS) Use with Online Instruction

    Learning objects or LOs are essential components in an LCMS or an LMS (Watson & Watson, 2012). An LO provides feasible options for users across different environments (Watson & Watson, 2012). The assimilation of LOs supports modern educational environments with tools that are adaptable to meet the specific needs of

  5. PDF Short Paper The Impact and Effectiveness of E-Learning on Teaching ...

    In Oman Tourism College (OTC), the use of Moodle as a Learning Management System began in 2014 with 20 undergraduate courses and 560 users, which increased in 2017 to 122 courses and offered to all students in the General Foundation Program and Undergraduate Program. As E-Learning in OTC is considered as an online tool for teaching

  6. Effectiveness of Student Engagement Using Learning Management System in

    Online learning has become an important tool for teaching and learning. E-learning systems have allowed for meaningful learning through student-centered, life-long, and self-directed learning; could create greater opportunities for a larger cross-section of students than typical site-specific learning environments (Jones, Morales, &


    Management System (LMS), or e-learning platforms, are specialized online platforms that support e-learning, that is, online learning and training through content and communication sharing. From an early moment the LMS Moodle was one of the favorite platforms for two reasons: it was as free and it had all the versatility of

  8. PDF Developing a Web-Based Learning Management System (LMS) for Master's

    Management at the Durban University of Technology, im-plemented a web-based (WebCT) system for research man-agement among the postgraduate students from 2005 to 2006 (3). The SciPro (Supporting Scientific Processes in Thesis Writing) system, which was developed at Stockholm Uni-versity, is an online ICT support system for administra-

  9. (PDF) Learning Management Systems, An Overview

    broadly termed "learning management systems". or "LMSs."Learning management systems can. be de fined as web-based software platforms that. provide an interactive online learning environ ...

  10. PDF E-learning Management System From the Perspective Of

    E-LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE SOCIAL REQUIREMENTS By Abdallah Ahmed Hassan Alia 20139003 Supervisor Prof. Hamed Al Fawareh Professor This Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Master's Degree in (Computer Science) Faculty of Graduate Studies Zarqa University Zarqa - Jordan Second Semester May , 2016 ...

  11. The Effectiveness of E‐Learning Systems: A Review of the Empirical

    E-learning systems are considerably changing education and organizational training. With the advancement of online-based learning systems, learner control over the instructional process has emerged as a decisive factor in technology-based forms of learning. However, conceptual work on the role of learner control in e-learning has not advanced ...

  12. (PDF) E-learning System

    E-learning System. shakir abdirahman. 2022. In this thesis, we present a practical guide to developing and implementing successful e-learning management systems. We cover a range of topics, including: Planning and designing effective online courses and programs Utilizing technology and software to facilitate learning and engagement Managing and ...

  13. PDF Investigating the Use of Learning Management System (LMS) for ...

    Learning Management System (LMS) such as BlackBoard, Moodle, and WebCT are popular virtual learning environments in higher education and have been adopted globally to integrate teaching and learning technology. The benefits include flexibility, ubiquity, time, and cost-efficiency (Fernando et al., 2008; Park & Choi, 2009). ...

  14. PDF E-learning management system for thesis process support from a

    This study follows the introduction of the learning management system "SciPro" used for supporting supervisors and students in thesis writing. The purpose of the study was to understand the adoption of the SciPro Sys- tem in support of thesis process for bachelor and master's programs from a supervisor's perspective at University of ...

  15. Design and Implementation of An Online Teaching and Learning Management

    The Online Learning System was designed. using JavaScript (Vue), PHP (server-side programming Language), and NoSQL as the database. The developed. system was evaluated by potential users and found ...

  16. E-learning management system for thesis process support from a

    With the emerging use of technological interventions in education, e-learning systems contribute immensely in educational delivery and with substantial efforts from the Rwandan Government, substantial efforts are being made to improve the quality of education. With the emerging use of technological interventions in education, e-learning systems contribute immensely in educational delivery ...

  17. Design and Implementation of a Learning Management System

    As a solution to the problem above, the design and implementation of a learning management system will enable a video lesson module for online physical interaction between the staff and student. 1.2 AIM AND OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to design and implementation of e-learning platform.

  18. E-learning management system for thesis process support from a

    Furthermore, previously implementations of e-learning systems at University of Rwanda have failed because of a low adoption rate. This study follows the introduction of the learning management system "SciPro" used for supporting supervisors and students in thesis writing.

  19. (PDF) Developing a Web-Based Learning Management System (LMS) for

    E-learning management system for thesis process support from a supervisor perspective: The case of SciPro System at University of Rwanda. Jönköping University; 2015. 5. Aghaee N, Hansson H, Tedre M, Drougge U. Learners' perceptions on the structure and usefulness of e-resources for the thesis courses. EURODL. 2014;17(1):154-71. doi: 10. ...

  20. A Review of Literature on E-Learning Systems in Higher Education

    in detail in the next subsection. 2.1 Blackboard learning system. Blackboard is considered one of the most popular web-based learning systems tools in higher education. todayas it provides a ...

  21. PDF The Effectiveness of E-Learning: An Explorative and Integrative Review

    This is a broad definition, but in the abstracts of papers examining higher education, the definition is often clarified in terms of measurements; for example: 'Student learning measurements included: pre-test, final examination (post-test) and final letter grade' (Boghikian-Whitby and Mortagy, 2008).

  22. (PDF) E-Learning Technology Adoption in the Philippines: An

    When combined, education and technology can build dynamic teaching and learning experiences that are tailored to developing and transforming the educators and learners needed to power the digital ...